The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
Page 7
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) COURIER NEWS ram (Continued From I'ni'p one) the- l/-glon Inn. bi'lnglii" 10 11 dose 1110 two-ilny i-vsiil "Miss Norllivast Arkninas-Soul))- r-iisi Missouri" win br : '.eh-clt'il* irom leprfsentaikrs of various lowns In this ceiiion '.',hu will puling across I/If- Hllx. tlicudv slstfe. ViljHli'vHlc'.s HDtry In the eon! .••.<!. is in i,i> M'loi'l- i-il in ciiiniseiltiim ul i IV liiiy, ilie- ulit' iiniielu. Ji'-.-tt Williml. fonnor heavyi'.-cli'hl hosing eliamiiiun e.; tiie M.iVi, mil IW UK: pllllriplll .tttliU'liOII al llu- V.reslliili; fJiOW al nil- Million.!! (;l|:ir:l armory 0,1 rtmlli .Second MIVH Williml mil UHUMI m lii,- r,'i[,. ol iirifi-f. 1 for i,m mni.-hf-i. in one, HluekMnllh VvdKw, ieiii>li-i| junior initidlfiir.ijihl, <li;(iuf>!oii ,if Hif 'Aoitci. will inc.--! r<ii!|,h 3 m im ol Jurfoon, Tetin 'flyer Moore :md HtifTnlo ,lo;< >j-j|| fiurji in Hie oivii- lng mutch. Beauty comeslnnl.t will i )L . (.m-sls ol honor at the dance later In HIP evening al the Legion hill. Harold liiidbury and hl.s Southerners will Iimiisli ninsic lor the ojra.siun. Chief Indicted Seattle Telephone Girl Skilled Cabinet Maker SEATTLE (UPi-onc of Seattle',, most-skilled cabinetmakers |s Miss Mbble Pevrls, who v.orks as u chirr telephone O;X.TB!OI- i,j s i,( s .,,,.| spends her days al her liobbv of wood-working. • Miss Ferris learned IU.HSU ITOCK!- v working maithliu-ry nl n I p It t ih. her bsseniDiil shop she 1ms ., nmmiffictiircd clocks, cedar chcsLs dressers and oilier pieces of furniture. Her rouin contHlm n complete bedroom sot. will] Inlaid and cnrvcd wort:, nil bnlll by Miss FOI- ris. ,,Orrasioniil!j. slw makes n ,|j., r p - pl'lnmlluro for Mill.. Sealtle Sea Commerce SlioU's Increased -Tonnage •K 'UP) .- o o in in erce cleared Ilirang], (|, : , |, a ,.| ,, ( H ,,., U |,> during SeutcMnbcr. ]y.», sJioiceit n,, Increase or HS.IM ions. ji:i.ii3!t,fiBii v:)bie, over the some inuiilh or I'.ITi rqmrts of th,. hT.rl w a,., l: ,^mn,i ravralert. A tiarl of the enln wns allrib- iilf'l lo Ihe inaritline strike ivbl"h pwctlenlly suspende<| nil sliippini! 'SlmmV'" mte spring im ,l ,'uiy The- tnuils Tor Si'plember lim \verc 09.1,|«.| tons. $4r,,lfin 117 viil- nallon. Iiiiporis from ixilh loivlun find ilomesiii- [v>t\n .Mioved Ettitis. Jlmmllng !<> esneriments conducted by i> rof . fVancis Ii. Siin,- Djejr sfeht to change''ioUiis 1 V/hnii (he HIIJJ?]- jioi-ilon of the fisli eye was shndMl, nu-v uwumert i aarker sJutde. v.l.iic ' Ihcy turned hyhtw when the lo ftw j,:,rt of Llv iyt' wa.s darkened, iM .1. IllKKhia, aliovo, chief of rifticnllvf:.i of Kansas City, I tinea an Imlletiiicml for iiorjury I'l' ;i federal i;rnml jury In eon- iicriloii wlih KB !iiveHll(;a!lon of Hie Union SlalUni imiBs.'iero o[ )'Ki:i. Illmilua In charged wlih denying rorinnr ulataiiicnta Dial Ii'! lolil RiiljorillnalcB lo "lay off" • lit case. Two o( Ilia ii«mctalc» wcro similarly Imilclcil. China Buys Rattlers For Rheumatism Oil EDMONTON. Aitn. <ui») —om of i,hc north country went nn im- iml .sliipineiil lo Clilnn reccnlly. H consisted of 200 rntllestmkes, plck|ed In iileoliol. Oeorge Lee, Chinese-. CDlc proprietor IIL Moycl- ininstiT. suit) he was shipping the lalller.s to his fulher hi China, who would extract from (hem un oil highly priMd by Orienliils a« n cure for rliriimallsiu. SUNDAY SCHOOL I.KKKON* flic Christian Cih/eri THUKSUAY, NOVI-IMRNK 8. j.'.;).