The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1932
Page 5
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Y, OCTOBER 1, 1932 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS . _ ,K «'«« .—^~^^-L~, <* i Classified Advertising Rates Minimum Charge w* Count 5 Arerage Words to a Line Month rate per line, P" month ,... 60c Six times, per line per day . 05c Three times per line per day 06c One time per line ioc Ail Ads run irregularly take the one time rate. TO THOSE seeking Jobs the Courier News Want-Ads oiler a result producing service at low cost, i'lione 308." FOR SALE FIRST CLASS waterproof covers lor trucks and wasjutis. oan Awning company, Phone (i«. Mp-kOct 17 FOB SALE— Household furniture. Call 115-W. 27c-kG AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIfcE FENCING THE ARKMO.IAJMBEK YARDS 29C-K Oct 29 SITUATIONS WANTED WANTED WANTED — Four or live room apartment or house, unfurnished. Box AB, Courier. 1C-K5 SPACE FOR LEASE YOU CAN lease a space like this every day hi the month at low cost. Phone 300. JUNK, HIDES, ETC. WANTED—Junk of all lunds, hides, iron, copper, brass, aluminum and lead. Wolf Arian. Phone 176. ICck-Oct. 1C FOUND STORE FIXTURES A WAY to convert old furniture clothes, and ' other umvanlei items (n your home Into reactj cash. Phone 30C and ask the Want- Ad Taker she'll give you ful details. FOR SALE OB TRADE—Luptou show case, bins, shelving and tire rack. Phone 202-W. 19p-k 10-19 FARM LANDS Farm, 160 acres near Bur- dctte between Blytheville and Luxora, This is one of the best farms in Mississippi county. Will sell on easy payments. See the owner J. J. Richards or Mrs. Will Wood, across from the School House, Luxora, Ark. Phone 39. 30p-k7 AUTOMOTIVE POULTRY CUSTOM HATCHING —Beginning Sept. 12th. Baby Chicks. Oct. 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcville. 5C-KTF OSAGE CHICKS—Selected, Blood- teEtsd; Barred Kocks, Reds, Buff Orpingtons, White Recks, 100, S6; live delivery guaranteed. Heavy mixed, $5. Oaage Hatchery, Jefferson City, Mo. 1P-K2 No. 4176, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on n credit of three months, at the south door of the Court House in IJIyuni- vUle. Arkansas, between the hours prescribed by law, on the 31st day of October, 1933, the tallowing rsal estate situated in the ChlcKasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wlt: That part ol the North Half (N&) of Section Twenty-six (20), Township Sixteen (16) Norm, Range Twelve (12) East, Mississippi County, Arkansas, lying between the West Meander Lino of Walker's Lako, sa shown by the plat approved June 27th, 1849, and what is called tlic "Pride Line" as outlined in the decree of the'Unlt- cd States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas in the case ol United States of America vs. Tyler Land & Tlm- ter Company, which snid tract of land is shown on the supplemental plat of the ellmiim- tion or rcsurvey of Sections 23, 26, 33, 31, 35 and 36, Township 16 North, Range 12 East, approved June Gth, 1932, bains 44.26 acres. Saki sale will be had to satisfy said decree in tli2 sum of Sis Hundred Tr.irty-four dollars and l;n cents ($634.10) with Six (6) per cent interest fro:n Sentcinb-r 22M 1930. Witness my hand Hid the .seal of said court on this the 23rd day of September, 1932. W. W..H9LJJPETER Commissioner in • Chancery. 0 24-10 "l 9 LIVE STOCK FARMERS having livestock to sell or if they desire to buy they FOR SALE-One Chevrolet sedan,! will lind it convenient and econ- 1S30 mocel. In A-l condition, jusi completely overnauled, ncwpisums, new rings, goou ures. $ii5 au casn. -ivieyeis oius. z-t^~i±tt FOR SALE—SAVE on Goody car Tires and Tubes, auto accessories, new and reauiu batteries, Mo- toriiie Oil, lie quart. Wolf Arian, Phone 17B. lijcfc-Oct. H> FOR SALE—Model "A" l'/j Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition. Very reasonable. John C. McHancy, Jr., "The Monument. Man". • • . ; 23c-k-TF omical ti use Courier News Want- Aus. See our new attachment for making Singercraft rugs. We teach you. cinger sewing aiachlnc Co. lOpkioiS YOU CAN'T RELY on "For Rent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent ^hat house or room. Sinclair'Gas & Oil. Greasing, wash' tag, U. S. Tires. Day and Night Service. Phone 555. 