The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1944
Page 6
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i PAGE' SIX'; (ARK.) COUWEJl NEWS Boxers ', Staff '.Sergt. Jack Paisley, ISO- pounder of the 326th Squudipn, will meet Corp.- William Bills of the Dyersburg Army Air Field us the feature ^pf a boxing prceram between tennis 'representing the two fields tonight at the"Biythevllle Army DOPE BUCKET BY J. P. FRIEND HANK ON THE JOH Air Field. The program will consist of eight (hrec-rouiiu Bouts. „, „ , , The show will start. promptly at J «l> Frl " 1(1 > 8:30 o'clock, with Jackie Byrd of Sa 5; . .. . , . . . Blytheville, AikaiiHis welterweight ™ r a moment It had me stumped champion, serving as referee. ? s <« ih ? sender. Tlierc nre only n When I gol down to the of/Ice yesterday j found a letter In my box, it- was simply addressed; Arknn- The following "iird was announced: ... ; . Tv-Sergt. Bill Spencer, 112. Bly- thevllle,- vs- Corp. WiHinrd Sargent, 1)2, Dyersblirg-. Ser$t. Cherokee Hendrlcks, 1GO, Blythevllle. vs Sergt. Harry aroen- thal, 160,'Dyersburg. • Serpt.jBpb Morgan, 14Q, vs Sorgt, Julio *Monloya, 145, Dyersburg. Pic. .Wjlllam. B. Reed (col.> 160, vs'.Pvt; Joe Thompson, (col.) )45, IJyersburg. , ACT. Chris Licks, 175, Blythcvllle, Vs S. Scigt. Frank Kcrliehek, 175, Pyersburg. ;.Coip. Ivle Sparui, H2, Blythcvllle, Vs'Scrgt." Hay Wagner, 135,' Dyersburg. ; ; Ernie Lornbardi Signs Contract With Giants ' NEW YORK, April 13. (UP) Catcher Ernie Lombard! of the New York Giants has left the holdout ranks. He signed on the dotted line last, night. • The 225-pound slugger caught inbre games than any other Olntit .backstop lost year. :HC hit ,3fj5 and batted in 51 vims, The big Jtnlinn Is slnrting |i!s 14th season in the majors. Back In 1931 .the, Dodgers purchased him from Oakland of the Pacific Const league. .Then, in '32 he was traded to Cincinnati. He played [or the Reds 10 years, catching more than 100 games a season. The Olnnt backstpp makes n spe-r c-lalty of hitting long drives through (he box. Ho won the Nnllonal League butting''title in 1038,-hitting .342, and again (n '-42 with .330. Needed for a Job CHICAGO (OP)—Obsolete police pistols (o be put in the hands of the European underground are being sought by a British representative, , the Public Administration clearing house reported. '"If they are good for'one more blast Ihcy can be used against the oppressor," they said. ; Neither Heaven Nor Hell POCATELLO, Ida. (UP)—At the Pocatello Army Air Base, S-Sgt. few persons who pall me "Jeep". Harry KIrby is one. I didn't expect a letter from him so far from Iho first of the month. Miss Julia (Hell Crass) IJmblrd Is another. Willie I need help from the blood bank—am! other life giving substance ot bank?, I could not feature her tnljliig the time to write when she could whistle at mo as sho passed tjy my window. A third Is Delia Purlle, There- is a possibility that she wants me to go to the polls in her favor comn August, I mused. Then, Harry Halncs was the first to Ing (lie monicker, but he was ruled out as a probability ,siliee I Baw lilm an Hie way to town. Only one possibility remained. Hail I glanced at the postmark and (lone oven a we bit of thinking i would have solved tho puttie. It wns mailed at Olmpel Hill, N, c. Immediately, Hurry (Hank) Unities, yoiniB son of (he Courier publisher, flashed . across my tnentnl (?) threslihoUi,, SENDS CUPPIVO Sure enough, it, was from Hie former Chick'Vvlngman, who Is n student at the University of North Carolina ,whlle awaiting his call Info the Army Air Force upon reaching hit 18th birthday. "Honk" enclosed a clipping rrom the Tnr Heel, otficia! organ of North' CnrAtlivh. about .Barney Pooie, : one of'the famed Ole Miss Pooles, also an . interesting addi- tional'comment. The