The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1932
Page 2
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REPORT DM STRIFE League of Nations Document Regarded in Tokyo as Unfair. •TOKYO, Oct. 3. (UP)— Japan wi 'l Ignore the Lytton report SUB- Kes.'ions regarding Manchuria, a foreign office spokesman said when the report was published here. Tile spokesman denied the Intimation that the Japanese general stair was .sympathetic with establishment cf the Independent state of Manchukuo. The foreign office lamented that tile commissioners had "credited the meanest Chinese and doubted cfliclal Japanese." It was denied that the army exceeded ''self defense" In tie Manchurian fighting. Minister of War General Araki said the report was much more unfair than Japan had expected. It was reported unofficially that Japan may ask the League of Nations to send a second investigating commission to Manchuria on the grounds that the Lytton commis- "prejudiced and misin- sion was formed." GENEVA, Switzerland, Oct. 3 (UP)— Withdrawal from Manchuria of all Japanese troops was recommended in the I.ytton commission's report being studied today by league of nations officials. The report contained a strong indictment, campaign In Manchuria and urg- of Japan's military ed withdrawal of her armed forces alter a strong autonomous government with an effective police force is organized there. Lord Lytt on's commission, appointed to make an obective neutral investigation into China's quarrel with Japan, failed lo take seriously Japan's claim that the new state of Manchukuo was of Chinese origin. It suggested that China should curb too aggressive nationalism and had much lo gain from "economic collaboration with her neighbor nations." '.lop'tball season this' year Is ushered • in trith bhe shrill sound of a million whistles. There is a whistle for almost every kind of Play you can call to mini It IE necessary.not only for the players There are illegal forms of b!-D=k- reasons for whistling. Otherwise ,the players are going to waste "a' lot of energy up and down the field and the fans are go- Ing to spend a great many Saturday afternoons asking one another what it's, all about. Also, there is lust a chance that, in the late fall, football games will last far into the night. • * •' Take It on ChJn . It was this writer's observation at one of the early football games tills fall that the people. in the glands -\v<jrc not aware of what was going on, or why. after whistles ™d ended a great many of Ihe Plays. It may be necessary to organize, football debating societies and hold meetings afler eacli game to thresh the whole c'ning out. • * * Theri He Gats'. let's say your favorite fullback. CrnshhV Chris Crumb, has just seized the piinkiii. sti/farmed a fe» bodies out of his path and stcame:; down the field from the five-yard Jlne lo the enemy's goal. A marl cheer rocks the stadium. Good o!a Crashin' Chris! But, during the cheer, the as Are You Listening? Ha?p ytn .-my appliance in your home that givts the simr re <•'«! ptr dollar invested, Dial jour vacuum cleaner doc's when '*• - s in £co*i ordfr? o^^"! r ," S ' f? furni5liin S s wcre mcant t« be cleaned with modern trals. Only a gocd vacuum sweeper l n KWHl rODAMon can (horcughly remove the three kinds of dirt-lim <te, " na iMrp gut—fro.-n yotr floor cxTermgs. No amount 'of beating and swecplnj w'" 1 brooms rar. satisfactorily do thi- Vih \-« anxmnt of bealinir t r brndiin* with whlsk-brooms, brushy' e(e can clean your overstuffed furniture, draperies and maltreats S suction 9f your vacuttm INorris Aids Roosevelt JBLYTHEV1LLB. (ARK.) 