The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1938
Page 5
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jDNlisbAy, i-'KHfiUAHY <), 1938 INlTIEfi (ARkj, coiwifeu NEWS Basketball On A Hill Famed Scorecard; Waving Explained and It Seems Simple HV KOltEKT IA 1UONDK Unllcit Press SlafT Correspondent DETROIT (OP)—How the vener- ahlc Cormic Mack employs hts fa- • niou.'i scorrcarcl lo .direct hts Plilla- \ dclpliia Athletics from the dugout is explained by McGllllciiddy himself in the American League's 1938 baseball movie, "Batter Up." Stepping in front of the dugout, Connie waved his card in familial 1 fashion before the sound camera and explained to the public for Ihe first, lime what his hokus-riokus means. "When I raise the scorccard high, lliat means I 'want my out- llsld to move," he said. "Say, for instance, thai \vc arc using a fast ball pitcher. This means that the opposition batters will lie swinging al the ball late. Jiatters usually pull curve ball pitching and swing late at fast balls. So when a right-handed hatter steps to the plate while we have a speed ball pitcher on the niannd, we move our right fielder ;i!)cl center fielder toward the right field foul line. Because \vhca a vight-haiutcd batter swings late he is likely to hit the ball lo right or light-center field." Nn Complicated System Mack explained that when lie wanted the left fielder to move nlso, he just raised his scorccard high and waved it toward right! field. [ "If we want only the right and center fielders (o move, we wave the Ecorecard with tile right hand while holding the left hand up with (lie palm out," he said. "This is a sign to the left fielder to stay wiicrc he is." I When Mack desires his infield to I move around,'' he makes similar motions but holds the scorecard low. If he is satisfied with the IJositions his players have taken-if they have diagnosed the batter correctly, lie holds out Ins hands with the palms down, signaling them lo stay put. Denies "Brain Trusiing" "II is my opinion," he said dis- Etanuini; out like so many marionettes against Ihe glaring kctbnll court, Ihcsc Long Wand • University and Washington and bml's-cyc i>icturc of court activity as the New Vorkcis battled lo nnkrs it ,1oor. appear of Madison Square Garden's has I.ce cagcrs presented a fitriklna a 35-32 victory over Ihc southerners. .i. 1 * tlioiigli Ihe game «'as plnyed on Complete Drawings For Pcmiscbt County Cage Tournament 'versus Wardcll boys; Dccriii^ versus Holland girls; Caruthersvillc versus Wardell girls. Wednesday afternoon, 2:03—'Hayti boys versus winners of the Hra«- g ad o:io-Wnrdell boys' game; Hayli versus Cooler giris; Deering versus Sleele boys. Wednesday night, 6:30 — SK:elc his well-Known scorccard tricks, '.' that the people pay too much attention to it. When I •shift my players around I. am not trying '.to solve all the problems on tlic< field'but striving to take -advantage of any breaks that might, conic." The scorccard sidelight on the oldest manager in major league baseball is only one of the many features which critics at a preview showing said made "Baiter Up" Ihc best, of Ihe four sound movies in recent years of American League stars. Litlle known fads about many vcrsils carulhcrsville hovs of the big leaguers arc portrayed. Thursday nlzht. the criminations Mickey Cochranc, manager of the f or both divisions-will be played - Detroit Tiscrs, demonstrates' HID t lvo games each, and Friday night system of signals used by a catch-1 the girls' championship game, (he cr as field genera! lo convey his first of the evening, will begin ixt ideas to. tile pitcher, second base- ------man and shortstop. He also shows his means of changing signals from one co:Ie to another when occasion demands. Sluggers Show Their Styles Balling styles of such leading sluggers as Charley Gehringcr of Detroit, Joe DiMaggio of ine New York Yankees, Jiinmic llic Boston Red Sox, and Hal CABUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. fl. —Drawings for the annual PemiF- cot county •. basketball tournament, to be held at the high school auditorium here February 22. 