The Call from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1911 · 2
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The Call from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania · 2

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1911
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a . . - " 1 - r- r. r7:;. THE ' one Dollar Per Year Payable In Advanc lot & MimsriNa Owners' and Publishers nrrtivm'. : . Editor HARRY F.LOY Business Manager JffllS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ' FOREIGN taeir holdings they will naturally re main in the business, and uso every 01 f nrt tn iipcure as much profit .t tho'lnaat cost. The determination th. hnroiiph to fight them in tne nrt h without a doubt eansoa uus r NOTICE. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOR OUGH OF SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, OF A SPECIAL ELECTION TO BE HELD TTTFHTUV. FT.1WRTTARV.U. 1911, FOR COUliB """vwv - l . T ' ' - .-7 . ' . . company to make some effort to secure TH1! ptjlTPOSK "OF OBTAINING THE & more adequate supply or.wuim. ASHpjK J or TllfJ w j nrTU k iu i. fl, wntnr business is a paying inuyuai- CREASli THIS 'iwUKB 1 KJUM KSa UC vuu " - . . I tion wquld this company be so anxious THB BOROUGH AS PER THE FOLj to Bet out of in However, ' " LOWIJNU; the most public places in the Borough, and in order to sriva the information an notice required by law the follow ing statement is declared: ' The amoont of the last assessed valu ation of the taxable property of the orongh is. . L . . . ., : . . .11,068,865 00 The existing debt of the Borough ! Fundod 13,200 00 Floating' (over assets) . . 11,000 00 EW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES IN Aa THEPWNCIMLCmB Entered at the Post Offifff fit.Schuyl-Jtill Haven, Fa., as second-class minier, September 151891. .V FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 10. 191 1 From the statements and explanation made at the niass meeting last evening it W c?erl proven that this water question is of greater magnitude than many citizens of this town thought it If That it is worthy of and neeW-tate careful consideration and drastic action is conceded by all, but the trend or course of action beat to pursue is pot: definite or clear. " : Since the State Board of Health lts 'rfves their decision not to allow the water of tjtf Tumbling Eun Water shed 7 to be used for domestic purposes, without first building or erecting a sedi-rificnticm nhnt of a THflJIttHLIU w K" know what an enormous ugi would ask for their' rights and fran-i,;.. 'thnv claim they have. A for tune might be made on the disposal of ut t,h fisure they wouia ask. Be tut as H mny lietm 1116 WI business pays -of Mt. tliK prima npeps-fnr this borouffh st present is water, and it must be had, whether- at dead annual financial low or not. wt. wo must have. It will not do ten, fififteen or twenty years from' now, it must be at present. H we are uo .:.ii. nnr residence here we must nnii It must bs m, lse it will be .one of the groatost menaces to health which can surround the town. w have it , from good authority, THERETO Section 1. Be it ordained and enacted Kir tWT-nww TmviiMl nf ihfl "Rnrniltrh nf YY6 iihvb - a . ... b ' I "J .v..- o" ht'Molta the rains and snows ot tne Schuylkill Haven, and it is. hereby or ,t'- few weeks, the Siuittef "Creek daiaed Bjifl enaei liy the authority of dam is practically empty. Residents of tne samei) that it 'is intended to increase PmsTifict Hill and other aign poruou tne indebtedness ot the Horougn ay an is nf the town are without water at pres- 8ue anl saie 0f ;t8 bonds to an amount ' ' 'inndition. exists in .the . Xre4itur 50.000,00 or 4 77-100 midst of raia mmI gPSw( wliat may w per cent, of the assessed valuation ot . i. 4-ua B,iwmr. Have the tk. r.nptv .hfrin. in ha is- expeci uuiuijs iuo.o- i v hardships endured during, the past few aue(i in ,icn0ininations of $100 and $500 vears been so easily and qmeKiy ior- eacll) bearing interest at a rate not ex .,tA nm. either of which wouiu ne ':,Mliat considerable extra expense, the matter or question has become more difficult of solution. .ri, " in the case. M we view he. are as follows: The borough u h,0Titie -jll not sign the contract em-the eieht separate propositions vm in these eolumns recently, un- , (iJ the Schuylkill Haven Gas and Water Wwinv can show a signed contract .m Mm Manheim Township Water Company iigresing to sell the water to .them, and that it aibb feas 8 permit irom State Board of Health to thp ffect that this water can be used for domestic jmrfoses.. Thes uit at law instituted dj R,iw)ph asainst the Schuylkill Ha n.,c Comnanv will be ,: 'VtrU OU . - J v : pushed for trial if ettlcment has not in reachfifl bv March 1st, 1911.