The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa on May 9, 1912 · 15
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The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa · 15

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1912
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THE DAILY TIMES MAY 9. 15 f trgimiiaasCT m tzssiimicsgaza .-car cnniuiusinaasa u THURSDAY, i I i ooamnnniiannncansEisa KC2E2J " " ElinnL"j:srTTr- 'I r8SaPO'V m a SPSS PRODS BEAT WEATHER ; HAN AND DANVILLE BAIN TRIES TO SrOIL SECOND VICTORY OYER SPEAKERS Davenport Has Long Lead In Third When Downpour Starts Hostilities Off for SO Minutes STANDING OF THE CLUBS W L Pet DAVENPORT .7 1 .875 Dubuque 6 2 .750 Springfield 4 3 ' 571 Bloomlngton ........ 4 4 .500 Decatur 3 4 .429 Quincy , 3 4 .429 Danville 2 6 .250 Peoria '. 1 6 .143 GAMES TODAY AND TOMORROW Davenport at Danville. Dubuque at Bloomlngton. : , Decatur at Peoria. Springfield at Quincy. Times' Special Service. DAXVILE, 111., May 9. Those Prods beat ten men here yesterday. The tenth individual was the Weather Man who butted Into the proceedings before the necessary five innings had elapsed and at a time when the visit ors had piled up a neat lead.- But Umpire Wright was on Davenport's side. Though the rain started falling In the third; the official made the flayers stick to their work. Pitcher Brenton tried to ward oft defeat by loafing in the box and was twice fined for hesitating in delivering the ball. The game was finally called at the end of the the first half of the eixth with Davenport leading 5 to 0. Prods Hit Hard Bobs O'Leary's Toilers again hammered the pill in timely fashion. Brenton had a tine strike-out record, but he was rapped freely when bumps meant runs. The Prods started off the fuss in the first round. After Ohland had been retired, Godwin rapped out a single. Brorawich followed with another Bate blow, and just to keep the good work going, Joe Wilson and Bobby Clemens i 1.1. 1 .. 1 r r- InVn BnH Clemens stole bases during the stanza, and when the third man was retired, three runs were over the plate. The Prods copped two more In the third. Joe Wilson got his second hit, a pretty poke to center. Henderson booted Koepping's grounder and there were two on. Bobby Clemens came ip in this emergency and was there with the necessary stuff. His Becond safe bump scored both runs. That brought the total up to five, and as the Speakers never got a chance to start anything on Roddy Hendrix, the former Waterloo wlggler pulled out with his third straight victor. Then the Rain Came Down Bobby's poke started the rain. It fell in the last halt of the third, and the Danville players started stalling at the same moment. Wright made them play until four innings were over. A delay of 30 minutes . then occurred. While the players and native fans were waiting for the storm to cease, they were treated to a fire in, the neighborhood. A house struck by lightning burned down before hostilities were resumed. When play was again started, two more Innings were pulled off. Then the storm broke out anew. Those extra sessions saved the game for the Prods. After Davenport had batted in Its half of tho Bixth, the downpour became so heavy that further pastiming was impossible. ' A train at Danville The Prods are here again today and tomorrow, and Manager Massing will attempt to stop O'Leary's winning streak. Davenport's pitchers are in fine form, while Danville is weak in the box. Danville secured but two nits off Hendrix yesterday, and Long's two-sacker was a fluke. CHARLEY WHITE ADVANCES CHICAGO. III., May 9. Charlie White, Nate Lewis', speedy featherweight, is gradually earning national recognition as one of the classiest lads ever produced at his weight. In the last few