The Miami News from Miami, Florida on November 26, 1986 · 26
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 26

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1986
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1 V7f 8C The Miami News Wednesday, November 26, 1986 This cJteiTiQSjl ( 5 p.m. ) O 8ms Street (Rg O Newlywed Gam ODifTrent Strokes OLIvoAtFiv New D OWLTV (D 8duccion fDEO Gimm A Braakl CD Good Times ' SitvrHwkQ CB Praia Th Lord G) Noliciaro fgwil Qraan Acre EE3 Nawiwatch LUlKidalncorporatad h51 High Powder Dick and Timothy Van Patten star in this story of drug abuse and peer pressure on a high school ski team. Q rSifl Dennis The Menace LT11I Gilllgsr's Island (WW) GOD June Cain Miller EE Love Me Love Me Not Eli G.I. Joe EH Hart To Hart ( 5:30 P.M. ) OGD News O Din-rent Strokee 03-2-1 Contact Q 63 Jefferson What's Happening!! S3 Silver Spoons SbnI Rifleman roisl The Canards Move Out A young girl feels that her world is threatened when her dad takes a new job out west. fcSNl Horse Racing Weekly 00 Ross EHjEstaEsUVida fBTOl Max Headroom ED Double Dare E13 New Country ED Happy Day EIO Rocky Road (5:35) LTElAliv EI3 Dance Party USA iwghi Transformers ( 6pm! ) O MacNeilLehrer Newshour OOGDNews OEO Gimme A Break! G3 Mor Magic Methods In Oil 3 Noticiss 63 Star Trek CS Good Time G3 Knight Rider 03 Praise The Lord Q) Los Dueno Del Poder 013 Big Vslley UM 8portsLook rjifjvida LTD Attitude t"! Monk EM Crook And Che Featured: Gary Busey ("Eye Of The Tiger"); Betty White and Joan Van Ark talk about a calendar for cat lovers; Top Ten Pop Countdown. In stereo. (30 min.) GUI Andy Griffith (8:05) EM Manufacturer' Gold Trust FisAl Cartoon ESI Fact Of Lit EH Magnum, PJ. Prima Tima at a glance (Shaded anal indkali movin, t Mkatot in pregms) I 7:00 I 7:30 BOO 8:30 I 900 9:30 1ftO0 10:30 j 11:00 0IPI1 . US Buslnss Rpt. The Spencer Tracy Legacy A Day In the Life of America John Lennon Wild Side OtNI I - CIS Fortune Card Sharks New Mike Hammer Magnum, P J. Equalizer News Owen I . IHO M.A.S.H Taxi UptheC News ICarson LateShow WSN I I KBC NBC News Ent. Tonight Highway to Heaven Gimme Brkl You Again? St. Elsewhere News a a wptfi I . 8C H. Squares Jeopardy P. Strangers Head Class Dynasty Hotel News WLBH I . MS Gourmet Seafood Something on 17 Healthy Tony Brown The Africans Austin City WITH I . SPANISH Maria DeNadle Calvarlo Maldlta Muchachlta Secreto Notlclas Jose Luis Rodrkjuw FU I ' f WO Benny Hill Bingo The Stent Escape LateShow WBFS '- . IND Jeffersons All In Family Murph ieSnrf Madonna Special H'mooners woa . IND Spoons Angle Brtng Me the Hwl of AHralo Oercla Dallas Ko)ak KHFI I j s 1X0 Praise the Lord TBN Today Marrlage Faith Armageddon Praise the Lord Praise Lord awscv I . IN8 Atrevete El Sol Sale Para Todos La Dama Del Balcon Notldero RetratoEnVTvo Cable Channels 7:00 7:30 I 800 I 8:30 ftOO 9:30 I 1M0 10:30 I 11:00 IaTeI '8C m Bleak House 20th Century 20th Century Trlumph of the West Quest for Beauty IJ mn Off the air Silver City Ballet Rambert Double Bill Movie Trotl CHRISTIAN . I 'JSBOHOCUST Hardcastle and McCormlck Bring 'Em Back Alive 700 Club (Snapshots Hardcastle rxfrr, CABLE I I 1 1 NtWS Moneyllne Crossfire Prlmenews Larry King Live News Moneyllne roisl ,ISNf' I CHANNEL Movh-f Theater Edison Twins Danger Bay A Face ft the Crowd . Location risNl lr 1 1 SPOUTS SportsCentr Wrestling Boxing: Milton McCrory vs. Jorge Amparo Cup fHTTlfiaUyiSIOH ! j Lassi Spanish La Morenita ABos,Clgwr8, Ac'irts jEntrevlstas la Nora Pel Cora. IhroI HOME BOX I ' """"" I OFFICE Movtet Ty-get Young Comedians Reunion Hunt urn mmt 1 IHriTV QuIeroGritarTuNombre Show De Lopez Blanqulta Amaro PeHcuf LilLl tiTETIME Family