The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR -HJ.* -i'.J.^Sii* < - i.i, •, .} .-•.-••. THE BLYTHEVILLR COURIER NEWS TKVpQURnSp NEWS CO. • . . H. W. HA1NES, PubllrfJCT BLYTOEViLLE, (ARK.); COURIER NEWS 6o!e NatkmaJ AdyerUang representatives: Artansis Dallies, Inc.,-' New, Yorfc, Chicago. Ds• trolt, St Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. - Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered ns second class nmter at tile post office at Biylhevllle Arkansas, tinder act of '.Congress, October 9, 1911. ° Served by the Untied Press SUBSCRIimON RATES By carrier In the City ol Biylhevllle, I5o per week, or 65o.per month. By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for three montlis; by mail iti postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven nnd eight ,$10.00 per year, payable In advance. Lo'vos That Malm.. World Go 'Round When opposition. JIVOBC to llic marriage', of Marshal Werner von IJIoin- borg *ith his secretary, Germany's war iliinisler remarked classically, if simply: "•Well, I love her, iiml 1 would rather give'up my job than leave lier." Which autonisilii'iilly puts Marshal yui\.' Blonibci'K into the same class ami classification with England's former king who declined to sit on the world':; greatest throne without the company of "the woman 1 love," And so, for the second time in just a..little over a year,, Cupid's, dart IIK.S been a monkey wrench in llic iiiachin- cry of.Europe's polilica! affair:.. Eiig- e'ry of Europe's political aft'airs. JDnjf- fair" and Inc. abdication of a pop-disking with scarcely a tremor, actually Germany has already fell more than a tremor from'•the, marriage of its ;hig!i- cst . ranking army officer to Krika Gnihn, t)ie daughter, of a Berlin carpenter, and may be fortunate if it doesn't yet get tossed about by a terrific upheaval. There arc two schools of, thong'io and .dozens .of confused impression's prevalent regarding the bldwoff in the Nazi.Germany,.but.a few.:things stand out us apparent. The marriage of von Blomlierg- was the signal for Hie shakeup, ami,.not, the, cai^se of it. Whether the,;arniy. \vanted ; VonfjJJlnmberg out as its leader and'seized iipo'njiis "so- cfaljy impossible" jiiuirringc 1 (is an excuse, or whether Hitler was" afraid of von Btombci-jTs power and had been waiting only an excuse to get rid of hiiji, is debatable ...But, regnrdless of cither of those theories, Hitler'obviously has a growing fear of the army's powei- and the influence, of Germany's old ruling, class >yh,icli makes, up- the now powerful RcjchswpHr. By concentrating in, himself control :bver'..a'l! iiiiiitary, .political and ..economic policies Ilitler has momentarily, ;it least,, forestalled, any coup .which .might lesson, or usurp his power. He requested and got the .resignation' of the con)mamlei>iii-diief of the German ai-my,-. promoted his right- hand than Goering field , marshal, re- calJwUipbassiulors from Vienna, Home and Tokio, named a new foreign minister. : .All this leads most observers to bc- licyc some drastic changes .in politics —probably .international—wi'|| | JC a ii- nonnccci w'ith flic called meeting of the Reichstag on Feb. 20. Hitler may come out of the sliakcup with a tion even more strongly consolidated than ho has been -occupying. Or he may he tottering with only one false step between him find a new German re. Wiillis \ViirIiel(l Simpson, whose