The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1934 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
Page 9
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r PAGE TEN BLn'HKVlLLJi, (AKK.) COUIUilR NEWS NOVEMBER' 8, '1934 THK BLttaEVUtE COUB1£B NEWS ' tH* OOVBBki Mfr* CX;, POBU8HBM o. a ttBoocE. «fltoi . •oto NtUotal nAntVt&t Vwp'.i*toUU«*i «-**ioJ*« DkUlM, lot, Haw Tort, Obictfo, I, at, Uul», DkUn, KIMM City, Uunpfaii. * fubUibtd Emy AHenwon ractw sucaty. 1 Bilerefl M 9Moii<i uliss matter «t the post office at Biytheville, Ar- kahu*, under «et ot conjit**, Oc " tober 9, 191V. Bervea ov W»> Fre«« 6UBBOHJPTION KATTO 87 curler in tct Ctt; oi Btytuoruie, l&« per week or *).&) per y»w In adTicce. By mail within a radlua oi U nUe», »3.00 per •»»r *!.V lor tii months, Wo for thite month*; by mall in pottal toot* two to tix, Incluslre, WJO per year, In zones »«Ven wo eight, tio.oo per year, p«y»ble In adrane*. slcight-oi'-himil tricks .wllh tlito liiifui- cial mccliiuiism thaji. it \viis lo [troilncc llic goods ifni\ services 'which llic na- • lion needed. All thai the reform program seeks lo do is to restore n proper biihincu. Fi- niiiicc must become industry's servant Hgain, ami not its imisUir. Conlinu- aiK'e or modification of the reform pro- yi'iini .slioiild lie judged on lluil basis. .—lirnce Cation. Finance Must Become Savant of Industry Although the question whether recovery should precede reform is still unsettled, there is one lield hi which im\opinion unquestionably wants to reform take precedence. Thai fiefd l?'i& t the stock market. "'The measuies passed by the last Congress have not been in effect very long, but it is not too early lo glance at the situation and sec whether anything more needs to bo done. "" '•John T. Fly mi recently wrote an extremely penetrating analysis of the whole stock market silunlion. In his final article, looking to the future, he: suggested certain steps that might be taken to prevent Wall Street from regaining its old dominance over our economic life. * • * To begin with, lie asserts thai our whole financial system needs recasting. He would have a national banking system, a complete divorce between savings and lending institutions, further restrictions on the aclivilies of brokers, • a revision of our corporation laws lo reijuire federal charters for all firms engaged in interstate commerce, and abolition of all holding companies. Second, he would have all such restrictions that deal directly with stock exchange activities written solidly into laws which the securities exchange commission would be directed to enforce. Under the present law the commission makes its own regulations on these subjects. This, says Mr. Flynn, pills the eom- • mission under direct pressure from Wall Street to adopt a "liberal" attitude, and m*V eventually result in nullification-of the people's will. In discussing any such measures, it is important, to keep clearly in mind the underlying purposes of this or any other financial reform program. The things we have learned .since October;of 1929 prove pretty clearly that our financial machinery got badly out of goai in the last decade. The machinery of finance, credit, and exchange exists .to make possible the functioning of a large and complex " industrial society. It became perverted. ; It grew^'to be an end in itself. '. It got' so that it was more important, and more lucrative, to perform Cause of Sea Disaster || An excellent follow-up on .such SOH disasters as the burning of the iMorro Castle is to be found in a survey made recently by government marine experts and submitted lo Ihe National 1/abor Relations Board. The agents who made this survey find thai American steamship linns are consistently underpaying and overworking their crews. The "turnaround" is so sliorl Unit Hie men gel very little lime in porl. In