The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
Page 8
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8. 1934 , Mounties on Trophy-Hunt Labor Massing Forces for New Demands Whev Code Expires WASHINGTON. Nov. . Eion of the nniomoblle code, with assurances that ti was 11 vleton for the Industry, labor, NR,\, and I bo Willie House, .shouldn't ob- srnre Ihe fnct ilml Ilic motor en bustncfs Is headed toward n bl? sli'tke thi'cal Ihis winter. The unions nit'. bent on oluiiin- ing some genuine rnllccllvc bargaining, which ihe Industry U '1H fight as yon ov I would ngoinsl taking n dase of iwi.ion. nnd on gotllnf rid of the yresUlmf.s iui- fomoblle labor relutlons board. Vou'll beeln 10 lead about the slrlke IhreiH in nccember, wlien prodiielion picks up. nnd llie situation probably W j]| be red-liot bv Pfbriinry. when the e.ode oxnlres again nnd [imdncilon will he nboul "at n.s petik. Au(o MllkPK Olidululr But Ihere wns a lot or pianissimo nraonipanying the co<lc extension which vrasivt, amliblD' in ihe offfctal announcements. Lcndins roles In the plot were played by President Roosevelt Chairman Clay Williams of tlie NIRB. nnd his friend. Wallei Chrysler—who icinescnti'd the in diistry in secret negotiations with the White House — nnd Sidnev Hillinan, labor member of NIRB Nobody else coimled except Sec votary Frances rcrklns. who ul wavs pln.vs closely with Hillmnn. The code was due to expire and the industry insisted thnt if ii to be continued it must bt pr&wvecl unchanged. Otherwise i"e udmiiiisiratipii could go chase ilKelf and there'll be no code. Tlic /i. p. a t L, demanded pub- __ nLYTimVILT.6, (ARK.) CO Blooded l<]<|iiin(!s ! '''liter Competition! A! (];iri!lli(M\svi" NEWS ©LOStWD)Wtfp M | E .|D V /">// r-\ A h , -.. . - ^*^" GEORGE SCARBO BUT not since he's wearing HANES Underwear! It's a HANES man's gar- r\ TOnt, reduced in size, to f> (V fjt boys 6 to If.No changes ; .^^ .-ro.ade I. Same' fleecy,' heat- ' '- .- . , holding .fabric. Sarne snug cuffs ' took the job; over from NIRB und certainly added nothing .to Its prestige when lie did so.' .wouldn't accept the Industry's .challenge. Automobiles . are • a . vital part in such r . recovery ' as he can claim and' he could "afford,'/or the time being at least/ 'to ignore labor's demands rather than court an open break with a huge 1 industry Code Held Costly NRA hadn't been able to show that the Industry had directly benefitted from its code. General Motors sent, word to the White House that it had made $50,000,000 less thij year than it would have made on the same volume 'of production-.had : there been 'no NHA -odes. Other codes had lipped nio prices, of. materials for cars.-Fisher Body, its scnvmills restricted by 'ode, had to go out and buy lardwood. Steel price.? to the industry were down barely to the loint where it wasn't, profitable 01 automobile companies to build their, own mills. It was shown that the industry ind made a tremendous increase profits while labor' received a moderately" larger return In hour- wages and a spread of employment. While administration folks contended no such- profits would have been made without, the New Deal, automobile men Insisted they would have been larger willioul tile New Deal and that their workers ere dissatisfied with the code because they averaged but 33 hours a week. , They intimated they'd be quite nnppy if the code we're ntantlon- «l. allowing them to build np company unions, work their" most For girls and boys, age 2 to 12, ^clfT" 1 C1 "! p . loycs °" " 48 - ho "'" there'i the HANES MERSICHILD hour, ?!T « • mm ' U ' """ ly mor( ' "'- ------- nours than 48 in peak season—and contribute to unemployment m n 1 way by releasing tens of thou- .. cus and collarette. 