The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1932
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-'V Prm BIXTHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS . _____ TMTOM ™ NEWSPA ™°*4™*^^ 11J-J ?? CJ mythevllle Dally News. Blylhevillc Herald. ' SOUTHEAST MISSOURI . - ____ ------ — - — _ m,Y'niKVlU,K. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, (XH'OHKK 'i ISRIALENDS DAVIS Body of Man, Only Partially Identified, Is Found Suspended From Tree. Another killing was apparcntl'. added today (o (!io long: list of uii- fdlved murder mysteries which have occurred on the shores of the Mississippi river. The body of a 55-year-old man, tentatively identified as Bill Hammer, moonshiner, was to be cut down from the lowest limb of a water elm on Syann Island and burled in an island grave tcday. There was little Indication that his death will ever be salved. Mississippi county officials viewed the. hanging corpse yesterday only to discover that the island is in Tennessee. Tennessee officers veer? lo cress the river to the island today. Diicovercd by Luxora Boys TJie body, swinging by a small rope, was discovered several days ago by a group of Luxora' boys playing on the island, about a mile and a half across the levee. Th" island, strangely enough, is Ten- i Anniversary Their Marriagel On Ecptcml:;r 30. 1877, Mi.v; Lucy Hiring aiul A. l-\ Carney were united in marrine at UarJield., Yesterday al their home here they j •- :fi;;aicd t'.:ur 05!h v.'i-ddhiij nu- uvcisnry. Ttt;-nly-fAo ^uc:;ls, including live of (heir ::even living "cliilun-n, scv- :.r;:l ^raiulcliildren and Iricivls, :rc.nt ih:: day ut their iiibi.rbr.n, l:;>mc, Thiau children are dead. \ Mrs. Cari:;y, v,ho at 75 Is still' ai-liie, ivas ihe daughter of a | Physician who cinne to this section when lew people residc'l here. She i;rew up al uarileld, on the M:;-£l£sip|.i river, with swimming •ir-fl fishing as her favorite amusements. When a young man Mr. Carney, now 82, left Ms home at tiasli- ville, Tenn.. and came over into Arkansas, having heard vivid stor- tcs (,[ (fie fertile lands here. After he crcssed the river and settled near Harfield the romance slarted. Mr. Carney doesn't farm any more, nor dees lie do any more carpentry work, but lie grows sweet potatoes—good ones, too. He is very proud of his five acre liaich and defies any younger man lo raise better and bigger potatoes. Their sons and daughter; arc: Mrs. J. D. Barksdale, Mrs. Antonio Ihompsqn, Mrs. Minnie Thoi .™ J .jitungiij fnuuij'.t, IS 1C II- "v+n/ovii, ivn a. ivtllllllc llLUlIlljSOll nessee soil although for all prac-1 wijl Caiiiey nnd George Carney', tionl niirncxps n t\<\vt «* A -i-. _«__ nil r.T 'RlfHiraniiir. »r^r- T> T^ 1*1:1 tiral purposes a part of Arkansas, being joined to the Arkansas shore by a sand chute. Not more than n dozen years ago the main channel •of the river ran between the Luy- ora levee and the Island. The boys were at first too frightened to fell of their gruesome find but finally it came out. Officers toot the story as an exaggerated tale. Later a cattle rider on the Island brought in the same report: .Sunday an investigating party' >—composed,of Sheriff W. .W. Shaver, .Deputy Arch Ijndsey, Coroner W. -"••-Jti-flt6Mli;"a 'Courier 'News reporter and Constable-w. W. Woods drove over to the "island." Tlie body was found still hanging from the small tree,- apparently undisturbed. The tree was on the edge of a small knoll. The site of a moonshine still, removed either be- fore'the hanging or aftjr thc curious began .to reach the scene, was a tew yards off. It is no secret that most of the river islands are in- >YJU uarney ana George Caniev, n i s nrr i vn i h . rhir--,,,,, i n , i „ --—.