The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 6, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS V, i TUB DOMINANT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIM—NO. 277 Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Dally News "~ Blythevllle Herald Mtataippi Valley Under BLYTIIKVILLR, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY,'FRRRUARY "i- 10:57 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FIGHT BREWS CBE5F OF IS PflSSl [flST I Roosevelt Accepts j . Resignation of Cook | WASHINGTON, Feb. C (UP) — Morris L. Cook, Rural Electrification Administrator, resigned to- dny. President Roosevelt accepted the resignation. Cook's action came as a surprise He had served the New Deal since inauguration of the REA M . . . . n . „ . program to electrify country areas. ISS1SS1DD1 Kiver at otand "is resignation was announced for 24 Hours at Caruthersville Today's water stages: At Caruthersville: 46 feet, no change in 24 hours. At Barflclil: 2G8.9, up .1 of a fort in 24 hours. At Biff Lake: 249.25, down .45 of ;\ foot in 24 hours. A! Roseland ditch: down about .1 cf a fool in 24 hours. Tlie Mississippi river was at or very near its crest at Barfield to- fcy an exchange ol leltci-s between him and Mr. Roosevelt. , Cook told the president that lie I and Mrs. Cook are "planning to I go on an extended trip of (lie' country." Wins 11 Duce for Father-in-Law vtnj- near us crest at uarneid to(lay. The gauge reading there this T. I Robinson 73 Dips morning was 208.8, a rise of only J J ; 1 " njlIU>OI \ '->>. Ll|es " .t«"Jh of a foot In 24 hours, and ] Ol 1 Iieumoma, Resull- ing from Exposure J. J. Robinson, 13-year-old refu- . gee from the Tomato community. If the river readies 209 at Bar- inlmdatc d when the Mississippi rlv- int.] *!.„ n 1 .'.... _ PI' mSO ntlf rif itc tl.»\Lr<? ,11.1,1 nt 4 I. f. with the river on a. stand at Car- ulhersvillc for the past 24 hours any further rise at Barfietd is not expected to exceed n tcntli of a Toot. - --....^., faui , ,, L JJ Ul - .Tl~JJl.W 1 |J|Ji ,11- field the flood crest will be four cr ros9 0 " t ot its ballks . died at the feet below the levee top at the low- Blythevl'le -rst places between Hie Missouri b nlgllC line and Luxora and six feet be- Biythevi'le hospital at 10 o'clock Robinson, who with his aged wife, low the grade'line to which the Mrs - Mol ' ic • Roblns on, spent three' levee has been brought by sand days ami nights hi; a Tomalo .--.-- , u,.,.*. uiuusnt W} *>UI1U- | v, «i ' bagging In recent weeks. At most " lllrc!l , a ~" er fleeing their sliack, points there is even more free d • P neuln:)nia . resulting from board. The levee top at Barfleld ex ,P osure .V is now ight feet above the water wlte ls «> nfl n«l at the Red Far Below I««."T<m • ', Cross ; e '» er sency hospital in the w,, , P • city lml1 but 1ier condition Ls not With the flood crest passing at regarded as serious. : a stage between five and six feet It was Robinson who described below that predicted last week, by the situation at Tomato, which had Col. -Eugene Reynold when he fore- put that little community in the cast 55 feet at Nfemphis, appre- Hood/news spotlight'for'a day af- ers Over Flooded Mississippi Valley MEMPHIS, Feb. 0 (UP)-A low )iea>ure area moved with a threat i! general rain from the southwest toward the Hood-stricken Mississippi valley today. Weather bureau officials were hopeful the rains would be light because "there Ls not rtiougli clouds up In the sky at present o bring on a heavy rain," Forecaster F. W. Bi1st told the United "However," he said, "it is possible the low pressure area will collect clouds as It pusses over the valley. Indications arc now that his will not be tiie case," Brist said a small rise in the Mississippi river nfeove Its confluence with the Ohio at Cairo, III., would not materially affect the Cairo gauge, which continued tn