weeks he whipped Kid Julian any Johnny Dundee, boys considered corking feathers down east Last winter he held Johnny Kilbane even for twelve rounds at Cleveland. Now he is matched to box the dangerous Owen Moran ten rounds at Syracuse, N. Y., May 0. If he whales Moran, which he is apt to do at the pace he is traveling, Kilbane will be practically forced to meet the Chicago boy. Charlie is certain to get a big bout in New York before long and after they see him once down there, they'll want him back again. Charley is as close to being a champion as a fellow can be without actually holding a title. He never made but one bad fignt, that with Danny Webster on the coast. White is ready any minute to pack his duds, grab a rattler for Los Angeles and take a chance with Joe Rivers. G0TCH S:GS ARTICLES BALTIMORE, May 9 Frank Gotch, the title-holder, and Gus Schoenlin, "Americus," of Baltimore, will contest for the world's heavyweight wrestling championship at the Fifth Regiment armory here on Decoration day. , Ootch is to receive forty per cent of the gross receipts and Americus thirty-five per cent, while the remainder will so to the Monumental club. Prods Win 5 to 0 D AWTILLE AS. B. H. PO. A. S. Xtylor, rf. a 0 0 10 O iionr, if so i a o o Graham, cf. 3 0 0 0 O O Butt, ah. - . a o o r o o Staler, lb. a O 1 5 0 0 Bnsick, 3b '. .3 O 0 O 3 O Musing-, c a O 0 8 3 O Henderson, a 3 0 0 1 0 1 Brenton, p 1 0 0 0 0 O Totals 17 O 8 IS e 1 DATENPOKT AB. K. H. FO. A. E. Ohland, rf 3 O 0 1 0 O Godwin, If 3 1 1 1 0 O Bromwlch, 3to 3 1 1 1 1 O Wilson, lb 3 3 O O Xoeppinr, Sb 3 10 0 1 O Clemens, of 3 0 a 8 0 O Murphy, ss 3 O 0 1 8 O Coleman, o. 3 O 0 3 O O Eendriz, p a O 1 0 1 O Totals 85 5 7 15 8 O Score by innings I ' Danville 0 0 0 0 0 O Davenport 3 0 8 0 0 5 Summary! Stolen bases Godwin, Wilson a, Clemens. Two-base hit Long-. Struck out By Brenton, 5; by Hendrix, 1. Base on balls Off Brenton, 1. Umpire Wright. Taken Off The rVire "Fanner Burns Yfins v. "Farmer" Burns is still "rassling." At Billings, Mont, last night he defeated Jack Meyers of Omaha in straight falls in twenty-six minutes, ten seconds, and thirteen minutes and ten seconds. Fight Four Rounds SAN FRANCISCO, May 9. Lightweight Champion Ad Wolgaat and Willie Ritchie, who will meet here Saturday in a four round bout, began training yesterday in quarters hardly a stone's throw apart. Tim llursl Critically 111 NEW YORK, May 9. Tim Hurst, the veteran baseball umpire and referee, is critically ill of pleuro-pneu-monia. His physician said last night that Mr Hurst has an even chance. BASEBALL NOTES Y ankee Pitcher to Toledo TOLEDO. O., May 9 Toledo has purchased Pitcher McCann of the New York Americans. folman Releases Six Muscatine Journal: The strings which held six athletes to the squad of the Muscatine club were cut today by Manager Colman. The half dozen who were cast adrift leaves the team within one of being down to the league limit. "Babe" Adams, Allen, Keupper, Baker, Milan and Painter were the sextet to feel the official ax. " Opening Figures Muscatine Journal: The following opening-day attendance figures are Indicative of the value of Muscatine to the Central association: Muscatine (official) 2,204 Kewanee (official 2,000 Ottumwa (unofficial) 900 Galesburg (official) 900 Peoria Will Strengthen Peoria Star: President Leisy declares that if the Distillers continue to lose he will spare neither time nor money In strengthening the club. All he asks in return 13 encouragement. Peoria cannot afford to refuse this encouragement. J. Russell Is Confident Peoria Star: Russell Fountain says he found his duties as "war correspondent" for The Star Bport page pleasant despite the fact that he was compelled to surround his stories with more or less gloom. "They will be much