The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 1948 Murder Mystery Nearer Solution Officers Locate Body Of Man Missing For Nearly 4 Years COLUMHUS, On., Mar. 23. (UP) —Authorities here l )c licved today they have cracked the four-year-old case of a three-state dope ring *hpse niembera bossed (he gangster style killing o( a man and woman who turned Informers, i The first break in th* long-unsolved case came wilh the discov- ry of a man 1 * skeleton In a. slial- . lime-filled grave In a palmetto wamp near St. Augustine, Fla. Sol. Gen. Pxi Wohhvender. Jr., • Bald the skeleton was Identified as that of Joh!i frank Sliingfel- low, who was murdered with injections of morphine and bullets by hired killers after lie gave police information about a dope ring operating in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Strlngfc'low had been Ibled us missing since 1944. Police held two suspects and said other arrest. 1 ! were expected in a .few days, They said they expect to find the body of a woman, also missing sfnce 1944, burled In the Jungles of South Georgia's fearful OkeJcnokee Swamp Wohlwender said he understood the woman had been beaten and choked to death, also as penalty lor informing on the dope pang. Sheriff E. K. Howell identified the two suspects now In custody ss Johnny McVeigh of La Grange, Ga., and Dave Walden, of Abilene, Tex., They have confessed to the killings, he said. Walden, listed as an escaped convict from a Georgia road gang. Is now serving a flve-ye«r term for burglary in Florida State Penitentiary at Ralford, Fla. Killers Received (1,000 Wohlwenrier said it had been learned that the killers had received $1,000 for Stringfellow's slaying. Authorities declined to reveal the source of their lead, but It ft'as believed to have come from Walden, who is said to be living In fear.of his life despite his confinement at ^laiforri prison. i Pi Walden led officers to Stringfel- -ToWs lonely grave Saturday. Cnpt. W. c. McLemorc, chief of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, said Walden went .straight to the spot despite the four-year lapse. The skeleton was "in a perfect state of preservation because the killers used slaked lime Instead of <)Uick-llme In lining the three-foot grave. The Identification was made in Atlanta through examination of dental work. Sheriff Howell said officers know the approximate spot in the great Okefenckcc Swamp \vhere the woman is burled and Indicated an attempt will be made to recover the body. The first lead to the case was obtained by the GBI, Wohlwender . said and contained enough information to bring about the recovery of Stnngfellow's body and to charge four men still at large with at least two murders. * Coroner Charles C. Mathls of St. Johns County, Fla., is to announce results of an Inquest Into Strlng- ^ellow's death today or Wednesday, jfc'ohhvender said. Thirteen members of a single family have served as* mayor of the Irttle" English city of Guildford. BLYTHEVTLLI (ARK.y OOUKIE1 Ahead-of-His Time? KLRB Sf*ks Injunction Against Indiana Union WASHINGTON, March 23. (UP) —Tin National ubor Relnlloni Board yesterday proposed a fed- mi Injunction that would restrain tht International..'-TjfSijraphlcal Union from amklni, from refining to bargain and from Imposlni "conditions of emplovintnl" on niani»- merit. Th« proposed Injunction was filed by the board with federal court at Indlnnapoll. The board ha« asked the court to issue »n Injunction ngalnst the Typographical Under the Taft-Hartley. l»w. Alter hearing! mid Iti. fllln« of briefs, the court asked both sides to lite proponed findings of f«ct. It also Bskrd the bonrrt to file • proposed Injunction. Clarence Booth, businessman of Lakewood, N. J., is building an aloin-bomb-proof home. The hem. H «,n, h "b°vr ground and one floor below. II will be reinforced will, tons of steel nnd concrete It will be protected .gainst atomic radiation by glass-like tile, ami against poisonous eases by an air- proof locking door syslem. Chicago Welfare Officials Seeking Solution to Modern Indian Problem CHICAGO. March 23. (UP)- Busy, 'had come down from Ihe woods ID bustling Chicago, which thought iis ; take a look at Hie bright lights of troubles wilh the noble red man • the city, Rose said, ended at the Fl, Dearborn massacre, j "Then there's thp case of a nine- found a new Indian problem on lls '. year-old girl and her olsht-venr- hands today. | old brother," the commissioner Ten little Indians from the Nortn continued. "The full-blooded Wm- Woods are looking for new home.'; ne^ at * rt vn«iv,«... ««^ r«n— here, the City Department of Wei- rin .._ _ „„,.„ fare disclosed. j years ago. Things went fine for a It Is the lirst time in the depart- | while until the mother started mental history that the city has had drinking. Finally she became an so many jndian children on its j alcoholic and the father took to hands, according to Commission- t the woods again." er A. E. Base. • i The' papooses are included in a "Their parents were the victims ] total of 100 children for whom- the of too many bright lights and may- department Is seeking homes this be a little to much 'fire water,'" ! month. Rose said. i The papooses range In age from j Buhhlequm Definitely 2 to 9. They were tinned over to i »j-« / li i the Welfare Department by the Ju- | NOt tor Monkeys vcnile Court, which decided that their parents were unable to care for them properly. Rose appealed for help in finding , illcv lel suitable foster homes for the little i keys. "And SAN ANTONIO, Tex., March 23 IUPJ— High school students gummed things up at the 700, liierally. They fed