Miami News-Record from Miami, Oklahoma on April 20, 1960 · Page 10
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Miami News-Record from Miami, Oklahoma · Page 10

Miami, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1960
Page 10
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PAGE TEN MIAMI DAILY NEWS-RECORD/MIAMI, OKLAHOMA WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1960$ ALLY OOP YEH...UMM! AN ( \ YES, OOP, POC \HE USUALLY I BECAUSE \KWLD \OUTWNK, IF DOC V THINKS IT ^ GETS WHAT HE I HE'LL PEELED ZS YEARS OFF HIS \ WX1LP BE J GOES AFTER, /STOP AT LIFE, ITD BE A. GREATER THING THAN BUILDING TH' TIME-MACHINEP TOO, DON'T/NOTHING HEP t-nO SET WHAT HE WANTS CAPTAIN EASY STILL NO SISN OPTWBHftVE FORTY AN AIRPORT, EAsyj I MINUTES' FUEL WE ARE LOST! J/5UPPW LEFT. MR. McKEE. W&MU6T FIMP AN AIRPORT BV THEM! ffHEM IT l& H0I5TEP U OWTO A FLAT CAR FOR DISPOSAL IN AN ATOMIC GKAVEYARP TIN AM WOW 1C ii PLAWT NEAR THE MAINE COAST A HISHLV RADIOACTIVE LIMIT TO K PISCARPEO IS LOWERED INTO A CRATE gy REMUTB CONTROL, STAY BACK AT LEAST 400 FEET! K) I960 by MEA, Inc. T.M. Rtg. U.S. Pat. OH L'lL ABNER VES,FOLKS-\ BUSTIN'IN AH KIN SAVE [ON OUR LAST . YOfO-oo A NIGHT: -., f CNA <7TOGETHER,* DOUBLE ^kTOSAVEUS WEOPIN7T A A MIZZUBLE HOLD OMTM ARM ] [T-5 0 B.'-HONEVMOON»M' 3.00 WAV NOT MEAN! MUCH TO I •*•*> ATATIME IN TH' WOODS WIF TRET .) HIS ED-JOO- </U.KETHlS- BEASTLY WOLF -GAL, A CAV-SHOMAL ] SHE WANTS BUT IT COULD MEAN A 1? FUND!! GOME J^.- ID-TALK SAM, BARGAINS.'/ J-OT TO HONEST ABE/.' MARTHA WAYNE UOWTHEH, PUCK/1 i, \ HE<SOTTI6D'UP ! ATTUECUMIC. L I 6LAD YOU COULD MAKE AT ALUM 1* HELLO, MARTHAJJUDSe MURDOCtC. MAKlfc SAY, WHERE'S / BUT HP MAV BE CftMCC I, Dfc RQ30Z5? ) ALONS UTER. STUDIO... YOU'LL HAVE TO £rt/i OUT THE REST OF TDHK5HT TAKIMSUPTHE MKENSUE JOE PALOOKA KALI.'.. DOWN.GIRL.' ..HEEL" SODON7LOOKUT ME, V STUPID JCHK.' NEXT TIME USE AN ASHTRAY/ SHORT RIBS VWAT« } 1STIU, VIRPN&? I MAVf THIS HEADACHE! D0W0R? HE-SENT ME TO A HSSAttMT'S AH IN MV HEAD: FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OOF/-HOW COME" I'M NOT AS GOOD AS HE ( FRECKLES is PRETTY 300D OJ THE TfeMAPOLN/ HEMUSTPRACTfCE AT HOME OR. . SOMETHIN'/ PRICILLA'S POP OH, BOW HAZEL PROMISED ME A IN MY LUNCH.' MY FAVORITE// AN ITALIAN SANDWICH. 1 Norway Answer to. Previous Puzzl* ACROSS 1 Norway's capital 5 Product of Norway 9 One of Norway's phenomena is the "Midnight ti 12 Have on 13 Indigo 14 Age 15 French poet 17 Fall behind 18 Blackboard 19 Thistle-like plants 21 Rim 23 River in Soviet Union 24 Mother 27 Direction 29 Eat 32 Egg dish 34 Eloquent speaker 36 Strauss opera 37 Close again 38 Walked 39 Line of junction 41 Pronoun 42 Moisture 44 Sailing 1 vessel 46 Gift 49 Twilled fabric 53 Zodiac sign 54 Yeast 56 Bring forth young 57 Be overfond 58 Blackbirds 59 Metric measures 60 Short knife 61 Horse's gait DOWN 1 Night birds 2 Norwegian product 3 Buddhist priest 4 Declaim 5 Stroke 6 Joins 7 Row 8 Beg 9 Gypsums 10 Russian river 11 Scolds 16 Save 20 Soft drinks 22 Entrances in fences 24 Greatest 25 Persian poet 26 Music makers 28 Jewish religious book 30 Biblical sailor 31 Writer Gardner 33 Mineral veins 35 Give 40 Landed property 43 Fastens 45 Punitive 46 Prayer 47 Raise 48 Kind of light 50 Nevada city 51 Clasp 52 Essential being 55 Letter NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSff. CARNIVAL 'It holds 12 cubic feet of refrigerated food, 150 pounds pf frozen meat and just about all of my credit:" HOOPLE THATglSgARNOvJLOF COULD .SEAT A UPSTAGE Pi tf£ MOTH IMTO THE SfiDT- R.OPPED LIKE MOVIE/ IP AMOS OUT OUR WAY LISTEN