Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 5, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1895
Page 1
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VOL XX, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARYS, IS95. NO 31. A Monday Surprise. . . . NOT A.•• Bankrupt Sale But we will inaugarate a Clearance Sale of Woolen Dress Goods. Every yard of Dress Goods on our she'ves will go at a price a price which compels you to purchase. Fresh, Honest, Fashionable Dress Gooos at the price of trash. We will start the sale with a great drive of 38 Inch Fancy and Plain Dress Novelties worth 30c for Every reduction is in proportion one. Be one of the fortunate ones. NO HUMBUG. NO DECEPTION. We're going to stay with you. ALL KKMNANTS Of Table Linens, Napkins and Crashes are being so d for what they w o.-in^ We have opened our Spring Line of Embroideries. They are ihe handsomest line we have ever shown, Will be pleased to see you. Tlie BusyBee Hive BUSY O.EACKSMEN. Wreck a Bank at Milan, 0,, and Secure S10,033 in Gash, WORK IN CONGRESS. to this Fifteen Thousand. Dollars in Railroad BondsAho Stolen—Noise of Explosion Arousos Entire Village. 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Call and Play Thousands ol Tunes by m oi Indeslrudiblo Metallic Disks. ity& Volume ot Tonn Unequalled D. A HAUK, The wonderful Regina MiisieBox. Will play uuy tune. I am ugeat for Logansport of trie genuine, also thf now tilings in G-)ld Bulta, Coll tretr.es. Backlos, ('ziiriua Pius, ]iuttorf]y Hut Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pius, Watnli : Puukftt), Ludie.-' Guird i Chains, Gold Bricahrac., ' Sptiutaclfs of ail kinds : litted to tlio e\ es. 30 yt'iii'rt' experience in Eu- gr-jving and nil kinds of work dono to order at Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway. FIMCMONT, 0., Feb. 4.—Five masked men entered the town of Milan during 1 the nigiit.aurlat-lo'elock Monday morning blew open the vault in the Lockwood liaulc. The explosion was so great thai it wrecked the building in which the bank was located and a wakened the entire population. The citizens poured into the .streets in time to sec the thieves drive > 11' in a buggy toward Sumliisky. where two of them are reported under arrest. Ijyn .m.rr Usi-d. The safe and vaults wore blown open by dynamite, making a complete wreck OA' them and the oflice. They took sonic >!;".,OIX) in cash and S'O.UUO in government, IN'ickel Pl.ite and Sundusky. Milan and Xorwalk electric railway bonds. K.trtiniiljcil ShnlM \viUi Kolibci'i. Cashier Stoddard heard the explosion anil rushing out with his gun he was confronted by three of the burglars, who told him to stand off and fired at him. Sloddard relui'ucd the iire. They took the 'i-.'M train at Sainiusky for Cleveland. Cashier Sitoddard will not tell the; exact a:u mnt taken. It was known there was considerable oa deposit. .SdSpl'CtS CuptU ['(Ml. The police have arrested two men on the charge of being implicated in tlie robbery of the Milan bank. The buggy in which the robuers escaped to Sandusky was hired Sunday night from j.Ierb & f'lockes' livery stable, by Edwin Stoughton who vims a saloon on Witter street. Stoughton was taken into custody soon after the Milan posse came to the city in hot pursuit of the robbers. In his company was Sol Uirsch- berger, u young- follow who has been hanging around the gambling 1 dens of the city for the past two years. Hirsoh- bergcr was also arrested. New Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy Suits and Winter Underwear- at your own price. We have also between three and«; four hundred boys' 'suits in all sizss. and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. No Fake! Nothing but straight goods at the Broadway Clothing Store, 426 Broadway. "JOS. G. GRACE. RECEIVER GREENHUT REMOVED ,)u<l;;i; Urossr'up SCOP^N ihu .SI.ocJf-.IobMiiyf •\vnisliy niuurimli) 1" His rtrision. C'juc.UiO, Feb. 4. —.Judge Grosscup Monday morning removed Mr.* Ircenhut from the receivers-hip of the whisky trust and appointed John C. .McNally, John J. Mitchell and Edward F. Lawrence receivers. In delivering his opinion Judge Grossenp took occasion to score stock- jobbing directors (.if corpora lions and declared that .Mr. Greenhut's action in applying lor a receivership was simply an imposition upon the court. Judge Crosscnp also fell it due to himself to declare thai, the action of the court in tirst receivership proceeding.