The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 12
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TWELVE BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) obUHIEK NEW! TUESDAY, MARCH 23,194g Plans Revival ffle/io Moscow Soys Poison Gas Used on Guerrillas in Greece And Blames American Of fleers ATHS*, March »• (U.P.)—The Greek guerrilla radio, quoted by Jo Moscow, charted today that the Greek government used poison In t recent attack In Macedonia, The gu attack, the broadcast iald, was carried out In the Kastorla » on March 1*. It added that "responsibility for the ua of poison gu a on American officers and soldien." The guerrilla charge coincided* —.. with a Greek general staff special, communique saying that 693 guer- rillM h»ve betri killed and 655 taken prisoner In two operations in the northern areas in the past month. It was not clear from the guerrilla broadcast whether the operation In which It was charged that ns was used was the same as the victory announced by the government. However, both were in the same general area and at approximately the samt time. "The Free Greece radio states that the Greek government army employed poison gas against guerrillas on March IB In the Kasloria area of Western Macedonia," )h » Moscow broadcast said. "The Free Greece radio said. •We protest throuih the Greek people and world public opinion against this shameful and bestial act from which the civilian population, m the area of hostilities Is suffering. •••It is against all international rules and Indicates fascist royalist impotence and lack of confidence. Responsibility for the use of poison gas rests on American officers and soldiers." 1 , 4 The Greek government victories, announced by War Minister George Stratos. were described as Hie btg- sest operation since the Konllsa battle when the forces of Gen. Markos Vafiades were defeated in »n effort to seize a town on Greek soil for a guerrilla capital. Stratos said 553 guerrillas were Italians Refuse To Trade Gorizia Offer by Yugoslavs .Promptly Rejected By Foreign Minister ROME, March 23. (UP)—Foreign Minister Count Carlo Sforza entd today that Italjr has rejected the unofficial Yugoslav offer to trade Trieste to Italy in exchange for the Italian city of Gorlzla. The Trieste Issue, which has Tlie Rev. nnd Mrs. J. D. Staffer of Vivian, La., conduct the killed, 338 captured and 191 surrendered in the Olympus Pierria Mountain area of Northwestern Greece la a continuing operation *"taother'l40'guerrillas were killed, j 95 captured and 31 surrendered in 1 ... £ the Serral Area of Eastern Mace- " (Jonia, Stratos said. Government losses were listed as Easter revival at the First Churcl of the Nazarcne beginning tomor row and continuing through Sun day, April 4. Special children's ser vices will be conducted every night at 1:00 and evangelistic services will begin al 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Stafford will be the children's worker. She will give flannel craft lessons, stories and poems each evening at 1 o'clock. She will also give a special Easter lesson Sunday morning before the com- roused Italy a« nothing else in the April 18 election campaign, was rc- ponslble for new fist fights whtcl broke out for the third straight day u the Central quare of turbulon' Milan In the industrial North. injuries were 1 Ited to black eyes. Police squat j dispersed the battlers, as they dU. last night when similar flglitlni! broke out in the same square. Political observers believed Yugoslavia's offer to trade Trieste for GorUla vronld cause Italian Communists embarrassment in the election campaign In view of the Western powers' proposal lo give Trieste to Ilaly without strings. S The new Hallnn-YUBOslnv boundary runs so close to Gorb.ta thai the city's cemetery and some houses arc In Yugoslavia. Gorizia Is a city of 50.000, of which 60 per cent are Italian. The Trieste issue also was believed responsible ' for a continued strike of printers which kept nil newspapers lu Italy from publishing for thi second straight day. An earlier agreement under which two thirds of Italy's papers South of Florence would Imc been able to publish today wns reversed by union leaders at a meeting last night. