The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
Page 3
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^THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1934 When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin BLWHBVILLB, (AflKJ COURIER KEWS MY MAilV E. IUGUK i NEA Srrvlrc Slaff Writer II lliere's a man in (lie world whose favorite |>ie isn't pumpkin, I've yet to mcci him —or else lie's a dyspeptic! We've had pumpkin pie as long us we've lind a country, nearly. Al least, tradition declares that our Pilgrim fore-inolliers baked it for (Jiat famous first Thanksgiving celebrated 313 years ago Whether they did or not, it's our chief ail-American dish, I've been collecting recipes for immpkin pic for so long that I'm convinced there are ntmosL ns many recipes ns there are cooks Men especially ore immovable abom the way their pumpkin pie.s should look and tnslc—how much spice there' should uc and what kind — whether to use moJnssc.s. liow about, mm, ami so on. Then there's the question of whipped crenm. Some people like it and it's all right, ( suppose, but, ( o , nc H's sliding Hie [j| y . A loupln" »; crenm cheese whipped with milk 'mill light ami creamy Is not so tail, but whipped cream-not, for my family! There's one point about pumpkin (lie on which everyone is figreed — it must te thick and smooth. So with this to stnrt from I'll give you t\vo recipes—one concocted by Miss Charlotte Fielri chef of the Hotel Lexington, New York City, the other my own Pumpkin Pin (Miss" Field) Two cans strained pumpkin, 1-2 teaspoon suit, 2 teaspoons ginger 5-2 cup evaporated milk, 1-2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1-2 cnn molasses. 1-2 cllp brown sugar 1 Two Glad Patrolman's Death Finally Avenged PHKMONT, O. iUP>-Twn Vre- moiiU-iTi irai-iiMl wllh BL-IIH sails- fnrllon of the dt'iilh or churli'j "I'rdly Dciy" Floyd, soulhwi'slmn di'sponuln. They woiv Mrs. l.neicii Eck jr., Im-iiur \vlU> of i lie lute patrolman llatpli Cusicicr, of lion-ling o/oen. 0.. whom Floyd slioi down In n gun Imllo i)m><> yours m ;n In Howling (jri'i'ii, ,nid |«nl|)h \Voliln, who saw floyil ji m?l , ;, ,-<,,„., ,,f|,. r lll:ll. shooting l"»l l'SC':i|n>, Snvli'l Claim-; fillili'i- li.'rord MOSCOW ilJI'i Wlml Is sulil 10 Ijp II Will-Id's IMUlllriUKT I'CCOKl Kir nvo sciilw- lillilm wns csinl). lishi-d ivn-lilly lit Hi,. Hovlol tliili'i- Instltiilc 111 Koklobrt. -1'llol.s (invilsli mid Slioinlotli'v In nil Sll-fi ij'jip ol elliloi- .sui-ccfdcd In ii-uinlnliitj nlnli for 17 lunirs. Al»i>lilnv f'li-h.s CninljoiTlos ONSET, Mass. <UI') — A nie- clinnlcal ciniiljcny-plckcr is Iw- Ini! used on Ciipe Cud to hnrrcsl |):ii-| of (Ills yciii-'ji ci'ii|i. Ilpii'tu- jforc Uic crops have been uuthi'r- |i'd by liniid. Bog owners Ijpllevc j Iho device may revolutionize ttio 1 hidustiy. , pumpkin is the first, step in the longer. This rule will (ill si p| c , preparation of Hie pie and I feel thai It's a most important one Baking is the simplest method bo-! r cause the vegetable is merely cut | ''I In halves, the seeds arc removed I and it is placed, cut side down, in i a dripping pan and baktd until i 8 tnclin.s in (llmmurr and 1 1-a Inctics (lei>p. »* . i ,,. , Man 1,0 Put Wheels ft- r>i n ) • Ai • un ' lanes Ueau in UlllO n an at until - ioiidcr. Then scrape from the! lVI -W CAHLISLE, Pa. <UP> — shell and force through a liccr or Charles B. Snydei'. 