- was not unusual or improper. The opinion of tho court is quite long and goes into the condition of a ll'airs that led up to this receivership. The judge tinds that both sides admit that a receivership is necessary aud that the question "is merely as to the personnel of the receivers. }lr. (Jrecnhut will not be discharged from his boud until after he makes a report of his acts during- the time he was a receiver. THREE KILLED OUTRIGHT. SlxU't'il Otlic'i'S Injured by Holler l^xplo- MOII >cnr I'rovuU'iico, K. I. PUOVIDUXCE, K. I., Feb. 4,—Patrick Ilehir, 51 years old, aud his cousin John JLlehir, w<i years old, and Michael Oary, 21, were killed and sixteen others injured by the explosion of a boiler at Burl. Carpei.tor & .Son's ice houses at Mashapaug pond at^i'l) o'clock Monday morning. Patrick Uchir leaves a wife and nine children aud his relative leaves a wife- aud three children.. rtscii In Hoth HrAncbcf racari in the tlou^,-. S. Feb. 4.—The vice president laid before the senate a communication from the secretary of the treasury, stating, in reply to a resolution of inquiry,that itis believed for the twelve mouths ending 1 December 31, 1SS'."). the rex'OUdCB of the •joverunieiit from all sources will exceed ordinary expenses by &.'-',filX).000. Also a memorial of the Eighteenth assembly of the territory of Arizona, praying- that she be "speedily admitted to the sisterhood of slates." Also the credentials of Knute Nelson as senator-elect from the state of Minnesota from March -1 next to succeed Senator \Vashburn. Senator CuHoin (rep.. 111.) presented resolutions of the board \>( trade of Chicago in favor of financial legislation on the lines of the president's message, and resolutions of the board of trade of 1'coria, 111, in favor of the pooling- bill. .Senator Vilas (dem.. Wis.) reported from the judiciary committee a bill to permit Associate Justice Jackson, of the United States supreme court, to retire, and asked fur its immediate con- sirit-ralioji, but objection was made by Senator Aldrich (rep., li. I.) and the bill went over for the present. On motion of Sena tor Cameron (rep.. Pa..) house bill to establish a national military park at (.ieUys.biir;,' 1 , Pa., was taken from the calendar and passed without amendment. House bill to regulate navigation on thw great lakes'mid their connecting and tributary waters, changing- the ruliis in regard to fog signals, principally, was reported and passed. At !:•!() the senate rcsuuii'd consideration of the district appropriation bill. WASUI.VGTOS, Feb. •!•.—The house Monday passed a bill graining right of way through Indian territury to the Arkansas & Northwest railroad com- INTO THE RIVER, Awful Plunge to Death of an Electric Car in Milwaukee, Wis. Three Dead Bodies Recovered—Casualties Light on. Account of Thick Ice—A Careless Molorman. HOOSIEK HAPPENINGS. Briefly Told from Vartouf Tovms in Indiana. pany. The house coinmilti'C on rules reported an order, which was agreed to. setting aside 'i>csd;iy. Wednesday rind Thursday for the ciin.sideration of the adminhitration banking liill. Just after the rule assigning days for tlie consideration of liie administration banking bill by the house, Mr. Hatch (del-:., -Mo.) denied the statement of Jilr, Outhwaile (dcni., O.) Unit all interests had been consulted. Mr. Hall (lien,., Mo.) was brought into the discuss'.on, and passed the lie to Mr. Hatch. (iro:it excitement prevailed. Order was restored niter a time, aud the agricultural appropriation bill was taken op. REVOKED. FRANCHISES Hun I'd the repo day lyn disur GRAVELY DOUBTED, i-rs of Concord Itt'Itortoil iTiiplnro of oMtc by l hiiu-si; Not t'onlirim.-'!. \Yj\SiUNGTOX, Feb. 4.— Neither state or navy department has received any conliruialiun of the alleged capture of some of the Concord's otlici-r.>, as reported in a Cliin-Kiaug- dispatch, a.nd thy authenticity of the rumor is therefore jj-ravcly doubted. r .\!il<>riiifii oi Jjvixiklyn Trolley r..inrt :i ]ilu\v. nnKi.yx, N. V.. FeK 't. — The police ts made a.t headquarters Mon- morning shew that in lirook- there was not the slightest banec Sunday night. Xotan ar- iv.