The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MAHCH 23, 1948 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE E TUB MA.3OR VJR1T6S A BREEZY Five - HOOT SHELF FBOW TOCSONi —AFTER DISTILLING a £i< TIMES, I GATHER'THKT OSCAR IS ,.,,,.^ v SOMKI& so A\F\KSY SIZZUN*G\ j_ c«s! KOS ;. THE GOPHERS AR&» A COARSE A AFRAID To PEEK DOT OF }\ FILC 01^ / : . , , HIM FOR ) HOLES.' J x> THE / V TOOK ME ALL. WINTER "TO BRAIP IT, BUT ALL L GOT TO DO NOW IS POUND THESE PLACES POWM AN' I'VE GOT '6R DONE. WE'LL COMIM3 HOME WELL., SOPV, WOM'T THE POUMDIM' i— TAKE ALL SLIMMER ? I- UP TO THI& MINUTE I THOUGHT THEM WAS NOTCHCS TO HOLD HIS LOOP TO Tit' SIZE MB WANTED. ' I. M VAC MI&A.TOO— HAD HIS POCkETS FULL OF MOMEV, WE'D SlTAROUr-SD ALL SUMMER Afi RHAMD THE KETCH ROPE Negro Sees Klan Parade On Eye of Primary ATLANTA, On.. March 23. (Ul'l •—'Walter White. Negro secretary of the National Association for the advancement ol Colored People, predicted today that the Ku Klux Klau will march In Gwlnnctt County, Ga., tonight on the eve of a primary election there. WhUe .said the demonstration would be aimed at keeping Negroes from the polls tomorrow and would take place even as Southern Senators .speak over a nationwide radio hookup against President Truman's civil rights program. He said FBI agents would oc watching the Klan parade in Gwinnett County, "ironically named for Button Gwinnett, a signer o( 'the Declaration of Independence." Dr. Sarnuei P. Green, grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klnn in Georgia, said here that no permits had been issued for a parade in Gwinnett County. ;|j£e.sterday, about one-fourth of u^T 433 registered Negroes voted in a Twiggs County primary election at Jeffer.sonville, Ga., despite a cross-burning that took place there Saturday night. P. c JL CL L © BY IONE SANDBERG SHRIBER By lone iandbcrg bhnber DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC. Sanitation Is essential to good health, rapid growth, development and profitable pig production. Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 4451 f Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Size T. L. MABRY «2I MISSOURI ST. PH. Kit xxvi | T^NOS got up from the divan arid came over to her. sal down on a chair near ncr and said, rtuk-tly. "Why. Ann? Why would anyone be trying to kill you?" "Oh, I wish you wouldn't listen to any of them!" she appealed to the sherifl. "Can't you get in touch with the man in Cheyenne? The man who says he repaired th« bridge just a week before Luke died? Wouldn't that prove I'm not making it up?" "We didn't say you were making it up," Enos said. "No one said that. We said you were reading something into it that wasn't there." "And it's not surprising," Rush said. "Not when you think 3f everything she's been through, poor darling. Gas acts as 3 depressive—that's probably the reason for most of this—she hasn't had time to—" "Won't someone listen?" Ann wailed. "You know 1 always wound the clock! No one was ever supposed to touch it but me!" Her eyes blazed suddenly. "Where is the clock? What have you done with it?" Rush wet his lips and Sam Blanding said, "I'm afraid there's not much left of it, Mrs. Bancrolt. It's—" "But the look!" she insisted, her voice too nigh and tight. "Wasn't there enough left to tell whether or not the case was locked?" Everyone looked at her numbly 'Silently. " ~ "Because don't you see"— She struggled with the words because she was trying to straighten out her thoughts al the same time— "the clock case was never locked. I've racked my brain— I've thought and thought. It's the only way it could nave happened, the only way it could nave stuck enough for Tommy to pull it over And if it was locked—" Her eyes were dilated with norror—"then you'll have to believe me!" "Ann," Rush said. "Darling, 'ou're confused." • • • JHK stiflencd and drew away ^ from his touch. "Hush, 1 know you mean well >ut you're asking me to doubt my own senses. 