The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 9, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTH3BART *HH-»MO»O .,„, »™~.~ ^*^ VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 278, TOE OOMMUiT NEWSPAPER Qy NQBTiaAgr AHKAN6A8 AND BODTHEABT MISSOURI JBLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1038 SINGLE COPIES FIVE «KHTI HOUSE APPROVES CROP CONTROL Blli in in nTrri i inn «. ~.. i ... ' ~ — — •— ' .^^^^^B MEL 1 G, I. 0. Unild States Steel Corporation, Subsidies Agree Continue Pact ii IIAURY FERGUSON Press- Cvrresponilent NEW YORK, Feb. 9 (UP)— Tlie United Slates Steel corporation today announced renewal of Its con- liacl with the Steel Workers Organizing Committee, of the com- n. luce for Industrial Organization. The sleel corporation announcement of signing of the new contract was followed Immediately by similar word from Philip Murray, chairman of the S. W. O. C. Ho said the contracts applied to five subsidiaries of U. S. Steel. 240.000 Affected These contracts. Murray said, , wages, hours and conditions of employment for some 240.000 employers. Wages and hours are maintained at the same rate as In the 1931 contract but m (lie new contract 1ms been inserted a clause giving both parties the right to reopen conferences for modification of any i:art of the agreement. Tlie new agreement reached to- c'ay continues indefinitely. Tli2 companies with whom new agreements were signed include Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation, the American Steel and Wire company, National Tube company and Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad corporation. Murray said that contract'; with another subsidiary, Columbia Steel company, would be signed at Pittsburgh on Friday. Brockelhurst Chained In Death Row.GeH PRISON FARM. Aft:. Four Shot In Chicago Gang Den CHICAGO HEIGHTS, III., Feb. (UP)— Pour men were shot today in what police described as warfare between rival gambling syndicates Three men stalked into the South Side Bakery, described as headquarters of a slot machine ami petty gambling gang. '"Where's Sam coslello?" they demanded. Cost«)lo stepped forward and the three drew guns. They blazed away for a full minute and when they fled they left four men wounded on the floor. i o n Memphis Gets Mi From PWA For Power Distributing System MEMPHIS. Feb. 9. (UP)-A check for $1.000,000, made out to the City of Memphis from tlie Public Works administration, was handed to Mayor Walkhis Overton today. The money will be used in paying part of the cost of constructing a municipal distribution system for Tennessee Valley Authority power Mayors of 21 west Tennessee cities were present when Dr. Clark Foreman, special PWA administrator, handed the check to Mayor Overton. ."The PWA check will aid in speeding construction of the municipal distribution system and hasten the time when TVA current can be turned into Memphis homes," Overton said. , Memphis Is the largest city to contract for TVA "yardstick" power. 1 The city began work on'a dls-J "tribution plant more tiian a year . ,— - •--~~" i inwYA, njK., wi^utivm plum, iiturc man a year i-et) ., (UP)-Superintendent Al 'ago'when the Memphis Power and KcfJd or the Arkansas state pri- Light company refused lo sell or iat Lester lease its.facilities. .'mi admitted today th Brockelhursl, condemned slayer has been chained to the floor ol his cell in death row. "The chain does not prevent Brock. Jlmrst from frecdoai of action within his cell to walk ni-pimd." Reed said, "but he' cannot reach the bars or walls." The superintendent said one end of Hit- ciiain was tied to Brocfc- ((hurst's leg and the other end to i: staple driven into the center nl I he rt-tl floor. Public May Inspect New Garment Factory Thursday Business men and women, and other citizens of' Blytheville are invited by the chamber of commerce to visit the new KIce-Stix factory Thursday afternoon between (he hours of-1:30 and four o'clock. At that time, the 170 women and Girls employed there in the making of shirts and pajamas will be observed as they go about their work of cutting and sewing the garments. Tills is the first time since the factory was opened last November thai the public has been invited