• Tevl: <J;il;ill:im- 5:l.'l-2« Tin! Internatlgiui Uniform Sunday Sdmol Lesson for Nov. II. • * • nv war. i:. niuiov, n. », Militur of Advance The Sunday of Ihls lesson k Armistice Day, and II Is lilting that Ihc lesson should stress Ihe dre|> problem thai confronts the CbrJs- liaii cltl/en-the problem of rlddlini Hi? world of wiir. The loplt- in || S wnrdinj; slreaws very uceiiralely Hie niihire of this priiblein. Tli,. 1(l p|,. is, "'riilnklng Peiiee fnsioad o! War." ' Tlini piiis the emphiisLs hi the Ish unr mill sirlf,. uiiiii people everywhere un thhiklnii ]K-ace. "As u mini ihlnketh In ills hearl, MI Is lie." If u man's thoughts are of war "lid slrllV. or of u,,. p|.(,ji|, || l:ll („, '"in innki- Irnin n-ar niaterlnls or «'iir Kiniatlims, i,(s influence and example u're uolnj; lo Ije for u'lir iepi-f>;<.n([it[ve o[ thousands, or even millions, of citizens like himself, a imllon's thinking and allltmie provide » ciiiKCtni menace to peace. The Ironhle u .j(|, Hi,, v . nr |,| (0 . <hiy is lhal In every country there are too mmiy dti/cns of tills sort. Ami H furlher tratilile Is (hat tile professing Christian clll/en Is tlifse matters from Ihc sheerest. Paiian. llj.-.l workable model w;i:; designed in lilllc more ihnii » . 2:."!(), Nile 0:45 2 ::)()— JOt - i!5 HPBNCER TKACY and -UWE'ITA YOUNfi in 'MANS CASTLE' Friday & Saturda siciil— "Uliylhm On Roof Serial—"Tlie Wo!f J)og" Wilh Ansoti Weeks anil With Uin Tin Tin, Jr. Carl oon Orchcslni NovcKy Lake Erie Yields Peat Moss in Large Quantity SANDUSKY, O. (UP) -What has Identified :LS "pent moss" has been coming from Ijikc Brie re- conlly in lurge (juanllties. Us spiirec Is a myslery. Never until this yenr has there been more than n little of It. Now, Ions are iivail- ible. The moss, when blenched umf treated, may be used in beautifying rock Burdens. It commands prices. Public bakehouses tn RnijIniKl cook dinners for rurals nl n noiu- innl charge of three lo five cents depending on sl/e. The dinners ralurally, nre supplied by the •liner. /f we are t olng to establish a world of i>cace ami de.slroy this demon of war, we must get :il the springs of Ihoiiglit and action. It is not merely n statesman's problem; it is n problem for the Chrl 1 ;- lliirt a»fl for the Christian elmrcli •Ilia lesson has been wisely chosen to cmphn.slxe these things, wiml Ihe Je.s.son snx, concerriliig' individuals and their relationships is line of nations. "It ye Wto niul devour one an- oilier, dike h 1 thnl ye | )(l h( ,t consumed one of another.' 1 jj not Him (ircclsely what, has linpjwne;! In history among warring Millions Jimi ]>eop!es? War has again and I'Kiitn proved i(s destrtielfve or :li,victor us of the viini[iiLshed. finally applicable is ihe learh- Ing "f ilie lesson concprnlnv ih« elemenial sins nnd v [ e efi n nd the eletneulal virtues. Hate, sedition, mural midoainiess, (Irmikenness all these have been Ihe accompaniments of war and strife. On Ihe contrary, peace Ls usso- cialed with all ihe highest virtues It hn.s Us (cue nnd iibldini, i, ns i s In love. * " Jn a world where ^hcre Is so imrh Incentive (o strife, jicacc is inev- ItnWy associated with long-siilfer- nig and ])aliencc. There can be no peace where there l s not high culture and gentleness of spirit. The task or destroying war and ' [ H Is possible for an alrplnnc to fly lower Ihan a .submarine can dive. The Sea of Galilee, where airplanes land, Is (180 feet below sea level, far beyond Ihe reuord deplh for underwater boats. upbuilding peace is the task of destroying evil and upbuilding goodness. Ho R . mi,i.