The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1932
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Served bu the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COIMER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWRPAPRR r»» MnRTHrA RT IDVAKJO.C, *i»,r> »^T«,,...,~_ ...„—.._. * «^fc^B T W IV,^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEDRNN *•}< VOL. XXIX— 169 Blytheville Daily News. Blythevllle Herata. Mississippi Valley Leader. Blythevllle Courier. HUTHKVILU-;, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOHUK 1, Iil,'i2 \ SINGLE' COPIES FIVE CSNT8 CUBS, WIN Cuvler and Hartnett Get American Artists, Funds Gone, Suicide in Paris PARIS, Cct. 1 (UP) — In a shabby and barren stixlio in Par. is' famous Latin quarter polio? to' day found the bodies of two Americans who had exhausted their funds in a grim struggle for recognition in the world of art. The (wo men, who had slashed their wrists and lay down to die PUN RITES FDR Fni- ,-,,., But Chicago Loses. wm ,, of v;atcr ' . blt)0( , ran into a tub their debts. In" ]V6\ ' ne sun - Ijilzerri ' nm struck "Dickey singled down the first e. Chapman singled to ckey stopping at second. flied to Stephenson. Three sweeping J ree wtSi one error . Demod jubilant pects. _u erman English _ . of swingt Cuyler doubled gteph- velt thanV un(led out Mcore walked. They asse^ rounded out One ^ office-seek/, po errors. !!?- "M-"-' Sword "" _ p iw , rass ranned . k !?J filed out. Sewell walked. *mocrat, led out •t G. No runs, no grounded out. . f, to(u eyingled. Root fanned. Her- Third. Jnnlng but concc Jorities w him farmers fall. = C Sets lit a home the right field blcnch- erri grounded out. Dickey Chapman walked. Chap- out nttcmptin? to steal One run, one hit. no er- — English grounded ouf. are about fias and ) the Demo although the acfrt somewhat states ttis the other it a limne run. the first pemocratSiir-s in the series, steph- ing buslrif eled Stcpheiison was forc- ot .second. Mccre safe at rimm hit a liner to rieht will prob oore scoriiw tind Grimm vn at' secf-nd. Hartnetl ut. fo ScwcJI. Two runs, p ro!: ~ ltl *' ns out. struck out. Combs fann- no hits, nn i-rrorc. Jurges doubled. Root d out.. Hcrmnn nnnrxvi out. proundM to Lnzerri wlio the ball. Jurses scoring Wlish rcnchiiv fir^t. Er Is out attemptin? to steal i~» run. one hit, one cr- ' Fifth i Sewell groimded t.h hit. n home run. tome rnn on *he first ban Roof, was taken oi't. nnii went in tn Ditch. Lazerri '. Dickev walked. Chapman it on a erounriT. r^zcrri »o- John Henry Mat- Jei-sey and George Deuevers of Chicago. The artists left a suicide note CHICAGO-The New York Van- saying _they were unable to meet Jrees slugged Uiclr " «uy to third straight triumph in thc| world series today, beating thej Chicago Cubs in a battle of hom-i ers, 7 to 5. I .The Cuts, fighting with their [ backs to the wall in their home park, battled thc New York clout- crs all Ihe way but c'oukl not match the, home run hitting of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrlg. Ruth and Gelirig each hit two homers, Ruth's first coming with two on base. Cuyler and Hartnett attempted to keep the Cubs in the game with homers without avail. First Inw'nf. Yankees:—Ccinbs grounded to Jurges who threw the ball into the Yankee dugout, Combs going to second. It was an error for Jurges. Seweil walked. Ruth hit a home run into the right center field bleachers, scoring Combs and Sewell ahead of him. The crowd gave Ruth a great ovation. Gehrig grounded out Herman to Grimm. Lazerri hit a foul in front of the Ci(bs dugout and English lost Wife of Local Merchant' Found Last Night With Bullet In Head. Debt Ratio Rising Despite Retirement of Maturing Bonds. Although the Blytheville school district retired $10,000 of Its bonds during the fiscal year of 1931-1932 and issued no other bonds its ratio of bonded indebtedness to assessed valuation increased from 1.3 to 8.4 per cent. The 1 increased percentage resulted from a decrease of 5610.337 in the assessed valuation. This decrease, fiured at 18 mills on the dollar, represented a loss of $10,988.07 in revenue for the district. In view of several large reductions