to see ils operation. Since it Is the only factory of its kind in this sec- ton, it Is expected that a large number will visit there tomorrow. Jack Thro, superintendent, will be official host for the company which leased the building, given by Die city after donations of $80,000 were raised for its erection. W€LL I'LL T€U YOU , BOB BURNS J I guess you've already found out that campaign speeches don't mean very much. The only way to get things done yourVny Is to elect the people who want the same things yon do. Not long ago, when they was havin' rains and floods down home, pome of the citizens went over lo another community ana asked the local preacher if he'd come over to our section and pray for the rains to let up. / The- local preacher says, "tyell, L why don't you git your own preach\ tr to pray, for dry weather?" "• Tic citizens says, "Well, we would but our preacher is just crary about canoeing." Club Sponsors Rubbish and Trash Disposal '.Campaign A "clean-lip" campaign for the business section of Blytheville. sponsored bv the Blytheville Garden club, is being launched this week •Kid it ii expected to take it into the residential districts following a meeting of the group Monday night, when plans will be completed. As the first step in cleaning ths down town district, the group has arranged for the placing of 12 permanent rubbish cans in the principal blocks of the down town section, so that persons may have a place for papers, banana peels and debris now thrown on the pavement. These will be here Saturday. Boy Scouts will be asked to patrol the streets on Saturdays, to enlist the cooperation of pedestrians in this project, and members of the club have pledged themselves to emphasize the program by reminding others. Placards will be delivered to all stores giving curb service, which are to be placed on trays going to cars. These will ask that all straws, paper cups and napkins be replaced on the trays instead of being thrown on the street. Members of the committee, Mrs. Samuel P. Norris. Mrs. W. J. Pollard and Loy Welch, who were named to be in charge of the down town "clean up," will visit all merchants to enlist their cooperation In enforcing city ordinance.; regulating disposal of rubbish. Members of the police depart- met have promised to cooperate. Plans are being made for a regular patrol of all business houses, including those in the business and residential district, to see if there Is any rubbish. If any is found, the tenant will be reported to city,officers, and a warrant Issued. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. Feb. 9. (UP)—Ho?s: receipts, 6,000 Top, 8.85 Heavy weights, 8.50-8.75 I>ht weights, 1,00-800 Bulk sows, 6.85-7.10 Cattle: receipts, 4,500 Steers, 6.85-750 Slaughter steers, 5,75-8.75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 625-750 Beet cows, 4.75-5.75 Cullers and low- cutters,- 3.75-4.50 Kept Bound To Col Pending S a n i t y Hearing RAN FriANCJSCO, Pel). « tUPt --.*' CMcatic was strapped in > iindmairsstrail-Jackct on Alcaliax for* after Ills second rampage w "i7, Ce ^- "' e Sa " Francisco News said today. The newspaper said that the nut• '< ^cm-reel in (he prison hospital where Capano. under observi li °. n , f ° r P arcsls - suddenly leaped out of bed in a furious frenzy. "SI" fimrds were required to subdue him," the account continued > fciwlit with the Icrrificstrength that comes only to madmen. Sanity Hearing Awaited "Now he is stretched inert on a prison hospital bed. his hands strapped to Ills side and Ills legs pinioned. He will be kept this way until a formal sanity hearing that has been set. "Capone's first outbreak was last week . when he suddenly .started kicking and spitting on fellow convicts. Then he subsided to become an innocuous idiot making and unmaking his bed and occasionally sinaing Italian arias learned in childhood. Just when Capone reached the violent stage was one of the many details that have not come from "The Rock." Officials there continue to refuse official information. Capone. America's number one gangster of the liquor racket- era and boss of Chicago's hoodlums, broke into blathering while serving the last year of his sentence on Alcatraz Island. Scarlett