mother ran a Haltimore boarding house, and KriUa Gnihn, tlte Berlin carpenter's daughter, may never meet. But history will introduce them, am.1 may write that those' two women altered not the destinies of one nation — but two. o/ Publication in this column of editorials from oilier newspapers docs not necessarily rieini rndoi.scmonl but Is nn acknowledgment of interest In the subjects Kill This Scheme! .Senator McKi-llai- of Tennessee lia. 1 ; .served notice. I hat he will, ollci ;m amendment to the l<irlhcomlhp, • Imlenctidcnt-ofiices appropriation liill to provide that all federal appointments under (he, liill carrying salaries of .$10CO or moi'c be .siiL'jrcl lo coniirmalion l)y (ho Scna,le. Off tiip.rccord, lie has slid ho.will demand similar rider;; to nil appropriation bills this session. . . While not a new device, the McKcllni pro- jx»Mil is quitp : tile boldest yd nnnbuilccd to cliiscl the inerll system in behalf of partisan fipollsmanslilp, It successful, it .would mean lhal 23,000 federal .employes whose $'40QO-or- niorc salaries arc covered in appropriation bills 10 conic ii|» this year would ,te rempved from Civil Service niul tunied over lo the patronage ol iiciinloni. . 6n,ll]c:sur[iH'i- it luolis ;v> if llic very, liriwc"- licss <if Iho niekcllnr .drive :.\vmilil defeat ilscif. r.vl we shoiiltl rcniicmlicr tlial..siu.illiir cxcmii- linns tn ( .C'ivil Scri-lcc In iicrmHnciit affi'iifits liavc been aiarmiiigly,,frequent iinilcr the New I)i:il, whose parly IH pl'-ilRod to t^e merit system ni'id i.vii'occ'(irciidciil lias reiitiitc-dly plcailcd for cxiemlinjj tliul syslcin "dowiuvant, ouhv^rd and .-upward." . : •. . Last yenr the Senate wrote a rider to (lie Social; .Security Board's , npp.roprlntion giving senators the. rl'jlil. to veto iippoinlmcnUi. of all experts .and .nllontcys getting.S50CO or more. It nlso added a rlrtcr;lo Hie. Housing Act tiirniiiir apixiinlecs at $7500 or more over to Senate connrmalian. It .the. practice spreads we.may sec the merit system despoiled by .pavilsnu'; Iiolilics. . If the ])OEiniastcrshi|) Hie camel's nose of tiiioilsmnnshli) in the Qivil Service lout, Iho McKcllar EChemo.invites, hi thu beast's whole; head and .neck. In the names of efficiency and party honor, the senators on both sides of (he liisle should vote, jo kjll Jliq^McKlcllar, sehcnif. . i,Clllzciis, wlio are., tired; of sepiriff llicii; ta.vcs H»mnl, .cilui'iis wlni .(h'i)k : ll..disliniicst ir .Hhcir tux money is spoilt to hire men nn any n||ic r Jiasls .lhan, for (lie value ,6'f (heir services, cjll- icns \vhp i«iml ,il as ,•., inisiisc-uf public, fumis 11 :\ politician rewards his frirmls with jobs ;\l the . (axji?.ycrs' 1: cxli.ciisn^-lhc.Sf., cili/.i'ns .slinnlil wrilc tbcir scnulors . and congressmen and jn nc uiicrrlaiii (cniK; (ell .them (lint (Iicy ilim't waiil (lip mi'ril,systcin curtailed iu |:r«i)o.srd In Ihc- McKclbr xciu;me.i They should .rtpipaiiil-.liial insleail llic merit .system be extended «iilll ! ... 1 ;ji(>iiitcv-— aniiuier name for waste and. , inefficiency—is entirely eliminated flora goveriinifnl. , —Memphis I'rcss-Scimilar. rcti);]e, today liave rtoppccl thinkin-.; about, Uod. although (hey have not, rejected Him. Our ., I'loUom now is (o rc-awnkcn .llic Ideas nf ic- ligicn in the • minds of -everyone.—Francis Jo- r-rph fihccd. nritbh author. OUT bull WAY By Williams WHE&-E-E.' LOOK AT THAT f?ABBIT GO.' BOY, IS HE IT! OH, LOO1CIT L-.