The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1950
Page 11
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»»AT, JULY tt, 1980 BLTTHEVTHJE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cotton Making Clod Progress : First W««vil Brood I* Reported; Corn Premising Arkansas, cotton crop continued to make good progress during the past week according to the state •nd Federal Crop Reporting Ser- yice. Bruiting U heavy and half grown bol]s are reported in early fields of some counties, the Service said In Its weekly report on crops in the •tate. The first brood of boll weevils is •ctive in early cotton and farmers • re applying control measures'. Cotton !!ea hoppers and holl worms are causing concern In some areas. Much of cotton In the state has • small stalk for this time oJ the year, the Service satd. Corn prospects In most areas are very promising. The early crop, now in the "roasting ear" stage, seems assured of good yields in most areas Recent rains helped the late crop which Is now making 'good growth. us and hay crops were benc- the rains, especially in the part of the state. Wet weather Interrupted haying operations and caused some losses. Harvest of smalt grains fs practically over although some oals remain -to be threshed. Harvest of vetch seed is about complete. Soybeans are developing satisfactorily on a greatly exnanded acreage and good color. The tomato harvest has about ended In the southern counties However, in tile Northwest area the green wrap" deal is beginning and In the Arkansas River Valley the harvest of "pinks" snd "ripes" Is underway. Early blight and tomato »orm are causing damage tn some northern counties. Pastures were helped by the rai,.., and are in good condition for this time of the year except in some dry localities, the Service said. Builders Say Durable Floors Smartest Buy Builders assert that while savings usually can be effected in construction of a home by substituting certain materials for often is unwise to do so. For suctt rt(al, permanent parts as tiie flooring, for instance, they advise .selection of a material of proved superior performance, in tile long run such floor- Ing is more economical, builders say. They point out that the mnjor qualities to look for tn desirable residential flooring include strength, durability, comfort, resistance' to wear, attractiveness and ease of maintenance. The general preference for hardwood floors is i!ue to the fact, that possess an unusual combination of those qualities. Of the vnri- ous species of hardwood flooring available, oak Is used most extensively. Its popularity can be traced to such characteristics as Its unique natural beauty, which never wears off. Even after many years of nigged service it can be restored to its full original splendor by sanding and rcfinishlng, Oak floors can be obtained In strip, plank and parquet styles. The strip type, appropriate for homes of any price class and any style o: furnishings, is used on the widest scale. It is available In a variety of grades to suit practically any home building budget. WHAT KEEPS COFFEE PRICES' PERKlNG-Newschart above illustrates four factors that helped.increase coffee prices. In a recent survey, the Department of Commerce traced Ihe shortage to a steady, 10-year drop in Brazilian production, plus a big increase in consumption. The department says the outlook for increased supplies is "nol bright," but foresees no critical cofte* "famine." Main, reason prices skyrocketed to their present all-lime hi^h is "panic buying" by home hoarders. Adequate Home Wiring Needed ; Effluent, convenient' and econom- lUil- service from electric Lights and appliances is possible only •when wiring is adequate. With the •teady development of new electrical facilities,- complete wiring rates t« consideration In home-plann- Th» hoiue which Is'not sufficiently wired will soon be outmoded »nd lt« value reduced, architects declare. An entrance cable must be provided to admit enough electricity for future as well u present needs, phis enough circuits of large enough wire and plenty of outlets and awitche* properiy located. A single outlet Is. often placed, where it is covered by « heavy piece of furniture. SIZE OF WATER TANK A three-bedroom house requires a hot water storage tank of at least 40 gallons capacity; a two- bedroora home one of 30 gallons. Spring Cleaning Is Time to Check On Fire Hazards With spring here, fire prevention experts say, this is the time to plan a thorough clenn-up which will r!d homes, garages and farm buildings of all rubbish. Accumulations ol newspapers, magazines, rags and o^her discarded items arc frequent causes of fire, the expert- explain. Every year about 11,000 Americans die in fires and more than twice that number are severely burned or disfigured for life. The prevention authorities declare that most of these fires could be prevented If attention were given to simple