The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE NBW8 TOE BfATHEVILLE COURIER NEWS i< , THB OOUBIRR NEWS CO. H. W. H41NK8, * (fc!« Nation*! 'Advertising Representatives: 'Arkansas Dailies, In?,, New Yoilt, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday as second class mater at the poet office at BJytfvevUlc Arkansas, under acl of Congress, October 9, 1917, _ Served by the United Frees " SUBSCRIPTION 'BATES " Br ourler In Uie City of plythevUle, 16o per neelc, or 660 per month. By mall, within. « TMjlus p! 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.60 for six njopths, 15o for three montlis; by mall in postal zones two to s'x, Inclusive, i«.50 per ye»r; )n zones seven and eight ,$10,00 per year, payable In advance. Mediation Instead of Battle Fronts The Dominicair Republic has agrewl to pay its neighboring country of Ilniti $750,000 indemnification for Llic wholesale massacre of Haitians' so v em 1 monUis ago, and eivitalion indies forward another notch. It is not particularly important that actual money is paid to llaili. Presumably $750,000 wouldn't jjo very far' even if it could be accurately distril)- uled among the survivors of Hie wholesale machete killings in which from three to ten thousand Haitians were* reported to have {lied. But the fact that Santo Domingo, with its comparatively superior mili- Ury strength, js paying vastly weaker Haiti the money, thereby confessing and agreeing to amends, is most important. Dark, wood-fringed Massacre river separates the two republics on the island of HiBpaniola. Santo •Domingo has long raised sugar for an American market, thriving with the high prices. Haiti had no such industry, hut Haitians were willing to cross Massacre river iitul chop sugar cane for wcalth- ,ier Santo Domingo planters for 20 cents a_ day — and Santo Doming;) planters were eager to have them. Then the price of sugar dropped and production full off. But already thousands of Haitians were in Santo Domingo, married, rearing families, residents of as long as 20 years. That, was the seat of the trouble- that and the blending of French!, and Negro blood— and whun^iard times struck the island, Santo Domingo grumbled about the Haitians on the wrong side of Massacre river and what to do with them. Apparently the solution was found, if peculiarly, for by night, according to survivors, Uie Haitians were hauled from their tiny homes and butchered with machetes, butchered by the .hundreds, and the bodies left along the banks of'Massa- ! ere river. When these facts, came out of the interior and reached the seaport, foreigners looked at Haiti's president Ste- iiio Vincent for warring retaliation. But instead lie placed the matter bc-^ fore the Permanent Committee of Inter-American Conciliation, under the Gondra Treaty O f 1923, which guaranteed amiability between Ihe two nations.' The committee investigated mid fixed. the blame. An accord was reached and laid before the Congresses of both nations. Both agreed to the proposal that Santo Domingo pay the $750,000 indemnification. The Dominican government agreed to continue investigations and give the affair full publicity. ISoth governments agreed to prevent future like occurrence!;. It was as simple a,s thai. Hven with a tongue-in-cheek view of the Dominican investigations and further action against its people, the result thus far so justifies the mediation method that it seems almost a miraculous happening. Especially in this day, when no aggressor ever seems actually to blame for aggression. Double Mileage Congressional .secretaries are making a strenuous effort to get a 10-c«nt