The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TKN BI,YTHF,VIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NF-WS_ WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, Senators Vote to Strip WSBofDispute-Settling Powers in Shakeup By JKllllY T. BAlil.CH WASHINGTON 1^—The Senate Banking! Committee hns voted lo strip the Wane Stabilization Board of its controversial riispiilc-scitlinsf powers and to reorsanize it as on all-public body. AK now MM "P. lhP bnarrt consists not come when the American people dare remove them entirely." "The consumers as such has'e no lobbyists In their behalf," rho senators said. "The committee action shows the consumer's voice Is woe- fulls 1 weak and that all too liitle attention is paid to his interests.' NAM FUhl Cnnliiliii'iv Meanwhile, the National Association of Manufacturers and th UL six members each rcpresentmp organized labor, industry and she public. TJ s chamber of Commerce con- At the same lime the commiuee iliu]|i(1 |h(-(] . (j|(lll (nr an ,,„,, u , voted late wflRe and p March 1. Today, two Democratic senator said the controls - extender line lime (he c'ommmee1^ |h(-(] . (j|(lll (nr an ,,„,, u , ves.erdny to W!(1 , ,.,,,,. ( . on i,. ols ,,,,,1 lor a curl. mice controls until next ^ ihe wsl ,. s lite p, ue ,.seUlmK )iow- watercd down it would weaken ihe dikes against inflation. Ren. Douglas of Illinois and Sen. Moody of Michlpan stiid the committee "did not adopt a simile strengthening amendment favoring Ihe consnminc public." Other Action Take Spokesmen for the two nrgamiM- lions appeared before Ihc. Sennle Banking Committee yn.slprrtay and prepared testimony for ihp House Labor Committee loday. The labor rommiuee is studying the WSH, particularly its hnridlinir of tlie steel dispute. NAM President William .1. Crodi; Other Action Taken fl H|jvl p S |,, ( , ]( , n f n ,. s ['lames. Ill acting on P, c.sidetit Truman's i ^ , n pmHer of the Chamber's rco,\iesl that Conurcss extend nl 1 ' stabilization controls throush Jim WILSON NEWS By Mrs. B. K. Boyles I Harold Uiirch, H. P. Cash. Ill, Ali sie Dnlaney, Ann Eatman, Ray; mond Rriiingion. Jo Ann Pteny. Gtefinwell. Joyce Huyncs, Bacralauerntf Held The nmnia! Ijaeealaureate ?,e]'v- .r-s for the Wilson Mich School rndiiHtinK' class were heltl Snnilay i , 1.^.1., u.Li:.,m-,i. w)*.^ ,,UJ.,.^.T veninx at (he Baptist Churcli '•, Frank Kepi, Carolyn Lynch. Elmoi the Rc-v. Sam Watson, pus- ! M <; N a b h , Margaret McClendon. ran- ; Shirley Mullen. James Muncy, Patsy Nnnnatly, Kenneth Payne, Boh- nie Jnwe)] Price, Gwendolyn fihel- ton. Betty Shipman, Faye SpriitK- Mnnry, pastor of (he Baptist ( er, Ann Starling. Buddy Sianrod. ".'hurrri at Lnke City, former pas- t Jane Tucker, Edwin Webb and Tiny tor here. | Vales. Tin' Rev Mr. Wat.son's|,e i Seniors Enlerlalnfrt | wa.s -For Whal Is Your Life." Mil- ] ThB scnoo| raf lc ia was ,,, rned fir. was by the Wilson HiRri School , ,„,„ „ .. malte . h< . 11eve | s ,, nd .. f^.