24p-kOct. 24 -., LETS -SWAP- WHAT HAVE you to swap? Get : results—It costs only a few cents | a day. I —: ; WILL TRADE for set of children's books or sell, cheap, a complete ; set of Alexander Hamilton's busi- •ness books. Address "H", Courier News. 28x-K-Ti~ FOR RENT TOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Fiione 683. 16C-K-TF FURNISHED house, five rooms, bath, garage, servant house 1306 Chtckasawba. Call 83 or 230. lOok.10 19e-klO-li YOU CANT RELY on "For Rent Signs' 1 but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent that house or room. ROOM & I50ARD ROOM AND BOARD-S5.50 weekly Mrs. T. R. Watson, 112 E. Cherry. lp-klO-1 SALESMEN WANTED LOCAL COUNTY MANAGER WANTED—Reliable man to manage and look after our business in; unoccupied territory in this state; no capital or experience necessary; we deliver and collect and furnish everything ready to start; your earnings can start the first day; large manufacturer products nationally advertised; big demand; opportunity to make tip to.$3COO a year to the right, man; age no handicap if you arc willing to work. Address Territory Manager, Box DBS, Dayton, Ohio. 1P-K2 OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-1J7 HOTELS •THE GOFF"— It's a good hotel, Cafe in connection. 23c-k Oct 23 NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S ' SALE Notice is hereby given that under a decree of the Clmncerj Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, Chickasawba District, entered on the 26th day of April 1932, in th3 cas; of The Tennessee Joint Rtcck Land Bank, -t al., vs. Clyde Robinson, ct nl., No. 5088, as Commissioner ap- x>lnted in said cause, I will on Saturday, October' 22nd, 1932, sell o the hir>'iest bidder, M the front door of the Court House in the ; ity '«f BlylheUlie, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within the hours :rcscribed by law for judicial sales, ;he following described real estate situated In the County of Mississippi and Stale of Arkansas to- lij NEA Sen Ice • One tiling that owners of present high-speed, lilg-compressloii ftutrmobiles should watch carefully Is the trade of oil they use. During the last year the conn- try has been flooded with cheap ells, Some of these oils, engineers contend, are positively harmful to nicdern cnemcs, High speed and high combustion make n severe demand on the lubricating medium In the crankcase. The former produces a considerable increase in the consumption of oil, nncl ihc poorer the grade cf oil used the faster It will wear out and approach the danger point. The htahcr comprcs- licu erjjlnes, nrcciiio:)ig higher hoiseuower, have added to the demand for go:d oil and frequent replacing. Tlic point to consider in buying oil is the reliability of the producer nnd the distributor, and not li'.e cheapness of the prcdnct. There is a great deal of oil "bootlegging" going on now to evade state taxes. Some of this bootleg oil Is of Inferior quality and,, disguised under a. flashy name. You may be sure that ypu'rc not Bdting the best oil ob- ialnable when buying this Illegally sold oil. More oil than is actually required in the should never be supplied. It docs more harm than good.. It is bound to bs 'pumped tip past the pistons In.lo the combii.'jtlon clumbers, foul the spark plugs, deposit car- Lou over tlic valves and pistons nnd cause detonation, missing and less of power. Uiivers sometimes add tUal extra quart of oil when (hey see the engine using It up rather quickly. Vlierc are two reasons for thli. One is (he result of fust and loiij nilvlug. Tlic other is worn piston Ings. There is nothing wrong with ho mstor. If the former cause is he case. It means tlic oil must be replenished more often than'it ordinarily would be In city drlv- .ng. The cure for the latter, of coune, Is new piston rings. The color ol tlie oil Is" no criterion of its quality. The thickness of the body is what shows whether It Is still usnblc. A r;ul good oil nmy blacken al- mcst Immediately otter being poured Into the crankcusc. Till may bo caused by (ho tiniest bl of carton in the crnnkcosc. Thl l:i particularly true if tlic ell flltc has been In use too long. If you perform the oil replace inent operation on your' car