'COURIKII NEWS Luxor a Society—Personal Miss Hlfl Davis of Memphis \Sfc lied her parents. Mr, and Mrs. J, E. Davis, Sunday. Mrs. Rlchiml Hcvlcre nml c'.ill- dren, Paulino. Bob nn ( | Paul, vlsitucl In Memphis Krldny. Jcc lilrclipll \va^ called to II;:' bcclslrtc of his father. J. E. liir- chell of Osccola. Tliiir«lny. I Mcsdnmes C. M. uinflcEl. Jalm IScnton mid Miss -paiilln? Senlou I visited In Blytlicville Tlmrsrtay. I Willie Howard returned 'I'-.uvs- <isy nfter trnivsncliiis; biisln^u in Sjirliieficld, ,\fo. Miss Dculith Tillman s]jcnl I ho week-end with hi'r pnrcnts nl '['.:- mato. Tire L:aguo_w:i5 onlcrlulncd 1'YI- day night with n jroba \mlv ;it Kclscr. These attending from I,us- orn were Misses Milth»d Tlllmnn, Biidio Pcruirnlpr, ubncli; F.ialfo- cy, Vivian Lynch, Mnb;l Gc'iryjc Margaret Ro/?]le. nnd Howard Mown, Ertmird TJIlinaii. Jarncs I'cr- nienlor and )lob?rt Fnr.iytlw Rev ' Mrs. P. M. swcst arc f:c When Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt carried his presidential cam paign to McCcok, Neb., it was a. Progressive Republican United States senator who introduced him to the throngs. Senator George N. Norn's of Nebraska, shown above with Roosevelt, pledged the support of his Progressive League to the Democratic candidate, wmbled clinic forgot to listen 'tor Ing, clipping, crawlinR, kicking that old Not-a-toot-toot. The offi- hurdling, passing, shiflin" tu"klln»' dais group their heads together substituting lining up moving be" rJr\-,,~. 11 it. : j:_ _.. »... I w- . , .... ° down there on tli^ gridiron. The referee runs down the field, picks up the egg and carries it back to the spot where Crasliiu' Chris got his start. The 'Book His It You had better have "a rule book with you then, my friends. And, after a brief half-hour's study of the. regulations, there is jusl a chance that you will find a paragraph which says something about the ball being dead when any par! of the carrier's body touches the ground (except his feel, of'course Gus). It- seems thai Crashin' Chris slipped tc on? knee on the wet field (it was raining teat day) and that rendered his magnificent run null and void. '* * • Another Foul It further develops that during the course of Chris' canter down .the grid, another player took off in'a lieadiong tackle that-almost felled old Chris.4-Ol.iat was*, foul •too, VJecause a player" Is not -.supposed to tackle a man carrying the nugget after the thing has be=n declared dead. On a given play the whistl3':nay sound for any one of what .seem I.ouls Oor;;c and his mother, Mrs. Phillip Oeorse, wore among those who attended Hie fair nl Memphis Wednesday. Mrs. L. L. McUennnnn spoilt Memphis A. n. Iloblnson, of her lore the ball is passed, huddlln" roughing the kicker, kneeling, slug- Bins, piling up and general un- sporlsmanship. When the whistle sounds, the referee makes certain signs with Ills hands. Few people know Ihe message ihc is trying lo convey. All you have to do it get a rule book and figure it out. • Head Courier r»cws Want Ads. Tuesdny In sister, Mrs -.„,,,„,, Memphis, who rmdcruetit an operation at the Baptist hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Wm|der- llch were In Memphis on business Wednesday. Miss Eva and Louts Geoige''at- tended the dance nt Ihe Hotel Noble in niylhevillc Wednesday night. Johnnie Corkrnn, who underwent a tonsil o|>eratlon nl the Baptist hospital in Memphis, re- lumed home Monday. Mr. and Mvs. C. M. tlmllecl transacted business In Blylhevlllo Tuesday. Miss Owcna Forbes, who hao been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Forbes, left Tuesday for her home In Memphis. "The Heritage", a play written —•• * .>JIQJ^U uuunu lur any oue 01 what seem Jet/rf fthe f »* to 5tud y "P thc to * ^ million infraction^ 0 «,i reasons fnr TEnnLtiiTur T>W^__ __ _ • *"*-• 3 - Business is business....and it's at its very best >n Ihe want-ad section of paper. Profit by (hat fact Mr. Business Man. These FACTS can he easily demonstrated to you. No matter how corscientions and ambitions your maid mav be slie r.mnot do a good job without (rood tools. For various rea- ptns many housemaids do not complain of inefficient sweeoen Sorely it is worth your while to have your cleaner chtvkJIK*' * competent person. LIW*™ DJ If your rugs or furnishirrs are not beinj cleaned to vo«r absdnfc <:atf^clion dcn'l fire the maid or throw the s.