„•»:, - (,.,,-n.u uun-iuui rrnnxiiii L>. lioosei all cf Blytheville. Mrs. B. E. Wii- , I J " 1C C " bs nml YllllkcCK clnsh ln a ^-1" scries encounter hams of Little Roc*, on,] M« .1 la(idlcss a banquet of seme 2CCO Democrats. The nhnti, shnv.-, ihr. .,!„> .„. . , . . . - liams of Little Rock, and Mrs. J. C. Hart "of Morrilton, Ark. Besides relatives living here fiuests at the reunion were: the Rev. and Mrs. p. Q. Horle and son. Mrs. J. G. Sudbury, Miss Ada Dcnoho, Mrs. Minnie demons and Mr. and Mrs. B. r±Jt,^ "^l^™""***™** *""="' G ™— **»*«« O. "oosevelt - fested with stilU-and that the fen- farmers who eke out an existence in the wet lands don't interfere or tell too much about the busiipss of their neighbors. Uncertain of Identity The body had been hanging at least four or five days when the party of Mississippi county officials readied the scene. People who had known Bill Hammer spoke vaguely of his family troubles, his "business," and (ten en=cd by expressing the opinion that it was Bill's body. His wife and sons, who lived a short distance from th e sccns, admitted certain arlicl3s of clothing looked like things he had worn but, they would net positively identify him as the man. A suicide theory was advanced but authorities scouted tills : f igb. No man, they reasoned, even if he could do so, would tie his own Says Way to Economic Recovery Clear If No One Rocks the Boat. Note— Business is definitely on the upgrade in the opinion of'Ro-'- W. Babson, famed for' his pr-- . , -diction of the stock market crash oj 1929. Th noted economist, asked by the United Press for his opinion of the current business outlook wrote as follows: By ROGER «'. BABSON Written for the United Press Fundamental improvements in the economic situation in th* United^ States have taken place 'since Commodity prices readied tte low parity* of world nnri-i^ o»*ri are now In a oaslflnn • • " tl0 " — "• ""ii^i iii.lii.0 UIH.U11 :me 2CCO Democrats. The photo shov.-s the nlsht parade movin- —- boulevard, escorting the go\erhor to his hole! upon and lu i! Jnck- PURYE SHELLS Surprising Testimony Given 'by Officer . in Memphis' Murder Case. MEMPHIS, Oct. 3 (UP)— Patrol- . man F. L. Ctiislaviis cave :urprishi5 testimony tliat he gave Stanley A. Faryear two buckshot rhelt; about n week licfore Pur- yenr • fatally shot a nes™ whom lie accused of axins to death tnc wife and daughter. The testimony was given at tlic trial of Piiryear, charged with .he murder of his wife, daughter, and the ncoro, Will Jamison. The revelation that Pur'ycar obtained Ihe two shotgun shells roin Guslavus came as the patrolman was being cross-examined by Lefense Attorney A. G. Gailoway. "I wax sitting in the police car .n front cf Pnvycar's garage nbon; Two Negroes Escape From Brinkley Farm OSCEOLA. Ark., Oct. 3—Ofticers :ire looking for two negro coii- vlcts escaped from • Drinkley Brokers ccnvlct farm u-rst of Oscfl- o!a late Sunday afternoon. • One ol the negroes is named Car! Johnson, another is . known ns ."Willie" and is 'Raid to t j ; want-en in Mississippi for-murder I Ihe negroes stele a shotgun Iji:- longing (o .one of the guards and made their get-aiv.iy about '0:30 c'clcck Sunday nlijlit. Operation of a Minor Nature. His Secretary Says at Cleveland. improve. the .11 tioiu ci i-iiiyL'iira garajje iiDOUi > -—— i week cr tsn days before the i CI,EVEI,AND. o.. Oct. 3 (UP)— murder," Gustavus lestified. "I j William Randolph Hearst, inlllion- :col: out thc pump gun and started I a ' re newspa|>er publisher of New (n pidgin it Thn eliollp n-o^n n., I YC TtC ailtl f^nlifnviif-l n-^c n*%^i>-ofn/l , own hands behind him. A bloody clot ,-n the back of ils head indicated that the victim might have b?