The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1950
Page 9
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JtJLY M, »f» (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Tighter for Budding of Homes Is Fine-Except During Scarcities of War Time N'ole: This Is the first 4 itorin explaining what e government has done (o tighten up iU help to the home-buyers.) By JAMES MAKLOW WASHINGTON, July 21. (If)— Home building has been going on at a fast clip. This !s line in normal times. But now, with the country trying to build a military machine in a hurry, home- building raises a couple of problems: 1. New homes require a lot of Army Lowers Mental Test Standards for Enlistment materials which tlio government also needs. Steel, for Instance. 2. As the government takes some of these material!, making material! and new homes scarcer, the price on new and old homes goes up. To put a, brake or. such price rises and still lei the government get the materials It needs, President Tru man this wee): did this': Toucher Home Buying He ordered some of the government agencies which help people buy homes to make home-buying just a little tougher. He could do (his under laws already on the books, without need tor new laws by Congress. He gave his orders to three government agencies: .The Housing and Home Finance > (HHFA), which helps civt- fs. 2. The Veterans Administration (VA), which helps veterans. 3. Arid the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) — called "Fannie Mae" — which helps banks. Here's What They Do Taking them one at a time, this Is what the three agencies do and what Mr. Truman told them they must now do, 1. The Housing and Home Finance Agency not only insures banks • gainst losses on loans they make to citi7.ens to buy and repair homes; but it also helps cities to build low- rental housing for low- income families. The President has ordered HHFA to tighten up all along the line — on Its insurance on loans and Its help to cities. 2. The veterans administration has been guaranteeing lenders, like bants, on loans they make to veterans for home-buying. , In some cases, where veterans couldn't get home-loans from banks, VA could make direct loans to vet erans. But the president has directed VA to be a little less generous with Its ' guarantees and to use up slowly the money it has for direct loans. Buying of Mortgages I. The Federal National Mortgage Association buys mortgages from £fnks which have made loans to ^fcpla so they can buy homes. The mortgages gives a bank" the right to ' take over if the borrower doesn't pay up on his loan. The FNMA was created because a bojik may get too much of Its U.S. Army mental test standards again have been lowered, S/Sgt. Arthur O. Barm, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force recruiter for Mts- .sisippi County, today announced. Any man between 17 and 34 can c-nllst in the Army and not have to meet the high mentnl standards that previously have been required Men between 19 and 25 without prior service may enlist for 21 months, Sgt. Bahn said. Men wno are over 35 and have had prior service may enlist If they have sufficient service to make up lie difference in their age. Sgt. Balm explained that a yenrs ser- 'ice will count a year on the age unit. For Instance, he said, a man 9 with lour years military service nay enlist. Applicants with dependents can lot be accepted. However, men with prior service who are in the reserves nay volunter for active duly If eligible to hold the rank of corporal, pay grade E-4. Birth certificates are required for all men under 21 years old and :hose desiring the 21-month enlist- iient. If applicants do not have birth certificates, Sgt. Bahn will ret the certificate for them, he said, The recruiting office, located in :lty hall, Is open from 8 a.m. until < p.m. every day, including Sundays. where the bank can't make any more money tied up In such mortgage loans. If this reaches the poln such loans, home-building suffers If the bank could sell its mort gages to someone and get fresl money for making more home loans home-building would stay steady And that's what the governmen wanted In peace time. So Congress set up Fannie Mae U buy up mortgages from overloader banks and sell them to some or ganization which was willing to bu} them. (Mortgages can