-^^ (lirl.s- Choir and Ensemble mule, -i evenlnK whnn thc jl|n(ors cnt(>r . the direction of Miss Martha Ann • lajn<1(1 (he scniors with tllf , annunl -Stewart Sflfctions were ' Almighty lr . nmlr ,| n ,. rt rt ntsro rather." "I Will lift Up Mine \ **%"£,£? B % ™ , „„ lhc imp ,. n . Kyes" ami "I Walked Today Where , viRed sh ^ th / ra _ ' of the Mrlhodlsl Church. •liriK HP '* as assisted by the :. D n. Bledsoe. pastor of Firsl .itisl Church, and Ihe Rev. A. K. Munr-y, pastor of Ihe Baptist thai on the cook book project lor the year (he p-TA made $1.250. Of| (hat amount. $1,150 been ap-1 plied to the debt the P-TA oues on the teacherage furniture. Mrs, Up- lon was in charge of the project. Mrs, J. D. Ranktn was proprnin chairman. Mrs. Drouth ton Ixivett ?ave the devotional and Mrs. D, B. H'.ed.sop read the president's message. Mrs. Hudson Wren and Mrs. J. F. Mullfns pave a report on the state PTA convention !n LlUlo Rock. Mrs, Wren presented Mrs. I^ftwich a superior ratine cerlifi- caU? she received nt the convention. Superintendent Philip J- neor Installed the following officers: Mrs Hudson Wren, president; Mrs. J. F. Mulling, vice-president.; Mrs. 1 O, B. Craven, seereiftry. Mrs. Jerry ' Citllom. the newly elected treasurer, was absent. Mrs. Ed Williams presented Mrs Leftwich with a PTA pin. ianated as 7<H Illinois Str«e* to Block two of the Adams Sub-Division to City of BlytheviUe. Any protest- should b«? tiled in th« office of the City Cleric within thirty days.D.Ud: May 5, 1952.^ ^ ^ City Clerk [ Labor Relations Committee and a 30. 195:1, Die committee voter! S-4 1. Cimiimie wr.pp ami price trm- trols until noxt Maicti I. 2. Expend 1-nnl control am! ""- thoriiy to ullrjcnlo soiree <' lvlll<in materials thrnuph .Jimp 30. li°>3. . member of Ihe Chicago retiional WSH. ur«eri Congress ifi oullav, 1 industry-wide barRaniinu. Grede nitiu-kcd Hie wliole stabi- H/ation program but Stc-ele I tercd lus Mtiick on Hie WSB. Both i men a.-cnsed Hie WSR of fomenting lalcrials throuph .June 30. liiJ. I i ai) n,. . malirtRemeill disputes by The current controls law expires j ]ca<|1 lne way to compulsory J >'» e 30 - , . ,. i arbitration. The 7-3 yote to roorisnmxe. the -rage board was an oulsrowlh of . bitter criticism of the board's, p4 Q \/() OIU MOTHS handling of the slcel dispute. Pro-' lesls have beet! voiced in Congress over Ihe amount of pay raise.s Ihe WSB recommended for Ihe CIO steelworkerK and for its endorsement of a union shop in the industry. Worker Must .loin Union To Union Post NKW YORK l/Ti - -New-hold Morris will try t/7 hrinfl Hie nations r>ft.r>0(> notor.s. chorines and minimi artists inio a sinslr AFL nnlmi.-n (1KNKKAI. KKACIIRS SKOlll.—Brig. Gen. Francis T. Ilodil iriEllli. fri-ed after lour days ,a a h'i.~lnee of Coininiini'-l prisoners of war in Ihe Koje Island prison tamp hr: i-ummarulrfl. arrived in Seoul, Korea iMay llj liy air irom Koje. fiieeims him is RriB. On. Charles i W. Clirislciibeny. Fi>;hth Army deputy chief of stall. CJen. Dodd, ap- j parently well and in P'.od spirits, was released from the prison .sln<l> j ade mlo which In: had been snalched by the lied prisoners. lAI' \Virii- i plinln via radio firim Tokyo! W. Germany May Ask $1 Billion From U.S. to Start Arming alked Today Where , viRed sh W.,lk,,! ' Miss .Mav.s Hndman . „..,„„, of thp c t( , r|il| thpy vm was accmnpamst ! greeted by girls In Hawaiian skirts Miss Stewart at the oraan. nsert nn(| , s Bu.h's "Cliorale" for the prelnde, n(>ek ,. p ,, lm ^ Wl|( . sl!JCS SM|[( _ Smart s -Lend Ou. OK me Eternal for the pnKcssmna and ••Trnmiphain March • s "> nil1 - Ornduaes are loran W.-wne Alexander. Morlean And nn(| , s n(>ek ,. p ,, lm _ | dpd , , t d „„.