The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY,'MARCH HO, 11)31 SWE (ARK.) COUIUKH NKWS Three Cheers For Chief Executive Federal Relief Loair> in Arkansas Approximately 43 Per Cent o! Total. rAYETIKVILLE. Ark., March 30 lOP)—Arkansas farmer; are rc- i :vinK approximately 43 per cc-iu i.f Ihe loam Rr:-ntrd by 'bi Farmer's Se:d Lean office al Memphis. n. J. BurUssn ol the I'ms-emtv n! Arkansss Ayricu!tu:al EMens-ion deparlinenl said iciiay. . Burlcsou svas in clinr;;e cf a staff c( rc r .-e:i cxionsicn ivurk.i.- vho pissed e:i crappin-j pta^'.i o' applications frcm this Male. Three primary reasons to;- hcii'.y grnnieii Arkansas ss-cie f iv:n b.; Bmlescn. namely, ura-.ior luues, Irom last year's dri-Mih. luc-al i;ri.d- i - il ccndilicm, mid the effective 1 or- , ganizaticn of county c^mm:tt'os by exlension agents. fu.vde. to Visit IMfrnphis : »-x V/ASHIKGTOK, March 30 (UP)' .. i—Secretaiy of Agriculture Hyde will leave tonight to confer \si!h: i'AOE-THHKl. Qffl. Test Sliows Ullra-Violcl Rays istudhsWorkoi Local Ul-U „ „ •' I foiintu HoaUl, IT n ; )o Not tie! lor Blood Quality; AO!ivlllM County Health Unit 11V 11)1. MOHKIS l-!Sltm:i\ i i l.t. ll.i- IliMllii .llasa in the program o(. ths Comity Healih Unit are ".. ".'"!•'.::• e.wcluC.'d dial UK-re- veins fc " i " S , bU " lied hy "''' "' M ' Swvcn - -' ' '• I"• Ill-he" In M...MII,-,- in, ,,. •'• c ". «' CSi-swioKl-ivmc.. win spent a . ' ' •;.l»rl of h,t week Hers. He .ves. I ni:Nvn«. roi.. Miir. :in . . I A [ D[ oK-rnlne. -,sc:'lh.T in' .> 1-,-vi.v i in (•k'flllllc ',Sc:'thiT I:l- J1 '" ' "•'">' iu\ Mi'-"- l.:; 1 K.iiuv; 1 '.v r-.t I'lrpil c - •; n ,, , ,., , , ,, -•"—,"•" Unv i.',, lilf .ht dio,',- to l!..o h:.,n. ,-f lcv " f 'I'-' "'" •' '"• • »•••':" V.M.OC'.S. :,„-.. ,, !!,, ,,,,„,., ,„„,.,,, „„ „, lc """-" «<•« n (Hal county waj !..'.it;-.:K ( -f i)if rurkv nuun-i i n 7| "•''"i 1 ''I '-'> DH-'U:-, <;c'-i!d tlv : i-.i,:!;:-. ni:rlr ni i'i<- bh wl Mum , , |n "'"- c "? tllc ''""ZOncy i'e loi: l.» I!,- fit.-.l lime sliici-V-ir- ""'""I - ni::1 »- - -f:ihy I.yoiis to If/I every IK-.--!I.>|<- m.,;' o.< ••!,-• -;..-,- ,i '"' ;a m ' c "tly approprlal':! by con-.. IV I:..'' Wi-ek ssl, cn ., I,-!,,,.,,.,, „„. III,::.- ,-f'i ft, ,,[ u! :',-,. vinlr-l On a . In l',id,,- (ll . (,.,; ;| u . nl'l i'-"vio'-t : ^'''^ t0 thc |Klh!1C h " lUl1 <«« = > lf."('"<: :i.s !uiy l;, il Ll -, m n ],„., . «iv.,, ,,; ,hil,li,,, s;hu wi-vo t,liv:' i.n.s ..-,-., wi.!;.,:ii .specific-' tfiu:'' ' "' :ili '' u:i!lcls «™ at Mario:). A .-I'.-.'in lasi-d Inlonulll. ntly> ti-ii'i'd s'.--:ii lln- l:'.s- In- l>iuc:rn-- :! n a :l s- „,- ,| ••, ],],, : .,] f^i,,,.;. <luii:: ; !!.,• \svok. IK thlnl -i:;vk I'l ''"' ''• ''•'' ' <( 11; ' s lllil ' i' 111 ".'-;. "' '"'''"' ' " " (I. :., ,v,olvo 11,, d!,,ct , , I j, . :v.-i! o'jlnlneei from Uii al f.f :i l):-n:-l!lan river by divers, .'ho iuioorll their lives in a su-ift . |ri:ii:nl tliai sometimes cuts their HUM against iharp rocks. Ml i.:!