be sold and re sold at a profit because any home buyer who gets a loan must pa' interest on It.) v Now (he President has told "Fan nie Mae" to cut down on its mort gage-buying and get rid of a lo of the mortgages which it bought but still hasn't sold . ract. everyone In Hollywood 1« rylnc to get out of one." Theu ha added: "Well, maybe creative art has i be kindled by dissatisfaction." Joe was cutting his Uwn on a Tuesday afternoon. Fox called and >u Thursday-following he wu lUr- ing In "Two Flags West." Joe, who lever worries about his future, said: "I guess they wanted a taU RKO is reaaying "The Flying Devil Dogs," story about the Marine fliers, as a Bob Ryan starrer. . . Ciaudette Colbert and Joan Crawford both want to do films about the early days In the movie justness . . . Blllle Burke Is wrlt- ng another book — about her wauty secrets, titled, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not." llurh O'Brien, the Ida Luplno discovery »ho co-starred In "The Vounr Loverm," U up for a ton* A new moisture' proof plastic vrapping has taken much of the llfficulty out ol propagating rhod odeniirojis. term contract at Warner Brother*. He hut p»m»lft«d M-C-M's "VM- (eauce Valley.- . . . Henna H«- ver offered J**r tiarU&d a ehnk •f money for a 8h* nixed It fail. week at Ctr«'« Jack Holt Joint Clark Gable in - — — — — .— ^^^ Kxpcrimoed «xp«tf, the mo* modem equip- inent helpful, your precis* requirement* tor «„!„. LIMBS— TRUSSES Braces— Belts — Camp Supports C. ». (NODDT, o. T.. »...l~ f.rUO^ T^kju,!., MEMPHIS LIMB & BRACE CO. ir« l»r N4MGU 1IMI1 . CIIAIKH umax Hollywood Continued from Page « charming and dainty." Overheard: "Her age Is like i used car speedometer. She's al ways selling it back." • * • Two years ago LorctU Young turned down "Half Angel," the movie she's currently making on the Fox lot. Norman Foster, her brother-in-law, talked Loretta into the part, A movie fur designer Is blush Inc. A movie tycoon shelling ou the greenbacks for a mink coat for a blonde doll told him: "And while you're at H, wrap up the scrap pieces. Siie can stuff them into that hole in her head. Commander Reggie Venable pooh-poohs all the rumors about discord in hts marriage to Fay Bainter. "Fay's Etagestruck, that's all," he tells it. "I couldn't stop her from going to Broadway. She's doing a play and I think it's another turkey." Creative Art and Joe Joseph Gotten no longer Is under contract to David O. Sclmick but he says it never worried him at all when he was. "I didn't fight to break the contract. It ]ust expired. It's funny- has everyone in the United States would like to get a movie con- "Across the wld« Missouri. Last time they worked together «» In "Snn tYaiiclsco," In which PAGE NTNg Holt played Oable'» rival (or J«tn- etU MacDonald In thl« one, Holt .playi an ti- ycar-old Indian. WHY WAIT? Remodel Now — No Money Down Now you can fix up your home—or even build a Baragc—on a low Interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. No mortgage required. Why wail? Call Huilders Supply toiluy. BUIUOS SUPPLY co. INC South Highway 61 Pfiori* 2434 NEW CHEMICAL ' Mr*. Aim* Kinctld, 3123 East Adelaide, St. Louis, Missouri, who was suffering Irom deficiencies of Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, and Niacln, has turned into a regular clock-watcher since she has been UWng HADACOL. Yes, she keeps her eye on the clock all day long, Just waiting Tor breakfast, dinner ^nd supper time. Imagine how un- pearable lite can be without cn- "Joying good, wholesome food. Here is Mrs. Kincaid's statement: '1 have been taking HADACOL for over a year. Before' taking HAE3A- COIj, 1 had stomach distress for quite sometime. Imagine now awfully hard It is to live a normal life when you can't eat such delicious things as tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, etc., or drink milk without getting horrible cramps and upsetting your stomach. One day I took my husband's advice and got some HADACOL. A good friend ot his told him of the fine results he had gotten from HADACOL. And now, since I have been taking HAD- ACOL, I can cat anything I want and really enjoy it. I have a wonderful appetite, too—thanks to HADACOL. Naturally I recommend HADACOL to all my friends." Tej, HADACOL Ts Trulj Wonderful in the way It has helped countless thousands of folks