The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1932
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ABE.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, .OCTOBER g : ' 1932 Swrt Hiity bedding W01 Me Place today Mta -EUnteih WopJdridge joungut dtufbter of Mr. iaf ,Mr». B. I. Haley, M« Mr. <3i$s- f . air- Up Smart, jount*** soiy & > U 'ind Mri. J.JI. Siurt, iliTlx^t.Jed ttis afternoon in a oere'i-' ; to be pertanuui it,tt-/t o'r it the Flnt BipUst ciiarch. . itev. Alfred S. .Harwell .»ill \ ,;4 -tyj rln» ttnrfee/iatare'a. Urge fathering A bot*r ol fOsu and uhUax in- l«ipei»»d;wtth bufceu of Ultes and Thlt* gtadfott .will be t* place of tie eertBtflny.-WMte cathedral Upen, In-ctMetoJJra, wUl mark e»ch entrance able for members of the wedding -party and the green and white colors are also to be noted In the crystal vase* of UUea and terra wnlcb will decorate tbe ' entire church. As the guests Msemble Mr. Har- My Haley of Hot Sprlc js, uncle of .the 'bride, will, render a program W -otjan selections. "Romance," Lieurane*, "Coeurj," Ortsson, and ; ,"D»TO," Sheldon, are to be played. afn. Paul-,L. Tlpton is to sing "J I***. You Truly," Bond, and "For Ttai Alone," Ge«hl. Lohengrin's wedding march wBl befljld tp* brtde and during the exchanging ot the marriage vows "Ah S»eet Mystery of Ule," Herbert, will . be played, for the recessional Men- deba«jn 1 «.,wedatnj- march l* to be • «*«!;??:- •'.'•', -'•- :'*.". . . ifi»: llbri Stleiinan win be her matron of honor. She is to of 'green rough crepe h a tucked blouse with ties ,of:mink fur and the f»ll sleeves are caujht at the waist. The skirt ''; • • • . ' Tab: mild-of-honor, Miss Martha Chambers,' is to wear a frock of . brown'rough crepe tfiiruiiecl In white with rl* full sleeves set in with fagctting and, the waist trimmed with buttons down the b«ck and a -. high «eck. Both attendant* will -"',*¥** i*ntical bouquets of pink KB*. • •-' " - lie.bride, who is to be given in marriage by her father, is to be «owped in gold crinkis crepe trimmed in mink fur. A tailored effect la art&ved in the plaited skirt and U>e sleeves which are full under the ami aha caught in deep cufls at the ^wrists. She will Tear brown «ca£sorles. Yellow Prenet roses and .valley lilies will form her. bouquet. Mr Smart will hire foe. isia best maahis brother, J, Hsrshall Smart or. -yne groomsman U'to be Mr. Oscar Hardavay. Tbe uibers~wiil be U.'W. Mul- lia*,«,broajer-in-law-of-the bridu- f«aoBi, Lloyd Sticlunon,.'broth«r-ln- la* of the bride,- Joe Trteschman .aqd:NoMe Gill. ^ *unedlately after '. the ceremony \MT.;smart and; his bride are leav- VPtte » brief motor 'trip and upon •: «& return will make thclr hami , «3»e Muttns residence on Chicka- sajrba avenue. 3ft5. Snart '.was graduated in Brae Mountiin cc-Iiege, Italn, Miss., having re- Bachelor of Arts degree ~ '"jJiano and organ.- who reo3ived his ADVICE BrHElENmSHiMER VOO PKWHMX} to cjfl al Kajf-[>«) fiffct * To malct tone pUi (or < (uliuc Jik; I luvt t«*» ntdiing the clock^l know Y«u ihouU h«« phoned m t«xii ago. '1PHE lundi kttf tirltnj trowxf, arojnJ. *• I m mne Ail pntuin you've [ouni <i*—Ut ilwt'i A FTER lSi» don't say in advance •I* rWuejoui.ildo. . .just like* t Foe t cannot think o( anj-lhng A» out!« a pHone that vt nol ring! •/VWrfr •"?• ?» NF ^ Stnkfcltc. All rcVriiir.r.d xm s rlehU mtnfcl.) • •- Btoce flagging nppctltes arc whetkd by novel flavors, the piquant sauce makes a definite contribution to the well-balanced menu. . It's actual food value may 'be very small, but It makes the plainest pot-roust dinner or cold- meat tupper palatable and inter- leader group 3J*««!»y the iome «<?Mrs. Farnswarth Black for the **•• meeting of the fan. She us- An • Infinite variety of these sauces can be made easily arid Inexpensively, so 'that trie filling of the relish shelves of the pr.Kerve cupboard is not a forbidding task. Vntdta Kelish Six sweet red peppers. 