brighter next time out," declared Russell on his return from the trip. Hallman Is Released INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 9 Billy Hallman the veteran outfielder of the Indianapolis baseball club was given his unconditional release by President Watklns of the local club last night Hallman has fallen down with the stick In the games he has played thus far this season and the management has drawn the line that the outfielders must either hit or make room for the others. Prior to Joining Indianapolis, he played with Toledo and Kansas City. An agreement was reached last night with Fred Kaiser who became a holdout after his purchase from Boston. He Is' an outfielder and Joined thai club at Kansas City Tuesday. CHAKGSS AT SPRINGFIELD Mnnng er Dick Smith Not Entirely Sat-Isfled With Team Manager Dick Smith Is figuring on changes in his team, particularly at short and third base. The Springfield News says: "Jacobs, Kavanaugh and McCarthy, will be the receivers who will make the trip, while Taaffee, Kommers and Lofton will perform in the outfield. Manager Smith whose hitting has won three out of the four games credited to the locals will play the first station throughout the trip, and Otto Vogel will remain at second. The only positions which are worrying the manager at present are those of shortstop and third. - "Reed who plays a good game at short has been unable to hit. and will probably be placed on The bench until he gets over the stage fright with DANVILLE BOOSTING FOR O'LEARY'S PRODS DECLARES DATES PORT'S TEAM BETTER THAN LAST Y EAR "Hit and Run' Stuff and Fast Work on Bases Too Much For Speak-ers Some Comment Danville thinks a lot of the 1912 Prods. Two straight victories for Davenport over in that territory would, of course, have a most salutary effect, but the following from the Commercial-News was written after the opening game and before yesterday's win: "Oh, Wurrah! Oh, Wurrah! They didn't do a thing to us did they? Those Davenporters in utter disregard of the fitness of things on the opening day in Danville sailed in and gave us an awful beating, Tuesday afternoon but look at them thla afternoon, when they come In from the ball yard. "Plans to trim them this afternoon were well laid and bid fair to be carried through, according to program. "Superior work on the paths enabled Davenport to nose out ahead of Danville Tuesday. Not that they stole any more bases than we, for they did not, but when they were running on some other fellow's hit the leading base runner always managed to take two bases instead of the customary one. Then there was a lot of the 'hit and run' stuff pulled with alarming aa well as painful frequency and they got away with most of it. While Davenport obtained thirteen hits to our seven, many of them were thrown away, as the first six hits did not net them a solitary run. This put them on an even basis with us so far as making hUs that counted. Neal was pounded hard at times and in the fifth inning three two-base hits were compiled in sequence by Messrs. Ohland, Godwin and Bromwich, who lead the Davenport batting list. But even these long and loud swats did not beat us, for the ecore was only two to one in favor of the visitors and we tied it In the last half of the same inning. The other three runs came in an Inning at a time with one hit behind each of them. There was Just enough good base running, dumb field, ing on our part and some lucky drives for their side to tally a run in the sixth, seventh and eighth Innings. . "The Davenport team is a big Improvement over last season's aggregation although there are many familiar faces In the line up. Clemens appears to be faster than ever in center and Ohland who was sick for the greater part of last season, is killing