-;] l.u.. !:,.[ Ml-jlil. Til- wind' '•'' ""' :1 " '-'"•'"<• '"•' "iii'ti.- u m , ,|. , v (,,,;, a , H,,^ ,.,,„.,,, n ., I •I-'- 1 -'!-"I. v was Idle, lloi'.-.'lvv. ,111,1. "»•" "1 •'•'• '-in.!!- :.v<:m! r.oni>.,[.,,.,,,,, ( , b ,'„.[,',., ',! ;( mi) "itmos -.s-vro milil- : ^ re-:-,-!-.,- --.isil'.-hi Ix-Hli.d nl^-j : „ , ( l }„-.,'-, i J T'™,' i" , r - nl!lr '™ "^u-iuza), or. l'.:,(!i,. SVHS hiimivrcd. : «''>"-H «"'i!a n.-nsmil ll-.o ulna- . .-,.'„,.,. ,M i,--m'- r.v'iat i ! '', lllvc .".'- w ] ll '° 'f !t " r . ':•'•-'•" <;-!i...l rhlidi-cn and iho vf "'" '«: - ih- :ii»M Rr.-iip i,, 1( - . V,' 1 "„.• '. 1 ',., 1 ..".,: .'.:,'<:.,;.,,"- " " j ^ ui:Kt (t " Kl KoW l»™:ii:tcies al d'.is.i in t],,,|i' bus svorc |.-a])[>,cl ! Cl ' 1 ' 1 ' ll!;i - l - v - '• = >':iv- !i..-n » n:-r-; _ i i'---':- - a:).eiv. ! in :i i!!"iiiii:iiii»tis Miosvdilll Tlnn 1 .-'.- ! n ">' vl ' 1;1 'i' ; »'"- lamp, anil Ihe' " ~ — ;t!:iy Mir! Vrlilny. Their plWu mid i !"i»'lh i:i..:ii> I.- MI\- .:• n n iitn..|. Tin 1 !!-'"k n! Ki-.i'l i;:d Ins ;:-. j Abcul 75 per rein of the bill ':".-'.•: -I'l-oii. mi i-uic til ilv- in-vv I n'Cf-lvliii; no : i.vt'i-,1 I' f;ns • own climchyiiid :i(!juli'.lii : .; ^vlu-r. ' aro.i uf UciiHiark is under cullUa- ." M.'.M r-.v cf Hie childron ih'rl.shi'd. '• lll '"'' vrl ' i many <f tin- ollk'i ; il-i li.iv.- bC'.'ii i liui, nrui siip]>i:es a livelihood \3 in inl'lltioii in their diis-rr, C'url : 'I he cliildien ram:' d in niv from:'""' l ' ! '- iil>:'.iil :il per mil ot its population. < M:!lvr who rtlril sftklni: lu-lp ' i tsvn to 11 yi-nrs. Whlli- Ilii-y ssi-ic. " -•-•...— - Tin- h-|.;i-ily i-,;.[ir Tussn-r ncarlv • (Siii'-'nii-liiK lit .ii'iv.: •! :l:i,!'.ii ss-.-:v (? f^ £*• Si^K-UAJ: & cna*.f*** *>• ^m m ivs-a'. uuplicalctl ne:,r Symcuo.; IIIIK!,- u! Ih- Mt.H •i-.i.Hi-r ..[ i.-d | w. <7. $5. ^QVC fllC K^IEW ^TwENaTH I fv:in ;-.! - IC-iolii Glover, a u-acli- I'loo.d i-i-ll-. and •:( '.s'li," iiiiind IT!;--, * —«.««.-«.« — . —.... . i Or. h.-::l Ul .sun'.ins In lii'i school- uf thi> u-ii <i.:n:n: ::vi:'r : - i:; Die i . •l:o'.i'.' iliiviiiK 11 bli/znrd until help i Mood, and of the ([iialily uf iiu>| -tcccr |j I oriivi-.l. T.vo otlu'r probablo rtlsas- j b!u.i;l iiom-rally. drouth relief ollicbk it Mom- i r ' V1 "'''-!. Tv.'o other probablo rtlsas- j b!oa;l iiom-rally. ; EPJV;'.rK5t?f.j <r WJT ! l phis Tc mi '•>•!>•'••<• ^ u ssas an i:nprc.ssivo scow w!i?;i. a:, i.!iessn above. oHiccrs and crew of l!in U. K. :=. Arizona. crowdlnS j lor.: ...n- avoitrd In liie same vie-. So fur as tlv> vi-d i-ol.irini: !;ir.f,:-r ' ^i)'^lf^\ •£•£] Mins Lottlo Hyde announced plans for Ih2 " :t> " ll!ls ;in ' J ! '"' lois of >h? Miip. nave three rousing clieer:. for P::siaonl i:-j;vii- dui)i-.<; l!ie tiniso loi'""^ •"•' Horucc, Kims., rescuers j ol llic blerd \vi i - i«n'-f-.-ii'u. tin-, S^.