The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 8, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOI,. XXXIII—NO. 273 Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Hernlcl T " E ' DOMINANT-NEWSPAPER Of! NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mythevllle Di\!ly News Mississippi Valley Lento BM'THKVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, FBBUUAUY 8, 1037 SINGLE COPIES NEW MADRID DEATH OVERLOADED tFOES President's Move Timed to Save Wagner Labor Relations Act. m Roosevelt's 111 Court Plan liV KODNEY nUTCIIKK Courier News' Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON— Here are fie chief ancles cf (he inside . story behind Roosevelt's sudden reo inmencialions for revamping the sur.reme court, the rest of Die federal Judiciary, and certain phases of judicial procedure Insofar ns they can be revealed nt this time: 1— The presidential message at Members of the Blythcville Bar Association, who altendcd a special meeting this afternoon, voted unanimous approval of a resolution' condemning tiiat portion of President Roosevelt's recommenda- I tions for reorganisation of the I federal Judiciary which would give I justices of the' United Slabs su- IPose as Red Cross Agents jto Obtain Farmers' Stock 'I'ri'ck operators, posing as, agents of the Ued, me taking livestock from farmers | n Hooded areas under pretense of cnring for the animals unlll the waler recedes, the Courier News was advised today by Sheriff Hale Jackson, who warned farmers to Investigate 'carefully the crcdcn P respective Justices FILLS I REBELS Hals of anyone ollerlng to move their stock. In al least two inslnuccs, Jnck- 6on said, farmers 'living west of Crceola- .have lost stock which they turned over lo men in inicks - Cm'lure May Piove Decisive Victory for Gon. Francisco Franco. six members over, tile age limit. •Tlie . fesdiuiion. to be prepared by a committee named this af- Ihe would be fed and cared for until the svaler went do\vn. No . mich livestock .removal prb'Tiim ' ' - - bel lure cf the president's proposal i:c"rtemnetl l«; t!^e association. Copies of the resolution will be stnl 10 other bar associations il"-nujrlii'iil. tlin s'ate and to certain congressmen and senators Little Business Disposed Of At Tribunal's Session Today. WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (UP) — was rushed .lo crivrcss _, .. rrillcnl moment in .the General Mclors strike, and. whether Intentional or not. it was so carefully timed as lo be an assurance to 'abor and to the ccon- ornb royalists "lliat the New Deal j from other states, did not intend to permit Its guarantees of industrial democracy to be torn to pieces by tho suprerre foiirt." 2—The president himself had gradually evolved this scheme, and finally went Ihe whole hog for It after reports had reached Washington that his Wa 1 Street opposition was raising a war chest to use in, state legislatures a'iaiust ratification of anj' constitutional amendment which would curb any powers now asserted by the court. The alternative which he finally decided to drop was n constitutional amendment proiiosal • which would-' hnve given congress a final'vote over the supreme courl on - questions of constitutionality. 3—Justice Hurlan Fiske Stone, barring .extremely unlikely ac. cident. '"will, be .the next .chief - "jiistice-^-prpbabiy before 'the end of the year. - - ': 4 -According to Secret . (calculations high in the New Deal, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, Justice Willis Van De- vauter and Justice Louis D. Brandeis will promptly resign if congress votes to permit Roosevelt to appoint an extra- federal Judge for every sitting federal judge over 70 years old. it Is believed that Justices Suthland and Butler would soon feel compelled to follow them. New Dealers think Justice McReynolds, bitterest and most implacable foe of progressive legislation, would slick to the bitter end. Thus, the only liberal resignation would be that of justice Brandeis, the oldest meui- bem, at 80 years. The five conservative justices eligible for retirement have refused to quit. 5—Administration leaders feel, • tremendously reinforced from a stralegic standpoint by the fact that McReynolds himself, ns attorney general, urged appointment of an additional federal judge to serve with each one who refused to retire at 10, that the late Chief Justice Taft urged automatic retirement nt 10, and that Hughes has written in favor of relirement at 75—an age he will reach In April. 