=n unconscious from a blow when his •slayers decided to make certain of his death by stringing him up. An empty drum barrel, rolled a few inches away from (he hanging f;et, gave mute' evidence of how the slayers reached the overhanging limb to make fast the rope or forced their victim to siand while they ml, • . — ----- * v "HIJ/IWVL:. This is connrmed by the recent Improving ratio of exports to Imports The turnover of goods reached a very low point, indicating sound financing of business Dollar volume of business is improving without an increase in oam. Building contracts for th- last seven months show a rorizon- I trc " d j nsleacl of "ie former sharp decline. The difference between loan: aivl deposits in banks continues (o increase favorably instead of showing the former downward tren j prior to April. Federal reserve bank? continue to increase their credit «x termed or capacity to Ktend credit The recent tendency of dollar volume of business lias — the barrel from beneath his feet. Finding they were without au- thonty to act, Sheriff shaver and kroner Stovall returned to Arkansas soil leaving the body hanging. They notified Sheriff E. H. Craig at Rlpley. Tenn., of the myitsry. This morning Craig dispatoted a pair of deputies and Coroner N W Barber of Hipiey to the island, "ley were prepared to bury the body there. Sheriff Craig told the Courier News over long distance telephone this morning that he always liked to see justice done." But as tr.e •sheriff admitted, Tennessee people have to cross the main channel of |he river to reach (he island. They f* 6 ', in a manner, that th= ista'nl « more In Arkansas than Tennes- ff e . Established boundaries show ln « island to bs in Tennessee. "Islands" are really a land ''• Arkansas officers don't have Business on most of the river . - 15 - Tennessee officers prefer to ,* y . »»ay. Spann Island bids fair man W thc myst "r of hovr some tually tilled anri who 'wcrj h°U H worst and if 110 t upset by politic-il acl.v-.lies will continue to Improve All the necessary r-meiies havo teen applied and all „ neod nov. in^ r notfcin? is dm " ta mgtonjo "rock the boat." Suit for Annulment Filed in Chancery Court Bill secov, a miner, has filed «Ht through his father, Peas annulment Klnnon. 24 to his Miss ^jYcrtc floor of ihn ear. Puryenr °" loda >' at Cleveland Clinic lios- . picked up two and said he wanted fcr his nljlit «a(c!unan." Fiaes Imposed on More nitri1 b V George Crile, world fa- mm:s suigcon. j A statement issued by J. Willi: cninbe, secretary of Hearst, said: I "Mr. Hearst is al the Cleveland | Clinic liOKs;llnl for a minor opera T ,/. , ,,. . '(.nine hOK^Ilnl for a minor opcvn- 1 rattle Law Violators; 1 ' 01 ' w'i'ch was prrfonucd siic- i cissfully this mmiiinj without $40,000 .Loss Results Frotn Attempt, to,. Lop.t Bank Safe.' HOXIE, Ari:., Oct. 3. (UP)— A search was being .made today for burglars believej lo have started a flrc to cover th;lr efforts lo rob the Bank of Hoxlc here ycslerday. The fire, wr.lch spread 'rapidly, destroyed live buildings on th? main street, damaged another, rind ruln- "!d tho cojitfius of Ihe bank. The large safs containing all tlis currency, geld, and silver of tlic b'nnk was cracked and partially opened by the robber.i. Tha heat --lid nut melt t-':« Tho ICM was fsilmatcil at SIO.OOO. Thcr.s was llt- !!