The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 23,19-18 BETTER HOMES Reconstruction Advised by MA . Architects Advocate Replacement of Old And Useless Buildings WASHINGTON, D. C., Mar. 23.— Demolition and replacement of buildings which have outlived their usefulness was recommended todny ax a step towards permanent stabilization of the construction Industry. This recommendation \vfls contained in a report of the Committee on Urban Planning of The American Institute of Architects. The committee's recommendations • will be submitted to The A. I. A. annual convention at Salt Lake City In June for final action by the gcn- - «ral 'membership. The architects say that continuity In production must be achieved to avoid the extreme fluctuations in the construction Industry —to minimize boom and depression periods. Housing costs have been raised by this instability since the element of risk has justified the high price. 1 ; for labor and materials - and there has been a maximum volume of housing In periods ol high prices. "We should seek to develop procedures, both public and private, that will stimulate or Inhibit the rate of-construction so as to counteract, rather than aggravate, the violence of cyclical swings in the national economy," the commit! t' Mid "A pre-requislte for the permanent .stabilization of the construction Industry, however, Is a definite program for the demolition and replacement of buildings that have outlived their usefulness." A» released by Douglas W. Orr of New Haven, Conn., President of The Institute, live major objectives for a national housing program-were enunciated in the report. Objectives Listed 1. To secure an adequate quantity of housing to serve the needs of «11 our citizens at a price they Attractive Small Home A small house looks very pretentious when tin atlarhed (jaraje is turned sidew feel should b« provided for » turninu radius however on an interior lol. Kmiihisi* . r on the hvinir «nd nork renter in (he plan. The D-shaned kitchen, the built-in 'laundry, the aetml-eii room, the wash room and hobby Rura^e ure grouped to save steps in the daily routine of living. With radiant floor heating, drafts »nd cold floors are no problem. It comprises ys. At lust 2* has been placed square feet, excluding the construction Industry. ] "We should oppose any rutilidiil i restrictions, whether on the pavl of | capital or labor, that tend to hntn- c»n afford to' pay. ' 1>cr Production or Increase the cost 1 3. To secure an Improved qual-l 0 ' construction," the committee -'stated. "We should fuvor..simplifi- cation of building codes and governmental nld for research in construction methods nnd materials. "Some of the new methods are are being tried, such us pre-fnbri- the Hy and design for all types hoUs'lhg. 3. To secure continuity in production of new homes and ^oart- ments. 4. To secure the elimlnatisn of j)unis and blighted areas. 5. To secure well-planned communities and cities- In considering the problem of quantity and cost, the Committee approves methods designed to In- .-. -.. ., „,. — crease the productive capacity of' concerned, the committee Is op- catlon, may appear to result In limitation in the employment of architects; our policy, In such ca- 'Shock-proofing' of Home Advised To Reduce Number of Accidents Every home is loaded with liaz-+— ards to life and limb, and the trigger can go off nt any time. Homn accidents account for thousands of casualties each year. Tripping over an unseen threshold may cause only n stubbed toe . . or it may result In a broken arm or leg. Turning on an unmarked sr-.s. should be government entirely ; water faucet might give you colil by the needs of the public." I water . or a badly scalded hand. As far as quality and design arc I Reaching for a dimly 111 electric .witch in the basement .might tnr:i or off for you •WE HfcVE SO MANY OTHER THINGS ON OUR KITCHEN •,SOCKET WE HAD TO BRING THIS IN HERE/" • ••'t •vtrl»«d y«ur wiring »yit«m. Wh*n y»» hniH »r mod.mix* prevld* AD[Q{MTE WIRING. ARK-MO I'OWER COMPANY the lights on . with a charge of SOOO volts. Rumpus Rooms Give Chance To Use Ingenuity in Designing Developments in modern home cipal purposes of the rumpus room- design in recent years have seen] Card room: Selling, cream with the wide acceptance of the single 1 large, black nee of spades stenciled story, ranch-style house, and the I around the 'central llgntlng fix- usefulness of a rumpus room, or lure; a singled diamond and heart play room, for family recreation stenciled in red near opposite cor- and relaxation. Only in the late I ners of the ceiling, and a single decade has the rumpus room be-- spade and club stenciled in black lome a part of the average house, near the other corners. Point the Such an area was practically non- sttncJls toward Die corners Walls existent In the early 20's, but to- upper two-thirds stenciled In all- day, regardless of the style of the over card design in black over a house, a