The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 4, 1932
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..i .11 ', Served bathe United Prets BLYTHEVILLE §€OUMEK-NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP HORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND BOUTH™^^, ^ ^ *-*• " " kJ. VOL. XX1X-NO. 171 Blythevllle D»Uy News. Blythevllle Herald. _— .. .... , _=r= I':V I I.LH. ARKANSAS, TL'KSDAY, OCTOBMK -I, 19;r> US INDICTED FO SINGLE COPIES' WE CERTS mots mi ft \i_ Stage Demonstration as President's S r> e c i a 1 Tram Nears Cily. DES MOINES. Iowa, Oct. 4 (U j at Kingsland. P)—A protest parade of mere than 2.COO chsering, striking farmers moved from the state capital through downton DCS Molnes today, gaily, decorated with nags and I bunting for the arrival later today of President Hcover. The fanners, most of them in overalls nnd jackets, rode in Irucks as the parade moved from Ihe east plaza of the capital where they had stcod in a chilling rbr- thv.est wind for more thiin an hour. • The farmers. demonstrating against low commodity prices which they' hope to raise through withholding tljeir products from the rharket, cheered and yelled In their effort to dramatize their plight at the same time the president is going bpfore the corn Kingsland City Marshal Murdered from Ambush PINE IJLUPF, Ark., Oct. 4. (UP) —John lUnkm, city marshal 1 * at Klneslanil, died in Davis hospllal) here lliis atlernoon from wounds' suffered earlier when !;•: was shot from ambush. Officers ha:l not established a mo- live for the shooting or made an arrest. Rankln succeeded Marshal Dc- Garno who was killed by a convict In July, 1031. Haukiji has served time In ;i.s stale psniltntlary lor killing a man at Kfnirslanri 1 * Charm Failwl! belt voters in a bid for votes In the November election. .Ch«r for Ilonvrr - ROCK ISLAND, 111., Oct. 4 CUP) —A crowd of between 10,000 and' 15.000 persons swarmed around President Hcover's special train when it stopped here today and greeted him with cheers as he entered his home state of Iowa lor a major campaign speech in Des Moines. The . president made a short speech from the rear platform cl • the train'"SSytag that "I certainly appreciate your hospitality and PflPIIL DEUM OF Deportation Ordered a s Answer to Pope's Encyclical on Mexico. EZZLEMENT MEXICO CITY, Oct. 4. (UP) — The most Rev. Leopold Ruiz y Floras, papnl legate to Mexico, was arrested by the government today for deportation. He apparently was being hurrierl to the border this afternoon to be put out of the country Imniedlntcl}-. His arrest came swiltly after his deportailon had be?n asked in n unanimous resolution passed la.;t night by the chamber of deputies, its membsrs Incensed by the pops's new encyclical accusing Mexico of persecuting Catholics. Congress adopted a resolution proposing that a congressional committee urge President Rodriguez sruTLou^ st 01 ; 'u r'T rule ut Louls " uift ' s ° n " or Hi "* "• LO " B ™ i *"" «««" ^ «^^ !i ;;,ryr',,r™d dent body of Louisiana State University to loul for ihe team in Us gumc nyalnst Ulce Unlvcrsllv "" ' " inn Tpyjii Tint Iht* "FfiiM/fK-h" hn/ii-nj-i n.~ —X.... > ~. _ - ._ < i«m) ton Texus. But the • o , h 11 backed the wrc,,, team. Rlce won, 10-8. The «,, n i«,r sue c u I y „ ' ~ ~"- "*""ia -"tiui. iv-itu nun, iu-0. | lie m'.'lIuOV SUCCCSi pctcd with the college bandmaster, as you see aboi-e. and (hen went ovev lo (each L S ITS I'hl .-l,,.m- , " "' "' "•"""• leaders Ihe finer points of ,«u,in B a crowd.' The e ,r te w «h hlm arc Becky uc*. » ™Ul .n" loZ'stS'"orimn ?XTK I hPOtlSl' r7nllliillnii ,.- . _ .