HERE WOW, WORRY WART- VOU GOT TO CUT OUT THIS MACHIWE SHOP AN'BLACK- SMITH BLJSIMESS/ VOU'RE EVEKJ GETTIKJ 1 IT IM ' TH' HOUSE.' SHOP MOW—WE flUrt THAT? THIS 15 A PRAFTIM' OFFICE, BUT I THIMKHEW'S PROMOTED TOO <S}UICK.' PI ANU is FORTY-EISMT,, FORTV-NINe.FlFTY'.' HERE I COM£.. READY" OR NOT Remarks the Dentists Hear Too Frequently By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)—Remarks a dentist gets tired of hearing: "Here's one that will jaw you." "Seen any interesting new teeth lately?" "London bridge is falling down —and so is yours." "Generally speaking, I prefer a local anesthetic, so long as it numbs me all over." "Before you start to drill, let me tell you a story that will amuse you." "Ouch!" "Who fixes your teeth, Doc? They look awful sincere." "Can you do anything about our daughter? She is 12 and still sucks her thumb. We don't mind but her fiance objects." "Put the no*Bcaine needle in the v/allet, Doc. Then give me the bill." "Since you put in the new plates I can still say Ohio okay. But whenever I try to say Mississippi out loud, cabs drive up." "Certainly they look all right. But why is it when I laugh people around me seem so nervous?" "They may fit your mind, Doc, but they don't fit my mouth." "I don't quite know how to sa:?# it, doctor, but when you gave me the gas I had the strangest feeling. My,, what interesting wallpaper." "Ouch!" "Dear Doc, the gal in your office phoned to say it was time to have my teeth cleaned. Should I bring them in—or mail them?" "The bite looks nicer in the mirror, but I sure do miss the feel-,., ing of the teeth being together.'^ "You should have warned me," Doc. All I did was take one bite of an apple—and I hand you the result." "I'd rather not have the gold show if you can help it, but if it does have to show, don't spare the carats. I deal with the public, and it is part of my job to look impressive." "Just fix the one in front. I'm,, getting married soon, and afte,$r that you can fix them all. My husband-to-be works for the city." "Doc, when I say how much I appreciate what you've done for me, I'm not just beating my gums together—or am I?" Hollywood Glances! BY ERSKINE JOHNSON MEXICO CITY (NBA) — The dean of the screen's character actors, distinguished 70-year-old Vladimir Sokoloff of the Old World charm and modem views, didn't put it to me very mildly. "To h—,". he said, "with ALL the acting theories, including the Stanislavski method. Before he died in 1938, Stanislavski himself told me: 'Adapt and adjust, Vladimir. No longer accept my method letter for letter. The world is changing. Acting is changing and it will change even more." Fifty years ago Vladimir Sokoloff, veteran of a hundred movies in Germany, France and Hollywood and star of the stage, was one of Stanislavski's bright-eyed, eager beaver students. "I was tortured by him personally," Sokoloff chuckles. What Sokoloff learned brought him stardom in silent German movies, 10 y e a r s in Paris "when," he laughs, "I was a French actor," and important roles in Hollywood ever since 1937. Recently he appeared in the televised "For Whom the Bell Tolls," the only member of the TV cast who appeared in the movie version 17 years before. Today, playing the Wise Old Man of a sleepy Mexican village in "The Magnificent Seven," on location near here, Vladimir shudders at the world's dramatic coaches applying the Stanislav- ski acting method "so blindly." "It is foolish," he told me, his eyes bright and clear, "to use the same recies of 50 years ago. You can't play the same part as you played it 50 