23, 24 and 25, have .been completed, officials of the high school association yesterday stated. Sessions will begin Tuesday night, Feb. 22, continue through Wednesday afternoon and night, Thursday night, and be completed with the championship games of both boys' and girls' divisions Friday night, Feb.,25. Drawings were as follows: '.Tuesday night. HV HARRY GRAVSON Sport: Kdltor, NEA Sm-icc NEW YORK. - Lester Steers dimri become the While Hope of tlie high jumpers overnight. Steers, now 20, has been coached by Dink Templeton of Stanford since he was in grammar school. Templeton. was a high jumper himself. In his indoor bow under strange and Imperfect conditions at the Boston Garden, his Inilial appearance in national competition, Stcsrs bent Mel Walker, the world record holder, and Cornelius Jolin- snn. the Olympic champion, by leaping C feel 5"-, inches on his first attempt at that height. The Boston Garden had a hap- taznrd runway for left-lane .jumpers, and Steers was a lilt, apprehensive of landing on leather mals. He expected to do belter in Hit: Millrose A. A. meet at Mariison Square Garden, where there was a superior Arrangement for left-lane jumpers—a jpi-itijjier runway an:l Johnson softer landing pit. Steers was repelled by versus Braggadocio girls; Cooler, and Walker, who did, G:6'<;, how- versus Holland boys; Bragg cilyl cvcr - I[ e licit Arthur Byrnes of Manhattan for third place at C;5Vi. * * * C2l;ipulls 1SS rounds Over Bar But Steers likes jumping off boards. Tiicy feel good to him. the boys' championship to begin at 8:30. Blytheville Boys Divide Two Games The Blylhcville junior high Echool , Iwys broke even in two Raines in Foxx of; the weekly cage tourney at the ar- and Hal j mO ry last night while the Lone Trbsky of the Cleveland Indians oak boys and girls scored a double are demonstrated in fast and slow victoo 1 . motion. Likewise the pitching I TUB Blytiicville juniors defeated styles of Lefty Gomez and Red the Dell boys. 11 lo 0, bill fell be- Rumng of the Yankees, Bob Feller fore Ihc LonciOak boys. 19 to 15. and Johnny Alien of the Clevc-1 The Lone Oak girls dcfe.ilcd Dell, iand Indians, nnd Ted Lyons of 22 (o 10 and the Yaroro girls trim- 1 ho-White Sox arc demonstrated. | mcd the Gosuell girls. 19 to 5. There be other nights ana anenioons. And he cleared 6:8 in practice before he left Culilornia. Steers is n natural for Stanford -provided, «s he says, that ho can f;et in. He will be graduated from Palo Alto High in June. He won the California slalc intcr.sclioIa.sUc crown for tlircc consecutive years, but won't be eligible this trip. They chnugzd ihc age limit, snd he's now over it. His top figure in school meets was C feet 5 Inches Other slow molion sliots were made of bunting by Roger Cramer of the Boston lied Sox; hook sliding by Dixie Walker of the Tigers; double play style by Luke Appling and Jack Hayes ot the Whits So>:. and first base defensive play by Joe Kuhcl cf the Washinglon Scn- alors. The sound camera was taken into Yankee Stadium and Polo Grounds for the 1031 world series, and includes a baseball discussion by Manager Joe McCarthy of Ihe Yankees in front of the The Gosnell boys trounced Yarbro boys, 15 lo 8. Stesle Cagcrs Ddeat , Wardell Teams Twice A native son, born and raised in Palo AltD. Steers looks more like a fcotball prospect