08. b'.'lievcd to cotaidcr. jbo the first man lo put wheels on To stew a pumpkin, wash nnd! a " airplane, is dead. cnl In narrow strips. Remove the I Wel1 known as a mechanic and seeds and pare off" the yellow j I'ioneei- hi the airplane riel:l, Sny- shc\l. Cut in cubes and put, in a rtor - according to records of "his heavy aluminum or iron kettle, i family, was first to replace skids Add just wjoiigJi water to prevent, Ioj ' airplane binding with u-i:«'is. burning, cover and cook over a j When he died, he was servlno' his Kood (ire until pumpkin is lender. I lllirli H'l'ni us innrslinli licre. lie Penifivp rn^/ii- n>i f i n/,,,i. „,.,... .. i«... w'a a Remove cover and cook over a low fire until pumpkin is dry. Stir occasionally to prirvenl sticking. H lakes four or live hours: In slew w'as a blacksmith by trade. ~ " "n... I|O{|.« ,S Ofl?l) Ifllt'l tcU a pumpkin. Rnl, ihrouuli n ricn- A . . , '"--' tu *i>™ fifs-- ! Autoists lo Slop at Jail LAND K)K SALK Worth the price In Craljjhead and Mississippi county. •10 acres, 2 miles wral. !'. mile .'omh Lake City. Uin acres, 2 miles west of Bono. 03 acres, 2',-i miles SE of 13rook- Itind. l!0 acres, 2 miles .north of Whit- Ion, Miss. Co. 1GO ,acrcs. Hi miles NW of Wardell, Miss. Co. 68 acres, 'i miles west, 2". miles | smith ol Ilornfrsvllle. 411 awes. 5'-j miles, 2'C- miles south of Oscuola. 772 ncres. 7 miles NE of Lnxorn Mlis. Co. <n acres, (i miles KVSI, .1 tnlltts north of Joiner. IH acres. \<i, miles N\V of frenchman's Uayou. ; 18(1 acres, I mile we:;l of Windoll. •IU ncies. a miles. NF; of Tyraimi. '!ti acres. 8 milrs SW of Osccobi. \V. 10. MAKH1SON, .Iniirslinrn, Aik. Sister Sfai-y-'s lt(-ci|ic If yon use canned pumpkin, ceo!-, it over a low lire until niiile dry. One cup silted pumpkin, ;i-4 cup light brown sngnr, 1 Itiblcspoon moliiffies, 1-2 leiispotiii salt. 1-2 teaspoon ginger, 1-2 teaspoon cln- nainoi), 2 eggs, 2 tups rich milk, plain pastry. • J Vln; J.Ili, .JkJ VI I LIALIIg U Add sugar, molasses, spices nnrt | n-lry. Re removed it. NORWALK. O. ' (UP) - When tourists traveling through Norwnlk on busy U. S. Route 20 began applying for "hstel accoimuodations" at the county Jail, Sheriff. David A. Berry scratched his head. He discovered. finally, (he mix-np was CiUifod by a large sign in from of the Jail, advertising a nearby hos- CHILDREN LIKE THE SYRUP In Old Post Office Bldg. Blytheville Phone 2M \Vu Deliver Sterling. I'urc C;mt; 10 Pounds PfAIfj? ".Smuv 1 '. (JiKu-jniU.ed OC ^ rlil>UK ,,.,,», suck 85C PANCAKE FLOUR S;? l9c ac TABLE PEACHES S? p -iliiiy, Sliced. No. 2'/, Can - l!)c L-JVo. I Crushed, [> er Can - - 7!