of assessments for next year, another decrease in taxes is anticipated for the coming year. Had the local taxes teen collected In full for • the current year, a total of $57,501.13 less two per cent commissions for both the collector and treasurer would have accrued to the district. Actual collection's, after the commissions werfe deducted... were }38.930.60 for personal arid" real v ''taxes. and »2,- {H3.44 for poll tax. Out of this sum the district has-to pay $26,858.75 for its bonds • and Interest Other items that come before the payment of teachers salaries are: Insurance $1,8IS. Taxes $250,. Fuel 81,150, Janitors and Supplies $3,- GCO,. Maintenance . $800, -Instructional Materials J550, Expense of Board, Census, etc. §445. After these It.ems are paid come the salaries of the teaching force making a grand total of $61 423.95 On this amount approximately S15.0CO is expected "from the state common schcol fund. 'At the present time the actual tax'- collections are S6.02B short of the budgtt estimated for the year. School authorities arc hoping that enougl delinquent taxes will be. collected to cover this. amount. Another recent discouraging, development was the charge off of Sl.074.50 against the local district "f its Khar e of the county treasurer's deposits in the closed Bank of Osceola. County authorities state that this money is protected by n bond nnd they are hopefii lor a collection en same in the r.rnr future. Galveston Police Find Borjy of Missing Man GALVESTON, Te [., Oct. 1 ^(UP) —Police of two Texns cliles armed with crowbars, plc'ts nnd shovels unearthed n body belbved to be thnt of A. G. McGucrly, 33. of Elmhurst. III., mining newspaper circulation auditor, In n cabin on the west shore line of Cinlveston Island today. McGucrty dropped from sight Sunday night after lollltn his landlady In Foil Worlh that lie was going out to mail n luttcr. \5rs. Ira Parkhurst, 37, who thct and killed herself at her hcme, 109 West Davis, last night ;ecause she was "tired of living," will be laid lo rest at Elmwood cemetery Sunday afternoon. Funeral services will be hclcl tomorrow aftcrnor/n at 2:30 o'clock nt the family home with the Rev. P. Q. Horie oflicinling. . Mrs. Parkhurst's body w a s found lying on the ilcor of her tedrcom by her husband, _ well known store proprietor, v;he'n he entered .the house about 7 o'clock last night. A physician summoned by Mr. ParBuirst said 'she had been dead an hour. "Tired of Livin;" The only motive that could be established for the suicide was contained in the brief unaddres- sed message found in her room. which read simply: "I am tired ot living, Hattle". No' far from her body lay the pistol with which the woman ended her life. The position of the body indicated that Mrs. Parkhurst was standing before a mirror In the bathroom door when ;he pointed the gun forward immediately behind the ' right ear and fired. Death is believed to have been almost instantaneous. Onlv TVee ^ Ten Republics Free From Internal or External Strife. GAME, 7-5 The bullet tore away the lower portion of the ear and ranged forward and upward, lodging under the bridge of the nose'. ' Authorities expressed the belief that Mrs. Parkhurst resorted.'-tb .a gun to.end her 'life only aft<i' abandoning • another attempt. A bottle of disinfectant in the room and the seared condition of the woman's lips were taken as significant, by officials, of an earlier attempt. Return • Suicide Verdict Mrs. Pnrkhurst, who worked daily in her husband's stores, had gone] home atiout 5 o'clock in' the af- tenioon. Indications ' were, officials said, that she had prepared calmly for the act. Her bcdy was clothed in n gown when found. The bed. covers had been' turned back and she apparently had been lying down. A coroner's jury, impaneled by Coroner W. H. Slovatl, heard the testimony of the woman's husband, Dr. P. D. Smith., who wos called to the house nnd others. . The jury returned a verdict stating that, Mrs. Pnrkhurst .died of a wound at her own hands. - BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 1 (UP) —War or the threat of a confllo 1 blanketed South America today with onlv three of the ten