Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 5, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1895
Page 2
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' ' ...... ife W Eyes ,Wi«y So Mi*u.v P«-o|»le Have Dim \ isiiin. Or«at PnniM-r «'t Weak Ejes* Ij«-ji<liii£ tit Total Klimlin-HS. 8oni« FHC » Aix-tit, iho Ey< s Wliieli M:i"j t'oople !•<> Xot 'Jv'iiow. 'linir ' ri ''>'" " r " r (1 ' s *° inipf' 1 '>L. nnr fVi'.MKl> r Tt"' v.-ry -. of h"C '"li L' ''"" ' """d* '<• b imr tli ri'liyli GUI' MI Ills-. Ht'fl y-l moil pvi-rylxiilv lim iiintv or I—s Weikri-s- of tut- -XH,. AI.I! i IM.-V u'« riil'if I'll '!•« v nf'1-r .liy. sr/nh.inj,'nnd a>?ns.in^ ' II»MII. li'ili- ri'inkiii-'"f f l)'' feiirfin flm^'.-r P cv i. cur..f !>-' O-IL Jw.,' Mil,d. -or *M«U ••}-.'.•( limy t'jt.-ily b POIII- m'tiliy I'l'tnl. HM.I-.I work."fir-d .1-rv.- bail bin (1 an,] minimi.' fi-'Wii H.V.-II-III* - t-uk- n flit- «-\>"« Kolliiwiiji i.i '!>*' inO.-t Wivi"l"'rful i-.nri' ' f bliin'InftiS on rccnvil. v r.-". urriu I. Ii eil, ofjuv Brills."-. M", *-iy: -1,, JitnijHry 1 >"•:-'»" t«f".il. I «'»" all'irr-d our HI.d ov-rwoikHf!. My jr. s b. i-Miii • v.-ry »i'iiU, ii'id 1 •vi,un. Finally i b«-c»n to 1. M. f vi'-ci"lir, 'Hid I J.TI-W ^ti'adi y Bniild not JUM to cew or knit, and mill mr M-" t" d" "iV housi-wnrk i,ti' tl.fi tiid of • I. 1 '"""'* 1 "*<•! tn • W«>1< ttu-lll lllllull f'f Til " t' 1 " 1 '' J '- V eye* w-r,-in M. very o d oi.n.litmn. p. oplf rolil ni" 1 niinr. u'O to 11 i octt- l|,r. nnd have m; «•>•••* .-xtuniiifd iunl 'treated. J1B3. CAHltll! I. ' I had hrnni of nie wonderful performed hy Dr. GretW* Nervura __1>I .odw>d nerve re . «'dy «nd oett-r- '.' nilu-"' to try it. mid nee whtt, it would lo for HID. I >iud not taken ••' but Imlfti bottle befurr I wiis very much bHttt-r, nnd I felr. better every '• way. Wheu 1 lind tikkon two botr.li-s • my eve »lK'>t WHH us g"od and clear »8 if ever wn-, mid I alwiiys hud thtt ' b""t of ey Huht until tills wiucer. In a fhort tima 1 was eutiroly .eufKtl or nil iuy troublrs hy Mint wonderful reini'dy, Dr. GreuufN .'' Uervnra blood mid nervn remedy. It ; bn« done a f,'rr'jiMUiiii; for me. My - ..«y.ndu1 nor. loo* like eyes, they .look-d like Mind i-y f, tl.cy wore no . ted mid iiilliim-d before- bemic curnd. Jt i« u wm, derfnl cure, imd Ir. is a . wondi-nul iiu-diome. I sbiill praiyr ..- U t"-r mid ue»r." .'" Here in «.n iiildi'ioi al dunppr fcr ''' W «.«k-t)«-rv.-c], tired-out people. Don 1 ! ..'neglect tbi'^e *e»k eyes, we»ik uer- -Tew, Hnd run down syniruis, but (,'et ;' '-well b* iHkiuj; the t're.iT. uiedictuP, i Dr. Green- '$ Kervura blood and 'Jlerve remedy. Why WMMte^tinin in tryiopr uncer . tain and untried reiueilies, when ' ' ten- is j.hy-iHiui's pie.-eriptii.iii, a , : difO-.ven umde by tlie j^n-tu st liv- ' ; JUK fl-"" 0 ulll-t '" " Llriu r : nervous "lid : ' ehroi.ic diseii.-es, Dr. Greriie, of S"> r'.'Vti8l 14th i-treet New York City. If ; ' ; 'y,. u take hi.-i medicine you eau con- f«!der yourself "<'der Dr. Greene's dlr«'-.t professional carp, and you can ;'• «oi>-ulH>'iuj or write to him about ; your case.freel* «nd wit.liout charpe. •'.•S-liii- isii puiirMiJtee that, ibis remedy 'Vwill 'Cure, po >ess«ed by 110 other '••• mediolue in the world. ••, . . . j|:' ; : SiOVX F.M.M, ^- 1).. ^ b - -t.— After ^'•:- »incteen years of waiting Mr.s. Clara. Ii" VuUord, widow of Duuicl KuUonl, is p^/'io be reimbuvsocl by thu United States |fV,fOvcrnmoiU for.Jf2.000 worth of povern- $>: ttoflt bonds lost iu u tiro. i r '- ' Ch:llU'ii)rf* *° " Wucl. |t- BKRUX. Feb. -(.