The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1916 · 4
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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · 4

Franklin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1916
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PAGE FOtn. F1MNRMN EVENING NFWS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, FRANKLIN EVENING NEWS Tonsded Tab. 18! 1878 JAMES B. BORLAND, ManaKinjr Editor. E. T. STEVENSON, Associate Editor. ubaerlption, per yea, paid In advance) 4.50. A Home Folks' Newspaper 11 Published Dally, Exoept Sunday, by The Evening News Printing Co. nr om own btttxsxwo on MEWS SQUABS. James B. Borland Manager Frank M. Bowser Ass't Bus. Mgr. Charles Miller President James B. Borland Vice President Mina NelU Treasurer J. French Miller Secretary THE VENANGO CITIZEN-PRESS (Weekly) Per year, $1.25; if paid in advance, $1.00. Entered In the postitice at Franklin, Pa., as second-class matter. Telegraph Service of United Press The lady from Altmtiin "i in flic next Congress' is red-headed. Another serious situation for our Government ! Air. Hughes has advertised his house in Washington as for rent, but he has not yet stated where lie is going to move when he renls it. do fiieto government. If he does not then no one down there does. In this ease the entry of our troops Into Mexico Is perfectly justifiable under the customs of all times and the rules of civilization ami of nations. Pres ident Wilson is supposed to lie teraliiy opposed to Interfering with any efforts of the Mexicans to estab lish a good government, but when the efforts have manifestly ceased and the Mexicans allow some of their people to kill our people and v destroy our property, then it is our duty as well as our opportunity to send enough force into Mexico to restore order and protect the rights ami lives of all foreign iieoples there. Carranza seems to have the idea that he can ignoiv for ever the rights of Ameiiniius ; he is probably mistaken. Our President may ne nriven ny pumie opinion or by the logic of the situation, to set up a responsible government in that country. AMONG r -OUR- Prussia loves the Poles, hut the Prussian Government gives notice that free Poland means only that part of the Polish land and people outside Germany. Freedom agrees with Rus sians and other varieties of Poles, but not with Poles in Prussia. Don't complain about, the high price of foods as long as you are In any sense sharing- the responsibility of allowing brewers and distillers to dump hundreds of thousands of bushels of good grain into vats, thus making flour and other meals high, in order to get the money from drinkers which ought to go to buy comforts for families. Germany gave Cardinal Mercier. of Belgium, written assurances that no Belgians would lie deported. Twenty-five thousand Belgians are now slaves and working coal and iron mines and helping in other severe labor, after being deported to Germany. There are a lot of scraps of paper in this war. Germany and Austria have plenty of food, no doubt, hut. evevy American ambassador and consul in those countries is buying his food through Washington, having it brought to him by special consignment and stored in rented buildings. Thirty tons of army supplies have gone to Vienna for the large force of diplomats and 'clerks there employed. When a nation cmi not feed the representatives 'of great powers at its capital there is no question as to the scarcity of food. Once upon a time a writer of ability .... ..... ... .V... 4...,-.. v it 1 1 it 1 1 iu ill me itrtii ui lauu life so he might write a great book. He hired out as farm laborer. In a year he knew all he felt he needed to know, but was to tired to write about anything when his work was done. He imu no money so ne Kcpr on worKing. He is a hired man still. With no capital and the need of earning a living each day he became enslaved to his experiment and the world lost a literary man. Tagore, the Bengal man whom the Nobel Commission gave a prize for being a poet, lectured in New York this week and said: "The nation is a creature of science and selfishness" and "in this war the death throes of nationalism have commenced." We. showed that he regards the organization of all nations as an evil ; in other words, lie is an anarchist and would abolish all national governments. To call the organization which has held the people of the United States as a unit to resist aggression from abroad and rebellions from within, till we could attain the security in life and proiierty necessary to culture a "cult" is poetical no doubt. Those who agree with the anarchists should enjoy such talk very much indeed. Against the earnest protests of every French, English and Italian army officer of prominence, the Rou manians flung their a miles Into Austrian territory. They had everything but experience and they did not realize that trained generals and so1- diers would outmatch soldiers who had been merely taught in peace times and officers who had never le-id armies to actual battles. The tiling expected by tne experienced officers has begun to happen. Roumania is very much in the way of becoming another Servia. If its common people are wise, every one if them who possibly can will get out of Roumania now. German treatment of conquered peoples is largely enslavement for the men. degradation for the women and starvation for the children. It is possible that the Germans, after capturing some of the strongest positions and reducing Ron-mania to a coiiiraratively weak factor in the war, will turn to protect oli.'er fronts from the attacks of lay enemies. Servia is being recaptured from the Central Powers. Bulgaria needs help at once, the Russians may or may not be about to begin an important drive, and on the fronts in France and Belgium the steady roar of guns calls tile armies in Roinnania to other