mileage rale for traveling between their homes and Washington between sessions and no doubt they feel justilied. Their bosses get 20 cents a mile, and often never leave Washington from cue adjournment to the next. Hut there is one clause a lot of people would like lo see in that measure, if it ixisses. When tlie congressman's secretary is his wife or his sister, his cousin or his aunt—who normally splits his 20- cent allowance anyway, why not excuse her from the gratuity? That might even cut down a little on the nation's official nepotism. Tills program |s justillcil by the need to provide iiitvnl strength in approximately Uic same proportion ns llic London Naval Trebly.— Admiral William D. Leahy, United States Nnvy, favoring an in the navy. - * * ' • l-'ascisl Italy has but one command, one spirit, tempered by four win's— Premier Beiiito Mussolini. . * t * The nirnl school .curriculum could te vastly enriched UiroiiBli proper development mid use of education by radio.— Dr. John W. Stticlcbakcr, U. S. commissioner of education, •* ' * * China is blind Lu (ho larger liiloicsls in East, Asia, and i.s Ignoring our magnanimity ami Germany's Jricmlly Intention.— Kokl Hiroln, Japanese (orcrgii minister. * » • I luink Hint my marriage to the princess proves thai n wrestler (Iocs not have to be a roughneck.— Bob Gregory, prills)) ivresller, commenting on his marriage lo llic Princess Biilxi ol Sarawak. * * * In Llic beginning ijcihans men only greased Ilicir skins to keep them supple in llic dry winds and harsh weather— Mrs. Virginia Eifert, scientist, reporting ,lhat meji Mist used cosmel- That's the trouble with radio nml movie. They distort one's sense of values.— Cornelia Otis Skinner, actress, who gels paid as much For a Sew minutes work on 'the radio as she gets lor a week on the stage. * ' •' * * I do not fear the world will go Fascist. The race (iocs not go backward for long.— Mrs. car- rie Chapman call. veteran lender of llic woman suffrage movement. OUT OUK. WAY By Williams TH&RE IT GOES-RIGHT ^HERE'S OUR TROUBLE - HE'S 6OMM>S PLH THAT FIVE BUCKS IM TH' BAMK AMD HE FEELS LIKE A HERO — IT'S PAIMFULTO HIM- HE'S TWIW'TO CX3PVGOLDI& TO 6ET SOME-WHERE IM LIFE.' HE CAM'T, BECAUSE IT'S NATURAL WITM GOLDIE-HE LOveSTO PUT MOMEY IM TH' BAWH — WITH US ITS A MA 3OR OPERATION) AW' WE CAM'T STAMP EWOUeH OF 'EM OTHER WORDS, WE- COT AIRPLAME APPETITES WITH TDV 8ALLODM WILL POWERS FBBHtJARV 8, 1938 SIDE GLANCES By George Cl^rk "Will you folks glance ;il (ho l )a l>v once in a while?' THIS CURIOUS WORLD *£ William Ferguson ;Ai', NEW „ .£ GVRSV " SPR.EAD TO CLB/ELAMO "" OHIO. BV /^AVfNGr ' THEIR- EG<SS ON BUILDIMG STONE. WHICH WAS LATER. SHIPPED TO THAT <zrrv,/;f IT 'IS .CONSIDERED AM ' {£.{_ <DM£t\) -"WE WORLD IF:A/\ORE THAN . A.RE SEEKi TOGE.THFg THE mvunlion ot llic siieclroscope made it possible- for man to leant ic composition ot the Heavenly bodies, n had been sumos-d ilia: ic bodies of lhc universe were composed of the same matcriul, it. not until Uie spectroscope was invented was it passible to obtain '001. NEXT: How many ideas can the human brain ii 0 ],i! of iVIiik, Necessary for Public Safely,-Has'Us i No. -HI) BV i»(. MOKKI.S VISIIIUIIN ililor, Joiiriml uf the Amrrirun Medii;a I Assci-ialion. ami of liygcin. Hie Health Jla-;uiuc A scicnlific commillee npiioinlcd y Uie Health section of tlie tyaguz f Nations and rcprescnUns; ;iiillior- .ies from Denmark. Holland. E\\t- >"ri. ni\-l France recently c^iiiitjer- d Ihe chief objections lo -paslpuvi- atlon of miik. There arc live such bjections: Rrst. pasteurization alh-i-i:, llir trice of milk, since It involn-s an