the ball this season. Even Coleman, the big catcher who last season appeared to be as clumsy as an ox (fr was It O'Leary's cow that he resembled?) Is aa graceful as a gazelle and as big as ever and looks like a finished ball player, nearly ready to break into one of the bigger arenas. "The team played with snap and go and never overlooked a bet of any kind." which he appears to be afflicted. Price will probably be used at short until the, return of the Georgia youth and In the meanwhile Kohl will resume his regular position at third. Kohl's arm while not In the best of shape Is improving and it is thought that by the end of the week will be In shape, to do the whipping from the far corner." V in' LEE TANNEHiLL INJURED WASHINGTON, May 9. A pitched ball by Walter Johnson put Lee Tan-nehlll utility infielder of the Chicago Americans out of the game indefinitely yesterday. Tannehill's wrist was broken. He took first base after being hit but when he tried to field his position at shortstop in the next inning, his first attempt to throw to first showed the extent of his injury. An X-ray examination showed a clean break. Lena Blackburne has been ordered to report, and is on (the way here to fill in until Weaver's spiked hand recovers. Blood poison has got action in the back of Buck's left hand due to the spikes of Dutch Schaefer. The regular shortstop will be out for several days. Last, but not least, the mighty Walsh is all in for the- present Hustlers toee, 6 to 5 BLOOM 1MJTO.V, May 8 Cuthbert's timely hitting won an Interesting- game for Hloomington yesterday, to 5. He (tot two doubles and two singles driving In flv of the six run. Score: BLOOM INGTON R. H. PO. A. E. Pay, If 1 0 S 0 0 Ran.lall, rf .....1 0 2 0 0 Mark, cf 2 0 1 0 0 Cuthbert. 2b. 0 4 0 8 0 Vinson, lb. 0 1 9 2 0 Iturcrwnld, s. 0 0 4 2 0 Harprove, 3b. 0 0 2 2 0 Erloff. c 0 1 4 4 1 Marks, p. 0 0 0 0 0 Breese, p 2 1 0 3 0 ToMls v.. . 7 27 It 1 DUBVQUE t R. H. I'O. A. K Mannmh, rf 1 0 2 0 6 .Swan son, rf. t 1 1 0 0 Pad.look, 2b 0 1 2 8 0 Realty, b 1 0 10 0 0 H. Darrlnger, If. 2 3 2 0 0 Cooper, c 8 2 8 3 J Isaacs, 3b 0 1 2 2 8 R. larringer, ss 9 2 2 0 0 Grogs;, p 0 1 0 S 0 Whiteside, p 0, 0 0 0$ Totals 6 11 24 13 0 Smre bv innings: Bloom in stem 20001030 Dubiique 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 S Summary: Stolen bases Randall, M. L)arringer, it. t'arringer. Two-base hitl CuthUert 2, Preese. Struck out By Breese, 1: by (Jrece, 3. Pae on balis Of? Breese. 2: Gregg, 6; Whiteside, 2. t'mpire Cusack. Baseball Standings and Result! GAMES rOB TODAY national" league Boston at Chioaso. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. New Tork at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. AMERICAN LEAGUE Chicago at Washington, fct. Louis at New York. Detroit at Boston. Cleveland at Philadelphia. BTAZfOIHO AID RESULTS AMERICAN LEAGUE Won. Lost Tct. Chicago 1( 6 .7tS2 Boston 11 7 .611 Washington 10 8 .K5 Philadelphia 8 ,52S Cleveland 8 S .471 Hetroit .9 12 .429 St. Louis . 13 .SSJ New York 4 12 .260 NATIONAL LEAGUE Won. Lost Pet. Cincinnati )5 4 ,"8 New York 1 4 4 .778 Chicago 11 9 ,660 Boston 8 It .421 nttsburgh - 7 10 .412 Brooklyn 6 9 .400 Philadelphia 10 .375 St. Louis t 15 .250 AMERICAN "ASSOCIATION Won. Lost Tct. Minneapolis .15 7 .(5H2 Columbus ....17 8 .S0 Toledo is jo .585 ?t. Paul IS 12 .520 Kansas City 11 IS .458 Louisville g is .381 Milwaukee g h 34 Indianapolis 8 14 ,33s WESTERN" LEAGUE Won. Lost. Pet. Renver 14 6 .737 St. Joseph 12 7 .32 Omaha 9 10 ,528 Sioux City g g .500 ?,0,ntka 10 .474 JlehUa, 7 'I Res Moines 7 n 589 Lincoln . 6 U .312 WI SCONS IN-ILLTNOIS Won. Lost Tct. Aurora 4 2 6fi7 !1'b;sh, 5 -25 Hock ford 6 3 .62S Racine s 3 60 APPleton .s 3 .50O Madison , 3 4 Ureen Bay 5 wausau 2 5 .