-eener aw»y or trade it in for little cr nothing Kerardles, of Bike asc or condition, we guarantee to put it In new order for a fraction of the ccst of .1 new machine. We will rladly demon ittate the nuH7 os« of your cleaner attachments free. Think HEFFNER ELECTRIC SERVICE _. c/o Gilltn Furnitve Co riHme « 8 ' ' ' FnuUcHetoer Something to BLOW about! ALL OUR NEW SUITS FOE PALL HAVE 72 OF THE BENCH TAILORED DETAILS FOUND IN HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX $65 TO ,$75 SUITS LAST SPRING. Bunch Tailoring's the tiling; always has been—but the soft chnpc, easy fed ;uul com fort have been costly. Not now! Harl, Scliafl'ner & Mni'x give you 12 of their $G5 lo $75 Bench Made tailorinrr details in Greater Value ."nils this fall. Sturdy, long-wearing worsteds, with ihc fine hand work ant] rich Scri.sol linings arc the biggest $24.50 worth in this man's town or any other man's town. Drcs? hotter; feel better; treat your biulgcl belter—in a New Hart, Sclinffiiev & Suit. $ 24 .50 EXTRA TROUSERS S5 New Mead Clothing Co. Wreckage In Wake of Puerto Ricati Hurricane PACE THBfeB pictures, niMii-d Ijy ulrpliini! frcm rwitu millions of diilliiivi \\urlli of damn by the Him. storm, nnd ill lelt Is fytff-*!* «fii*sr«*«e|. : .fiai:s^^jT%:-..x':.^* K w ~wp?r??*i»-••;••£• •mC'^i : -^ :h '~-'^^^' J( '- - : --••}"•::,'^-'^m^& '."-'••- ' :'..," Uv'••;/,•'.'..•'.."•" : '-~:.'" ; -"'-:' ! ' : ''^'.^^ '^^•^i^^M^^j by HnndoJph NiclioL-;, «•«.. „ cli:_ipel Wednesday murnlu:; by Uiu [Jrnmallc club srjansurMl by . NirfioJ.s. Tilt club i;lniis to Klve a play cadi Wcdm-sdny morning. Miss Bttliv Hires, accompanied l>y Miss Louise TmmT. bruiidcnsl atcr K1X3N at BlythevDlc. Tuesday af- •crucon. Mr. anil Mis. Herman Splirr ml clitldrcu visited in Ulyllic.- vlllc Wednesday. Among I hose wlio attended the fnii 1 al Memphis Thursduy wore MeEdniues Alvln Wiindcrlleli. liny Graham. Foster Yntcs nnrt Misses Meredith and Olivln Gruhnin, and Junior Wiindcrlleli. Mi. nnd Mrs. D. w. Thwcall !liop|icd in Memphis Wednesday. Miss Mnblc George vlsllcd In Muinpliis Tuesday. •' titles Corner News Mrs. llfiinlc lii-siic shopped in Hlythevillc I-'rldiiy. Floyd Orlllhi Is spending a few days wlili nis mother lii Kipk-y. Tcnn. Those nllfndliij llic .MId-Souih fair In Memphis TluirKlay vnc Mc'sdniiK's Clnu-ll: Imtos. Clyde O'Neal. Mary Miilr. I'.'.u Misnos Iris O'Neal, Lain lihcn! llaiwl Lilies, and Messrs. Charlie, Ulyd" nnd Jim Henry, Wallvr Hiks and Louie KlinmQmun, Mra. Henry Lutes has hern nl- icndlng Ihe fair at Uitosvilb, Mo. Goiirlnr Hi-ws \vnnl Ails Ilkhrr IMiir.idcni Survvv liAlimiilHlKCIII. Va. 'UP)—A loimimiiUe ol colleje preskltiiUf :.lnin-l : i Mu-vcy o ( 'i,]^,,. ,,du ca . »i'ii In IVnnsylvanlH under the "I I'ul.lli: Instruction. The lilitdy «'lll trim part of the ten-year piivirnin of rdnnillcii belli-; inc- rnitd f«r picKentiillon hi the I'lllll!. NO SLEEP, NolESt""" STOMACH GAS IS CAUSE Mm. A. (Jlund anys: "Fur years I had u Lml slnmnch and (;as. Was nc'vvons ami could not sleep. Adlcr- lltii rid mi 1 <:f all Klonnich (rouble and unw I sleep fine." City Drill! Store. _ AUv . W-G Ucad Courier News Want Ails.",. 'Splittinq" Headaches; out about ./»-«, r . .K., nli.c,i!l-vrKcl.ihl« lantivc Uouitlit uuidt itlicf nn<l i|iiK:t ih'n-cs tKfautK littered hrr tvsttm of |>ui wnsti,—ni^le liow^l raiy dnil rcpilar, Tl«rj«inl» lak J.crto«nc.. Ihm, teiill«irn.Onlyinc.i more pleasin 'if » ! Chesterfield Jinttio I'royrnm ~ Every night oxccpt Rumlay, Coluinlihi Coaat- to-Coast Network. Chesterfield Enough Turkish... but not too much You can smoke puck after pack of Chesterfields... and never grow lircrl of the tiislc. That's partly because Chesterfield uses just the rigdl amount of Turkish tobacco to "season" ihc mild, sweet Do-' mestie tobacco. Too much Turkish makes a heavy-smoking cigarette'... too little takes something away from taste and aroma. Just enough of the right kinds of Turkish tobacco—that's one reason ivhy Chesterfields SATISFY! , Uawn * KTBJ TouctoCe.

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