|, of ,),,, ^will's Jimlon and tragedy of war would have teen avoided, if the nations had taken as ihclr precept nnd fol- lowd II." ixi us not |» desirous of vain glory, provoking one aii- olher, envying one another" We study this lesson in u W orH slrangely torn W U|, conllictlng passions and ambillons. The world iiilecimttonally Is like a sectbiii» cauldron v.-hleh any moment rnav toil over with Us poisonous m-ss mil there is ho|x-. More iK-ojiln «re .studying peace and thinking' |iean> lh:in ever belcnv. I."t lls hiiye win, ami let us atlack whu nil h ihe puwers of darkness mi! violence. HEAR KIDNEYJROIIBLK Sl»|> Oelliiifr Up ,\i e h(s To liarmlcssly flush poisons and acid from kidneys and correct irritation of bladder so that yon can •slop "getting up nights" get a 35 cent package of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take as directed, other symptoms of kidney and bladder weaknesses are scant, burning or smarting |ms-i sage—backache—leg cramps—puffy evra - -Adv. SJ MAIL ORDERS NOW OPEN Dress Circle $2.50 Firsl section, arena $2.00 Second section, arena $1.50 Balcony —...,51.50 & $1.00 NO TAX + All liclccu issued in order checks arc received. M,,t c cliccfci niv- .ihle lo Mrs. \V. I). Ck-minan H Mtinpliis Andiioriinn' l:nrto!c ^clf-adjre^pd si.-imnfcl envelope. * MEMPHIS AUDITORIUM NORTH HALL FRI. KITE, NOV. 30 The Search for VALUES The gold or silver miner does much work before his mine is on a paying basis. That's "development work." He carries on in the hope that soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have his reward. Compare this miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything you read is of vital interest to you at the moment. But many thousands of others are reading. One finds a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive price. That's a pay-streak /or him. Anothor rejoices to. find a sales announcement of coal, or colce, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or radio, and is mightily pleased to I'ind the advertisement that tells all about it. • The advertisements carried in this newspaper 'are helpful in the business of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things for personal and household needs. Take note of the things you now have in regular use. What first called them to your attention? It's likely that you first read about thorn in an advertisement. Other good values await yo m - choosing in the advertisements in this issue. Where o We iKive.beni in ttuiihtestt in litutlic'vill.*. since. l<)lt!, therefor* iw wciil thrntfih Ihe tiiylt fi ri<. e!t <,f Wlr I hue, ntso UK; tKMtl-liimm prices O f 1821 and the imtk of (til time* In I92f) but /««/ ninnlh WK SOLD MOKK MRNITURK IN DOLLARS AND (WNTS THAl\ KVKR REFORK !N ONK MONTH except one and Umt month was when prices were at leant twice UK hiyh us now. WHY We say, became we haw U, ( > furniture and the prices that our trade wants. Look at these prices and compare them with ihe mail order houses or city store* ami remember we deliver in if our house.'NO FRKKWi\ TO PAV — NO^UN- CRAT1NC—NO DAM.AGKI) MKCES—THEY MUST BK RIGHT IF nOUGHT FROM US. Kitchen Cabinei "^^*~ ^^B^a^aBagiKaa^ggijgg^^^^^j Cast iron : Kidiniitn new niiirlii'l- ^ ixed linisli. fun S j /t .. >Sffi«atSSESlB*SSCSSiSBBeBI^^BMSSa!a» $19.95 Parlor Suites o Overs! Hired -'ly '/iiiloreil Iron Beds 2-Jo.« Mattresses, Cane Walnut Rockers Maple Rockers Oak Coal Heat- *^^^^^^^P^^^^Hff^Tff*jflf l ^^Ep l P^rypJj%t3'Ag Wood King He? No. 8 Cook: Full 6 Eye $9/1 nr ...A Bargain ffl'r.JJ L75 iriiiiMti $29.75 KSas&EXmMBfBU jtS^JSJS SLHI5 - 90C "•'ttr-"TTrrniTnrT>»ii" '' "-u^ Scnls in | <K1 . (ir Tapcslry Eigaassztsj! sassfs, No. 7 $8.95 $6.95 BIythevilSe, Ark.

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