The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa on July 7, 1939 · 16
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The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa · 16

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
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PAGE SIXTEEN THE DAILY TIMES. FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1939 Store Hours Saturday: 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Clearance Men's SHIRTS Fifth Avenue Park Plaza Marjorie Montgomery SHOES SHOES DRESSES SI 65 fJlZylll Pairs ' Curtains 59c Cottage sets, tailored curtains, ruffled curtains. All our regular $1 to $1.29 curtains plus our single curtains formerly values to $2.93. Lace Curtains $;98 $298 Values to $2.98 Values to $5.93 Not odds and ends, but patterns that did not sell as readily as others. Qualities range from 3 to 15 of a pattern. Shadow, filet and combinations. Petersen's, Fourth Floor. Draperies Damask Draperies formerly $16.50 satin Draperies formerly $12.50 Damask Draperies formerly $9.93 Linen Draperies formerly $7.95 Now $495 Every pair of drapes in this group is full 50 inches wide and at least 2Vz yards long. Lined with quality sateen. Tiebacks! 79c, $1, $1.39 SLIP COVER Fabrics Choice 59c Yd. One-Cushioned Chair, $7.93. Three-Cushioned Davenport $13.93. Irish Point Curtains to $13.50 Genuine Irish point and point Ven- ice curtains imported from Switzer- X land. Pair and panel, 2'i to 21 yards. c Patterned & Petersen-, Fourth Floor. Club Aluminum 1 qt. sauce pan & cover, were $2.49, $1.49 2 qt. sauce pan & cover, were $3.95, $2.95 3 qt. sauce pan & cover, were S4.75, $3.15 4 qt. sauce pan & cover, were $5.45, $4.45 4 qt. dutch oven & cover, were $5 95, $4 95 lO inch skillets, were $2.95, now $1.95 9-inch skillets, were $2.65, now $1.65 12-inch steak sizzlers, were $2.49, $1.49 Ivory Enameled Ware 4 qt. tea kettles, were $2.75, $1.98. 3 qt tea kettles, were $2.50, $1.79. lk qt. double boilers, were $1.69, $1.29. 2 qt. double boilers, were $1.93, $1.29, .Covered kettles, were $1.93, now $1.29. 6-cup percolators, were $2.25, now $1.79. $21 General Electric Roasters Cooks and bakes a complete meal at one time. Completed A with rack-end utensils, heat' I control, guaranteed X.M Petersen'. Second Floor. r r Regularly to $2.50 Nationally advertised values! All sizes and fully shrunk to hold those sizes. Stock up now at July Clearance prices. Men's ELDER SHIRTS Regular $1.65 shirts specially priced to clear our stocks. Now 3 for $4, or each SJ39 Men's Shirts Up to $1.63 Broken sizes, some are slightly soiled fancy patterns. All sizes, fully shrunk. Choice 50c Men's Swim Trunks to $3.95 Just a few pairs of these fine swim trunks. Values X Ctt from $1 to $3.95. Clearance o KJll priced. Bow Ties Values to 73c Some washable, oth 3-sl ers in silk and rayon. Ties to be tied: Save at ' Men's Regular 65c Ties I IviJ 3J1 A group of specially priced ties that we want to clear, lour choice at Large Sizes Union Suits A real clearance bargain if your size is here. Just a A few. Regular values $1 to QyQ Silk and Rayon, Wash Ties lour choice, some are soiled. Actually values to 50c, and really a buy. To clear stocks 10. Petersen's, First Floor. Clearance Sale Mens Suits to s2950 iOff All wool worsted fabrics stripes and plaids, light and dark shades. Single or double breasted, plain and sport back style. Values from $20. Men's $7.95 Summer Suits Gray and tan stripes and( plaids single and double' :$4 hrpastpH Sanforized shrunk. $4.95 Summer Sport Coats Grav. tan. ereen pis plain fij mats. V S at.. V shades, checks and diagonals. Sanforized shrunk. Special $5 to $6.50 Summer Shoes Men's Uptown, Men's Deluxe, Men's London J r(( Shop Footwear. Choice of-v- JH all summer shoes. 4 Petersen's, Second Floor. Clearance BOYS' WEAR Sport shirts, wash shorts, knickers button-on blouses, values to $ 1, now 50c. Wash suits, pajamas, wash knickers. Values from $1.63 to $1.95, now $1. Wash longies, wool longies, bush jackets, airway suits, values to $2, now $1.29. Donmoor suits, sports coats, rain coats. Values up to $3.95, very special at $2. Summer suits, junior models. Wool sports coats, youths' $5 values, now U Off. Petersen's, Second Floor. Boys' Reg. $4.50 Dress Shoes Just 60 pairs of outstanding values for the younger boy. July clearance priced at $3 Children's Shoes Up to $5.50 125 pairs of Growing Girls' shoes in $1s2$3 brown, black, white, oxfords or straps All White Summer Shoes Discontinued styles in all 1 vrr white 25 off as marked.