work. Whether the Roumanians' will show unexpected efficiency or some accident or turn of war save them, is very uncertain; tne ratal lengthening of their lines into new territory has. for this winter, put the little nation upon the rack. The Allies gained by Roumanian participation, but the price is high. Towanda Review: Many are pleas ed, but not pleasant. Bradford Era: Little searching is required on the part of some people to find fault. Oil City Blizzard: It's never neces sary, when looking for trouble, to car ry a flashlight. Philadelphia Record: The office that seeks the man generally gives him a handicap that is hard to overcome. Altooiia Tribune: As has been remarked before, what, a man does speaks far louder than what he says. E. YV. Howe's Monthly: Revel in sentiment as long as it is harmless ; but when the danger signal rings, let go and run. New Castle News: And we don't see any more oil cans carried along the streets with a potato stuck in the Kcan. Ah the good old days! Punxsutawney Spirit: Among cultured people it is regarded as vulgar fo be in hurry. The philosophy of it is that nothing really fine can lie done in a hurry. Erie Dispatch: After a man has served through a couple of hot political campaigns he'll always testify how easy it is to please all the people all the time. ABE MARTIN Miss Germ Williams says: "Submar ines might be all right fer folks that don't care fer scenery." When a feller says: "It hain't th' money, hut th' principle o' th' thins," it's th" money. Copyright, National Newspaper Service. a WE DO JOB PRINTING in the finest style of the "srt preservative" Call and see samples ami get rices. Evening News Printing Co. Old papers for sale at this office, ten Dts per hundred. Cambridge Springs Enterprise: Life insurance is an investment, but it is also a protection. All other financial investments, except saving banks, are merely investments. John D. Wells, in Buffalo News: The Greenwood. S. ('.. Index is pecul iarly successful in summing up that uncertain quantity known as the 'Democratic faith." wlien it says: 'We hoped and prayed, but we didn't bet." Old papers for sale at this office, ten cents per hundred. Bell-ans Absolutely Removes Indigestion. One package proves it 25c at all druggists. If Carranza can not protec" for eigners in Mexico, he does not head a j i Ijp WE DON'T LIKE TO BLOW OUR OWN HORN and continually talk about our values and our prices. But we don't have to, for the public is doing the talking about the great bargains we have in pianos. The wonderful beauty of tone of our pianos have made them a welcome visitor in thousands of homes. Come in and see if you do not like the tone, touch and general make-up of tbe piano; it will cost nothing. ROSSMAN'S 1258 LiberfxSt TURKEY? No thank you; I guess chicken is good enough for me this year, says the man of ordinary means. Many Men and Young Men are taking advantage of the Clothing prices that prevail at this store. $10 and $15 Suits and Overcoats Only and values that will make you look like the high priced dressers. Step in sir, and look them over. Showing a heavy gray Domet Shirt at 59c. MOTHERS We are showing values in Boys' Suits and Overcoats at $3.98 and $4.98 that are exceptional. Special value Dress Shirts, 59c, 69c, $1.00. $10 and $15 Specialty Suit AD Overcoat Store PRINTZ BROS. THIRTEENTH STREET News of 22 Tears Ago Te-Day Stana of General Xaeneat to OM-Tlmera in Th aewa. Nov. 24, 1894. Next Tuesday evening, in the parlors of the Baptist church. Dr. W. KOW TO GAIN FLESH Remarkable. Statement of a Woman Who Was Nothing I5ut Skin and Bones. Laugh and grow fat is a homely saying, but Mrs. Kliza belli T,. Morris, of Hammond. I.a., tells of a more reliable method. She says: "1 cannot say enough in praise of Yiuol. for it saved my life. I was weak. nervous, run-down, could not sleep, was unfit for work and was nothing but skin and bones. Three doctors had all failed to help me. One day I saw Vinol advertised, took courage and bought a bottle, and it soon made me feel better. I continued its use and such a change! 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With deep regret we record the death of Joseph M. Smiley, which occurred at 12 :20 o'clock .this afternoon. Nov. 24th. at his residence.. 1100 Chestnut street, in his 52(1 year. The news is something of a shock to his many acquaintances, as his illness was not ol long duration and it was not generally supposed that his condition was serious. He was horn In this city on March 10. 184.':. Thomas R. Clarke left yesterday for Grafton. W. Va.. wlie gas fitting to do. Oil, S2-c. ere he has a lot of Subscribe for The News. The iniffuroent Uufctiait-d ii Viccolp XVI. $100 No better day than Thanksgiving for a Victrola Your favorite music to "top off" a hearty dinner. And perhaps dancing afterwards. Or a few records that will help you digest your dinner by the "laughter method." The joy of a Victrola never grow, less the undying joy of the music you love best. Come in and have us play your favorites. Victrolai SIS la $400. Eair Sleinway and other good pianos. II. E. 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Myers Carriage Co., Agents. Lincoln Garage, Franklin. Pa. 13tk ul Battalo Sta. Every tenth purchaser get the oil and his money back like eating your pudding and having; it all left. Chambers Fireless Stoves at Brumbaugh's Yes, it saves 75 per cent, of Gas bills and 75 per cent, of the cook's time; also 10 per cent, of the food. Requires no watching, no basting. By lighting gas for 10 minutes then turned out food will be warm at end of 13 to 15 hours. Many users now in Franklin of this range. Ask us for a dozen or more references; we can furnish them. Investigate for yourself. Homer Brumbaugh 74 13th Street Try News Wact ACs. end Cet tlozrAtQ r.O.Bi2U. Wl Liberty Street, JT"

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