•; insurance. Reply to Democratic !.f".ic!(!r in Heart of [)is- affedcd Com Belt, \VAS!1INGTON, CX'l. 3 lOI'l — I'mldfiit iici»cr prcimrod loduy l« cany ii! s case lei thc volel.-i. He nrraiicud It' lenvr by :i)icclii! ^I'ulii .soon .alter lunch- for ues Molnes, Io\ai. There In the heart ot ihe disiiliccled com bell, where moie than u decade of low prices, heavy incrt-jures, rlshw luxes «ncl i- depression linvc tnnclo men and women critical of llitlr public officials, President Hoover will !i->- Ills hiind nt « dllllc-iilt rlscc ut p:lltlcril cani|ial|jn<ng. Knlcrs Hostile Territory He will make his main address tomorrow nlglil, Numerous other nii];eaiaiu-e.s me ruiiliiinplnlud clur- Hi'- diiy lie will spend In Iowa. 1 :>lls were micerlnin until .slioit- Jy bcfiu-e Mr. Ilcover «-ns to bonrd his irnln, '1'hls markK the oiwnlng of tho hlgli pressure countcr-Httnck which Hepubilcans have plunncd us an answer to the western trip which Governor KoosevcR had juat com- plcled. President Hoover nas chosen to make his first thrust dlrcclly In the cenler of much ho'sllle seiili- mc-nl. Ruosevell, campaigned in Iowa last week, it marked his ;econd crofslne of the farm bell. Uc wtn the support of thu dean of senate Insurgent Republican's, Seimlor George Norris of Nebraska. 1'rH Ones Ti> Ro*wvtlt Sentiment In loivn Is reported to be more strongly Democratic than In years, The Des Molnes Register and. Tribune, owned -by one of. President Hoover's closest friends • and • advisors. -G»rdn«r Cowles of the Reconstruction Finance corporation, nil's Jual completed its regular presidential poll of its circulation territory. lUi returns give Roosevelt «,32I votes nnd President Hoover 27,502. HOT Sl'lllNOS. Ark, O« 3 'UP)—A Missouri klilmipln K „„ , . mis belicvnl solved tt:la l|k>lk-i! who rv|H>rtr<l Lhc conff Hon. of Junu's u-p Cn/nrt, 13 ulli Jack Alleil. U 0 Wlls Ml ^ ,,„,., fo Poplar Dlnir, Mo., uuthorlllc.H lo Ca/iiii'ti confer ln.fl Tiie.xliiy. ,ind nko robbed Nee ly Oiiiii.. cnllon buyer of Mnrvol Ark., of $85. Pos-tmasler and Staff Helc Open House Saturday and Sunday. Carulliersvlllc postolllce Salurdir moved into Us new home, Just com pletcd, on Hi; ccrncr of West Third street iiiul Carkiton iivunuc. Post innstcr Horiicr nnd his'employ;: l:elci open house In thu ncw-biilld Ing Saturday afternoon and nil daj Sundiiy,. ami hundreds of patrons ••Islltti the building, The new pastoiiicc Is a Iwnitllfu building Inside nnd out, it is )unj< and roomy nnd contains all the fix lures ami appliances necessary to nniko the work ot the employe, easier and more rapid, nnd |o safe Kimrd valuable mail. Heavy vnulti nnd burglar proof su(cs protec stamps, ciuli nml other valunbli mall. The building Is two full slorlc in .height, with -high ceilings heavj walls and excellent ventilating equipment. Tlie investment is nei WO.OOO, Including furniture ana equipment. The new building is one ol the mojt attr«ctlve of i« sor Iu Mluourl.lRnd I*, said to f«r out ranlc tho postomcw. V/il! Hear Mississippi Reapportipnment Appeal WASHINGTON. Oct. 3. (UP) — Tlie supreme court today .was fisted lo Hdvance with all pcsslbtc haste tlic appeal of Ihe state of Mississippi Involving (lie vmllcllty of (lint state's reapporllomncnt act. The court, after ci brief conference, put the