The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Find No Trace Of Death Car's Driver Declares Conference Good Show, .Holds Little Will Come Of It HY ItODNEY niJTCHKK Courier News WaslilngLun Correspondent WASHINGTON. Feb. 9.-H is now I clear enough flint "little business ,/oen,' although sorely confused, I I, juttern after the -big business \inon in their econciijlc tliiiikiii" ' At the never-to-be-forgotten con- ' ferenco wliich nearly n thousand or the former group attended in Washington It became obvious that some of them arrive at similar conclusions independently nnd that others Just parrot the headlines i But, the boys did deliver a terrific wallop to any Idea Roosevelt had thai he could get any strong sup- norl^or any new ideas—from"small business. Through nil Die cat-calls, conflict and uirmoil nothtng stood oul more distinctly than the wistful yen of small business for a return to the dear old days of Calvin Coolid'je Various delegates estimated Hint from 90 to 95 per cent of their group had voted for Landon In 1930. Effect Almost. Nil It seems likely that the "little business men" and their recommendations, most of which implied criticism of New Deal aims and legislation, will have little If any effect. The demonstrated solidarity of business is being used by the president's conservative advisers to in- y/fluenee mm. But his liberal advisers Ll are using the fiasco aspects of the s Rhow to convince him that the little Telioiv.s knoi^cven less than the big fellows about problems of economics and government In the large. Government action to mnke loans available for industry was being planned before the guests arrived nnd this recommendation will be heeded. Urging the strengthen- in 1 * and enforcement of monopoly laws was right down the administration alley. Curiously enough it came from a gathering vociferously resentful against the Ickes and Jackson Emu-monopoly speeches. Prom the various group conferences came several recommendations in conflict with those of other groups. One group demanded prompt balancing of the budget and another suggested a $10,000,000,000 transcontinental highway spending Program. One group demanded a samiitax and another argued against ''•'''Most such differences were irorie'd out by the group which for•1 puilaled final recommendations. W. N'urse Cafile Too v Men who had never seen or heard of each other were suspicious of each other and often adopted a "who-the-hell-are-you?" attitude toward anyone wlio seemed tryine to assert leadership. They were suspicious of fancied administration "stacking" efforts, of the big New York delegation, of imagined "efforts of large business elements to control. Sending invitations lo men whc had written letters to Ihe White House proved a poor method of selection, it brought in numerous crackpots and crackpots usually are vocal. One invitation went to a man In a psychiatric clinic. He wasn't allowed out without a nurse. So he got an Invitation for the nurse nnd she also was listed as a delegate. Arriving here, the patient sought to see Roosevelt. Tlic President was busy so the patient left town, insisting he would have nothing to ' Jo with "those 900 nuts." Another man loudly charged at a genera! conference session that the whole show was an "insane asylum." That was what most of the correspondents thought. Nove! Terminology Never before had New Dealer.' heard 'the "anti-Sherman trusl laws," "monolistic practices," the "undisturbed profits tax." the "labor relaxation act" and "leek ol pcichasing power" denounced from a public platform ns such. ."Satan has got hold of this meeting!" one delegate kept exclaiming. "What delegation is he on?" demanded another delegate, bristling at the news. And the chief bouncer was head of the local police "radical squad,'' long practiced in roughly handling bcmis and hunger marchers. No nine PS io me driver cf linear which fatally Injured