-.288 CENTRAL ASSOCIATION , , Won. Lost Pet. Keokuk , t g 1 gg9 Burlington 2 .760 Hannibal 5 4 Kewanee 3 4 499 Monmouth " 4 '429 Oalesburg; 5 ;75 .,tumwa 3 -ssn Muscatine , 2 17 222 U. S. LEAGUE r, ,. Won. Lost. Pet. Reading 4 t 800 Cincinnati 4 , ,goo R f.hmoni. 4 2 .6(17 Pittsburgh 3 j 500 t,4?,VeIand 3 .500 Ihicago j 4 2()n Washington 1 4 '200 New York 0 3 !o00 CENTRA L"lEA GUE Won. Lost Pet. re 10 4 .714 Youngstown 9 4 692 PprlngfMd i 7 B 583 South Bend ; 5 Til Canton 7 7 500 Grand Rapids 5 6 '500 Wheeling 7 7 .50() Ray ton g 7 4o2 Kort Wayne ...... ...... . 6 6 '455 Akron . 5 m Zanesville 3 n ,214 ILLINOIS-MISSOURI LEAGUE . Won. Lost. Pet. l,.n1,on 2 0 1 000 Ifkl" 1 0 1.000 Streator 1 1 .500 Lincoln ,, .1 1 .EOo Canton 0 2 .000 Champaign ,,.o 1 .000 RESULTS YESTERDAY NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago. 9; Boston, 8. Cincinnati. 6; Philadelphia, 4. Pittsburgh-Brooklyn, rain. St. Louis. 8; New York, 11. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington, 8; Chicago, 7. Other games postponed, rain. UNITED STATES LEAGUE Pittsburgh. 2; Cincinnati, 3. Chicago, 8; Cleveland, 16. Other games postponed. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Kansas City, 6; Louisville, 8. St. Paul, ; Columbus, 10. Milwaukee, 0; Indianapolis, 1. .Minneapolis. 3; Toledo, t. WESTERN LEAGUE Omaha, 16; St. Joseph, 1. Denver, 6; Topeka, 4. WISCONSIN-ILLINOIS LEAGUE Aurora, 1; Oshknsh, 0. Madison, 10; Wausau, 3. Racine, 4; Appleton, 5. Rockford, 6; Green Ray, 0. SOUTH MICHIGAN Lansing, 1; Flint, 6. Jackson, 6; Adrian. 7. Bay City, 5; Saginaw, 18. Battle ( reek, 6; Kalamazoo, 8. CENTRAL ASSOCIATION Kewanee, 2; Monmouth, 9. Muscatine, 0; Keokuk, 13. Ualftsburg, 6; Burlington, S. Ottumwa. R; Hannibal, 8. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Montgomery, 2; Chattanooga, I. Birmingham, 8; Memphis, 5. Mobile, 2; Atlanta, 3 (twelve Innings.) New Orleans, 6; Nashville, 4. CENTRAL LEAGUE Erie, 8; Zanesville, 2, Dayton, 9 ;i Springfield, 11. Canton, 7;Vkron, 0. Youngstown, 5; Wheeling, t. Fort Wayne-Terrs Haute, rain. South Bend-Grand Rapids, rain. AMERICAN LEAGUE Bos Beat Washing-ton WASHINGTON, May 9. Chicago defeated Washington yesterday. 7 to 6, the visitors using three pitchers, the locals two. Johnson was relieved after six singles and two home runs had been made In five innings: R. H E. Chicago 7 12 3 Washington 13 1 Batteries Ben&, Walsh. Lange and Block; Johnson. Becker and Alnsworth, (No other American league games were played.) NATIONALLEAGUE Cnbs, Boston, 8 CHICAGO. May Zimmerman's batting upset the visitors' pitchers yesterday, ami Chicago defeated Boston, 9 to 8. In the ninth Zimmerman's double drove In the winning run. Zimmerman had a homer, triple and double for his day's work. Giants Win; Umpire Hurt ST. Lot IS, Mo., May 9. The Giants beat the Cardinals yesterday, 11 to 8. Tesreau was wild, but tightened up in the pinches. In the seventh Smith hit Umpire Owens In the back of the head making a throw to first. Owens was knocked unconscious, but was revived and continued in the game. Mrs Owens fainted in the grand stand, the was quickly revived. Hartley, who was on third at the RAY CHAPMAN 18 GOING TO CLEVELAND NO CHASTE 10 It AST OTHER MA. JOR LEAGUE CUB TO BUY MX Manaeer Mrfiulre f the Saps An-nouncfs (liaitjilp Hill Graduato Before This Seasao U Ont Ray Chapman, Davenport's nenRa-tional graduate short stop, Is not going to the New York Highlanders. Not for a minute! The Cleveland club has announced authoritatively that there is no chance for him to got away rrom the Naps In fact, it Is stated that he will Join Cleveland before the present season Is completed. Perhaps you may believe that Davenport Is overdoing 1t In pointing at Chappie every day in the week, but don't think for a second that this