^t \va.s made after S p. m. aud the po- liee did not hear <ji a single row. Cars were running on all lines in the city during tlie day. At li'UJ p. in. a crowd of several hundred .strikers who had assembled in Jlugge's hall on Kridge street near Fulton marched down to the city hall. At l~A"> p. m. the crowd from Milage's hall, aug-me'.ited by the men from the streets, reuehed City Llall square. There were about 2.000 persons in the crowd. Martin J. Connelly and Andrew Collins. of the strikers' committee, arrived at the city hali at 2:3U p. m. Jlr. Connelly carried the petition asking- for the revocation of. the franchise and oar licenses of three lines under his arm wrapped up in an old newspaper. He was detained in the hull for live minutes and \vus then admitted to the council chamber and the petition presented. The board j _____ ..... ______ of alderuien have p.issed the resolution | re:u \y jumped. revoking' the franchise and licenses of ' tiie railroad com panics by a vole of le:i to i.'i''h:.. > Tow Crui.v Woman's Awful Ucetl. 2s AIVA, Cal.. Feb. -i.—An awful tragedy occurred here in the home of l-'eter MeU'ruick. Mrs. Meternick while insane undertook to kill her four children with an ax aud succeeded in doing' them all serious injury. They were all struck on the head, ugly jjajh.es and bruises being- inflicted. It is feared that the baby will die. The other children will probably recover. Writ or KJectineat is«nca. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Feb. 4.—A writ of ejectment has- been issued in the United States.circuit court against' the Pennsylvania company and Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago railroad, "i'he writ is the first step in a suit to be brought ag-ainst the railroads which •will involve several millions of dollars. Will Take B50.000.000. LOXDOX, Feb. • 4.—It is announced that the London syndicate has agreed to take £30,000,000 of the new issue ot United States bonds. The question is st!U pending- whether or not it shall be a gold loan. It is expected that the negotiations will be closed Tuesday. i't'iii^ I'rimi Sooar£e. Yuv.NCsrowN. ()., Feb. 4. — New Mid- dieton, JO miles south, is suH'cring from a terrible scourge of .scarlet fever. ?>ciir!v all the residents are ajllioted. The state board of health lias been notified, but the people refuse to oomph- with the regulations. and continue | cutl went to'hold public funerals, thus spreading j the turn MILWAUKKE. Feb. 4.—A trolley car of the llussell avenue and llohon street lino plunged through the open draw of the iviuniekinnick avenue bridge ats'\<0 Mor.da}' morning, carrying- three people down to death in the iey waiters of the river. Six others wore rescued from the partly-submerged car, JLi-it i»r ll*':t'l. The dead were: Mrs. Antoinette G. Eiilman, a kindergarten teacher in the twelfth district primary school and a daughter of Prof. Ehlnian. director of music in the public schools; .kiliu Ki-n- uedv. motorman: Miss ^'chmidlkuntz, employed at National Knitting works. The rescued were: U'.P. Severely, T0."> Walnut .slreet, hand cut; A. 0. l>tell. Ti;ii Island avenue; C<. W. Chase. 7:.'? Fourth .street; II, Keiihn, 307 JJced street: F. 14. Ifrand. .'MO Grove street; Klla Wiichholx. 1!18 Eleventh street, hurt aliiMit the shoulder; Edward lloli'- iu:tn, biKirds at -1 hi Jackson slreet; Miss Annie Alb, ~ Poplar street. C:uvi''sN M<jtor .linn. Jt was the worst .street car accident that ever happened in Milwaukee, a.nd the news of the shocking disaster sent a thrill of horror throughout the city. From all accounts the accident seems to have clearly been due to the carelessness of the motorman, John Kennedy, but he stuck to his post in a vain endeavor to stop the ear, which ]if had permitted to approach too near the open draw,.an.d paid the penalty of his carelessness with his life. The ca.r struck endwise in the river and was submerged for about two- lliir.ls of its lcniri.li. the fact that it did not yo to the bottom of (heriver, which is !s t'vet deep at that point, being- duo to the presence of thic'c ice. This circumstance alone, it is believed, made it possible to rescue any of the passengers. Uussell avenue aud llolton street-car No. Mli. south bound, was spending- up