The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
Page 5
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BtA'THEVILUS. (ABB.) COWfcJEft J THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1034 jrunior Former Heavy Boxing! Champion Expected To 1 Be Big Gate Al traction . Blacksmith I'edlgo. claimant ol Ihc- Junior middleweight, wrestling title and probably the best mnlman to ever show here with the very emphatic exception of Jimmy ixmdos, world's heavyweight champion, will appear on Monday night's mat card at the armory when Jess Wlllard, former heavyweight boxing champion of t!ie world, will be the third man in the rliiii, - The curd will be one of Ihe fcii- tures of the Armistice Day celebration held, by Ihe Dud Cnson post, American Legion, here Sunday an-1 Monday. Pedigo's opponent Monday nlghl will be Ralph Smith, the Jackson, .Tenn., professor of physical education and master of acrobatics ;Smllh and Pedlgo will clash in :i 00 .minute time limit, a out of 3 full •match. Boih are knou-n (o Jocnl •funs. The opening match O n llu- pro gram will b2 n 90 minute or less match. featu;hig Tiger Moore. Hie fast working Mlnml performer, and * Buffalo Joe. Bolh have worked Iiere v iind are fairly well known ID Inns In this sccilon, especially •Moore. Jrss Hljr Knougli Dig Jess, the gigantic athlete who once rilled the ranks of heavyweight '•pugilists, Is undoubtedly til(f enough to take care of his Job as referee, ^vei! when he was down to %ht- ;.lnjr weight Jess wns one of tile biggest champions In the history of heavyweight boxing and from' all reports Jess Isn't Inr from Ihe 300 pound mark now. The full of tin; gigantic crown wearer before llui thudding fists of Jack "The GltuH Killer" Dempsey not only sent probably (lie greatest champion of all time lo the top tail showed Wll- Inrd as n (jaint- fighter through and through. The gin nt. Wlllard look everything Dempssy had for two rounds even though h c was soon In •inch helpless condition he could make no effort to prolect himself. Pinnlly the towel was thrown In ami with it went Wlllard's title. | New Kolc Good One 1 II was from Jils conqueror that \Villanl got the idea of touring the I country' ns „!!; wrestling official. Dempsey, who in turn eventually met defeat nt the hands of the methodical 'aeneTunney, turned to officiating nt wrestling matches about two years ago when he re- ulucil that. the grunt mid gronn rncket was gathering In the dough with . nightly work while modern boxers sniffed disdainfully at small purses and walled In vain for the kind Hint'Jack and only Jack used to get. Working almost nightly Jack made more money than the wrestlers and promoters "put together, m cards on which he o/liel.itcd. Wlllard, who had been having his .financial ups and downs with fur more downs than ups. decided to try the same racket and he has bccil al IL. for' a number of months now. Ami reports are (hat:he's "getting well Local promoters will not imes- llon this coasidcring the fact that Ihej vc had to "stretch'' themselves to secure Wllhrrl's services for Monday nlghl AtL-M\eRlCA, OP '53 ESTABLIS RECORD W/WER ECKER^U. FIELD GDAI>, AGAINST TUG IU4MI CHlCt\GO MKD IIQ ' COWNG..., _ ____ , Friday Night, Lead M. V. € "~ "~ ........ — ........ * * forCliarii|) innmim of Energy Required Mnkcs Aerial A(- (ack Popular Offense IIV KAY MOKHISON ! Hi-ail (;.,ai'b, Southern aielhuillsl \ University DALLAS. T<>x.-i\,r some years ».