take Ihe lip that noshing the crankcate with kerosene to clean out all the old oil is harmful. Tlic lenst bit remaining in Ihc crunk- case after the flushing will tend to thin the body of tlic new oil and cause it to wear down in short order. If you iluslrc to Hush Iho crankcase, une a quart, of thin oil. Hun the motor lor it couple of minutes with this oil in the crankcase, nnd the old dregs will he cleaner! out. oum was turned from an orchid o a yellow cast. A neighbor who witnessed thu loiin during which the toll (nick, visited the l,ycan home ext warning to find-that thu fire nd burned itself out. Farmer Uses Novel Ideajo Sell Milk rOHT WORTH, Tex. lUPJ-Thel lory of u Oamilcn, N. J., farmer I who "beat Ihc'.deprcHlpn". by cre- eling a demand for hli own product, was brought to'.Texwby D, V. Kllloiigh, former zoo keeper here. The farmer couldn't sell milk at the cost of production because o) a price war, Klllouih caid. He bought Nveral baby tears, placed them near a. heavily traveled highway, and told bottled milk to tourists to feed the bears, courier -want Ada /THp - ? ^,,, ; ^_,, PHILADELPHIA; ip».-- r (nrti— A jroup of Phitad«lphi«JM • are pita, X nlnf »' trip ap ;(he Am^aoo rivw >! to the ."River: of Doubtv . . ** : Tbo expedition haa .procured a ^ !M Urn windjammer >nd 'Mptcti \': ! to leave here by-Nov. 15, accord- -J iai to Irving Alexander. will lam- I son, young Ardmore sportsman, K vino will lead the party. •• <j iiUAKUiiNC, RESTAURANTS Visit Geo. Wright's Wall Street Liirach, " located In" Greyhound Bus Station. 9-15 ck 10-15 BEST EATS in town. Open day and night. Green Beetle Cafe. Mrs. J. W. Wright, Prop. 23p-k Oct 23 GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service. Peoples Garage. Phone ;05. 2IP-K Oct. 21 DRUGGISTS :'OR DRUGS go to the St. Francis Drug Co. New located on \sh Street near 5th. 23c-K Oct 23 BEAUTY i'ARLORS EXPERT BEAUTY Service. Permanents S3.59 up. Powder Pun" 3cauty Parlor. 21P-K Oct 21 ?OU CANT RELY on "For Rent (Signs' 1 but you can rely Courier News Want-Ads to rent hat house or room. wit: West Half of Northeast quarter and East Half ai East Half of Northeast Quarter ol Section 10; West .Half of . Northeast Quarter of Section Eleven;" all in Township Fifteen North, Range Eleven East, containing 200 acres, more or less. This sale will be made subject to such general and special taxes as remain unpaid at the time cf the sale and subject to the rights of the receiver to gather and remove 1932 crops; and, as specifically directed in said decree, (be sale will also be made subject to the unmatured portion ' of the indebtedness due The Tennessee Joint Stock Land Bank described in and secured by deed of (rust cf record in Book "A-I", page 506, of the records of Mississippi County, Arkansas, at Blytheville. amounting to Ten Thousand, One Hundred Nir.3ty-two Dollars and Twenty-five CeniK (510,192.25) and INTHE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITF.D STATES FOR THE JONESBORO DIVISION OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS In the Matter of Missouri State Life Insurance Co., nnd J. H. Plaintiffs, Singleton, Trustee, vs. for (he purpose of sntlslyim; the judgment mentioned In salil decree,' and Is made subject to Iho confirmation of the court. F. C. MULLINIX, Standing Master. R. B. McCtilloch, Marrlamia, Ark. Solicitor for PlnintirTs. Solomon E. Austin, et al., Defendants. NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned, as Standing Master of Ihe District 'court of the United States for the Jonesboro Division of the Eastern District (if Arkansas, acting under and Dy virtue of the authority of a decree rendered by said court on the 20th day of September, 1832, Iii a cause pending therein, wherein Missouri State Life Insurance Company and J. H. Singleton, Trustee, arc plaintiffs, and Solomon E. Austin, Lizzie Austin. B. A. Lynch, Trustee, H. A. Kleban and M. Matz are the defendants, will on the 5th day of November, 1932, between the hours of Ten A. M. and Three o'clock P. M., at the •South entrance cf the Court House in the City of Blylhevilie, Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest bidder upon a credit of three months,' th c following described real estate located In the