—As the result of a 'i'-cuarreJ over the uuti-revoludoti bill ^ffot. Von KiuifmannhaseluiUengod Dr. 5^,;-6chmolli!r. the well-known professor of II -.woUtical science, to light a duel witii l^llirtols. . - E. 1 .'.. Chttroh Hnrnn at Dulnth. ^ ' DULUTH, Mimi.. Feb.. 4. —The Swed- 'v-fcb Lutheran church burned to the 'und about 1 o'clock Sunday alter- •cntailmg' a loss of SC.500, fuUy by insurance. _ !olor)».lo AgalnnI'lbUplitTinir Allen FlaCfc V.DE.VYBB, Col.. Feb. 4.— The lejrisla- . nre has passed a bill prohibiting the yin? of any foreign flags in Colorado • iceptorerthe buUdings occupied by dillorent consols. ' Be Nothing Elsa Than That, Tbej Would Bonn ropuWte t-HTg* Ul»nd» _ for it lUent Supply. \Vith the constant increaise ,of the g ul) n 0s ci(3 Hllll of CMcora PrOVGS to population of the world the disciples of ^ _ _ ^ mL._m,,^ Malthus have predicted an inadequate food supply for the future. The chemists, uiys the Philadelphia Eeeord. have sougiit to reassure mankind with the- prop'iicuy of food manufacture in the laboratory from tho basic elements of the earth, air and water around us. A new hope for the poor is now held out by a N'orwcjjfon Kociolo;,'ir,t, who finds a sure salvation in the rabbit Meek liltle "bunny" is lo keep the wolf from the door. ••The r.'ibbil," this new philosopher of diet di-ihm-s. --supplies in many ways the requirements of "the poor lean's food.' The poor can easily raise them, for they are cheap to keep, and their [>i'op;i<ra'Jr>;; power is most extraordinary I'er.mmt lias calculated that one- pair will in four years' time, if til l!ifyor.:i;: ones be ke.;:t alive, have inrltipl'ied i:-.ro 1.27-l.WO. A female nsbbit e:::,ts voun;; ones ei^fht times a year: if she i-a^'.s hi-ven ill the average, she l.wirs Ufty-rjix. till told, in a year. Let ns .-:ay she l;i-;ii-s> fifty per cent., and r:.li!!:;ili'i:a;j!iaUen pounds; ahepro- di:cc«, ."OH |ioii!ids of ineal in :'. year. As many poor people.- could ;:<.•:. the rabbit's food' free of eov.t. they would practically pet a few hundred pounds of meat for iHilhin;,'. ' 'i'lien. too. the rabbit skins nre worth soinel.hin.",-, \vhen prepared. Uriel'..!- various names •JO.OOU.OOO rabbit slcin.'-. arc exported yearly from Australia to London. London alone uses every week fiJ.J.OO!) rabbits, most of v.'hieh <:nine from ISelffiinn. nel;.num earns yor.rlv f 10,0(10.000 to S12,OOU.n'IO on rabbil-s. and ['ranee SS'J.OOJ.ODD." Thu best breed for the purposes of food, in the opinion of this writer, is the Ntirman rabbit., bred in the neighborhood of Cherbounr and tlonen. If the domestic raising of rabbits should be begun on a wholesale scale in the United States the government would eventually be obliged to regulate Iho prolific rate of productivity or the woes of the fanners and of the south California 1'ru it-raisers would overwhelm the count.i'3'. PROWS ON LOCOMOTIVES. j Muy IIo Useful l" IJiuiliiisliHis tlio Kcslst- H'u-o of tlin Air. An intcrest'intf nttompL to pot, rid of :i a purt of th'o rcaiHlitnuc \vhicli :i railway train enuo'.mters iu rushing thr'o-jffli tho titr is bcHig- rruide in France. It is ocisy to nndur:;t.iiid that Iho pressure on the front of a swiftly moving- locomotive, which equals tlio forcu of a stroii"- gale oF wind, can only be overcome by an uxpeiKiitnre of energy fTrer.ter than v.'ould otherwise bo reqnirc'd to run the train. If that pressure could be removed, or considerably decreased, loss coal V.