„„,,„ mllsjc s's es- (cve lsland Tropical pineapples, placed at In- are loran Abbott. ; , f " [ •» the banquet ander. Maruarel Allred. ; ,, d roinblcr drews. Thomas Boyles, , ^^ Favors \. e , e , fil , r i,,e s ,,f for Ihe reces- , ' Abbott. ; . NOTICE Notice If hereby given thai Martha Ann Tarpley has filed application for a per/nit- to Wrlabli^h ^ Beauty Parlor in her residence, ae.s- WAKNINO ORDES. In thr Chancery Court. Chirk*- sawba District. Mississippi County. Arkansas. Clynell Cattes, Plaintiff, vs No. 1203 J Bobby Joe Caltes, Defendant. The defendant, Bobby Joe CattM. is hereby warned to appear within v^ thirty days in the court, named in vl t.he caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, ClyneU Cattes. Dat«l this 22nd day of April, 1953. Ouy Walls. Attorney for Plaintiff Ed B. Cook Attorney Ad Lltem Harvey Morris, Cleric By Anita Sykes. D.C. S22-M-5.6-13 by thp Ormans JIpt.^ lo ivorHer .»IIIM .nun ijnitiii ^111.^1.^ ...... Under n union shop nKiT-emcnl.' met fr-r vainly alloniplctl lour dons nol say how many members the hoard should have. Tlli'ir Hp- pointtnfnl would he Milijrc-l to Sr'n- nle confirmation. Present boiird nppoinlmenls nre nol. The new hoard would report rli- recliy to Ihc director of economic stnbi'li/.nlion. Charles E. Wilson, who resigned as economic stabilizer In a row over ndinhiislvation bundling of (he steel dispute, hncl complained he wns bypassed hy the WSB. which sometimes wont rtireetly to Ihc President. The new hoard covlld formulaic and recommend to Ihe economic stabilizer general policies and mlcs on wages. In crHicmmj (he stabilization law extension as nppmvcrt by the committee. Douglas anrt Moody declared In a joint statement: "As it Flands, (he measure is of course belter (nan nothing. Even (Hough Ihe dikes against inflation are being weakened, (he lime has luo of Hie five AFI, unions \v are dominant In show hurtnes English Prison Stirred By Riot os Convict Cries for Excitement , I I PRINCETON. FiiKlnnd fP> -- A .•cnvirt'.s shnnl—"'.s have some cxfltrment" — tonrhoc! off n bruit riot In bin Dnrlmcmr Prison Mon- (1ny. Two pnnrrts werr mniilocl. sn nfiicinl rii.sclo.sed today. The prison official snld rrin- [nrcomctits bent dawn the rmtrrs within 30 minutes niul pulled the Ruarils tiff thft parndR Around b a - forn they WRVC bndly hurt,. Order was restored scon after. Australia'. 1 ; Conininmvenllh Con- slilulion was largely mndellfd mi the CnnsiUullrm of the United stntes. CI'TUt V i most nf Hie rliffernnrr. a.rmanv ,r, -Wrsl Clrir- : M °™' sl ™* m™'"^ mnny is ey.|,er..-.i •'< ,<>,>. '- »"l ,v,. m hlne /r«m 1 Sfitrs for at l.'ust a hillion <lill.u.s .,i q ,, rs : aid lo slnrt nrmliiR fn'rinan .oltlicrs , u "" s nnrtj^" 1 !-i fur Western (Irfi-iue aflrv the Al- i I:he-":.;;:"n'r;;; '^r; t :t\sk Y ' S </,« u m n . 1 "^nthnrlhi'll'v,- sn'iivi": s.lirt torlav; HIJRNABY. B. C. ffl'i—Liflinu of . • Ilin (-iPnnnns prohiihlv ".'ill nfrit tliis 1 presnil restrictions so tlint eom- ainoim! nf foreliin aid ilnrinu the; nmoinl builditiBS may he erected ''first, year alnno of their rciirmn- 'as hlKh the owner \nshe.s lias hecn lri ^ n ( ' IIM omineniletl l)y the Lowti planning The fninpean nrliu- Ireatv rn- commission. "i-iion^ the raiMiu 1 nf -IWI.flon C'.er-; At. present., heir.hl of all bulld- insui troops for tin- six nns'ion torre. : inus here is limited tc three storys. Hritaltt mn\' ronirihuir poin<" nrinip-: No Survivors \Found on Lost \Plane in Jungle RIO E")E .JANEIRO. Brazil f.-V> — 13 P ft re he t's reaching Hie wrp'.