than a high jumper. He weighs 185 pounds, wtich is considerable tonnage tci catapult over a bar at close to record heights. He is a deep- chested and brawny Cnllforuia- style blond standing more lhan o feet. Blccrs lives n mile from UK: Stanford campus. He visited thc[ athletic field a lot as a kfd, and began to jump, using Ihc crude .clssors kick like most youngsters. Slcen- Steered From around Up Templeton took him In hand at ii'sl fight . . . taught him from the etoiinel up. He was doing 0;£ before he entered high school. "Coach Templeton made me over lo n Western roller," asserts Sleci™. "You can co much higher with [nis style than wllh the scissors kid;." Slcers jumps aflcr Ihe fashion of Harold Osborn. He has u polished layout as lie rolls over His bar. Steers, who failed to go higher lhan 6:'J in the 103C Far West Olympic tryouls. last year did G;G confidently. nm| as related in the loregoing. cleared 0:8 in practice before heading east. ' In his run I wo eastern Indoor meets. Steers clearly dcmonstralcci Unit he lias it in him to break the Jivc-yrar high jumping inomipoji of the Negroes — Johnson arid Walker an:) Dave Albrltlou, tft' latter pair of Ohio Slate, and Ed Burke of Marqiielte, National A. A. U, indoor and f. C. >|-A outdooi titlclKilder. Lcslcr Steers is a sizable While Menace. ,, - Detroit. Mich,, suffers a lor.s <i< SiJ.COO.OOO ,1 year ill destruction caused by rats. F. PEilLMAN & COMPANY, n Partnership composed of A. Brenner, Mrs. Frank ..Pcrliimn, Sol fcrhniin, iind Louis Perl- mna. PLAINTIFF, vs. No. 3419 HENRY LOBI3IIG, doing business imdcr Ihe name and style of Blythovillo Iron ft Mela! Company, DEFENDANT. WARNING OHKKR The defendant, Henry Lobcrg, doiiif; business under the name and rtylc of Blytiicville Iron ,t Metal Company, is hereby warned lo appear in the Second Division ot (lie Circuit Court of the Cliick- ;u::iwba District of Mississippi Ccimly. Arkansas, within thirty clays and answer liic complaint of the plainlitl, F. 1'crlmaii & Company, a Piirlncisliip .composed ol A. Brenner, Mrs. Frank Perlinan, Eol Pcrhnan. and Louis Perlman. AV1TNESS my hand an;t seal of cilice on this day, January 2U 193!i. r H. M. Craiir, Circuit Clerk. By A. F. Smith, D. C, J. T. Costcii. Attorney. 1 George Hiinl, Atty-Ad-Lilem I 20-2-0-10 | Penn Sophomore Uncanny Shot, Bui Can't Sec Bnl'l Swish In "»' THOMAS .:. DONOIUJi; I'nlteil j'rcjss si,|(]• t'oiri'.s|i<tii(l!>iif I'lULADELl'HlA IU1>> _ cicrry seeders h«s one of Ihe '.|i\tdlli\sl sliols of all die member* of Die University s f L'l-rmsylvnnlii Im- Kfltall squad, but hn Is so m>ar- Mslitcd that the liuskcls are lust n blur. ' In nine sames, Seeders 1ms chulkeil up il points, no Is a .Mih- Milute and 1ms st.irlixl only llnve times. He has yet lo pljiy' n full 1 TlK' Pattslottii, I'n.. sophomnr;' l-i | caisldered by his mates us one Jf the most uncanny shels un Ilir lc;im a»d every time lie- Blurts r tall toward Ihe hoop, they cxprc il will drop through the basket. He 5)»r.virt Kiiniv Result Vel, Seeders Is so nenr-sliihtet tliul ho cannot even tell if hi' slmts are registering.. "l watch Ihe reliction iimcmg Ihr |il:ij(.'n|" Seeders snid. "If the; seem happy and Jubilant, 1 kn-u my shot hns gone throiiBh." "is nmles linre (o keep lilir Itcsied on Ihe score during Hi' l!»me. us he Is uniible to re.iil tin W;: niiini.'rals on' ihc scorelra.ird. ficcilors never uses glnsscs In ac- lion, because lie says Ihcv hiiide' liim. His teaminnles protably njrcr with him, for without sueclnc-lcs Ills aim Is just nbcnit perfect. Likely li) Hmimr Itc^nhr 'Ilie Klluhlly hulll I'cnn uthlete seems dc.slineil lo break Into the H'gulnr lineup before Ihe wnson is nnich older. Lou Jourdel. head courl tutor at the university, ha.