is the only town that is rejoicing over hissensational success. Every city on the American association circuit is singing his praises, and now the major league burgs have joined in the chorus. Here Is an excerpt from an article which appeard in one of the leading publications in Cleveland during the past few days; Chnpple n SenKalton "Ray Chapman's work for Toledo In the American association leads one to believe that It Is a safe bet to predict that the league which gave to tho National league Marty O'Toole, Pittsburgh's $2,500 beauty, will furnish the big show with another high-priced perfcrmer In the person of the Toledo short fielder. "Although but a youngster In years, having Just recently turned twenty-one, Chapman has played whirlwind ball, being not only a stellRr fielder, an able batter and a speed merchant on the base paths, but also one of the brainiest men that ever wore a Toledo uniform. "His stay in the association will not be a prolonged one. It Is rumored that the New York Yanks offered the Toledo club $10,000 and three players for his services. Hut Chapman is slated for the 1913 Naps. He may report to Manager Davis late this season. "Chapman Is a graduate of the Three-I league. Bill Armour, former manager of the Cleveland team and ex-president of the Toledo club, discovering him on a scouting trip In the Iowa wilds last summer. He recommended the player to Cleveland, and the Naps bought him from Davenport, la., turning him over to Toledo in the fall of the year. UN Career "Ray reported to Manager Hinch-man on the last western trip of the Mud Hens and immediately proceeded to burn up the circuit. Everywhere the team went Chapman was hailed as the sensation of the year. Ho hit at a .371 clip and also did nobly in the field. Although not ranking as one of the best fielders In the league as far as figures go Chapman covers more territory than any other player in a similar position In theiasosciation. He goes after everything within reach, although in many Instances not being able to handle tho chance successfully. "Laid up with ft Vharley horse' for two months, he led the Three-Eye In stolen bases and 13 out after the A. A. pilfer honors this year. JuRt at present he is second to Otto Clymer of Minneapolis In that respect. As a hitter he is also ranking weU, bumping the pilf at a .310 gait. "Manager Hartzel has taken a great fancy to the youngster and is devoting much u! his time to teaching Chap the flne points of the game. Ex-Manager Hlnchman has also taken a liking to Chapman, declaring him to be the greatest ball tosser that he has ever played along side of. Hlnchman, considered one of the smartest men in the A. A., is also tutoring the recruit." time, scored, but was sent back to that base, and Tesreau was ordered to hit again. He popped to Honey In his second attempt. The play Is unprecedented In baseball and there Is nothing In the rule book covering the sttuatlon. Umpire Urennan had to improvise a ruling to suit the occasion. R. if. B. New York 11 13 4 ht. Louis 3 7 S Batteries Tesreau, Mathewson and Wilson; Hartley, Harmon, iale, Willis, Woodburn and Bliss. Beds Wla la Fonrth CINCINNATI, May si hits, a triple with two men on bases, netted Cincinnati five runs In the fourth Inning yesterday, and the team won from I'hiladelphia, 6 to 4. R. H. K. Philadelphia 4 S 3 Cincinnati i 9 2 Batteries Moore, Alexander and Kll-lifer, Dooin; Graham, Benton, Keefe and McLean. BROWN AFTERANOTHER GO Waterloo Prodigy Believes That lie Can Rest Gns I'appas WATERLOO, la.. May 9 Carl Brown, the popular local wrestler and aspirant to the middleweight championship of the world, Is not satisfied with the result of his match with Gus Pap-pas, the Greek wrestler, at Rock Island and the many statements appearing in