\ THE QUAIL.... HOME, HOME =\ ON TH 1 KANGE fl _ TH" =\ HEAR THER'S LOTS 'OP ' IN THIS COUMTKy DON'T WE , TMAT WOULD BE KI'NDA HARD TO TELL fc^.~ ,JP**£: • •• • • ^^;THE'FLAN!M£L~MOUTH u^-' WEDNESDAY, FEikUAuv 9, 1938 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'bh, jiiirlner, tvc'rc gfijnfe sc( a K ain! I love io overbid—don't you?" - , THAT •THE.- .' HUMANJ : CAN .. '''TWO -•--.-ENCRUSTED'-, Me-reoRnres FOUND OtME-'HAL-F-" MILE APARTT, FIT x TOGETHER PERFFCTUV SHOWING THEV HAD '• FALLEN PART WAY AS ' . - co m. i m BIT n rc.R centuries it was contended (hat the African elephant .-oiili! oL .IK domesticated, but the Belgian government is oltcrinR vcv.v Bible proof lo the contrary. It costs between 750 am! 1CM .foll>irs o (rain one of ..the beasl.s., but he pays good dividend, w j lcn ,,, lt lo ork on the. .Congo li.lanlali.ons. NEXT: ..wiiat , ivoiild Ir.ivipcn II llu- c:irlh rclaled much faster linn il dues? _ Sland Belir'r-Chillier of Survivini; Tavern there's an American seal In on). i- \vjiiTCii:i,n, , r Iliroimli. tin. IT«. -1151 ftV IMt.-MORRI 'alilcL'. .Tmirnal of-Hi! 1 Amviicaii Mr ill cat Association, ami nf llyficiii, (lie licallli Jlnn/.in.. In these days of unusual b:ibies, re hear 'about "Ihe small™ iuhy n-er born" mid "Ihc larjMv.! Viby n'er born." ns well ns a!:,;;i> the nc'l bahlcs ever born at on" tune Vrjilcrjnji .lrrr> |i!nn» („ ,, j'olly'ii vKi-iiiir Crniii Kncliifiil, )',, uc N iri(in>iiKlily in luvc v/iil, hi-r 1'ln-y an- to llci- rtcriKsN l|n> I'.iiu CHAPTER VI QU3 Oliver Dart did nol always sil in his study. Often his withered legs look him through flic slreets on loni; walks— some- limes down to Hie walei- front where, lookiini al rtiips and Bailors, he was plcasm-ably reminded of (he time when his warehouse used to t'hij) fc.-i to (he colonies. It was not lo remind himself of other days, however, that he set out for Ihc river this morning. He went on nn errand regarding one Jerry Wliitfielii, American seii- mun, who had visited him in his stiuly lasl nislil. "A. bully!" he mullci-od. "An upstart! An enemy lo England!'' An hour later old Darl, who lincvv hi front, sealed in a mean tavern thai smelted of the sea and had rum. Thc clothes he wore (he had borrowed them from his porter) did nol hetray him as a ninn ol property, and so he could sit unnoticed in a corner, pretending lo sip (jroj; while studying his feU.ow men. When he finally spied a lai'ge man with n torn ear and ,T broken nose, carelessly mended, he beckoned to him. When the man arrived he said to him, "Sit wilh me, friend. I'll Iniy you grog!" and he drew up :\ stool invitingly. After thc second glass ot hot watered rum had been downed by his new acquaintance, Oliver Dart teslcd his shrewd guess. "I'll wager you're Ihe best man (he press-gang's got! With your muscles, now, nnd your chest — " The lorn-cared one did not deny his calling. In fact, he clarified il. '•Never n man I've been set on 'as ever got iiway from me," he slated wilh professional pride. * * a "A H! "' Saiti Pi'V 01 ' Dnvf - " Jl1st as I ihouglif. . . . Listen, my Iriend. I've a lillle assignment for you. At the Unicorn and Crown man named Jeremi;ih Whilfiekl—" His voice dropped lo n whisper; bill (lie 'pressman, accustomed to getting his instructions in just such caulious manner, turned his torn ear attcnlively and left oft grot;. "A poun' in ;idv';nice for me," ho pronounced