The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AP1UL 13,^944 LOOKING AHEAD BLYTHBV1.LLB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS FIELD DAY J lie second paragraph of Oils nr- !,.; c ', ts ott J usl llkc tl'c second iwagrapi, of ,, lc Declaration of.jn- aencixleiice but it docs not end Hie same way. Tli e lwo sentences do "91, mean the sa m e thing at. all. lliis ono is n parody: We hold these Irtiths to lie Wlf-cvldciu. that all men nrc created equal, that they arc endowed by their Creator with "BOW, that among these are Ease, Security ami (he enjoyment of Prosperity. Tlie axtUientic version says "Life, "Wly and the pursuit of Happiness, of course. Bui in the last 168 years, such slinplc pryJJk'ges seem to have lost their popular appeal, uweity had glamour back In J77C when human freedom was novel, uut now it is a worn enrmcnl drab and colorless. Tho customers ' want somelhtajf tailored on more leisurely Hues, After all it calk for a certain amount of exertion to pursue anything, even happiness! The Kfforr. Counts Outside my window Is the athletic fjelct of, S sn'mll • college. Field Day Ls soon, and train ing is in progress. Every few minutes u new group of runners lines up at the starting pole. Tlie gun- cracks and all run. In every sense contemplated In the Declaration of Independence, these runners are. created equal, Each has * an inalienable HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Huge TV A Job Subject of Figures In LHienthal Book right to HID prize. But as n . matter pf fact, only one can win It, Only one will. ' Competition, the spirft of con- tfst, makes .r good Field Day. Athletes are noticeably young and slight this Spring, for the obvious reason that the war, has taken the Wg boys, but Field Day is no less important. Competition Inspires training and training makes for ; development, if all our men had been crowed equal physically ,if every race had to be a tie in order to be fair, there would be no com' petition, mcnt. no training, no develop- Like RuMiiess There is no better symbol ot Free Enterprise thnn mi athletic Field Day. Our forefathers were wise when (hey wrote Ihe rules and declared all men equal under the ln\v! Anybody, citizen or alien, is at llb- erty' to pick his favorite activity, flnd the class in which lie belongs mid havc-at-it. according to liis own ability. He can win. History has .proved that champions are hard to pick in'advance. Some athletes, arc good at only otic -sport; others are versatile. Sometimes a man of many talents gets two or three ribbons; again a specialist c-ycells. But they nil try for it. The "net result-of the competition is a better set of men better teams, better classes, lietler schools here and'elsewhere—a better nation. Broad-scale progress results from effort, not from prizes! 7 Open to Any In busing it is much the same story. Nation-wide effort to achieve success accomplishes great things for the whole people. The awards of Free Enterprise are worth having lint they are not the inain thiiijf. Wealth, prominence, recognition, influence; these are ribbons. l»-»Thev ar e stimulanis that fire com- 'Y^ctition, but a few winners don't mafce-fi nation. It is the thoughtful wort'df many that makes America great. , Every liberty-loving citizen has a duty lo keep competition open. Free Enterprise is threatened in America. If it is overthrown by those who want every race to end In n >drnw, Ihe ease and security they seek will not come. But idleness will come and paraljze a nation that has set the world's pace for 168 years. The TV A lias been such n big job of construction thnt. David E. Lillen- llial, chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority, had to do n big job to get out his book. "TVA— Democracy on the March" (Hnrpers: $2.80). You can't begin to realize the size 01 [he task of damming up the Tennessee river, fed by the heaviest rainfall in eastern America, until yon see the figures on what was necessary to provide electrified power for the fanning and Industrial areas In the valley. Store than 175,000 acres of land had to bo cleared; more than 1200 miles of highway constructed as well as almost 140 miles of railroad. Huge electric shovels cxca* vated 30,000,000 cubic yards of rock and earth to prepare foundations for the series of dams, ninl l )3 million cubic yards of concrete was poured to build the dams themselves. The latter figure represents a bulk 12 times as great as. the seven great pyramids of Egypt. ' The autho) 1 has boundless faith in the future of the valley mid its various projects. He envisions a higher living standard for all its people, and declares that nothing in the way of petty politics or other obstacles can