-, had his eye on Seeders since his fresh- iiiiiu year when he registered 87 pciuls in nine games. Most of his Jong shots—out Irom bcyoiul the foul line—never even touch ihc rim. of the baskets as tliey swish In.' Seeders' only dlmciilly Is In pnss- iiiff. When the opposition. Is wearing colored Jerseys, Ihe young Feiin «ruh hns .difficulty in inaWng- oiil Which players lire which. "Colors confuse me," he said. fn 'FiiulaiHl, 102,022 factories' and 03,110 workshops irre regls-, tercel wllh llic government. WHAT TO "WE'M WOOD-CWOPPINC What the wcll-drcsscd boxer should wear wliilo chopping woml us a training exercise Is offered by Nathan Mnnn.nt New Haven, his home city, In n preliminary workout for • his ,15- i-ound world licnvy wcifihl championship contest wllh Joe Louis nt Miulison Squnre Garden, I'eb. 23. The L-lia.lleiigcr wears "'illy striped trousers, n two- loncd 1 u in 1) c r J a c It o I, and n •i streamlined skull cap. . Head Courier News Want Ads. Buy Furniture Now - Pay This Fall We ai-e again ready to ilo business ,« » V n 1.1 Terms, one-half down, balance Oct. 1, li)3S. This at'iillcs nn iii]V|hln s hi cur stonk prnyJdrd Ihu Mil nmounls lo ,ns mjtch us 'Sit). HUBBARD FUUN1TURE CO. lilytlicvillc, Ark. 60* lewHtteye!&, F.TEELE. Mo.. Feb. n. -The oteclc high Bulldogs won a doublch?ader over the Wardcll teams in the court Monday night. The eirls' score was 28 lo 27 and Ihe hoys' score was 28 to 23. Stecle was in the lead thrciijh- out except about three minutes of dtieoitt. The 1D3V all-star game at the boys game when Warden to'k Washinglon also is fcalnvcd. | a one point lead. Carmen. Stecle The Film was directed by Lew 22, and Young. Wureicll. 2-1 points. FonsEcn, former \Vhite Sox man- j were high point girls, fn ihc Iny.V nuer. It was produced by the Fisli- ; division Kelclinni. nates and \\K- i er Itedy division of Gciieral Motore ' tcr tied for high Honors for Kieeh. ftn^ will te available through each having 7 points. C. Milliic:, company lo schools, colleges, clubs u nouns. «a> hi^h l5r Wardell. and other organizalicns, withoiu Avery wns referee, charge. i The Bulldogs piny Ihcir pre— ! tourney game this season next Salvador's most important ex- Tuesday night at Steele with Deer- port.v-coffee and sugar—arc ship-' ing. pcd In imported julc bags, 65 i^ri cent of which arc purchased !n The world's largest innchinc England and 20 per cent in In-1 shop Li located in Provideilce It dh. . fi. because 1 lot l,cc Motor Hales kncp it in A-l condition, 'i'hoy have inoiU-ni rainiiimcait to do the job Their Prices are right, loo. ; 1935 Ford V-8 DbLuxe Tudor Green., Cream, \yiicels—New Tires, Hailio and Healer, A Dandy. Only ?98.00 down and §20.00 per month. • ['!'!!.! IPS MOTOR CQMFANV Stti i \Vainut' Plioiie 810 i The Face of WATSON BARRflTT Talttitfd scenic.ilesijnsr tint! ifiealrlcnt ftroilitctr lie lus(1csi(ri]ciUcciicry for «i-cr 201) IJm.idivay K la^e M LCCC SHCS ,i tirhiili ng the 1u'( fipcr«l(;i "Tlirtc W;»h«s." lie is.the liH-cr of ilit brilliant S)K»V <( Tlic l.uly i^s n llcurt." 1'Vit hires indicnting TAL15NT ro;nl fort/teitif \vJOi rffitiiuirnt knotty (>u(gcs i«vccyrs.Lnnp,pijinlcd ff \viili "hLiiii|>"at the ur riil^r. J/iiu Mruiic '' irm bcncatli lo\vcr li]-, If you have a taient for delighting others, why not double their delight by serving them this "Double-Rich" Kentucky straight BburBbh! Your Every Automobile Need LEE MOTOR SALES, INC. OWsmobiie & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers Sales and Service IN ST. E. •;»! ilic Marlnf,\Je-i:. i Cninilry by in ,:. il, M Kcnlutkyway. ! y,Tirf,*v(tn(r li.irnr (.iv COPK. I9JS, SCHENI.KVDrSTRIBUTOKS, INX'., N.V.C. 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