republics of the continent free of internal troubles. Vcnczvola in the north and the Arecnttne nnd Un:- Riinv In (he south were the only nations that escaped the war fev- rr. Dlolomntic relations were recently broken between Argantlna and Uruguay but the Incident wns smoothed over. Ths rest of the continent continued overshadowed by wnr clouds.. Pear/; negotiations failed in "rn?'l where a civil war Is draining the economic resources nf the "ation. Northern Chile demanded the immediate resignation of thi? Santiago government willy, the threat nf takine severe measures. The bitter conflict between Bolivia and Paraguay continued unabated with J'araeuay holding the up-^ per hand.after taking Fort Bo- cmeron In a desperate struggle 'in the wilderness. Feeling ran high in the capitals of Peru and Colombia after Peruvian seizure of the Colombian port, of Leticln 'n the upper regions of • Amazon. Demonstration lor Derrio- '•rarir. Nonu'iico Greatest In Citv's History. Cim.'AOO. Oct. ( dip)_anv. FiHiiklln D. Roosevelt relayed to- duv frnm the strenuous i-nmoahn ton' that lies taken W'ti Into vlr- tuallv every state of Hip west, to u'«lcl< iho Ciilw nnd ibo Vunki>cs in th?lr world series' baseball gnme. Cheers of the (linnsnivls who wflcomed lilm buck to this city whore he won the UcmocrnilR Doniinnttor for urcsldcnt were still (Hiniing in '.lio governor's ears to- I (lay, Record Demonstration Democrnts Plntmcd thr. old fush- oncd torch light with all which hnllcd (he ovcrnor's arrlvnl was the • city's rcatest welcoming demonslrnllon. "'lie Rrmsevelt advisors were cn- hlislnstic over the miiKltlirlc •hicli turned out to (jreel. the lomlnee. They received optimistic cporls from local purtv lonclcr.s Imt the turnout Indlcntcd n Hnnse\vH landslide in ChlcaRo in ovember. The governor's stnv wns plun- «! PS n break in thc'slrnlii of he hnrd campaign thrnuuli the west. After a niornlnt; of Inform- .1 political confcrenrcs the Roosc- elt imrlv was lo lunch at Wln- Wholesale Desertion of Republican Party Looms in Corn Bell. third and D'ckev to .vc- Irosetti walked, fi'llns the wns cillcci nnt on Two runs, two hits, no Suylfr bounced a hit !ueh tlw pitchers box. Stc^hen- hlt into a double plav. Moore Sounded out. No runs, one hit, o errors. . Siith Tnnlnp YANKEES —Combs lined out. fSfiwell lined lo Moore. Ruth walk- fed. Gehrlg was out on strikes. No runs, no hits, no errors. Plan Democratic hi Sooth End of Connty OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 1 (UP)— 2««innlne with a meeting at Hatcher School last nifrht. a ser- lej of Democratic rnllles have be«n scheduled for th ft .south end ot the county to be held tetween now and the g' n "'*l election in November. A. F. Barham, chairman of the Democratic organization In South Mississippi County, announced today that rallies will be teld at Sfuwnee School at Joiner on Tuesday evening, October 4; at 'Luxor* on Fridiy evening. Oct. 7; at Etowah School, Saturday cvc- n)n£, Oct. I; «ld Whitton School, Monday eveninc, Oct. I, ' Five Traffic Violators Are Fined $1 Apiece F:ve traffic law oflejiders were fn:ert one dollar each in municipal court yesterday afternoon as the, result of the latest drive by police to enforce traffic regulations. todie B. .David, deputy sheriff, •Mrs Paul Damon and J. B Mas- scy entered picas of guilty n c '" r ^! ° f ™<""ng stop signs. •" rs K L. Husband entered a P'ea of guilty to a charge of masing a prohibited "U" turn in business district, and Curtis «-hrvM , admlttaj speeding past a school house. P. Klrshner was slated to trial this nftcrnoon on a Mexican Rood Victims Ask Government's Aid MEXICO CITY, Oct. 1 (UP)—The government was asked today to rush relief for flood sufferers in I the state of Chihuahua where continued hieh waters have caused immense damage. Property losses in the northern states arc estimated at $3,000,000. BROWNSVILLE, Tex., Oct. 1 (UP)—The flood gored Rio Grande river today spread its muddy waters over sections of northern Mexico and southern Texas along the United States border. The death toll, it was believed, would reach at least six. Damage, principally In Hidalgo state, was expected to amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. traflii law violation charge. A. W. Stevens Hurt in Extricating Auto W. Stevens, local barter, liis back wrenched when aiding In extricating a car from a soft muddy place at the Haley A. had parkins ground last night. Stevens, who ^ ,„ a cnr ' kore ' step P« d out ° u and was "«<™pttng, others, to push the car out * ," "« rar suddenly pulled out of "whole. The lurch of the chine ln ju r ed Stevens ••il for treatment today and l>-obably be confined to his 'or two weeks or more. er to Hurry Home ^et. l (up) _ Former Mavor Jam* J. walker of r,ew York decided today to e«ve ; lhe liner Rex and catch the liner. Buropa for New York. Killed Truck Hits Paving Gap A. negro driver wns killed almost Instnntly wben a Kroner Grocer comnanv truck, enroute from Memphis to Blvthcvillc. .urns wrecked on Rlchwnv 61 below Wilson Fridny morning. The heavily loaded'truck with trailer was enioute to Kroner and Pitrrtv WUgl.v-i stores here with produce for the week-end trade. The truck turned over when one of thc front wheels hit a gap In the pavement. The gnn was similar to others on thc Highway between here nnd Memphis where Ilie nnvrment strln has been removed for repairs. Reoorts said • har nn y irnin" r.i?n of nnv style wns nenr the dangerous gap. A second truck wns dispatched from Memphis with produce for the week-end market here. nelkn at 'the home of J. 1.. loiightllni;, his close personal rimd. From there the party planned to KO to the ball cam.-: as he guests of Mayor Anton Cermak. Banquet Tonlgljt City'-find, .state Democratic irs will meet with the candidate it n dinner at ll:« Stevens hotel at 0 p. m. About 3,000 persons ivlll crowd into the huge ball room or thc banquet to henr h half icur nrtdre&s by Roosevelt. Political leaders go back ir. their memories to tho cnndldncy of another Roosevelt — Theodore nnd is Bull Moose campaign'of 1012— or n demonstration that rivaled he welcome thc Democratic nom- n,->e received here Inst night. A crowd of 25,000 persons jammed about' the Union-station. Nearly CO.OOO lined the streets to the [overnor's hotel. Half a dozer irajss bands Mured "Happy Days Are Ifcr/5 Aualn." Men and women waved red flares nlofl. Huge flood ignis played on the scene. One lundred nnd fllfty mounted pol- cc kcnt order among the demon- trntors. A. T. and T IIS 1-2 Anaconda Copper 13 1-8 Auburn 53 1-2 (TntcrnMlar Tractor Chrysler Citl°s Service 18 S-B 4 1-8 Coca Cola ............. 97 7-8 Baking ____ 6 181-2 Japs Repulse Chinese Attack Upon Anfanchi TSITSIHAR. Manchuria. Oct. 1 (UP) — Japanese troops repulsed 5,000 Chinese who attacked Art- franchi, at the junction of tlis Chinese Eastern railways, early today. Japenese bombing plane and reenforcements were rushed from Tsitslhar to pursue the Chinese. It was at AnganchI that Japanese first pushed Chinese troops across Into the Soviet sphere of influence. General Electric General Motors — Miridlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward . . New York Central Packard ........... nadlo .............. Simmons Beds ......... 12 1-2 Standard of N. J ....... 31 Texas Co ............... 11 3-8 U. S. St«l ............. 43 7-8 17 3- 16 1-4 29 1-2 3 7-8 B 7-8 Treasuiv Secretary Speaks at St. Louis ST. LOUIS. Oct. 1 tVP)—Stc. retary of Treasury Mills has opened hia trans-Mississippi cam- pa Um tour with an appeal for the reelection of the "seasoned Hoover." a demand that Oov. Franklin D. Roowvelt state his position'on the soldtrs bonus, and a charge that Roosevelt has misrepresented the president in some ot his speeches, York Fnffon NE WYORK, Oct. 1 (UP)-Cot ton closed hardy <l«adv. Open High Low Close 708 71R 704 704 720 731 714 714 . 731 740 724 734 74"! 750 733 733 700 700 600 OM 708 715 699 6M .'nn ... Mar .... May ... Jul .... Oct .... Dec — Soots quiet. closed at 705, off 20 Orl.pftn* * of fori NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 1 (UP)Cotton closed barely steady. Jan . Mar May Jul Oct . Deo Open Hieh Low Close 708 719 704 704 720 732 740 fi99 707 729 740 749 705 715 71472 S 736 £94 700 714 725 735b G91b 700 Spots close*) at 700, off Si, steady CA1TON NKA Srri-ke Writer DKS MOINES la.