/ 2 i- .Cannva or Sunny lirook :j I'ound Can Mil U CO'ITA(;B,-(i Small or :j Tall Cans - 17,- ^fllLill Pft or Carnation, (J Small -«r .S Tall - -lilc VANIIXA FLAVQRl?]^ RATHS CORN !>riM t 2 ca n l2^ MILM^LJ^I^ BLYTHEVILLE" IlMBs - s ?'r- Can CHUKNS or .IAKS f ^ Ballon Si/i- XOC PURE LARD :!:!:!;: Jcivcl or .|-Uj. Ciirlnn - .(3 C Klal<e White 8-l,b. Carton - S2c Jee Us About All Heavy Groceries F " rmer y With ''i Will Help Tn Serve Yon l-'ancy I''inn Heads 5c Pfl-TATOFQ 1U °" TJ{lt '' MI>1 '. Mi- 2c; Peck 2!lc ' WIH'I'IC, l.h. 1 ;!/.| c; podi . . 2 :ii- l'';incy California "Tfj.*» ['ountl /UC f.|UCJ TEXAS HERMUDA, Pound .... r«- YKU,O\V fJI.ODK, Pound ____ ;{i/ i( . TCXHS Green « J^ Pound Ji 2 C Well Known Local Butcher In CIi;.r<;e of Market Or Koast <t C. ^ Pound X 9 C LAMB CHOPS K C BEEF ROASTS 1IRISKKT, 1,1k. CHliCK, I,b. CI.OD, r.b BACON s " Wa •° ri0 "- F!m ^S C(! 24c PORK SAUSAGE f. I'nre 4 Jt _ Pound X*fC PORK STEAK Or Roast Pound FOR - liKS-r S1DKS, IJ.. - . . . Mm STEAK Mil SL12ic ui t-ti r i-t l''i I'.sh and Teiulev ' •• i Pound / '•j EGGS Fresh Tested Hozen 25c EXTRA A 25c Plane For Only * * One Tn A Customer JL ± C PAGE THREE PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE • -—•»»• • m m^tt^m 21C's Dozen Bananas (iollU'll Yellow !''rnil I'lininl Coffee . CnlihU'i's I'liuiul I'linnli'v Cltil) 1-1.1).' Tin Dog Food Tliln Hlii lAitl nf Jlilr,. i fur ^^^^••••MHMirtMBUttllfelrieUiM Grapefrujt Cauliflower! 15c Jn I'aijtfi- Uaj;.s 10 I'oiiml.s "•" I Preserves I'lll'C Kruil 2-1 J>. Jar CHILI C, C. No. 2 Ciin BREAD "-yff^l SOUP 1 " '^'^'Sn lfl (: OLEO lftlfmore ,.,,.12° TOMATO Tn, Ji'iCK No. 2 Can CAKE !l! 10m; KAIISACK li».v 1AC Can lu 1MIIK ( ( 1Q t: mlLIV :i 'hill or ij Smith 13 FRESH EGGS ,,,,.,,27' 'il.daf SALMON • C h " m ur 7S Siiiljin in-ox. " s '' No. -i Can finivfKfii 4 - ij> - car( °" - - 'i7e • Human 1 H-U,. (j.,,,,.,,.. s ,,.rn' Twinltlo .loll Mold .'/BIJ All For 23c ^^^^^^^^^^^j. PUMPKIN 3 for 25c Pineapple Waldorf Tissue 17c Chocolate lOc ONIONS S|iiini.sli Pnffa a Jewel, Lb. wUIiee Jewel, 3 Lbs. & firnunil White You Win'I U). Pkg. 23c l.ifo litiov li Hill'H For 19c Lbs w APPLES '" ; " UT Y °a: 5 C LEMONS Tllin ^,, 19 i: DOfifiIE mNNBRS c u , ls 23 (: J^ J.iir^i; Hoiid.s ^K! Kai'h I'I CRAPES ^ E DOG FOOD v ? ( c'L20 c CARROTS f-Vesli rC - iiiiiK-h 'J BRUSSEL SPUO "'S ! , 1 29° : MOLASSES 5?,J" C. C. Large Si/e' OQC"' 2 fur 00 C ; BISQUICK Sliff(l lilack Hawk or Kwicli Kris|», l.h. - - 27c iir, {'(Kind Shiinklcss Picnic I lo (i IJ). Aver. I'ound Pig Tails New Pack I'otind 71c first Sidc.s. Ui. - Iflc Cuts, Mi. - K>'/ic Hulls, IJ). Salt Meat <'ho))s. Mi. - - Knasl, IJi. . . Slew, J'omid Fish Sliced Cat, Lb 25c Buffalo, Lb. 12 1-2 Red Snapper, Lb. 23c Neckbones Lean anil Meaty Pound Steaks wmnEaMHMtai Roast K. C. Hramlod lieof Thick Hib, Lb. 17'/; 1 Hrisket. Ptiund K. C. Beef Round Pound Hens Fresh Full Dressed Pound

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