many cases even the food—for years the big talkjn'g-poinl of Ihc American merchant marine—is below standard. Such things can have a nection with tragedies at make it hard for a ship seasoned crew, efficiency below Ucsult—when ship's company They keep par. I rouble does not direct con- sea. They lo keep a •A crew's the Clew of the Forgotten Murder HKIJIN HERE TODAY Wlirn CIlAlll.fcS MOHDBN, re- linrttr fur 'l'be Hljatfe, It foHKA ilrnii u.t.v HI.KKKER, rtbiUker, ,,,,i,!,i). SIDNEY CXIKF, r>»». i!rl,nIiiiilr>sUl, (o •D)TC thr MMrd^r. MurJen hud bten lltvei1lf«llliE I he nlfntri pt 1 HANK B, OA- TMAl, tvriUlhr and iir<"uln«nt, fallowing Iht arrem of aa Impon- <ur cliiliulrii; ID lit Culaay Bad ac- romiiHiiUd lijr u Kill Culled HAKY imi<;tis. The tin? fftlloivlnir Morten'* ilomh Cnlhny Aim nf iiolNunfaa'. Crlnr Irnrim Hnrdrn lai vlilied thi> nimrliitrnl nf AI.ICH I.OHTON ivJio MUM runirlti the dlHMpprttr- comes, the function as skillfully, promptly, and obediently as it should. Any program to make .sea travel safer musl include some consideration of the sailor's working conditions. I',, In i|u»tl<m» AUcc anil In^lrucU delevllvc* lo aaad- ti\v hrr. '.'HIT nnd Illrrker go lo Ike njuirlmrnl ,nr ul iltil liy Ki;\.\i:iH IIOI)\K, friend n( Allof.. Allen i* Ihtrc, C.rln nutuxri the pair o( kllltriK Mordra Bad (•nlJl itollce henU[|iiEirf«r*. He aiij Bleeker (heii KO lc nn addreft* ivaere MILS. CA'I'llAY null HAVIXE, > 4t- ivi'li^e K|,C In vmplaf tug, nre CUB- tvirlnjz \\lth a ivoman Itrtleved to >>r >1H><. lll'A.VUHK MA1.0NK, NOW (10 OX WITH '1'IIK STOBY CHAPTER XXXI IllKK told tlic cab driver lo wait G u "You," Haclne s»ld to (JrjIMn > dice lh»t gulvered with rage, ."can wait fn tlie corridor until W9 pet done talking. This is none of 'your llama business!" . > • « * "Kill, officer, there musl be iu there.' 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson The Kind oi Ballot Thai "Kills Efficiency" The tmllot olferucl lo Oklnlitmui voter.s '['lies- clay vvns nbuvil t\vo-ll>lrds the slxc of a ne«.s- IXlpCr |tHgC. Oil it UTI'O tllC IKIUK'S Of M(i iiomlnci's foi- Klnle und comity oflltcs. Wo expect to Unit the Oklnlionm people voting foi' sncli -qllims »s yovemor. Hciilenniil liuvci'iior, uUorney gern'riU, srcrclury oi «Uile, auditor uiul tie.isincr. Hut In nclclilicn they were called on lo elect, a ctiicl mine inspector unil four nsstsUmt. mine inspectors; :i "sljile e:^atnine]] and; iiy^jcclot 1 ; 1 ' connni.sstoners of ctiarily nnd coirccltons, labur. Insurance nnd •coL'i>oralioti5; the president of the -stiilc ljo:n'd oi iigrlciiUurc, nnd Hie derX or tlie ;it:itu Kiip- remc court. The "long Imllot" i.s supposed lo "keep the government. In the hands of llic iicoplc." But Ilie OWniioina City Oklahomnn nhds II "killing efficient government" and "mnklnti it nt- lerly imposslulc to cast an intelligent ballot." Cumbersome enough in a general election, it creates n far more serious problem lor tlie voter in a primary. Will) I lie situation in Its own state, (lie Oklahoma newspaper contrasts tlial in Virginia, whicli under ils reorganized government uleuls only (our slate olficlnls. Rcforc he votes a Virginian can hope lo inform himself In rca- somiblc measure concerning Ilie character and n,imlificnlion of every a.spir>int for each of the four offices to be filled. Tlie Virginia system ot centralized state administration, with fixed and inescapable re- sponslbilily, has undergone ll>c severest of tests. Adopted just before the depression came, 11 has done what was ciulmcd for it. While other slates have liecn struggling to mcel necessary expenses, borrowing more money and imposing emergency taxes. Virginia, thanks to efficient, government, lins been reducing debt and lowering tax levies. —Arkansas Gazette. Yaor OR. GALUOP/ A AND A SHUFFLE. ARE THEIR ONLY GAITS / nil lio «ii<! Dleeker approached tho house, ii house which had at ono time been a pretentious private residence bill was now given over lo furnished rooms. "Sball we, 1 ' Hicekcr asked as Ihey entered the iloor. "gel the landlady and iiuniirc for Blanche SlauwayY" "I doubl." (iriff told liiiti, "It It's necessary." Me led Hie way mi one flight of Blairs, paused lo lislcu in the hallway. 