-luwu. jrdhm- lly n safe Republican slutc In nl- osl any presidential election, Is itmdiulc ground this ycur. And 10 signs and the porlonU wlilcli ilnl to that fuel llu like a 1m; - er the green ureas which pro- iccd t!:c past summer's surprls- g farm strike. The word "hiizc" Is nbout as good word us any you can use in dLs- issliig town poltllci this full, ii^ ns the Hoover-Roosevelt const Is concerned. No one know.i Just what Is going i impjjcn. The RPC certain thing that there la u gienl ([round veil of unrest, ol dissatisfaction, hlcli Is lending conservative poli- clnnt; to admit (lint thc Demo- •nis htivo almost nn even chance '. gelling Iowa's electoral voles in ovembcr. Bui there Is n haze over vcrythlng. No forecaster will com- ilt himself, artncrs I'wl They ,rc Hring Crushed. All of this, of course, is given poignancy by tho fact tjinl it Hoover nnd Frnnklln D. Wosevcll both have chosen to ap- Knl in person for Iowa's voli'j. iovcrnor Roosevelt siwke not Ions g nl Sioux City; Presldcnl Hoo- er speaks nt DF.S Monies Oct. 4. He plans to deliver direct answers o Issues raised by his Democratic nponcnt. After hLi speech, the po- ticiil situation in tho corrt bell may « clarified a trifle. Just now, no's- WMV It, is perplexing grid—to B Re- ubliciui—rutlicr disturbing. Among- other things disturbing lie Republican lenders is thc an- .iiunced intention of farm strike rganlzers to hold a huge denioii- '.rnllon of fnrmcrs when Presldcnl loover arrives here. To begin with, the amount of dls- onteni that lies back of the farm trlke is almost beyond Association Will Be In Session at Manila Tuesday and Wednesday. The Mississippi County Baptls' association will meet at Manila Tuesday nnd Wednesday for al day meetings to be in charge of the Rev. E. H. Manwarring mrderaior. The Tuesday morning session will open at 10 o'clock with thc Rev W. H. Hoin of Manila giving th invocation. The Rev. C. E. Wclcl of Osceola will preach the an nual sermon. In the afternoon the Rev. D. D Cook will lead the devotional. Th Rev. Alfred S. Harwell will givt the report of Iho associations missions nt-.d John Senton of th dcnrminationa! publications. Thc Rev. Alfred S. Harwell nl deliver the doctrinal sermon Tucs day night after G. E. Harlan ha led the devotional. Austin Edv-ards will lend th Wednesday morning session, open nt 9 o'clock. Lyman Slice dan will speak on "Christian Edu cntlon", Dr. J. E. ,V5allory ni discuss Jonesboro Baptist college the Rev. J. L. Nev.som, "Stewarc ship nnd Tithing", thc Rev. V H. Horn, "Temperance," and th Rev. James Fitzgerald will dellv a sermon on missions. The Rev. R. C. Medarls will lend the afternoon devotional. Mrs. R. H. Jones will report activities of the Vi-nmci\'s missionary union, the Rev. C. E. Welch of thc every rr.cmi:er cnnvnss nnd Mrs. Oscar Barksdale will discuss obituaries. The final session will be featured with a devotional of Dwight Anderson and a program giren by the ;.uung people wilh J. A, Holly In charge, California Cloudburst Kills Five riAKKHSKIEU), Cnl., Oct. 1 (Ul')--Hve person!* wero known dead to<lny In n cloitilburst which swypl Hie TVclmclmiil mountains south ol her<! mill there wnti u \ma- Elblllly (hut the toll might reach twu score. The iieiwl arc A. II. noss. en- Kliiiw of u freight train which was swept Inlo n canyon «-l.'?n the Ircillu on which It w«s slund- hiK collinsseil; Peter Tndd, his wife nnd two children, who were .wept fiwny when thc torrent do- sltoyvd their home anil a service tUs'lun near Woodford. 40 miles .south of Bnker$fleld, PKIBFDRCt Revelations Bring Promise, jf Stern Action by Chicago Prosecutor. CHICAGO. Oct. 1 (UP)-Stntc's Attornev John Swnnson Indlcnlwl loilnv tlmt hn wns ready lo use "stem methods" to force th c re- ti"-!i nf Hnmucl nnd Martin J. Instill to this country If ihe l-nds of the (nllen utilities dvnnsty refuse to appear here voluntarily. This development In the scnsn- tlr-nnl lnvcstl?atlon of the Insull affnlrr, came after a revelation In federal court th«t one of the prih-. dual Insull corporations was bankrupt four months before H went Into receivership and announM- ment bv Swarunn that th« Insults used »70,000 of i tho'corporation's funds to margin -private brokerage accounts. -, -. «'•"* V"- ' '<[..