-ouHl have lo be burned. Experiments to diminish the pressure wore begun in France about eight years !i£O, and u. practical outcome has just teen reached, according to Youth's Companion. The plan adopted is very simple. Inclined planes are attached to the fore end of the locomotive in sti'ih tv way that instead of a square trout it presents to the tiir a sharp prow, like that of a ship. It might be thought that little would be gained in this way, but'repeated trials have sliowo that in some cases as much as'ten or twelve percent, can thus be saved in the consumption of coal, and the 'average saving amounts to about five per cent. This is so important an item that a larfje number of locomotives on tho railway system connecting Paris with points on the Mediterranean have recently been fitted with the new device. When the wind is blowing directly ia the face of the locomotive the resist- t ancc to be overcome is, of course, much increased, and the value of a prnv.-- shaped front is proportionately greaier. In some of the experiments it w;is shown that ty the combined effects of placing the inclined planes in front and fillinfr up the spaces between the spokes of the wheels one-half of the air resistance could be done away with. SPEED. tuo Fa- Object- Sighted Off Wolf Neck Point, Ind., May Be the Wreck-Tug Still Searching. CHICAGO. Feb. 4.— Although there is a faint hope that the object sighted ia the pack ice; oil this city San.iay was the hull of the Steamer Cni.jura. all the expert evidence ami opinion tends to the contrary. .U is trae that some experienced lake naviprnyir-; v.'hosuxv the long black object ... : '.H:ii Healed to the southeast are o'- liu- opinion t-liat it was the dismasted iiulk of the* missing vessel, but a/ii.n^t this uojijectuiv sire the opinion-.; oi mo*t of "the vessel eaptaitii ami the silent testimony 01 Uiu lake currents, which it is claimed proves the presence of the Chicura in this iiui^liborhooil to tie inr.io.viible. TJu-'re is always a possibility that the bull of the Chieora did drii't past the city, but if it " il1 it evaJefl thu searcb of the two uiy.-v tU'uuivi-d the most experienced observer* iiml ilU;ip- peaivil as swiftly and 1 myste:-iuutly as a mirage. An Ii-tflifi-sr mill «ulls. \Vhen the lire-tug, Proteetior., which wentoiHtohiukfor ihe wreck, ivtur.i. »' hope burned low in the luvasts of the anxious friends und relalives of the missing crew. The report. of Capt. Cons-atil was not calculated to encourage. When oil' the Hyde 1'ark urib he ran clown a dark pi'lu that, looked like the hull of a vessel. There seemed to Vie moving lignrusof niL'U o:j it, but closer acquaintance showed them to be a number of half frozen sea gulls und the supposed vessel an iceberg 13 feet high and about the length, of the tuf. Jluiiy persons are inclined to the belief that this was the object scon by so many and thought by so in.- to be the dismantled Chieora. .Si£lit:-'l Off VVulf >'rclc Point. At r>:30 o'clock Monday morning Edward Murphy, an employe of the Lake Shore railroad at Whiting, hid., reported that just at break of day he had seen a large object, closely re- Wimbling the hull of a vessel, stuck iu the ice oil: Wolf Keek point. A party of ten men, employed by the owners of the Chieora, left this city liv the Illinois Centra! railroail shortly after 11 o'clock iu the morning for Whiting, Ind., to ascertain definitely, if possible, whether the dark object been oil' Wolf Neck point early in the morning was the hull oi the missing steamer or not. The party is headed by Clerk Ilan- cock, of the Chieora, who did not sail with the Chieora on her last voyage; They will patrol the shore from W-hi'ting, Ind., to Michigan City, Ind., where, in all probability, the. dark object will bring up by nightfall, Tuc r\K»'ii U»'' K on ilic Sonrcll. The tug Protection left the South Chicago