1 . sweet ffr«en pepper, 6 sweet yellow peppers, 6 onions, I cup brown sugar, 3 tablespoons *aU, 1 cup vinegar. 1 tablespoon celery «ed, 1 tablespoon mustard seed. Remove stem ends and frcm peppers. Peel onions. Put "eppers and onions through food chopper. Put In sauce pan, cover with boiling water and let stolid ftw minutes. Drain. Put into prc- strving kettle with sugar, salt, spices and vinegar. Bring to the Relaxation Is a Pipe for Her Bilsoj Netcs Mostly Personal Mr. and. Mis, Jolui I* Compte and daughter ol Mtmphls returned home today after a brief stay with Mr. and Mrs. Welch Foster. Accompanying them was Mrs. Le. Comj)t«'i> mother, Mru. Mr. and Mrs.. r, Mrii. C. 3.. w. B. . I*. Smitn. Luigdon havc returnsd from Memphis where ,hcy visited their daughter, Mrs. Byron Bartholomew, and family. Misses Charllne Robinson and Virginia Terry are in Jonesboro for Freeman Robinson and Carl Gan- ike spent Thursday In Memphis. Mrs. oeril ahane and • daughter Miss patty, and Mrs. J, H. Elklns md Miss Brunellc Bradley are in Memphis today. Mrs. R. L. Bradley and daugh- er Bculah Belle, have gone to Little Rock for the week-end. Mrs. H. O. Partlow and mother, Mrs. H. E. Neblctt of Tupelo, Miss., spent Wednesday in Memphis attending the Mid-South fair. Mrs. H. J. Klelndlcnst and two daughters have returned from several months slay In St. Louis. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Klelndlcnst's mother, Mrs. William Hatz, --of that city. FlctclKr Klinke of Memphis -is the guest of his sister, Mrs. R\' H. Bennett, and family. E. Z. Newsom of Paragould attended to business here today. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Lyons V and Mrs. E. H. Merritt of Jonesboro, arc in the city today as Singles Champ Gets License for Life "Doubles" Society Catendai Monday St. Stephen Guild of the Episcopal church meeting with Mrs. A. O.- LlUle. Woman's missionary society of Rrat Methodist church having study lesson at church. Tuesday Mrs. Joe Trieschman entertaining Young Matrons Bridge club. New Tuesday Bridge club meeting with Mrs. Robert Grimes Women of Church of Christ meeting with Mrs. H. L. Splccr at Luxora for Bible study. Mrs. Randolph Smith having New Wednesday Bridge club. Thursday Mrs. B. A. Lynch having MJd- wcsk Bridge club. Osceola Society— Personal Mrs. Massengill high score prize was and gncsls of Mr. F. Norrls. ' J. D. McCarn and Mrs. Samuel left today for Relaxing from hsr labor of designing Hollywood styles, Mme. Lisbeth Krausz, Viennese designer, gave the movie capital something to talk about when she calmly boiling point and simmer until! too)c ° ut n » favorite pipe and tender. It will take about thirty started'puffing.-Mmc. Krausz will remain in Hollywood about two weeks; so by that time your favorite unrelaxed movie queen may be puffing her own corncob. . - —D Home Habits." Mrs. T. G. Seal flye a resume of th,?. discussion <*TOoui>U About Psychology." •Tnere wer e two new members, »BS. R. L. Osines and Mrs. Sam N&natt. *£» » social hour sandwiches, «5*»es and. coffee was served. atatay School TO Qteerve Rally Day «The Sunday school of the First Pjesbytertan church will observe IttUy Day tomorrow with a sp»- eaal; program .beginning at S:45 «Wock. It is planned to have per• *~-j attendance in V nnmber of ^Jasaes, specfal, •effsrts havfrig ttt* made thh, week by various groups of the Sunday school The <*to«es will be held Uril" with the afcanbly program Dwr Ctax T«.Me«t The Open Door Sited ay school , cftai of the First -Mett.odiit church «ffi have' MiM Maybclle Snyder Mr ; the speaker.'tomorrow. TlK <£(( quartet will render several •Sections. ' ; , minutes. Pour into sterilized Jars and seal. Store In fe dark cool place. Rnnauge Pfcfcte Two quarts green tomatoes. 