••: ..- •;•'. Swnnson prvvfouiirjr hurt (nriicnt- ed a irrarKl Jury Investigation Into the matter would open shortly. The prosecutor's office then pro- mi rod plan.? for the return of the bills. ion. Tlic corn bell farmer Is sorer han he has been in decades. He •; suffering, not merely from a de- iresslon which began in the fall of 329, bill from a long and painful fcllntlonnry process which started niwiy back In 1S21. In 1024 the corn tell wns de- nnndlng farm relief—wlthoul gel- ing It. In 1928 It wns mafchi!; the same demand even more loudly. It •ot thc Federal Farm Board, 'hose mine—If you don't believe it, go out and nsk the dlrl farmer nroimd lere—is anathema up and down and across thc whole corn belt. As a result, the corn belt farmer eels Just nbout twice as maJ nbout he depression ns the ordinary cast- truer feels. Even in goKl years tie vns being squeezed, now he is being crushed, 112 feels. Bui tlmt, In ilsclf, isn'l enough o Justify a forecast of a political upsel. The corn belt farmer Is In- icrcnlly conservative, nnd by brced- ng nnd conviction he is Republican, rfc squnwfccd In 1924, but. even Ln- ?"ollette couldn't coax him out ol ;he G. O. P. pastures; he squawked n 1928, and he turned out to cheer Al Smith, but IK voter! Republican. Farmers Put ills at Administration's Door. There are one or two factors to complicate matters this year. First of all, mnny fnrmcrs feel thnt the government at Washington lias fed them on false promises. A banker In Sioux City remarked recently thai thc corn bell Is fed up on promises, and declared that "if there is an upset out here It'll be Jusl because It has been forced by the government." Secondly, there Is unquestionably a revival of thc sorl of radical thought on money matters that nourished the free sliver movement of 1896. I .stood in thc editorial rooms of a Sioux City newspaper irtile a dirt farmer came in to nrgtie for a scheme for devaluating the rtllnr so ns to lighten the ngricultur.11 :lcbt load; nnd this farmer, clad In overalls and looking the very Incarnation of the stage rustic, presenfxl his arguments in n wny which showed he had devoted hours of earnest thought to thc mnltcr. He was, in fact, a typ«, a sym bcl. He Is worth mentioning be- cnuse many other farmers feel as he does and think as he does. To a certain extent, at least, thc old- time conservatism of the corn be!t has gone by the boards; and to thnt extent the traditional Republicanism of this territory has been wsakened. Thirdly, there U that famous Kt- (Coutimied on ptg* time) Hoover Gives Negroes G. 0. P. Equality Pledge WASHINGTON, Ocl.' 1. (UP)— President Hoover today pledged himself nnd the Rcnubllcnn party to uphold the traditions of Abri- hnm Lincoln in guaranteeing the tonality of tile negru with "cvorv other citizen of the United States." He told 200 negroes from 20 j sinlos thev could be nssurcd "our ' party will not abandon or depart from Us traditional duty toward the American negro." Pal. ,0'Bryantv Victim :.of Highway Robbery Early Friday Night. ;- A lone. bandit staged o bold holil-up on the Gosncll fcad, about 200 yards off Highway. 61, a mile north of here early last ulgiit, taking jewelry valued- Dt S650 and $3C hi cii>h from Pat O'Bryitnl, Jeweler, and his com- punlon, Miss LuVerKiie Hood. O'Brynnt said he was motoring to Clo&nell to deliver a. watch, v hlcli he had repaired, when .an- : other 'car jinssed him and ,cut sharply In front of his machine, forcing him to stop his car. The driver and lone occupant jumped out and walked to the"slde . of O'Bryant's car with gim.Jh hand. Takets Vilv.ible Diamond The bnndlt forced O'Bryant'.'to turn over n wrist watch,. valued nl J9fl, a largo diamond -'rln< worth $700, and cash «hlcli 'He had In his pockets. His .cbm T punlon was relieved of a dnq, valued-at $70. After the bundit had taken the loot he took the Jewelry salesman's car keys »nd . drove -off. Another car, whifh :'. had driven slowly by in the;meahr'." time, and parked a short-distance .' : away, also drove off. _' .'.'