when old Dart had finished, "an' a poun' to pay the woman for 'or part" Old Darl firUmblinfily brought out Ihc two pounds, l>einn careful lo show il U'ns all he had on his aged person, except a shilling or two lo pay Ihc bin-lender. "Cicl nl il tonight," he ordered. "These tricky Yankees have a way of slipping through Iho fingers. And remember! Let' il he plainly .seen at the tavern that Whitficld's had speech wilh a pretty girl before going out. . . . Not loo flashy " lie advised thoughtfully. "Something neat and rather tasty would do Ihc trick." "I umlerslaiul, sir. There's n fine-looking barmaid at the Sheaf "f Wheat, edge of town. Used (o ;ietress. She plays „ role lo 'clp swell 'is Majesty's Navy an' 'cr own pocUelbook. She 'as 'er 'usband's consent. Very regular il is, an' 1-rspcclablc." RETURNING from a walk in the commons, Polly saw Jerry twinging along toward her. Siie saw his bronzed face light at sight of her, saw his hands reach out toward her impulsively, possessively, as a lover's miRht. And then ipstilc London existed only for a ?irl and a lad from America who iad found each other there. Jerry said, "We'll eat braised beef in tlie tavern and afterward 50 lo see Buckingham Palace, if i 1 oii'rejri_the_nolion.^ . "I'm in the notion!" Polly assured him. "Did you seal friendship with the smuggler?" "We're like dial!'' Jerry answered, holding up two parallel fingers. ''Tomorrow morning you and I leave by coach for Dover. We'll stay the night there. Thc following morning we start toward Deal.... Somewhere short of Deal there';; n wretched fishing village where this smuggler puts, in before slopping at his cove, further on. . . .'Well, I've got our instructions, and it's going to cost us five pounds each to be carried across the Channel." , , ., "It seems dear," Polly said, calculating the equivalent in Amen-, ican money. "About twenty-five dollars, isn't il?" She had barely fifty dollars to her name aul she knew Jerry had less, "flo may 2vcn raise his price in mid channel, Jerry," she speculated wilh Toncern. i * * "VOU can count on me keeping 'him lo his bargain, Polly. Just rely on me and don't worry. The Channel's narrow. Once wy reach France, we're safe. We'll )>a in lime lo catch Tim Chelsey's ship at Cherbourg. Then home, Polly! Home! Do you realize -,vhat that means?" 'It's going to mean more lo me. lhan it's ever meant before," Polly said. Then she confide/. I :iuite without self-consciousnesV ) "1'ni going lo be proud, Jerry, ' showing you off in Lymc! There's a Mrs. Pell there with three handsome daughters, all well married, who can never remember to ask me to any parlies exccpl sewing circle. II used to anger me when I was young and foolish." What are you now?" Jerry asked lendcrly. "Aren't you just 18?" Polly laughed. "Yes, but I've learned wisdom and patience early. It used to hurt me, seeing the other Lymc girls my age going to Seminary and embroidering samplers at the front window while I had to study at home will) Dick and roughen. my hands scrubbing floors and keltles. . . . Yes, and helping my father mend fish nets .and sails." "My poor Polly! And you with ns good blood as the finest of them!" "I'm nci bitter about it!" declared Polly honestly. "Never a night's passed but I've thanked God I was able lo faite my. mother's place. But Jerry, 'l N i WILL be proud to walk down the street of Lymc on your arm and ' introduce my husband