fall slightly today. Fall at Cairo Slow U. S. army engineers In their Byrd Planning Another iCfMJTf South Polar Expedition.! uLU/i I L Recognition Barrier to Agree int at Detroit LOS ANOULES, Feb. G (UP)— 1 Admiral Hlclmril E. llyrd, thc only; innn \vliu !:s.i explored both ends of Ihu earlh, revcnled today he is ' ' " n tO| claim - - .._ — unexplored areas. • . . t n The vclmin explorer .said Ihcre l\C- ( wcrc perhaps n million., smiaro mill's of unknown territory on the ether side of the South Pole fiom IJ M'! America. I He proposes to penetrate Ins 12- Bion wlih airplanes and.trnclors SEJILM10F nTnil/r of " 1U enrll >. rcvcnlcct today 1: L I U | H L ' l'!i»inln|> another expedition • I I n nil llllc Sout)l 1>ole to chart and c U I II MIL- tor ihe United Stat6s vast in liyrd plans (o head n fmiill com- DETUOIT, Feb. 0 (UP)—Hopo of a peaceful settlement of the " ' — "~ ""— " *•••"" «-""•- Oiierm Motors . strike faded rap- •'!" cl 8''°"I> with a base at IJitla icily today as representatives of Am , =rl «- Extensive aerial mapping II..I,.., ecological studies and meteorolo'l- cah research will uc made. --_..„,,.._, ujjjjii,- •--"—, .,!„ ,,j 4»|Aib] 15*1(1 mi u utiy, SL- I "•• ti - ALiiiicioacc i j vcr -ulLlll illC i Concerning ' the . safety of ter he was brought to the armory! Rfl iro gauge drops to. 58 feet. j_ Brist said the upper Mississippi rise had begun to fall, at St. Louis and that its Journey down .would noon communique today said the tipper Mississippi rise was retarding tlie fall at Cairo. "In some 60 hours the fall at Cairo lias amounted only to ,2li of a foot from the peak of 59.62 feet," the report said S.^ny°e l ^n^^^ I1 af h c^t A """' "> Ital * *™ *»»"> -- - cinnatl today asked thc Tenn- abore . of Milan, was sure of-in her wedding today to Viltorlo JMus- essee Valley Authority to delay solini, son of Bcnito Mussolini, lhe'nation's dictator. Vlttorio, who release of its rescrvoired water on' hn.s fnllmfpd nil. mji|i,i rv pnt-pm- jnttnrnnri >«, \,i* r n ' jLULH.vrj curcei imucmed by his father, was con- Oisoln Bluoll, tn --.-—.. .—^., lk ,, 5 n, c OHH:L> 01 VCA UK wu.-> me armory mam line levees has virtually pass-'here along with others .of-the 175 etl. The Mississippi county levees' persons evacuated from , the com- are regarded as, absolutely secure muhity'in 'boats; •".'-'.-• : and army engineers have"no doubt,; "I never did see the-river rise as of their. abll!ty._tp, hold..,the river fast .before," the old man told a at.-such-1'danger spots" 'as'-New;-Courier News' reporter f He'said'the Madrid. Mo., and Mellwood. It will I water "spread out in a hurry and be necessary, however,'to keep a when U hit• the" levee-it Wan to constant .watch on the levees for ^mb -faster." ' •.'*•'"<-"-, ° weeks-to come as it will probably , 'Several'families were "athered'iii -be at .least a month before the-the church, about 50 yards from' river goes back within its' Ko^i-, the community sc.hoolliouse • where -"•ers were, marooned, watching , .water creep upward while waiting for boats to arrive. The floor of the church building was about six inches under water when a barge and boat arrived to evacuate those^iuddled in the building Robinson-said. There was. no great alarm among the'men but some of ; the-women.and children were pretty much excited," he declared The older riverman made no com- palnt of illness when interviewed at the armory but Within a few days he was in flic emergency hospital at the city hall and later -"-removed to the BlytheviUe hos- sldered one of Italy's river goes back within its', Banks. At Memphis Meteorologist F W Brist, .who apparently hit the'nail- almost .squarely on the head with his prediction, early last week of a flood crest' of 48 feet at Memphis, said yesterday that without further heavy rains the Mississippi would remain out of its banks at Memphis, until March 15 or later. The