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labor charged that the strike was a political move by the Commu- i nists. who control the printers un- Stewart Raps Bill to Restrict TV A Activities WASHINGTON. March 23. (UP) —Sen. Tom Stewart, D., Tcnn., said today (hat n bill to give Congress closer suitti'vision of the Tennessee Valley Authority would "hamper seriously" every activity of the agency. "TVA has made such a wonderful success that I don't think It should be tampered with," Stewart said. The Tennessee Democrat, whom the United Press erroneously called a co-sponsor of the bill in a March 19 dispatch, said he would fight vigorously against the measure sponsored by his senior colleague Sei:. Kenneth McKellar. Stewart said he would testify against the measure in --Chatta- looga when a Senate Public Works Subcommittee visit", the Tennessee Valley area later this Spring. The bill "almost In effect abol Ishcs TVA and then reestablishes 1 along different lines," Stewart sai( He said It would "put .out of of flee ihe three present directors and put the agency's personnel un dcr civil service. He said he thought the preser directors are "good men and doin a fine job." The authority alrearl has a merit system, Stewart addec. that Ls working satisfactorily and t put its employes under civil servic "would be a serious mistake." Berlin Assembly Suspended After Ban by Russians BERLIN, March 23. (UP)—Dr. Otto Suhr, speaker of the Berlin City Assembly, abruptly suspend- bined opening of the Sunday School. ion Unit 18 dead, 109 wounded and 27 missing in the Olympus area. Seven were killed and n wounded In the Serral area. State commander Leonard W. Moody of Marlanna will be guest of honor at the American Legion's birthday dinner to be given by Dud Cnson Post 25 Rt the JLeglon Hut Navy Denies Atom Bombs Aboard Ships here tonight. Commander Moody speak briefly. The dinner is being held in observance o[ the 29th anniversary of the founding of the American Legion. ion, aimed at preventing the nation from hearing about the Western proposal to return Trieste to Italy. Premier Alclde dc Gaspcri, who was In the North when the'proposa' was announced, was cheered enthusiastically by a welcoming crowd of 3,000 at the Central railway sin- Ion this morning when he returned to Rome. De Gasnerl's train arrived from Milan simultaneously with a train from Turin carrying Sforzu back to Rome. Both officials waved anc smiled at the crowd but did not speak. I Takes Neutral Position LONDON, Mar-h 23. (UP)—For- WASHINGTON, Mar. 23. (UP)— eign Secretary Ernest Bcvin said to- The Navy has denied a congress- day that Britain would take a nou- hian's report that Its ships in the U rn i position on the Palestine trus- are equipped with teeship proposal "until we know what the propositions arc." Mediterranean atomic bombs. f "Not one of them is carrying an "atom bomb," an official Navy state- p • ments»td. ' I rTICC The statement was Issued here in reply to remarks by Rep. Arthur CAMBRTDGS, L. Miller R, Neb' Speaking in Lin- (UP)—Lever Brothers Co. today an- coln Neb. yesterday, the congress- nounccd its second two-cent cut In man said it is "common ' '-' "'" — •«•••"•< —"• "f overturned on Highway 96 nca Hartford None of the 13 other persons In the truck was seriously hurt. The child Is survived by her pur ents, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Niehol know-1 six weeks on one-pound cans of t of Greenwood, and a twin sister Mass.. March 23. Child Dies in Crash FORT SMITH, Ark., Mar. 23(U?)—Funeral services were plan ned today for Judy Nichols. 