1'lie yound of swift, excited voices came from n room toward tn» rear. ISriff nodded toward that room. "1 Ihlnk," lio fc-ahl, "that what wo want is in there." Ilo walked noiselessly down the corridor, paused before a closed door. On the oilier side of Ihat door a woman was talking. Her volco was audible, but not her words. Grift placed his liainl on the knoti, turned It noiselessly, shoved Ilie door OIMHL. A llcsiiy woman with hard, yrcen eyes and striiv;y, lack-luster hair which had Iweu cut in it square lx>b UUT OUK Bv Williams THE WOME.M Of BOUQANVILLE, SOUTH SEAS, . .ONG FAN THE FANS ARE M»OE Of PAUt ! HE NAMES OF THE NOTES F THE MUSICAL. SCALE WERE TAKEN PROW THE INITIAL SYLLABLES OF THE LINES OF A HYMN/ UTQUEANT LAMS, REsoMKe FIBKIS, M/f!E GESTOKUM FAMULI TUOKUM; SOLVE POLLUTI Hat I K£ATU/'t, SAfJOTE JOHA/J,V£S. LATER n SI MO 7 was scaled on a cnnlr, n mocking smile plnying about her lips'. Standing near llic window, clai in Mack, was Mrs. Frank Cathay Her face was while and tragic There was a baffled look of hope less defeat in her eyes. Nearer tho doorway, standing wilii his side lo the door, his bi shoulders wninrcd, bis f;\ce with rage, was Carl Itacine, Ihe de lectivc. Griff's voleo was clieerfui. "D ive intrude?" he asked. They stared at him! Mrs. Cathay' face showed bewilderment. Itacine' face was white with cold auger The woman who was scared iu th chair shifted her hard, green eye (o regard the visitors with a curio. ity whicii seemed almost casual. "Wo want very riiiieh." tlriff wen on. "lo interview Mrs. Blancl Ktanway. or perhaps she uilgl prefer to bo called Mrs. BJnucI Malone." The Binile faded from the lips Ihe woman. "I don't know any Blanche M lone," slio said. "My name lllanclto Stiinway. Tell me wli you wanl." 'smiled soroiicly. ^ "Jiacln«," lie said, "you arc a nan who knows tho law. Perhaps you »tso know liio penally for compounding a felony." Mrs. Cathay surveyed tlio men wllli tired eyes, eyes which seemed hopelessly weary. 6t It all, from which hope, had /vanished. Thero remained only llio grim tenacity of a fighting breed, Carl Racine moved ominously forward. "I'm telling you fellows," he said, "Id eel out. Tills Is a private con', ference." Dan Dlecker, SO nouhtla lighter limn Hie big delecflve, and 10 years older, pushed aggressively forward. "Try and put us out," he snapped, Sidney Griff spoke in tones thai were calmly suave. "It happens," ho said, "that Mr eeker represents Tlio Blade. I so happens that The. Blade is in rested in this interview, as doubt ss the police will be." Racine glowered at Blcekcr. hi: anaer truculent, but his eyes silt enly shifted to those ot the crlm ologlst as Griff ^loishetl speakiiig Mrs. Cathay, wlilte-iinpcd. he ostrlls illlaled, regarded Griff wit ;03 that were dark with emblici "). presume," she saul, "you wan id id beg and cringe. I won' o it." "How," asked Itacine, "did yo nd out about this?" drift sinilcil at liltn. "JUw dirt you IInil out aboul it? 2 counlered. liillS. CATHAY whirlnil lo th bard-faced woman why sat I be cliair, regarding them with fill ering appraisal. "If you talk," sbc Kaid, "you'r not going to do yourself any good drift swung lo her iuslanlly. "If you don't talk," he sai 'you'ro going lo pul yourself iu •ery iiucstionablc position." The woman laughed. Her latig was harsh, rasping nttA discordat "My, my/' she said, "how impor- iint I seem io bo getting 'all of a sudden! Well, I'm not go'.ng io .alk—not uecauso she told me not .0," and the woman B\>at out