great volume of water still coming down'the Ohio makes it certain that the fall will be slow, he said, and . it Is likely to be further retarded by rain. Colonel Reybold, ' yho .is in charge of the Memphis area, U S engineers, and Capt. Haris Kramer,- directing levee operations from West Memphis north,' were In BlytheviUe today on an inspection tour. They expressed themselves as well satisfied witli the situation. Fall at Roseland Slow In the Big lake-Little River area danger of new levee breaks was regarded RS ended but it appeared that it would be a long time before the water leaves kood- cd areas. At the Highway 18 bridge Big Lake fell .45 of a foot to 2-19.25 In the 24 hours ending tills morning. The stage is now 2 15 feet below the crest. At Roseland bridge, however, flood waters from levee breaks at the state line are falling much less rapidly. The drop In 24 hours was only about a tenth of a foot. Water" is still pouring through the levee breaks >n considerable volume and will continue to do so while Bin Lake remains out of its banks ._ Robinson and his wife lived nrin- cipally on his. state old age pension of about $10 a month. They had a few chickens and a cow, whose he not .affect conditions unless fo lified ; by general,'',rainjB..1 - •"' Tlie,rise began a!' r st:''t6uis Jaffi uary 30 «-jth a stage of 5.9 feet and storied falling today after cresting •at;-12.2';yesterday:Raises SIcmphLs Crcsl " f : Meantime Brist raised his crest stage at Memphis from 48 feet— the stage today—to "not over 482 feet" tomorrow or Monday The river had risen ,27 in 24 hours. Other, stages at e a.m. and their changes during the ,^ast 24 >un were: Cairo, 50.35, fall of .1; Hlckman, Ky., 51, fall of .2; New Madrid, Mo., 47.8. fall of .1; Helena, Ark., 58.88, rise of .45 matrimonial cnlches. James Bomar's Ship Noses Over in [ Pasture Near Ripley, Tenn. James and Raymond Bomar anct W. S. "Pete" Barnes escaped injury yesterday as their plane nos- ttl'.ovcr when an axle broke as they landed. hi a pasture, about a half mile south-of Ripley, Tenn., , yesterday afternoon. nf HPii.mTrv.iT~n"'" "" "" I T|1I> Bom!11 " s . brothers and both .... at Helena reb. 9 or 10. pilots,', and Barnes, well known Engineers reported continued ex- i Huffman farmer and lumbcrban tensive maintenance work on levees I took off from the municipal nir- and ihat a leak near New Madrid i port here in James Bomar's Trav- find fresh Kflnd hnllc ttnn.- 1-V-.....J,... „<„:,.„ „! i * ii_ . j i i . _ and fresh sand bolls near Dundee Miss., had been brought under control. -Meantime coast guard boat No 302, a 75-foot patrol ship, rioped a hole In her stern while backing out of a small stream near 'Trottar elaire airplane. After taking Barnes to Hiplcy the Bomars were to return here. Tlie axle of the plane's landing gear broke as they landed and the plane, after tipping over on one wing, nosed forward and flopped over. The occu- hi £' worr y when °' a small stream near 'Trott»r ward and flopped over. The occu- 'ugnt here, and made! landing, above Helena. 'The boat|P a »'s remained In the airship im- J™., ., V 1 °" a T °- dol "S rescue work, was tied up and til It halted and climbed out, V>\\~,U~n nV H11 aKcnH(««, KhlFtof" nn \in- ,.!,!_ . _tn r i;-_n._ 11.. i IShlJJ f " rn \ owncd by ="i absentee landlord who collected no rent from them. ' Robinson h'ad no children The body is being held at the Cobb Funeral Home Dick Potter Named to City Police Force ! °«'m° and snow .. _. , Per Ohio rallcy. Dick 'Potter has been , p shifted on her side until crews arrived to repair the damage Commander Guy E. Brown reported no one was injured. Rain for Ohio Valley ...... ... _. ... WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 (UP)— back here today or tomorrow Tlie weather bureau today fore- • cast rain tonight in the lower practically unscathed. Raymond Bomar returned here