-k nf -t Fun American plane tlcvau-d Ui Brazil's tangled nor (hern jinisle-" sairt today they fount! no Mirvivui^ amona Ihf 1 5ft persons aboaitl. The 18-man private party, led by (!^m{in Line He Main. 1 ;, beat !-lifir way lo the aien Insl nit-:hi. DP ATnios aim (iiree conirartes uerc dropped at the disaster SCRIIP hy h< 1 lico])t< 1 i 1 . The plane crashed 15 j drtyp npn. [ Thf 1 T 1J H'fy i* nwait.ins the arrival; nvfjiland of an exportiiirm ?eni. out hy Pan Amencnn Airways. ^. Favors were tiny figurines of • Hiu'iuian danrers. Nut cups rf.snm-' ] btfd o|]ii^ r . s ftnt j place cards carried j onf, the Hawaiian theme. | "Koma Moi" 'Welcome* was giv- 1 en by Corky Simmons and "Aloha | but Not Good-by" was given by • H. P. Cash. TIT. Superintendent Philip J. Deer gave a talk on "Ideals On the Islands." Food, served by sophomore pirls in Rrnss skirl. 1 ;, was prepared by tbe room mothers. A six-piece orchestra from Arkansas State College at Jonesboro, furnished the music. Miss Virgle Rogers Hiiri J. D, Roberts are senior sponsors and Miss Mildred Hood and William Yates are. sponsors lor the junior class. Special guests, besides thc ATTENTION GINNERS! With the exception of Jack I/igan. we still have the sam« personnel lo take care of yoiu ginning repair needs. We refill. fil€ aod train saws; refill ami bal.inre brushes; ami have a complete slnck of valves, elbows (from U" li» 14"| and pipe. Also, a complete line of bearings for your gin. We have the personnel and equipment to nifet your sinning repair needs and we're anxious lo serve you! All work' a guaranteed. Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 WAC Is 10 Years Old I WASHINGTON (/Pi — The WAC. i which Rtarled out as a wartime i .short, story, celebrates its Iflth an: t\i\ r ersary today as a chapter in i history. nn and Unilrd Statos.i s P' tshPr P Cil f 0 " 1 Read Courier News classifier! Ari.s peca guess, eses e .sm- „ . ior.s. included Mr. and Mrs. Elstner : D. Benll. Mrs. J. D. Roberts. Mrs. Dnra Mcrrcll, Miss Martha Ann Stewart, Royal Small, Bruce Friz- 7^!1 and ^lr. and Mrs. Deer. PTA Inslahs Offirprs The installation of nr-w officers high-Ugh ted the propram of the Wilson Parcnt.-Tcaclier.= Association's last meeting of the school j year Thursday afternoon in the ' schorj] auditoriuin. j Mrs. CliaHes Leftwich. retiring 1 president, thanked c o m i« i t t e P ; chairmen and members for their I cooperation. In a report from Mrs. Maury Upton, chairman of the fi- i nance committee, it. was annomiced Today's Big Different* in aotomatk washers— At Leading Dealers i They estimrMe the firsl year of i German rcurntamenl '.vill cost he- • j Iween 3' 1 , billion and 4\ billion j [dollars. The new German defense; Imdiiet for the yenr be-'inning .Inly 1 tolals almost V-, billion dollars. , Part of this must help pay tlin costs ! 'of final -Icrtnn Allied Torres In Ger-i many for Ihe noxl yrar. | nrcTnttiriE of the first German i troops since World War JI is ex- i peeled to start early In 1053. Then | Ihe biff 'zan lietween rearmament j eo.sts and nvallahle finnls will show j i up. The Ciermfins are expected to' 'ask the United Slntes (o supply money ahead when you buy ""U HARD FACTS C'mon Boys and Girls! Here's Your Chance to Wto^ Fr^J$| ' .. ' -• ' V- '•** "'. . .ir-^-ASi' RUGGED TWO FAMOUS ^, BIKES HHCC IS77 AMfRICA'S flKif BJCrCll" W Buy and Win! Golden HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D Save Caps SOtOtM SOTJtHOMOCtHIJID MIIK CHIT Fnr rvi-ry fivr ill r.