bubblegum to the mon- Indians. "They are normal children whose own hor been hit by misfortune," he said. "All are waiting in temporary homes lor placement with foster parents who will show a. sympathetic understanding of their problems." Five of them are from one family, including Millie and Mauri, three-year-old pure-blooded Winnebago twins. ' , [ Their father came here from the Wisconsin woods to do war work, Hose said. But when the war ended, work was too easy for an In- i dian to find. With two other children to support in addition to the five, the family sunk deeper and ' deeper into poverty. | "The big city was just, too much i for them," Rose explained. | Three of the children were taken from unmarried Indian girls who now zoo director Fred ican j SUlk ls hnvi "B trouble trying to The first portable electric oil well drlllinj; rig is capable of boring Iwo mile.! into the earth Weighing 18 tons, it's twin-master derrick reaches as high ns a 12- story, building, it can be telescoped, folded and moved along the highway. Chances Slight That Hope Will Get an Underpass LITTLE ROCK, Art.. March 22. CUP)—The City of Hope wan given little encouragement today' on Its request (tint the State Highway Department build an underpass at Its came Hllzcl strecl crMs j nB at tne Mls _ R ««» sourl Pacific RMlroad. The street is a portion of State Highway 29. Chief Engineer Alf; Johnson jjid the project was not) programmed and that all current' federal funds have been allocated. Under terms of the federal air! bill now pending in Congress, ho said money for the con.ilrurtlon would not be available before July ' 1049. "In the meantime we ttoulrl bo glad to survey the situation, make a traffic count and present the mutter to the commission when I*, meets," Johnson said, He declined to estimate the cont of the project, but hc'sala similar bridges cast between $150,000 »nd 5200,000 Ht this lime. Under federal aid regulations, a railroad deriving benefit from an underpa-w or overpass is billed for 10 per cent of the construction cost. Johnson said that if and when the new bill is passed, Arkansas can expect to receive $7,510,000 annually in federal aid funds for three yenrs beginning July 1, 1M9. NEW POWER I NEW PEPl NEW PERFORMANCE! ENJOY THE BEST IN PIT BARBECUE! AT THE— v RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN Courteous Waitresses & Girl Car Hops To Wait On You HOURS: 4:09 p.m. — 1:00 a.m. Weekday IZ:00 Noon—12:00 Mid-nt Sunday! South Division St. Phon. 4341 Ram«la Antodll, a plant round In Malaysia, bean a giant flower, three feet In dlnmeler, and has no wems or IPIWM. Hacksaw Into Tixarkana Jail TEXARKANA, March B. (Oi»> — Three person* wer» held h»r» jae- terday for InvMtlcatlon In eonnev- tlon with thV'imucfUnc of its hack- HW blades to two federal prlaaam in Miller County Jail Saturday Sheriff W. B. Davl, wld th* blade* were taken frori Uorria Wallace. 11-year-old man ehcntd with violation of the Dyer Act, and Bernac« Frmklln, M-ye«r-oM man charged with robbery of a bank at Buffalo, Tex., laat month. Davis Mid the three would be turned over t« the Federal-Bumu of Inveellgatton for nueetionlng and charging, • The blaries were discovered before the men had a rhanr. t« viee them. Artesian wella are *0 named because the first one* were sunk at Artols, rrinct. For Farmers,,. MORE TELEPHONES BETTER TELEPHONE SERVICE Mart than 80,000 U/«pnon«i havt •>••* «Wte/ In rural armat MTVM/ by Sovthw-n^m B»H in fh« lent 2 ytart—10 tim»i CM many at in any pr«vraui 2-ytar period, Th» prognm k continuing. W»hope, tvintually, to provide telephone lervice for virtually every farmer who wants it in our 700 exchange*. Service improvement goes «Ionf with the rural construction job. Better line construction, modern instruments, Ind simplified ringing are making the farm telephone more dependable and more valuable than ever before. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONl CO. Factory-built and factory- guaranteed, this Oldsmobile engine is newly made—NOT rebuilt—with new materials throughout, including cylinder block, crankshaft.timingchain, pistoni and rodi. Don't delay —call ui today for an early appointment to have this all- new,low-coft Oldsmobileengine installed in your car now. Easy budget terms are available. Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 4677 Night 2986 SOW AVA.llA.lll FOR -JZTmoUOM '47 MOIIll LEE MOTOR SALES INC. CMC TRUCKS—OLDSMOB1LE 307 East Main St. Phone 2056 Flash Cameras At Barney's! 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CROWE i 1 Mile (. of Bramdoef* Concrete Tile S«w«r Til* Sizri t, « and * Inch Culvert Tile Sires 10. 12, IS, I«, Ji, J4, J» and U Inch A. H. WEBB Hwy. «l at State Lhw Phnn. BlrlhfTlll. Tit RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 7 DAT SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for «nd Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Applmnce O. Aothi>rtT«d Mntarala IUO* 8alM aid Serrlm tM Sooth Flnt St. INSTANT RADIO SERVICE ALL MAKES W« SpMlallaa hi F-M r N*w ' • Croftley ' BLYTHEVILLE SAT,ES COMPANY IM t. Main MI.FV. Mil R)\*«a eip«rllf repaired with npcr alronir Mlf.<. (opurade heelii . . , Inexpensive, qniefc Mrvlce, HflLTCRS QUPLITY SMOG SHOPl 121 w M a i si s - Guaranftcd RADIO REPAIR by Expert Call Sll Brooks Music Store 107 E. Main Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2041 1044 First National FOR COMPLETE ;PROTECTlplf '/< Phone 2811 , 108 North 2nd St. • BILL WILSON CHARLES Thomas J. Lilly & Son Auto arid Furniture UPHOLSTERING Now Located 112 South Lilly St. Convertible Top. 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