The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1950
Page 13
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FRTDAT, JUT.Y n, van r •LII'IULVILLE (ARK.) COURIER K15WS OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE TKTRTEBN . _ . _ OUT OF OIL AGAIN?THAT CLKH- .M& Like CASTANETS MOSTA 66€N TUB , ^_ 66AR1MGS/-*— ,/C^ s«e OfA.v ^-M jow UE«X?E TWM 6UENS 6U6Wn.Yl0UM(0«-6|-Z£ ATOMIC MOR6 OIL V CtOUD THAN WE Jl OOT Of TH6 RADIATOR PACIFIC FLEerX I HEARD A POP , WE'D SAMeJ LIKE BUBBLE GUM AND •-V ^M-(^-rn6MOTos MotieY FIMISH>^ SOeiJECT TO IHG fms TRIP K APOPLEXV 2 OKAY. WISE (SOY, WELL SEE HOW 'lOU CO IT- COME OW. GET WTO THESE/ WO MAATEUES J I VJOULDWT rexz MG —TuL \evEW SMIL.E (3O WHERE THEV \ IF SWEET MERELY KMOCK I ALICE BEW >1 'EM «xl S(OUE f> BOLT < LAP/ Vr KMOCKeD) OUT ALICE *J BUY A 6LOV4OOT PATCH FOR. MY 6CAIM ? O .R WILUAMC? 7-21 WOULD fee HANDY THE SIl-EMCEES Political Announcement The CourLej News has t>eeij authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July M and August 8 •ft rOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOit STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H Aulry Re-election Post No 3 John .1 Cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banks Post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Post No. 4) W F. Wells For Slate Senator W R. Nicholson J. Iff Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osce Nunnally William Berryman For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION Iti a majorjty of casei investigated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wat improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. tf your doctor has diagnosed your condition as furtctfonal Kidney frnpairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very berteficcal. Try it for a few weeks. II is delicious, pure-tabling, and may be consumed freely. Croittown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MoantainYalley •MiEter-^^^ Copyright 1950 VIll WfENDY H1LLYER, the driver's " license said, was 24, five feet five. 114 pounds. Her eyes were green and the data understated that her hair was red. The space reserved tor occupation was blank. Confirming her identity were $450 worth of travelers' cheeks. "What are you doing so far from Cleveland, Miss Hillyer?" , The green eyes stared at me in sullen resentment. This baby was going to be hard to handle, "Did you ever think of ollering a lady a drink?" "O. K. Name it--maybe I've got it." She said she would settle (or bourbon aighball. I made the highball and poured a straight one for myself. I kept a. wary eye on her the while, for I was taking no chances with this numbei, I took her the drink and handed it to her. I didn't notice until she hac it in her left hand that her right hand was concealed and that foot was tucked Jack under the chair. Then it was loo late. A wildcat couldn't have been faster. She threw the contents o the glass into my face, and as staggered, blinded and aware that I had fallen for the oldest trick in the world, she conked me with the heel.^of the slipper she hat taken from her foot. Later 1 woke up staring at the ceiling. My head ached mightily at the temple, I washed my temple in shavinj lotion, and it burned like fire, walked out the back -way am down the fire stairs knowing wel enough that the red convertible would be gone. I had been ou nearly an hour and a half. walked down the alley. No taxi chose to come along at that moment, but a bus and i reached stop at the same lime* and boarded it. I got off within couple of blocks of the parking lo ontnimng my car and walked to i . I headed for McGregor's place. My car is equipped with a short- ave radio, and I turned it on. It vas lust possible that tny failure o show out at McGregor's and rit'sl the old man would irritate •Leever enough that he would put tut a pick-up for me. There was a pick-up for me, all ight, but it wasn't the kind I'd nought. It was a pick-up for murder. McGregor was dead, and gathered trom the headquarters syntax that I was wanted for the ob. * * * 'PHE juke box at the Wee Spot -*• kept running full blast, for i rept feeding nickels into it The aropricior and his wife weren't liking H. for they wanted to listen to the radio on the bar. I didn't want them to listen to it, and that's why I kept playing all the loud piectfs on the juke box. I was also eating sandwiches that tasted like paper sacks and drinking beer that was giving me a slightly groggy feeling. But il was the only way that 1 could keep on using this back-road beer joint as a hideout without stirring up the suspicion of the proprietor and liis wife. Maybe they were suspicious anyway, but a customer is a customer and business is business. While I'd been driving down the bnek alleys and country Janes trying to avoid the patrol cars 1 hat picked up some more stuft abou The State vs. Ben Corbett. I was in a jam this time, and it looked as if only the passing of a miracle would get me out of it. The whole story about the four $1000 bills was on the regula wave bands by now, with spo newscasts keeping the public alive to the latest iniquity of Ben Cor- bolt, sometime chief investigate in the office of the attorney gen eral. I was no longer on the pay NEA Servke, l»c. oll, tor Keever had announced iy suspension. i could hardly blame him, Shei- on had hod to level, and the story f the four grand was enough to ook my goose. But when the our grand added up to the murder of poor old McGregor, Keever lad a plain right to lose bis temper, • • • A NY man with a sane mind would believe me guilty. McGregor had threatened to expose my acceptance of bribe money it arrested him. and I had chosen he one way out to prevent ar- •esling him and the consequent exposiire. 