The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on January 25, 1953 · Page 9
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 9

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 25, 1953
Page 9
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Behind the Scenes in Hollywood ... . by Alice West It's 30 pictures aireafly for.10- year-old Sherry Jackson and a spread on her beauty secrets :in a fsn magazine. When someone said to her mother, Maurita Jackson PitUnan, that her children, Gary and Curtis, as well as Sherry, should be in the movies, she djd something about it. She hied her family off to Hollywood from Wendell, Idaho, and it was not Io,ng before a sightseeing bus driver spotted Sherry ·with her mother and said: "That cricket-bright- child should be in pictures." He gave her the address of an agent who specializes in children -- and that was ·it -- *H three of them »re in pictures. "I didn't think I was -going to get in pictures," Sherry said, her big brown eyes opened wide, "Because when I took the test for the 'Snake Pit" with Olivia De Havilland, I was coming down with the chickenpox and I didn't do my part very well." But Sherry was given the next part for which she tested and it was "You're My Everything" with Pan Dailey and Anne Baxter. Older Than She Is Sherry, although she is a' child in every way, talks very much older than she is, and it doesn't take Jong to recognize she is an exceptionally intelligent person. "I love this picture," she said, "because John Wayne is in it. I think he's wonderful!" Her voice took a high little crack as she emoted. "He's so much fun and makes me laugh," Sherry at the same time was ' all excited about her part in "The Miracle of Fatima," although she was making "Alma Mater," at Warner's. " "That was a good picture," sie said. "I' had to cry a lot in that one. It wasn't hard for me though. It was sad, so I wanted to cry." It's not hard to understand w3iy little Sherry has gone-so far in picture:. She has a. keen sensitivity of other people's feelings and is a born diplomat. ' When she learned I was from'Utah, she went all out to praise the country. Likes Utah "Oh, Utah Is beautiful!' 1 s h e »ald, "Those red mountains and everything." She had made the picture, "The Lion and the Horse," with Steven Cochran, and it was filmed around Zion's Park and through the country. "The people were so nice and the animals were wonderful." She also raved about Stev«. "He's ft grand man!" she said, "And I get to take c»re of his boat part of the time because my brother owns a fourth shara in it and he lets me. He's supposed to keep it painted and clean and I have fun helping him." When asked how she managed to gat her lessons and act, she said. "I' don't find it hard to study and work. I just get in a room by myself and concentrate. I . never have any trouble with my lines." Her mother added that she knows the lines of all the others in the cast also. Want* 22 Children "I want a nice husband and 22 children, when I grow up," she wid. "Of course I'm sure I couldnt have 22, but I will have as many as I can and adopt the others. I want my husband to have the work all done when I get home from the studio and have the dinner all ready, too." Sherry is accompanied at the itudio either by her mother or by a teacher who- tutors her at least three hours daily. Between pictures she attends grade school in Los Angeles and is in the Fifth-B, a half-grade ahead of her age. She takes music, singing and dancing lessons, and h « r teachers she has the making of a prima ballerina. -SKATING- TODAY MATINIIt 2 PM t» 4 PM TONIOHTi 7:30 PM to 10 PM "Rule! t» Purlin" Bcrthan* Roller Rink 'Utah Delegates I Make History With Broadcasts For the first time in history all the congressional delegates from one state have arranged to have weekly meetings. These