3, o Greenwood. The child died in i Hartford physician's office afte the truck In which she was riding ledge" In Washington that U. S. | Spry, a vegetable shortening.' Naval vessels In the Mediterranean are carrying atom bombs. And he added that "most 'of our ships" are in that area. Miller said later he got his information from members of the House Armed Services Committee. , In Us reply, the Navy said that only 15 of the 216 U. S. Warships currently are In Mediterranean waters. It said Miller "must have been misinformed." I Ja 'ugoslav Police inter U.S. Zone Cld.h Takes Place Near Trieste as Tension Increases TRIESTE, March J3. (UP)—Allied military headquarters charged to- ay that Yugoslav civil police In- aded the Anglo-American son* ol h« Trieste patrol. One allied policeman wa> wounded seriously In the gun battle that ollowed and was taken to » hospital. An offlcal allied communique said he Yugoslav patrol was "well with- ti" the Anglo-American rone when it opened fire with lubmachine guns without warning. The clash took place In the area of Draga St. Ella, near the Yugoslav border. Allied police returneo the fire and the Yugoslavs fled Intv their own zone. Draga Is about 10 miles southeasi of Trieste, along th« TrlesU-Polu rail line. The wounded policeman was iden tilled as Cauro Abrescla. He was hit in the head and left hand by Yugoslav toinmygun bullets. Police said he was out of danger and would recover. Observers expressed belief the clash was set off by the Western iwwers' proposal to return Trieste to Italy. Eyewitnesses reported the allied police located the Yugoslav patrol within the Anglo-American zone and demanded that the Yugoslavs withdraw. The discussion was still going on when a train from Yugoslavia- to Trieste passed by. Railway workers aboard noticed what was going on »» Iba. J0.16-JUO; *» to MO lt». It/W-JOJO; lfc.:to 180 H*. 1S.W- JZ.SO; 100 to 1M Ibs. 15-U.SO; «ows, 460 B*. down, 11.90-19; over Ibs. 17.7S-18.2S. stags 14.U, t50 . .-.. . Cattifc «,•*>; salable 4.500; calve. 1,100, .all salable: Generally active and fully (toady vith Monday. About 36 loads of steers offered, the« including one load mostly choice at *?»; several loads good to high good steers 26.15-28; medium steers at 24.75-25.50. Good to choice heifers and mixed yearlings »M-28;, common to medium largely 20-28; a. few good cows 22-53; common and medium, largely 18.50-21, with.cann«rs.and cutters J5-18. Head Courier News Want Adi. YOUR RED CROSS NEEDS YOU o fovbid assemblymen trom innK- ! ng anti-Soviet statements on the loor. Suhr objected to the Russian demand on grounds it stifled the free speech of a supposedly democratic body. The Russinn instructions to Suhr were described as n "stern warning but not an ultimatum." This Is the first time an official German body has entered into the oi>cn conflict between the Sovie'-s and Western allies touched off by the Russian walkout Irom the Allied Control Council last Saturday. The situation in Berlin remained tense, with the Russians showing no indication ot breaking their boycott of four-power meetings. They stalled the boycott when Western representatives refused to make a report. on American-British- French conversations on Germany. first allied blockpost within' the Anglo-American zone. Allied officers ordered reinforcements placed aboard the train and sent the train back to the area where the Yugoslavs were arguing with the ailieel border police. When the train arrived the Yugoslavs fired about 20 rounds from their submachineguns at both the allied police patrol and the train Then they fled. The train left the reinforcements at the border and started back for Trieste again. Allied authorities interpreted thi- clash as evidence of increased Yugo- slava nervousness caused by the three-power proposal to return Trie- site to Italy. Publisher's Wife Dies FORDYCE, Ark., March 23. (UP) —Funeral services were planned today for Mrs. Esther T. .Vcrbeck, 10, wife of C. A. Verbeck, owner of the News Publishing Co. and editor of the Fordyce News-Advocate. Mr. and Mrs. Vcrueck moved here from Fort Smith four years ago where he had been connected with the Southwest-American for many years. ., Harding College Ready With Building Program . SEARCY, Ark., Mar. 23. (UP1 — Success of the $1,500.000 Harding College building fund campaign will be'celebrated