t,vo yejv old Bobbie I^ee Esjilncaa Mmilay niilit has been found, officers said ilils afternoon. .Several clues have been investigated but none hus .lit;- j dr>sfcl the Identity cf the nil ami, j-i>i) driver nor wlion; the car will after It struck Ihe child us he was -josslii' lliR si'eel In from of his home, 318 South Division uwi. He died at Hie lllvthevlll? hospital early Tuesday morning. I more because If persons npnre- Ihended were uiuiblc to pny fines ' llif y were usually turned over w the enmity lor prostration In tho county division of iiHiniolp'i) court ^n:l (lint n.s n result, various costs IIUHI fees, such ns constable nnd . presecutlng attorney's fees, were i C llnV "'' ;mc<l «B»liisl Hie prisoners niul T T H I l"' c c "" ! "y »'i» forced to pay these U I (I I ufllcprs for llielv services. It wns PAGE THREE Walter Brown Crews Succumbs Hero Monday Night Mineral services were held Tuc.'i• -i afternoon for Walter urown C cws, who died .Monday ni«m at I : , lioivr:. ;,t 10! fa si Keriliit^y [I'.enue, after a brief illness fro n ' "l>!fl pnttunonia. The >?*-v. .1. w '"-Ider, of Leranto, offic-aled ami ••••fal win m?rte at Ermen ccnv- tcry at Osceola. Palltir-arf i's wero; j. \i | i v e- ince. E. C. Cook, Emin Aslil-y Kelly Gardner, Louise Johnson. "I'sselt Girdley, I awrence Wood- ir'l and Bobby Jones. Mr. Crews was born near Law- reneebuig. Tciin., November IS, l''81. When lie was 20 years of >"c lie married Miss Annie Dial if the same community. n c first ?cme to this part of the coun- '•- in 1915 and purchased a section of land in the woods, of c 'hat is now known as Ihe Lit'.lc Sivcr community. He returned home to move his nmily a year later nnd wns one ' the first settlers In that sec- 'oii. To reach his new home he id his family traveled down (he '"er on a boat and lived in an '•I log house until they could "ect a house. At that time there we no roads and he spent much 'me clearing up his land und aking narrow roads through that "dion. Three years ago last November. Mr. Crews moved (o Blythevills He is survived by four sons iinH o daughters, Harley. of Oak ''.•eve. La.. Coleinan. Bob ntid Mrs 'co Woodard of Hie Little River ^mmunity. and Bill and Miss Nola Crews, of this city. )peration of Country Club Depends On Drive |}i!Jnu>(l out Unit wIu-K' (In- only wist in the city division of court on a public drunkenness msi- is illy n $10 ilni' Dial in HIP county division a $10 fine usually iiir-iins nboiit $30 or more by the tlmp vui'luiis nre iiddwl. Joe Franklin Southard Dies at Dyess Hospital DYESS. Ark.. Feb. 3.—Joe Frank- lln Southard, a^ed forty, died at t •'')' 'nt'"" 1 lni>| Pn"p O'IPI ^hH Rl.;o tlwevlta! but Unit jn the other hand he knew p?r- ciial.'y tSp.t others were not, tluit 'xiine were used for transporting 'awn mowers, various tools and hauling word wore invaluable lo their users. He lusHM such'a ln\ would be unrerisoitnUe. Alriri'iinin WV!i:h said that loos* 1 papi 1 !' from tho Courier News .. tit wns n .source of coiisidi'iutile paper that littered the alleys. Gra- !iain Eudbury, Courier represents- -"— -^" "">j. *">-M u •Ive. replied thai. Lie newspaper " e D *f s bospltnl Saturday inoni- ileil Its waste paper, was the only i! s ' rabrunry 5. after a lingering firm i:i the cily that did so, he ' ))lle f s ' M ''- SoiKlnird W HS born In i'tievi;!, and that miieli t,f the, Ma » lls » County, Arkansas, Jann- ua'uer referred to came from the I nrjl "• 1808 ' He wns "lurried October ",c ml the city had allowed loose ,,' ° 10 to , Mlss Mnrfnrct Owen. i,aucr to to diimiiert on about KKI , ls su ™ v( *l by his wife and yards lo the north. '^'T* 0 "?, 1 EVereU ' Lee "oyd. ami ,., . , , , Eai 'l Southard, nil ot Dycss' tlirw Strict enforcement ol an ordl- brolhers, Walter and Thcnna-; R-iU!.