ever halt Its fu. tui-c development. The undertaking had many lilts in court Ijcforc it was ever started, and many more after It began. Ramifications of this legal red tape make interesting 'reading as related by this author who has set down a good historical account of an era. . * * » DOUGH IN NUTS!Ii;i,I, You'll be interested in "Money- Oo-Round" by John J. Ploherty (Llppincotl: S3) even if you aren't the kind of person who delights In l j-are old cdins. • Money has played an Important rolo since the beginning of history when roots, shells, and furs served as currency. Thirty pieces ot silver were Judas' undoing; pieces-of- eighl lured the pirates of the Spanish Main into murder and marauding'; and today the way in which we spend our dollars will determine (lie difference between stabilized living and skyrocketing Inflation. Our ally China was the first nation to establish :i systeiii of paper money In the ninth century. Tlie motto "In God We Trust," which appears on our coins today, was originated by Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase. Bowed by (lie crushing financial problems brought on by the Civil War, and despondent over its debilitating effect on the coxnitry'ii resources, he wrote the director of tlje mint, stating tiiat no nation can be stron» except in the strength of God, and instructed the now-famous words to be placed on our coins. Interspersed with other historical anecdotes, photographs and sketches, FJoherty, author of "Inside the F, B. I.," creates an interesting book. * • * SOUTH AMERICAN' MURDER If murders built around Scotland Yard, the moors of Scotland, New York's skyscrapers, or Hollywood's boudoirs have your appetite sated, then you'lj renew your zest for mystery yarns in reading "The Moon Was Red," by Dana Sage (Simon & WARNING ORMK In,.the. Chancery Court, CHICKA- .SAWBA DISTRICT, Mississippi Conrity, Arkansas. . Aaron Lcc Alexander, Plaintiff vs. No. 8603 Francis Alexander, Defendant. Tlie defendant, Francis Alexander, is hereby warned to nppeii within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and -answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Aaron Lee Alexander. • / Dated this 10 day of April, 1944 . HARVEY MORRIS, Clc ^ Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pltf. C. F. Cooper, Ally, ad Litem. 4J13-20-21-514 In 1914 the automotive industry turned out half a million cars and trucks. .Two years later the output doubled. DOUBLE DUTY! HiiniKo Is an fill-vegetable shortening arjil can be saved and used again and again for added ccouomv. Schuster: $2.50>. Scene Is South America, In the days before American entry into Ilia wnr. Plot hinges nromul espionage, with some liu-a Indian Moody sim ceremonies, n murder on u boat, a murder In L« !>nz, Uollvhi, drum teals, and creepy situations. Chief character;* ;lre Donald O'Keefe Adams in, scion of a New England family that built up n 1011- Ulable trade in South America. Ills Indian friend, Stmchu, with (lie n,u- ural ability of a Paraguyan native and the education of a North American, complete a team thnt solves two puzzling slaylnus. International complications toy Hally subside Into the Impersonal ' to tjeuln »iwe«im «f , n trnmmimy of Ivvo people who re- ' rai s I, f i K „ ?« " roBlv main lo«clhcr for conUlencc but u, do av nducllon of ' : ° l "' 01 ' 1 ' e no lonm-r i.itlm»in ,' ', " lnj " lll ««>" of mini ovoi- who ore no longer intimate, On Mary's wedding clay, Eil- Benfii learns that her son, Jack, may bo In a combat nrca cnpUiml oy the enemy, that her daughter Phyllis, wns never really inarrjed (o (ho man who Is Ihu'fttlw'of her child, nnd lhal the brute herself has nm uway, presumaoly v.'lth mi old sweetheart. Through it nil Kuuenla koeps hri poise, she handles her niisSriiid her family, the servants iiii'l viul ous si riuiBOjvi iillendiiiH 0:1 »!IB wed cllnd us (hough nothing were wrwif, And tlieivln the iiiithor voices her plea for her clmnu'lcr. \lnt cwiylhliiK, S )i,» h vonlly :i ...„.„, encd, confused and lonely woman who onti't utvh-rstmul the people with whom she has lo deal, or ihi, crises with which she is faced. Hlu 1 oau only act us she, thinks Iwii. Am boforc (lie ilny is over she has MI consciously rebuilt her own happiness nnd thnt of those dour to her binmls lirnckets Istrnnt.i III the lower oiiiiwo iii\ys. lint 11 wiw .viiKlorslooil (l\ai Ark. Gct ed with promotint' good-will for inn Delay In Army Calls United states in Soulli AmeMou I against inroads of Cierman propa- ! LITTLE ROCK April 12 (UP)— gnnUu I,,,., his hands full solvtm; M.-n over the a K e of 20 in Arkan- hls crime-and opening a tin mint- sas will probably K ct u coi nlo ot latS flllDnftltlll. in iirnvi/Him ll,.. II I ...,.