Berrenger's Regis Phllbln's Lifestyles Dr. Ruth Show ftoUfWU 11 CINEMU TheH?tyHart KeyExchany Movie Show OB rricl MOVIE J CKANNE1 AWetfdlnet (jneiprrfficam-e Warning Sy ruTjTl NASHVILLE I I I I I 1 1 NETW38II Be a Star Fandango Nashville Now New Country Chase Vldeocountry Be a Star WPIX Jeffersons INN News Shark's Parsriiw INN News News Odd Couple I-chI SHOW- I I I-1J TIME Mvit Brothers Bizarre Ci Qptwe .Hch fYBsl WT8S I . I ' 121 TUHT Sanford H'mooners NBA Basketball: New York Knlcks at Boston Celtics NBA Basketball TEMPO Buy Now 8 Save Amer.Baby HaydenFry Dean Smith Jim Young Hello Austria -Hello Vienna Gift Club fusil 'SA NETW08H Riptide Boxing: Keith Stevenson vs. to be announced Alrwotf Tennis 1 1 CHiCASO Barney Miller Benson 3hfl'K' Parali! (News H'mooners luunnl "OH i--iNrwrOtK Pyramid Ent. Tonight NBA Basketball: New York Knlcks at Boston Celtics News Carol Burnett Action Outdoor With Julius Boros Fswl Vldeocountry LUD Safe At Horn (6:35) While stranded in ths cabin, the family fantisizes about their ideal life. A Iwwl Good Tim ( 7:30 P.M. ) O The Spencer Tracy Legacy: A Tribute By Katharine Hepburn Katharine Hepburn hosts this tribute to Spencer Tracy examining the actor' career. Elizabeth Taylor, Burt Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Lee Marvin and Angela Lansbury are among the star remembering Tracy. (90 min.) OEH Entertainment Tonight Previews of upcoming movies; a tribute to John Wayne. (Q Something On 17 Featured: music of nationally known musician, Randy Bernsen. ( 8:30 P.M. ) O Head Of The Class Facing solitary Thanksgiving, Charlie winds up having holiday dinner with school principal Dr. Samuels. Q ( 10 P.M. ") Susan Forward ("Men Who Hate Women and the Women O John Lennon: A Journey In Wh Lov8 Them"). (60 min.) ft The Life Tracing John Len- (D Austin City Limit Featured non't life and career from Ray Charles ("Georgia"): Lee ( 9 P.M. ) childhood through his final year at horns with his family actor Benjl Lawrence, Tim McEvoy and Bernard Hill portray the ex-Beatle In this dramatized portrait of the musician and his search for self-knowledge. Yoko Ono introduces the program. O Equalizer An honor student may have been killed by notorious vigilant group. O St. Elsewher Th staff at St. Eligius attempts to save Fiscus' lite after he's shot by the wife of a patient. (Part 1 of 2)9 Greenwood ("1.0. U." and "Somebody' Gonna Love You"). v . ( 11:3Qp"Mn O SCTV Sketches: SCTVs version of Peter Pan with John Candy in th starring role; celestial cabbage invade SCTV. O Tonight Host: Johnny Car ton. Scheduled: comedian George Carlln, Barney Odum and his dog. ft ( MIDNIGHT ) ( 6:30 p"m) O CBS News OCED Benson E) ABC News q 09 American Interests CDNoticieroNacionalSIN GDAlic lm Leroy In L.A. Leroy tours Los Angeles, taking In everything from Tinseltown to Disneyland. EE Showbiz Todsy ( 8 p.m" ) O New Mik Hammer A blind musician and a bar hostess hamper Hammer's search for a mystery woman. O Highway To Heaven Jonathan and Mark help a dying businessman and his estranged son reconcile their differences. O Perfect Stranger Balkl and Larry disagree about testifying against a racketeer and his illegal numbers operation. Q O A Day In Th Lit Of America Focusing on individuals and their stories to create a picture of the nation as a whole, 220 still photographers and 23 film crews worked from midnight to midnight on one day to create a time capsule of America as It was on May 2, 1986. Q O Magnum, PJ. Magnum is wounaea wnne saving a young q) Hotel Two Australian bust- O Hot Shot Amanda and nativa girl from a hired killer, nessmen make an offer to Jason search for a set of! O Gimme A Braakl