- ... "v.i Thcotlsf Couvillon. . e- was given a unanimous vot" " ol'cMifldcnce on his statement re- Plying to. the pope and threatening to convert churches into school' and factories if the "arrogant ani defiant attitude" of Ihe Vatican continued. The congressional .sjssion was to Hart Dixon Succumbs to Illness •LUXORA, Ark.—Hart Dixon, 44, succumbed to an illness of several months duration, Sunday morning J » the home of his sister, Mrs. Ol -to Holland Funeral services were conducted Iro'm the residence at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon with Rev. p. -jr. sn-eet. pastor of the Methodist church, in charge. Burial was made In the.local cemetery. The deceased Is survived by his father, John Dixon, a'sister, Mrs. Otto Holland, two brothers, Clarence Dixon aitd ."Bunk" Uixon m South America. House: Burned, Two Damaged Last Night Fire of unknown origin destroy<*! one house and damaged two others In a negro section of the <% about 12:30 o'clock last night. The Dav.e Plnkerman home at {">» South Lilly wns razed and n°u«s on each side were dam- »ged. The Pinkerman house was valued ?' >bout $700, partially covered ^Insurance. The home of Cor«"a Henderson, 1028 8. Lilly, was Damaged to the extent of about 5«o and * rental house owned by the Blythcville Lumber company was damaged »bo«t »125. ---^ ">-»>3-vuutvu^tj ^-MiVH WHS !"&- tured by impaklonej speeches attacking the ofcfrch. The president listened to th| debate by radio Deputy Davila> claimeci that the archbishop could be expelled under 'aticlc 33 of the constitution giving the president the right to expel .undesirable.foreigners .' ' Davilla . contended that Ruiz y Mores, although a native Mexican forfeited his cilizens'nlp by representing a-"foreign power' 1 I am sorry I could not come here to ex I Kl ^ c archibishop. The presi- to make an extended speech, but :d ent -— ' I;-am -sure you realize • Ihe work .of- reconstruction must, come' first." •The chill .rainy Weather which Ihe .presUJent .experienced, -across Illinois ,h«d cleared by the time the tiaiify reached Rock Island. ; !wi|l Optii .Campaign ' ; By United ««s ;. President Hosver'-invadM .the doubtful forn .belt states today. ;.A,;ipcclcl titin wis speeding Mr.; Hcover tojtles Molnes, lava where^he; deliyers his :flrsf -speech of Jthe;campaign toriish't. - Thi city teeped ;^rlth- thousands,, part ot thefci i?ooyer partisans, part of thehi dissrUntle<l farmers demanding-, "action, not promises". In Albany, .N. y., Gov. Franklin Roosevelt nnd Alfred E. Smith were workmg together to bring about selection of U. Gov. Herbert Lehman as the Democratic nominee for govemcr. Tammany •• leaders appeared to be relaxing their opposition an.1 Lehman's nomination by the state convention was believed assured Nea- Ycrk Republicans in convention at Buffalo were set to nominate Col. William 'Donovan for governor and Trubee Davison lor lieuUnant gaverjior. Secretary of Treasury Mills, Eieaminj up the Republican na- il^nal campaign in Calijornfa,. tssniled Governor Roosevelt ns ah "apostle of despair" and said he k'aA "utterly failed to come crips with real problems". (< He lauded Mr. Hoover as "tried and seasoned veteran". ILLINOIS STBKE Walk Out of Schools Heated With Coal From Non Union Mines. KINCAID, 111., Oct. 4. <UP)~ School children joined the violent Illinois coal strike today with a militant sympathetic "strike" thai brought .militlaiTiPn hero to guari classmates ol the strikers. Sons and daughters of the men i who work KIncaid coal mlnea flun'e i- down their school booics am! YOUIIK Democratic Club 'Will Conduct Sale to Aid Campaign Fund. The sale of "Repeal Hoover" car tags, sponsored by the Young