the tri-city press to the effect that Pappas is Brown's master and Is anxious to meet the powerful Greek in a return match. Pappas Is the tmy wrestler at Brown's weight who has given the local man an even battle and Brown af'er sixty-one minutes wrestling was forced to forfeit the match, owing to r By "OLD POKE" You will note today that the Proda have the top rung all to themselves. Native bugs are already becoming so alarmed over the Prods' Pennant Possibilities that some of them are beginning to fear that a rag-winner here would spoil this city as a baseball burg. Well.let's take a chance on that, anyhow. Being spoiled once In a dozen years Isn't such a bad average. U. S. V. P. Fatterson We respectfully call your attention to the Danville comments regarding Large Robert Coleman. They have him slated for the big show next season. We are still wondering what is a "dignified reliability." Is It a bug or a disease? The great National Pastime as "she" Is played In Peorlay: Peoria Star: "Three Herald-Trans-erlpt reporters showed up for the game and all three endeavored to monopolize the new press box. President LelRy requested two of them to leave the box and take seats in the grandstand, and all three departed. How the H.-T. city editor manages to scrape up what little news he dues, with all his reporters ont attending the ball game, is a mystery." Peoria Herald-Transcript: "The Herald-Transcript will continue to lead with its baseball news and its square deal to the Distillers in spite of the Press box trust established by B. Smith. "It Is perfertly legitimate for the Pup Editor of the Stink Sheet to make slurring remarks' about other people; but when it's driven home to him he sqtiealB about personalities:" EVIDENTLY THEY HAVEN'T HEARD OK OCR OWN ALFRED. Peoria Star: Mayor Woodruff accomplished an unusual feat for mayors at large, when he cut the plate with the first ball pitched of the local sea son. Mayors, as a rule, pitch the first ball Into the bleachers. COULON EASILY ' DEFEATS SOLSBERG CHAMPIOS BANTAMWEIGHT HISS TEN ROt SI) BOUT IS" S. V, Punishes Brookljn Boy Severely XU ter the Oldening Session Scores Knock Down In Second NEW YORK, May 9. Johnny Cou-lon of Chicago, the bantamweight champion, easily defeated Young Solsberg of Brooklyn In a ten round bout at the Royal Athletic club, Brooklyn, last night. The bout went the full ten rounds and Coulon had the better of nine of them, Solsberg gelling tho Initial round by a fair margin. Solsberg started off with a rush and landed left and right to Coulon's head, but the blows were not effective. Coulon contented himself with feeling out his man, and Holeberg won the first round on points. From the opening of the second round until the end of the tenth, Coulon was at all times master, He began the second by making Solsberg miss frequently snd then with a right over to the jaw he dropped the Brooklyn lad. The following round Coulon landed stiff lefts to the face and uppercut with his right hand to the Jaw. His best work was when he would feint for the body and then bring his right or left to the head. Coulon kept forcing matters and punished his man heavily about the body, making him miss wild swings. 8olsberg tried to mix It but was beaten back In the final rounds. Coulon had the local boy st his mercy until the gong ended the bout. an Injured hand and the rough tactics employed by the Rock Island Idol. There is no question but what Brown was badly handicapped in this bout and his following of supporters In this city are confident that the local man can defeat the powerful Greek, If he (Brown) is In condition. The Rock Island wrestler has demonstrated that be has considerable ability and a return match between him and Brown should be a drawing card in any