Utah delegates are Senators Wallace I 1 . Bennett and Arthur V. Watkins, and Bepresentatives William A. Dawson and Douglas B. StringfeUow, all Republicans. These weekly meetings consist of Wednesday breakfasts in the Senate dining room. The first was held last week. The vital, informative comments will -be taped into a 30-minute program for release over the eigtf.t Utah stations of the Intermountain Network. Besides the history-making first of weekly meetings of th'e delegation it is the first time that a regular weekly broadcast has ever originated from tfie Senate din- Ing room,, and probably most important, it is the first time that a delegation in a bodj has reported to its public by njeans of network radio in, a regular scheduled broadcast. The release time is 9:30 p. m. Sunday evenings over ILALL-Salt Lake City, KOVOI'rovo: KLO-Ogden; KOAL-Price, KVNU-Logan, KSVC.-Eichfield; KJAM-Vernal and KSUB-Cedar City. Expensive Petite Sherry Jackson, soon to be seen in "The Miracle of Fatima," plays the telegrapher while wearing her conductor hat, for the miniature 3,000-foot railroad in. Griffith Park, Lo* Anjfelei. Some of the other pictures ^inconspicuously. He's supersti- which Sherry' has appeared are, "The Breaking Point,"' with John Garfield, "When I Grow Up" with Robert Preston and Martha Scott, "The Great Caruso," with Mario Lanza,. "Whore Danger Lives," with Robert Mitchum, and "Hello, God," with Errol Flynn. Off the Griddle Alfred Hitchock never makes tious about it, and will be the first person you'll see on' the screen in his "I Confess." He will be waddling across the top of a Quebec staircase . . . Anne Baxter says, "If you .let your lower lip quiver or eyebrows lift on the screen, you are accused^ of" mugging." . . . Jane Wyman's daughter Maureen is nagging a picture without appearing in it mama for an acting career and may get her start in "So Big." . . . Keefe · Brasselle, who appeared in Ogden last year on a personal appearance tour w i t h others'", is going great guns with the crew on the "Eddie Candor" set. They think he's the greatest thing since tea in his role of "Eddie" and are already touting him for the 1953 Oscar parade. He must look like both Csntor and Keefe and be able to act, dance, sing and roll his big brown eyes Burt Lancaster has lost that wavy mop of hair and shows up with a convict cut for his Marine Film Scheduled By Hopkins PT A The Hopkins PTA will present a film, "A Day in Court," at its meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. at the school. Joseph A. Lehner, concerned with public safety, will be special speaker. Special music will be by the Central School band, comprised of 4S students. Allen Cook is director.' Others in a series of plays to be presented during the week include the following: "Scattered Showers," at tb» Lincoln School on Jan. 29 and at Lorin Farr School on Jan. 30. "Fresh, Variable Winds," at Madison School on Jan. 30; "High Pressure Area," at Polk: School on Jan. 28; "And You Never Know," at Mound Fort on Jan. 29; "The Ins and Outs," at Taylor on Jan. 30. Outfit Calls for Change fn Title? H O L L Y W O O D (AP) -Jeanne Grain has the most glamorous u n i f o r m yet in "Dangerous Crossing." It's a full length mink coat. "I tmnk the studio should change the title to 'Jeanne Grain's 17 Days 'in a Mink Coat'i" ,says the .beautiful .actress, who wears the coat in most of -the scene* of the . movie. . . role in the "Sulu Sea," . . . Gene N e l s o n has already danced through two. pairs of shoes just rehearsing for his numbers in "Three Sailors and a Girl." . . , Betty Hutton sent Judy Clark. I. big bouquet of roses in appreciation for the Hutton impersonation Judy does in the Jimmy McHugh show at Giro's . . . Karl Maiden's performance as the police inspector in "I Confess," Js said to cinch his place as one of the screen's greatest talents; . He won the Academy Award last year for his work in "Streetcar .Named Desire." Utah Hot Springs OPEN 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. · Privet* Mineral Baths · Steam Both* · Hot Baths Bintficlal for Kh«umali:im, Arlhrl- tlt. Rundown Ntrvcui Condition, Muieutar Crampi. Dial 2-0841 9 Miles North of OgaW SUCCESSFUL MANAGER OR BUSINESS PARTNER AVAILABLE Former JDgc!