6—Chief danger lo the admin- ternoon, will be in the form of 1 n ro ^' n memorial addressed to United i States senators and congressmen 1 from Arkansas. Informing them) of the association's action and asking thnt they on pose the fca- led on by the fled said. ___ FILLS II SVILLE GIBRALTAR, Feb. 8 (OP)—The rebe's have cnptured Malaga, Spaln's-sccond largest scapoit giving them virtual control of (lie southern coast of Spain on Ihe Msdilcrranean. insurgent sources proclaimed today. The air was nilcd with jut-Hani rrbjl broadcasts announcing (lie ! fall of. the strategically Impoitiml cltv. Tils Snlamancn radio ; station Ir-immlltrd at) official note frpm Ih? headquarters of Gen PnncK-o Franco, - Insurgent, commuidcr which snjd: "This morning Ihe southern army H ! r i n 110 | under' Cle'n. Oiir/ilo Onelixj idr , ood Crest, Reached Sat- u»no occupied jiai«-a nij.", ,'j ' M '" ™ ntw '< r lhe cU >' Ill-day, .Still Maintained! ™ose ponulnll™ received l,,e lib: at Bameld. r crating army with iirlcwilb-'bl- ', '•"•si'i.'m nirt thanks for theli d 1 livery from the Mirxi.t hell' A broadcast from Mil irj-j sit < ('• first Insurgent column coloring IV cily was composed ckclushcK it Tctiuv's ^filter plages: At Carufhersvillc: 45.81, dawn .13 -since Saturday. "At Karhrld: 2(18.9, no rlmiige since Saturday. At Kle: lake: 2-18.2, down 1,05 since Saturday. Waves whipped up by a south brcn/c matin stiff . leading of the .Mississippi river gauge at Barfleld impossible this Liiu'bcrghs at Palermo on African Vacation Trip I'AIiK'fiMO, Sicily, Feb. 8, (UP) —Col. und Mra. Charles A Lindbergh arrived f;om 3ilu, lo;lny on their holiday llljhl. The phinc was well behind llio ordinary flying schedule, having encountered strong heiul winds. Lindbergh told Ihe comiuiuid'.'r of the air field Hint-lie would cim- llmie on lo 'Hulls, Africa .tomorrow If the ^wither, report Is favorable, XT" tal -*"" le " lon ""d troops nom Among those mentioned as possible appointees lo lhe simiunc couil ""'""^nnpr'*° ra|Hllrccl hundreds j In the c\ent I'icsidem ROOSH ell's couit ciilnigunent piojinm become.. Inw, are, lelt lo rlghl, lop row, Donald Rlehbcrg, former NflA nd- mlnlslratoi Judge I'loicnce n Allen of lhe sKlh dicull courl of ap morning but the flood of prisoners. The loss of Malaga is a severe blow to . (tie Eovcrnuiuit because it gives General Franco a navnl base from which he can hnrrv: Alicante and Valencia—lhe latter the ii iiuiiiii\_i j. <_ni, I'm. O I UI J n itii Speculation on the'-possible Im !« y W ? S approximately at pending resignation^.'meS- £f S^'Jl 2 '" ?""* " """• er or members of. the supreme '"^'""±1 -„!„„,„„ ' , court rcceivedMmpetus today \vhei. the; tribunal, ' apparently, under some tension. ' failed to act on contrpvcrslal cases on. its docket. L.The': •feeling-'6(~- unusual 'events' astir was strong in the court room as the high tribunal made its - first public -appearance "since President Roosevelt' nrm'ouncc'd his plan's calling for Virtual.':reorganization of the court. ' ' '. . The .impression '-was strengthened by a strange and seemingly inexplicable circumstance. The court '• orders, presenting court decisions on pleas that It The gauge 'reading Sunday morning showed no change from that of Saturday and- any fall In" the past 2-1 hours.'lias been so. small -us - to .-be inconsequential. At Caruthcrsville, i where'\ he river reached its crest at -16 feet appar-l temporary capital. Franco also can almost entirely cut oft the government from access o war materials coming across the hear various, cases, 45 minutes. were delayed : argu- it This list, announcing cases on .which, -the court will hear : ar ments on and those which will not consider, is usually haiid- ed out Immediately after the day's formal , opinions are read. When, at last, they were distributed today, they carried decisions on only a few small and unimportant cases. No word was mentioned of the plea for rehearing of the New York unemployment Insuran.