-'fi'iWjf^jJ-.'Jivj '!''" ''"jlia 1 ". ph: Hyde annonnced plans trip lo'Jay after a couli'micc a', i'orlo Ilico. fi marked, loo. liie end in the most made. "The loans are certainly hillin?' the spol," Hyils added. Hyde iiibmittetl figures lo the: prcs'ltient showing 29 stales had re-' ln "-"• h. S!c..!.\NL , ..vliit-h Norlh shr.nicl c.irry to foir- ceived loans. Among Ihem svere : S«retury Bri<l B ^ hearts. Arkansas. 55,'217,597; Kansas, 536.-' Tl '- . ollr l '- so iwevicus articles, ve Ham] C 051; Kentucky. $1.182.825; Missis-. dcsciiheil the tsvo clLb fcrcliu hid. South bids Isvj club?, North tsvn sippi, S2.422.5U: Missouri. Ot.l02.-:' n Hie fcllosiin:; examples. North 1 - di,inir,n:ls. 'South -shnsv^ 1 his first •9''5- Oklahoma, Sl.072.053 anil-Ten- hand d.T.'- mr. contain !he vernii-—:- fir.:: n.-al suit by bk'::i:r HKH>=, 51.0U1.050. " strength In n-rp-iri t? th-. tssn r]:ib Tn examine C. Noil:-, ^jo'i'.: 1 ic- ' : biti v.-i'h iiayihhv: b',;t f-vo <ILi- F|xm:l svitii ivo :n !;-..m,). S:mt!i nrs' i rn i • i monds. 'Ilii- pi-.i::?! 1 .nannpr in '-s'ill then $hnv; 1m s-eo-iO )-oil -atii rllUl llUareillia .v.hich the b::!s E!I;I'I|.! Ii- n.!! by biclilii!- tl-.rrp hear;;, r.nd Sort: |by both partners svith various hil:)-' jn:i:p5 to fuur- iieniis. S::p;)DsinT. dr-'-cvib-'!!. ' !'.T|VPV?r. Cnat v.-e take ihs four of PEIEIL FBNE" iointsntiied. I took seven largo size of 8.S.H. It K r(1 atly im- pruvcil my vondilinn. .My .ippetita Iiickcd up. My weiElilwus restored mill 1 now feel line— In fact, I feel like a new IMM-SOH. S.S.S, isasplon- .»did Ijluoil tonic and 1 recommend it •-.••' to my friends. My mother also- ' ' took S.S.R. anil it renewed her . • slvetiRtli." You, too, will want to .,,' l.nko S.S.S. Select llic larger oizo •" JIH it holds double the Minintity nriil represents u price savinf.os.S.S. Co. o x v i 11 Ti-mi., v/rilcs: ''My appetite «'elr lius '.iveinw ' '"" cr llv ::iv.iii -;f ii rlill- ; ami. cou!il not :;lec;i v.-ell at In my nm.own co:i- ililioii even my c«:::int, r school for the blind -.vlicra | i:i:?-.:i-:' To!, u sheep hmivr at 'tendency lo the falling off "f vnl- irr.-i of iic'.-!rtfi:ls are cuts] R!ve);.jii. Wyo nucl a boy ni'ar'ncs urns. ', Mav. r- sUuly, ll'.i' C V C T C» C *» T t>. D. O. I O rt » C in Severe Form ; West of Oseeola ALL : (Al .S- -S-5-2 •mi. OSCEOLA, Ark.—Another case oi H—(5-3 Uilaremla, or rabbit fever, th? fifih D S-4-3-2 case of n comparatively rare, di;- ' c 7-C-1-7. eace t2 develop in ^.tLssLssipp: conn- : ,,... ty during ;hc pr.s' tv.'o years; is re- K __o''n ^, ported by Incal physicians. The pa- -j| (•_"•("'' licn^. a nc^)-o v.-cman on MeFer- ( j >- o 8 ^Ts: plantation \vcst of Oscec'.a. han f_-*~,- • ./ r <iJ..elc:^:d cue of the nyjst a:;;r!i- '-»-'>-:• vat^d cases of the ulcoro glanchilfiv - t.ypr- of ti:hremh in the experience • S—K-O-J-'Jof local physicians. The wr:n->n i " A-K-J-,-1 th5-' say. has dEv?!:p?:l 23 p-ima-;.