vldcd c\i>cnse. The (ibjrci.i,m lt> rasteurization comes mosiiy from mall farmers who do nol care lo ell their milk lo the large- clixirib- itors but who prefer lo :-rll it hemscivcs. However, it is p-nuted mt that In most coumvie\ pro- rlucer-rctailers contribute only a nialUamount of the milt sold lor iqiiid consumption. Ccrtainlv the ' '?er »n Uie miblic health from such : milk is to great that j. 9 fcly should not be saerlficctl for the ccciiomlc Interest!, ot these Miiall lirotluceis. li'om various farms. H has also been argued Unit compulsory pasteurization might cause lhc pmliicors to believe it unnecessary (o remove diseased animals from their milking herds. This ar- iumu-nt. of course, is not a valid one because (he removal of disease:! animals from the herd Is necessary for tbr> herd's sulely more than lor the production of safe milk. Animals tree from disease are lieallliicr. produce more milk', are more likely lo be fcrlilc. and can be sold lor a higher price than disea.scd cows. It is ridiculous la believe that any intelligcht. Ian would keep a diseased animal in n herd rinijilv lo add lo the quau lily of milk'produced. , One d the inoxl serious ar,:u- j menus pasteurization is lhc sch.'irge that ixislcurization destroys isomc ct the useful dualities of the mill:. Tho most recent invcsliga- i lior.s [nil !Q shoiy anv (iitfcrencr between the I v.'ilue ol raw milk and pasteurized) 1 milk. , j j Pasteurization may cause OUR BOARDING HOUSE Witfe Major jHoople HERE'S owe,SPOOK, THAT , OUGHT 70 START A SHORT CIRCUIT IKI -JHAT COLOSSAL POWER HOUSE OF YOURS • IF A GRAIN OP SAWD COULD . BE CRACKED UP FINE. ENOU6M 17 WOULP HAVE -TH' ENERGY '10 BLOW UP 71-1' UNIVERSE •—-NEXT TIME YOU FALL OUT OF TH' ROWDY CART, SEE IF YOU CAW FIGURE THAT ONE OUT THROUGH TH' SHOWER OF S«OOTIW<3 STARS T. AM NOW |W THE THROES' OP A ^IMItiAR E^PERIMeWT riARR-P!-R<- | MF''- CELLS, WHKN TMey PIVIPE, J^TAlM ALL"/. OF THEIR ORIGIWAL- CHARACTERISTICS v~,NAV> NOW IF' 1 CAW BUT ACCOMPirrpH THE FEAT OF CRA<TKW<3 IM TkVAIM THE CELLS OF A MAM'S BKAIU ~. f\)r;F': HE WOULP KWOW TWICE AS MUCH { MEAN M&P COME OUT TWICE ff. LAZY? MEM^ IT'DTAKE qe HOURS FOR you T06ET IM A k< PAYS LOAF1N6'' =iMJiyt=-^ UD WHAT ABOUT HIS EX RACHEL AWCK Cwfrh, IW N« S«rvk., IK. UMJ. ln-r.i: (lie Juiki-t \vlio SL'I'K litr Ihroir'li, « A II13 1,1, IIA.NKS, iHlwifccr 1-olljS protcolnr in J.ondoii, Ji;rry :isks her (o marry him. He is ;il- rcujj- much In love. CHAPTER V Jerry?" Polly,asked in an uncertain voice. "People don'l lalk of marrying when IhoyVc just met." Jerry held her hands and looked clown into her face. "Loci: at me, Polly! Do I look like a man that's joking? j figure liierc are troubles ahead ol us. Dangers, even. We can face them better as man and wife." Tlie giil looked up at the bronzed young seaman and answered lioncsl]y,-"My heart's going like a loud ticking clock, Jerry." Polly \vcnt and sat down sedately, '-There's something atx>ul liiifilisli marriage laws you've yel to learn, Jerry. There must l:c n publishing of lhc .banns in ;i church for three Sundays before Ihe wedding day. Then, if any .sou! objects, (he marriage can he stopped. My mother was Mary Dai-l, a London girl. She fell in love with my father when she met him here in her cousin's COUL_...