-- Jll Clearance for July only! 4 Petersen's, Second Floor. Clearance ART YARNS 5 Balls $1 A large selection including Angel Crepes and Bretton Tweeds in many colors 1 to 10 of a color. Stamped Goods, Odd Lots Model stamped goods and odd lot pieces from our regular stock. Choice at ' Clearance Hand Mades Our entire stock of hand-made models. Towels, cloths, bridge sets, etc. Specially priced at just 1 2 1 2 Petersen's, Second Floor. Second and Main Streets $199 $299 Regularly $4.95 Styles, materials and colors from the spring and summer season. Choose from BLACK, BLUE, JAPONIC A, WINE, WHEAT and WHITE. In KID, CALF, PATENT, BUCK and MESH. Reductions of 40 to 60! $6.50 RED CROSS SHOES Discontinued and shopworn patterns of Spring ( nop- 7.f$399 and Summer footwear. all sizes. Now Petersen's, Second Floor, First Quality Silk Hosiery 69c Great big July Clearance savings in 3-thread ' ringless and 4-thread stretchy top hose. Exciting new colors for summer and fall. All sizes. $1 Hummingbird Hosiery Genuine crepe hose in medium shades only. 50c Slightly irregular. Sizes 84 to 104. 5th Ave. Kant Run Hose Slightly irregulars in smart summer shades.' Reg- ff ularly 79c. All sizes, 8Vs Up to 104. The pair i Petersen's, First Floor. Munsingwear Satin Stripe Slips - $1.39 Buy these first oualitv. douhl panel styles in all sizes 34 to 44. Regularly selling for $1.98. Priced to clear at just $1.39. Petersen's, First Floor. SAVE! House Furnishings . Seat Hampers, $4.50, now $3.69; $3.98, now $2.98. Lightning Screen Painters, clear-v ance price, 5c. Wicker Waste Baskets, regularly 69c, sale 49c. ' Bird Gravel Paper, 12 sheets in package 5c. Plate Glass Mirrors, 10x18, attached bars, 89c. Brooms, 4 sewn, enameled handles, sale 29c. Mortemoth Liquid Spray, odorless, pint, 39c. One table of WAXES, 25c to $1 value, i2. Aluminum Measuring Spoons, set of 4, 5c 4 Tin Spice Boxes, enamel finish, 15c. Tin Cookie Boxes, enameled finish, 25c. Large size, 2-Way Dust Mops, special, 89c. Porter Carpet Sweepers, regular $2.50, $1.89. Petersen's, Second Floor, CHINA CLOSE-OUT SALE 33 1-3 to 50 OFF These three patterns Bridal, Sterling, Brandon in fine Bavarian China. Save at these Clearance Prices. American Dinnerware 32-piece sets yellow daisy pattern with harmonizing color line on edge, Clearance at $438 Dinnerware and Glassware 10c 15c . 25c One table of our closeout numbers in finer dinnerwares and glasswares. Take your choice, as they last. Close-Out Crystal Stemware Fostoria Needle etched. 39. reg. $7.30 do. Cut floral, reg. 57 doz. Each piece at. Petersen's, Second Floor. Tumble Table NOTIONS Assortment of garment bags, - pantry panties, girdles, sun hats, JL ribbons, etc. Values up to $3.50. . 2 Clearance Discontinued Buttons Some wood, crystal, galaith a f -4 f a few fasteners. I l I LI Value to $1.25 C 7C X C per card ....... Petersen's, First Floor, 299 $399 Regularly $6.75 Choose from BLUE, BLACK, TOAST, WINE, JAPONICA, WHEAT, WHITE and WHITE combinations. Shoes for Dress, Street and Sports. Open toes, open backs, closed toes, closed backs. ALL MATERIALS. 40 Pairs SHOES to $10.50 BLACK, BLUE, BEIGE gabardines BLACK and WHITE kid oxfords. At $499 50 reductions. Clearance at Petersen's, Second Floor. Spun Rayon PRINTS 49c A. B. C.'s Pic-a-bac, Dumaris, Wantong, Everfast's Nigah and Chundra. A splendid assortment. Washable. Crease resistant. 79c values! $1 Values Cotton Dress Lace Large assortment of light and dark colors. Lovely patterns. 36 inches wide. 79. Choice, yard Buckles, Clips, Slides to $1 Rhinestones, metals, crystals. - Also silk, wool and metal frogs. JL Values from 25c to $1. Now 2 Short Lengths, Dress Laces Group of short lengths of both dress lace and em- ( broideries. Reg. 69c to $1 SMp values KJ s 49c Cotton Print Novelties Sanforized sha n t u n g s and piques. Dark prints for 29c play, patterns for school. Yard 39c Cottons and Spun Rayons Smart monotones and gay patterns all on nat- f r ural colored backgrounds. A P 36 inches wide MJ Vat Fast Colored 45c Linens Navy, black and brown. A few dark prints. All pure 25c linen. Priced to clear! the yard "Her Ladyship" Organdies jndies 59c Organdies with a permanent Krinkle finish. Prints, plains and wovens. Colors. 