with a ground-breaking . ceremony March 29 on the campus here. • Ground will be broken for men's dormitory and will mark the start of a program !or construction of seven new buildings. : The other buildings include library, an auditorium-admiiUslra- tton building, a student center, a gymnasium, a new wing on the women's dormitory, and a training school building. For Smart, Sturdy, Streamlined Styling Livestock ST. I.OUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, March 23. (UP) (USDAi —Livestock: Hogs aqenpppv all salable and Hogs: Weights under 240 Ibs. 75c to $1 lower than average Monday. Some late $1.25 lower. Heavier weights. 50 to 15c lower. Sows, Tic to $1 lower. Bulk good and choice no to 230 Ibs. 22.75-23.25; practical top 23.25; one bunch early 33.50; late sales 23 down. S30 to 250 Ibs. 21-75 T 22.15; 250 to T70 UK. Jl-K; Y10 to TO BIND THE NATION'S WOUNDS r Whenever disaster strikes, the Red Cross rushes aid to the scent. Wherever a veteran needs help, the Red Cross stands ready to assist him. Though disaster relief and veterans' welfare are two of its most important services to the nation, the Red Cross performs many others of great value. Your support makes these vital services possible. Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity* The capillaries of the human body are so numerous that they defy counting. But a metal tune the size of a darning needle could hold about a thousand of them. Tired, All-in- Listless Feeling Brought To Hall As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, C«H Do you grt xip in the mornings atll ttred, fee* doirn-and-out aU day? Hav wu checked-up on your blood strength lately? Overwork, undue worry, cold, " er other Vllnesa olten "wear* do? * rrd-blood-cell*. • Irery day—<very hour— millions o toy rrf-blood-cel!B must pour fort from ttw marrow of your hone» to re ytace tbote that are worn-out, A lo V&O& count may affect sou In BM «ayt; ao appetite, underweight, . jberfy, a run-down condition, lack jMJitanrt to infection, and disease. : - T» *rt wal rellrf you must keep _ your wood atreturUi. Medical authorities. Vy an*ly*)a «C to* blood, have by poeV- t •bown that SSS Tonic la r cffectlT* In building up low n incUi in non-organic mitrl- ; anrmH. Thte la due to the SSS i formula which conUlzu apeclfcl it actKatlBC Ingtedlent*. _ _JS Tooic h*Ipa you enjoy lh« 1 yott «at by Increasing the gastric •tlT* jute* when tt U non-oiganl- r too UttI* or •canty—thus th e atom-- imv* UtU* cauM to get balKy Port mn4 parcel of Hi* tmorf, rvggad trying of Itr* n«w odcator <M*tll*t prated- gnlle, rfiilintViv«l Y dt>fgn»d ond evr* framfr* mown ltd, ang1*-brat*d and h«v» ns bar tf heavy bumpw (tack al to* end t CAPPS LEADS THE EASTER Offered in New Spring Patterns From '45 MANHATTAN HOSE ..^~~T-.. $3.95 up PORTIS HATS . ............ ................ . . 6-50 up ESQUIRE HOSE . .55 up MANHATTAN TIES :.,.,...,.,..'... 1.00 up STRAT-O-LINE BELTS....... 2.00 up t wiOtl BlUauin bkooa •ar JM WM* **r. «"•» jftii^tfc ibouM mfti you? *~cJy Start on 888 Tonic now throughout ahnm and eat better, wnrt better, , * httrihjr color flow LQ toA Oil out There's no truck on the road today that gives you more in ultra-modern postwar styling than one of the new light and medium duty GMCs. Here is good looks that stamps you as a progressive operator . . . that adds to the prestige of your business . . . tViat gives you increased advertising value. And it's good looks that's much more than "skin deep." Sheet metal and fender* are heavier and sturdier than ever before. Cab* are rigidly braced, all-steel welded . . . Si/, tim«» stronger than prewar. They're newly insulated and soundproofed and offer a unique new built- in ventilation system that automatically circulate* fresh air. For style that stands out and construction that stands up, get a CMC. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. IT ^ ill m —. - ^. ^. — M HUDSON 307 E. Main Phone 2056 CLEANER TAILOR llythtvilU, Ark. CLOTHIER St«lt, Mo.

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