years ago. "Audiences are differe nt; countries are different; the world is different. All life is different. If he were alive today, Stanislavski would be different with his method, too." What is Sokoloff's method now? "I have learned," he said quietly, "to work by my five senses alone. It is not difficult to pretend one is eating hot soup. Yet when I appeared off Broadway not long ago in 'Power of Darkness," one critic said: " 'To watch Vladimir Sokoloff cat hot soup is a revelation.' "I laughed. What is so difficult about it? It is just the touch, the taste, the feel. Acting is as simple as that. The five senses. If you have talent, who needs any other method? If you have talent, there is little need to study any method." Sokoloff will be telling his own story soon in a book, "Letters to Myself," a Somerset Maugham- type summing up. But appearing in "For Whom the Bell Tolls" as a movie and then, 17 years later, as a TV show, Sokoloff doesn't even mention. "It wasn't THAT interesting," he laughted. South of the border cuff notes: TOUGH BIRD SOUTH BELMAR, N.J. (AP) A nearsighted alley cat has been waging a bloody battle for the conquest of a concrete ''cardinal. The imitation bird perches on the rim of a backyard bird bath. Twice it has been knocked to the ground, its painted plumage marred from the claws of the cat. The cat, its teeth cracked and out of line, seems to have learned nothing from its painful experiences. It goes on stalking and leaping. There's a rule of thumb, film writer William Roberts says, for U.S. motorists in Mexico. In case of a traffic accident, leap from your car and disappear. Several hours later show up at a police station and report your car was stolen the day before. Reason: All persons involved in traffic accidents, including witnesses, usually are locked to think things over before the wheels of Mexican law start turning. Health Post to Associate Dean OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Dr. Kirk T. Mosley, 54-year-old associate dean of the University of Oklahoma Medical School, will become acting state health commissioner May 1. Mosley's appointment was disclosed Tuesday after Dr. Grady Mathews announced his resignation from the $15,000 a year post. Mathews, 69, said he wants to *•-. slow his pace although he w5tj '•" continue as consultant for the department and consultant for the department of preventive medicine and public health at the OU School of Medicine. Mosley holds degrees from Tu- iane and Harvard Universities. He has been at OU since 1949 and last year was named associate dean. Mathews has been health com- ,& missioner for 21 years. He is' a graduate of the OU Medical School and formerly practiced at Britton. Mathews has considered retiring for several years, he said, finally making up his mind this spring. He expressed a desire to slow down and also pointed out the difficulties of operating the department on its present budget. The department was given an g,-, increase of $37,700 in funds by the *' last Legislature when it had asked for a boost of more than half a million dollars. The appropriation was $775,225 a year. The department receives almost as much from the federal government along with an estimated $300,000 a year in Fees. "I'm not going to get into a rocking chair," he said. "I just want to take a little of this night «* work off." , *i VIEW—Harry Belafonte gives his boy David, 2, a better look at the entries at a San Juan, Puerto Rico, race track. They backed a long-shot winner, \t>

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