Democrats club Arkansas, — * »« nnuotio, starts m Mississippi county this •,veek. The tags, furnished by the Democratic national committee will be sold for M cents each and funds derived from the sale except for a small commission allowed the sellers, will go to the nalional ccmpaisn committee. Sam Manatt, county chairman of Ihe Young Democrats club, has been advised that funds derived from the tag sale may be ap- phed on this county's quota ot the party s campaign fund for this g l sell the tags in this countv t™ o r f tIh .t f f u ?""to» of Ed Hampton of Little Rock. They will ca rr v proper credentials showing ^t hey are representatives of f hc Democratic party. ' Stock Price* ,„ , , \s-\n A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Auburn ... Caterpillar Tractor in i , Chrysler J" *"* Cities Service t i ,., Coca Cola ... ,, i"J Continental Baking L t. General Electric ,« ,^ General Motors . '" ,J , , Mlddfewest wimie's \'l Montgomery Ward '" « 7', Kew York Central S" 1 S ?'| Packard J * l ~* Simmons Bed's""- ,? J " 2 Standard of N. j. Texas Corp ..' ' ' „ '' n Q fi.^i > u i» 30 7-8 marched out of the Wgh school. They said they would not go back to tha classrcpms as long as nonunion coal was used to lieat the building-. . - ' ... .So bitterly did the 170 striking boys and girls taunt the n pupils who remained-at their desks l.'.at guardsmen were called to maintain order. "Our fathers aren't working In the mlnas," explained Joe f'orelll, 15, a youthful-loader in the strike thai threw this little coal mining 1,500 Chinese Insurgent; Slain, Japanese Claim TSrrSllIAR, l\fnnchurln, Oct. , : 4 (UP;— Fillmi hundred C'-lnciis Irncps under U Hni-clitnf;.' insurgent lender, have been -killed by Japanese IrooiK oixjratlng southeast of her.". Japanese military headquarters claimed today. The roul ol the Chinese forces was complete, the Japanese said. The fate of Li Hal-chin; was not knoftii. It was considered Impos- le lhat he could get other troops into the fieiil. : Rumanian. King Incensed at Son's Discovery of His Love 'Affairs: PARIS, Oct. 4. (UP)—King Carol of Rumania has recalled his son, Crown Prince Michael, from I/m* don because the boy learned for the affairs community info turmoil. "They're striking"to' get {5.10 a j newspaper .,„,,. tlay, and then f-e school board buys f ' rc£s '"rned today, coal from mines warkin^ on a $5 Carol was understood to be de- scale. So we're going to .iUy out i lcrmi ™d "ever to allow Michael Contempt Sentence Im- jposed on Man Responsible -for Mistrial. . NEW YOHK, Oct. 4. (UP)— Henry Moore, Ihe juror whose action brought the trial of U. ,3. Senator James J. Davis lo a sutldm and rirnmatic ending -yesterday, wai lined (100 todiiy'for c-sntcin'pt of court. He was given 24 hours to raise the fine and escape serving five days In Jail. Moore wns n member of the federal court Jury trying Davis on Indictment charging violation of statutes banning lotteries from Ihe malls and from Interstate commerce. . The lotteries were alleged to -have bsen connected with charity balls sponsored by Loynl Order of Moose, which Davis dominates. The trial ended In a mistrial because of Moore's nctlon. Moore appeared today in th3 clmn:lt:cr s of Judge Henry Colemur rcy necause the boy learned for ••"•"->-'•-> ui uungc ncnry uoieir first'time of his father's lovs nnd t!lrcw himself upon th; m= Iris from an English language ' of tlic Cflllrt - Hc n '"s In (ears. Ife per In Parft, the United | ncllnl »<=d hiving .