Nell and purchase the hotel. Q counterfeiting plates. Marty teach Joey a lesson Q The Africans All A. Mazrui CD Nightlife Host: David Brerv ouuui ma vi amuiiiia. toons si now mooern African nor. t integrate the many contradictions posed by their triple heritage of customary law. Western values and the Sharia (Islam's sacred law which touches all facets of Muslim life). Q O Dynasty Zach Powers team up with Michael to deceive Biake; Caress finds herself In a precarious situation. Q ( 12:30 A.M. ) ( 11 -M. ) ( 9:30 P.M. ) fTl Tonv Brawn'a Journal New York City Mayor Ed Koch and OS) Late Show Host: Joan Police Foundation President Rivers. Scheduled: the Corn-Hubert Williams discuss efforts mod ores, actor Robert Conrad, to halt th availability of crack, actress Sally Keilerman, Or. O Late Night With David Letterman Scheduled: veteran talk-show host Jack Paar, co-l median Larry Miller, ft ( 1 A.M. "1 CD Sally Jeay Raphael Sched uted: makeup tips for women of all ages. (30 mm.) Tonights mouiss Movtt Rtlng$' Outstanding Excellent ' Very Good Good wtt NotBad Fair V Poor. mM m m a aaeuMry TV Gassman. Director Robert Alt-man's satirical view of an American Institution: the gsth-ring of two families for a marriage ceremony, unleashing unbelievable secrets about and encounters between members of the respective clans, ft 'PG' (2 hrs. 5) ( 5'" D 0P1 V -The EvH Mind" (1934, Siispense) Claud Rains, Fy Wray. To every one S amazement, prediction of doom from a phony psychic prov to be real. (1 nr. 30) ( 7:30 PM. ) G3 "Adios, Ciguena, Adioa" (No Data, Comedy) Maria Isabel Alvarez, Francisco Villa. (1 nr. 5) ( 6PM J EJJ Down The Leg Hiile" (1986, Western) Bruce Bonieit-nor. Jack Eiam. After turvrvrng a wagon tram massacre, two chMoven bant nature and th horse thieves who r after th stataon accompanying them they try to mak their way horn. (1 hr. 35) SMed Ad Tk Eye Of The Tiger" (1977. Fantasy) Patncs Vy, Jne Seymour. Smbad batttes dangerous cree-Ivjres to remov the curse that keeps a young pnree from r rigtM pc on th ttron. "G' (1 nr. S3) Cl The Maey HeevT (W. Oram) Por.d Reegan, Petnci Neat. A termmany M lonam finds peace een r t toefc-iended tf erounOd cMrs m a hospital. (1 hr. 39) fTl i (dm ty Th Ceg4 " tiv-(IS ' a-mm Pai fceivnm, tnn Crro A t"Ci. entrv yrjnfl biact girt O SCOver po-ry 10 pn e g-ewenf m m r rvat Soum e rXm it tvs l e 30PM Cl A 4-(18 rs, t 4 Ca-x fc-ne'i. Vrforo O -Up Th Cniek" (1984. Comedy) Tim Matheson. Jennifer Run yon. Four college students try to bring om giory to their school by competing In a raft race against a team of ruthless men. (2 hrs ) Q "The Greet -cape" (1963. Adventure) Jame Garner, Steve McQueen. Brit-sh, American and Canadian POWs plan a massive brsakout from a Nazi camp. (3 frs I CD V -MurpH Th StarT (1974. Adventure) Robert Conrad, Donna Mm. Two kgM -fingered beach bum and a female accomplice tea behind a trail of empty pew boxes and broken dream at they uc-cessMty snatch th "Star Of inaa" gem. (2 hrs ) O "Vwi MeTfce Heed Of Aitrede Garce" (1S74, Adven. turei barren Oaes. Gg Young. A faiimg ptano p)yer aets out en a long and bxxxJy ran in MernCO (2 hrs ) n Sirm Crry" (1984, t'ar"a Gosa Oobrowotstia, tr Harrt. Leva bring tempo. fnr toort t two fct mm "grants tryng (O tXiW S' lor tnmv m poetursr Australia fa (1 hr 41) tnimrinn f. n) Gen Hacn. Man D4-Inn. A CaflM rtm emmr m -yrfi fO tMt fn t C A connro vm wi wife Is kidnapped by a former adversary during a European tour. 'R'0(1hr. 57) EIH wVi "Key Exchange" (198S, Comedy) Ben Masters, Brooke Adams. At the request Of his TV-producer girlfriend, a free-wheeling mystery writer reluctantly takes a stab at a commitment. 