whose sys- wms were deficient in Vitamins Bl, B2, iron, and Niacin. HADA- COL can help you, too, If you will just (five HADACOL a chance. It you starter from stomachc distress, nervousness, insomnia, constipation, aches and pains of neuritis, or a . general run-down condition, caused by such deficiencies, let HADACOL help you ns It has helped others nil over the country. Even htm- drcds o[ doctors arc now rccom mending HADACOL to their pa ticnts suffering from such deficiencies. jh Give remarkable HADACOL o T-hance to benefit you. Remember you have nothing to lose. HADA COL will make you feel great «ftei the first few bottles you take 01 your money will be refomted. Only 11.25 for Trial Size; Large Family or HosnUal Size, S3.50. Corrttht UM, TIM LtBUne (Torpor.. KILLS WEEVILS! SHELL ALDRIN (Compound 118) The powerful insecticide tfiat controls weevifs inside the squares I Now available from leading formulators in dust and jpray form, Aldrin not only kills adult weevils on the plants at the tune of application and those that reach the plant after application . . . but also paralyzes weevils within the ignores. This prevents their emerging and goes far toward reducing the development of successive broods. Shell Aldrin octsfos! . . . begins killing within an hour. This rapid action gives you a big advantage in showery weather ... it saves repeat applications following rain. Shell Aldrin is highly concentrated ... effective at very low dosages ... is very economical to use. 3-woy kill!... as a stomach poison, on contact, and as R vapor furnigant. Shell Aldrin in recommended dosages does not injure the cotton plant or other crop foliage . .. does not leave harmful residue in the soil ... is safe to use where root crops follow the cotton .. . La compatible with other insecticides. Ufe Aldrin dust or sprays also to control tiirips, tarnished plant bugs, rapid plant bugs, cotton fleahoppers and grasshoppers. *ik y.« tor ft.. SHELL CHEMICAL COUOUTMH CHIMICAL FAtTNW Of INDUSTRY AND AOMCUtTUU THE BIG LAKE BOOSTERS CLUB SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION Eastern Division, 500 Fifth Avenue New York 18 N T or Western Division, 100 Bush Street, &in Francisco'6. Cal D Please send me Shell Alrlrin Bulletin 600 (Cotton I U I lease send me Shell Aldrin Bulletin 601 (General) Addn City_ ^ Sfl iii HAS PICKED FOUR SURE WINNERS FOR GOVERNOR, SHERIFF, STATE SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE " ** a " d "I-"-* «nrfng ou, State and County in an efficient and After careful consideration of all candidates running for public office and to be selected next Tuesday i"J Y I' ™ mb " S ° f th * Bl * Lak * Bo °***" Ciut > *«"« unanimously adopted the following ttcket"h°c n they heartily endorse and present to the voters of alt Mississippi County for thei, ™ " SID McMATH for GOVERNOR William Berryman ^ sheriff & collector J. Lee Bearden f ° r State ior State Representative I'OST NO. 2 Three of these men nave proven their loyalty to our county and community by their actions in office and the fourth will in our opmron make a good Rep rcsentatiyc for this great county of ours. In the governor'* office, Sid McMath has kept his promises and has pledged his continued consideration of our needs in the future. We can be heard in the 9 orcrno/s office and will rccc/vc our proportionate share of roads and other public improvements under McMath— which is more than we have been able 10 expect under any other recent governor. on^ ond , *"? T° de a "i *'" 1conf/nu « to Sheriff and Collector his record speaks for itself. °' «"« fc«* peace enforcement officers m , the future u ssss mst sssa ssaa wsa o/ gr«rt he/p in ge tting certain improvements for our county and com- ed h,s untiring efforts toward greater things for our county and state in *' C ° W °" " ***** q " al ' f ' cd to rc P fCsent Mississippi County in the With this selection of candidates, we cordially invite you to study closely their qualifications as well as those of th*i, opponents, a/id we believe that you will conclude as we have that all four of them will b« best for Mississippi County. BIG LAKE BOOSTERS CLUB MANILA, ARK. (f»nilc»l AftrtrtMnr p»|d for by M« Lake Bwiltn Cl«b. W. W. F«wl*r, chairman and Jim Osbome, »«relarT-tr»»siTT*r.)

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