>c Sontacni Methodist University football team has been , known as the aerial c jra ; *. fomuse of Its w ids use o: the forward p.iss. But the Mustangs are fr,r Irom being alone in that classilicatlon today. j Mainly because a passing attn'-k rc-rniiios only half Hie ensr» v ex- ! pendcd In n running attack, 'eve'rv i "mail In the country has come to) rely upon It to n major extent Tins year's numerous tricky laterals and I forwards illustrate tills point THC popiil.iriiy «r the pass mates ll almost necessary for a coach to 'Mil. Up njitll this year, It was th> most spectacular piny In football and this season has seen it con-' neclcd with laterals to become even ' more appealing to the spectator ' Tnere Is n great-i-amblc in IKIKS-! ng. and that is what catches llv ' lancy of the fan. If a ,, ass | s suc . j LTssful, it may result in a long run > "id a (ouchdown. if unsuccessful i It. may be intercepted anrl result in' i pr»v '™«<>«'ii for the other team. IIS! lino mm. On Van Wie's Trail Mellows Only Bif/ Too Would Make: ll Interesting For Dixie I'.V IIAKIIV 3 ly (Joac.liing Is Nc.cdcd iioinids For Stcllai- Work In Ihe creatures in [he Bronx Zoo require 124 different kinds of food 'rom.ull parts of the world iiy MAX uinni.i: NKA Service Writer With shotguns booming on all fronts, 7,007.000 licensed hunters are liltling the game trails In the United Sliilrs, accompanied in most friends and hiring puppyhood to observe the l' orl(lllc e In hunting birds, for you irounclwork in chasing game if th" ' w '"' u yom ' tio " to breid: "when "inter is to derive the utmost from "'" S 11lle Ls fl"S"«l- lir etiftfi ot!ll!''l"K. flllfl i vtl tit ni»D ..nii^il.. .. ._- KAYAK QUEEiV Eskimos aren't Ihe only people who can.paddle their own canoes —pardon, we mean kayaks. .SheHa.lforison. above, president of the Sania Barbara, Calif., girls' kayak club, can go to town in one ot the odd craft, too. She recently won the 600-meter race and the Southern California title by corerlRi ifcat^dislance la cases by tlielr best aides-de-camp, clogs All hunting dogs, be they hounds, setters, or spaniels, are endowed with a natural nptllude for hunting, but cvcty one must be trained during hunter is to derive the his sixirt. The first lessons generally are merely n matter of supervision. Whenever your dog gels on chairs, make him get. down, speaking sternly to him. If he has the annoying habit of putting muddy front feet on you, lightly step on ills rear loes an;t he shortly will learn lo stay down. Obedience to the commit ml to come possibly Is the most dilllctilt lo teach, and it Is one many oilier- wise good hunting dogs do not know lully.. It must be borne In mind that to reward n dog with pelting anil kind words is the only passible way to make him anxious to come when you call. Instruction A training rope Is highly recom j llmlc-r I' Control All dogs should be taught to lie down when told. Dogs so taught will be under perfect control i>'t all lllllL'S. In traehiiier n dog to "drop," place your hand on his hindquarters and toce hint down us you give the command. Repeat inmi- mernbic limi's until the ilo? lem-ns to obey. This command is of great importance In bunting birds, for you ' ' Setters and ]x)!nters usually arc Inuglit the command "to ho" after pointing n eavcy, but since it is the business of ihc springer lo flush tils quarry, it Is a safer method to teach him lo drop a i t! lc command "clown." This may be done by shooting .1 cap pistol until he has recovered from g tm shyness, and giving him (he command "down." After he has become used to thn cap ,. U n a rllle may be subsllUstMl, and lluallv a shotgun. Correctly Ir.iineri spaniels nl- ways win go down when n «im is Hred and nw-.iit tire ainmiimd 10 fetch. | Footballers Raid Barbecue R..I p i D n l LOSCh ^* Damages "inrai instruction Kill P L D n A training rope is highly recom- l LOSCh ^W* Damage mended for young- dogs. This should „„,„, be an ordinary snsh cord from 301 !'? ND LAY. O. .