clipping about Pool? takes on nddcd .ilgnlflcflnco. In the light that Joe Dllrty, who coached the Chicks to an amazing five- year record, bad him under Ills «'inj,' at Q!o Miss in 1942. TJie storv. written by Fred Flag' ler. Tar Jlcel Sports Editor, reveals thflt Carolina CIH! lust year loft. the. campus last week to lake a physical exnminnlion for admission into West Point. The peculiar thing about Poolc's situation Ls the fact that he is a Marine (raluec who may transfer from the Navy to the Army. Quite unusual, don't' you think? Harry's letter follows; Dear "Jeep": Him across an article.In (lie Tnr Heel today that I thought you would Pom game and fell on It In the end '.one which he!|x>d Uie Tar Heels gain Die))- \ipsQi over one of the strongest teams in (he East. 1HU)Y COAOHKS TIIJJ5I I think that Coach Joe Dlldy hfid nil theso boys in his line down at oio • MISS when he was there. They really reflect fine coaching, I think thai, Ray turned in oivj of (he wosl hi-|)l!(iiil games nt end that I've ever seen when we met Duke over In Durham. Although Carolina was defeated 14-7, It was n bitter contest awl liny displayed fine defensive end play. His tackling was the sharpest I've seen since i saw lloston College's All- Amerlcan Ocno Qooderault give IVnnMscq n fit down In Now w- leuns one day long ago. All of tlie boy* gnvc „ goo ,| ncc0 | ln (, „( [), ( ., n . selves and wero a credit-to the Southeastern conference. •, • You're doing a great Job'-wllh you.) 1 column Jeep. I know that nil' th'e bnys who are away fronr honie look forward to your stuff as wucli as I do. (Thanks, cliimil Are you listening, Mr. Editor? That .makes six. ri) get Dint promised 12 by 1945, yet, so help mo!): .' Incident!?, Jliiimy Tanner, former Blythevllle boy aiid : l(\ter center and captain of Helena's football squad, Is hero in the Marine Corps. .-> That's about nil from your oiinp- el Hill correspondent for now,''Jeep* Keep up the good worjt. • Yours,' i "Hank"• Chicks To Play BAAF, Baseball Team Sunday The baseball team reprcsentins QWievlllc Army Air Held is scheduled to appear in mi cxl)|. Ijllloti BOine ngnlnst llw Memphis Chicks at. jliiswood pack | n Motii- Dim Sunday afternoon, apcording to 'an. atinoiuipcineiu made in Memphis yesterday. : IJw f'rollii'o, manager of the Chicks, Indicated he Is not worried over the fact thai- three of last year's regulars liavo jiot rcpoitaj. They arc. dene Nance and Lnko Puwulls, InlleWorn, mid Palo day, outfielder. . - New members of (he Chick squad have been showing up so well In spring drill* Hint Prolhro believes he can fill t))Q three vacancies without seriously' weakening Hie team. . . „ i • 1 — — a-- . -».<.i.i kuunjr t-iiui i nuJM^Mij >VJI( nUL|i\l Howard A. Miner of tho ground be interesled in. As you see, it, is training office has H new name lor'making public the fuel that l)ar- L\v Jse l ch ? )1 buildl "S' 'Ml"" has ney Poole of the Olc Miss Pooles T Ji h ir - buildi " B ' w '''P h *< » 10 - '5 due lo enter West Point, I might WARNING OltilER The defendant, \Vyso f'prry is hereby warned to ixppeav within Tlilily (30) ()ny 3 nnd nnsivor the complntnt filed against |i)rn ijy \y M. Burns In fho Cominoii .Pleas Court for the ChlcknsrwUa. pistrlct of Mississippi County, Arkansas. ' WHnes? my hftlid nud seal as siich Clerk Ihls Ihe 3ril day of April, 1014' HARVRY MOnniS, 0)ork ' ' A bcnvcv cnn Bnaw tliroitgli n four-Inch tree tnink' In Wiiiln 1 f \, , , "^^«i.ot i". wiuincia HJHI i"t oiner a cuil.?m. my way of thinking, purgatory bo- All three are In the Marine Corps. imigsjn^^ween.^j^^v.^^^iBnniey- blocked the mini in the IT'S SPRING PAINTING TIME! THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL .; POUCH ENAMEL .'', '$349 *» gol. Tor r«il wtjr on floors ••:and porches. Whhiunili . all ttpei a( ntaclicr anil • fqrall lurfacci. lull sal- , Ion. SCREEN ENAMEL . q«ort .Tii> \ji«c brjnO. htii I,,, ' c .tfXn } • V'M noi doi: ni nh »<id dri^'i to i K/Hlijni fiftjlh. One (jcjrl tor Uh ta ' ENAMEl DISH PAN FuU-l-!