- IJ--A-7 lesions on one ::i-.nd. Pr;v!c:r, cases ; . . c ~ 5 of tbe tcv:r dawlop^l hep I;—! To , ,, Dceirin a ccmpA~tiv=!y ni:U[ form ,„ t ,^ bic | di , 1Tr S ;,^'. :,,,,,, C—K-7-G-I mi K—S-5 SOTJTii Another dis^as?, aho tare, \vhic'-. th? eame in five him tho ion of s|"i:]e?. le.ivir.T ! thr; hrait': a:i:l cluly: lly.-?.'.:-.!-. !-••'. : eii'ht and fivr of spart33 tii-.ti the i king, fniw] ar.d eicht, cf diimor.:','. • Ilie biel:lm:-r WDi::a thti: b; Sail-:; I i t'.vo oinbj. N^rtii L'.\ o .lianr.n-i:. • .South two sp.irtes. North v:c.-jld :>-i: '.\r.i; for 5z'. th to .^!ic:v hi. f •:: : :?- : J s^i:. but ::'*eu!:! irii>n';:.i?.'.'.;.- ;:!:): = Up ccntr.icl 10 lov,r r,r,:.irj. Ii3n:l !! S'ulh ffn clubi. N.T.tli ;.-.-. - ;: . ' nnr.rts. s-uth I-.VD sp.v.i:-. X.- • i-• Ki:th ihe-AT hi-; seocnt! real :•••• !r:d:!ii.j tbrr? iie-aris. 1C;:t: •-'.'- . L-ho-.jkl - th'cn r>!:! • I?:;-. : ai7rn':T '• x - : . svhicli t:io:i- s ih.-.i he ha: in :•-. the lo water — says Chesterfield i tnvn the-most viclcnt form and t\vo' Ifaml A | nicnus for North. deaths have resuheil. Th^ ca«c-.' South b?s the renuir::l': i (Cl> nyi!;ht. 1931, NBA Scrv::o. Ii-,-. physicians say, are singulp.i 1 !:i th-; to bid t'.vo clubs, ^:olt'^., UorJin-j cvay patient has been a fcreast-f?.! . le:s tlia'n an ace arrj a >ing y.-\ 1n lcr ! Krr eiVf ariioic. v.- -. v ;i| ..•-.., baby, \vhUD ordlmrily it i-. t'a. s bst-:t-*o accf.' rosp::i:N -..-r.;.. tv.v °fi:- ' < " san ' pl;s r ' ! "'3 .proper bMI'-i tle-teS ba':y \viio fr.jis pr;y lo th * monds. Soi:;h' now silo-.-- ••(•; fi-r ; R ''' cn Dili's Iclid crpiaii s *iif.'i- disease. The physician:; af.rib-.i'.e i : . ; real rtertarjtio:. bv bii:!,-!^ :-.v o ' C ' CI1 ' .s.«rcnj!!> la niak« a p-^-*-,to deficiency in Ihe mother'.- dist.-spatifs. Xorth's c!':a;):s!. 'Vrtificir;. j '"f'-'^e ratlirr (ha.i ti 1= ; w -o clh- s.-i.-:- u -.'-rls ..-:...- c:i r.rr-o'jni of th- resp^ss is tsvo no trump. Scutii " lcn<1 "st^nr?. dro-jth has been limltsd to '03:ir shows his other rc.-.l sui:. bv bll- p:cu!larly larking in mineral cm-.ding three hsarts. Nci-ih Is n~: • {' : '',--.-.i- f,-,-,. | urr^'a tent. 'happy s'.ith eilher c' f:c r!e:',ara- ' " " L," >Jjl --'-ia ^ lions, bnt makc^ the n"-" c'l'.-'.'^-'. ; l!-''" r ''l j >5l A 1P P N? r nc"^ WHies Frnm Italv to -"^f ," y "'*"?* ""^ """'"•' ""-— f i 1 , r^ • nr-ll : SDllth lns n pDrfecl rl '' :lt n ""' ' •' OSCEOLA. Ark.-EU-tUn oT;-i--^ LpngratUEDlO C-V.caj-O ftilil I 1355 «'•= lllf ee spades. H?;:vmb- f cr (>.„ ., r .,-i r i^.i c io c ii-,, i,," j].,7 ' | h j'. th = roeiiilrc-ni-iits n i:r>-i ;:: on , „,, A ^ n 7 ,-,,; ^' K npo-Q,,,..,',:, Ccngrafjlatinns en I'-? a'.; "'-"'"i' ( -V-" '' : ""•'•' ""'" > - i '"' -<-->•—• • • ' - ' ment of ils fifrieth nnnivrranv Iiav been received by Ihe- Ciii.a^u Mi: and Lumtor corporation frc!.. Di" ta- A. D. Trevor, of Tri?jt?. fta:y one of the company's ohl cnstem=r : . abroad. "It is not c^miarn nr.i u"'iv.