later with W. A. crews in the latter's plane while his brother stayed with the damaged plane lo make repairs. He will probably fly ot fill the vacancy created several days ago when Thunnan "Red" Atkins, veteran officer, was dis Potter served as turnkey at the county Jail for some time during tj, , _ . the administration of Clarence ir OCOCA: PriC&i Wilson as sheriff and has been a member of the city fire department as fireman and relief tnick F6b - G - <UP>led the stock '»» r , in today's two-hour session. The carrier issues dominated the tape in the last hour, takins over leadership earlier by the steel and oil shares. Is Blamed for Gas Pump Explosion ,„ A short circuit in wires of sin ,i|l. electric gasoline punjjj, causing n 6 .ho' minor explosion, created consider- next 36 hours, the bureau said. ! able excitement but resulted in The Ohio river continued fall- j rcla " vc ly slight damage at Jack Ing slowly at Cairo, 111 reaching I Hilr SeU's service station, Chicka- 59.4 feet at 8 a. m today At sawfc!> Avenue and Sixth street Evansville the river fell 6 of n i'Highway 61) early last night, foot to 51.8. The fall at Louisville! Firc CIlicf Roy Itea(l 6aitl (lc " was 5S> to 59.8 feet, still nini- feet fcctlvc wirill S was responsible for In Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi slightly colder weather was forecast. There will be no rain in that area during the driver. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. -B (UP)_ Cotton trading continued light today with a narrow price movement, short covering caused n slight upturn ntar the end of the session, based on a suggestion that the government buy 1,000,000 bales Beth, steel ....... ...... „ , r,. . ........ vM J-o Chrysler ............ 197 i i Cities Service ......... ;"' [ 3 _, General Electric ..... ..... RO \\, ~ ------- — General Motors ....... '.'_'' 68 !° r colton for flood Int. Harvester ..... " ..... 104 ? 4 1 McKesson & Robblns "" 11 ,, Mar Montgomery Ward . "" 53 i 4 N. Y. Central ........ "" M ' Packard PINUPS PCI. ......... :; Radio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Beds • n = o • 55 81-2 31-2 ... Texas corp U. S. Smeltlnvr U. S. steel ,° Warner Bros. •« 15 1-8 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high low close 1262 1267 1261 1264b 1249 1255 1219 1254 1232 1238 1232 1237 1180 1182 1180 1181 1179 1185 1179 1185 117Sb Spols closed steady at 1326, up 2. Chicago Wheat open high low close ' ? nn \t~ "•"" ID i-n May 132 1-4 134 3-4 f32 1-8 134'a-8 Z ° nlto 8 1-4 July 1145-8 116 3-4 114 1-2 116 3-8 was 5.5 to 59.8 feet, still nine feet above flood stage. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. G. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. , the explosion of gas fumes accu- i mulatcd under the pumps and the door to the supplies to underground tanks, a spark igniting the open high Mar 1257 1274 1253 1257 1233 1179 May . . July .. Oct. .. Dec Jan 1171 1242 1185 1177 lOW do c i" 1267 1271 1233 1238 1178 1183 1171. ......... .... 1175 1170 HY3 the corpnmllon and the United Automobile Workers went Into llu'lr twonly-tlftli hour of conferences, still deadlocked on the key issue—recognition of'the union us sole bargaining agent of the work- irs. . • ' . , - ' The United Press obtained these uilliorltatlve expositions of the jencrul Motors nnd union posl- :loi's at Hint point: i United Automobile Workers -'„.]•'.i ," x,-.', , n .' , The union has suggested tcnln- Mother and Lllllcl Bl'Ollght lively that It be recoantecti ns sole • ( _ C f , r ,t I /dec of the workers In wage, hour 10 ~>ately; 1'aimci Is •mil woiklng condition conferences, Rpllfvcrl DP-I,-! A'Uh.p. M. C. In 20 plBiits whci-o; DC ' 1CVecl .J^Cdtl CAHSON CITY, Nev., Peb/ (J -.. ,.. „-. , ms „ 'n,""",'' 5 ' En "-ln'>"oar of Lcad- najorlty i,, 20 plant,';. It is possl-. , ,% i " "'' '~'' T''", y ~"' M 'olc that it luis a considerable '^ w - re Vcscl1ed lo<ln> ' from membership in belwcnn TV „, 5 nn . »"t«"«ol)llc stalled In a moun- '.lon denies that U. A. \v. has n - tuln snow drift where they were ten plants but the compaiiy .hns „,„,.