\m nr rurlnti" lor rr;i*nii;lhlr farstmilrl "I Gntilc-n novnl ••Hnmnqenizert" ^Illk ynli ••"T Tnn ,-irr .-ntittert tn one pri/e rnupnii fnr (lie his Ir.-r ilrnwinc. Onli "llninnqrni/rd" r^ps anil l^t» will ho Trdermiri fnr rnu|inn« at Mill""! Dairy. ''05 \\>rr SI.. (•:iriUhon.villr. r.irh Sadlrilay h<-lv>ecn 9 A.M. ami 4 I'.M. anrl oil I'riilav. Innf !nili iinlil 3 r.XI. ("mr>n, kirts—Ilirrc's still plrnt> n[ time tn v\\r tlin^r r.ips anil tali*. Mike sure vnll hnvr InU nf di.ilin^ tn niti^ S.lvp r.ip^ anil t;lh< nnrl hrins tlirin to Miilwrsl D.liry. We'll rrtlrrm each five 111 caps nr tabs lor f^osimili'si fnr a frcr |iri/c i'oii|i«n which will be dr- " " C/l la Tall* pnsilrrt in thr hie priTr h:iiTcl frnin whirh tlip ^vinnfis' names will he Oav6 I 3DS rir.i\vn at '> T.M. nn Saturday, .lime TKt. at Hie .Miilursl Uniry plant. COIDIK «OT»l KOMOGIHIHB MIIK ONI* Krmrniher — HIP hie tlrauins will lir SLI|IIH|^V. .Innr ?ls(—lint mi pri»r ronpnn< uill h<- i^urd after 3 I'.M. cm Kriil.iv. .lime 'ifllh. Sn Jiurry! Slart s;i^inc Trnldcn fioyal ••Hnmnqpiii/rrl" r.ip« and labs mi« : Nothing lo liny! You Do Nol Hn\o lo lie Pirsi-nt lo \Vin! M>'ll:~.Bn>s and (lirK ill Hlillievitle and nllipr tn«ns \\lirre (inlilrn Iin<al Milk is sold—Ask your crorer f<>r (;o)doii tin Milk: *a\T (he raps and lahs. ^'onr cTirrr vill rcilnem raps or labs (or facsimiles) for prir« coupons until closing tin'.e Thnrprlay, ,ltn»p in. •Stack up what you get /or what you pay. . . and join the nation's largest group of truck users by choosing Chevrolet D.- f-^r II-LO K^nA^i-f nurrtK^r nf IrnrV n<;pr<; [nHAV Tl tin nd t MORE CHEVROLET TRUCKS IN USl TH»X »Nf OTHCR MAXtl .. By far lite biggcsl number of Inick users loday nre Chevrolet owner;; . . . and for good hardheaded reasons. VJecause what they're after in 3 Iruck can be set down about like this: 1) It's RO/ lo be low in cost. Chevrolet trucks have the lowest list prices. 1) Upkeep mill npcralina costs must he 0m. Chevrolet trucks wnrk tor rock-bottom "wages" on fuel anil maintenance. • Humy •« I 3) l/ow well the truck tines the jnb if all-important. Chevrolet trucks are jaclory- matched to the job. 4) The truck must he nigged, long /'jifl. Chevrolet trucks traditionally bring more (X traile-in, lor what they cost, than any other truck. Come in and let's see how n Chevrolet Inick can save money in your business. up n ac:iinst cnpn'rlc of same p^v You'll I'nul the el InicV hits {.T ili»: ;it ions, ullinp llic >s . , . rind hrini*<; iruck fc.H HICS on'l t'nul in m.tiiy Itii >luig nv.ich nioic- TrircV nvcrs everywhere have proved to themselves that Chevrolet cost 1 : tc5« to own ami maintain. Vfilvc-in-Hcarf economy, in thc l.ond- m .1 ^1 c r or Th ri ft m;\ si c r engines, s.^vc^ on g,is. Special 4-wfly cnclne In- hric;\lion rccliii;e.«i wear, keep* oil costs low. You don'l waste money h\ - buying "too much truck 1 ' — you don'1 ri^V wortc interruption or slow-downs hy buying "too little truck." Fr.imc. a^les, springs, body. hnkes, and power arc parl of a >\cil-bal;inccd team lh,il docs the job si lowest cost. Kccords show that Chev- rofcl trucks traditionally bring more money at resale or trfldc-in time than any other make which coMs about Ihe same new. Here is further evidence thrti Chevrolet is the hesl truck buy-and that's why more truck users bu/ them! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phon< 4578

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