The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1934
Page 7
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Wi'lh Day's Vacation Behind Them Locals Prepare for Wilson Game nV .1. )'. VRH'.ND Back In harness iifler a day's vncutfon, Iho niyllie.ville Chk-kn- saws ycMcrilny losl no lime In I buckling down <o hard work li preparation to twlsl Hie Bull noit'; tnll at Wilson, Friday nftcrnoon. Although Hie game Is coiislilcrci n "Ijrenlliei'." Coaches Curney Las- He nntl Jam's "Ace" Piieko.ll On The Oulsulc JBooking In 13y "DUKE" warned (lie . iiijainst Hiking " Hie down county learn loo p»li)Uiig out cafes vlieie nn o\vi'- dost; of eoiifidenee proved falnl. , On Die fiicu of cnrtn\l wnmm'a lilny. I IIP Chicks shnulcl Imve. nn easy time. T)IP game .slimild oiiiW« innny, If not all, of the Iriljp |o f:co some .iclion. 'J'lie Maroon mid Wlillc machine hiis itciim rollerod over Orccola, Enrlc, Fmtcsi Cily, Shiuvneo. Pigeon, and .lonesVjoro. The Hull UOKS Imvc been benlci! by Osceolti, 12-7, whom ihc Chicks deff-uU'd 33-n in u drlvlni! ruin. En rlc eked out :i two touchdowii- lo-onc- win. The Curdlnnls fell 85- I) before the locals. But, as the Inunurliil Kiiule liockne, kingpin fjf Krlillrop mus I'mHcis Tide for Chicks Tin- .spoi'l.s scribbler who writes (he "Kiin SIXM-IS SliinUs" coliinin hi ihc Jone.sljoio Evening Kim Ill-edicts :i Hctnry for Hlylhi-villc over Wulmit nicl|!<! when 'the two lOIHI.S JIlM-t IIIKl lllclltl-nlillly iHMricl championship fnr ' t |,<< lylhi'Vlde loam. Hue's his comijiom: Qiicstliin N'mv Sclth-il "The inucli i(i:ciissHl (jiiesiiun or Ihc (ink-dint, of the Jcmi-stom- iilythevllli- «rmic bus now liceu st-lllcil nt for inioiliei 1 vein- ns Mosloy niiil hts mules took'lhe iluiTltnue to a to 7 - - -•' »u i in mm J);. Ihi: clnijii])lonsh||, ,,f Arti,n.s:is will be probably tellK-d wlu-n the chicks anil Walnut KMKf mi'i't jjiter In' ihe .season. loiiKli most local Inns 1 Hint Walnul Rldw did ml cli'wi-iv ihe victory lliey w,m 1" 0 over ihe Ciold mm H| U ck, ter minds, once suld, "A footbnll Enme. Is never over nnlil Iho llnul whistle folnsl is blown." ITershel Moslcy, crack t|iii>.rtei- back antl f;|ji-ni'h«ul O l the tiltal ntlack, was conllncd lo his fowl with a cold. He Is uxpralni! to be fill' right for tin: yiimo. Riiijene lilnekwcll, end, who nbsorbcd" ;in nwfnl pounding ngalnsl Jiiuesboro nnd Incurred a hip Injury, wiw In uniform bin look Uimus ciisy. "Reii" liaxler war, n;:od al his tentilnal. M-mwl eonslilerulJly us llu-y down- d Kiwlasko. Miss. 7 lo li vcel.-. Al.™ hy this Kmm . n w ., s hown lhal the n n \Ki,^ will ,,ol IIIVP i, tlmiia- lor (he slalc lille s Pine iiluff clclc il the same "If Hit, Chicks trounce Ihe Wnl- im liidtie boys, inn] all Indiui- Tripkls and Two Sols Of Twins in Family MONHOEV1LLR, O. 'mp)—As a - the margin of ii pun- of loiictiiloivns, (hey will de- .serve the Utlc as PaniuonUl .loncs- IKII-O ;»i(l r,,rn:.t Clly. usually tlie I —- / ! W. /t l "i ;; *n£mM S^siJ^&m^ PY\^r%tfWi~i<;iM C^jV^mW?! mmMWP' 1 ^ MILES OF GASOLINE H AVE you ever figured high test Phillips 66! Your the h.thcost of start- motor slarts wkh , ; me wuh lo w ^t gasoline? Becond S])ctcl . Wari ^ M ^ p Even in warm weather, fast. Gets going without cncli start of the average car bucking. You get maximum takes as much gasoline as power on a minimum (Irivmg ,t for two-fifths of a amount of motor fuel. Zip- milt. On cold days, slow pier pick-up. And the silent -• - ••• ."i.u.i uiiu 11, []i(]t):ioiy would : c- unm not function without lli'rslicl Mo- l^'""'' 8 v 'i''U'i's imilicl Hint Slier- ley, th.- willy riiiiirlcinack nnd onei',''!"" wl " *""" ll " ul : ' io " "'"' " nl llu' must oiiiMi,),,!!,,,, b-irl"- In I ^ s ' hlllbl ' 1 ' 11 ""iveisity us lieiid Mils fed Ion oi the siuli- Hill's,.,, I ' M "'- Sliwimin se.-ms to have •:nn." "'"I. (|iiullly. liunlli- ni]iul)le of "llo" On Wily II], lii'i'iu future | S lm .