49c Du Dhab Spun Rayons A spun rayon and linen fabric, soft and supple for 29c draped styles; fine for tailored! Yard , . . , , Cotton Sheers, Muslins, Swiss , Swiss 29c Powder puff muslins, Everfast pique voiles, Gallant Swiss. Regular 39c. The yard , Petersen's, First Floor. , Broadloom and Bordered 9x12 Rugs J. Off $32.50 to $125 Values Axminster, Wilton and Velvet rugs in blue, tan; textured and oriental reproductions. Hurry! There is just one group of these! Group of Wash Rugs For bath or bedroom! Chenille of heaviest qual- 1 rfe ity. Two tones, blue, green, black, red. O Petersen's, Fourth Floor. Clearance DELTOX Summer Rugs 20 Off Your opportunity to buy these fine quality rugs at real savings. Choice of blue, green, tan, gray and natural in sizes from 3x6 to 6x12 feet. Samples Chambray Carpet By "Gullisten" and sao- rificed at less than cost. 27 !$395 x54 inch samples, regular ly $14.95. Petersen's, Fourth Floor. $299 S399 Aim 4 $7 no 1 Brand new merchandise: Cottons, seersuckers, lawns, cham-brays, voiles, linens, etc. Prints, florals, stripes dirndle and swing skirts. 10-20. Play Suits Up to $8.95 Broken sizes and styles, 10-18. Cotton and sharkskins styled by Marjorie Montgomery. Special at 1 2 Spring and Summer Coats All 2 - piece suits in dark man - tailored s $5993399 colors, for trav or vacation wear 12-2(X Petersen's, Third Floor. New Yorker Shop Sale Coats, Suits, Dresses I Price Specially reduced to ONE-HALF AND EVEN LESS! Values from $29.75 to $69.75. Your choice as they last! COATS Up to $29.75 A collection of fin er coats for spring :$iosi5 and summer. Roth- moors included (a few, of course.) Petersen's, Third Floor. Sale Regular $1.98 Slips Some soiled from handling tailored and lace trimmed, not all sizes. Your choice at SJ27 $1.19 Rayon Crepe SLIPS Guaranteed seams, tailored styles only. Broken OO sizes. Your choice in fine ftftf rayon crepe JJ Tumble Table Values to $5 Soiled merchandise including cotton gowns, pajamas, dance sets, satin gowns. Greatly reduced. Better Dresses Up to $7.98 A range of not all sizes in much better dresses reduced. $6.50 values, now $3.89 $7.98 values, now $4.89 Petersen's, Third Floor. Clearance Children's Wear at $1.19 Jackets, dresses, skirts, sleeping garments, hand-loomed shawls, sweaters, knit suits, hand-embroidered sheet sets, -wash suits, bonnets, rompers, jodphurs, corduroy overalls, mattress pads, baby book. Values to $5.98. at 29c Jackets, aprons, bonnets, pajamas, cotton mesh unions, play suits. Values up to $1.98. at 59c & 79c House coats, slips, sweaters, pajamas, dresses, bonnets, rompers, sheets, novelty shoes. Values to $2.98. at $3.19 Junior dresses formerly priced at $5.98. 1 Spring coats, not all sizes, to $8.98. Petersen's, Third Floor. Clearance Sportswear at $1.09 Sport Shirts by Munsingwear, regular $1.59, sizes 12 to 20. Blouses, values to $3.98, broken sizes and colors. All types. Skirts, values to $3.98, dark and pastels, sizes 24 to 32, zipper. Sweaters, slipovers and cardigans, sizes 34 to 40, spring shades. Petersen's, Third Floor. Clearance Summer GLOVES A varied and broken assortment of values in odd lots. Values to $1. Clear- Mf ance at Mv Odd Lot Summer Jewelry An assortment of jewel-ry including necklaces, ll bracelets pins, clips. t yf Clearance priced ' Petersen's, First Floor. Harriett Hubbard Aycr FACE POWDER Luxuria or Beautifying Face powder, regular $1.10 size, now 65c; 2 for $1.25. Smaller size, reg. 55c, now 35c, 3 for $1. Petersen's, First Floor, Late Spring Early Summer DRESSES $299 $499 s6" $8" Included are prints, printed sheers solid washable crepes and sheers-one-piece tailored and dressy types also jacket dresses and dresses with full length coats. Sizes from 12 to 42, half sizes I8V2 to 24, junior sizes 9 to 17. Come and get them at Clear-Away Prices. Values as high as $19.93. Petersen's. Third Floor. Great Savings DRESSES Maternity Dresses to $19.93 Evening Dresses to $19.93 Wedding Dresses to $19.93 $499 Sg99 Maternity Dresses famous E-Z-on and Blessed Event Dresses, one-piece and jacket styles. Evening Dresses in sizes 33 to 42, early spring and summer styles. Bridal Dresses, white satin and net, save half on these. Petersen's, Third Floor. Fur COATS $59 $69 Choose your New Fur Coat from SEALINES, MOUNTAIN LAMB, MENDOZA BEAVER, LAPIN, CARACUL PAWS, MARMINK, MUSK-RAT, MOLE. Both fitted and boxy, styles that are very good this coming season. Buy now on Petersen's lay-away plan a little each week, or month and the coat is yours November or October FIRST! Petersen's, Third Floor. Davenport, Iowa Dial 2-1711 ; .4

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