Chickasawba District of Mississippi coun- | ty. Arkansas, to-wit: interest thereon from Febru-i North tv.enty-eighl acres (28) 1-8-15-22 I WANT VOU TO SOUNOTHE TRUMPET SUMMON TrAt OWL9 CUlB TO ATTEND A. CLAM, CHICKEN T-ESTIW\L TOMORROW AT CraOGANS GROVE/ I AM HOST OP TtAt ATFAIT2 AND tVETtVTMING IS ON MELODY AND VLTCH TrV WHOLE MV IN-LAWS AT2B COMlN' OVER TOMORROW ,; HOORAY TOR •you/ I JUST GOT MY etT OF MAIL ORDER. TEETH MOVING VA.NS WIU- TRANSPORT US VVILU BE A CbOOD .OF ALL PEOPLE! BUSINESS DIRECTORY XTRKINDALL'S 5-10-25C Store. Home of bargains. Save a walk. 28P- K Oct 28 WANTED— To overhaul your electric sweeper. Work guaranteed. 'Tcffncr Electric Service, % Gillen's ?urn. Co. Phone 680. 28C-K Oct 28 EXPERT (Typewriter and addmg machine repairing. U. S. Blank:n$hip. 116 E. Uoss. Ic-klO-l COMMISSIONER'S SAt.F. Notice is hereby given that the mdersigncd Commissioner, in com- jlianoo with the terms of a decree rendered by the Ctanccry Court for :hc Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 22nd lay ol September, 1S30, whsrcin C. D. Matthews was nlainlifl. and H. d. Knappeiibcrge- was defendant, W E R T BE MAKES 'EM SEE Office Over Joe Isaac's atoro SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us *'irsl R. J. Dodson Nl-NI 1. tf**» See Weisburd And S«c Better EVES TESTED FKEE AB< Glasses Fit ltd uiisincss is bmi- and it's a( its very best in the want-ad of this P-iper. 1'rofit by lh»l fact Mr. Business Man. arj' 9th, 1932. This sale will be made on a credit ol three months. Any purchaser other than The Tennessee Joint Stock Land Bank will be required to execute a note with personal endorsement to be approved by me, and a Hen on the property sold «ill bo retained to secure the payment of ;:.ld Bite in full. This October '1st., 1932. R. L. GAINES, Commissioner. 1-8-15 of the Southwest Quarter; and the South twenty-two acres (22) of the Northwest Quarter of Section Twenty-three 123), In Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Ten (10) East, contain- In? in all 50 acres, more or less. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute si bond with security to be approved by the Standing Master, for the purchase price of said real estate, and a lien on said property will be retained. Said sale will be made Virginia War Vets to Open Memorial Carillon RICHMOND, Va. (UP)—World war veterans from many sections of Vlrglpla will participate In ceremonies here Oct, 15 opening the state's world war memorial carillon. General John -Joseph Pershing, commnnder-in-chtef of| the American Expeditionary Force, has promised to attend. Anton Brees, carilioncur, will play thc initial offerings on thn tower's 6fi bells. Military units, including thc cadet corps of Virginia Military Institute and Virginia Polytechnic Institute, will parade. Governor John Garland Pollard and Senator Alben W. Darkley of Kentucky, Democratic, convention keynoter, arc among thc speakers. Joscphus Daniels, Secretary of Navy In the Wilson administration, also is scheduled to be present. Commanders of the three divisions in which Virginian troops chieily served have accepted invitations. 'Vacation Trip Saves Couple's Lives EVANRV1LLE, end. (UP)—A vacation trip into Michigan probably cnvcd the lives of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lycan. They returned home here to find thai a bolt of lightning' had struck their I>cd, burning Ilio covers, rtnd window curtains. A bed spread In on ndolnlnj WASH TUBBS EASY TAKKS CHARGE! 15 ESISK, Trtt ftNP NEHVOOS. T",^ U&ME RtTlRtO TO NEW) PO^ HIS fc cE.6iw& RE.^RR^N&^^^& HIS NT Tl'.E FRONT, *««, ?ow*e.«. MITLL TAKE W£ PWPCTOON ON THE LEFT f UKNK- FOfc THE LOME O 1 M\KE , tM>DlE, Mft^C "WOSE GRtWHORNS NW.IOW-KT EttT,. WET It HIT NOTWNCi BUT SKY. (77^ y<, • '' ., «"*(, 19M JIT HEA JCTWCC. IHCMS. U.«. PAT.C FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS '"'•* REAL DANGER! ON ft TEA*. OWERS 6UHNER NO Tiyirlff ALoNSSIDE TME FLAWS CARRYING RILE/ 1 AND FRECKLES, TW£ PILOT OF | TV;E BANDIT t FLAME. DRAWS i: f IF HE WON'T COME DCAWM OM Ws TWEKI lit USE / TRYIS^S T.!AT UFT: ^-u-us, is / ME?...ARE YOU AY, FRECKLES a* BETSY'S LURCUIWS ' A BIT \NHAT5 THIS? UEi'S SMCT j , TW£ STRUT i\

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