1 held that can of wax in my hands. I scraped my ingernail on that shool 1 was the one who got the letter from the man In Cheyenne and don't forget Unit if Luke hadn't come back—no one knew he was going to—" "Where is the letter. Ann? ?Yom the man in Cheyenne?" "I'll get it." Gay said, "if you'll tell me where it is.", Her voice startled Ann. It was the first lime she had spoken since the thing began. If youl) tell me where it is! Her mouth went slack and she stared al Gay and then, abruptly and without warning, she beqnn again to cry. The whole thing was hopeless, She didn't have a chance. "That's right, darling." It was Rush, making soothing sounds. "Tell us where you put the letter and Gay will g e t it for you." She shook her head back and forth but she was too drained ol emotion to say a word. "Mrs. Bancroft." Sam Blanding said. "Mr. Barton, here, asked a question that, the way 1 figure it. is kind of imrjcrtant He saic why would someone want to kil you? You know"— He lookec down at his fingers—"you're making a oretty serious accusation against someone, even if you haven't Dinned it down to any om person yet. Your Usl sort of ha: to be kind of limited and it seem: like nretty soon you're going to get dow7 to your husband am your sister. Can't think o much—* • • • J3UT Laurie stood up. She stoot in the sunlight and ner nai: wns a nalo arour -' her fane. He face was very nale and her eye. were black and hot and furious. "I've had enough of—of these— islrlonicsl" She bit the words ft and let them fall on '.he green latting. "The whole thing to holic, from beginning to end. In lie first place, why would anyone ratil to murder Ann? Or Tommy illier? It's crazy!" And then she drew herself up, traighl and proud. Her face lashed. "Naturally you all know I've ot a motive. If. by a motive, you ncan will 1 Rain from Ann's death. You probably know the enns of my father's will H well is everyone else In town and. If •ou don't, I'm sure Enos can give OU full particular:! Only, don't orget, by the same token, Ann as the same motive!" Her voice was scathing and bitter, her gaze nked Ann. "1 don't know why you'd want to do a thing to me at > time like this, Ann! I musi ay—" She stopped a moment and icr eyes narrowed. She looked at Rush and then at Enos. "Well, he does sound crazyl" Ann flinched as though Laurie had struck her. "Oh. that's already occurred to you. has il?" Laurie's voice was cold as .ce. "And to Hush and £nos as wc'l! That's the reason !or all this insisting that everything's fine and dandy!" Her figure was slim and deftant. "Well. ['II go on record publicly right now as saying that I don't want your money! Not a cent of it! I've enough of my own for my needs and it doesn't look a> though—" Her voice shook a trifle but she went on stubbornly—"It doesn't look as though I'll be marrying tor a while yet. And now. U you'll excuse me"— Her politeness was razor-edged—"I'm golnj to my room!" They watched her go and no one made a move to stop her. After her angry figure had passed from sight they all turned automatically and looked again at Ann. She bad shrunk back Into her chair. She'was biting her thumb. But their faces compelled her to speak. She shivered. And then she said, her voice ragged with strain. "But don't you see. if it is Laurie —if she's the one—-then that's exactly whnt she would say!" (To Be Continued) BOB MALONE Plaster and !