1 Buttons,' buttonholes, and seams, just as "strong as a man si Shorter long sleeves with ankle or knee-length legs. Dron«at for boys 2 to •«. An outstand- •. n ing garment for only 75cl "Look out for that ) A pillow, Si's.'" "•', The «oya.'Canadian Mounted Police famous ,„ the Noah fo, lie hearings for a coile reopening. cci ,, cd (dmunation of the "merit clause"' and a 30-hour 'week—or at least revision of the present hoiir- nvcrnging clause. Everyone knew Roosevelt, who ~~ • •»- ™ *«**• *»niiE.a *<ti^rvni v-ll 1 LJ JJ WaUt-Suit. (Figures "A" and B "> Stroke the downy fluff inside • • • let it curl and snuggle around your fingers ... you can fairly feel the warmth! Full-width drop-seat opens ill the way. "Little Button«« can help themselves! Chest and waist taped in lour places for "">« strength. Waist buttons attached by extra loops. Sturdy garler-holders. Soft seams that never get harsh! Honest, accurate tuts. Long or short sleeves with trunk, knee, or ankle-length legs HANES MERRICHILD is rayon trimmcJ! Wonderful value...75c. II your rfpular store doejn't have HANES Underwear for childrerLand men.pleasewrite P. M. Hants Knitting Corn- piny. Winston-Saletn, N. C, «'^» ready to serve you *»>th Urge Stock* of ' • ' • ftfci. R Moore'i MEMPHIS : 1 .slvsxy; sands of men. Trouble f s Oodged At the last moment, it appeared hat Rcosevelt-wim could Have wa^nT oin^ C °" UlC ind " 5lr y- ish about it and thai the* code mere crumb. .1 , ,.,'. wo "' icniembeimg lint Hillmnn i, the sdon-esl ihmuiest nnd most pnclicil 1, bor leader in the business He never bite.s off more than he'can bets and u chance chew, but lie misses few hits hard when there's to win. You can't tell yet whether the piesidcnt assertion of his pou' ei is significant Uut'the mqmrv and its findings v,lll be a iiandv weapon for him when the auto ;trlkc scare comes. Vomit-blood iiMd horses and the Unle IHiny stables «||J b:' feiilurt'S of the Soclely Horse show, to bo held here under sponsorship of American U'Bion I'osi no. US, Saturday evening nml Sunday afternoon, Nov. 10 nnd 11. Col. Ohm-It's jai'kson a! Uimloi), III., will oe ollli'lul Jinlifc, and Hurry Hldglcy. C'ai'iither.svllle, will Ix- lingnmster. i-'hsi. seroiul, third and fourlh ribbons will be inviu'ded in :<11 classes. Verne H. Vunniiblood, Newb fnd.. will pi-eseiil ills stable ... cliuiiijiioii road horses, lie will brills "Will IX)," 11ic brown |;eldin<; whle Ims ttefeiUuil the world's I'hampioi "St. Mesrob." Also ihcre will l» Nniiu C'ni i oil 11 Him bmwn man he lias raised and trained from u coll, and "Mac West." n brown man which has won numerous awards n-iolu-lot •, D,, „„ „ U | xtk Mll lion, will (earn v ,lth -Will Do" in double classes. John o. Hale. Ml, Vermm. in will present his Hackney, Welsh uid Siieiland pony slables. Dale wHI put on a Indies' ponv drive Saturday nlglii, and every entry in this class will be driven by a lady drlv tr lltUl I?c\ anil I'ant,cihn Iliokiuj D di, somi) Hoy am 'Sonny cilrl." Welsli pair "Snln mid Sinner" rind "Tlp-'i'oij" ani "Kins-Top Shuliuul pahs Kl |l b shown from the Dale siabies Mis Ro, SJini I)ii.isbiii 0 ' aim ill biiii; a coinjilitt slibh of leg iMcitd fiu- and three galled sad ilk Horses Mis yun\ | S one of the best known woman ,-idcrs hi Tennessee. Uillj S»i-biu g h »Jio i, 12 -cars old will bilng hib u u , icolsteml me galled saddle hoises from Cipe Gimrtein Mo Ik will ,ide his oun i e] itrles In all classes. YOIUIL- Scc- ['"vnys | bmigh has shown through the en tire Illinois fah chum riding j tl competition with seasoned horsemen, and has always been in the mon-j Bill; mnmsf, M^ 0 »n snble iml is icgaidLd ib one or the coimn gs |, 0lv horsenien nfili< country. ". > The automobile laces Sundaj at icrnoonal 20 dock include „ two anil one-hilt mile ,ace and a flu mile dirbj n, L ens will \K dm ni b\ piolesslonal dirt track din eib ami \uth the lulf-mllc o\ il tr/ick in excellent condition it 'is expjctcd some thrilliiijf races ivlll be produced. Hot shot Moigan. professlonnl stunt man. will leap from the rear of an automobile traveling at 70 milM per Irani, .is part of the if Urnoons pro = i,im Read Courier Neiv.i .Want Adj. FEMfilXK W* WHITE OF-me SOUTH 9WS'; Boston Organization Will Give Hope to Lonely BOSTON <UPi_l,Ycxh lioj*. for loai'ly iH'iu-ts Is hold out l>y mi or- ihluuloii newly creaii'd here It's railed Hi,, umtlicr nnd Sis- r lltinil at I he widowed u lu | was founili'tl by tlie liev. ICdwnrd B"|[ s Wired (;uiij(i.