- tiiiiicc I'MiiiIrliiB paper und trash „,.,] of Jto , Oak oklnlioma Allen •o be placed in containers was or- southard, Colorado, nnd two sisK.i- •vi mid Alderman Welch said Mrs. Mag g ie Pulley, of Red OV* .hat Ihc local Ganlen Club has, nun., and Mrs. Rlla Tliull" of Vni^ agreed to have representatives ; Duron. Ark. Mv. fioulhard VMS • visit merchants twice weekly to member of Hie ClirlsUnn Clii"--h ;,ce if taelr paper and trash had Funeral services were . conducted ..on liioperly dlsiiosed of nnd, if at the liqme Sunday niorniii' bv iCt, to place complaints with cily the Rev. Harvey Gray. The lim]y inlcials ujion whicl) warrants wns then shipped to Van nuren. .vould be issued. Burial was In Dripping Springs Joe Martin, who disposes of eemetery near Van Buren Monday paper ami refuse for merchants. """•"""'" came in for strong criticism from Alderman John C. McHaney, jr., for failure to .properly dispose of such refuse. McHaney snld that Martin agreed to cover up paper deposited an the ground city had allowe.1 him lo use for such purposes, in a low area between Chlckasawba and Kentucky streets, and that paper from the dumping grounds was littered all over a wide section nnd scattered by Ihe wind. Martin admitted the paper had net been properly covered up but said conditions had made It dlfli- Ihal it was now being . , e » T_ J . - Whether or not the Blytheville tmtry club will continue to op...rate ,wi!l depend upon the num- »r of'members secured this week 1- was announced following a neeting last night. It was announced at the meet- ig, held at the city hall, thut icre are now only 15 paid up icmbers in Blytheville and 15 in Jfceola. The Blytheville members re paying Iheir reduced 1933 dues f S30 in advance, as are the isceolo member.'; who are paying -0 annually, under Ihe new set-" P. A total revenue of $3,6GO an- -.ually in memberships must be ecured if the clul) continues to ave a golf course, it iva-.' siiid Cecil Shane is chairman of' n omniittce, with J. A. Leech nnd larry W. Haines as other mem- ers. which Ls In charge of tne ;ohcitation. If the memberships are rcceiv- -'d, a budget committee wi(! be ippointed to cooperate with Ev- :rett B. Gee, owner of the club '.i planning the entertainment rogram for the year. 'teele Youth Held To March Term of Court CARU1HERSVILLE, rvfo Feb 9 -Following his preliminary hear- ig before Justice J. D . Huffman f this city. Allan Johnson, steele 10, youth, charged with conspir- =y in connection with the "rob- 'ery" of a Sleelc service station lecember 20 of about $350, was KJitnd over to the March term of ircuit court. Unable to make bond f S5.0QO. Johnson was lodged in the ounly jail here, Sheriff John Hoser yesterday slated. cult but covered. Mayor Williams said that further use of Ihe area as a dumping ground would be prohibited and nstructEd Martin to proceed lo burn or cover paper already there :o prevent It from scattering. City Attorney Nelson told the council he had discussed with County Judge S. L. Gladlsh arrangements for sending: city pris- -ners to the county farm and hod )cen told lhat while the county could nut use such prisoners now it would take them as soon as the county farm -started, within a short time, making its cran. He said Judge Gladish agreed to pay .M my ,,ne-<rina 01 me fine assessed against the prisoners, in script. The prisoners will vvork out fine at' the rate of 75 cents' a. flay, .everal aldermen expressed hope of obtaining a better'payment by the county, possibly half of the fine or a minimum of five dollars -.1 many slu public drunkenness lines. Alderman McHaney pointed °"t that Hie county would be saving money even by paying the cily afternoon. •Die Southards cnme lo the Colony early in March. 193(1. They have many friends here. More Twins Arrive At Dyess Hospital DYESS. Ark. F-b. fi— Th« ov 1 "' Colon v hospital is becoming famous for Us twins. Before the McVey brother and sister, born here ,. ,r>i- i.