* Stucco Phone 2029 Fried Chicken... Crappie Dinner -BEER-- 7 Days a Week! Blanchard's Cafe Pnrtiigcville, RI». Owned Hv Stanley Keller For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRIDGE Norris Printing Co. Clinic 514 Main. Blylhevillc. Ark.. Phone 2921 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • <Phone, 3646 0*42525 TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has asked for that amount— it is the answer to higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! We have complete stocks of garden teed. Order now! HELP CONSERVE FOR OTHERS-WITH A GARDEN OF YOUB OWN! Paul Bj'rum Seed Stora haj the most complete stock of garden «nd field wed between Memphis and St,, Louis, as well tis all kinds of plants In season. Make this your headquarters whenever you buy high-gcrmlnatlon seed! SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BY RUM "The Seed Store" 114-120 Easl Main St. Klytheville, Arkansas Planting Seed Soybeans. Corn, Cniton S«d, Snd.n, O»t*, Leipedeiii, Alfalfa Pasture Mixtures, Lawn Grasses A- Other Field Seed, See Us For Your Requirements Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 Handled With Care From the time your family's ctothci reach us—lo the lime Ihey are returned to you immaculately clean, they get the best of care. Fabric, color and design play a part In determining the methods and Ingredients we use In cleaning. Our rt- snlts satisfy) Dig! 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220 North Second Street "No, he isn't quite old enough for kindergarten, but they're excavating for a new hous« on the lot next door!" FKHCKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO68E1 Good OU Urd SHOOT M ! aer THOSI 6UCKBT5 I MOW 'EM DOWM i DRI6BLe ,<» THAT ES3/ v :§? LARD'S MAKING pwt« THROW/ IMIISOI.LA'S POP Voice of ICxpvrience By AL VERMEER / wTsh yoird speak to him. lib/ok.'} fffry ti/rtf there's dishes to be A done /if complain flf there-s one thing I can't stand it's a lazy child. 1 I simply won't tolerate id ,?ut maybe tie isn't acting, Hazel. Maybe he's really sick! /Nonsense! I worked the same stunt on mother Waiting fur Fal.s By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB bLHPS V OTHER MEM WORK AND WORKS Wit I It OTHER ftUN SIEEP. HI CAN AFFORD II THAT LOOKS >tl READY BCSIOE 5 A SHAME TO BUMP Off 5O RICK A GUY WITHOUT GRABBING SOiV,E WASH TUBBS Wronjf Number TURNED Ml*5 DEEDS, CALL WK.KOOMTZ AND MM<E SUEE HE'S THRU RESTORING THE PMU11WG I LEFT WITH HIM. I'D LIKE TO PICK IT UP OW HW WM HOME 'NE5,MR. 1EU. TtmsT OKM. BME! ' SMi 1HM'5 HCUTE LITTLE BIOMOE OOICE ...WO NOKOMt MONSiTOO! HCU.O...MKAOOWTZ? UR.McKEE WOULD LIKE TO PICK UP MIS PWWTINS HOW IF VOU'RE THRU VJI1H IT THE 5IM1L&RITV IN PHOWE: NUMBERS SENDS THE CM I TO THE WRON6 PWW ...SCHUUJEi I GOT SUSPICION TUM'S WOT THP.T SCREWBALL KOONTZ DOES WHEU MV CUSTCWRS GET HIW M MISTAKE! RED RYDER Civilization By FRED HARMAN BUFFALO.' LOST BA5W GOOD HLNT- UM GROUND.' NO PALEFACES COME HERE, LITTLE BEAVER .' RED RVDO? IS PALEFACE 6UT HM GOOD PALEFACE --• MOT VOILO SAVAS&! HIM ALMOST CIVILIZED: CEREMONY.•• C\Al<E RED , RYDER BlOOD 1*1 BROTHER OF VOST ALLEY OOP A liijt Jump By V. T. HAML1N J THIN THI* OPl«ATI0N WON'T HtSDIATILY RETUKN ALL IV OLTT WJLLINfl / IT* TMt ONLV V *NO <J»C*.l EVEN TH* SWTCHT / W^Y TO INSURE TIMATE mETuar A, WIGHT EFFECT TOO <SI?SMY TEN A SHOC<...WHtM I HOPE TO MINIMIZE BY FUfH- IS'fl TWtM 5TILL IN FIVE O<Z. T£N THOUSAND BOOTvS AND HEK BUDDIES Help! By EDGAR MARTIN

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