docks at 12:10 o'clock thisafter- noon,°;md will endeavor to get close enough to the object to definitely determine whether it is a pile of dirty snow atop the ice or the hull of the lost steamer. TJinilc Jt tlio Wrcc'kiiBC of Wharf. Capt. Henderson, of South Chicago, an old and experienced mariner, after a long inspection of the OUJJCL supposed to be the bull of the Chieora. gives it as bis opinion that it is the wreckage of a wharf, which has boen carried away by the ice. LONG SKATES FOR Tho 1'hllonnphy m>U llyclcnles of vofito Winter Sport. Considerable time and ingenuity have been expended recently in the efforts to produce a form of skate which will combine lightness and convenience of arrangement with great speed. The scientific principle involved in -this work is far more complex than is generally supposed, and, as outlined by the Scientific American, makes a very interesting study. Speed in skating is, of course, attained by the proper application of every particle of motive power. When the skater strikes out with his foot he docs not, however, as is generally supposed, obtain momentum from the broad side pressure of tho skate on the ice. The momcntiim ia gained by a gradual and tapering pressure which commences at the head of the skate, since it is here that the freshest and strongest force is applied. It will be seen that the momentum is increased, therefore, by the pressure exerted st.ca.dily and firmly outward from the heel of^the skate to the extreme toe. The proper way to attain great speed is to strike out each foot as close to the other as possible, to continue the stroke up to the toe, and •when once the extreme motive power is passed to get the other foot in position as quickly as possible. The prime factors in producing speed, it -will bo seen, arc the full pressure on the ice nnd the rapid movement of the legs. Working upon this theory, :i long, heavy skate has been manufactured, with a blade which extends several Inches bevond the foot.hold. The \Yitwatersrand district In South Africa is shout fifty miles long and produces nbout one hundred nnd forty million dollars' -worth of gold- every yciir. The four square mOes comprising Cripple Creek's producing area make up the richest tract of gold-yielding ground of the western continent. ONE "BODY RECOVERED. risliinc Smiiclt I'lcks Up a Mull Sunlc »nd u i louter of tin) l-':iti-(l KH»'. LONDON. Feb. •!.— The fishing smack Vcruna has arrived at Lo-vcstufl^ haying on board one of the steamer Elbe's mail bags and the body of a. man which she picl.-JCl up near the spot where^the disaster to the steamer occurred. The body was that of LYeideriuh 1-h-ast, of Magdeburg, a 'twetin deck passenger, and to him. was fastened a life belt, and in the pockets of the clothing were found a.-passport aud several keys. l!ui-:.MJ-:x, A-b. •!.— According to the official returns furnished by the North German Lloyd Steamship company 33S persons were drowned in Liu- Elbe disaster. Of the crew, whJcliuuinber.'d 155, fifteen were saved. Out of forty- nine saloon passengers four were rescued, and only cue of the 101 steerage passengers escaped. i:in I'Vnto aL-Anma««reni 10 tiesanin- WASHES, 0., Feb. 4.—An agreement was reached between the Isilcs Tin plate manufacturers and their em- ployes Monday and the plant will be started Tuesday after a long idleness. Dccorut.>rs s»Lr.^e. FOSTOEI.V. O., Feb. 4.—Fifty employes of the decorating department of the Consolidated Lamp & Glass company struck at noon Monday against being put on new designs at new prices.. Wiped Out by tire. LTJLA, Miss., Feb. 4.