case flown for a"<n- tncnt Oclob;r 12. _ The latest police drive against ! tvoli tllc n ^ cA ° r " nj without j general anes- j Join Against Tammany to Force Nomination of Lehman for Governor. i'raffic law vlolalnrs continued <lur-! "'•""«• Air - "farst expects to lie I ^ALBANY, _ N. Y.. Oct. 3 (Urging Hie latler part of last wcekl 011 n ]p l ™y to N"v Vork in a few' withcul letup. ] d:l Bob Hatfield, Clyde Bunch. Ray-! Dl - Cri 'e l=<Iay declined to dis- mond Stringer and R. F. Kirsh- : cllss ltlc cf!sc - !tc said medical ner were fined one dollar eacn : cln ' cs w °u!d not prrnilt it. for running slop signs and similar j iffeiiMs. in municipal court Sat- ' AiTf St Ne<»rn Fnr nrrfrn. . f.ori^^K : . o*u ' VI »rday. . KmJ Joe Atkins was tiic only , fen(!ant charged with running -t:p si?n to be acquitted. Atkins} wns en his way to report .1 holdup when officers caught him i mining a sign and he was cleared of Ilie charge. Shooting at Burdette OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 3.—John negro, Will Mcculfaugh, In thc be at Burdette Saturday night, was , - , . arrested by Osceola omc;r.s south Jack Patterson is to face trial lot Osceola a few hours later as he on a charge of speeding. was attempting to get out of the . e Bi.rt Nolan failed to appear to! county on a seed (rucf: answer a charge of disturbing Ihe peace and his five dollar deposit was ordered forfeited. Mrs. Jim Spiker was cleared of chp.rge of disturbing the peace. Will Wallace was fined $50 on liquor charge. frm,f, re r ™OVCd from the clerk's office by *E E f' .V^der and Coop counsel for the plaintiff it was stat«I al the office of' th c was h, »i 7 Cr fhat thc ca « «ns In the nature of an annul- ent proceeding. . "" MONTPELIER, (llc eoc nation,in the 20th District Congressman Driver Will Address Rallies OSCEOLA, Arfr., Oct. 3 Congressman Osceola will rallies at the Gov. I-raiiklin Roosevelt home today from a presidential cnmpaiBn lour to line up with his o:d friend and rival, Alfred E. Smith, in a fight lo force Tammany Hal! to nominate Herbert Lehman fcr governor. RccwvcJt. was confident he would bo elected in November. "Mow did It go, governor?" A sj-tclator shouted as his train pulled into tho union station. Ihe bacon." he snld Lehman, a Jew, .'leiilcnnnt governor. Gir] Suicides Because "Nobody Loves Me" HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Ocl. .1. (UP)—An 18-year-old girl, June Slalon, was n suicide today because "nobody loves me." For this reason, she said in n v.ole, she was "geltlng out of l!:o way." The girl hnd been left nt home lo pr.iellcc her music. «tr,ucted-;»t wtst ..-».. W .. 01W5K1 and :oth«r-points in^hls district. It Is^of Interest to know that Ca- rutheravllle's first poatofflco was mted at flm not as 0«ru6!iersvllb was first established back In °1854 The first postmaster was Qeorg- W Buslicy, who was appointed to hold thc office on January 7lh 1854 Tlie. office, was discontinued 'tlircc different llmt-s since It was eslab- . The oldest living ex-postmaster ot the city Is John w. Green who served from December I4th 1885 until May roth, 1887. The prcs»pi ixi'itinaster h,it served since g c n- Icmber 8th, 1022, and «ns uctlng IKwlmastcr Irom Janunry 25th 1922 until nppolnte<l In September. Is Roosevelt'* He has sup- . - pcrtcd financially and otherwise many campaigns in ivrilcli Smitn pnrliripatcd. He L5 in county jail here charged with assault. r\ < <• usrcola Messengers to Poinsett Man Indicted Baptist Meeting Named for Death of 2-Year-01d| OSCEOLA, JSToct. 