'R' C? (1 hr. 30) EDTE3 "Shark' Paradise" ( liibb, Adventure) Oavid Reyne, Ron Becks. Three unlikely partners wiN do almost anything to stop an extortionist from sabotaging an Australian town's annual Surf Carnival. (2 hrs ) ( 9 P M. 1 LTTJ -A Face In Th Crowd" (1957, Drama) Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal. A derelict goes from a jail cell to national recognition on the strength of his humor and musical talent. (2 hrs. 6) rn 1ngniricee, Comedy) Mchael Em4, Theresa Russell. In 1953, park fiy when an actress, her basebaH-piayer husband, a senator and a brilliant protestor converge m a New York hotel room. R (t nr. 48) OH1 "Beet Defense" (1984. Comedy) Dudley Moor. Eddie Murphy. A hapWiS engineer s plans tor S new tank gyro v failing a miserably a his marriage, and overseas two years later, a tar eowwender endures the results. 'R Q (t hr. 4) her Impending motherhood. (Subtitled) 'PG' (t hr. 42) LTD Vi "Daisy Miller" (1974. Drama) Cybill Shepherd, Barry Brown. Based on th story by Henry James. A tum-of-the-century American soclalit sparks a scandal among member of European royalty. (2 hrs) E! "S.O.."(1981. Comedy) William Hoiden, Juii Andrews. A movie director who has lust finished a multi-million dollar turkey goes from attempted suicide to a bizarreiy inspired re-shooting of his epic 'R' (2 hrs. 4) E3 "Wmlng Sign" (1985. Drama) Sam kvaierston, Kathleen Quintan. Research scientists ar turned Into homicidal maniacs when a secret germ wrfar experiment goes hay-wtr. ft'H C3(1hr.4u) CE3 "Th Bitch" (1979. Oama) Joan Colltna, Mchael Coby. After an extramarital ftair destroys her marnage, a htgh-kvmg woman searches for other sources of funding. R' (1 hr. 30) ( 1133pm 1 KkH Me fTefe" (ii53. Music) Mthryn Gray son, Howard Kent. Two stars, once married, become partners professionally and fmd that tney argue as much on stage a they do Off. (1 hr. 49) LHia Skala. A former Gl teaches English to a group of French nuns while helping them build a Church. (2 hrs.) ( 12:30AM") E3 Sihhsr Rrvr"(1948. Adventure) Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan. A pompous and self -con tared gambler learns humility and compassion when he watches a dear friend slowly dying. (Z nrs. ao) E3 V "Father Cooe (196S, Comedy) Cry Grant, Leslie Car on. A World War 8 drifter la assigned to set up a watch station m the South Seas, where he I invaded by a perky French chootteecher and her seven kvery young lemale student. (2 hrs. 30) P3 "SBvwr City" (1984. Drama) Gosta Oobrowoiska, tver Hants Low brings temporary comfort to two Polish immigrants trying to buad if for them et yes in postwar Aus tralia. 'PG' (1 hr. 41) FH "Vet; Men Wit A Horn" (1950, Lama) Kir Doug's. Lauren Baca. The rove Me of promising young trumpet payr many costs htm ins musical career, (t hr. (2) ( 10pm" ) CO la Hot Dei Core (o Date, Adventure) John Ireland. Marck Damon. (1 hr. 3C) ( 1lPf4 ) n rtio sieraniee Of " (S?6. faml 15-rH Cievar. 6vno Ort Aftsr be-rg recw4 t-om raoe tv a FWassan soKSmr. a kaian mvjom m e-smayed ts "-i of ( 1155mT1 PI H -Teectte" (1984. Uema) huck None, JoBeth W-fcsms A tawsmt brougnt aciimst a too-dk rbn txon school tor erflirg a dpiom t9 an ftiierat thtOmH stnrs a burned-eut sietructar to aerfi tn 6 "rarded BS ft fr Ly1hr t (Wtu OHT ) CD njBeoi Trw MX fa) &ney Potier, ( 1 05 am ) "TheLaet Kementte Lever" (1978. Comedy) Day HaOdon, Fernando Rv A taeh-tont)ie stew York Ciy maca-tme edtor hnd tew surprises w4mg her m Pan during fn "unime'" tne fceeuty contest. R (1 hr. 41) Tom Jicha TV Radio Editor pi -Th9 PVpie TeT (i77, Ome1 Craorte Ptemrng, Stmip No A m-pm Irieh eovnry eortor vwH iny take 6 a ad nr ewe "Ck find m t) (2 hn