—The little village of Jonestown, inCoahoina, county, was completly destroyed by fire. n**3tintv*emQK^^ I'Tlothefs' J Friend": jjj' ! Coi/nx. LA.. Dec. 2, JSSa—My wife used '-MOTIIEES' FRIEND" before: her third confinement, and says she Tvould not bo without it for hundreds of dollars.—DOCK MiiiS, : nt bvcTT>rO55ormhn, on receipt nf price,; if. ocr boLile. Book "TO • MOTHKUS" ; ! mailed iree. Sold b j all Druggists. AU»nt», Gi. After the Grip Relief from Hood's Sarsaparllla Wonderful and Permanent. "C- L riuoil &• Co.. Lowell, j"\l;iss.: '-1 h;id khliiuy trou!i!i> and severe pains tn my b:u:k, wlilcli was lirotiglit uDoiit by a ••..Id eoninicU'ii wlilla In camp at I.l:inili;lil In i«vi J have ItCL-ii iroulili-'il ^'ore or tess since th*t time am! luvo iK'i'n uii:i!i!r to Un any li«i>-y ivnrli iinidi K-S5 liny llfniiji. I r^CL-ivcil only U"iil>or:iry re 1 "f from iiu-ilitini-s. I.:isi spring I hud an atlacK oi tho grip, which left am wtib A Bad Cousrt, Very Weak physically, tn fait my system was completclj run aowu. I tried a hotllo of Hood's Sars:ip» rlllniiiiil It m.'Klijino feel so much buttur Omt 1 Ciiiiti.nii'il uihlii-; it. :niil li:iv« cikcn .ii.x butilfi. II 11:1.4 .I'lise wuiidurs for n:c. :is 1 liiive u«l b«a >o IKB u-Lim my old pnius a;id troubles siuc* ui« lures I consider Hood's Sarsaparilla a fi"il-*iinl ble^slii^tolliusiilTorlin;." WILLI^IM J. UAKKK, ^<lrth IVniiiroRe, Mass. Hood's Pills 0:11-0 Constipation liy resior- Inutile iiurisuiltlc action of tliualliiiciitary ciuiii WILL SKIKT THE STA1 tb. Thonmn Vi'. Wlllilrr fliinniii? » IJll-vcle Kiilir or Jil.GIMI Milrit. LA PUI:TK. Intl., l-'eb. 4.— Thomas W. Winder, a well-known newspaper man, has changed his plans and will now start February ~S for his tour on a bicve.le around the United States, to decide a bet and to make a record. Mr. Winder intends to make,' a. trip along the- const and border line of tho United States by circuitous country roads, a journey estimated to be L'l.iiOO miles. This trip he is to complete in 300 consecutive days, which requires that he shall ride at least • jventy-two miles 11 day. Me will cross thirty-three states and territories and 220 counties, visit l',9S-l cities, towns and villages, and register at seventy-six points on the way. The .start will be made from New Orleans, goi.ng west, so that tho entire trip can be made in warm weather. LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. -t.—With the SI,OUO,QUO worth of supplies contributed by other states aud the sSO.OOii cash appropriated by Ke braska for her drought suflerers many of the destitute are starving and freezing. It is the result of poor organization of the state reiief commission. Tbe commission is to be reorganized this week by the legislature. Hundreds of cars of relief live on side tracks in Nebraska awaiting disposition of the commission, Diuil in 111" C'linir. OWN, N. Y., Feb. 4.—Ex-Con- M- 1J- Stivers died in h.i- chair at the Times olUoe in this place, M ET~~A" ~BA cT "MAN. An ArmyOdccr'u LipMiiTico In tho State of Tcsus. "Only on one occasion in my life have l"felt the need of a weapon," said an oCicer of the United States army to a Washington Star writer. "1 have never carried a gun. but it has sometimes oceurcd to me that no man ought ever to be without one. One cannot be sure but that some time the wuapon would save one's life. For instance. I will recite to you a little experience of mv own. It was ia a wild mountain' region of Texas. I was riding along a lonely path, mounted on a government mule.' Not a thing did I have-on my person which could have been regarded by the most impoverished citizen as of value. Whistling as 1 went. 1 approached a large rock about which the path ran to avoid a sharp ascent. Just as I reached it a fierce-looking man rose out of the bushes and cried: 'Halt!' ••What could I do? Perhaps you will sav that I ought to have charged upon hiin with my government mule, overpowered hini, taken away his arms, and demanded why he should thus obstruct what was the best substitute available for a public highway. 