3_ MOT . I hers rf the First Bantitt rlmrrfi HARRISBTJRG. Ark., Oct 3 (UP) i Aslcrday named 'the followuig —Herman Lcdtelter, 31, farmer, j mccscngero to represent the church was indicted this afternoon on a "I Ihe Mfsslfstppi County Baptist murder charge In conn;ct!on with i Aissciatlon mectino in Manila the death of his 2-ycar-old stop- • T^;sd.»v and Wednesday: -"-- " ' ' i to " " at Burdcite Thursday night and week at Luxora Friday night. Tn e rallies are three or a series being helci in south Mississippi county, sponsored by the «» Democratic organization of this section of the county, of which A. P. Barham Is chairman. Similar meefings ivere held t.* Hatcher school Friday night, at Etowah Saturday night and scheduled for Whllton tonight. -. '• 8. Bur.oti. J. s? York Cotton YORK, Oct. 3 (UP) — , . Cotton closed steady. Jan March May July Oct Dec open 704 714 725 734 C87 039 high 711 721 731 740 G98 70C low CM 707 718 728 C87 093 close 709 7IG 727 7S5 C03 702 Spots closed at 715. up 10, quiet. Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Ocl. 3. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 702 709 C95 70Sb 70G 720 732 G83 Jnn. Mar. May July Oct. U 06,000 Bales Is Estimate of International Statistical Bureau. NEW YORK. Oct. 3. (UP|_The International Statistical Uurcau today estimated thc United States cotton crop as of the end of Sop- Umber at 11,106,000 hales, wit 1 ;-condition nt 63.7 per cenl. The crop estimate compared with the bureau's August estimate of 11,181,000 bales and the government's estimate of that date of 11.310,000 bales. The condition figure compared with Ihe government August figure of per cent. Thc bureau estimated glmilngs so far at 4,843,000 bales. . Dec. 713 728 736 C98 697 725 732 742 698 708 652 721 731 741 CM 704 HTCHMOND, Va. (UP) — A sea! Former Springfield Mayor Guilty of Conspiracy -, _.J, Mo., Oct. 3 (UP> SSA »»"'. ''"'? ' s: " •• * » S'»i™~-'S,» &&^&^&^!KASZ.v Spots closed at 704, up 4. ste.idy. Stock Price* A. T. andT 112 Anaconda 121-2 Auburn 54 Caterpillar Tractor .... 10 1-2 Chrysler 18 Cities Sen-ice 4 Coca cola , 97 Continental Tinktnrr --•• 6 General Elcclric IB 1-2 Genera! Motors 107-8 Mlddlewest Utilities 1-8 Montgomery Ward 15 3-4 New York Central 28 1-2 Packard 33-4 Rfldfo 0 1-2 Simmons Be^s !2 Standard of N. J 31 Texas Co 13 3.8 U. Si Steel .i,;. 42 l-i Wheels Stolen From Beneath Osceola Car OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 3. — D. S. Laney, manager of the Osceola Mc- tor company, Chevrolet dealers, left his aulomobilc parked In front c r his residence here Saturday nbht Sunday morning lie walked cu' to find the car sitting flat on ft.- ground, with ail four wheels nnd the extra wheel from the back of the car, all gone. Ofl!c2rs so far nave no clue t,> the theft. Little Rock Home Loan TELLS m OF II BY Judge Praises Senator and His Counsel for Their Action In Case. NEW YOHK7~Oet..3,. (UP)^A mlitrlul w-iw declared tcday'iu'the trlnl of U. S. Senator James J. Davis who was facing charges o! violation of tlic federal lottery laws The mistrial was !£<• result of a report made to the judge by defense counsel concerning jutor number seven, and alternate 'juror number 13. Charles Marglottl, chief' of do- fonse counsel, made the report to federal Judge Frank Coleman.' Henry J, Moore was Juror number seven, from whom Msrgiottt recelv- ed Information which lie reported privately to ttie Judge. M*r*ie4U Taken Stand Judge Coleman excused all jurors except Moore and Abe Weliitraub nnd c»Ued Marglottl to the witness stand to tell hla story. Tha Judge praised Marglcttl and Senator Davis who participated with hla countel in the action which resulted In «. mtstrlnl, ; ••- ..... Marglottl told how lie received, a telephone call from a "persorf'.wlic wanted to come to my hotel room ' last Friday night." •THte of JororVvbit : .'