ttie fcnilhiuo pronoun with a bitter, cornful euiphasis, "bul because I'm going to get a lawyer lo do my talk- ng for me." "Who," asked (jriff, . "Is your lawyer?" "I'm ust bec4UBe io\i thought I qoi4|d you some fcxxl. How about Ih* DE years before? You dldu'l take y trouble to find m« then.' Ifou dn't care wbaf I was doing, (f u want to know, i was scrubbing lors la office buildings.. Tuiuk ol at! Down on my haiidi and ices, enroling around, scrublilns ooru, cleaning spittoons/ my hands dirty Boap auds, scrubbing, scrub* ng, scrubbing! Always scrub- ng! While you were powdered nd perfumed, painted and manl' ured, riding around with a chauf- :iir In a ahiriy automobile, feclln- ig en soft cushions, baring maids i do your lialr and keep your fac« «au(ltul ..." • • * HE broke off abruplly and ouco more gave that harsh, scornful \\igh. "f will say (his," she said, "(ha or Id has handed hie eflougb riocks. f kho^ enough Bow"'to ook out for myself and I'm going 6 look out for myself.** "Will you," asked Griff, "hiako riy statement? 11 "My statement," sh6 said, ."will •e niadc thfdii^h my attorney." Griff turned to Bleeker and ihfuggcd his shoulders. "i think," he said, "we know all wo need to know." Mrs. Cathiiy'a eyes watched Ihe" crimlnologlst with stark terror a»- icarins in their depths. ... "Will you," she asked, "pleaso consider iiiy side of this easel" Kacine spoke to her In fi ruhv iling monotone. "Tlicy'ro newspaper men,". ho :ald. "Don't talk lo IhciH." fiacino crossed to Mrs, Calha'T. took her by tlie arm and piiplfd bcr loword the door. ' , "Itemember," he said, "H'e're got other places lo go and oilier things lo do." "You won't find her!" shrilled the woman, who remained sealed in the chair by the window. "Oo ahead and Iry all you want to—you can't find her/' "ft," said Ciriff in calm tones, "you're referring to the girl who' is variously known as Esther Ordway or as AlicG Lorton, Iho' girl who was Ihe dsiigblcr of Frank t). Ca. lhay, you will find that sho was -igistoreii at the Ellle ApifrtfteMB, :umbcr 3!J fiohlnson street." Mrs. Cathay stared at him, tier cypB wide. ,.. i. . ;. . ; The woman who hail been seated :>y the window jifnipetl to'htr'feet. Her face was livid with fury. /Her gnarled bands *eft clutched into fiats. "bamn you!" she said. . "And," went on Griff, liid *ysi "1 don't kno«',' J she said, going to get one." "The police," said Grift", "may want to know something about this." "The police," she retorted calmly, "can keep on wanting." "I'm going" to" ask" you just once more," Mrs. Cathay said, "lo consider my position." The woman's eyes swept Mrs, C'alhny in hostile appraisal. "You w«ut lo a lot of Irouble to find mi. didn't >uu'.'" shb 'said fastened upon tlio faca of Mrs". Cathay, "If y6ii want lo Boe her, yoit'll find that she isn't in her. menl. You'll need ft pass from police if you're golug to visit i«ir. At thb present moment sho'a^kt police hcadniiorters wticre she's booked on suspicion of murdering Charles Morden, a reporter for The Blade." (To He Continued) :' cinr, *Tir rfcIrctlvt, wf*kei * tlfp^rlurc In tbc next IB* rnf. Historians honor Guieio Arcutinus, a Benedictine monk of the lltl cnlury, ns llic Inventor of the present scale characters in music, and Lso the names of tlic notes of the scale. The hymn from which the iote names were taken was dedicated to St. John the Baptist. New Slash Cuts Air Time to West Coast NEW YORK. (UP) — Progrcs made by commercial aviation was emphasized by United Air Lincj' announcement of another slash, of two and tlnee-quarters hours, in iwrls, makes ]>ossiblc the movement of air mail, passengers and express across the country with the loss hours. of only four business Vaccine Announced For Rabbit Fever for- vaccination was offered hunters who will lake lo the fields Nov. 15, Physicians said lhat cxperl- :neiils proved the