(UP) — Footba! to 50 feet in length. Let the nun- sp or "° r ° olb - 1) l -spirit, there an i Dv Hrmr ihlr ^^.^« , ,_ -110 free hnmlnnic ni i«,.~i i—i . g ne in time, the pup will decide that since lie has to conic anyway he might as well come the easiest wav Always give htm „ ))a i whcn ,;,, docs come, and he'll catch on in a Another point, all good hunting ogs must learn is to drop things they arc told to. To teach f....*n.j UA | uil.->L IKM11 lOlU pounds of beef, nnd „ number of £cr<miblrd pies, according to police The vannuished gridders. police nifi. went (o the Alabama Bnvbe- cue here, where they apparently ate without intention of paying. Xf(«r a few "pusses" with pies, they left, the proprietor told officers The coach, reached at his hotel, agreed to pay for the players' escapade, police reported. Versatility Kssenlial j Tiie primary rciiulslo? of a » 0 od ' fnru-iird passer- is poise. Also, hc-j must be active. lie must be alili- t«) (lo iiwn. than pass, \\ f m , lst U( . [ able eilher to carry the ball well. I uvat in that way. " L> 'H'e lirimary requisite of the rawer is iibllily to get into tin- open He must be able lo judge i\, f ta ,| and to catch it in any position ••••"sliiJdha bi '. B " il ' g ' u fll!1 S J>«'' Heavy ba°cks and ends usually'do mi mate good pass receivers This Is because they generally lack «)<>ugh speed to get down the Held well, and limy rarely are a"l r- enough ,o to mt . lnto f hl< J- <f£ '" ';". 1: h ' l ^~ "»» properly if it Is passed lo thonj. v Tlii-if's rtlways ItH-lll, «V4'!I i a rliii inplnn. Si, llllci in' woiucri's I'lifli'il Slilli-B. h< litiiii, v.-lirMe r;ln .-oiis fniri? IJ;ti . H:IIII|,!LI]I i)f .loli lil.-. Klii' ) ,.- ow is in is liilii .Miisl;i- n Mull' for Im- iur> in' .lai-obs. hi ih« Proper Execution . A great deal of attention io defense must b c pni.l In ., „.,«!„<, atlnck. P-issmg Generally three receivers are v"nt. <own the neW. leaving three m" n I the line, and four men in ,, sc . m i- cncle about three or four yards in front of the pass,,,. { | B f cn(llllI , ^ Die three in the liu,, .rcuciiiliy • Ihe center and two tackles or ' center and two K uards. They not clliick. but retreat as tin- block. This enables tl,c,n ,„ harass heir opiionent,, longer and prpvu't ^ from B et.l,, gpMt ' to ^ rn my 0 ,, !nlon . n pawj) is much easier on a team, and is ^Liiiiiy valuable to a light fn s t nid not designed for licavv liiio work. J " llt I »m not qualified to say who was tl'e best passer in the gain,. i>». "•"'ise I never managed to get ~n •«• at. a let of Tine ones. Hut I do Ik out on a ij m jj „,,(! .,„„,., ( , my opinion. Jerry Mami. ,,,1^: '"back at s.' ,M. u. In lS2S-5c'-/ 7 was the nncst passc-r in SoutiuvrV Conference history. jKciser Swamps Osccola j By Score oi 76 to 6 I KEISER, Ark.—Playing before n ilhrgi' homecojiiing crowd, Die Ki'.i- ii-r high school Yellow Jackets derisively defeated Ihe O.sccola high school tcnm by n score of 70 lo l>. Seriously handicapped by injur^ ics both teams played a greater I part of tlie game with reserves. j Brock, Keisev (iiiarterback, was Die ,«tnr o f the Kamc, returning "tic kickolf SO yards for a louch- ciown. Corli'y, Little and Mcurrlcr were uilstamllng in Ihe Reiser b.ick- fleld with the whole line function- ins with beautiful smoothness. A'l-iJENH, o.