-sjx)k:n lo Defense ;arned today, I Att °m2y Charles Mnrgsotti to of classes until $6.16 coal." tlie school buys Luke Lea Case Again Before Carolina Court RALEIGH, The dismiss to set foot in England again or ever to see his mo'.her, Prlncsss Helcne with whom he has b3en I visiting in London. It was diirirg Michael's brief stay in Paris en roule to London that the boy first encountered a printed version of his father's private affairs, according to the story told «'l:om he denounced nn alternate juror who was Inter cxoncrntcd. iLEIOII N C Oct 4 ITJP>— , ' acc ° r<lln E '° th« 5'ory told stat?s •motiot % dockH and ^'^ "?*««>. -»° -=>ds and iss the appeal from denial of £peaks tnglis.i fluently, picked up trial to defendants in the Ash- L co ? y .. ot . m . En ^ h 1»»" before new trial to defendants in the Ash; ville bank cases wa.s taken un'Jer advisement by the North Carolina supreme court today. The motion was entered by As r his father's aide d? camp, who accompanied him from Bucharest, realized it. The motion was entered by As-1 -p . -• AA rn Distant Attorney General Sanwoll. I ljXJ)CCt JUU 1O The defendants, col. Luke Lea, Nashville, Tcnn., publisher, his son. Luke jr., and Wallace Davis, Ashe- vllle banker, were represented by R. R. Williams of Ashevllle nnd L. S. Gwlnn of Memphis. The court will go Into conference this afternoon but the time It will rule on the motion is indefinite. Chief Justice Walter Stacy granted the defense time to file an answer to the motion. New York Cotton NEW YORK, .Oct. 4 (UP) -Cotton closed barely steady. open high Ion- C!OM Oct Dec Jan March May July 712 720 123 740 749 715 728 732 743 754 762 703 708 713 724 734 740 708 71J 7M 734 740 Spots closed at 715, unchanged, quiet. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 4 (tIP»~ Cotton closed barely steady. open high low closi Oct Dec Jan March May July 705 711 719 IX 743 V53 720 729 744 154 763 705 710 716 725 735 750 700b 710 7IG 725 7-35 74Gb Spots closed at 10, up 8, stody. Allegations Af^Insl Tennessee Redistricting Law Held Insufficient. GREENVILLE, Twin.. Oct. 4 CUP)—Kcdcrnl Judge George Tay- Aft<Mir{ Plinroli lor todny save « decision rcfiis- /iLLt-IIU V-I1ULCI1 inc to call a statutory court to Dr - Jolm l ' s plcil for An old fnshloncd basket supper will feature the social program of the. fourth quarterly conference of Methodist churches In the western half of the Jcnesboro district here Wednesday night. About 100 officials of the churches throughout Mississippi county and nt Moncttc. which ore included In this 1 section, ore expected to attend. , The First Methodist chuicli will be host to the visitors. During Ihe supper hour the Rev. Paul Galloway, pastor of the Keisar and Joiner churches, will be in charge of the entertnlnmcnt. Judge John R. King, of Searcy, Is to give nn address. In the business session to follow Dr. James A. Anderson, presiding eldsr of the Jonesboro district, is lo be in charge. The Interlocutory decree enjoining the state primary board of th= two political parties from certifying congressional candidates. Dr. Neal hnd nllnfkcd Ihe validity of the congressional rcdis- trlctlng net.,,.. Neal sold todny he would leave .McGchcc immediately for Washington to Marlanna seek a mandamus writ In Ihe Bnle-svllle case from a. United States Su- prcme court jusllce. Judge Tax lor held that the al- Searcy legations ns to discrepancies or Enrte population In tho new congres- Jcncsbora sional dlstrictr. and other matters I.o.ichvilie in regard to the slate's redtstrlct- Marked Tree Ing act were Insufficient. Japan Believes U. S. Had Understanding With L'guc TOKYO, Oct. 4. (OP)-Japan suspects that an understanding ex- expected to attend the meeting Include pastors, trustees, fuperinlendents of Sunday schools, presidents of woman's missionary