to Mrs Pell!" Jerry felt that he loved Polly Chelscy more _deeply wilh each new rc'/elaiion of lief-self, she was complex and full of infinilc. Variety. Though mature in body and dignity, her shining youth darted out at limes in ways as amusing as this childish feud with cruel Mrs. Pell, (lie village snob who had hurt her. "I must try to make it up (o her," Jerry told himself. Ambition stirred him. The thought, "A ship of my own!" rang through his mind like & clarion call But first there was (his war. One's counlry came first. One's flag before one's sweetheart. ... •They \vent into the public:room now and had braised'.bcef for dinner, because it was ch'caper than guinea fowl, and even Jerry, the ( munificent, had begun to coui:!ij pennies. . - - : . .^^ (To Be Confinncil) 160 Fiie Applications For FSA tenant Loans to enable them to purchase a family-size farm of established value and make essential repairs or im- I pravcmcnls. They will have as Ions; j.i.s- 40 years to repay the loan with balances bearing three per- •Vcimnt farmers in Mibslssi,,,,. ,„„,„,;, 1JalaI , -wiily who wish to mnke applies- Jcent interest, lions for farm purchase loans lo) r- , DC made under provisions of the \\, " CVC ™ 1 mmcmis re l'° rl * about Bankl,ca<l-Joue.s tenancy measure "° , ''I 1 ' 05 S 0 ™'»'»B "" Bank- must do ;:n ™, nl - h-fn^ T-..I. K i'™'-Jones program in this coun- nnisl do ;:o on or before Feb. 15, Spicrr. county farm sccur- ty have been spread nnd Supervisor Spicer made tiie following Harold ity administration, supervisor said • VI ' M ," , . „ tcday. The supervisor said tlicrc' atMnml '» '•'» effort lo correct will tc no extension given in the! I;™' . closing date for filing loan appli-,' Tll? mi l iress ' 011 » current in cations and no tenant farmer will 'T° ."'"""^ l! ' nL lC " a " t fiumcl ' ; be CDnsiricreii for a loan unless he l) vl -°:" avc already made land con- iias made formal application at thc 1 \*,*! m lhc »' [ «»nin B opcr.Uions iouul.v office nl Marie I" 1 lfl3B wl " llotl nc considered for !•. . ^ n lnA I f I loans this year. This plcled his 1938 crap. "The same is Inic of a lenant who is accepted for a !o;ui and who wishes lo purchase a farm already rented to another parly for the 1!B8 crop yenr. Tliu loan will be made and if the rann selected passes Ihc comity committee's appraisal as to prwliiciivity. location and price, the purch.isn i will be made in the usual I and occupancy will be deferred mi- til the 1038 crop is harvested." Head Courier News Want Ads. Announcemcnts l3i . ,^ A . . .*•"...., t ,,,.j ,it<ll. i u(*, liJ![i|<.'.\M<'H I, ily 100 tenant farm- , entirely erroneous. We nvn acixjnt- Thn rQ? !,'- C "' :ii)| " icati011 l"g applications from all diaibie (he FSA. ollicc. Available lcllantei vegnnllw, cf wiULn or ' "'" '7 1 " 1 lllc , m!lki "E «' not they have closed im V ,,t° n'\.^ C K " 1S '" " !C ^'""y contracts. Should Iho applicant '""' I who has i.o ohliijed himself bi> -ip- S\rr. t;f each loan will vary wilh proved by Ihe committee. Mie lo;in individual requirement;,-. Thc (en-; will be made with (he umlcritand- ml farmers r.rlcoti-d will be loaned [iiiR dial thc borrower will ml be- Micniyh money by Ihe government! pin occupancy until lie has «jin- The Courier News hits been ;ui- Ihorlzcd to mnke formal announcement, of Hie following candidaloio for public office, subject to llt'i Democratic primary August 9. For County .Treasurer K. fj. <BnXY) GAINES For Siberia" anil Collector HALE JACKSON County ro'jrt Clerk •J'. W. POTTER OUR BOARDING HOUSE hnt survived, Thc latter i; mquestionably held by llic IiilntupIcLs, and there h u :io authentic compclllor.s ;ri Ihe field. When we Inlk about "lar:;r. 