.''!*,' "I asked him who he was,", the attorney said. "He lold me he ras ft broUier knight. He didn't tell me lio wag • Juror, The man was juror .numoer KTCtf. . • ' "!'«' (juror:'numbsr scren)- told w h« .WM.-not:there to UUrabout the cut,", Jktorftotti continued,,. ">;i myim,;^^ ,bout. Juror, 13,' He ujd. 'Juror 13"1* putting in-tbe polton »«UnH'yoUr tide at''«veiy /c'orridori ' TL i **T7 vf «i-V- • K V'-f>! u Pt-fSU*V'S*LrA that witnesses on your:side are ji." • Ing. When (b«'CttholkJpriett,iMBt on the it»nd he ,*ald he :'WM -no .': better th«n the Bothers..I think you ought to have someone witching him.". 1 • . Judge Coleman said the prepphi France of testimony exonerated, /• Wclntraub, who vigorously denied I" the charge. pncLothjr Jurymen de"- nled hearing such-remarks.--•.-•.'.'':•";' "As to juror seven, Mr. Moore I find, his conduct Improper," th" ludge said.'."I nnd the motive not •vll or mercenary, it was a violation of my instructions to-the ]_-"* rors." -. ..JJ. : . Court then adjourned, the-judge withholding a decision on action against Moore until 10:30 toin'or- •'• row "lo give you time to consult . mil counsel." - " • "»*»*,. Hale Jackson Overpowers Mian Resisting Arrest OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 3— Zlaie 'nckson, chief deputy sheriff hero, was cut and bruised about the ncc In an encounter with ~, Bill Honch, while man living west- ol ' Osceola, when Roach resisted 'ar- ' est Sunday afternoon. - <. , Deputy Jackson went to • -the ' louse where Roach was !Ulng'*est ' r Osceola to arrest, him on'a harge of disturbing thc peace. When he entered Beach's room Roach knocked him down "and • •lade an effort to get to a shot- ; 'uu In the corner of thc room. ; Jackson emppled with the man nd succeeded In overpowering him ' cforc he could reach the guri Roach is In county jail here. He •• will be tried tcdny. Find Bodies of Eleven Cloudburst Victims BAKERSF1ELD, Cal., Oct. 3 <f «J )—The bodies of 11 iwrsons tiled In a cloudburst which swept he Tehachnpi mountains Friday ight lay in morgues here today hile searchers dug through debris nd mud seeking additional vlc- ms. Only four of the bodies had been Identified today. The re- nalnlng seven were thought .'to /c Itinerants who left a stranded southern Pacific freight train-'to ake refuge In a liny service sta- on at Keene-Wood fonl. WEATHER Bank Officials Name. t ARKANSAS-aoudy, ^abiy ] roin tonight and Tuesday. Cooler tonight In nortowest portion, cold- WASHINGTON, Ot, ,1 (UP) , , , — Aopolntments of ofTIrtals of seven of th e regional home loans banks were announced today bv Chairman' Frunklln Port ot the home loan bank botrd. The orfki«ls at Little Rock are: I. FriedlRnder, Houston, . Texas chairman; A, S. Geoghegsn, New Orleans, vice chairmrt, »nd J. , F. Lucey, , . Texts, pmfdtBt. er Tuesday. According to the official we*ther observer, Charles tfr.UHr* jr., tb». minimum temperature here r«5t«r- day was 55 degrees and tbe n»xt- '. mum 73 degrees, .'tJ«»r. Today ». }'ear tgo the minimum taapta- - ture *-«s M degrees and the —«-' '•"• muffl n *»re«s.

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