-qui[t Blue Tnamel Speckle, ware. Hc»y rolled tim.TlitiJ«l pin for many purfiDsei around ihe liomp. VTf irt fwiurinj Mi V ta n (liis Special I'lice. 79' Wt CftRRT THSBtST AND MOST COMPUTE LINE OF VARHISHtS AND ENAMILS fOR YPUR WIRY PAINT REQUIRE. MINT Slierwiu Wllllaim HOUSE PAINT : 3* I'cr Gal. > . , (Iccro » no Bfttcr Painii TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main Defoe Furniture Co. KS E. Main Dial 3221 W»nU4; CMd Furniture. Ate. TOO can trade y«nr old Funl- tnre In on new. ' FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SERVER. ALL SIZE'S Than Brl4f« twnber ' Phone 691 Osceola Tile & Culvert Co, Phone SJS ATTENTION SERVICEMEN; Please , l^riii^ proper identifieatiou papers frori) your commanding officer when buying badges, rjr> bons and nierlflls. Wo have complete stocks. For KHAKI and TROPICAL shirts mid trousers see us. '•:. ' HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier When Blythcvllle Was An Infant. This Vfas Our iWotto - - - "ALL THAT'S GOOD IN INSURANCE" - - - ft Still |,f Writing Flro & Tornndo on your stock of merchandise, home, fur?• ilif' ° n your rfttm Property. Llab l»y, pn Au to, Contractors, public, aulomobllc. ' Plate Glass, Trucks and Truck Cargo, Accident & Health, Parcel Post, in oldest and best of Companies. Just call phono 3361 for binder on anything Insurabls. W. M. Burns Agency Office Anthony BWj. v Every lype heel Is repaired ori altuchcd here— the work ts dono perfectly, reasonably - A nd, you wish, white ypy wait. Com- lilcte Shoo Repair Service here. OUOLITY SHOC SHOP 1.2 f v W. M« IN 'iT.- CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stem W Work Guaranteed. A, B. F 0 R D At P»t OTBrjMt'i Wyait's Arm Needs Heat HEAR MOUNTAIN. - Whitlow Wyalt ailjjilts Ji« 1ms 11 very fiinjiy nun, Wynlt can't tell from one y to:!lifl nejft' itow It's goliiB'tQ . A year ngp at tins time tlie n ; felt i'f(!at, -iHiin. (jiiilcleiijy— bloolc. The Oeoiilnii still'-doesn't know WllWurbMglit bnck the s'ore sDol,'In lil» sllolililejv. .Tljfl. arm cnme nround :ih irild-sensou. T)ie j)lajit«lloti- iirojiiletor wnti ULs last 10, credit* tlidt'to the suii.-Brook- lyn's veteran . rljjht-liaiider' looked for llic sim wlierevor lie went,..sat wllh his-firm tared every day lie wasn't pitching,' taking'.. It when there .wns sun, 1 -raka!'big blisters several tlws. •', Jliially •• the • arm cxsciied up, :felt,:g'ojxl -ngiilii.' And int's- how l(,-:ji' i|i|s. 6|jr.(ng. He tlirovlnE'lll'-souHi, Feb. ]5 TJIURSDAV, APJU1, IK, 1944 Siamese fighting ';bh chartire sex annually, •'..'<•.:.; ... ' . lly HAllltY CiRAYSON NKA Sports Editor OIT UOI.OHi It would foe good business lor professional baseball lo capitalize on Us famous tinmcs, KliicJi Is precisely ivliy It isn't done. I thought of this the other afternoon when historic Frederick, Md,, declared a half liolldny for (lie coming of the Yankees. It yvns an old-fashioned bnscball day, fiii-tlicr stressing the hold the (jnnie IMS on Die American public. Sonic 2500 people , turned out, for an exhibition gflnic otl an afternoon '.o unfavorable that trig engagement had to be called on account of snow. A baud played, A congressman threw tho rir«t bull, and an that sort of thing. Meanwhile I was chatting with an Indian In the far corner of tho Atlilotlcs' dugout. Connie -Mack considers him (ho (jrentest money pitcher of nil time. Practically everybody In the little park of Hie old HHie Rldgc League would have known Charles Albert Bonder had they trotted him out of the dugout and Introduced him. But Chief Bender, now with n Philadelphia insinuating company oiul couching