^ case, the Washington minimum wage law or an attack on the "windfall tax" provisions of the 193G revenue bill. istratlon proposal will be found I Oct. in the senate, where many su- Dec. premc court ambitions bloom. Jan. The prospect of six possible jobs from which the occupant, after a few years' service could retire for life on $20,000 a year New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 8. IUP)— Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Mar May July course, certainly altrac- Is of live. Came Without Warning Details of the historic Roosevelt proposal, while in preparation, were as carefully guarded a secret as ivos ever preserved In Washington. The president had been studying the possibilities of enlarging the court for at least a year and was emboldened by the election result to concentrate upo When seven members of the court attended the annual supreme court dinner at tlie -White House Tuesday night preceding the message, they were blissfully unaware of what was coming. But there were at least three or four other dinner guests who knew and their feelings can only be Imagined. Brandeis, who always stays home on such occasions, may also have known. Roosevelt had been working on the plan earlier in the day. Key (» Decision Tt is important to remember that Roosevelt remains deeply Impressed by the "mandate" of last November and that he regards Himself as an elected reprcsenla- Ma (Continued on pate Three) Jul 1200 1250 1243 1189 1181 1181 1272 1259 1243 1192 1188 1184 1265 1252 1230 1187 1180 1181 12GG 1252 1236 1188 1181 1184 Spots closed quiet at 1316, oil 5. Spot Average Is 12.94 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 12.94, according to the Blylhe- ville Board of Trade. lost , , Prjday, _ the .go.uge readin this mofhuigVwas'oi'ily'-.13 of'a foot - below, -that; stage". '. • Wind-last night and today was causing seme wove wash but no serious damage to the levee was reported. A report reaching here this morning that there had been levee I without foundation ' and Siierilf Hale Jackson told tlie Courier News that while there _had beei more or less .wave wash there was no reason for apprehension over the condition of the levees in that vicinity. The worst point was near the Godfrey White home, north of Osceola, where a large crew of men was at work today protecting the levee against the waves. A shift in the wind this afternoon lessened the likelihood of further trouble at this place. Sandboils developed over the week-end at a point a short distance south of Caruthersville About 100 men were at work today, walling them up with sandbags,' and no trouble was anticipated. The high water tight at Big Lake was officially at an end for the present at least.. The stage there this morning was 248.2, down 1.05 over the weekend and 3.2 feet below the crest A few patrolmen are being kei Atlantic, such as shipments from Mexico. Franco also gains aiiolliei line of-pomnuinlcaiion with MO ceo.'.- -:'-f . Prom; • Mi\Wg-a.--'i' f i'anco'b v, ar«ifj>3* can strike government shlppin» to Valencia and Barcelona,mole- easily/ The'fall of; the city* thercfoie constitutes one'of the most dcci Siva .buttles of the v,ir A. C. Oliver of Proclor Is Member for First Dis- peals; Felix Frankfurter, presidential adviser. Lower row, left to right: Attorney General' Homer S. Cummiugs, Senator Wagner, Solicitor General Stanley F. Reed. Robert F Stanislaus " Poracki Ques• tioned In Matlson Kid- naping-Murder Case. NOYES, Minn., 8 IUP)— - trict. LITTLE ROCK. Feb 8 (OP)— Gov. Carl E. Bailey today an- nounhed 'the personnel <y his new seven-member state welfare commission which will soon take over the duties of admini.ster- uncmpioy- ini- aid to Arkansas' nblcs. The new commission will be heart'-d bv Raymond Rcbsumcn, LiUle Rock automobile dealer, as chairman. Rebsamen will renresent the Fiflh congressional district. Cthcr members of the committee are: First disliict, A. C. Oliver. Proctor. . Federal agents disclosed today they were holding an alien-cx- convict, Stanislaus Poracki, for .questioning about the kidnaping and '.murder of 10-year-old Charles ' Maltsoir of Tacomii, Wash. They said the man had been In secret custody since last Thursday and 'bore a marked resemblance to descriptions of the Malison kidnaper, i Poracki was held on n technical charge of violating the immigration laws. Tlie G-men said they were trying to trace Ills movements since late December when the Malt.son boy was taken from Ills home. Poracki told them he remembered nothing of his whereabouts more slowly than the lake. Hi"h- mobile traffic and apparently will remain so lor some time. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 8. (UP) —Liquidation ^ in nearby months against purchases of distant mon- Three Alleged Flood Looters in Osceola Jail Lee RoIanrY M. S. Bacon and Amos 13. Mayner have been jailed at Osceola by sheriff's deputies on charges of burglary and grand prior said. to Jan. 1, invesligalors Federal immigration nnd naturalization agents, under Elmer R McConnnchie, arrested him Pembina, North Dakota. nt \1rnsiue, Sponsoicd by Wallace, . AnMics Only to Wheat at Fusl. WASHINGTON, Feb. B. (UP)—A bill embodying .provisions or the uilmliiHiutlon's ncv, crop hiburante program, designed lo protect wheat farmers against.rume losses In lenn crop years, was introduced hi the senate today by Senator Jnuies r Pope (Deni., Ida.) Sponsored by Secretary of A?rl- tuHuic Iienij A Wallace, the bill is 1 nn outgrowth if n l"inflln s" icy of lhe pioblem by tigilcitl- turc (leparlmrut experts and study by n special presldcnlial commission created last full lo recommend a specific program Pope, who Introduced a somo Nlint dlllereiit ciop insurance pio last jinr, said ho belleicd the present measnri! would be'cii- nclcd Inio law wltli little dlmctilt) and with fe\\ If any changes fiom the way it now stands. 'lhe Insurance program was en \lsloucd by Wallace ns nn Integral part of a comprehensive farm aid program designed to italilll/e boll farm produce prices nnd -farm Inome Such n program is Wallace 5 ilm of the 'ever riprmnl granary' ,1.„.„!,.. 111 _i.,jl._<«-fe,j Says Myslciiotis "Man in Btown" Ordeicd Leycq Woikeis to Pile On. NT1W MADR7D Mo. TV'!). 8 (ll P}-0\cilondhig tho slnk- n< of n govormncnl Uaigc and ho drowning 1 of ni least 24 Icvcc icikcrs near hcie a week ago Siilinday i> ^ns Usllncd here odny al a coionci s liuiuest Into he tragedy, John N lioyei, opeialor of the t's boat which \>ns propcllhu the Lnige at lhe lime it Mtik nnd hh iwo deck hands lesll- tlid (he baige was o\ei tended^ liva thcli \\ill nnd thil lhe fionl end 'llpptd iiiul waler pom- ecl over It." 'WliLii Hie boul lipped iipnai<u>~ of iOO men on it lushed to the othci end nnd jumped Inio lha water when It became appircnt the beat wns going to go imdei,'' Uojn tald liojei nnd the deckhands, Raymond Dinlol and Ed Williams, idmlltcd the boil had sliuck a. snbinugcd lice lo,> en louli to S'eu Madri^ fiom n point mi lhe setback levee in the Blids I j olnl-Ne\v Madrid floodivns, but denied ippoils thnt a plank hid ~ b(.en ripped off lhe barj.e thus One Cutically, Two Less Sciioilbly Hint in Knife and Gun Affiay. One negro was In a crlllcnl 'condition nt Ihe Blylhevllle hospital, two others less seriously Injured 'were In (lie county jail-and a lourlh wns sought Ioday as a result of an Ash street shooting and knifing Sunday afternoon. Abraham Norwood, his intcsllncs and stomach punctured 11 times by n bullet that entered one side of his body and lodged under tlie skin on lhe other side, nnd with a hullel wound In his leg, Is given only a slighl chance to survive. Elois "Red" Hampton, at liberty under parole from the slate penitentiary, is in the county jail ns is Fred Stewart, who used his pistol and was slugged and slashed about his head. Russell Hampton, younger brother of "Red," Is sought in connection with lhe ailair. Ezra Hampton, fallier ol lhe Iwo Hamplon boys, wns Jallec I overnight nnd released this morn- McConnachic said he admitted j '"B 1>llt wi " probably be, prose- being in Washington state "with- clllc d. In tlie last six or eight weeks." Tlie inuiiigration officer said he apparently crossed out of the United Stales into Canada about a month ago, leaving without inspection nt Orryville, Wash., and entering Canada at Osoyoos, Urit•Ish Columbia. Pine BlufT. Seventh district, Mrs. J Vclvin, Lcwisville. Man of Fifty Charged With Kidnaping Girls William McCord of Springfield 111., alleged to have kidnaped two girls, about John W. Bunn, 55, Dies At Clear Lake Home John W. Bimti, 55, died nt his home in the Clear Lake community at 5 o'clock yesterday af- tcmcoii. lie had health for several been in months. «6°«»i. ,™.iu,« t .