- An effort will be made, to have it placed t .t, head of the trial list and it will short time. Just what the verdict will be is uncertain. If it, is unfavorable to the Schuylkill cannot he heard until AN OEDINANCE Al'THORTZING AN INCREASE OF THE BONDED INDEBTEDNESS OF THE BOROUGH OF SCHUYLKILV HVE-N TO AN AMOUNT NOT EX' C'EEDING $5.0,000 OR 4 77-100 PE1 CENT. OP THK ASSESSED VALUA TTON OF THE TAXABLE PROP ERTY THEREIN FOR THE I'UK POPE OF BUILDING AND IN STALLING WATER WORKS FOR SAID BOROUGH AND PROVIDING FOR AN ELECTION TO OBTAIN THE ASSENT TUB ELECTORS gottgn t Are we content to endure similar hardAij perhaps more serious :nnT,B in the tuturfsi a ntiT,ne to live in dread of the sound of the fire alarm, knowing full well that hnvfi no means of fighting a contia eration? Are we going to be content have out bAfti, CW wvmg,.u. Aiir. mills WMrein tue makine a total present in debtedness of $ - uou U'J .The percentage of increase in the indebtedness, tg preposed to ho four aud 77-100 per cent. or. . ;. 50,000 00 Council of the Borough of Schuylkill 1 Haven, this second day of January, A. D. 1911. ROBERT M. KELLER, ' President. Attest: FLOYD II. MINNIG, . , Secretary. Approved this 2nd day of January, A, D., 1011. - . ' ' WELLINGTON HA11TMAN, ' !- Chief Burgess, - , FLOYD H. MINNIG. . Secretary of Council. which will make a pro- ; posed Borough indebted- ness of T4.800 CO The' amount of $50,000.00 to be raised by the said increase of the indebted,. ness of the BnrougB, or micil tlierooi us may be necessary, is intended to be used for the purpose of building and installing water works for the said borough of such capacity as may be re nnired to procure a sufficient supnly fif pure water fpj tUta tiuguishmcnt of I res and the protection or-ine ii and the property of its citizens and other public purposes, and to supply its citizens with pure water for private and domestic uses and for manufijr. ipg PrOTS- ' ' Ordained and enacted by the Town Kine Rap; Carbctrnade toorder at Wm. DtPPER'S, Orwigsburg; Pa Nov, 4 " ' ; . . P. J. Barr's Pool and Billiard Parlor Open From 8 P. M. to 11.30 P. M. - 3 Pool Tables and 1 convertible rail Pool " and Billiard table. t . ; Choice Cigars,' Confectionary, and Fruit. PRIZES FOR OPEN BREAKING- MARK DETlVEILEfi DEALER IN FRESH SMOKED MEATS MAIN STREET SCHUYLKILL HAVEN . 3 Balls in pocket 60c. 4 Balls or more $1 00. Visit P.J. ceeding 5 per cent, per annum, clear of State tax, maturing in hot less than 5 years an not njqre than. 30 yeafSj and to expend the money fleriveu tuererrom, or so ii ueu thereof as may be required, for the purpose of building and install ing water works for the said Borough of ?uch eapneity as may be required to pro cure a sufficient WPP y at bun Wftte daily bread is earned, destroyed by fire fpr tl)0. extinguishment of fire and the tn this iiveiit it February, For the borough to put in its own water plant, from the figure as present-ti by Engineer Hatton, it will hardly t S paying investment; that is, so far as the real return of actual eoin is concerned, but we would have water. The engineer also stated if satisfactory terms or contracts cannot he made with the Schuylkill Haven Gas and Water Company, the only solution to the problem would be to build a municipal plant and abide by the results. . Jhere seems to be a rumor about the town that Engineer Hatton several years ago was in the employ of prncti- eally the same syndicate that control? the Schuylkill Haven Gas and Water Company," that he is no doubt connected jvith this syndicate now and that he figured rather high bo that the idea of the through installing a water system would fcppear unfavorable, from the figures presented. In view of conclusive proof to the contrary, wc believe the figures and deductions of the engineer -were made with clean, honest and iin-fcias&J motives, and wish to say. that it Ss generally the case in estimating on (the construction of a home, mill, railroad er whatsoever it may be, the estimate is always made a little