„ house. It was his first voyage over •as captiiii! of his own brig, thf Proud Lymc. He courted her I Jerry WJiiffield!" "There's the mallei- of your Irunk," Jerry said from the doorway. "It would bff better for me to go and get it tonight than to wait till morning. TeU>me just how to got to the Daft house in llempill slreet." Polly (old him. "But I dread for you to go lo that house, Jerry. If there were only my clothes in the (rank I'd never let you go. But there's my mother's miniature and my money." * e * JT was 10 o'clock wlicn Jerry got out of the gig before Oliver Dart's house and knocked on the oaken door. Mrs. Broggs admitted him. When he said, "I've come to get Miss Pol|y Chelsey's things," she gave an exclamation of concern.' 'Lud. sir! Do you know where she is?", ' ' | 'Yes, I do. She's safe with me at a tavern. I'm a cousin of her father's, from America,- and I mean to look after her. I've got a gig waiting outside. Tell" me where her trunk is, and I'll fetch it down to the street." "Lud!" exclaimed Mrs. Broggs again. "Master's got it! He found out tonight that she'd run off, so he had it carried down to his study, to go through." "Where is his study?" asked Jerry, visibly angry. - "At the head of the stairs on the floor above, sir. But wait! I can see you're hol-lempered. You'll j throw Mr. Dart into a rage, likely." "Well, he's already thrown me into one. What's he searching Miss ccpted him, but lhc Darts were wild. My father's sister, my'Aunt Kate Chelsey, had come over with him to sec tendon.. So it was that my mother went back to America with them and was married in Connecticut, simple fashion. - That way, they got around tli " and outwitted the Darts." , JU ^ am W!1 ,ai uc cviacnuy sus- Jerry said impatiently, "Banns! peeled of being paper. Garment? So he crazy English have us in j were strewn about on floor, table another (angle, have they?" jancl chairs, giving that pitiful * i effect which personal objects al- L walked back anil forth across ways give when desecrated. (he room wliilo In's anger I "Slop that!" Jerry said : ccllictl. He was not one to lake j "When il so pleases me. IVJio defeat meekly. H was a while be-[are you?" fore he could say in a natural "My name's Jeremiah Whilfield Take me to him." When the woman ushered Jerry Whitfield into Oliver Dart's study it was evident that they could not have arrived at a more unfortunate moment. Trie old man was ----"•• —<•-- — '•"•- ripping a skirt hem with his pen\ ey -,! K °, ,, al 'T Kl , V, 10 banns |knifc and pulling out pieces of uhv.ll.rf ""• naH "" buckram which he evidently sus- TT |.| voice, "Very well, Polly. Of course we can't wait for banns to he published. If I must abide by English . I'm cousin to Trepid Chelsey of Connecticut and I mean to take care of his daughter. I've come to —_ v . ..j —.£,..„.. ...un, yi jijo udugiitui. i vc come io laws, I must. I'll be merely your bcl lier belongings." He lurned to <nusm and slop courting you'till I Mrs. Broggs. "Madam, gather up can do it with honor..Good night, everything at once, so I can take ' oily. I'll sec you tomorrow afler jlhc Irunk down.' I've planned" a way to gel us to Vriiiicc." . "Well, now!" Polly, exclaimed, •'omc'.vhal taken aback at having 'lopped his courtship so cffectivc- Oak NCWS ' "Do so, Mrs. Broggs," said old Oliver Dart, laying down his penknife. "I find nothing incriminating," "Where is ihe girl's money?" Jerry asked. "And her picture?" > "I've taken the money „. Oliver Dart, "as a very small payment totvarcj what America owes me. I've also retained the miniature, since that was paid for with Dart money. The frame is o( I some value." "Give me those things," Jerry said, much too angry to think clearly. "You're loo old for me to fight, but I'll pry you loose from 'em if I have to shake your riggin' down!" "Sailor talk! . .. Hm-m-m. Well; Mr. Jeremiah Whitfield, I'm an In-firm old man with no means ot protecting my rights. You'll find what you're