> u . u^ani mon- cnarges 01 uurgiary and grand girls, about 12 and H vcirs of ths featured cotton. futures traf- larceny in the alleged theft of age, al Springfield, and forced ° t0day ' „„„„ ,„„„ ,„„. ..... ?*? " nd ._ m ^ I™. ? storc awJIthem lo accompany him south on Mar. ... May ... July ... Oct. ... Dec. ... Jan. ... 1261 1252 1236 1183 lies 1186b - 1265 1255 1240 1190 1193 !™. c!ose ?..!!? m "LA" 0 "«««< 1261 1252 1236 1261 1252 1237 1183 1185 1132 1180b Spots closed sleady at 133^ ofT near I a swing through flood refuged _,. . . . [camps, was lodged in the county The trio wns brought here when I Jail here Saturday nHit on his first^ ni-resled but _ inter removed way back to Springfield to face " "" I criminal charges. | McCord, arrested at Potts Camp, Milligan Ridge. to the Osceola Jail. Armorel School Opens The Armorel j Springfield I Dodd. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 13+ 1-4 135 1-B 133 7r8 13S Jul 116 3-8 117 5-8 116 3-8 117 3-8 Chicago Corn open high '• low close May ^7 5-» 109 7-8 107 5-8 109 5-8 The Armore] school reopened! ., Ioday after having been closed for! AccordI "S lo Dodd, McCord, two weeks because the bullrtlnff' about 50 ycars of "^ kidnaped was used to house refWpsT ' lhc Uo 8 ' rls nntl tllc » s'«r'ed "St-OO. CJlllOlUIirfl 1T*J f+ A>\nn^l « * *-l«l^« He stopped nt Cairo, then New Madrid and at' various • other points on . his way south, posing as n Hood refugee nnd describing t|ie girls as his daughters. On his Journey be- Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Feb. 8. (UP)—, ...... „ ________ „ ....... Juu ,,.^ ^~ Slocks and bonds advanced In ac- i twcen "camps"hc "forced" the girls live trading today, on tli3 stock 'lo beg for him and had con- exchange. Com rose two cents alsiderably more money when biishel while other ! reslcd than he did when he left ino l n ino K o tArt , « — , "nici LUMiinoaiuei- II-MCU nutu iiu uiu wnen ne 102 1-8 103 5-8 102 1-2 103 1-2 were Irregular in a narrow range. Springfield, the officer said. Funeral services were Helct this afternoon at Wardell. Mo., where interment was made. Mr. Bunn Is survived by his wife, Ethel, four daughters. Mrs. Evelyn oucrts, Bernicc, Velda nnd Velmn, two sons, Arvcl and Mar- lln, and two brothers, West nnd Henry Biinn. The Moss Funeral Service was in charge of funeral arrangements secllon. The extent to which Norwood .vns n party to the occurrence, beyond the undisputed fact that he was-, the recipient of the most serious injuries, remains In doubt although II Is understood that Stewart was shooting at one of the Hampton negroes when lie shot Norwood. The altercation Is said to havcj" mferc " cc were: A o Hudson,! ing,'H was testified resulted from a Saturday night| ?.:. . D - Fer 8 l ison, Mrs. H. Lynn Bodies of 24 of them have been Irecoiered r,nd scien |still |aro missing. The others swam,to safe- Livcstock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Feb. (UP)—Hogs: receipts 12,000 Top 10.50 170-230 Ibs 9.50-10.40 Lighter weights 6.50-10.00 Bulk sows 3.50-0.65 Caltle: rcceipt.s 4,000 Steers 6.75-9.85 Slaughter steers 6.00-12.25 Mixed yearlings nnd heifers 6.25-8.25 Slaughter heifers 5.25-10.75 Beef cows 4.50-5.50 can-Ing It lo sink Hit Tree 'lop ', Mil o\i'r by the-' u of large pioflucllon stored and pu. back into commercial channel* in sears when production falls below consumption: . Eventually: Wallace hopes the progrnm will imbracc all crops rar the present, however It h conflM<"1 (O'.wlrenl and \ylil not be expanded unlll.nctual practice has smoothed off rough 9dges of Its op-rntloti and hns" proved Its practicability, Luxora Woman Injured in Accident Near Here Mrs. C. E. Woodfin, 58, of Lux- orn, sustained a severe scalp wound nnd Internal injuries, her husband.wns slightly wounded'rind a Memphis, Tcnn., woman suilcr- cd slight cuts when two automobiles collided on Highway. 01, s'oulh of Blythevllle, Saturday 'afternoon. Mrs. Woodfin wns reported. Improving nt the Blythcville hospital today. Besides lhe scalp wound she suffered chest r.:xl rib Injuries. A Mrs. Rogers of Memphis was slightly hurl. ' We (Dojci and the decMiaiuH) examined the Loat aftci striking the lice top and found no damage had been done,' Bojer teili- (led mnlel and Williams testified slmllnrlj L ISojei s testimony re\ealcd a.