OTTara? What secret is Paillette Goddard hiding behind that merry wlnkY Hollywood thinks maybe the answer is that she knows she is going to get Hie long sought role as .Scarlett O'Hara in lhe v forthcoming movie version of "Gone With thV Wind." Miss Goddarrt has Hinted •that she has been chosen, and David O. Selznick, who Is casting'the movie, has signed her to a' contract. Setoick- also has promised'a •"significant statement" soon. Paulelte has been reported conslcl- enng a divorce from Charlie Cbaplln-aUhough she hasn't admitted yet that they're married, Will Concentrate Activities On Enforcement" Their "L a w Violators of (lie law will be apprehended. by Blytheville boy scouls and tried before a court comuosed of boys from the four different "(wilt troons when municipal officials turn the responsibilities of their offices over to them tomorrow. Rule of the city for one day is Loot I6 Strong boxes While Holding Bar's Customers Captive MIAMI, exacted from violators will go Into the Boy Scout treasury to be used in carrying out'their activities for the. year. Thursday will be climaxed by the annual father-son banquet at the First Presbyterian church when Judge Charles D. Frierson of Jones- mctl boro will be the principal speaker .mo uu and Robert McNab. district cxecn-' boulevard, live of the Eastern Arkansas conn- Each bandit ell, will also talk to the group. ' • -—' ~j -".w uimiudivuG men who broke open and riflled 16 stron? boxes and escaped with an undetermined amount of money Some reports said the loss might rim as nigh as $50.000 but employes of the bar discounted that figure, saying "It . wasn't anywhere near that much." 1 ' •• . The bar is located on Blscayne In addition lo the bovs already named as city officers, five others from Troop 37 have been elected to enforcj rriunjcipal rule. They are: John Charles Bright, police captain; Edward Workman, first lieutenant; Charles Afflick, second lieutenant; Joe Bill McKaney and B. Boyett, aldermen. Scoutmasters of the troops which will participate Jn the day's activities are James A. Puckett of Troop 38, the Rev. S. H. Salmon of Troop 37 and the Sea Scouts, and James Terry of Troop 31. Mar. May (UP)— Jul. Oct. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 9. Wall street on the first reading today construed extension of the U. S. Stccl-SWOC contract as bearish In that It continued the present wage levels In the face of declining prices for steel A- T. & T '. ,33 7 . 3 Anaconda Cop 31 3-8 Assoc. D. G 7 [.j Beth. Steel " 54 7 . 8 Boeine Air 39 Chrysler . ., 541-2 Cities Serv '_[['_ , 3.4 .-. was armed. They forced the employes and the only ,.,.,..^j ,,„ iinv* nit: Ulliy customer to tlie second floor of the establishment. They were compelled to lie on the floor while the bandits, using hammers and chisels, forced open 16 of 20 boxes in which money and valuables were kept by the operator of the club, employes and friends. Tlie four boxes which were undisturbed contained nothing. New York Cotton Den. Elec '"" 393.3 Gen. Mot """ 34 jig Int. Harvest "' (33 3.4 Montgomery Ward '" T) i 4 N. V. Central f 3 Packard ' Phillips Pet Radio Echenly Dlst Simmons ...' socony Vac. .. '" 7; , . Sid. Oil N. J ' Jx X'7 Texas Corp •' MS* U. S. Smelt. .:.,. S U, S. Steel ,.,,, S? i,, yt 17 1-4 4 3-4 37 1-8 G 1-2 23 3-4 NEW YORK, Feb. 9. (UP)—Colton closed slcady. open high low close ..871 879 868 877 . 880 . 890 . 898 . 904 889 895 904 907 911 878 885 893 901 887 891 899 902 906n Dec. Jan 906 ... „„. „„„,, Spots closed steady at 887, up 13. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 9. <TJP)_ Cotton futures closed six to H points higher on a steady market today Mar. May Jul. Oct. Deo. Jan. open . 88B . 896 . 900 . 910 . 914 915 high 895 903 908 914 917 915 low 381 890 895 905 910 915 close 891 893 903 910 913 915 SpoU closed steady at 906, tip 19. Chicapo Wheat May Jul. opon 9S 92 high low close 9G5-8 955-8 957-8 925-8 915-8 917-8 Landrum Myers Succumbs After Being Struck By Auto Landrum Myers. 