-i._y,,n can tnke you r pick, I'll take, the .smilh when It comes to tough footu.i)l trams and moi-fi of llieiu. It's got f.o in n'.xi3 thai you can'l jasEiirc your bays with an occasion*' easy garni; i.nless you yft a nril push-over. I Tilde are many loams who have cot -big names" thai are plenty tough to handle. Iliiiik Ai»l£rso», formerly o. r Notre unm-j, fosind this out whi-n his iip-iind-cominy fjorlh Carallna Outers experienced difficulty beal- ing little Davidson Collrge bv ;i toncliduwn, and were ire::) Co a , tio by small Wake Forest [ Anderson said that Jolinnv Ma-jKareil, Davidson captain iincl quarter, was a better back tlmn he iv.ul had at South Ben:! since Mar- ciiy Schwartz. Cieorgiu was strctclicd to Hie limit by a stubborn Birimin University iii-ray that boasted a Iruly gre'U bicker in Slm-us. lie had us on cur heals all afternoon and it was only by the best of playing u, n i we emerged with a 1-2 decision. Auburn, a team that, was supposed to be woefully weak because of losses from graduation and a change in couches, up and slapped Vniidcj bill's staunch warriors all over liie field before finally being nosed cut. 1-a. Howard College, of Birmingham, recently look tin, , v ind out of ole Miss' sails with an unexpected victory, whipping what is supposed to be- the best lied and nine smrad in recent years. These are only a few among numerous similar results to give you an indication of the strength of the httle as well as the hi* teams below Ihe Mason nnd Dixon line i Lasl year I expressed the, opinion lhat the Jive brat teams in (lie south «m!:l bcal the five ben in n:>y other section. This year I'll adcl to that, by say- Ing that the KSIwcsi is Hi,; only M:s. Ccci! Haxtcv's Rolf (jamo in a beauty—ami MI js she, for [iiaL matter. American ^Yo!ueu KoIiVrs will Keu a hit of Mrs. llnMi-r soon, for obn Is foiiiiiiiiie <0)«ini>luji »i Hie riiiJiniiinefi. Sbo is jslHiwn aiioi'e lallilint; in Kan Kraiici.-i-u, \r!ierr! sb ( .- 'will buKiu ^ •:'i(,niiiiEii to annex Ilia n:iiii>ii:>l oowM't cvowu next year. . o.. F. junioi- Uodefealed Jn ence Play College Confei- Leader Says T' Faces Most Crucial Period CLBVEI.ANU lUI'l—The y. M. C. A. is facing the most tjriiciul period in its history. John E Mauley, general secretary of Ihe National Y. at . c . A. council to.u MOO delegates at tha opening se.=- jsion of u three-day meeting, here. . "Not. oiily must the association iilncl a sound financial basis for Ms work, but it ,, lust nssllm( , i c ,, (! e,.". ship m other fields, with .1,00001)0 young people who are just out of school and have never had a Job An added burden is the fact that the voice of religion is none loo SUIT tori.iy." f^Hit ncalh {.'anralt|.,l Ginirs- i DEADWOOD. s. n. (upilr3,.. uh i of liert Hcdstrom, football »] n ypr t ^r 1 s s^ teti ^L^i«i , --J • "*• »•"••« *v. iu icHcn Uiis lesson, give the puppy a i argc IK °M&? ITO " '°° ""-- ! "J^r. ncn,,,scy On GH,, ™. W» to drop,,.. ,ud at the it^^0^1,1^^ a^Lfisx Src'n, o^r°£ s C SS this year. _Read_Conricr' 1 Kcw S want Arts. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INStlKANCK DEPT. , c same time take it from his month If he growls at you, slap him on ' «>c noS. a,* wiT soc'Stop th™ = ^ S" '"° ^ ^ ^ Eventual!, h, ,,,„ ,»„.. ^ ™ D " 'L f ?' bal lcam - An <« •"><* uempscy !s a tackle for Ihc Pitts- ™>-gh pro football team in the National League. . Eventually he will come to the conclusion that what he picks up is bad for htm. and he will not only drop things when told, but will refuse things given him by strangers a»ve. John Dillinger—none other Ways tackle on [ho St. Louis Uni- Read Courier Kews Want Ads. WRESTLING JESS WILLARD, HEFEREE FORMER HEAVVlVEIGIir ItOXING CFIAMI'ION T™n f i ' Two Out of TJircc ^lls, SO ^Ilnulcs Tiger Moore vs. HufTalo Joe Two Out of Three Falls, SO Minutes ARMORY, MONDAY NITE Smith BURN SUMMIT COAL Clean As A Hound's Tooth Practically No Ash - Ask Your Neighbor Phone 107 "My Coal Is Bladt But I Treat Yon While" JOHN BUCHANAN fcctkm that cuulcl much mote tlmn interest Dixie In such a setup ni that. The Dig Ten can have its Minnesota, Illinois. Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, Chicago, Northwestern, Purdue, and others. I'd string along with U S. U., Alabama, 1'iilaiif, Vanderullt. Tennessee, Georgia, C'.eorgiii Tech, and Diikc. And it will Ijc only u short time until you can iitld North Carolina and North Carolina Slate to this list. Both are coining along fast. It is now only /a nuttier of lime until both will rank right along with Diikc as (hi:' class of the Southern Conference. Couch Tot Suavely has done a wonderful job al North Carolina In his fir.rt year. Future opponents of the Tar He?ls are in for plenty of grief. Judging by the remarkable start the former Bucknell mentor has made. Anderson has a wonderful setup at N. c. Slate. I expect the south to top till other sections within a couplfe of years. A good team of reindeer will keep up a speed of 10 to 12 miles an hour for a full day in the early ivlntcr if (hey nro in good condition after summer pasturing. Hy J. i>. FRII:ND Whan the Jonesboro Baptisi college and the University of Ti-nnos- »e Junior Vols of Martin, Tenn.. meet Friday night a t nniey field m the first college football »a'ne ever staged in Blythcville, fair, will' have im opportunity to view one oi he leaders of ihc Mississippi Valley Conference and a team tiiat after a slow start is fast rounding into form. The Junior Vols are tied with the Bethel (Ky.) Corporals for Ihe top run in the M. V. c. title race. Each has chalked up three victories within the loop '.vitriol* a loss or a lie game. However, for good measure, the Martin aggregation went nut of th-j league and knocked oif two j more loss Inr a total of five straight .wins. Tne Vols have beaten Bur- tritt College, 32-0; Freed-Hanbnran [College, 25-0; T. M. I. Junto/Col- 'lege, 39-li; N. W. Mississippi j, m - ior College, 39-0; and Lambnth College, 2D-0. Over al Jonesboro the Baptists have been having their troubles smce the opening of the season. They got off on the wronr, foot when they tangled with the heavy won th western University (Memphis* Freshmen. Not only wore they I severely Irounrad but several re- jceived Injuries that, lias kept {hem mil or the lineup most of the lime After holding the Freed-Haidenuui crew to a scoreless tie Ihey ran Into another hard luck streak in Ihe Arkansas c.ollege game. Coach Henry Hudson, former mentor of the Bly- thevllle Chicks, with one ,,f the state's ranking elevens poured It on them, also, and haltered them badly, to boot. However, the crew is about welh again. Last Friday i n their HomeY coming glU!le , playing wuh u palcl! _( eci lineup, ihey were nosed out by Tupelo Military Institute when a long forward pass 'was converted '(;• into n touchdown for-thc only scare. 0-0. The team was much improved accounts of the game indicated Satisfied with the line, Coach Taylor has been siiesr.liiig .much tune sharpening his offensive weapons. am /"£'•* This IS News! - ~ - Pork Hill Suits Selling oi such a low price! Ves sir, ils front ( i; lfi e ncv/s whan yon tiiu Int.v rni.v suit of the Park Hill quality im il K ylo for (Ii« prici. we are ]>tiHin K on "them. \\ca HHjfijcsl if you want one of Ihi'.se .suils you (I Jjfllcr <>-ct it now HILT, $30 SUITS $18.50 c Park Topcoats §22.50 ROT-IN NU-MATIC SHOES AH the style and class plus perfect font comfort. The shoe with the •specially constructed inner snlo that ends foot agony. 16.95 Homer Pajamas Shown in many new and designs. io S2.f)0 .Ricgel Shirts (' a r e f u 11 y tailored from finest materials. fl.50 Jo $.1.95 KNOX HATS S6.00 and 88.511 m«;SISTOI, SWKAT-PKOOF HATS Unaninteud ngniml |ic-rs|)ir;i- lion damage ... A now hal or your money back. $3.95 HAYNES MEN'S SHOP

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