high to offset the innumerable "extras" which invariably make their appearance. . The Schuylkill Haven Gas and Water .Company is preparing .plans and specifi ..iitiflns for a nitrification plant at Tumb ting San. These are to be presented to the State Board of Health for their .lumrnviil. If thev meet with the O. K... o purification plant will he built either; hy the Schuylkill Haven Gas and Water Co. or the Manheim Water Co., in ell "probability, the Schuylkill Haven Oas r.nd Water Co. If the plans are rejected, it is difficult to say what the ., next move will be, or if there really will be another move on the part of the Wntnr (lomnanv. The Shappell tract is owned by the tLah - Many of the citizens are of 45,e Mdnion that a good and sufficient ,.r,i Von be secured from this source .. The engineer employed by the borough hnio-hecT at the idea or suggestion. Kany citiaens side with the engineer tlu,t."it is an absurd idea. All these sfatemer.ts and decisions do not prove that this Shappell tract cannot be made r,,v,,iiili iviiter. It cannot be ex pec-ted a supply can be obtained from , mmint of watef that naturally ..,. :ilf tn the surface of the earth : n ti,n linvnuirh exoend several I mired dollars and have tests and ex , wi-inations made by a competent en-'', Vi,:ecr and have this question settled ".loflnitnlvl -'' 0.Vi,i the water business does not Pcrliavw that is. why the SebnyJ--l i'l-Haven Gas.and Water Compandor - e-ii) has not made desperate efforts )0 'soeuro a sufficient supply of water. : . i. tn mil and they -company .is . .. : icm-A nf lack of water! Or, will wc n,U a united and desperate effort to get watt, Wliiell yill remedy these con. i,t ....:. timrn io etrfiiifrth' anu - ill .""' Wlio there is a will there is a way are two time-worn adages which we be lieve will prove effective in our pres- xt firct atm to remedy this niiestion is to vote lor rue m the indebtedness of the bor oneh $50,000, at the special iectou w be held Tuesday, February 14th, be tween the hours of 7 a. m. and 7 p. m. ihi nnestion can be solved without the expendiutre of this amount, or it there is a way to- secure pure and an adequate supply, that is the only alterative we have. If the expenditure, of this amount is absolutely necessary to secure water, then not a citizen in the ,ieh,.)ioviaeuiltxjily.0tinS Do not the, electors place sufficient confidence in the Cotiriejhnen to know that this body will not spend this sum unnecessarily! If you do not vote for this increased indebtedness you simply bind the hands of the .,Councila:en so that nothing ea be done hy this body to remedy or solve this problem, You irill place yourselves and the entire town in a predicament from which there can be no hope of regaining a satisfactory position ou the water question. " . We firmly believe that the indebted ness will carry almost unanimously and that every elector in tins borough is broad-minded enough to fathom the Intricacies of tins question to such an extent that they will vote favorable, thereby giving the Borough Council the privilege of expending this amount, if necessary, to sceme an adequate and sufficient supply of water. Therefore The Call appeals to each and every elector in Schuylkill Haven ami strongly urges him to vote "Yes" at the special election, that the day of solution of the water question will at least be hastened. protection of the Borough and the property of its citizens, and other, public purposes, nnd to supply its citizens with pure water for private . and domestic uses and for manulactHi'ing purposes, provided thot before the intentions of this section are exorcised, the assent of the electors be first had and obtained m manner provided by law .and this Or dinance. Section 2. For the purpose of obtain ing such assent itnero is nereoy pro claimed an election to be holcl in d,e form by the legally constituted officers at the regular polling places estab lished for the purpose of holding elee lions in each of the wards of said Bor ough, upon the 14th day of February A. D. 1913, between the hours of 7 a m. and 7 p. m. Section '3. The Secretary of the Coun cil is directed to insert a notice embody published in said Borough, once a week during 30 days prior to the date of said election and to post during such time tit least 40 printed election notices in 5HQE5 REPAIRED WHILE YOU WRIT AT 114 W. MARKET 31., rUl l juille; ; Only