1 quart ripe tomatoes. 3 large heads celery. 4. large green cucumbers. 3 larga onions, 3 green peppers, 3 red peppers, 1 small head cabbage, i-2 cup salt, I quart vinegar. 3 sups brown sugar, 1 tablespo"i ground mustard, 1 teaspoon pepper. Peel onions, remove seeds from peppers and pare cucumbers. Wash remaining vegetables. Chop and put into a large crock with salt sprinkled through layers of vegetables, Let stand thirty minutes arid drain over night. In the mor- j nlng put all the ingredients into preserving kctt'lc and bring to the I boiling point. Simmer twenty | minutes and pour into sterilized j Jars. Seal and store in a dark cool place. - Cfcotiwy Sauce .'•yTwelyc sour green apples. 12 gresn tomatoes,' 3 green . -,. . 3 medium sired Spanish chlorls, 1 pound seedless raisins, 6 tablespoons salt, 1-4 pound green gihger root, 3 lablespobns niustnrtl frijd.'-a 1-2 cups dark brown su- g£r. 1 1-2 quarts vinegar. • W»th tomatoes and remov stems. Chop coarsely. Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons -salt and let drain over night. Pure, core and chop apples. Peel and chop onions. Rcmovo seeds and pith from peppers and chop. Combine sugar, iernalntng salt and vinegar." Brlns tp^ (tie .boiling point and boll-five minutes. Add remaining ingredi- ehts'.tnd simmer until vegetables are, tender and mixtare is Vhick. It will take about' »n hour. Turn into .'sterilized glasses and seal. •Nashville, Tenn,, to be with Mrs. McCarn who i s In the Baptist hospital there. Mrs. McCam, who underwent an operation two weeks ago. Is now improving. J. Lpuls'Cherr>'"wl!l""returri~to^ morrow from several days stay in New Orleans where h e attended n meeting of the southern division of the New York Life Insurance company agents. He was awarded the trip for having gone over his quota in a recent contest. Mrs .Tli2odorc Logan left today for Wayne City, HI, having been called there by the serious illness of her. .mother, Mrs. H. F. Wolf. •Miss tuc'infe Fisher spent Wednesday and Thursday in Memphis atiouding the Mid-South fair. Rives Allen Jr., ten months old son of Mr. and Mrs, Rives Allen, was burned about the arm and stomach late yesterday when a cup of coffe e overturned on him. He is resting very well today. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin N. Nunn have gone to Mcrehead, Miss., to spend the weekend with their daughter, Miss Sara Nunn, who Is a student at the Morehead Junior college. Judge G. E.' Keck and his court stenographer. H. G. Partlow, returned yesterday from Marion They will 20 to Harrisburg Mon- davi for court. Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tipton h&v c as their guests today Mes- danies A. S. . McDatilcl. A. T. Douglas, Everett Dmiglns and Hubert Wyse, of Senath, Mo. Losing, at 38, "His Boyishness' Henry Ellsworth Vines, Jr., the world's champion at tennis, had to mlsslcn when he entered the get his mother's written ner- doubles. His partner is Julia Vcrle Lowe, with whom he'll sc'n be , honeymooning. Vines, not yet 21, had to have nl s mother sign the marriage license aimlicatUm (n Pasadena. Here you see, left to right, Mrs. Vines, her tennis-champ son and his bride-to-be" as they returned with tlie important paper. Senath Woman Succumbs to Stroke of Paralysis Mrs. |I, . L. Ward was hostess to the Thursday afternoon bridge club entertaining besides the mem- tors, Mtsdames O. E. Masscnsill -and L. S. Mitchell and Miss Emma Cox. winner cf Mrs. W.