vaccine to .have, i high degree of effectiveness/ Of 84 men in exposed occupations who were vaccinated, none • con- traded tularemia. No unpleasant reaction results from the vaccination, but Its ]cf- fcctivencss wears away after approximately a year. NEXT: Where docs Ihe orarg-ulaii build 1 DONT CARE WHAT OTHER MAVE? THERE'LL BE MO SHETL/VJD POMV IN OUR FAMILY/ I'VE HAD EMOU6M OF TAKING CARE OP RA88ITS, PIGEONS AKJD OD6S. VjrtHOUf CLEAMlNQ A STABLE AMD PITCMFORKIM6 MAV.f you DROP THAT SUBJECT, RIGHT MOW, 8EPORE I t a, ,„•>.,• CUPPVOU? ' "•*•-' Silence and Darkness First Essentials of Sound Sleep !>[{. MOltKIS nSllllHIN ,o[ bed clothing that is cither too IMilor. Journal of llic Aiucriian'heavy or too light. SALEM. Mass. (UP) —A watch slolen 22 years ago has bcqn .lo- its owner. Diiffec Association, anil ol lly- jrcla, the Health Magazine Everybody knows tliat sleep is ncce.«ary for the human body. It s (he time when the cells recuperate from Iho wear and tcnr thai ;ocs on during the day. People fail, however, lo realize Hint two of Ihe mosl nrcc.sMry factors to sound sleep arc exceedingly hard lo gel in Ihcsc modern times. One ot them is darkness ,\nil the other toilet. So widespread is the use of artificial light for all sorts ot purposes, that It Is exceedingly difficult to obtain places for i-lcrp in \vhich there is complete rinrkncss. Even u ray of light may iu some cases serve as an Irritating ftimil- Ono spccialisl night ca|« worn by people of n previous generation. These served the useful purpose of Keeping the licad warm and at ihc same lime shutting out, 1 lo the much more inlrenucnt noises wllh which persons were troubled. Sometimes sleep merely by the fear that one won't he able to sleep. This is one of the most difficult causes of msomnta liabit, selecting always a certain hour for going to sleep and hold- ccurc because ot the motor car 'ins loll as iirach as ptsalWfc; second, developing the optimum cou- riuions for sleep and securing Ihcsc In a routine manner. Once you convince yourself that you will be aulc lo sleep without lus to awakening Quiet Is even more difficult to j :cuvc because of the motor car nd (lie lAdlo. We luive in this ountry one motor car (or cvcvy to S people, and at least mie adio for every family. Became ol tlic w;iy In which otn larr.c cilirs are conslmrlcd. hr raltle of Ihe rais on the sti.rt, ind the sounds of Hie radio in. idjacent aparlments and homos ne faclors which keep people. ,-iwakc, In addillon. ihorc are ihp.l') sleep ovrr many centuries HS noises from Ihe nihrnad [rains, one real panacra for an nvrrMhiv elevated trains ami of stcmncrs |ul«ted. fatigued or disordered t when liuincs are near navigable nervous system, hi all the cale-j water;. |goiy of hygienic metiMirrs. sound' Beside (he hillations which''"'''''" . f'««''d inotably load Ihe come from llietc sources of noises intst " there _arp conditions which have j being 14 hours less than the sched- fever, has been taken at the bac- of mail planes on the same route Dr. Owen C. Fisk, acting Health vaccine had been developed to im- OUPv BOAJRDlNGlOUSE AV.UMCLE ArAOS,LtT Bt ~VH' 50CK&V TO VOUR "RACE HOR&t' I CAN "RIDE — I "RODE ONE UP ON AUNT MARTVAA'S UNCLE LUKES ' SLOW "BOUNCINJ'-AN' YOU HAVENT THE 3OCKEY/-A E6At>,i USED TO BE A CELEBRWED HOCKEY, INS ENGLAND/ -^-UM- WHEN THE WORD WA'b POStED YOU DO, ON JxT3/\CE HORSEVrHM I WOULD •RUSH TO W/\(btRS CM OF THt STEETD to overcome. It tends to develop n vicious circle leading to greater and greater difficulty In falling ;isleep. The hest advice to those who find sleeping difficult Is, first of all to develop n loo much trouble, you will find yourself aMc to fall asleep ntoic readily, and Ihe sleep lar more rcfrcsiiiur, iLsu .formerly. Tlicrc arc Iniutlrcds ol proverbs to tlie recognition given

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