30-year-old em- ploye of the Tigrett Robertson dairy died at the Blytheville hospital at 7:30 o'clock last night from injuries received «-!icn he was struck by a car as he was walking along Mighwny 61. one mile north of town, at 1:30 o'clock Saturday morning. Mrs. Rose Lewlston, of Detroit, Mich., who was driving the car. was released after officers had Investigated the accident. At tlie time she offered assistance and remained in the city until It was believed Myers would recover. At the time, Myers was not believed lo be critically Injured but he was badly shocked and did not improve as physicians had expected. His Jeft teg was fractured In two places and his body also bruised When the car struck him as he was walking on the pavement. Mrs. Lewiston told officers that the pedestrian stepped directly into the path of her machine. Mr. Myers, who had lived here for a number ol years, was a native of East Prarie. Mo., where he will be buried tomorrow. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Susie Myers, two daughters, Marie and Ruby Myers, of this city, his mother, Mrs. Lizzie Myers, of East Prarle, four brothers, Ned and Lawrence Myers, of Carulhersville, and Walter and Joe Myers, of East Prarle, and five sisters. Mrs. Mary Stewart of Cairo, III., Mrs. Emma Bryant, Miss Elsie Myers, Miss Helen Myers and Mrs. Ada Farm, of East Prarle. Cobb Funeral home Is In charge of funeral arrangements. Roosevelt Prepares Relief Cost Estimate WASHINGTON, Feb. 9. (UP)— President Roosevelt Is'preparing to submit estimates for a deficiency relief appropriation to congress within a day or two. Senate Majority Leader Alben W. Barkley said after a White House conference today. Chicago Corn open- high low close May 593.4 601-8 596-8 597-8 Jill. BO 5-8 Gl 605-8 605-8 Aldermen Also Endorse Clean Up Campm'gn, Close I9lh Si reel The city round) last night: Passed an ordinance, with mif r- Bdii-y clause attached, providing fur (he doslnir of lOlh street, from Mai;) north 1(10 feel, contlii([enl uiion Hie erection of a large warehouse on tlie property by K. Johns. VasMU an ordinance raLslii[ the salary of |!i<? dly attorney from $25 to $50 a month, effective April 10, Approved Installation of various truffle tilpi* and markers by u firm which ap-eed Co make such city by on such markers. Ordfred stricter enforcement of ordinances requiring paper, (rash and refuse lu be placed In con- lahitrs as part of u drive to make the city cleaner. Expressed hopes of ftlllnj n better deal with the county than payment of one-third of fine (In script) on city prisoners transferred to the county farm. Acting upon a wide variety of matters the city council last'night doubled the salary of the city attorney, ordered North 19lh street closed, for the site of a warehouse, approved installation of traffic markers bearing advertising plates and asked for stricter enforcement of ordinances covering disposal of paper and trash, particularly In the business district. The raise In the city attorney's salary, to the former salary level of two years ago, will not be effective until April 10, when the suc- f/esiful candidate at Uie, municipal election will he iiiducfai into office. The return to the former salary has been contemplated for some time, particularly In view of increased legal work, and the vote on the measure was unanimous. The council passed the ordinance closing 19th street from Main north to an alley line, 100 feet, after It was told that the "dead end" street had nev<>r been used anil that Mr. Johns, owner In fee, desired to erect a warehouse to use Collon Belt railroad facilities nearby. •rhe council accepted the Universal Signal company's proposal to Install as many traffic signals and markers as the city needs without cost. Tlie markers will ue. paid for at the end of one year through sale of advertising plates by the company and at the end of that time will become the property of the city. A survey to determine the number of locations of such markers was to be made today. Considerable discussion centered around activities lo clean up the city, particularly the business district, At first It was suggested that each merchant be farced to build an incinerator and bum Ills own paper and I rash but on further discussion It appeared lhat such steps would be directly In conflict With a city ordinance prohibiting such fires without special iwrmls- slon of the fire chief. Then a suggestion