••'•'; O'Brynnt «nd his companion, .'; fearfi.l that the bandit would return, abandoned their : machine, : T;htoh could riot ;be moved,without i the keys, and ran ac^or;' tic Ely-, thevllle country ^lub f-M course, which -the Ocsnell -road bounds en. the" north, to 'Hljh«»y".iei. Uraueceirful In -.their effort* to halt P^lng motorists they walked JhUt-'aJwir,lj^id;jifjj»rt«-fhe : rob- 1 -":-: bury lo cHicors.'" ..;. • • ' . V.olke., Hare. SnplHMH Otllcers went to the »cene with O'Bryant' and found a .handkerchief, which m»y have been used ty the bandit as a mask. . • ! Other robberies have occurred in the same vicinity In the >pftl>,^ and officers suspect certain, p£- ties well known in police '(Srftes ; but have been unable to- link ! them with the hojdups. ''.-'. l^aniac Kill". Cell Mate Deipite Straight Jacket ST. PETER, Minn.. Oct. 1 (UP) —A patient at the state hospital for the Insane, encased from the wnlst up in a straight Jacket, killed his cell mate wllh his bare feet, Superintendent Ocorgc Freeman reported today. Guardsmen Mobilized in Illinois Mine Area PoliceBUB and Baadif--' ., SUia b Gun Battle TUSCALOOSA, Ala.',/bct. 1 -<W) —A negro bandit killed one policeman, wounded another, ana Vas ; : himself shot to death in'*..«uh battle on the,University of-i'Alm-: banrm camnus here last night..'V- Motor' Scout Qariand.-' ; Tanner killed the negro, Willlnrn Aah of Demopolts,-after the latter had wounded him and slain his companion, Motor-Scout •': A. C. Snider. ~. .;":• Police were called to the; tarn- . :; pus by a ftirl student, companion : of Leonard Allman, a frashraaa Allinan said he and the girl/were sitting on the campus when! t.Hc negro approached and demanded money. On a pretext of goin» after money for him (he girl ^rent , to a dormitory and notified police. Tanner s»ld Ash started shooting as soon as he and Snider got out of thstr car. CANTON, 711., Oct. (UP)-Strlk- iiiK coal minors and scores of tlwlr wives nttackcd diggers with sticks nnd rocks when they attempted to go to work today in thc Clearview shaft. Four were Inlurcd but noni was Iwllevcd critically hurt. The miners nppcnlcd to the state highway police for protection. Three troops of the Illinois national guard comprising nbout 250 men were ordered mobilized nt Pcorln. As the troops marched Info thc nrmorv their officers said they expected further orders momentarily to proceed to Canton. Boatbuild er Has Been to Sea STOCKTON, Cal. (UP)—For 40 '•»nrs l-nnts constructed uv his hands have crulssd Inland waters "Hfl elonjt both the Atlantic and Pacific cowts, yet D. F. Powers, 65, who piles his trade alone st his home, never has been to sea. Ho has constrw'e-' crof rft"~- IIIR from rowboats to yachts nnd cruisers. Car Loadings Last Week i Set High Mark for Year WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 (UP)— Car loadings of revenue freight for the week ending September 25 established a new record for tte year' with s total of 595,746;on Increase of s.4« over the preceding week, the car service division of the American Railway, .association announced today. -. The figure was 142.290 cars under the same week last year'a'nd 354,917 cars under the corresponding iteet '.n 1930. - Presidio? Elder W<M Guard Battles Prowler at Prosecutor's Hone WESTON, M«ss., Oct. 1 (TJP)f- A gun fight fcoiiveen a guard and a prowler occurred today at the home of Dudley P. Raviny, former assistant district attorney of Ndr-i' folk county, who assisted in the. prosecution of Sacco and Vanzittl. The gu»rd. Special'Officer .Arthur C. Jones of the Weston police, had been assigned to Rin- ny's home following the bambini last Tuesday of the horro of Judjt Webster Th*ver who presided at ~ n . . «\ i the Sacco-VanteUl tri»l. Jones' Preach at Oiceola OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 1 - Dr. Jamw A. Anderson,. Presiding Elder of the Jonefboro District, Will deliver the evening sermon at 7:30 o'clock . tt the Pint ffattodM church here Sunday .rttatot. f\- xinhurt in the gun fight and the prowler, 'who escaped, »lso »p- prontly escaped Injury. ^'•.'•WEATOEX ;.l; •'ARKANSAS — Cloudy UMl 7«^ cculod tMticbt *nd ~ '

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