1 did nothing of the Uind. The only reason 1 can allege is that I was afraid. Such a method of dealing with highwaymen dots well enough in story books, bu t in real life it is dangerous. Accordingly, I obeyed the suggestion of the bold bandit and halted. °For a moment my heart jumped into cav throat as I saw him thrust a. hand Into bis hip pocket. He drew from it something and pointed, it at me point blank. I perceived that the something was not a pistol; it was a bottle— a large, black bottle. Said the bighwavraan: , ' r 'Drink!' "I held out my hand and grasped the bottle \vith more than ordinary eagerness- I iirunk. It was the worst whisky I have ever tasted; and that is saying a good deal, for I have lived in the tvilds of the west for a. number of vears. But to me at that moment it "was u. grateful drau ght. 1 banded the bottle back to the highwayman, and, as he went his way with a benevolent smile upon his countenance, I resumed with a thankful heart my journey upon my government raule. I bo.d meant to offer him that mule, but would hardly have ' had the nerve, perhaps, for he might have regarded theproCerof such an obviously valueless gift as an in- rait," ' I SHORT A score of men -were injured, se.Teral- fatally, by two explosions in ail irom. furnace at Steubenville, O. ' Assistant Attorney General Newell, of Illinois, has piven au opinion that women cannot be tax collectors. Judge Nathaniel Itaxter. one of tho most prominent lawyers of Tennessee, died at Nashville at tho age of s3. Edward Miller \vas found guilty of fraudulent voting 1 at St. Louis and given two years in the. penitentiary. The Western Clothing company, at Omaha. Neb., has failed. Liabilities, Sir>.000: a.-sets about, the same amount.. Five ix'rsons were injured, one fatally, by an explosion which wrecked the electric light plant at. Washhiino:!. Ii". Dennis Davis has been setueiu'ed at Fort ^mith. Ark., Ui hang April 1?. for the murder of Sol lilaekweil last October. Great l'ri:ain. France and Russia are said to have instructed ll'.eir minislers to :nlvisu China and Japan to 001:10 to terms. Tlu-Japnnevo ;;re ivported tr> have captured the island of Liu Kmig THO, olV \\Vi-liai-Wei, after a desperate tight. Inquiry int.) the Elbe disaster was be;;-uii at Hrer.u-n. A company has been formed to aid tlio families of those drowned. The remains of Canrober'., the last of the marshals of Franco, were interred in the Hotel deft luvalidesat 1'aris with state honors. jlarry Seniple. accused of embr::zlin,7 Sl.JOO from tiie Martin Instilling "um- pany. of 1'hiladelphia. Pa., is under arrest in Denver, Col. Frederick Andrews, aged 30, died in the county hospital at Sari Francisco the day after his sister found him and told him he was heir to S.'.iO.ilOO. Theodore Rose and Hill I'.nrchfield. two of the most notorious moonshiners and assassins in Tennessee, have been captured by revenue ollieers in tho mountains of Blount county. H. Kernochan, one of the largest sugar planters in Louisiana, on account of "failure to receive the $-10,000 sugar bounty due him for last year, has surrendered his plantation, Searsdale, a few miles below New Orleans. KNOWLEDGE •:>>ing> comfort. :ui<i minrovoniPnt and •>cli:ly nsvii Tin- many, ivno H V <- bet»-' than othi-rsainl enjoy life nio] t> with .