1 had sneaked back into the McGregor house, leaving my car in a back road and using the cover of the woodlot at the rear of the house, i had crept up on Shellon, knocked him out with a alow from my automatic, then gone up the stairs and shot Mc- rcgor in cold blood, t wondered if Sholton really thought that He had been mentioned on the radio because of the assault upon him and because of his statement that McGregor had threatened me with exposure. He tiad been described as "a friend of the fugitive," I thought that explained to Keever why 1 would pull anything so crude as sneaking and killing McGregor with Shelton as a witness to McGregor's threat. Keever would think I had counted on Shelton's friendship lo keep him silent about that threat. Well, J wouldn't have been that stupid. Shelton is a clean-cut kid who would level in a case like that, no matter how much he would hate putting me in a crack. 1 still did count on Shelton to come through with all the chip* down. That's why I phoned him, telling him to meet me here at the Wee Spot, (To B* Continued) We're Proud of Our Work i work • Woodwork cturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing Among the Siriono, an Indian tribe of Bolivia, a father changes his name to that of a new son. adding a phrase meaning "father of." HOMEMADE PIES Speedometer Repair All Makes & Models — Cars and Trucks One Day Service — Factory Warranty T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phone 2122 w A IETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry «nd Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA WATERMELONS! We Take Your Order Mrs. N. .t. Ilumphrej Call 2359 For your old Regardless of Condition on any 8 Ft. G - E Refrigerator Hubbard & Hoke Ice Cold 4c Lb. Warm 3c Lb. Cantaloupe* 20c Blytheville Curb Market 130 East Main Here's One Way To Save Money BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Scolt-Alwiler Outhoarr! Motor—"the new motor with the shift." Arkansas Traveler aluminum boat., Jimmie "B" marine plynood boats Barhccue Pits—easy to assemble Wilson alhlclic equipment Wilson tennis balls and racquets Sadmrntan itts—Shatt)ec«cla Phont B762 421 W. Main Expert Service H-fl LT€RS QUflLJTY SHOC SHO tzi w M a i NOW Trade for a Better- Driving Used Car SPECIAL 19M Dntft U-Ton Pickup. Yon can't tell It from brand nev . . . only 1.700 actul miles. $1195 '49 Stadehaker Champion 4-door —fully equipperl . . . overdrive, radio and healer S1495 '•16 KorrI 2-rfoor—a very clean car at a Iremenrloui savings... J7J5 SKE TIIKSK TRUCKS '49 Chevrolet !4-Ton Pickap— good heater and a clean truck '« Sliirtehaker !i-Ton Pick very low mileage, has tar Sladebaker Cllmatiier Heater J1WS AND MANY MORE! Chamblin Sales Co. TMT Frteudtj lt*4tWket neater* R.R. * Ash Ph^ne 6RSS A B«ver« fas« THAMKS , L-D HAVE BEt» WASHING DISHES FOR A MOW 1 1 OF MY JOB IS RESCUWG SHEILA'S DnCHtD -PATES / Mow LOMS- AR6 STAND PORTiliS PANNYGAZOO -< WHERE'S '(OUR PRIDE, SOMV I'M VMQRRIEO \ JUST A SUMMER ABOLir FR£O:teS- AllMEUT OFTEN ME DoeSMT. lAFPLJCTlNG TEEM- I LOST IfWIIEM I FCXJMO SHEILA,. JL GUESS ir I WAS KNOW AS LOVE-SICKNESS./ "That new girl who just started to work yesterday looks terribly stupid to me—see if you can find out if she was hired to take my job!" t'RISCIU.A'S I'OI l.el s lie SncciTic HY AL VERMEEB -:by(.OH, HERE SOU ARE 1 BUSY WITH M3UR -f/aV FISH RODS AQAIN!/^ 'if I DON'T KNOW! ARE "vDU ^SURE. >OU WOULDN'T GIVE, —-y^OrfoJ: ER ' THAN ^ AlR... DO YOU MEAN „,, CASTING ROD OR THE NEW SPLIT BAMBOO' JJY MICIIAFJ, O'MAJ.LEY and KALPI1 LANH) f '= SACK. \ SAY? J VEff \ fLIKT. .) IS THERE ANY ,'AX Of SNEAK IMG PON HER? SHE'lt 1UMP IF I Al HER IOOK DOWN TtWT \ YOU MAY GET BOBBY BAUD, AHO HOI BEFORE CAI'TAIN KASY A Man Running HY I.KRI.IE TURNER LOOK, ft YHEV WRECKED CAE Bur THERE'S no SIGN OF THE JEEP WITH FATHER'S THERE'S A FELLA EUMWING THOSE BOCKS! LET'S GO 1 ns THE SAME THAT WAS OGWIUG BUT HE'S THAT MUST HE BEEH THE FEILA I SAW RUNWWG AWAV. WAIT HERE,..I'M GOING (\FTEC HIM! THKT BIOOWU SWAB EUW LIKE A JfiCK- RfVBBIT WIIEM HE- SEEN ME. BUT HE CANT GlUE OLE BULL DAWSON 7H' SUP" I HEAE. SOMETHING LUMBEWHG BUGS I5UNNY THIS LOOKS UXE A GOOCJ PI-ACE TO STA^ZT! CVE\VV SPECK OF CM3T VVEMOV FV.'Oi>A AIN'T GONNA LIXE TH15! E3UT I THINK I C(XN FIX IT I , I!Y V. T. IIAMI,IN -V TWENT MILES! HAH.' I COULD SV/IM IT Ei\5ILY.' Wri£N DO HE WHO DO ^-x SWIM TH' YOU THINK \ CHANNEL 1f?U AEE-- LEANDSE HE ODKT...HE SWAM THE HELLESPONT. A STJ?AIT IN TURKEY ABOUT FOLK MILES . WIDE. ONLY FOLK NOW WAIT A MOMENT. \ V,'ELL ME33E IT MILES? AN' OOP...THESE PEOPLE ARE) WAS...1F THSY THESE FOLX5\ NOT ALONE...! fOO, /HIS HANDS TIED THINK TH\T'S V THINK IT WAS .. -</ oz SUM HOOTS AND HKR ItUDDIKS BY !•;!)(:All MARTIN

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