was made by Alderman Loy Welch that an Incinerator be Installed in each block and all merchants be required to burn their paper and trash there. Various objections were raised to this method, how- ator near his store (or use of the entire block, that there was no public property in any block suitable for such use and that many buildings extender) back to the pavement line on the alley. Eight Die In French Air Tragedy i/ —^ j MARSEILLES, France, Feb. (UP)—A tnins-Medltcminoaii S c«. plane, skimming ovor the wuloi- ul high «|ic«l. crashed tnlo u breakwater In uic harbor lodny, killing iflil of tlie H persons nbonrd. iu- mllnj,' tlie j))lcl. Those not, killed were Injured The plane burst into flumes linmc- dlutely after the crash mul cjulckly sank but Ihey managed to cxlrl- cute UumiM-lves from Iho wreckage and keep aflonl until rescue boiUs picked them up. HITS filSMLT Says Speech Reveals gressive" Plans WASHINGTON, Fvb. 9. (UP) — Dr. Charles A. Heard told the house naval affairs committee todny that President Roosevelt's "quarantine" policy cnunclatMl In his Chicago speech, calls for big battleships "to be used in aggressive warfare In the far Pacific or the fur Atlantic." The historian, testifying In opposition to Ihc President's request for a 20 per cent Increase In United States naval power, said the policy "Implicit and explicit" In the Chicago speech carries far reaching Internal Implications. Beard told the committee that the "quarantine" policy implies passing luilgmcnl on all the quarrels lr Ktrope and Asia. "Now Is Uie appointed lime for congress to probe to the very bottom the commitments of foreign policy authorized by .the president's armament program,"(Beard s»(d "What policies aro |osjib|i-? •pluv of all there Is the,policy implicit and explicit In President Roosevelt's speech l» Chicago last October, the policy of quarantine. Unless lie was just talking thoughtlessly or was bluffing ho believes that the Unltetl States should pass Judgment on all the quarrels in Europe and Asia, quarantine the 'wicked' and employ the army and navy of the United states in making good the quarantine when It Is defied.' Raze Structures To Prepare Site for Kress Company Building The work of wrecking the two brick buildings on the north side of the 200 block of West Main street which is the site of the new Kress building, was started yesterday afternoon. It Is expected that work on the new building, which Is lo be one of the finest In the city, will begin In about ten flays. Old bricks and mortar are being given to the city of Blytheville, to be used by the street department to nil in streets and other low places. The other material will be moved to tlie lot north of the court house, where It is to be sold. Joe P. Randolph ot Fayettcville, who is connected with the Bird Construction company, Is In charge ever, It being pointed 'out that no of lhe wrecking .and W. P. Holmes, merchant would want an Inclner- of "! e s - H - Kress nnd company ator near his store (or use of the architectural department, Is also " e £?; , „., . , The "«]" Kress M^n?. which expected to be completed by next *''' L<i to ube * ' wo . st ?.7 . by 1W feet with a basement. All modern features, _. . a asement. All modern eatures, The merchants and business men including air conditioning. Is to be could not be held wholly respon- included, it has been announced. stble for the littered condition of The properties were sold to the the alleys, it was pointed out, be- Kress company about a year ago cau« trash and paper was. scat- by trustees for the Glenn estate . tered dally from containers persons, especially youths, who search such containers habitually, seeking something of value. Even a lock has little effect on stopping i such practices, it was reported. j Police Chief Ed Eice said he wished there was some way to prohibit push carts, holding that persons using them were responsible for much ransacking and petty thieve ry. Mayor Williams said it might be possible to tax operators. Alderman Jess While defended the "push-carters", maintaining that many persons hact bean able to eke out a living with them that would otherwise be forced on relief or charity. He said he realized. that many were used in such ways Continued oh page 3 . by and J. T. Alford. Catches 1% Pound Bass In Armorel Lake One of the largest game fish ever caught here was landed at Armorel yesterday afternoon by Wade Jeffries, local oil man. The prize fish, a big mouth black bass weighing seven and one half TCiinds. was exhibited at'the city hall this morning. Jeffries was fishing for crapple using goldfish" minnows for bait when the big bass grabbed the hook. BUI Dicus, a friend of the lucky angler, was handling the boat. .