„„ , , -.-•••—- •eltciated Its nrm .-efiusal to glve1 mnro - uccl f01 ' I5 (l ">' s the union exclusive ' rights anywhere. It was confirmed from banralnltre' xu "" CL wns I0>1 ™ 0[ lll ° baitalnltig chllrti-cH's. father, who left the cai ncrsmis 13 days ago to seek nid. It was close to both group, mecUng Gov. Fra ' " Gov. Frank Murphy to seek „ the . for peaceful , settlement, 30-dny-old ul c settlement ofli, strike, that tlie'n ;ho hail -— - wlntei blizzards that have raged . throii'gl ... ....... ....... :ompnny's spokesmen ' have lie ranges ' (llstl ' Ict tllc . In the Lake • Tahc two weckfl Mrs. nanear said slid and hcv . .._„. igreed to rccosnlzo the iinlbn's ex- „,,,,' ,,„,, „ , , -; ........ ~ \"r, r~ elusive right lo bnrnnin In any ', ' ,'""' , C " ?" " " nlf box plant. : i Ol ontmeal and a Jar. of mustard A high union official said ; tho ,i P ° 1 ''' cnrp f; Uc , rs ' breaking out of United Automobile Workers 'had' ; fin ow-Wock«l , Lnke Ta hoi "country. . on, . cmclcly ::.--lmpio\Lsc< Ask Supreme Court ij Justices lo Testify at Hearings WASHINGTON,' Feb. Q (UP).— Congressional Boiirces Indicated to- <i day that views of membeis of the'{| >U|)icmc couit \\ould be sought OK one of ttie first, moves In tlie lin- nuidlng battle ovci President Hoo'-cvelt's judlclaiy lefoim program. With a icbulllous bloc of Dcmo- mllv! and Republican, senator pieparinu foi ciiochal controveiay, membeis of Iho judiciary committees icvcalcd extensile testimony was expected nt healings befoie the lulmlntsliatlon bill creating Hie powci to boost inembeiihlp of the high tribunal to 15 i cache--, the floor for debate. • Wants to Hoar Justices'- Senatoi Picdcrick Van Nujs (Dem, Ind), membei of the Juillcliiiy committee and 11 student of constitutional Development, announced that lie would JI Insist that the committee invite I membeis of (ho court to testify.' = I II was iccallcd that supiemcy ' coml justices appealed before n i eongicssioiml commlltecman last ' ycai to oppose the Black bill de- : signed lo speed high com l action on tests of legislative measuiei. Thc measure failed of enactment. Senatoi Eduaul R. Burke (Dem , Neb), outspoken foe of Iho prert- dent's plan, said he would i-siip- port pioposals to Invite tlie justices bcfoic thc committee, and Senatoi Put McCarran (Dem, NevO agreed that it'was in line with precedent Both aic rncm- bcrs of tlie judlcilary" committee. Will Meet Monday Ing flic .18; It was able to close 1 by 'trikes, . . , ,.?•— The union to speak for Us Membership in 43 others. •• ;: '< ' t. Vittorio Mussolini, son of Italy's dictator, Ls revealed in this recent picture as strong-featured and purposeful-looking as father. his -where jU rescue crew wab was an 'Important' meeting- First imn(a apllon on the leform jj«n probably will be taken at that . hastily- organize^. '• ',•'•. .'•.- — -'-i~, — — - — Huffman,|outh Dies _ -. -Today 'of Pneumonia rc nd'i«e proposal Hot Springs Police Answer Charges Made Before Investigators HOT SPRINGS, Feb. C (UP)— V-..MV.IV.J nun.-, uju ucv. Aiireo Testimony of three women prison-1 Carpenter or thc Rev. Whllley will ers that they had been mistreated I officiate at the services. "'" """ '"" ' Young Hughes is survived by his mother and several brothers and sisters, John, Harry, Mrs. Chester Caldwcll of this clti', rris, Billy, Dorothy and Peggy. \\ Douglas Morgan Hughes 18 son Clumbers Are Hirrc.l of Mrs.' Florence Hughcs^'and' the , r , WASH ™ C i T °¥'« F 5!? c laic Orover c. Hughes or the Huff- , Y 5 ln , nlsna , 1 , flt Ineieuprems coii^t man community, died at the Blv- ' " y lssucd torninl ordcrs bnrnn ? thcvlllc hospital at 7 o'clock this !T Ilor ers "" d otl «r ouisiders fronv«vi morning. He had been ill several *"" cta»»bers or the C 6u,is Justicesl l| days and his death was attribute.! " s ,,^ c WW>™ ' fWta* courtV { In nnniimnnln bUlldill" bUZZCd ttlth SOeClllatlOIl , to pneumonia . Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Cobb Funeral Home chapel. Interment will be made at Elmwood cemetery here. The ncv. Alfred Charged With Operating Unlicensed Coin Machine Cliedad Abraham will face trial In municipal court Saturday on a miiuaviK denying lhe testimony charge of operating a coin niuslc| n -crc signed by City Jailer Cor- machlne without payment of state rlngton and Mrs. Emma Warring!on. police matron, and others. in the city jail here was denied by police officials today. The women, Billy Blnlr, 24 floxy Parker, 10, and Tva Lee'j Johnson, 20, told members of the legislative committee investigating vice conditions in the resort city last night that they had been jivcn the "third degree." They also stated that police lind offered them immunity If they would submit to their requests. Affidavits denying the testimony license. The Kimball Trucking company failed to have a representative in municipal court yesterday and was lined $27.75 on a charge of operating n truck without proper Name Two as Operators of Disorderly House Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Hubbard were arrested this morning on charges of operating a disorderly bouse bv police, acting on com- wanace sain Fcnnmgton was plaints filed in municipal court by [ dismissed for "an entirely diffcr- They said long police woman's ex ten years. buzzed with speculation. Roosevelt's drastic judlclary plan. The- order was Issued by.''MaTj- shnl Prank K Green shortly after.."; I a group of news men had called, upon Justices George Sutherland] and J. Roberts with a re. quest ior comment on Mr. Roosevelt's plan. Green ordered the stiiff of '30-' p ollcc me n w ho ; gu ard t lie elaborate court building to deny admission', to all outsiders and reporters tp^ the section of the building where!*the justices' clinmbsrs are located This part of the building is separated from the rest of the' edifice* by huge Iron-grilled gates. Wynne Will Retain Division Highway Shops LITTLE ROCK, Feb. S.— It was .... ,,.„, „„,„„„„, .„;„.,„.,learned this .week from reliable: pcrmsn that in. Hie future they sources that the division shops of , . at Wynne. In Cross county,' will . Find Jurisfs in Conference The marshal Instructed must make formal appointments by, ...— .. ........ . .„....,.. ,.,,,.>,.,„„.,,;,,,., u, the highway department, .located telephone with, justices if they de' , sire too sec .them and that psr- LU. in vjiusb cuuniy, wmtMLti MX) suu .-mem ana mat par,not be moved from that location! mission to visit the'jurists' chani-' ' """ l " c "'air to a,.suggested one at Forrest Clty.j bers would have to be pbt ' o\er tne past I Though the reason for the ndn-1 through the marshal's office. !»«„„,.—, -r .,.„ _, ...._ .._L, -DJJ, ^^ cjime n([er th( , n ^ s , Majestic hotel here, denied that he had discharged Fred L. Pennine- ton because of his support of Gov. Carl E, Bailey during the gubernatorial campaign. Pennlngton told the legislative committee investigating vice con- litions In Hot Springs last night that lie was fired because lie supported Bailey. Wallace said Pennlngton was , - s . non , iv, mowmcnt .of the shops was not Tlia br'Ser came after the news' f i ,K ,', he ' E!vcn ' obsc »'ers were of the opiu- men had called upon Sutherland, nied that he inn iivoi n »™.i^ i._j —',._j ._ «;,j f,,i—,i j ,...-* ^. - Caruthersville to Apply Sunday Closing Law CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — Be-, ginning Sun/iay. Feb. 7, Chief ol Police Luther While has been In- Spois'cioscds"tcady < 'al'i 1 32V I un' ! l "•™ clwl ^ , lh «, council to arrest _; u It) * 1 - U P '-ail merchants who open for business Sunday morning, This action Spot Average Is was taken after ., ov „ J&i;I[ , „.,*- tn\i, Tlie average price of 7-8 inoli' .