(|iuet(l for c-ne "Do" Sheiiosii, couch, who in. on,. t | mn ilticy .snenl iill dny nl Hit Honnd- 1 i . , j U P- "'«! look them hack home in by Airplane I 1 ' 11 ' evening. I'ENULETON, Ore. (UP)—'I'llij " wild and woolly Wusl Is yassi'mj. Ihe jivoof being Ihc un-lviii nl the Pendleion Ronnd-Up m piissenuci-s by airplane, contrnsi- ed wilh yesteryear, when Ihe niode of travel was horseback, o: . jstaj-e coach. j When M.OCfl people descend on I I'cndlelon for Ihe Round-Up il Is difficult l« get accominodatioius. :ai Lfniled Aiv Lines (low loads ol ; Portliindm up over Hie Old OK- [ (!on Trnil in Ihe morning, where • four others. Tlie "duplictites" arc: Ploeta, Forest Lee nnd Payljclle, triplets now.'3; the Hi-si set of -(.wins- Allene and Eugene. S; nnd the second set of twlns-l.ouls .tnmes .nnd Lois Mny, Just ,onc year old The fmir other children me Dennis, 1C; Vivien, 13; Virginia 10; uoniin, 1. learns in, Heiuif-rson lias been Kd Shernuin. n brotlicr who received lanoniblc mention on tin- nll-stalc nil'h .school niythlcul lean while nnd his lilylhevllli.. Cliickn- 1 who h.'ul 1^1 open (lie (ji.^.i.i.. gmuc Surf water ioam is more dnn- Borons to than is Uirt .swilling mc.Uon of the- wnves; rvery buljble !«sens (lie (tcnsliy ol the w.-iler. FOOTBALL l-'oircsl rjlt.v llcnil Cniiritrr news HOT HI, NOliLK Is Now Agent For American Airlines, Inc. Cull 835 For ' Information and Reservations List Time Today Alal, 2:31), H)-2. r K' Nilo «:4S—ni-3:")c i SI'KNCGK TliACV anil ! KK'ITI (JAIJ.lAiV in i'MARIE GALANTF T ^. defeabs emper* . ment creates censo 1 ship beard to puta | stop teyeOhle%ide- signs I 'f.Z*£Z»^r Dr. Floyd D. Howton, Dentist Announces the open- o{ an office for denial practice in the Lynch building On Soulli Broadway. / fH$1 wHh a N«w 193S ILCO R 01C V!^ llirs( ^ ay * ^ ay Wed. and Thursday $42.50 n imi' i»i r n I'lnrrvn Vi Huhbard Furniture Co. ^jSfifeSfJS : ("ninetly—"Ramhlin^ A nninil i Itadiri How" Matinee 2:30—lOc Thc|love;story that makes your happiest dreams come true! ; / ners was' the beauty of awakening dawn—steal- \>>ig softly into •ftis soul — forevermore ' in one of the most glorious ^ love stories ever told! FOR MEM HHRD TO PLEHSE The moal discriminate tirossers say "OK" to PEDWIN slyle-righlneas and finer craftsmanship, fls for service and comfort, you'll agreo that their genuine value is far greater than the price you pay. The FAMOUS AI'tM.KHAUM SSSZ&'Mi&Ji'.'SH Hhythm On (hi Roof" With Anson Wcuks and Orchestra the waste is worst in Winter. The starter whirrs. The battery weakens. Up go your upkeep. What a difference with on every gallon, pleasure in motoring! une trial tankful of gas, at any Orntige and Black' G6 Shield, is Phillips finest advertisement. KOVEMKC GRAVITY («'«£„»»»<'«) B7.3-... AKTI-KKOCK RATIHC 70 OCTANE New Winter Grades Aid Easy Slar~;ug Pliifiips 66 Motor Oil Refinery-Seated Cans 30', SPENCER TRACY LOR1-TTA YOUNG', Cilcnd.iFjrrcll'Arib ^'Jltcr C.'onno i, r— - 1 A /RANK. HORZAGEI ' ,, i ''reduction ^ A COLUMBIA PICTURE Mnvii'lonc Kp\vs CoHiotly The gold or silver miner does much work before his mine is on a paying basis. That's "development work.-" He carries on in the hope that soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have his reward. Compare (his miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything- you read is of vital interest to you at the moment, But many thousands of others are reading. One finds a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive price. That's a pay-streak for him. Another rejoices to find a sales announcement of coal, or coke, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or radio, ami is mightily pleased to find the advertisement that tells all about it. The advertisements carried in this newspaper are helpful in the business of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things for personal and household needs. Take note of the things you now have in regular use. What first called them to your attention? It's ^J^^^^^^^fivstj-ead^alipiit them in an advertisement, Other good values await your"cho~osing"V"the advertisements in this issue.

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