The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1932
Page 3
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OCTOBER I, '1932 DlYTHEVILLrc, (ARK.) COURFKIl NEWS Political Battleground of the Middle West ••^•••••••••••riMMBnBBBBnaiB^^HB—— fonlor— FOR Mil ILLS 'Continued from Page One) tie come-back of Vice President Curtis, made during the 1928 cam. paign when a former heckbd him during a slump speech: "You're too damn dumb to understand!" That crack went over big during the 1928 campaign. Ugfortunatj'.y, however, the corn belt h riin?in- bering it now; worse yet, It is slio.v- , ing a tendency, here and then, to mnke that expression fit the whole administration Altitude toward the fanner. ... ' Pu!,iinjf S»n»te Race May Split State's \olt. GO anywhere in Iowa vou like ar.d talk polillcs to the "fnrmera. ar.d it is a safe bn that a mn.lor- Ity of them will recall thai r?m:ir;;, repeating It bitterly to show that they have no chance of getting relief from the present administration. Then there is Ihe senatorial rac:, which Is a grand puzzle. • On the Democrnllc ticket is Louis J. Murphy, repealist. On the Republican -ticket is Henry Field, • seed:.merchant and radio station owner in Shenandoah. And in be- i tween—or perhaps, circling about j on the edges—is smith W. Brook- ' hart,-whom Field djfeatcd nt the polls' last spring. Brookhart is running, as an independent, and what his candidacy may do to the presidential- race is beyond telling. . It may split the Republican vote and send both the senatorial and presidential victories to the Democrats. It may drain off the "progressive" voles and give .senatorial and presidential victories to the Republicans. -It is cerlain to cause politicians in. both parties a good deal of uneasiness. Brookhart has a big following among the farmers nnd is a sharp crUic~of Hoover. Meld, however, also has a big following on the farms. He made a fake step or two while the farm strike was in progress near Council Bluffs, expressing an unfriendly attitude toward the strike, and that may hurt him in November. Democrats in loiva are openly jubilant over the campaign prospects. Their leaders prophesy a sweeping victory for the national ticket, expressing more confidence of swinging the state for ROOES- velt than for their state ticket. They assert that many Republican office-seekers, and campaign .wort; era in Iowa have either exoressly cisr}*fiW~th'e'~national ticket or "»ve kept discreetly silent'fiboilt it •eurocrats Jubilant, J«t G. O. P. Claims Slate. ^Republicans admit the going will r te tough. But they do not admit defeat. They usually predict victory 'for state and national tickets but .concede that their usual majorities will be sharply reduced Elsewhere in the corn belt things are about as they are In Iowa. Kansas and Minnesota are claimed by the Democrats'as debatable ground although -it-is very possible .that administration's chances SIOUX CIT Hero lloosevdi lunn relief ni m s cou:-:cif, m.u A center of the price blockade movement. Mllo Reno, [iinn strike organizer, A flash of notion on (lie jirico front. PAOE THREE He's Glad She Got His $500,000 Scminolcs Show Good I- 01 in In Trouncing Visiting Klcven, 19 to 6. OSCKOl.A, Al'k.. Oct. 1 — The Osi'colu Indians ouUoiiRhl the hinvlrr Ciiuvloid'ivlllc eleven lo win hero l-'il-.lny, 10 to 0, In Ihc first nnmi« o! Ihc senson for lilt 1 ObCOolll U'rtlll, Ci-iuvfunKville made Us [cmch- :towti In In,. Hist nilnutu of piny whc-n mi Osceolu h:ick Iho klcl:-i;ir nnd n Cnwforcl.ivllli.' pluycr iccuvori'd on tin.' O.scroln U\;i yard line. A line piny ^cacl [or tin- score. Csc'toln's InllL'lKKiwns cniiiir In thu nisi. Ki-fdiid nnd faurth qiiiii-- levs. Tin. ijrsi cimx) us 11 result cf u slc-mly drive iroin inkl-ilcld. '-n;:l(li':; canyln;! the bull ovor on mi end inn, [hi! M;roiiil, n fiuinml i:e^s, T;ii;i(. r to lirlckcy, who meet; ft.sly yimis (ii avote for Ihc In- clliins In iln- .sccniil cinnrlcr, jinil (lu- lli:nl store ivii:s nmdc us u :snll of 11 luix ri'tnvn of. u puta y r.iijildi'a nnd u series of siic- -•ssful line iiliiiiRps hj. Turner nnd Icliolion wllh N'lcholscin-cniiylnc he ball over. Football Scores As Aid Reached "Flying Family" It was in such forbidding surroundings—?n icy sea -.lotted by-menacing floes—that Mr. and Mrs. Georac Hulchinson, their two small daughters, and their crew of four, were force;! down in their plane oft the coast of Greenland. This