-' «ites Mr. Trevis. "to c^m^ p.:—=- p^^rms of such an el?, stanji.]? an- : reputation, and we have oltpn .-.-.:- precinte your strict yp- :-.~>^- palhelic ss-ay cf handlim y": business." The 'Chicago >f;ll and L-.inih- corporalion. whicii r.osv cpr-- 1 -' nearly a dozen Imnber. bDS.'ve 1 .!!"- r.nd flooring plants in ihjr. i~ ccntiniially r.'"i>,-, n -.•.-?j;-.- lly bidilinj t':rcj r;:are; !:-.- -.:•::haps dcjs sho'.v p. pr.-fe-:o,ic:'' f Rii'.h t!'..r. !::.- hr.n 1 i.-. :n•-...-:'i.-i':\- spades, but he can j:r..--:. :,'j/t': : i;-.e only cr.s svlu I; rjv.iir.-:; ' l:i-s. Ckrks. J/N. Hun: :,:::: '•'.' \ \ Posvell. i Ju-loe-. r.n:l r!'-r>- --.---,D s--i:i ?;:,-. i law-:: J'.ir!«.'5. Kr.vl M.v-r:. p. .', ' C;e:k.--. c', V/ilscn ar.J :,!/ llsirl P Sealh iil.Is ciulj tliani:n.-!s. tc'.:t'.: ••:. [Jrti KT.i >::i'. by l-i;!:ii.o. orth in.-sV.-3 a ::-.i]-iin-..i:i i-- ,:;d anil snip:, its products thro-.^h-u: tsvo no tr'i;:i,!>. Hoiith r.'icsv-.'ir-;--'-1 (he world, was established in OH:- \ ond sui: by bidding thro- heart-. caiiO in 1881 by Herman I'aepcke.: -- '.members of whcpr: family are slill' active in the business. gVESt? MILLIOM JARS USED YfARLY LilUe Rock Girl Killed When Car Hits Bridge Rail l.TTTLE ROCK, Marrt SO. (UP> i —.Miss Hazel Erp. 18. was dcarl nntl | Ensene Sliackelford s:r!oiisly injured today foHDwin? p.n aiitcuu- ' bile acclrtrnl late la?t nisht. Two companions. J. H. Erwin. til" : driver, and Atiss Inez Burke;. ,--- capoel injury. Ersvin told offlr-rs ':r was forced off th; highsvav In- another aiitomobil3 anrt that he v.-.« unable lo place his machine undo:control before he crasrrel into a ' bridge railing. He was arrested on , charges of manslnnghlrr. Tnv^s'.i- ' gallon revealed the car left the litghway cO feet from tiie bridge en the wron5 side of the hislnvny. ' On the anniversary of (lie Tiitlb • / of Waterloo Ihe King of England receives from the roi'iiliis I3;ihi , of Wcllinglon a small bjnnor by whicli ,iiiuu.'>! prcgcntaticn the Duke holds Ihe estates voted his great ancestor by Parliament. youll fiad me swapping stories at the club" | It's no cosy matter to pilot a bucking Jog through white-tipped rapids. It's even hauler to pry a Chesterfield smoker loose from his choice. A man wants taste in his cigarette and in Chesterfield he gets it.. .The hitler taste of milder and better tobaccos —nothing else! Nothing else is malid. • • th.mks to the "cross-blend," which brings out the aroma and flavor of die tobaccos themselves! TOR NIN'F.TF.r-.N years, our Rcseirch Dcpim.K ,J kcptimim^tc icucli with every r.csv Jivdopr.'.t-iu of that ccidd be applied to llic nunuf^ciutc of ci^J.'eltcs. During this f ciioil (here his txcn no development of Kite-J value or importance to llsc smoker \vliicl] \vc Iiivc noc incorpotitcJ ir.lo ihc making of Clicstcrficld cigircucs. Liggett & M)trs Co. Greater mildness . . . better taste!

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