city in the country. Brown Is anxious to meet Pappas undr any conditions and In any city, except Rock Island, as he does not believe that be would be given a square deal in the Tri-Cities. Burlington and Cedar Rapids promoters stand willing to make a substantial guarantee for this bout, but as it is believed that Waterloo can outdraw either of these cities the local promoters are ready to outbid all com-Detltors. E3 Decatur Herald! Thorn's at least one mayor on this beat who thinks it good politics to poke the ball over the plate. In the preliminary ceremony. Mayor Ed. Woodruff of Peoria warmed up with Couchnian as receiver, and then flung the pellet squarely over me pan. "Old Timer" Sorry we have nothing further to offer regarding the momentous question as to what constitutes "Questionable and Objectionable Advertising." As expected, they ducked the contention to discuss the contender. And you may note they had ua traveling In fast company. If given our choice, wo would rather be a parrot than a clay pigeon any time. "Old Poke" Sir: Why continue to harass and worry our fifty year old reliable and dlcnified friend with thia acrimonious discussion? Besides. w leel reasonably certain that if tills continues, they will resort to the desperate alternative of informing the police. J. R, J. F. K. on 'Haloing)" " Yea, Brethren, there are many and varied ways to get out some publications. For the benefit of the class in journalism we shall today discuss the easiest system to fill the sheet to-wit. also viz: Matology, Matology is a science that precludes the use of originality or even shears. It la taken from the Greek word "Mat," meaning "easy pickings," and "ology" a sancrit word meaning "for us," Hence you note, matology nieaneth "easy pickings for us." Question Are there any newspapers who are experienced in the art of matology? Answer Pipe our contemporary. The following slogan Is conspicious In their editorial rooms: We doot need to clip our stuff, We know Just where we're at. When copy's short on page of sport. We Just Insert a mat. The paper we don't need to fill With news that's up-to-date. That's something we don't use you see, We Just Insert a plate. J. F. K. AMATEUR BASEBALL S. H. School Wins Again The Sacred Heart school team defeated the St, Ambrose Stars on the college diamond yesterday afternoon by the score of 13 to 2. Southpaw Kelley and Hill were the battery for the Sacred Henrt team; Carten and Murphy for the Stars, Fpworth League to Onen The "Epw-orth league" will open its season on its own baseball grounds next Monday evening and the schedule calls for a workout every evening thereafter, weather permitting. The opening ceremonies will be replete with eclat, whatever that. Is. Village ball tossors of fame in that section of the community will coma out attired in varied raiment and participate in a monster parade. The first pellet will be fired by an Invited guest, and the big contest will immediately follow. CALL SPECIAL MEETIKG A meeting of all boys In Davenport interested In the Boys' City Baseball league has been called by Boys' Secretary Doe of the Y. M. C. A., and 13 to be held at 7:1.' o'clock Friday evening at the "Y." This Is the last chance to enter the leagues that are being formed. This year it's the; "BALLOT." Every: good citizen ought ; to enjoy its advan-! tages. i "Ballot" is the comfort-; able low collar with "Easy-Tie-SHde" space ; and patented "Lock-that- Locks." 1 The wide eftitching adds ; a sftyle distinction to this ; collar that you are sure to like. If you prefer same slyle but ! higher ask your good habr- dasher for M Whirlwind" or , "McAdoo." All are mm 2 for 23c. Quarter Slit mm Upited Shirt Collar Co., Meiers, Trof JJJ

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