Kinniekinnick avenue about S;'M o'clock- with twelve passenycrs aboard. The Cliicag-o & Korthwe.slern railroad Crossing'. about two-thirds of a block north of the Kmnickinnick •'bvidjjo, was made on schedule time. The usual stops were observed, and a^t the conductor's sisfna.l to coino ahead Moforman ,lohn Kennedy applied the power and the car started 011- v.'ard, to be suddenly stopped by an awful casualty. Hulling 1 aloivff at a fair speed, when not more than ten or twelve feet from tin: bridjrn "Conductor Peterson, who is said to have been in service only a short limn, i-an^f •tho bell to stop. Instantly the passengers became, alive to the fact that something was wronjr:, and, lookiiifrout, ; saw that the open bridge was almost at hand and HO brakes had bcun applied. •\Vlu-cis Sllpm-'i. At the sound o' the b ( .U the motorman "rasped the brake crank aud twisted it with all his strength. 3iut 1 he wheels slipped, there was no time to reach for .sand and the helpless pas- . fieugvi's realised that no power on j earth could prevent them from plunging headlong 1 into tlie yawning gulf of icy waters. j Into rho J;i\r« of Z>OILI!I. ~Wld shrieks from the four women passengers intermingled with the yaspb of the pale-faced men. There was no time to plan. The reardoorwas j the only means of escape offered. Tlie men on the rear end. two or j three, including the conductor, had al- ^Viliiam P. Sitvuruly was j tin,- lirst to reach the door. He had Occupied the front seat at the window and had seen I he bridge open shortly after the railroad crossing bad been passed. lie needed not the warning- bell of the conductor to.jaoUiy him of | the danger. He was the lirst to bound I Wl»o:i<p Wrocks i» lloy'x S'lu.l. WAHASD, Ind., Feb. 4 —William Sha* . for. a farmer near Servia, this county, has a boy Ki years old who is :v pitiabl* object. Though physically well developed his mind is almost completely pone, and he can scarcely speak, hav? ing lost control of the vi-v- ! eords. Un> til five years :\'^o th.- '•,.., -v;is in pcr< feet health. Then hr \\,is. seized of • spasm, which left him u meutul wreck, nud he has siuco .grown more, and moro iulirm. Mr. Shall'er will place him io a state institution. ChuririM u Woman with Arson. VixcKXNKs. Ind., Feb. •(.—Winfiold 8. Laue has sworn out a warrant for thq arrest of Mrs. Louisa Jordan, charging her with having burned :i grist mill belonging to him and her husband, Uvorge Jordan, at Deckar, last sumniaj Mrs. Jordan voluntarily surreudere^ herself, appeared before MayorOrccnO. uahvd examination and gave bond fo^ appearance for trial on '.lie charge o^ arsoj. The Jordan family is cue oi the weal thii^t in the county. A^ctl !in>*i't' {turns wit ti. HIM IIoilSB. SWKIJT HO.MI:, Ind., Feb. 4.—Dcnni| 1'Yy, an aged miser who lived in a sha nty lu'iir t his village, was burned tip. He was seen to enter his shanty about 7 o'cloi-k. In the morning tho building was found burned to the ground and all that could be found of Fry was tha charred hip bones and part of th« spinal bones, it is reported that ha had considerable money which he kepi in his house, lie wasabout?:.' years old. UiM'n lit Iiu!luil:i. CYwVwrounsvir.r.E. hid., Feb. 4. — My formal ballot the Washington lcgisla« In re elected Congressman John L. Wilson, nt Spokane, to be United Sta.Ui» senator, lo Jill the vacancy caused by' tho failure of the last legislature to elect a senator. This ralities the action of the republican caucus and cuda thfi long deadlock. Mr. Wilson is ai^ Indianian by birth, having been bora in this city ou August 7, 1S.10. SU'nl ami n<>t»u-'iy IVopi-rty. SOUTH KL - M>, Ind., Fob. •).—ThicTc*, broke imo the Mouth I'.end porcelain works and ransacked the whole fae-. lory. After plundering everything itnd taking many v.-i.luaOle articles ia the way'of vessels, etc., they fell to destroying properly that was immovable*.. They destroyed some machinery and cut all of the belts into bits. AocuKml of Killing !-*»«. KOVOOD, Ind., Feb. 4.—An inquest was held over Mordc("ii Lane, who il.ed from tlie effect of a fracture of the skull received from being pushed from ;i saloon. The inquest resulted in testimony that lie was thrown out of the saloon by Xcno Massard, the bartender, and .Massard was piaced under pfi.OUO bonds, charged with manslaughter. AXDKKSO.N-. Ind., Feb. 4.