societies and leagues and stewards. BROCKTON, Mass. (UP)—Peter Balbonl. nine, suffered a broken leg when struck by a baby carriage- while walking along Ihe sidewalk. Alarm Sounded When Stove Explodes A fire alarm was turned In yes- I —"" •"""*"" " liv; «""i-u oian-a ana tcrday afterntion when a stove ex- NII m<?mb;r - c of thc ^a^e of plcdcd at tlie Ray Worlhington on the iNfanchurinn ciuesllon, n Sjxj'xesmfln for the wsr ministry said today. wcrs Informed. TEli PIIEIS Was Gflen Seen at Home of Sunshine Walker, Witnesses Testify. MKM1M1IS, Oct. \ (UP) —Intl-l male- dctiills of Stanley A. I'ur- jTiu-'ri jmrjwi li'U relations with "micthiT \uiimm" were revniltnl tcilny nt Ills u-lul nn clinrui-s ot iimrilurliiv; n mxru, I'uryenr'.v wlfr- mill i-lijlil-ytKU 1 -nld diuixhlcr. MV.I. C. W. Holt told from lliu Man:l «r liow slic saw I'urytmr In hril lit tho limno uf Smishim* V/iilker. ylrl wlui Is siiu«ht us i\ ultiKivi in the- cnse. WIT. Unit Mid she «-en| to tho of Wnlker one nlcjhl to use Hit! telephone. There, - i-flukd, slic KKW it iiitin wham while Miss Wiilker . wns In bnthrunm In her night ololhcii. Mis. HolL followed K. CirllTln, . lie snw Wirytnr nt the home ol Miss Wiilknv on numerous (jc- ciisiou.s. He wild he Inlkud wllh I'tiiyrar severul times mid fur- J'rai hnd snld "I'm iinciuy iiboiit you net! me horn. I'm from my wife you The ycnr's ti'r.liniDii) 1 rc-giii-dlnt! rclnllons with Wnlkcr drew mnny objec- lluiis tram Ik-ft'tisc Counsel A. a. Cinllowny who nnuauiiccd Hint If Pnrycar is convicted he wiiuld ap- iwnl (he cnse to the supreme court on grounds Unit incomiwlenl testimony \viis Hllowcil. • FliSIJSIHIE Receipts at Blythcvilie Last Week Were 12,558 Bales of Cotton. .Blythcville continue.? to k-ad nil Arkansas compress (Minis In cotton receipts this season,' according to tliu Jntcst rejicrt of the Ar- knn.ins Cotton Trade nssoclatlon. covering the week ending Frl- '3y, b'eptjmbcr 2C. Receipts InsL ivock nt Blytlic- illc were 12,558 boles, bringing the lolal for the season to 35,307. Shipments from the lacnt compress last week were 5,!>5:i bales, for n season's toliil of IV/KS, leaving a stock on ii:md of 57.2iri bales, the largest of rmy Arknusos compress. Compress receipts for the slnlc Just week were 80,105 bales, compared to 79,110 the snme week Insl ccnson. Receipts for Ihe current season totiil 281102 compared 16 130,197 to (lie siiinc dnte last season. stock on hand li dfiy Killer of >hn " Pardoned l>) Gov. Horton :.A.SIIVILI.K, Tcmi., Oct. 4 (Ul 1 ) -;i!l C'mlK of Memphis, sentenced <i lile lnipri:.ojiinr]>i far lln> imjr- <!u- of "John i;oe", WIW vlsltlnu Mj liliiisl IiiiluT ul Joncsboro, /.)ir., Iwliiy nun 1 Governor llcm-y IjjiiUn :.l!MH'd his pnrdun. 'li:L> imivlullun, mi oulurowth of ill' 1 .<lli-i:(-<l murder uf mi unl- ( mini ut Munplil.s. was ail 1 ul tin; striuncsl in the Mulu'.x 'i.'i.tnry. Onilj; (vii. 1 ; tunvh.'li.'d lit Shelby ci.iinly court :,ert.'ti ycms ago lur l)u rlaylin <>f u nmn known only l'i_ tin.' hlalo m Jolin DOC. Tlw time's witness wiw n negro who If.sltlli'd ho MIW Ciuli; kill » iniin (ind throw Ills hixly tutu Hie muddy Ml.sjiliSlpiiI. The l:cdy wan never recovered. Ciiiijj wnti [jivcii n pardon Into yf ski-liny by Governor llorlon nn condition Umt lie go to South America wUhln uu t l«y«. allowing a ini- dnys lor n visit to Ills auixl anil lilliul iiiilii-r, J. N. Oalg uf Jimwunu, Ark., formerly of Jlclln Terni. Arknnsns compresses September 30 te , r n ' cro n " C(l n cl ° ll;1 r ench on tolnlcd .J88.JSO, cornparnl (o I70-| ploas of B 111 "* lo charges of dis- OIC the same dale n year ago. lu rbliiu the iwacc. The two are ., OIC the snme dale n year ago. I'Dllowlng are receipts last week Hid for the season at n number :>r leading compress Blylhevilie Pine Bind West Memphis LHtJe Rock Hope Fort Smith Tcxarkana Wnlmil nidge Newport Helena Lnsl Week For the Senson 12.558 35,307 10.378 -2.0,25-1 B.W5 33.504 7.000 H.DDD 5.803 19.0BS -W53 H,4C3 Forrest City Rector Trtimcum •1.353 4,31 3,582 2,50fi 2,188 2.030 1.030 1,802 1.C52 1,530 798 960 833 903 521 772 17,326 11,281 8,935 7.953 5,528 7,359 4,074 0,52? 