^ ,i midling cotton on the ten desit' T'' , nated spot markets today was 1 ' 0 ™'- T 12.96 Mcording to the Bry~U,ev^ e mm " tn I Board of Trade. . Chkago Corn open high low c i os » f! y !?' ! - 81 »81-8 1063-4 1073-8 July 100 7-8 102 1-4 100 1-2 101 3-4 , r „ the stores of the ' | town, which was signed by most c proprietors and employes. An old ordinance prohibits " opening of stores on Sunday, but in recent years it had more or less been Ignored. The new order docs not affect restaurants, dnig storcs and the like, affecting only dry goods stores, meat markets and gcocery stores. Roy Nelson, city attorney. Warrants were also issued for Johnny Shanks and Edna Smith, charged with illegal co-habitation. Surveys Flood Damage in Mississippi County Harry p. Wilson, Interviewer for the Jonesboro office of the National Rcemployment Service. Is making his headquarters In the county WPA office In the city hnll here while engaged In a survey lo determine the labor which will be required for flood rehabilitation work in Mississippi county. The Rcemployment Service. Mr, Wilson said today, is making a survey of damage done throughout thc areas affected by high water In order to be prepared to provide labor for repair and reconstucllon 'work where necessary. reason." 111,114 Bales Ginned in Pemiscot County BIVV.-U, uuauMuis wure 01 me opiu-. nien naa cnnea upon tiutneriann, Ion. that a trade had reached to]aiid Roberts and found them con- keen the .shops at th Cross county: fcrring together, possibly in conceal, nectlon with the president's court The trade is reported have been | plans. made by thc new ndmiiilslraUon, The two Justices greeted the and Senator J. L. (Beck) Shaver,' newspapermen warmly but declined who represents the Seventh Sen- to make any comment oh the pro- atorlal Disti-lct, which' includes I nosaI. . ; Wynne. -cording to a report by M. J. Zare- Aged Man and Wife Die on Same Night LEACHVILLE, Ark.-Joe Berry. 81, and his wife, Amanda Berry, 72, I both residents of Lcaehvllls for 10 ] years, died at the Red Cross liospi- i Pet Kci Gels Hosuilalization . LONDON. (UP)—Samuel, the pet 1 eel, Is rccovcrln; from a "black eye." Samuel has been a pet cf • Mrs. L. Collins for 15 years, anct j eats from her hand. Recently .v stons fell from thc aquarium and struck him a blow In the eye. HcV was laken lo the People's Dis- n°/' . agent, h , OUn 7 , S , tatL ' ittclU bales of cotton were trutWc in w i '" ginned In this county from thcj c i de( i ^ make it 1936 crop. TliLs was 65,000 bales j ] y a ft cr scttlln* more than was ginned from the •• • • 1335 crop. Tlie report included all ginnings up to Jan. 10, 1937. Znrccor said. CORVALLIS, Ore. IUP>—A city ordinance banning sale of beer and wines aftcr midnight Has gonp Into effect here upon the recommendation of the police, who said most Intoxication occurs between the hour of midnight and 1:00 A. M., state closing hour. n err ., . mc t band of horl? n ™ nn /i pensary for Sick Animals. WEATHER Khloh , which con- h 6d 11U1 h oH r - ,««' a death. Mrs. Berry received a fed- {on i 2hl era! old age pension of $12 month- Arkansas — Cloudy and colder, cezing in northwest and extreme 1 . ..orth portions tonight. Sundiy '" I partly cloudy. Somewhat cold"- In s ! south and in extreme-east portions Mcrm)Ws and viclnitv - Clm.dv "'" ' iW5 1«n<l "oC- tonigh, preceded bv rela ' lves ' rain. Lowest temperature tonight ' r geon, in the Red Cross hospital, and he was removed to ParagouJd Wed- 1 Thc maximum temperature here nesday. The only remaining rcfu- 1 yesterday 'was 52,- 'minimum 22, ge«s In Loachville arc In private | clear, according to Samuel P. Norris, official weather observer,

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