precautionary measures. Rubbish constitutes a hazard because it frequently is a source of fire by spontaneous combustion. When no an original cause, It often provides fuel for small blazes, permitting them to spread into disastrous fires. Among other common causes o! fire arc careless smoking, children playing with matches, defective electric wiring systems and faulty heating plants. Combustible roofs also rank high as fire hazards, according to the experts. Such Incombustible materials as asbestos-cement should be used as roofing, they point out. Another recommended fire precaution is to enclose the central heating plant in a room with fire-resistant walls. Asbestos - cement building board, which can be applied easily to framework, or existing walls, is well suited for that purpose. Proper Ventilation of home Adds to Comfort in Summer Here are a few simple ways lo reduce the sweltering summer heat and humidity in your home, suggested by the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building information: Close windows and doors In early morning to keep in cooler night air. As sun mounts, drop awnings, close shutters, where rays strike house.. PuH down window shades or Venetian blinds to bottom of window if yon have no shutters. Open windows one inch at top to let heat on shades escape. At nightfall, open all rioors. Open windows from both top and bottom. Open door to basement, and outside cellar door, so cooler night air can be circulated throughout the living quarters. Operate large propellor-lype electric fan in attic, placed near attic window or other ouUslrie opening. Fan will force warm air oxilside allowing cooler nlr to flow ut: through house from basement. At: opening must be provided in second-floor ceiling so air can gei through, if attic stairway does noi already provide one. Every new' or old home shouk have adequate, built-in veuljlaXion such as attic windows or louvers ventilation holes in outside cornice, or ridge ventilators. Basement air circulation should be provided by windows, vents, grilles or air duets On Missco Fa ms County Agent Keith J. Bilbn'j- Hard Headed or Dumb? * I Just can't get- It (iiroiigh my Ihick head that accidents In America during World War II killed more people than dm ntmicbr of American soldiers lost In combat. Outing w»r w c pray, we cry, we worry, we grieve because some Jine soldier is going lo die, and sumo die. What do we do aixmt accidents that kill more than \vur? NothliiR! Over 800 American were killed over the last Fourth oi July holidays, I think: this week Is "AccUlenl Prevention Week." Let's try (o s«iy alive every week, not just this week. In The Dai! ker Part; Pont that nttcrnooii. Thanks to the lenders nnd husl- noss concerns w!»> help in ivmny \rays lo make the club members enjoy the day. Implements, . , REA, Owens Tractor Co., (he l-'arm Bureau. Ark-Mo 1 Company, BlyilicvJJIc coca-Calx Co.. ami the District Fair helpful. Hoard were cspccinlly Jim Taylor a»<i jQv,y c/nrtrr from I-oadivillc, nobby Don lloxkins from I'uwhccn, navlu Tories from Lost Cnne, KtiHs Unison from Hliick- niuer. Fen ton Dixon from Armorc-I antl UK-xtor West f,om Promised - -.-„ ''"nri, are the Irays to represent And your nrlior vilae mxl mini' N "i'"> Missi.<sJ|>pJ r:oiinly nt the shrubbery may be-in the bag" with Slaln ''-" (; '> n > Cnmp, University Uie bagwonns soon if yon don't take nf Arkansas. FnyellevJDe, August care. 7-n. First suggestion is to pick them off and burn. Next is t o spray shrubbery with lean aresuate al the sti " rate of one nnd one-hair pounds to 50 gallons of wnte.r. Crazy Gouse? A. C. Ovens of Blytheville nnd Lost Cane, nsKcd me four months ago If geese would eat strawberries. It 1101, he would put a slrawlxrvy patch nnd let the gccsc keep them e-U'jid. Clove Hullon at Manila (aught me, and has proof in his clean strawberry patch, geese ivill not, eat, berry plants. Mr. Hullon says they will not eat sweet potato vines cither. Sorry to he so long in answering your question, Mr. Owens. SOLID FOOTINGS Footings which support foundations should extend below the frost line and rest on firm earth, sand gravel or rock. They should be twice the width o/ the walls they I support. Don't forget to yon: Tuesday July 25th. '' MASSEY-HARRIS The Greatest Name In Combines + MOT» C7llnrf,w capacity l*tt you cover moi* acre* a day . . . up to 50 wilh th* n«w Ma»«*y- Hairi* big capacity "ZB"—up to 70 wilh th» "27/'—th« bigg««t capacity combin* on wh**Ii. You niov* along crt a good clip b«cau»» Btrcn* IB St*pt Op*a . , . loo**, to giv* tb* iQsp ben cylinder a bettat chonc* lo rub out the bi?g«tt p*rc«ntox)« ol your groin, Lea Ting th» cylinder, »liaw SCOT** dii«ctly on to lb« longer, wid»r walkvra to you g«t all oi yow grcrin, cl«an»r gratn to In- CT«OM your profits . . . mor» In Hie entile co to get your groin la la*t«r, t at leee coet. And Balanced S* Thlm amattag new Mauay- Harrlj combine principle OMUre* pewfecl control of grain and »(iaw through every Hep oi har7«*tincj. ErerY unit haa ui» capcdty It ne«ds to do a b*tt*r Job ol har- Slop ID icon for complete detail* on lhff«« cew, b«uer Self- 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Highway 61 PHONE 3142 Designed for 2-piow tractors! reasons for selecting DEARBORN-WOOD BROS. COMBINE I—Straight-through balanced design 2—6 ft. cut. Straw-walker typ« rack 3—Oversize cylinder; quick speed changer 4—Easy adjustment! 