—Tho build- Ing contractors of this city will organ,[/.e a union for their protection ar.d to keep foreign contractors out of tho city. They will make an effort to ex-' Lend it over the entire ga.s belt, ia^ eluding tiie cities oC Kokomo, Moi'ion, Elwooi and Alexandria. : Sralti«-il to J)<r,iLh. SOUTH UICMJ, hid., Feb. •!,—Allie, tho C-year-old daughter of Mr. aud Mrs., ilohu Johuson. of >outh Ciiapin street, 1 was playing with her 3-year-old to-other near the stove when the littla' boy accidentally pulled a boiler ot bulling waturoff, tile contents scalding* the little girl to death. Tiiroivn Mfiy Furl hy ;i Tr'<ln. Ff.AXKFoirr, Ind., Feb. •',.— W. IX Clark, a farmer, was run down by tho I'hicago vcsuimle train on the Monon, His w:i;.';)n «as caught nnd thrown 50 f-.-elMway. One horse was killed, but s;ra;ijru to sa\- Clark escaped with. Bli.'.-ho bruises, althoiigii hu remained ill the vehicle. publ the disease. Anti-Muvery A£;1r:itor JUoniJ. HVDI-: PARK, Mass., Feb. 4.— Theodore \Yeldtf. one of the last anti-siavery agitators, died at llMfl Sunday night -.t his home in this town of old age, having reached 01 years. He was born in Hampton, Conn., .November 23, 1803. Struct by an Klectrlc Car. READING, Pa., Feb. 4.— A sle. : g-h load of coasters collided with an electric car here-, and .Robert Wilman and Ernest Fisher had their skulls fractured and will probably die. Francis Fisher was painfully injured- Carco Burned. NEW YOKK, Feb. 4.— The cargo of the New Hamburg- American line new steamer Phoenecia, which reached this port on its first tm>, was damaged £.'00,000 by fire. J|. _ A Vortj P«rap,'.'<t- Cot O., FeW^t— Employes at the Bellaire "^'1 works have received notice of a <0 per cent, reduction to go into effect April 1. It will be ac- ccpt«d. forward and reach the handle of the rear door. .But he nevec opened it. The instant he touched it the forward intdown and he, together with -strieke.l passengers who were crowding behind him. was thrown to the front. The Jco Muvod Them. A heavy crash.^followed a.s the ice was struck and then the car gradually sank midway into the water. The fire was instantly quenched and the passengers entirely submerged. The two ladies •who met their death mu«t have been at the very bottom and were probably instantly suffocated, as their bodies enow no signs of bruises. Reflcced J u»t to Time- One woman, probably Ella AVach- holz, clung desperately to Edward Hoffmann a£ he continued to raise himself out of the water. He could lend no assistance, however, as his'-'etrength was almost gone. But the strong firm of a rescuer was near at hand, &nd the helpless woman was safely borne above the water and soon placed in a place of refnge. Annie Alb wa* rescued in a bimilar way. Their preservation is alone due to the fact that they chanced to be near the rear door. Aliss Schmidtkuntz'a body wa* the first recovered. Afterward th« bodies of Misi EiiLona and the motorman were taken from the ear. To I'ljm XiUintt (Inn. Xor.Tit MANC-IIKSTI;J;. hid..- Feb. 4.— A reDresvnl.atHx- ,>f y \\\-:ilthy 'J'oledo t'ltiinn'n.'ial ii'iuso was here with 'a pi-'ipusitinn lo pipe natural gas lo this place fiMin tiie Ijrant coi.nty field if a. s.-nlsfav'i.jry seliedule and franchiso could be obtained from tho town couucil. 'i'.vthi:in Si>tcr». r7 " 0m WAHASII, Ind., Feb. 4. —Twenty-live Pythian sisters from Hartford City- and Lafontaine instituted a temple of Pythian sisters in this city. The lodgo' is known as Britomartis temple. No, 110, and has twenty-five charter members. Indicted and ricnt to .lull. ELTTOOD, Ind., Feb. 4.—AbaerGrahata has been indicted by the grand jury oa the charge of murdering the infant child of his sister-in-law, Minni* Guenthensberger, in this city, and sent to jail in default of S.%000 bond. Two Set* ot Children Content. IXMAXAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 4.—-Th» noted wijj case of Godlove S. Orth,_ of Lafayette, has reached the mprem* court He was married twice, and thft contention i^> between the two sets of children. UUSTISGTOX, Ind-, Feb. 4.—Frank Moon attacked Constable Lcyman ant inflicted a striou* wound with a ' U« wa« arrested.

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