'smnllest" babies, thrre arc .1 ot r.vntcal rcferencp.s uvui" whether fishcrmnn's ,sr:i!,. used or the iceman's jy.i weighing. Ice. Recently somi Chira^o clans studied the records :u, sjnallcst baby that was cvc and lived. Medical rcrovd-; si case of n taby that wc-i-i grams laboiit 'l 1-3 j IO im birth and reduced (•>' 510' laboul 1 1-5 pounds) when -| (i^'vs'j old. This war, a girl bibc v no re- i gained her birlh wri-ln "i u I0 ( ,, lvs j and wns sllll living uhrn siir was 3 years oW. There Is nnothor record oi i i^i,v who weighed fiSO grnms inbou 1 ll-'> pounds! and who was, livin- , V ! 1C ii '' ' ' " ycais old. in r ,'.OIC '•:n of p.' !» Ihe : Inrn «,v Ihe '• i noo 'i. i at premaluve babies. Out of Ihn "illy four lived. The Miiallssl. baliira ivrighcd (MB gr: (nearly 2 pounds) ;\l birth. Hnrcj'illy a baby was brjru prc- m.ilurrly between" thc sixth -intl sevenlh month. H weighed 7^5 '' p"n ls uitioiil |.(i pouiKls) nt. birlh 1 I am), brrausc of illne.w, ^nulmlly i lost, wei^lii to the low point j of gns prams lahnut 1.3 pounds) on i the cishlh day. By Iho tenth n.\v. i however, with modern inctiiral care, I whi?!i Included use o,C incubator. j scientific mrlhntis of tccciiiiB. injection of blrxxl inlo the body, an:l ! the giving nf liver and iron for i building up the blcou. as well « i l)y Iho i;ivinj of necessary vitamins. j the child steadily iniprovcri so lint j nl 1 year of age it weighed 17 pounds and 5 ounces, and was 28 1-4 inches tall. Cases <-t I his type are evidence of what modern scientific medicine can do in merlin; rmersencies that arise in iho cases of babies premaliiu-ly. The provision of acte- f nnalo warmth, n proper diet, suitable ivimunls of oxygen and waier. and ronsl,tiit nnd careful crnlrol, will save the lives of many ssich infants \vl\o fonncrlv woukl certainly nol. have survived. Willi Major Hobple she was Trousers and S100 Kctricvcrt ,,-,,,„. „,,, „„. .. ,. MONTREAL tUP)-Beunle Skro- Lalics that small ^\n.:,n -.mvivcd vanrk lins n strong affeclio^ for { Now.idns wo I his Irousers. when fue broke oi\t in t •it to born in an earlier day. have Incubators which de help keep alive litllc b:iliirs prematurely. In 0113 Cliic.v;o balcv flatlon th;rc woie 42 vvlio weighed Ir^s lhan 'J 1-2" st birth, out of MY NAME, MADAM, IS PROFESSOR, PRATTLE -~~YC>UP. LODOIMQ HOUSE HAS BEEM HIGHLY r^ECOMMEWDED 1WDEED/ WHAT T- AM LOOKIWQ FOR IS AX] UTTERLY PRIVATE, SECLUDED WOOM, FOR 1 TALK A GREAT T>F.ALTO /v\YSELP IWMY BUSINESS AN.'D I SHOULE7 HATE TO DISTURB ^I^E OTHER IWMATES WITH A\V' iFCCEWTRIClTV, OR C3IVE. THEM CAUSE TO SUSPECT "'MEY ARE NEIfiMBORIMG mere than 700 \ CAMS THE RIGHT PROPessoR YOU'LL FEfeL PERFECTLY AT HOME' t HAVE A FIME ROOST rOU OM TME. 1 FLOOR./ HE CTAW STICK HIS MEAD OUT OF THE ATTIC WINDOW AMD IMITATE A CUCKOO.' MOTHER RARE CURIO POP. MOOPLE Bennir's home. h« w as fcrccrt to floe j v-^./" 'M (' .'""V^wf-'-l without bis trousers. The day alter !f&^' , !^~ : -"-^Z^js the fire be goi, an axe and chopped jf&^C-'. "^-^y/i — away nt (he ice-covered debris 1111- ^S&n-'.^''3"^'!';= Uc in a pocket.

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