the best Oak leather used, Th sewing and nailing is done. on. the game character of machinery which was used to make the shoes. , Unn na of. TirnrTr it, ia worth while. Hclf Soles (sewed) and Heels 90q, -Half-So'es (nailed) and H.eelB 78e. Must make room for Spring Stock. Also two good second hand Ranges for sale cheap, F. D. STARR RfflCkiCKS LEATHER CORPORATION .ill. LYRIC all. ST. JOHN STRgT All the latest subjects in moving pic tures shown nightly. ' Changs of Program every even'ng, First Shew 7 13 m. Joseph Drummer, Mgr. Admission 5c FIRST. MTIOHAL BANK Schuylkill . Haven, Pa Interest Paid at the Rate of 3 PerCt on Time Deposits. Capital - - " " " 30,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits - $80,000 C. C. Leader, S. E. Mengle, F. B.Keller, President. Vice, Pres. Cashier. Have a can of Famous sent along with your next order from .T.H0Y& SONS CO. HANDSOME RESIDENCE. One of the prettiest, most modern and most substantially built residences erected in this town for many years is that of Attorney John. L. Stall ffer, corner Margvetta and Main streets, wliiclv has recently been completed anil was occupied' by the owner and family the forepart of the week. It is a tliree-atory -brick building with brownatone front and a roomy portico built in the front of the biiihiinif. Its erection adds considerable to the enhancement of our Main -street ' general appearance. The floors throughout the house are al ot hard wood, the. walls and ceilings are of hard white finish, with the exception of the walls and ceilings of the kitchen, bathroom and vestibule, which are cov ered with sanitiie. Tluj wooij work throughout the entire house is of all quartered oal(. All conveniences have heen placed in this home, gas, electricity, steam heating plant, hot ami c old water, bath, etc. ' The ground floor, off Main street sidewalk, will be used by. Mr. Stauffer as an office, in the rear of which is a private office, front and rear cellar. On the first floor of the .Wldiug is -the vestibule, parlor, silting room, dining room, kitchen and pantry. A large fire place or hearth, built, in the wall, in the parlor adds much to the appearance -.of the room, while a large open stairway to the second . floor from the sitting room produces a pretty effect. The second, floor contains four, beds and bath, while the .third floor contains three rooms, The architect was A. A. Rif.cher, of Lebanon;, the general contractor, via- Bvker,' of 'town; , Sub-contractors were:, concrete work; Win. -I,- Saylor, plumbing; beating, Marfc Campbell, of Orwigsbnrg; painting-, V.' 14 ""i ' , , : ,,rt, fh,;r : Kline;, electric wii'ins; ami uxttire.. Corner Main and St. John Sts. BIG REDUCTION FOR NEXT 30 DAYS ONLY Horse Blankets, Plush Robes, Men's Heavy Overcoats, Men's Gloves, Boy's and Girl's Gauntlets. Prices will surprise you. M. L. SMITH SOUTH WAIN STReGT fie ever EE HOUSE T Eli II I LOWER THAN CITY PRICES One Order Will Convice You That You Can Secure Right at Home the Very Same Furniture That You Will Pay Higher Prices For in the City. - m , e. or - ... ,. . . ar w Nt-k Furniture, Undertaking and Embalming THE SECRET 0F SAYING Saving money is a pleasure if you have a specific object to save for. That is the secret ot saving without a feeling of sacrific. If you borrow money from this Association to build or buy a home, you have a definite object in view. You are not only paying for your home and enjoying its comforts and pleasures while you do so, but are forming a habit that will assist yon in striving lor other things. Our plan is practical. By it, daring 1908, 15000 families in Pennsylvania obtained their homes. We will be glad to talk it over with you if you will call. Established 13 Years Resources, $2,275,000 '. ' .' , STATE CAPITAL SAVINGS AND ' - LOAN ASSOCIATION Ilarribbur, Pa, ' General Agent, H. F. FILLER. Liberty St., Schuylkill Haven mm without pain at the Pbila. Dental Rooms Artificial Teeth made or Repaired the same day if you come before IT OION'T URT A BITI o'clock. FILLING GROIN AND BRIDGE IRK Bv a Specialist, who has at his command all the - very latest of modern dental appliances. THE PHILADELPHIA DENTAL ROOMS. IOO N. Centre St. Pottsvillf Pa. DIt. J. J. McKINSTRT. Ml. J. K. PICKETT. f ft ffl 'fell repeateuiy -aw""" - 0f j Thomas A. Meek. jiitp-.Boy. If i'.r aonot dispose hav

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