picture was taken during ihe actual rescue of the party, nnd shows a boat from the British trawler, Lord Talbot, approaching the spot where the "Flyin s Family" were marooned. They then- were taken to Scotland, their original destination when they left America in their plnnc. Veteran Evangelist to Hold Services Here somewhat 'those two states than in Iowa. Nebraska on the other hand, s-ems slated to ga Democratic. One of Omaha's leading business men. whose work keeps him in close touch with Nebraska's farmers,. privately says his state *-ill probably go for Roosevelt this fall; :;:,:••" ... o « Thg. Rev. Grin H. Mungcr ^ j Indianapolis; ind.. who 'claims 6 Sets of Twins Ailend School INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (UP) — ] -I School started l:.?re several weeks double, ago, but teachers still are of - - to be the oldest active evangelist in the Uirilcd States, will open a meeting' at the Church" of God, Iccatpd on Second" street, tomor- rov. The lirsl service will begin ai 10:30 o'clock. Acec.rding to.the Uev. Mr. Mun- I gc-r. who is 03 years of age', the I revival will continue "ns long us i lho T.orrl leads'." ' with -the' scr- j vices [o be old fashioned ones. sets There are seeing I tv.jns i n attendance. six of Von Hindenburg-85 Waves Claim Hutehinsons Health Unit Fighting Typhoid and Diphtheria Typhoid fever nnd diphtheria nre the two diseases now being fought by (he Mississippi county health unit, There were nine typhoid cases In the county In September, musing four dentils, nnd there nre .now 1'j cases of diphtheria with one death Inst inonlh This, however, Is much lictlcr than Inst ycnr's record. In September 1031 there were 32 cns?.s of typhoid ivlth five clentlis. The 25 c^cs of diphtheria in the same period -last year resulted In two dcnths. Clinics arc held m the locnl office ench Saturday nftcrnnon line nre nlso being held thrmiglioii' the county. Special stress Is L-? ing placed on Ihc toxin nntl-loxh as Ihe diphtheria sen.wn Is jusi opening. In the past week clinic; have been hsld nl Cnrson. drlder Prnzier, Kelser, Dell, Wilton. Wardell, Luxorn, nnd the I^injc am .Catholic schools-here, 1. Oimchlln R,>- ns i'. wIlncF.s In Ihe .yaveihmeuf.T 55CC.OOO suit against hii"l whl(c v.ffe, Juciksi:!! lininclt, 90-ycur-cld Creek Indlnn, look. the';. .Miuid (n assort 'dial he would give her thu money again If he had-M. n vhnnrr. The guvniiiimnt cluliii!! Hint ISnriK'tl, the world's 1 wealth-,''" in.'. Inclinn. wns IncoiniKli-m la hundlc his fortune when he gave her'' the money. I-k-ic ;.ou ntc Huruell nnd Mrs. Anno Laura IX>M &arhett r r--i thc-y ,ippeciL-e(l toaelhef whun Ihe suit van opened In Los Angeles".' Bcebe iCTVCS G. Magnolia T, Louiuin o. j Hendrlx '26. Jonesboio A.iM 0 ' College of Oairks 10, Adn (OWn.l Tr?nchci's 0. Texnrknna Junior College "1 MiiKiiolln A. & M. 0. Pine Hlii/f yi, Porclyco 0 Cnmclen 20, Hope 0. SlutlBuvl H, CnrlLsIc 0. Forrral Clly 1, Rntesvllle 0. Nashville 2. Tcxarknnn ITcx.) 0 Morrlllon S3. Scnrcy 0. Ifclwin 18, Clnrcmlon fl. I'imieaiild C, Joiner 0. Fort Smllh 0, Okimilgce (Okln.) Collon I'lnnt 21, DCS Arc 0. Tnhleriunh (Okln.) C. Rogers 0 Reclor 0, Walnut liidge 0 (lie). El Dorado 5G, Wnrrcn 0. Hot Spiiims 3;t, Junesboro M O.sceoln 1(1, Crnwfordsvllle C. Wllbon 9. I.uxnra 0. Ifi'Ci-nl Turkic Nets Flsli FOHT WORTH, Tex. (UP) — Jack I'lnnngiin's relum on his 15 mil Investment wits Rood. For Ihc? three nickels he bought u hook nnd line, nnd Ihcn went fishing. He cmiKhl a 25-ixiiiml clmniwl cnlflsh. nnd Inndcd H on n crop- pic hook. BELOIT, Knn. IUP>—Miniatures of scenes hi Ihc Holy Land fiavg," Ijccn worked out in the rock garden of A. E. Jordan, an attorney here. He )jns poiiraycd Mount Heb^" ron, Luke of Qenricsarct, &;a of Onhlcc' nnd the Dead Sen. And he didn't neglect the Rtvei- Oor-" I dan. V ; f)ell 'and Vicinity ^ilss Floy' Potter, who has lieci (he house guest. of iCliss Warrcnnc Brownlee fo rlhrcc weeks, reliirn ed to her homo nt Polls Cum[ Miss., the first of (he week. Otto Bradbcrry nnd J. n. Gill transacted business In Cnlro, 111. of Wilson and Read Courier News Want Ads. RESULTS He who ring*'door tadb hwktef for a jot, » room w i»r **• slrrd objective follows.a tie*, efr- cullow route Indeed. Our Want-Ail column* not tntr locate time Pfo»- iwrla for yoa but nha'.MMft rn Immrdbl* Interview willi u. Intcr- nitcd prMpect at the pnlat »»• lo« or time «n4 ttttri. Phone 3O6 changed in recent years, despite the governmental crisis he has met «nd overcome, Paul von Hlnderburg, »-e)i.ioved piesldcnt of the Gtrm>n Republic, here Is sho^n In a new portrait especially posed for '.