5,401] 4,209 3,883 1,670 2,7-17 4.784 1.879 2,373 - home, 1027 West Chlckmn'ba, occupied by the W. E. Herman fain- ily. The dmnnge was small and the fire was out before flrenten re- '• "iv »jw, out u'jiore nrcmcii re- inls conclusion was based on the spcndcd. They exprlcuced bifllculty fact Secretary' of State Sllmson In finding the losntlon of the fire made hU Philndelp^ia speech crlll- ••-•—•- — ml Chief Head was Informed after r - ~i ~.. v . -"*- ""n-j * tt.iu ^"-Hi iiik\Ji Jii^.u a net citing Japan's rcco^nillnn of Man- firemen had returned lo the cily chukuo Ixjforc tlic Lytton report hall without flndlni? the source of wns made public, correspondents the report that:the blaze was only » momentary'««•< out. . r Gcsnell youths. Two men were fined $lo cnch for public drunkenness. Ida Rccd, negro ulrl, was fined $10 and sentenced to three hours hi Jnil on n charge of petit larceny. She wns arrested by Buck Tcmllson, merchants patrolman, for the theft of some dresses f Main street si ore. Many Drunks Fined In the police division of court four defendants failed to appear and forfeited $11 each on public drunkenness charges. Three were fined $10 each on similar charges. One negro drunk whom pol|w caught directing traffic was fined >15. Ancthcr negro drunk who broke out n window in the Jail v,as fined $25. One man was given n $25 fine for public drunkenness, suspended udinj good behavior. Wade Jnckson, negro, entered n Plea of guilty to a charge of II fincd Leader of Democratic Women to Speak Here A^vS? ^ eilc ^ r,r ^'r «»•««•«"«« cniHc WonTen's cr«n.lti n , «-u ""'"w. portion tonight, Wri- Action Taken by Prosecutor .When They Failed to Return From Abroad CHIOACIO. Oci. 4. (UP)—InUlcl- nients chanting enibsirabmenf laf- cctiy, arid larceny by bailee were returned In cook' county criminal court toiny aijalnsl Samuel Insull former utilities magnate, and his brother Mnrtln. :••••• Tlic indlclmcnls were returned Iwforo Judge PryHalslcl who nxcd bond for Martin Insull at $16000 and »50,000 for Samuel The llrst Indictment was against .Martin Itisull and involved $3« 120 in Mlddlcwost Uiilltlca money'."' ' .The second Involved bolh Sam- <icl mid Mnrtln and charged i-m- Dczzlcmcnt of 153,000 In Middle- west Utilities money. The third also Involved 'both and the suhl of *104,2-.!3,14 in j |)i Vallf 1 Ulllltlos money. Stnte . . 'Itdrnes John cni . • //"» Coolc • county inuirt . . d asked the-Indictments. "- ' > i - . ',...- Swansori SBl.fl""'ho" prepirrt lo act whtn the brothers,. once Jiallwl *s financial geniuses; 'Ignored Ills communications asking If they--.would return voluntarily ''•"•" their rorelBii refuges. . , l a 'Jn 'ieclusion at a !.:»rdlng : hbu»o in the village of Orlllla, Olvt., .". . '.'. : Judge Cunningham feat- ' C ^^A& •rms Order to Consla- Stf^'a.VJ^.fiS"^ nlCS to btay at Home. llc »*» Jolrwd' yesterday by his , ion, Samuel, Jr. Martin, • closest Aubrey Merry, resident of Hick- n£so 9'a«5 of Samuel in the.'vtst mini township, arrested In n r«W ""' ' ..... Jeil Ijy n deputy constable from Clilcknmwbii township, waa .