separate rercation room I cream background and the entire is provided If possible. upper wall glazed in burnt umber ! Rumpus rooms vary from home to subdue the black; lower third walnut. Came room: Celling, light green,. Walls, slightly deeper green. Iml- ] tatton fireplace, brick red. Woodwork, maple stain. Venetian blonds at windows. Floor, covered with red linoleum wltn black bolder and Insets. Tennis table In forest green. Furniture, some red, some forest green. Rumpus room featuring a small bar: Celling, cream. Walls, knotty pine-natural. Floor, brown linoleum with blacK insets, or painted to imitate such a covering. No curtains,' drapes, rose figured. Bar top stained with burnt umber and varnished. Furniture, some light green, some rose. Genera) purpose room: Ceiling and walls canary yellow. Woodwork, golden oak stain. Floor covering, maroon and black linoleum. Venetian blinds, same as wall Furniture and mirror, bright red. Picture frames, black. FOR WET WALLS USE AQUELLA Don't despairl Aquell* ha* succeeded where other mate-; rials have failed. International ally known—nationally advertised. See us for complete details ' E. C. Robinson Lumber Company 319 West Ash St. Phone 551 Output of Flooring Lost Year Would Circle the Earth Hardwood flooring, for several years among the scarce building materials, now i.s coming from t'ls mills in the greatest volume in history. Enough was turned out in th? nation's major producing areas dur- Goort lighting plus a use of .ing 1347 to circle, the earth 4.7 times color will greatly reduce household : with pieces of flooring one font hazards. A few dabs with a paint j square and one inch thick, accord- brush can save you or some member of your family from painful injuries. Threshold* are a good place to star!. Most are virtually invisible because they blend with the surrounding woodwork. Avoid toe- stubbing by painting thresholds leading into basement storerooms in a contrasting color. In dark rooms or on poorly lit stairways, It's wise to have carpeting in a light reflecting color to eliminate dangerous shadows. Caution: make certain that all stairway carpeting is securely fastened! Red means danger, and that's u-hy it's a good color for electric switches iu (he basement. Red i.s also a good color for hot water faucets, furnace doors, electrical connections, and the switch igniting your gas oven jet. Bright colors silhouette any object. A spot of yellow or white behind a home lire extinguisher 1 will ng to the National Oalc Flooring Manufacturers' Association. Translated into lineal feet, the to homo, depending upon the family hobbies ami relational preferences. Since they arc designed for relaxation, they are not limited by conventional decorative schemes. Tills is one room In which even bizarre effects may be used advantageously. Generally speaking, any decorative scheme in keeping with the purpose of the room Is satisfactory. Hollowing are suggested color schemes in keeping with the pi-ln- Builders Told To Pick Roof With Long Life Jf you are planning to build a new home, you'll be wise lo study carefully the types of roofing materials available before making your selection. The roof obviously i s one of the most important features of a house. To afford the maximum degree of protection it must be able to bear the brunt of winter's snow, Ice and cold as well as summer's heat and rain. Constituting such a vital, permanent part of a house, the roof should be of a material which will last as long as possible with a minimum o[ maintenance. Moreover, it is highly desirable from a safety standpoint that .the. roof be fire-1 proof or fire-resistant. Combustible roofs are high on the list of (ire ' causes. ; of the wall painted cream, glazed with burnt umber. Separate the upper nnri lower wall with a black band two inches wide. No curtains. Drapes, light green. Floor painted to imitate tile in black and orange, with one or two large red diamonds painted like an inset in the tile. Card tables and chairs, dark oak or t>ON'T POP SET OUR WAULS AttE. PAIM1EV? VMiTH SAN1-FLAT. year's production of aproximately ' Among the modern roofing ma- I 624 million board feet is equivalent. I tcrials which have proved cxcep- ! :o nearly 19 tunes the circumfer- tionnUy satisfactory on all these j ence of the earth. I counts are asbestos cement shin-1 At the year's peak production ] 8l e ,s. Composed basically of two ! period in late (all the Industry ac--| fireproof substances, asbestos libers craged more than 15 million board i and portland cement, these shingles ' feet a week. Laid end to end, this i will not burn. They are resistant volume of flooring converted into lo water, salt air and all the com- pieces one foot square and one incri I mc >n causes of deterioration. Be- ihick would extend across the Unit- , cnu! >e of this they require little or ed States irom coast to coast. In terms ol lineal measure it represents more than 11,363 miles of (loot-ing. Industry