-s.- e.-c;K-inli:urir, L; mon },nuii|itly ..4.".iiti!i!i tin wiir-M's bt-.-l pmiiin-lr to >'t- Yieeil.- of !>!),. s!o;i' bi-i>:;,>. will ;it .),<• valui- '.u li'.-.-ilth of t!»- I'll it- lit •i\-ni\'t- (irim-ipU* ouibiatv;' ir lt> cKi-.-.'ili'iu't if- dm- u> ii* pn- -.. tin' fiiriL t:n>st :u\:i']'!;ililc ami pleaS- .nl iii tile taste, tl'.c ix'l'i'rshi-igiiiui truly •••neSoii.l iiropcri.!;'.- ot :i |»-rf,v !:ix- cLivtr; c:;<-cni:iliy I'lcini.-i'i;.' tin- >yM»-nj, li<iii'l|ii!i: cn'iU, hv-y.ir.rln 1 .- inn.! I't-vi-rs u.j IH-.-; : ,I:I:IOIII.!;- clii'ina tiin>tip:iti(in. ; has -liven yalisf.-i'.iKin U^inilliu:i-.!iiid ,u-l with thr- iii'pruv;:! ot 'hi- niriliaxl .r,,f,'.s>"u>M, hiu-aU-i- it :u:t> tin tin Kid- n.y. I.ivor anil Bowel> \vi: limit wi-nk- •:iin-r tlsi-m :ii"i ii i-- |vrlVci-!y t'l'ei- I'mm •1,-i-ry <iliii'tfr,i.iii:ihU- suk-laiioc. v' nf l r i^- i^ 1 '""' «i'<- by i>!> ilrug- ".i.i<-inr.-ii bv tin- C:!iiforriii. Fij; Syrup '... only, wli.isi-- r.amf is prjntecl on ovi'ry .:n-kHire, »!>" tl": i:nm«. «?y.u|..i1 Figs, -.11! li'eini; ft'-ll iiifiinne-i, you will i 1 "*. .... •,-!•<. inv sii.'isiiliiU- i f Oll'? r "^ i ™E (OLUnBIA PAP CALENPAR { Vuliu* of a Kiss. ST. Louis, Feb. •). — Mrs. Sarah M. Pierce was awarded .^.TiOO damages by a jury for a kiss vhat A. H. Carpenter uV tcuipted to take from her. Tim MAiiK-jgrs. C;r;iin, Vroviittoii*. Etc. CHICAGO. Feb. 4. FI.OUH—Was dull nnd oisy. Winter—P items, S-.TiO&.'.Gj; straights. S!.:»3i. r iO; clo.irs, $-^ irut-'.^- seconds, $1.9.) &2.0J; low credos, Sl.iO tt.ss. bprins — Pii'.cats. SJ.-'u , 3..W; Btruulns. .J2.1UU.-.SI); bakers'. Sl.B5ifc!.2): low "Vi HEAT—Dull and stendlur. No. i cash. 49y<a " CORN-Dull, but siu.id.v. No. 2 iuid No. 3 Yellow, -lO^c: So 3, MXUpSJo. and No. 8 Yellow, 39>.£ i,'J9-iC; February, 4J!'£c; May, 4-.'Jii3-)3^»i;; July. 4-3i -13J4C. OATS—Pair irao.ini; und steady. Cash No. 2, 27)Aii}2T3ic; May.2«M<a!S*ic, Samples easy: supplv dil- No - 3 - iU'-itiSWc; No. 3 Wlxir.e. 81) Sic; -NO. i. SJja^is: No. 3 Wulte. 31 iA KS-E—Market very steady. Cash demand fair. No. ;! la store, Mb. Sample lots, 61 j ' 51,-s; JAuy delivery at 5-0. I BABLEY—Offerings small and consignments are t.ikon nt full prices. Coiiimon to Rood No. 4, .IS.(ii5-c: .w 3, toiH-Wc. und No. :!. 55&. r >iJc. ' MESSPUUK—Trading wns moderately active. Prices lower. Quotations rungcil at t'J.OL't;© 0.75 :or cash repuliir: tO.O;>S.'J.ro lor February, and cO.STW^!).!)."/: for M iy. LAUD-Ilatlier active and steady. Quotations ranted at ili.-lfl 40fl' lor ea.sii: JO 40 ,i!.-l-4 for February, and sfl.:»<JO.S7^ for M iy. LIVE POUL-rili'-l-'er j»oucd: Turlicys, r-303; j Cliickens. fli4 0,'c: Ducks. SS'c; Geese, per j For * w » A Desk Calendar is a necessity— most convenient kiml of storehouse (or memoranda. Tlie Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest 0 [ a ]| — ( u u 0 ( dainty sillioueitcs and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise nnd spoti. Occasionally reminds you ol the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFO. CO., Mention Ihlt pupcr. Hartford, Conn. .. ll -Creamery, 12S23c; Dairy, 83200; A-.H.I\l.lrS t ^.v..". " ^,.«- Oius-Me.idii^'tit. \~T> test. Oc: Gasoline. 87 deR->. l"c 7Ule,-'-;, S-: N.iphtba. 03 Jcs's. "o LICJUOJIS—\Vhis ;y quoied steady at tl.23 ]i« gallon for hi^-iiwiaes. NEW YORK. Feb. 4 FI.OUK—Quiet, easy. \VuEA-r-No2 red firm, ilull: March. 57Wc; May. 5r?i-/-'iS 3-10^; July. Mi'i'iSSiii 1 ; Auc^st, CORN—.N"o. i. quiet, carter; May. 47(2-17^0; July.