looking, for in tlie table drawer over there. Sec that you deliver it to the girl/' "She'll get it," Jerry replied, "it I live to get to the Unicorn and Grown." - • Mrs" Brogg3,*'-.who •\vas-cjpsinc lhc trunk lid, looked up obliquely at Jerry and laid her finger on Iic^i- lips. But the damage was done. Old Oliver Dart had his .grctff>~ niece's London address, if ho cared to use it. He sat passively silent as Jerry departed with the trunk. He neither scowled Jior smiled but sat with his face closed in upon itself, and his finger tip;; delicately meeting, "* *'* '~ "\ TERRY wailed till next morning •* lo restore Polly's property (o licr v He found her satisfylngly appreciative. She went to him and kissed him fleelingly on the lips. "As a grateful person kisses a-yery kind cousin," she said, laughing. "I've been at the docks since daylight," he said. "I've Ipuiid. :i way for us to get out of England. 1 Chet Wheeler put me onto it.' A smuggling clique works out of u cove between Deal and Dover. I've got in touch with one of them. This day week he'll take us across i the Channel to a fishing port near"^ Calais. Chefs already gone to,* Dover, to wail. To hide out, rather." "But for me," Polly said, "you'd be at Dover with him. The XJni- cprn and Crown's an awfully public place for an American sailor to. be. When I came lo you yesterday, Jerry, you lost precious time ] and look on a useless burden.;' Two useless burdens!" she insisted, £ ever his' protest, for her dog cquhlj; be heard barking down in the£ slablc yard. "I'd belter take Nui-f sance to tbe commons ajid let him'' run." is • \: "I'll walk part way wiili you,' Polly," Jerry said. "But I must-; jo back to the docks and seal- 'riendsliip with lliai • French- speaking rascal who's to lake us across." . <To Be Continued) -"" (lay am Tom nr 0".i.-r been said that Ihp farmer who sells I his milk lo a large distributor pm less attention lo cleanhuexs bcc'uisc the milk [ram his farm V >H i, c ' mixed wllh milk coining \ (mn : ||| Cr farms and lliat, tlievofoic. the .^ ou l diticn of hl,s prodiicl will ' n ~\ ^ recognized. This, ot COUM. , s not. an argument against cleanliness but against the bulking O f milk Women (lolftrs Shame Men SYDNEY i UPt-Australian women no![m are far outdoing lhc mm— it happens lo be jtisv Iwk instead of .skill. During °ue afternoon's ccmpciillon at the Manly Gold Club women two holcs-ln-one. l.ydia Fields was elected t nl Uie Lone t5ak Mission'••":• when, it met Thiirs- Tnoan at the hoinc of J-lrs. '•niters eiscled were: Mrs. ffiirid. vice president; Mrs. I'lKwmicr. sccrstary and i; Mrs. West Tomlhison, j 'I chairman; Mrs. Eray ] | refreshments were served by Mrs., Five rbinoceri, brought iU'itlam nml Mrs. Jewel Overtoil, j captivity nl. one lime, would „.„ entire world's rliino market,. Rtad Couner Newi Want Ada Want in sell Brick . »n North: 2nd SI. Itcai bargain for perms- ucnl invcstnier.l, Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Stors "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 5« iic business inccliiig. j Announcements The mom i IJCIIKh IV >n:i(T News has been w- 11 make formal announce- Hi' 1 following candidates ; ' : oilicc, subject lo tl>c ''"' primary August 0. Cinmly Treasurer '• ilULLY) CiAINKS N I'd i(T and Collcclnr HALE .JACKSON '"imty Coji-t Cldtk '!'. W. POTTER FOR HEAVV KUTY HAULING ONLY $175,00 1934 Chevrolet CC D W Stake Body I l'l\i« truck hiiH been toii)]))otely overfumled. S|w>c, 1 "«'• Only 57-1.00 down and $H.OO per month. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut I'h«nc.810

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