^ "nusti-rj unit, ' tfrthscd ^u-^ brcmn hiity, ^c an oMei " for tired and hungry leycc workcls lo "nllc on' the boat foYl the rr-luju to New .Madrid 'after tilth"* «*waaj&$ JmV L ^^ T None of iiib'3ir\ 1 lJHcs.wi- Sheriff's deputies nnd city police fncc<I Ihe difflcull prospect of dl.s-| covering just what happened In I view of connicling stories of lhe Stewards we" iffnlr which creiT • •• • - ' Stewards and Delegates who had testified etullci [his n(- lemooii weie «b!e to Identify the man Bojer said several \yi'A foiciiicti ond engineers i\ci;o about Ihe pi ice but that he was not sure II was n foieman who gn\o the order. 'Iistinionj loualed Lliat npnni- cnlly no one was In dhcct clmige 0 ni the bai-ge came to n quartei boat—much Inigci than the barge —lo bring a cre\v'<o[ 115 men lo work on lhe nlghl shift aucUto take back pail of tlujvciew which lind bten working during the day' 'Ihe quaitei boat was nnchoied* to lhe.setback' levee. 11 "As we approached lhe point about 8 miles fiom New MndiiuT I noticed quite n crowd on the qunrtei barge" Bojer testified "We unloaded the night crew rind began taking on the day crew ' * Eoyer. and. tlie deckiinnds testified that 400 to 500 men were walling on the quarter txnt, evidently lo IK taken home. 'We told them we couldn't lake' on an> moic aftci 150 had gotten on.' Boyei said lie said 140 uidcntly was considered capacity Nearly 200 Aboard "Men grumbled they were hungry nnd additional ones started 'piling on," Boycr continued. Chosen by Methodists R .^- ™£ ~ e ^^ others clambered aboard. Lawrence :ltcme,V C ln 'th" "negro ^1^11^1^ ™] f rencl In^ceola^tayi^U^ston, one of the work- ( 6 weie named In „ conference of|ers. tcslified 133 men from one the First Methodist church lasttcrcft got on and that he be- i-ight following the church scr-hleied 50 or more from another (ice Tlie conference was con-] crew followed Several others ducted by lhe Rev E W Poltei' testified probably close to 200 got of Joncsboro, presiding cldei ' * Slewnrds named were: John Williams, W. M. Bums, Jack Finley Robinson on lhe toal. When the front end lilted the ' men rushed to the rear and jump- ley Robinson and HBITJ Brooks i ed off Into the Icy water \vlien 1 Delegates elected lo the district 1 it appeared the boat <nas sink- j nlghtj - , -. -,,.... disturbance Involving sonic of the '""dc and Mrs. W. F. Brewer, same negroes. Officers say that Dr am ' Mrs. Potter were guests Stewart, who works in Hugh! of " le R ev. and Mrs. H ChciTy's pool room, has not been WiKle wnllc '» 'he cily, In trouble before. Tlie shooting and knifing occurred in front of Will Sign Applications the ixx>l room. Assessed $25 for Part in Beer Garden Brawl Elmer Jones, alleged to have struck a negro girl and to have tossed a chair Inter In n Railroad street beer garden brawl Saturday, was fined $25 by Acting Judge V. O. Holland in municipal court this morning on n charge of disturbing Ihe pence. . Zcb Lcmcns was bound over to the grand jury on a charge of grand larceny. Don Coach failed to appear nnd forfeited a cnsh bond on a charge of dlslurbing the peace. Joe Johnson was lined $10 for Cutters and low cutters 3.25-4.25 public .drunkenness. at Meetings Next Week Farmers living west of nig lyike. in this county, will have an opportunity to sign applications for payments due them under the soil conservation program at meetings Lynnity or were pulled out of the water by rescue crews. Coroner L. A. Richards of New Madrid county, who ordered the inquiry, said every effort would be made lo locale nnd Idenllfy the man in tlie brown suit. WEATHER Arkansas— Cloudy and much colder, hard freeze in northwest, j -. at Mi- nlla It was announced today by D s Lantrip, county agricultural agenl. No payment can be made on any I farm until every person who farmed on it. whether owner, cash rent- «r, share-cropper or share-tsnant. has signed the application. Farmers living west of Big Lake should attend the meetings al Manila or freezing in and central tonight Tuesday cloudy and colder in enst and extreme sotilh portions Memphis . and • vicinlty-^Cloiitly with light'to moderate rains tonight, colder lowest temperali •to to 10 Tuesday cloudy - 1 ' 1 "'" ci "Hie maximum temiierafn| yesterday was 70. Leacrmlle insiead of coming to l partly cloudy, according to Sam- Blytheville to sign their ap,]]Ica-| ucl P NorrH offichl weather ob- "serier tions.

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