-.i pni i<!c:l ineir ca'iu and gone home, twins were lio'n "r. a"-! Mrs. James J. Darnell. The babies, a son weighing seven pounds and a daughter weighing five and a half pounds, were born Thursday. Feb. third, and have been named Floyd Ray and Matlle Faye. WOMEN WHO SUFFER Houston. Texas—Mrs. Atitne C I a y i e r. 2214 .Slirriviii .Si., sa.vs; "I wa« iicrv ous. t'ouliln' t rest, ami hn<l in-ailaclii-.s arn] backache assocfatc'l witli functionnl ilisLnrb- ances. IJr. i'l'crce's I-a- vonte i'rcscriplidii gave , ' , »«c 3 splciiiliil aiii.ciilc relieved me of the nervousness aches anil backaclic, ami I Ml so tn'och •sirong'er." Ask your •icuKK"! Imlay for Dr. favorilr I'rcMrijilinn, inp,,,! ,,r •lit, 13 i 50 tent-,. FIRST and ALWAYS at MEL BOURN A night'i rut tfcit'i puuF>l ind r«f/«ihlnj-« plciiim «. .moiphcr* I* tfit lobby -tin •rirm jlow tXn food F«o4 krirji-th« pliiiut ructlo* »d«l low fiictt jlvt-thci« «« <fl( diinji that m>li< (Kt Hoitl Melbourne tKe cKole« •( «v«ry •>ptr!tnc«d «**•)«. At the Hospitals Miss Sylvia • Turner, of Brag- Cily, Mo., is n patient at the SI Joseph's hospital, Memphis. Mrs. J. H. Bostlck, of Osccolr wns taken to the Afcntpliis Baptis j hospital yesterday. Mrs. A. D. Fielder, of Steele. h3 been admitted to the MeinpW Baptist hospital. A son was born to Mr. mid Mr Coleman Smith, of Kclser. ycstei day at the Memphis Baptist h05 pita!. Morning glories wind against lie sun, from left to right; hop •ine-s wind with the sun, from ight to left. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. O SAVE «jf MONEY AT GAMES MKT. 118 W. Main Phone 93 FOR LOWEST DELIVERY COST. ONLY $475.00 1937 Ford V-S"ed" Stake Pickup Like new. Only 6,000 miles. A real farm truck. Only §187.00 down nnd §35.00-per month. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th &_Walnul Phone 810 2nd Hand Furniture We have the largest stock of second hand furniture,™ this part of the state. Come in and look it over and remember • • • • YOU CAN BUY ON. FfiLL TERMS ' HUBBARO 2nd HAND FURNITURE STORE Blytheville, Ark. DRUG STORES Main at Sec&tnJ Blytheville, Ark. Main at Broadway Main at Division SHOE T LACES Black or Brown 3 ec tor SOc KOLYNO ToothPaste 60e ITALIAN BALM Pint RUBBING ALCOHOL DRUG SPECIALS Mineral Oil Rusiian.Piol Carter's Pills Chocolate Covered "Sunripe" Cherries u TOILETRIES Kreml $1.00 Hair Tonic . . Pond's Creams r»*v 55c, Med. Size J«l-_.^ . 39 Talcum v >»^ Al!-Purpo« i . t . , 37 Hair Tone . " " " Phillips SOc Milk Magneiia Peroxide of Hydrogen, Pint * Box Big, Imcioiu clicrric« n iaily cordial; \j\ttti. »wcei chocolnle. i Valentine, 6-ci. -.— -.- 17x34 inch BATH TOWELS "Century Heating Child's 3-Pc Breakfast Set 33 C Gunronlccd efficient! l5in<:h;iKir m blnnlt. el covering; with cord. Little Bo-Peep cteti VITAMINS ABDGCapsules BABY NEEDS Castoria <•»-«. 40c FJetcher". . ... 31 Antiseptic Oil' Meyer'«, 6<i. . . , Eagle Brand Milk ZSc. 15-oz. Siie . . . S. M. A. Powder $1.25 Siie, 16-ai, . . O!afien,25'. .... Irradol A ' PnrkeDavii, 16-oz. , Cod Liver Oil Olnfjen Lofoten, Pint Halibut Liver Oil "Certified" Tooth Paste «nj n genuine "Sterident" Tooth Brush 49 C Capiulei, Dox SO Combaits Caustic Balsam $1.59 Spohiis Distemper Remedy 98c ftdhesive Tape, 5 yds.x{ in. 5c 500 Kleenex 28c 5 LL Ensom Salts 25c Valentine Candy 10c-S3.00 $1.60 Fountain Syringe 49c Dr. Salsbury Poultry Remedies \ lOc Razor Blades 5c 1 Oz. Quinine 98c S1.25 Pinkham VCR. Comp. 99s B. Paul Henna 98c RICHARD HUDNUT Buy (wo! On- far-office or (ravel, cno to fix up your drenlng Icblc! Complete mc'ched moV«yp . . . full vie pockagc Marvelous Face Powd«r, wilS hacrnooijEng rouge, Up\ iliclc,ey* shadow, ond maitora ,.. I eyed to bfije e bfown, gmjfr bazeJ f/ct Something New Sylvia Facial Pads Cleansing- Refreshing Jar full for home us; - Compact for the purse, $1.00 Value 59c For Diabetics Saccharine Tablets 1 gr. per 100 19c V* gr. per 100 15c U gr- per 100 He Insulin U20—lOcc 63c U40—lOcc $1.08 Protamine zinc Insulin $1.21

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