«n business,, man, top executive back In Ogden. Wlda acquaintanceship. Interested in position or Investment in business. Box K-2, Standard-Examiner I'll »J 1 f STARTS T O D A Y ! MIGHTY ACTION! "SANTA H" "LAST £ BUCCANEERS" IXCITIN9 tCO-HITt Open Daily 12:45 Phone 2-il217 Les Miserables' Opens in S.L.C. A powerful version of Victor Hugo's classic "Les Miserables" is. being presented for the first time at the' Tower Theater In Sialt Lake City. This latest production presents Valintlna Cortesa and Gino Cervi in the starring roles 'of Cosette sind Jean Valjean. They are.the ever popular characters in Hugo's narration of the tortured; people in the days of the French devolution. actress" Julia Adams displays her photogenic legs which her stndio hns insured for |152,000. " Disney's Best Yet? HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Most critics believe that Walt Disney has come up with his best in "Peter Pan," even better than this famed "Snow White." THEATRE ·T f totf Webb, Ruth Huisey And Derra Psget la "."STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER" Bor Office Open- 3 P.-M; TH! OOQIN (UTAH) STANDARD-EXAMINER 9A SONDAV KOONING, MKUAHY 25,, 1953 Late Bob Walker Of Ogden Wins Actors 7 Award The ialejnt of Ogden'S movie in the offing, many of his adnur-*- Mr. Walker was a son of .tar, tb. lat. Bobert Walker, ha ,|er !? nd friend, wonder if toll, won another award. I He has been awarded th* annual Movie and Theater Award by the Federation of Cuban Cinema .tnd Theater Actors . . . "for his raiginiflctnt work in his last picture, 'My Son John'."' The picture starred him with Helen' Hayes.. posthumous prize may material- At the time of the young star's | MrS- Conte Mrs. Conte A:bi Again HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Ricli- ard Conte says his mis is much easier 'to live wit]; now that she {has resumed her acting career. and Mr*. Horace H. Walker #Jt Hotel Ben Lomond. Aknkon Road Speeded Pioneer construction on the Alaska highway was completed by U. S* Army Engineers in seven months and 17 days. awarded a posthumous Academy Award for his role. ' · With the awarding of the Oscar goes by th* prD- name df Ruth Story, is appearing with her husband in "The Blue Gardenia" Mid "Slaves of Babylon." iUNTRY.CLBB SUNDAY AND HfONDAY Mario Lanza Starring In [ CABTOON, -- NEWS Box Office Open Z:4jf,P,M. STARTS TODAY! WHERt- HE GOES, THERE GOES HER HEARt! info Danger... info Action... into Battle! ONE MINUTE TO IERO M-G-M pr««nt» ABOVE S T A R R I N G ,,,ROBERT - E L E A N O R TAYLOR-PARKER -"* JAMES WHITMORE MARILYN ERSKI^E *i« * ·*3f/ Sh.rtl liOO, "iM, *iM, «|OI "Z«ro" S:00 ,4i*0, 7ilB, fi5J NOW OPEN 12:45 ESTHER LUAMS* WALTER Shows Start e* 1«00, 3*8, »:1S, 7i22 an4 9-M "Mermai«" *» 9i50 NEXT OPEN TODAY AT 12:45 STARTS TODAY Two Great Action Hitn Both in Glorious Color IS THE BIGGEST ADVENTUBE! GENE . . . HERM -_ VAN JOHNSON M : G-M ·nd dangen swept th» decks of a «liip of destiny;' ^^ cote* *r TECHNICOLOR Thro Ctmpltte fh*w* - Juturd«r ot T:M, :M, ··.* DUMOKl QUALITY be Mtfsfied with tm Ifcm th* be*. o*f *"* extra enjoyment, ··MtfatHon, ·w «nd prestige «*»·« wJhV S E E THE DIFFERENCE! Dvmonf, th. Cadillac of Television, ho* «"* way* «*» » h ? oaet - Dvmont Gives yo» more. Comport Dumont in arfy «««· You eon SK Ae-d* ftfMKt. QUALITY EASY J.W. BREWER TIRE CO. 2364 Grant Ave. : Dial 2.7571 ·.5)

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