5—Finest construction. Priced right Proved in • fmt T»rlcty of crop*, in light ind l»»vj- yl«ld«, nnnVr rood and bad field, crop and weather condition*. See ng for complete Information on this great combine. Genuine parts, expert service on Ford Tractors and Dearborn Implement*. Russell Phillips Tractor Co., Inc. AI.LEN HARJ)1N, Manager Highway 61 South ' Blylhevilte RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR Co f-BACHVU-LK, ARK. j. A . DAVIS, MRT. 4-11 In (he Sun America's rural boys ami girls liave a new confidence mid arc renl- i-ang their importance, or equality. The 4-H Club of America arc destroying tlie Inferiority complex of farm youths mid helping- Jtiotn (o calize and feel they arc as good or mportant as the city kid. You should have seen those 500 -II kids at their rally last Friday! t looked to me like nearly all of hem went swimming in the Wn- U'n hope (o know something on a soybean supnoi'l mice by or hc- fore Hie county-wide soj-bcan meeting lici-c August Dili, Alterations May Affect Insurance Before makljjfi tiny alfnratloiis, liomc-owni-rs arc advised by insurance fOJiip.inies to check Uiclr policies nml make sure lire changes nre ))CiniiUnl. U Is possible lo void a policy with sut'U apiv.ironUy simple RCS as insinuation of additional electric Mi Ing. the relocation of A flicl oil tank, a chance in typo of healing fuel us cd or wen y ve coiistriK'dtHi of a porch. If Iticrn Is (ho slightest question, roiifiittitijiHi will] (lie Insurance agent is recommended uo- Cimtncl Us For The Best In WedditiR Pictures FAUGHT'S STUDIO New (ilriicot Blilf. Phone 6011 fore starting work. If H develops that the planned alteration is pro- lubUed, a rider usually can b» attached to the policy, a method of safeguard construction suggested by the agent that will conform to the existing policy, or a new contract written at, a slight 'n premium. KILLS JOHNSON GRASS, BERMUDA ond many orh«r and weedi. Deitroyi weed roo+t . . . p/evenli regrowlh. In conv»r»> lent powder form; «oty 10 mix foe use 01 a spray. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Impossible, M.ivte ! Can (lie old rtoR Icarn'iicw tricks? llopo so. cause I'm in n Roullimi Rion Extension Service- School nt the University of Arkansas, now tliroiifih August 5th. visit with Woody Jackson, our new Assistant AKcnL He Is eodil! to tit and serve Mississippi County iujvculUirc nicely. if yniir farm proijlcm Is beyond Mr. Jnck.son's cxiKfcrnre. feel fi'ce to call on Mr. Miiloch. County Aeciit at OsreoJa. Kcrurilltijr 1'niirrMs The Farm Bureau now has,equipment, for taking pictures, color slides, and sn forth (hat can bo used in educational work or publicity, in Aitcusl 1 hope to Kcl many color slides thill t<\ll success or method stories. Do you have mi irlcti for a .picture that will Icll a story ami help someone else tn improved farming or home making? We invitn sugfiesllons. DO YOU OWN A HOME? HERE IS A SUMMER SPECIAL: Any ordinary house treated for termites - 50 We don't have (o practice or experiment on your jo!i~we have hurl 12 years of experience. All our work is ilonc according (o regulations, our work is licensed liy the Arkansas Stale Plant lioard. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE—IF NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. 535 N. (i(h. Phone 2350 H. C. Rlankenship...!,. J. Xeller Call H086 Call J1579 IT'S mtt COM sum N ORGE The Spectacular NEW NEVU BtFOK SUCH BEAUTY WITH 50 MANY EXCITING FEATURES) •«cb night— , loai t, Snv»« you mon«y, lim« nnd * SMEIY.SEMEO FREEZER. Spol, 1.. .( froien ilgrog*. $*e|i in cold out heal and FINOE8-TIP ICE TRAYS inilantlY. No m«hmg ... no und.r lout.l. Product* 56 K, * HEM STORAGE COIOPACK l..p. m««t, Mycliill.d ivmd * CSISPCR DRAWER It.oo, (,„',!, ond v,,». tablet moiil oW gordon-flnb. * AO/USTABIE SHELVES (01 ,«<m-,nll t rt . ll«. an<t bulky loodi. You gil malt thon M .quo,, !>,) „( ,k,lf , pn< . R011ATOR» COlDMAKfR til.ol -. > ibmlion. Bacttftd by roar fiDHdian Plan. SFAMlfSS INTERIOR of ocW an«J Holiv- porceloin •notn*!-' cleaned in a Aofh 1 , * TIUA8/N aiv,» > llnpla foodi.tfrcali, e&nnad gao<Ji wifk. Du> opening th« refiig«/a[or. U. 5. Pat. OR. LOW DOWN PAYMENT Come Sec It! TODAY! HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BPANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. PHONE 515 SEE THE EgftruRES Of AMERICAS FINEST HOVE APPLIANCES

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