spokesmen are hopeful that 1948 output will surpass the record-breaking production of 1M7. and that sufficient supplies of hardwood flooring will be available lor all housing needs. Read Courier News Want. Ads. FOR THE FIRST TIME! Now You Can See and Buy ihe Marvelous New S/NKS STYLED IN STEEL Double Bowl Model with Sliding Removable Drainboard New wonders in American Kitchen Sinks! Only 4 ft. long—yet his •'roomv bowls, 8 m. and 12m. deep. Just slide the dnvmboard to co«rdth"c Two storage compartments a.iil two concealed drawers. Entire lop" fin"; no" «lam on slecl processed against crackins or chirring. Ohinci i" ill s^ccl Sound-prolcd doors have exclusive double-act n E sprinV nU, for "re " For Immediate Installation Easy Payments WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2OIS posed lo measures designed to secure "quantity of housing without regard to quality." Saying that a period of excessively high building costs has already resulted in a lowering of standards for room sizes and construction, the architects asserted that all new housing, whether public or private, should be based on a steady improvement in .standards. "If this nation is lo succeed in solving It.s housing problems It will need more than the negative stimulus or banishing slums." said the committee. "It must have the positive stimulation of great and fine achievements for which architects cannot avoid their share of responsibility." make it stand out more from iu background. Ditto lor the guard on an electric fan. Colors are useful as a means of Identification, besides serving as safety precautions. The kitchen is no maintenance, even after many years of service. Although asbestos shingles have been used in this country for more than 40 years, there is no record of one having worn out. 1 Catm yourtell lady You lorqel Ibal SAMI-FLAT htm b*en WASHABLE lo- 30 yaars. Hand prints, and slow accumulations ol dfrt ezzid qieo» coma all easily. ' SAHI-FLAT i« THE long Icnting flat oil pcdnl for all Interior _ decorating. ' It's an answer to moct anf waU painl decoration. D E A L' S PAINT STORE 100& Home Owned 109 E. Main Phone .1465. JUk u. about SAN1-FLAT ECONOMICAL «Rt(. U.S. P.I. OH. We invue you to inspect this newent Qiiomet just coranleled for the Persian Rut, Company al Chicago and Federal Street. 40 feet wide h> 80 feet Ion*, it houses ^ offices and workshop for thii progressive company ... and js in ex- I ccllcnl example al ihe adaptability and utility Quonsel construction provide* •t lowest cost. This attractive, well-constructed Ouonset thoroughly demonstrates why ihousands upon thousands of enthusiastic owners rate the Quonjet it America's greatest building value. Let'. talk over your building needs. We invite you lo inspect this newest Quonset just completed for the DOYLE HENDERSON SOYBEAN CORPORATION on South Highway Gl. 40 feet wide and 80 feet long, it will be used for soybean storage . . . It is another excellent example of how Quonset's adaptability is being used in industry at an extremely low cost. Delta Steel Building Co. 404 Burke St. Jonesboro, Ark. Phone 5445 Three Building Permits Issued Here La-.t Week Only thrcs building permits wcro issued last week frcm the office o( City Engineer Joe Carney. They were issued to: Virgil T. Hopkins, for a 16 by 50 loot concre-t t>lock lumrlrv building at 414 Fast Sycamore; estimat ed cost, $1,0:0. J. R. Marr, lor a four and oni: half room frame residence on West good example of this. You open '.i np~ kitchen drawer, fuss around ths mass of handles confronting you. and then, ouch! you cut yourself again! Try painting the handles ol mu6h-uscd utensils in various contrasting colors: red for a paring knife, blue for a cooking fork, yellow for a ladle. Do the same with your carpenter and gardener tools. These suggestions are only a start. Take it from there and shock-proof your home. Willow Street; estimated cost, t4,- Make the of ASBESTOS, SIDING/ .. .Add Color Charm Charles A. Rousli. for a four and one-half room frame residence ,U SC2 South Lilly; estimated cost, $5.000. WALLPAPER Highest in Quality Lowest in Price PLENTY OF ATTRACTIVE PATTERNS TO CHOOSE FROM! E. C. Robinson Lumber Cc. 319 West Ash St. Friendly Building Service Phone 551 at Low Cost with BONDEX • Give your home >he new look. Apply BoncJex Piimcr Pill cool. Finish with Bonder. No skill reeded, brusS it on. Won'l peel off, Bondex bonds with the suilace. i;t ul *405 , higher) 4 f ____ i^B •% f \J D II M IJ f W • B U ™ V •• fl TH E Cement Paint " - ' - * Color Styling Idw in the BONDEX Color Chart. Free,fram. rttJBBARD HARDWARE CO. 2n W Main St E. 0. ROBINSON LUMBER CO 318 \V Ash ARKANSAS PAINT. GLASS * WALLPAPER CO. 105 K Mnir\ SI MISSISSIPPI COOMTT I.UMBEB CO IfiOl \V MniT. 51 BONDEX HYDMVLK CEMENT To Make a Long Story Short... We're Wiring Experts: • Commercial • Industrial • Power Installation CHARLIE'S DIAL 2993 ELECTRIC SHOP

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