-. C. Pace cut consolation fivov, •Mre. Ed L. Quinn entertained' the tivo tuble bridge club to which she Lolongs al her home hero Wednesday afternoon. Her guests besides the club rnembeis wcrc Mrs. W. R. Dycus, Mrs. L. S. Milcr,5ll and Mrs. A.. W. Young. The club meniocrs who attended were Wesdames J. H. Ijove- ivcll, W. E. Hunt, H. J. Halo. W. W. Pi-ev.ltt and J. L Ward. Mrs. H. J. Hale wae high score prize winner. Richard Cromcr, 14-year-old son of-Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Cromer, is in Baptist hospital, Memphis, under a specialist's observation. While his case has not been definitely diagnosed, he is suffering with an ear trouble that physicians say may be mastoiditis. He is in a : sc-rious condition. • Mrs. Cromcr :s with him. Mrs. C. W. Watson is in Baptist hospital, Memphis, where she i$ recovering from an operation for upptiirilcKis performed Wednesday night. Mr. Watson accompanico her }o the hospital Wednesday, uturning here yesterday. Mesdames C. E. Sullenger, E. S. Driver, Jce Cromer, K. II. Cromcr and F. L. Philips visited Richard. Cromer at - the BnpiUt hospital, Memphis, Thursday.' -Mallory . Harwell has returned lo Vandcrtllt university at Nashville, Tenn. Members of the Eastern Star t:ho attended a meeting of the Lepanto chapter at that place Monday evening include Mr. auu Mrs. A. S. Rogers, Nfesrlamcs Alton Bnker, W. E. Burton. Geo. Raines, L. K. Hanvarg, Rose GoHl- terg, L. Howton, J. B. Bunn, Moiia Moore. E. .S. Chiles, E. H. Stevjivs, Bertha Morarity nnd Mr. and Mrs. Fowler all of Csceola, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Bogan, Mrs. Thwcatt Mrs. C. B. Wood and Mrs Tom Ballcw of Luxora. Jack Hook, Chas. Hayncs S»l- HES HBST BAPTIST CIIVJKC1I Walnut StrcH and Eighth Streets Alfred S. Harwell, 1'aslor Pastor speaks at 11 a.m. oil "The Christian and His Prayer-Life." The subject Jor 7:30 p.m. is "Trie Efficacy of the Blood." Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Alvln Holley, superintendent. B. Y. P. U. Wilhelm director. p.m. Miss Lima .. small: ' ' ea*y the fleW <rf banking Invest- ; MfcrrU is suggested by Dr. William : , l£ ' Gorton, itate secretary of :-.Mkkbi..-• •'.:. . •'- . pwcbaae.- of Stocks should _ JbitMl fraav'uxl after th* it the 1 paatfce of an set," jattt. "Banks now holding afeeuM'be gttcn a RUOD-, length of tin* to jlbik>se';o( taw» ibould be changed Jf mint flavor is u-antwi add I cup • minted mint leaves to chop- red mixture when added lo .vinegar. , Mem BMAKFAST: Grape- fruit sections, cere*l, cream! soft cooked eg»6, toastV milk, coffee. ^.LUNCHEON: Broiled Frankfurt- ersr saVory Vie;;) celery hearts, . apple sauce, cookie*, milk, tea. -DWNKK-. Lamb balk with cur- Iwe* it I n.«t~jrHy- !>•**)- Tt«o naqutttM. .takwJ .JeruMtem .artichokes, beef and Mttije cheese salad, peach j shortcake, milk, coffee. i covered him. Hero is the latest .picture of'the Prince of Wftles, revealing that his 38 years arc becoming notica- able in his features. The prince's forchtad -is becoming deeply lined, and'Ills face has lost much o( the boyishness thai added to his world popularity. He .Is showi here as 'he tef t. England by plane .-for Copenhagen. Cardwell, Mo.— Mrs. Lee, The W. M. S. will meet Monday 2:30 p.m. as follows: Circla No. 1 with Mrs. Will Rogers, Lilly street Cirde No 2 n-HJi Mrs. J. B. Hol- lls, 105 Dougan street. Circle No. 3 at the church. Circle No. 4 \vit-ii Miss Cordelia Wllhllc, West Walnut. Because of the Association' meeting 'at Manila Tuesday ant Wednesday there will not be anj teachers meeting or prayer mectm; this week. This is the day to observe the Lord's Supper. We invite you to worship with us. "Sliinimy Queen" in Tragic Role • ~ . • . '•*! FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Main and Seventh Streets P. Q. Korie, pastor Worship and sermon, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Junior church, II a.m. Young Peoples meeting 6:45 p.m. Board ot Stewards Monday 1:30 p.m. Fourth Quarterly .Conference Wednesday 1 p.m. with supper at the church. Joiner and Keiser, Wilson, Osceoia, Luxora, Leachville and Monette, Manila ana D^ll, Yarbro and Promised Land, Lake Street »'ill meet at the same time. Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:15 p.m. Mary Catherine Phiups, Marlon Cromer, Mary Virginia cf the Ncsblt neighborhood. near| levA Cromer and Mary Elizabeth Eal- Senath, died at the home of her n group of teen aw boys and girls who attended the Mid-South fair in Memphis Thur day. They were accompanied Ly Mr. Jce Cromer. daughter, Mrs. Russcl Dcmpsey. Thursday, following a stroke of paralysis. She was stricken ot 3 o'clock on the morning of Sep-j Mrs Hcrb t Snlp _ en d .. tcmbcr 23 and death came °M son, Dillie, arrived WcU^srtay fron four in the afternoon of the same (hdr homc JR c ^ r ™ as ^™ na day - .... I visit with, relatives and friends Funeral services were held the Mclhodtst church at at 11 o'clock Friday morning. The Rev. «™ ** in °«eola un- Mrs . w as- rnl „ wce 1 or ther r of Joscp)l c|jnlon ^f Mcmpto services were conducted by "o'-lccola Ware, pastor of • the church, — ' 5tstcd by Rev, Massey, pasto- the HomcrsviUc Hfcthodist cluirch. There was special music hy the Nesblt church choir. Burial was in LIceris' cemetery nt Canitli. Mrs. Lee was born in the Nes- j bit iiclgliborhMcl on October £, 185fi, and lived all her life ir. j - - - ,-.^ ^,. that coimmmlly. She is survived! i.,^,, 0 ™,,^" 1 ^' nl sW. by t\vo tlaughtcrs. Mrs. Russcl Dernrjse.v. with whom slie n-atlc her homc. and Mrs. George Whitehead, both cf Nesbit; four grandchildren, anrt Lee. Xfarshall and Mary Jane Dcmpscy; and one grandson; and a number of other relatives. She was the cousin of Major Willie Ray, of Cartlsvcll and the aunt- of Will Hay nnd Mrs. W. R. Stannil, of Cardwell. Fate cast GIMa Gray, the glittering "shimmy queen," in''g role in a drab court drama at Milwaukee when her fat|~ Michalskl, was sunimoued to explain why he had been/ county charily. Here is Gilda with her son, Martin as -she appeared in court to testify she had been lather support money, but that lie squandered It all. ! funded to the county $33 lor his treatment 'in jcet for ItiS morning flow Blessing." At • Wcofeawk i Canned StIf Alive SAQINAW, 1 Mch. (UP)—A woodchuck canned himself' alive near here and was captimxl by two fiEherrnen.: The animal,had pokcrt his head into a can and was cajv; tured'by two fishermen. The an . . . _ „. . oui.and. w.sis .struggling to .me hlmEiU frrieri • the fisiieniie^i' dis Hard I.nrli Rrccrd Claimed PON'CA CITY. Okla. (UP) — Marlon Ellis still claims the hard luck record of the high school. Last year at the start of football season Mnriovt broke his leg in scrimmage', Ihis year he received a broken shoulder iti the season's first practice. Manufacturers at Conference ST. LOUIS (UP)—Approximately 500 manufacturers are expected to attend the animal Middte .'West Foreign Trade and Merchant iMarlne Conference, to be held ' 11. ,, Lone Oak items A roll call mcotin? of members of Hie Lone Oak Baptist cluirch Marion Richardson of Chicago visited his sister. Mrs. Herman McLcod and family last week. There will be i pounding for Brother W. W. Wallers at the church Saturday night. Tom Britlain is sick Urn week. Herman McLccxi was called to Ripley, Tctni.. last week by the death of an aunt. Grandma Jarrctt is visiting her daughter. Mrs. Jco Walters. Bill. Bert and Russell Richardson of Kcnnett, Mo, visited their father. L. I. Richardson, last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lobley. Mr. and Mrs. Eimer Lobley wcrc dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Law- rsncc Powell Sunday. CHURCH OF THE NAZA3ENE Second anj Vine Streets R-. S. Rushing, pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Aforning sermon, 11 a.m. N. Y. p. S. 6:45 p.m. Evening service 7:30. The pastor wijt preach at both services Sunday, using as liis sub"God's over- the evening