-!g(iiJ,) H [,| minister One (Iocs mn linvc t u l,e u widow or MldowcV ti, Join. Anyone 25 yi-ars old or older may Many, Tile primary purpose <;f the 'or- jmil/allun, mys liev. |.: ( ,|ls. | s • •(„ lui'i'iliij, op™, wlth l>1( , "nh'st He the TU , mm I smijt by I lie member* fvlio t .|, x .| c |, y elaspliH! hands. y ,,,. |iyc ,.. ( | |ini! . Sometime* jj,e Seed Produced Remarkable Tree NEW ORLEANS. IUP1- ,\ date seed carelessly losssd to Ihe aimmd o.v P. A. Chopin, president or the iNew Orleans Hoitlcnlturnl socle- ly. h[i s produced n miracle. riom tint seed has spimiL a mlehtv dnie pilm tire which btais •1IKI iwunds of liiscious, sredless "ill's euh \enr 'Ilus is thi. onl> liioviii si.ed!css dale piilni in the world, Chopin savs. F\p. rimcnis conducted b> Cho- l>ln has convinced Him that it Li impossible to grnft or propaunte this dnlc in IIH uij sine tliionth Mickeis Dial B , 0 w riom HIL loots H thi 1 "sucker" transplanting Is successful the ciiliio d.ili. Iniin-in S bi ieiolutionl,.,d, Chapin clnlms. ' for best resiiHs. summer leg- nines should |. C | a isood mowth in June. rhune 771 At Nielli—Sunilny—Anytlmn For Ifiiick iind Dojieiitliitjlt, Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Now Located at .Southeast Corner Walnut and Sec 1 ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU rtON FDWAltns, l-roprielor ill nink Mo r«b,Jlt'r>p*wrilerJ. im nf Machines and Calruhlori Ite|ia!rli\i{—Pails—lllWions Phons 71 mme "•(•nine U loppM oil with n t curds or niiijcu. Game Warden Wounded Self in Shooting Sheep OHHlWllON Wnidui Ilnlion •»>'!' mil slioi . ,Ui>l In name , u , t hi dO ( s ll( ])l,Hld Ills u- UKIIllIM till IIDJni ||s iKMld Hie sluip miioly |,]|ni.. tiiant fill somuimig -iilte liK < "'•I I'liUhifc Ills timid Inside Ids hi ,i ,""""' "' L ' '"" kl u lm(l HI llie sheep In 11,1 mill bounced pike driven in ffiiisluru Canadian An Injury on the left side or-a gln hnmled peison's bniln nny make him left-hamkd acionling | 0 experiments conduced by « gratl- unlr siiid,nt at tbe Unlvenlij of Mldiijjan For HEAIj Pr. Phone 19) (.TANK-WILSON A. Oenei nl Insurance - v. 'We Pay All t/isses WilJi H anile" n cinrk - Baker Wilson! FREE RINGS We Have on Sale 500 Mexican DIAMONDS 44 Facet Stone $2 Scarf Pins at i tins nil MI Mill gl\i- «ith enih nln 49c If \nu II'S Illl On of " L " J1 " Sail Onl) f ' lu "'l»»"' Robinson Drug the cigarette that's MIIDEK the cigarette that TASTES BUTTER be merely renewed would siood. few' hours before c\ten- I HiUman to House and lh c lwo men talked for an hour. Tnsidm ct Ihe Interview was urged on Roosevelt bv Miss Perkins Anyway, it was one more dem pnstratlon that the administration turns to Hillmon. president of n" AmalBamnled Clothing Workers or Rdvlce on labor proWem^ ra!' ie than to any old line A. P or • leader. ' Hillman advised Roosevelt lint the automobile situation called •or some assertion of administra >«» power anci-by Implication a . cast-thai it didn't ntnte- do £ labor and the country get the a that. Big Busltwss WM i"« nislnn? the prcsWent uround I" the afternoon, Roosevelt! ex- endm? the code, announced \ siieclai inquiry i n | 0 emplovincn't tablhzation possibilities in the au molillo Industry. He . emphasized thnt he hadn't *od the industry lo narcn to his, but wns orrtertn;/ it under his o«n executive powers. Shrewdest I»ibor Leader Some labor people, dcvitit tun. nan's subsequent, expressions 01 Measure, Ideling that lobor re- Everything actual))' known to Science will imke a good cigarette used in making Chesterfields, eminent scientist wrote time ago: "Chesterfields are just as pure as the water you drink," S 1 '514. J.iwin * MVIII To»iccoCa

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