«j- qul!t:d by Judge .0,. A. Cunnliig- niiiii in municipal court yester- tiny afternoon. np'rry was ch«r^- ctl with Illegal possession.of .liquor. Before hnnoiincini 'Ills' ctecliiou Jm\-jf Cunningham recalled In a ttaUni'jnt from Ihe bench that JIB hnd warned township officers several dftya ngo lo refrain from no- ing on rnlds In townships other tlimi' their, own. The court held that although the Chlckasawha township officer had carried n srurch wnrrnnl lo a deputy sheriff. In Hlckman township and tlic deputy sheriff had gone along-on Ihfr rnld' that he ivna In reality nhliost a bys'tnndcr nnd the chlck- asawba olflccr had actually led Die raid. I'rcrcculor T.ihcs Apxa! NHI1 Reed, dcpuly proseculor, ho nnnoiinccil same thnn n™o thnt he was nlsa nijHliist raids l)y lownshl;) olllccrs outside their own township, announced that the slate u-oulri appeal from the decision. Some question nrose ns to whether the stnto had the right to nprxial but the prosecutor Insisted Hint the stiHe could appeal. An appeal wns granted. Bennlu Weed, nc^ro, was'bound over lo await ncllon of the grand Jury on n charge of burglary nnd irand Inrceny. Orvlll Recce nnd Nolan Lcdbct- No WTTI,E ROCK,' Ark.-Approxl- mately RS4*11 In!, the ' county hl»hwny turribtck .fund for tlie • third qu»rt«* will be dutrlbuiri tlie -latttr part of this \ week, -. Part of (he money due some counties will-he' held bncfc to help Ijny principal and interest on road district bonds Issued .since .the" 1 Mnrtlneau highway law was'pas- sed. AH of Mississippi counlyVil- lotment will, b^ reqdlred to' «ld districts in that county and' a large part .of Puinski county's share will be held for that purpose, j for New Roai Sooth of Dell Granted The county .court'-has granted a lictltlon for establishment of a new rond leading south from Highly is, nt the corner of s?cUons'34 and 35 in Hector township, about (toe miles thl, side of Dell. . I 1 The pctlllon VMS signed by lan^- owncra In the vicinity who agre^l to give ths right of way for the rorid which U to extend about a mile and half off the highway, fles- Idents m the vicinity had forisjrJJ tisjd n private road which has 'be»n closed. - .. -.. The petition pas' signed by B . Dixon, B. A. Lynch, P. E. Warren, Leo Swift. Roy Baugham. T. Sr's,^f tl?he5 '' Ho ™ c n Boch. Ni S. Whittle, I. M. Brok, M, L. Nea.? and others. . . . . 1'.: Whitton Townshin First With Funds lor Party OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 4-Whlt- .on township was r.-e first In this ;nd of. (he county to niake iip its quota for the Democratic cam- fund, , Tl i euraU » scheduled to be beM U Whitton last night vas called sff when members of the •committee there reported to chairman A. F. Barham of Osccob yesterday afternoon that the quota had Already been raised. • Members of the Whltlon tosrn- p committee are j. A. Mccien- 2on, o, A. tooney, p. B Dean, R. A. Jackson, C. L. Dentcn, E. E. Stringer and L. p; Nicholson, - cratic Women's crsnniw.tlon, will S]«ak at the city auditorium tonight, 7:30 o'clock. All Democratic men and women of the county are Invited to attend. Coming to Mississippi county for a very brief visit, Mrs. Wait is In Osceola this afternoon. Mrs. James B. Clark U president of the Chtckawwba district with Mrs. Ira Gray pwsWent of the BlylhivUie club. i . WEATHER ARKANSAS— Generally fair, folder with frost In. the extreme . 'nosiiay fair, not so cold in northwest portion. ' According to the official wetthcr observer, Charles Phillips jr., the minimum temperature here vsster- • WM the mum 79 degress, cloudy with l.O Inche.i of riln; Today » jeit *to the minimum f«np«-»t!ire ns S* degrees »nd Uis. m«teum '17 dt- ere««, cle«r. '• • ••••••••>

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