evangelistic service "Amazing Grace." This service will be preceded by a spirited song service, with special numbers. The public is cordially invited to these ssrvicjs. Come with us. We will do thce gocd. Bring along a friend, and M blessed of the Lori Praj-er meetings each Wednesday evening- at 7:30 p.m. Bring your Bibl? and let us worship the Lord together. The pastor and delegates will leave Tuesday of next week to at- •'cnd. the annual district assembly to 1)5 held in First church. Little Rock. Oct. 5th to 9lh. General Superintendent Dr. R. T. Williams, Knnsas city, Mo., will prcs':d?. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Marsh M. Cillaway, MrnWcr Church school and special Rally Day services. 3:45 a. m. Each; member t>f th P school has a place !o bo filled at this lime. Morning cluirch worship, it o'clock. Sermon lltcmc "Tlio Perfect Pattern of Life." Evening worship, 7:30 o'clock. All arc cordially invited. Driver Grove \ i The Rev. das ion Cotton tle liivcr will preach here Saturday night and Sunday morning ai 11 o'clock. • A number from here attended -the revival conducted by Louie Shultz at Gosnell last week. Te<l Brock, Richard Hall, Elton Brock and Charles Bigham went to St. Louis on the Frisco excursion. Mrs. Esther Springer attended Sunday school and church at Hall Moon- Sunday. -Mosdames M.iude and Es:;.?i Springer visited Mrs. Annie fica- ertsorr at the B-ylheville hos'.ml Saturday, she is suffering froi:i a broken leg, ihc result of turning her ankle and falling last Friiay. She v.-as taken to Uic- hospital by Will Moody. citl Delegates to Mexican SAN ANTONIO, Te: Delegates from this, c with others from soul! journey to Monterrey agricultural and 'livestcj tion Oct. 9 to 17.- Official approval of made by the San Antd ber of Commerce. Goforth, who suggestej of the trip be voiced by| cer, taid other southwe cities were sending- Head Courier New MATEKNITY and elusion for unfortunall pense reduced by workij Fairmount Hcspital, 49 Kansas City, Mo. ConHnttor Snds 4S Yr. Service FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP)—Joe E. White, n conductor on the Rock Island Railroad, finlshw! W years of railroading on his-70th blrth- doy. Thirty-eight of the 48 years he has bcsn vth the Rock Island. P. S. A. Sponsors "Show Boat" • GRAND RAPIDS (UP) — The Oakland' School Parent-Teachers AssoclMion here sponsored a "she* | boat" on Grand Fiver for the- bcu- Ouurler NG«S Want Ads Pay. i eflt of needy families. PILGRIM U1T1IERAX CIIL'KCI! H. J. Klcindicnst, P.istor Sunday fchool and Bible class, 9 n. m. Divine worship, 10 a. m. Sermon them: "Where Is Your Heart, On Ecarlh or in Heaven?" This question will be answered. All arc cordially invited. LAKE STREET METHODIST W. J. LeRoy. Pastor ! Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. I Pleaching. 10:50 a. m. Subject: I "Who Will Show Us God " x ' Leagues. 0:30 p. in. Preaching, 7:1!> p. in. Subject'.; "'The Price of Your Soul." | You nrf. cordially invited lo'. Uicse services. I "I \va sglad when they said:! 'Let us go into the house of the' Clean and Sparkling When Scientifically CLEANED CARD OF THANKS | We wish to thank our friends' end neighbors for their kindness in ! the sickness nnd death of our rtc'ar'ffither'n'rld'lilisbanrl. J. L. .McFarland. His wife and children. H;ivi»i> your clothes cleaned' one of the siiiitli's finest ptiintsl rn;i:-lcr craftsmen means! t hi vciir clothes are gelling pi'ifer care . . . Hiving them t cr life anil that retaining new appearance at all' times. , Hats Cleaned andReblocked . . . reshaped into ;i 1032 style-. . . new lustre.given, to the felt . . . itt'iv linings and sweat.bands irdc- sired . . . all at moderate prices. •. Phone 327 for a White Truck BlVTHEViLLE LAUNDRY

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