In an unusual move, Channel 33 pulls shows off the i Jicha WBFS-Channel 33 has made some highly unusual changes In its daily program lineup, virtually overnight. The move comes in the wake or the disclosure last week that the station is meeting resistance from some distributors toward its request to lower the prices the station had agreed to pay for reruns of off-network series. A WBFS official said the changes were made for strategic reasons. Pulled from Channel 33's schedule as of Monday were reruns of "Good Times," "The Jeffersons." "Maude," "Archie Bunker's Place" and "What's Happening." All but "What's Happening" are syndicated by Embassy. An executive at one local station, who asked not to be identified lest the station's relationship with program suppliers be harmed, said, "I know Embassy pulled the shows." A high-ranking official at another station, who spoke under the same conditions, said, "I don't know if Embassy has pulled all its shows (off Channel 33, but I can tell you they have had people in the market shopping around 'The Jeffersons,' which Milt Grant owned." A high-ranking representative of another local station, who also asked not to be identified, said, "I know Embassy is looking for a new home for 'Good Times.' I've also been approached about other Embassy shows that WBFS owns." Milt Grant owns Channel 33, as well as stations in Philadelphia and Chicago. Last week, Jerry Carr, Grant's director of TV operations, said the group was trying to renegotiate downward its contracts with a number of syndica-tors. He said some syndicators have taken a hard line against making concession on pricing. In the course of Grant Broadcasting's renegotiations, blocks of programs have been taken off the air in Philadelphia and Chicago. For example, "All in the Family," which is distributed by Viacom, was taken off Grant's Chicago station at mid-week earlier this month. Next week, "All in the Family," which has been running twice daily, at 7:30 and 1 1:30 p.m., will disappear from Channel 33. Electronic Media, a leading trade publication, reported in this week's edition that three dozen program suppliers have "adopted a get tough strategy for dealing with the escalating piuDlem of slow or non-payment" by program buyers. However, Carr said last week that attempts to obtain a better deal are nothing new in the industry and denied Grant Broadcasting is in any financial difficulty. "We just entered into an agreement to build a new independent station in Salt Lake City." Carr was not available for comment yesterday. Attempts to reach officials for Embassy and Viacom for comment also were unsuccessful. It is highly unusual for a station to make changes, especially a realignment as drastic as Channel 33's, on short notice because such shifts can be self-defeating. Many viewers rely on weekly newspaper supplements and TV Guide. People expecting to find the programs listed are disappointed when they are not there and potential fans of the replacement programs are unaware they are on. This is especially true during a ratings sweeps period the November sweeps end tonight because ratings during these periods are usually the basis for advertising rates until the next sweeps, which is in February. Denita Welsh, the programming director at Channel 33, said the Embassy programs were taken off the air lest a warehousing clause be triggered. This provision gives syndicators the right to reclaim a program after a station has burned off a set percentage of the plays it purchased. Welsh said a typical warehouse clause might stipulate that once a station uses 85 . percent of the plays it purchased, then takes the show off