-.-. ..his eighty-fourth birthday, October 2, Mrs. Charles Armstrong was in Memphis on business Tneftday. C. Glllnnd, Hop Secoy and son GrM-* wn-o in Blvthevlile Friday. Mrs. M. P. Brownlee, Misses Wavrenne nnd Louise BrnwnlCD visited Mrs. Bob McKlnnon In Mnniln Monrlay. Jean Uradtirry has been pledt;- cfl to the Pi Kaopn Alphn frnter- t . = i v nt lh c University of Arkansas. Mr. nnd Mrs. noin Whistle and r "inll dniichtor Sue nn<l Mrs Hraxton Gill vlsiled Mrs. Whislle's i nnil Mrs. Glll> parents. Mr. and : Mrs. o. R, Gilmcr nnd Mr. nnd ! Mrs. J. W. QUiiicr nt Bragg Clly ' Mo., this weak. Mr. nnd Mis. J. R. Gill, smnll daughter, Lnnra. and I^slcr Gill. attended the fair nt Memphis Thursday. Mr*. K. Majors nnd small daughter Irene. Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. H. j nrinn. Mrs. Ben Gill, Mrs. Hra\- ; ton Gill. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Wll' burn nnd Hnidy Crawford were j nmc'ng Ihor-? In Dlythevllle Wcd- I ncstlay. ! Mrs. Wlllinm Lewis, Miss Ma! han, and Mrs. H. F. Gill shopped j In Blvthevlile Tuesday nflcrnoon. i Miss Wells substituted this week i for Mrs. Noble Gill, fifth and • sixth grade teacher, who has b?en ill. I Diphtheria Innoculattons were given 35 students at n clinic field i nt the school house Monday nf- I tcrnoon. Dashed to pieces on the reeky coast of Greenland, part of the big 1 amphibian plane in which the George H. Hulchinson "Flying Family"bad left New York is shown here as" rescuers rcnciicd Ikersunk fjord, j where they were mnrooncd. In the background Is visible the trawler j Lord Talbot, which was takinp aboard the adventurous couple and their] two little daughters who had been token on their hazardous nigh 1 . | Electrical Rings To Aid Policemen OSAKA, Japan (UP)—Policemen will scon be wearing rings. Rings not for vanity's sake, but for the I specific purpose of rounding up I ctiminals and disturbers of the I public peace. - | Police here have perfected an Invention which will administer r. severe electric shock to those who resist arrest. The device consists of a double, nirtdc-plat«d ring so arranged that it may be slipped on the forefinger and the middle finger ol (lie policeman. A battery box, 5 by J'.'l inches, slung from the hip, Is connected with the ring. A compact Induction coll which transforms the battery current In-', to one of high Intensity Is contained In the battery box, Baby Crawling Contest I Features Fall Festival GREENFIELD, Mo. (UP) — A baby crawling contest was one of. the features scheduled for the i fall festival here. j Other events on the program included: a women's auto driving race, a hog call contest, women's, pie eating contest, chicken calling, j chicken catching, girls' ugly face- competition, shoe lacing. A prhe was offered to the heaviest farm woman. Child Dies From Burns DETROIT (UP)—For 140 clays six-year-old Phyllis Augustiniak fought on apparently winning battle against burns received while playing' with matches. Then she was told she couldn't return to Mhool. She died * few d»ys Inter. wlicn it comes (o Used Cars the want-ad columns of Ihc Courier News ran't lie beat. If xvant prompt results phone "M. The HAPPY ENDING . . . By Junmy I.DONT SEE HOW THEY&0 MARGARET, JIM GETS THE SAME SALARY I DO-YET THEY MORE MONEY LIVE BETTEft Vj'E'VE HAD A LOVELY TIME, SALLY WHAT ARE iVOU DOING MARGARET? OH .'I ASKED SALLY MOW SHE AND JIM MADE OUT SO WELL SHE TOLD ME IT WAS ORGANIZED BUVINGANDTOLDME .HOW. I'M IRVING id WELL, HARRY, WE'VE SAVED TWO HUNDRED EXTRA DOLLARS IN THE LAST YEAR AND BOUGHT LOTS OF THINGS WE DION7 THINK WE COULD AFFORD YOU BET.MARQftRET THftT OKJANIIED BUrtNG IS BUSINBS ¥ J'S simple. I'irsl, oT course, comes the planning of n I simple, flexible bwfpol. Then take (his copy of (his paper and look carefully through the ads to finrt the Hem* (hal you nood a( the prices that fit your budget. Fill your wauls every Hay !iy rcadinir. the advertisements in Ibis iianer to' balance your budget before 'you go out to buy instead of buying the things you want and then sec- ing if your budget balances . . . (his is organized buying anil will give y-uu more things for less money; less effort. 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