The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa on March 9, 1911 · 10
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The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa · 10

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1911
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10 Tnunsruv. THE DAILY TIMES. MAKCH 9. ew Rock Island Southern ihterurban . 1 ' . I 4 I 4 x 1 Along N i ?. V i 'h . ?: ... ..v..,.x'!WMI.., &. Cars Connect Two Centers WILLIAM AND VASHTI COLLEGE it , i K 4 ' Ah 1 K : - ' MERCER COUNTY COURT HOUSE The Southern nfford3 the poople of Morcer county nccrsa to thoir county teat, runnin? as it does directly through the county. This court house and the Jail to the right are models of county buildings. ANOTHER VIEW OF MATHERSV1LLE Mathersville, Just a little more than two years ago, waa a cornfield, without a house in-sight from the location from where this picture was taken Now it is a thriving little coal mining town. Two big mines, the Gilchrst and the Rock Island railroad mines are located near here, giving employment to a large number of men. . Electric The Times herewith gives a few pictures of ecenes along the Rock Island Southern railway, the new inter-urbah 'which has opened up the rich territory south of Rock Island to the trade of the tri-cities. The line is 52 miles long to Monmouth, with a connection at Gilchrist with Aledo,., a special car connecting with every matn line car. At present the Southern is landing its passengers at the end of the Fourth avenue street car line in the west end of Rock Island. It i8 expected, if the present negotiations go through, that the company will secure rights to enter the business district of Rock Island and land it3 passengers in the heart of the city. It is also the plan to run special cars from Davenport from the lnterurban Rtation at the foot of Brady street, connecting with every interurban car, for the accomodation of Davenport passengers and express business in south-tin territory. Another plan which is being advocated by Davenport business interests is to secure access for the Southern over the Crescent bridge, eo that it can run cars dir:ctly into Davenport, cutting the time considerably. .Moline, according to present plans, will be accommodated by special cars connecting with every car in the Southern. ; . The company is now handling all of its passenger business by electricity and expects within a very short time to handle all of its freight business in the same way. A part of the freight is now being handled by the power big motor cars, and the, schedule will be completed soon, so that there will be no steam engines on the Southern at all at any time. , , . , , , These power big motors are capable of handling the heaviest freight trains rapidly. The company has been handling a considerable amount of freight out of the tri-cities for western points, connecting at Cameron on the Mon-mouth-Galesburg line with the Santa Fe. " - The Southern has been in operation for about five years, running interurban cars between .Monmouth and Galesburg. The line now completed and in operation to Monmouth con nects with Galesburg cars, which run every hour between those two cities. Jf there is anyone who has doubts as to whether an lnterurban is a paying investment let him see one of the Southern cars as it leaves the Rock Island terminal or as it lands its passengers from the south. Every car is crowded, and a large business is done between towns on the route and between them and Monmouth. ' The William and Vashti college at Aledo is located on the line of the interurban. The picture shown in this " group is of the new building recently added to the college structure. These pictures were taken exclusively for The Times by its special photographer and give the readers of this paper some idea of the importance of the community through which the interurban extends, the mechanical difficulties of the building of the line and its importance to the business interests of the tri-cities and the territory which it opens. ?- r ; . J ft iiN" I a. - - A ' v . . . ,. " - ,4.,:-' POWER HOUSE EXTERIOR ' The power house at the Edwards river, Just below Mathersville, is crete construction. The picture shows a portion of the power house plete. . . .'...',. of con- lncom- mvim uwiiilii 1 , ' ....... . . v . -v - -(: i. . ..,' '' , . ' v.' t 4 ' ! 1 1 .- . - . - ! ' . . . , ' - j 0V" : ' " - .7'"' ' r"''. ,7'' 7! .' '7 - . xv--;;n-r. jrruv ?7-;.7-vL v ( r7W ! K7i.7lv-'k : ONE OF THE SOUTHERN CARS. . ... This is one of the Rock Island Southern passenger cars, equipped with pantagraphs, which take the place of the ordinary trolley poles. These cars are now running every three hours from Rock Island, starting at 7 o'clock in the morning and continuing until 10 o'clock at night TOPE CREEK BRIDGE This immense trestle structure is 85 feet high and 900 feet long. It is sufficiently strong to carry easily the heaviest locomotive engines and freight -trains. A magnificent view o the surrounding country may be obtained from the top. The contractor for the bridge ran his automobile over the bridge before the track was laid on it. 1 x ; !!S r7777'7 l-,;C7h ' . . J : ft i v-. " ' ij 4-' .7 1 . ill l "T-Jj v.7 .-. v 'fT7- v .f ,u" , ill - J r 1 STATION AT MONMOUTH This picture shows the company's new station at Monmouth where cars run to and from Galesburg every hour and to and from Rock Island every three hours. . . STREET SCENE IN ALEDO '..','"''' " ' ''.". .j This is a street scene in Aledo, one of the thriving little cities on the route of the Southern. Aledo has a hustling Boosters' organization and is taking advantage of the new' interurban to increase the wealth of the city and gain more inhabitants. 1 ,. VI-: ''"'i'UU t-'i. A' "-..7V . i CEDAR CREKK URIIKJK This is a fine all steel structure, spanning Cedar creek, a few miles north of Monmouth. There is a fine picnic grounds in the valley at this point, a popular objective point fur excursions. V t ' 7? ;jlAr:J'.:i; " it ; STREET SCENE IN NEW TOWN OF MATHERSVILLE the left is the new opera house being erected. Many more new buildings are being erected on this and other streets of the town. r i - ' ' ' tr& i . - , v ; WLFtl 77 : - 7V ' ' I 1 , 7, vX -71- : . J 7 POWER HOUSE INTERIOR One of these big turbines at a time supplies all the power for the operation of the cars on the 52 miles of line. Looking at one of the machines one would not know it wras in operation. This picture was taken while the machine to the right was carrying the load for the operailon of the whole line. The vibration is so slight that a penny upturned on end has been balanced on top of the machine for six weeks.

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