the air, the syndicator can ask for the program to be returned. For example, suppose a station buys the rights to 100 exposures of a show. If it uses 86, then pulls the program off the air, the syndicator could ask for it back. The idea is to prevent stations from hoarding product to keep it away from competitors. "We fight like hell to get those clauses out," one programmer said, "but the syndicators fight like hell to keep them in." Welsh said the Embassy shows taken off the air fit into this warehouse clause category. She said their run was terminated abruptly because the warehouse clauses in some cases would have kicked in at the middle of this week. Welsh said she would not comment on Grant Broadcasting's renegotiations with syndicators. She referred questions to Carr, who was said to be in meetings ail day. NBC wins 9th straight week A4Kiar1 Prtni NEW YORK NBC had Its ninth straight ratings victory last week, the first time a network has had such a long winning streak since ABC nine years ago. The longest run at the top was in 1963 when CBS took every week of the season. NBC won last week's Nielsen competition with a prime-time average of 18.0. CBS was second with a rating of 16.8. ABC had a 14.2. NBC's season-to-date rating Is 18.8; CBS has 16.0 and ABC 14.3. (A rating point is one percent of the 87.4 million homes equipped with TV.) "The Cosby Show" was again the highest-rated show, with 34.7 rating and 50 percent of the available viewing audience. "Family Ties," the sitcom that follows "Cosby" on Thursday, had the distinction of placing twice In the top 10. It was No. 2 in Its regular time period and at No. 8 for a special showing on Monday. "ALF," which followed the extra "Family Ties," had a 21.5 rating. Filling out the the top 10, in descending order, was "Murder, She Wrote," "60 Minutes." "Cheers," "Golden Girls," "Moonlighting," "Night Court" and "Kate's Secret," NBC's movie about the binge-and-purge syndrome bulimia. The CBS miniseries satire "Fresno" dropped from a 19.7 rating for its opening two-hour segment the previous Sunday, to 15.2 for the Monday segment, 12.8 on Tuesday, 12.5 on Wednesday and 12.7 on Thursday. "Dallas" was down two points to 21.5, but still bested "Miami Vice," with a rating of 18.6, up two points. CBS regained the top spot in dinnertime news ratings, the first time NBC has been out of first place In six weeks. Dan Rather had an average 12.4 rating to Tom Brokaw's 11.9. Peter Jennings on ABC was third with 11.0. Radio highlights AFTERNOON 1JW Bid Ceiderfe 10AM) I Jock McDermett (1360AM) 8 Steve Kane (790AM) 4 Alen Beehany Money Lin (1080AM) I AN Thing Considered (91 3rM) EVENING Jo Caeteib's HaiuM American Music, news, talk (1580AM) 8.30 Honiene(91.3fM) 7 Ehirtoy Peters (790AM) T 8cotl Mormon ( 1 360AM) 8 M.fce Miller (610AM) I Whet' New Host Dave Connor presents the latest m classical recordings (93 1rM) 80S Memory Lane ( 136CAM) 10 leve Jest M the tvemng (93 9fM 10 Miami Sports Eicnenoe Hosts: I d Hapten, Darnel Oudinot (S60AM) 11 The Quiet Slemi Host: Freddie Crux (108 IrM) 11 Naetwm Scmhrt (S3 1FV) U Lorry Sma (610AM) 1 Crsa WorthM (79CAM) Thc finest EPICURE I 1 MMliMile Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant will be closed Thanksgiving Day so that our employees can spend the day ith their families. Our 74th Ysar j J STONE CRAB 1 RESTAURANT Si AKXJD CHOP f 8 1 Trat Kottdat MacASia Aar Qf k -ndi ' fuM re to mrm H kit Of t AMI AWARD ttrmimt i Nw Srx urn Ktwt Lewh Tend? thm Sttarda II Wt e. Ie2. Dinner smwd mry sught S 18 pm. TUi PKAE ,J-CV.S tTM:sCAYVi STWTTAT ASh.MION Af . MIAMI litAO-

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