- , ' b . . ..""'"" .. Ol (hat's finpoftHiit in providing in, S. a inuch-nceded mineral. It's swell reading. AI.I, IN' A DAY The insredienls of "\Vcdd!:ij? • Day," by Edna Moscr (Dnell, Sloan A Pearce: $2.50),.nrc the events in the life of u single family brought tfl H toll on the day that the youngest daughter is to be married, Eugenia ftrscn is slill a beauti-1 ful woman at 51, apparently cold,' calculating, intent only on appearances. Her husbaml's love was lost to her on his return from World Win- I. her superficiality unable tu bridge the clinsm from her narrow, domestic world to the broader one he has just discovered. The violent quarrels of first readjustment <jnul- U. weeks respite from Induction call: Stale selective Service Dlrecloi K. L. Compere says a recent ordci Crisp, Crunchy € Uniformly Delicious BACON SLICID MEMPHIS PACKING CO. [|OW TO RUIN DRESSES AND LOSE FRIENDS It's tragic how somn girh lo.=« ilu-ir friends nml mm their dresses liecau=ii of perspiration odoi- anil emins. And there's no excuse fnr ii! Tt'a rtuy In save dresses, it's easy to Bavc fric'mls. ! " | dial helps keep your nrnipilo dry and, removes tlio odor from perspiration. : Arrid is safe, and dependable for 'these 5 reasons: 1. Does notirrilale fikin. Dru'^nnt rut <frcssC5 ornictl's frlu'rfs. 2. Prevent* nmlcr-nrrn odor. ITcIn, slop perspiration sufcly: . . : 3. A pure while, iimitohilc; Blmnlesa cream. • J 4. No wniling lo dry. Crtti li« used riglll nflcr >=l]iivi/i£, ^ r 5< A\ynnlcilAiyiroviil ScalofAnicricai Iti5lilnt4! of l.Hiinderihg—- lutrni less lo fabric. Use Arrid regularly. Arrid is Ihe largcet selling dcoilnranl. b.iltlal illlfilorcsscllini'loilcl/roiicb— I0c, 39c anil 59o n jar , , • Due to Shortage of Meat- CAMP MOULTRSE GRILL will open at 5 P.M. and serve m We Will Be Closed All Day " On Friday OFFICE AND ROOMS OPEN AS USUAL. —Thank You. REPARATION %£&) -flie Place „„ LESS POTENT MEDICINES If you or any member pf your family a suffering from a deficiency of B-Complcx Vitamins and Minerals, we want you lo liy V-T. This new and improved vitamin and mineral tonic contains in each 8 ounce bottle as much Vitamin B, Tiiiamin Chloride as is found in ZOO pints of fresh taw milk and in about 1280 cakes of moist Brewers Yeast. Scifrncu has found by research that the body needs vitamins and minerals. Lack of these vital supplements may cause loss of appetite, nervousness, lack ot pep and vigor and other symptoms of poor health unless corrected by the proper diet containing the necessary vitamins and minerals. VITAMIN B,LIQUIDS COMPLEX I LIVER EXTRACT • MALT - IRON • CALCIUM - COPPER • MANGANESE ;'yKffl8mwwiBagiaj»ciiaaofl Flavor a-plcnty fn this coffee thqt's so/m/i ' It brings keener enjoyment ?o your cupl Pull fla\ or scaled In thebeon—grgtmci fresh when you buy, $?yc up tp a dim tor u while. Compere says Alkamas' <tf ^^ '•<*<;!v«l orders to 1,01,1,, :to Induction of (hose u»- dcr 20 two weeks ngo Tills order illicit imlpone ImUiciloi) of men over 2(1 lor n few weeks \vhl1u lowds (ire reviewing files of MUSM, JIM-.very few nidi left In, Uic 10 to 20 ngo bracket. TJius llioso nbovs the 20 ngc group nii«y l)e linck bffprc lliclr locn! boards Head Courier News Want Acts'--' Spotlight Coffee THE NHIQN'J QKMEJT Coffee Value! Country Club, 6 oz. TflBM FIAKK LUKli FLAixtj Hershcy's, 8 01. COCOA Alure, bar o fti . Opts. Plain, 6 for TUMBLERS No. 2 Standard lOc % 0 pfs. SCHOOL DAY, EARLY JUNE PEAS No, 4 Sieve 130 No. 2 Can No Ration Points & BEANS C. C., Whok, Kernel, No. 2: Can CORN .P, \k 2 Ib. Pkg. RAISINS o P<I 28c ORANGE JUICE.Uk 46 Oz. BLENDED JU(C 5 P , Eatmore, Ib. OLEO <,., Grpted, '/as TUNA 5 Pt! Shortening, 4 Ibs. HUMKO .6 p.. SWEET, JUICY FLORIDAS IN MfSH BAGS ,LARGE BUNCHES, WITH FRESH GREEN TOPS MEDIUM SIZE FIRM QREEN HEADS --------- (;URK-N; CELRV AKKANSA GROWN- FINE QUALITY TUKNII 1 & MUSTARD WELL HLICACHKD, \.MWK STALKS WJTH-FKBSH GREEN TOPS PINE SLICING QUALITY LARGE JUICY SUNK1ST . SWKET, JUICY. MARSH SEEDLESS SWEET POTATOES lwro K1CAN YAMS I'OUND 1UINCH HUNCH STALK HUNCH POUND POUND POUND POUND 23 C ROAST, Grade A ... HAMS, Half or Whole . . . GROUND BEEF, Fresh Daily . PORK RIBS, Lean and Meaty, PORK CHOPS, Center Cut . . PORK ROAST, loin end . . ;. . COLD LOAF, Pickle and Pimento *•• . Ib. lit Ib. 33< Ib. 22c Ib. 261 Ib. 33? Ib. 271? Ib. 29< LIVER CHEESE . .'. . . |b. 39^ WEINERS, Super Deluxe Skinless .. , . , . Ib. DRUGS 205 W. Main Phone 451 PIGGLYWIGGLY DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE y any Kroger Brunei item, like it M well M or tetter in any other, or return unused portion la'original container and w« will; give yoa double your money back. J: ," • .-V ~ •"

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