-•.--.. TD SEUIL Flf Complete Enactment, of farm Bill This Week Possible WASHINGTON, ^eb. '», '(UP)The house approved and sent to Hie sonale today the conference report on the farm bill, creating a long range agricultural program to stabilize production and prices of cotton, wheat, corn, rice and tobacco. > ••••-if Tlie vote was 263 to 135. '•"'"'"? The program, among- President Roosevelt's major legislative objectives since the special session was convened lost' year, was approved after bitter attacks by Re-; publican and western blocs, /earful that the livestock industry would not bo. protected 'adequate' ly and that the measure would result In agrarian regimentation. The measure was rewritten by jonfcrees from the conflicting ver- slotis of President - Roosevelt's Cotton Provisions Digest On Tagc 8 A digest of the cotton provisions of the farm bill conferente report, prepared by the American Cotton shippers association, as reported passed by 'the house today, can be found.-on Page number one emergency legislation pnsscd by the house and senate In December, A "gag" rule required acceptance or rejection In whole and did not permit sending the report back to the conferees with specific Instructloai for revWon Goes to senate !mmedl»te) y • ' , The .senate .can consider th.e<.tt- oort annnedlately. !(, nMr'poSftie' (hat the crop control legislation would" receive final congressional action and go to President Roosevelt for signature by the end of the week. Containing principally acreage control and for bumper yeanj marketing quotas the measure is designed lo lift farm incomes toward the "parity" of 1909 to 1914 by preventing price depressing surpluses. . • e To protect consumers against prlce-Jacklug shortages and lur- ther pad the fanner's income there arc^ modified "ever normal granary" provisions for storage of surpluses with loans lo farmer's and a new federal crop Insurance cor- ooratlon to write insurance on the wheat yield and purchase the grain, when necessary to assure n stable supply. Tlie mciuurc Is based on the existing soil conservation act and offers benefit payments to induce cooiieratlon .in a complicated system for control of production. As ?, " c w lielp to the small farmer. <50.000,0<X> of the $500,000,000 available annually. Is earmarked to increase benefits lo those who would otherwise receive less than $200. Noe's Daughter Stricken With Appendicitis Today MEMPHIS, Feb. 9. (UP)_Mar- •?aret Noe, 13, daughter of tho Rev. Israel H. Noe, was stricken with appendlctls todsy, and was Jiken to Baptist hospital where her father is regaining his health after fasting 22 days. Noe, who has gained 43 pounds Inft: his fast was ended forcibly nore than tiro weeks ago, was not told of his daughter's illness. She was expected to undergo an operation late' today. ' " ' Damage Slight In Fire At Park Shreet Home A -curtain • and window shada were burned afthe hoine of Norveil; Humphrey, 100" Park street, yesterday afternoon.,Firemen were called 'when Mrs. -Humphrey dls- "Overed the flames^ which are be- ieved-to have started from a cigarette.- , • :-v .- • •••'.". WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, colder in north and central portions tonight; Thursday- cloudy, probably rain in east portion; cold wave in north portion tonight or Thursday with hard freeze Thursday or Thursday night. Memphis-cloudy tonight and Thurcday; probably occasional rain, colder tonight; lowest tern- xsrature W to 52; much colder Thursday, and .Thursday night. < The maximum, temperature h«r» yesterday was 71, minimum 39, clear according lo Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer. '

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