-ir'-ic: No. ~. W:t •••^•-•• OATS—No. i qulet, steady-. May. :H!ic: sutc, 33.(,'IU'-c: wo.stern. iM jU-'iC. JJKBK—Quiet; extra ui as. J7.-J5£7.7o. family POBK-S'-cady, quiet, mess, J'.l.iSTMt.TS. LA.ILO—Quiet! Una: stja:a rendered. s<!.rj j nskird • UI:TTI;K — Quiet: f.incv sioadv. Wcstera dairy. 10/.)l5c: do. cre.imcry ll^'-Mc: do. factor/, and rolls. sg>Ne; Jit^'lns, ^-ic: Lruitutloa creamery. lOfcIS:; June do.. 11 t-'Mc. CIIBKSB— Q.iiet. easy. Slate large. Q-.tiV.is; do iani-y colored, ll!ic do. white. I IK-'B.IIU; dj. binall, 9 ^t4llc* part skims. 3<J,9c; full sklins, EGOS—Receipts. ".2SO paclcaces; moderate demand, firmer; Western, 37c: limed. 1'aiOH- '• Llvu Stock. ! CHICAGO. Feh 4 Hoes—Market fairly active. Pigs and light grades were we.uk and about Oc lower, while other lots were stea Iy. sj.es ranged at SJ.fl.-nS3.SJrot.pus: t-3.COiM.KS forilgbt: J3.73® aaO lor rou,-h packiag: SitOjU.-'O for mixed, and SJ.9JJJ430(01- hoary packing and shipping lots. CATTLE—.Market rather active. The ,eeltng •was linn anJ sooi lots 5&I05 hl-her. Quotations ranged at jS.OO w.63 for choice to e^tra • snipping 1 .steers: f4.40.j-i.9J for B oo<J to choice do: -J.OO f-1.60 for fair to cood: Si.-10J(;4 OJ for common to medium tio.: til0^3.CO for Butchers' ateers:; t±-JJ;JiflO for SWckers: S3.90S.1 fiO for Feedew: ii««ii» for Cow*; Si,0^3 00 tor Heifers; tiOJ^-Tj for Bulls; S175.vi.15 for Teia.s Steers, and ii.W *>.'& for Ve»l Calves. mid Curt tf H<'B<l<cHe. is {.euermly CaUcfid by tto two m».in org*Br, ibo liver nod UldV neys, not pei-fortn'DK' 'bcir i-everil dutiefi.and tbi-reby Impairicp dipeftion und impa liop to ibe blood ircpurlilee ibntlntdrn tofl-ma tbo Bvstem Bed produce fevtrs urd hiadicbo The r^coedy to prevent and cure tbece troubles is Rim-bun's Pills. Sold by B. F. Keesliiig aod Kvybioco drugr 6iore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Captoria. Wbcm you fe-1 bad wlib beadsche, take liini-bbri't. Livfr Pille. Ooo a dOM>. Soio by B. 1\ KeCblSnp and Keystone drug store. AT- r> l»" T'«i»«nt Pslh Is almiyj a tcrriW" visitant, nnd oft»>ri do-nidl™ 1 .?»lf v\ h on* f«.rll'e Tnis Ii HI Won 4? pipvontatil-. In cases of rh^umH'l.-ra i>yatl-n-_ ,T resort to Ho>-fHtrtr';» St 'mach Blt'er-, w.ilcb chee s [he <-ncr i^ehm-nts ottul-s ob-tlnat-and da-prons ma iul> ut ih» out-trt Th« t^rm "diii'g»roo>" 1« u««! : dv's»(11r lor rhPumit nm lsiilv,".yri llaole timttJick the v ; ra o^»nn xnd terminate K'.» N'otc ilnifnj l.« more c rifla-l^e . urt i-oncarrent 'b ,n that of ph- iclan? who irsvl- T.i to rrip PI fHrtit -tTMt o'. ihe iltfr.t in this dis'as". P^rs""» tn-.'ir a »•• ting. In r inj or "anowy »c«t.n-r, and who »re -i!^6>d to ran Lw, nhoo'd I3<» ihi» "|tt»r.« «« a pr-Tcnflve of M tttwt MHlart*. ar-p'O-'a H v "' r a'" 1 , fcid 1 '*? tr nbie. nerwjuwwn and <JeM Itj ar* »)so nmong th« aliment' towhMi 'bu p>yaisr m-MaafU Bdaiit^d- Kor toe InflrmlHM.» ir«i"«s nnd»Uff- n«» ol the tfeiMli hJghJj "« a C&110, KD» cnoo tor l U OOOUIir- OlWh. *t-K CIUEK f O»U»»«». w«J Cnuonao, sine |p»»c taem t Wonnfl «nd H-orm Keitft. Worms are mmtira.liy trOubleBom* to JOUDK cbild life, and are often ibc cftu»e of palp, emiciftted and lifrles* condition of chlldrPD. Tne ben remedy to dispel nil kind* of worm* l» RioebartV Worm i.ozecges. It Is ln * only remedy Uvav d<?fciro>6 tbe worm .peel, which. If not removed. BI oa breeds more of tbe p<-8is Sold by B. F. Keesliog and Kt-ystone drug store. Children Cryfoi P jcher's Castoria. Oii Wurtn Uiz-ngce are the bem beoui-e tbt-y remove tbe worm nestg. Sold by B. F. Ke*6',log and Ksyatone drun rtore. Children Cry fot pitcher's

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