tho Athletics' pitchers; Is shunted aside iby the baseball people just like nil the others who made the game'by plnylng,!!) so superlatively. j Even Uabo Ruth is lost In the shuttle of Yankee Stadium crowds until the mob discovers II|G presence. CAI.GAHY CAI/I,: Western Cun- acln. where the hockey players come from, hn^ th e best, season In its history. Harry -scott of The Al- taian of Calgary believes a lineup selected from the three clubs — Purrte Army, of Calgary, the Calgary - combines (Navy and Air Force) and the A20 Arjny Wheelers of Red Deer would beat the Montreal Cnnadiens. Sports Editor Scott names Sugar Jim Henry, pete Slobodlnn, Edd|c Wares, Tommy Anderson, Max Ronllcy, Alex Kalela, uobby cause, Doug Cairns, Sweeney Schrincr and Roy Sawyer. All but Cairns arc former National League players. "As I look out my window in tlie Poolln'll City," write Scott, "business Is brisk at liiq liquor vendor's next door nnd (he Rockies cupped with snow never appeared more picturesque, it Is Just like summer l» this bannna ijoH." Outdoor spc-rts arc under way In western Canndn, nnd Harry Scott is pleased lo report that they are mostly of tho service variety. UISCLAIMATION POINT: Recently we wrote about stnld old Boston bpltjg agog about Sandpr Sznbo unmusking and exposing (he Oolden Terror before 10,000 gaping guests. Denuded of- his Halloween outfit, (he Ooldeii Terror gave his identity as Leon Mahabobsky of Chattanooga—all 37D pounds of him. : ; But Challanooija won't stand for (hat. . . ; "Golden Terror referred to In your column Is Bobby Stewart of llunlsville, .Ala., and Nashville," telegraphs E. T. Bales .sports editor of the Clmtlanooga News-Free Press. "Clmtlnnoagii hart no part in the raising of such a monstrosity, but I do understand his ptirenls live somewhere outside the oily on a little pig ranch purchased by the bad one. Anyway, the Golden Terror ' Is good to his fM]%. Read Courier News Want Ads. BOBMULOHE Pbuter, Stncco, Ceeent Work fkoo« 882 PLUMBING and Heating Service JESSE PROVINCE 127 E. Vine Phone 2719 AND ENJOY THE SPRING WEATHER . . Whether you're planting a Yk- rory garden or walking in town, you'll find these toppers just right for Spring wear. Trim styles in a wide variety of mod- els. See them now. Sports Jackets tailored with easy arm holes and natural-shoulders 19.75 and up .^., ^?T' fV,- 1 l is i\ Fine spun rayon and cotton gabardine shirts with smart convertible collars. Both in long and short sleeve models 2.50 up Two-tone sports jacket of gobardine with tweed trim. Some models with plaid trim. Idea! for all seasons. 9.95 up Sportswear For All Occasions! R. D. Hughes & Co, Elmer CannlnKham VULCANIZING Tire & Tube Repair n K R, A S. Uw,. n with £mrler A«. fu.) KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS -. Flush of Kidney Tube. ' . S</// Wave A Few Bags of PEDIGREED COTTONSEED 3918 FERTILIZER CERTIFIED ROYAL SOYBEANS NITRATE OF SODA J.L TERRELL IT 1 S. Broadway Phone 2631 Used Fords We have for immeilialc sale 23 laic model Fords and Chevrolet.? —cars known to exccll iji lowest oiicration costs. Cnrs from (he East ivith no great mllmse and «itli appearance ot new cars. 1941 FORD "Super DeLuxe" TUDOR SEDAN. This beautiful Black car, large and rgomy, has i Radio, Heater, 5 excellent Tires and has been Wit driven less than 8,000 miles. • ' 1941 CHEVROLET "Special Deluxe" SPORT SEDAN. Has Radio and Heater, A-l Tires, 2- Tone Color, shows scarcely no wear, looks and runs like a brand new car. 1941 MERCURY "5-Pass." SEDAN-COUPE. This tine Black car (in storage almost 2 years) has 5 perfect White Sidewall Tires/Radio and Heater and is excellent in every way. 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Ail graded, dcUnttd and Win t»d« for yonr wk d

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