The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, Civic Club Teacher*- }«&*»& *S$3F\£\, g£ j "Making A Living" 1. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Are Osceola Winners OSCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. r_p acc <l by tlie fast-stepping Bob Kendrlcfa, tlie Civic CJul) of Osceola defeated tne Rotary Club in the Osceola jrym Monday night |> y die score. of 23 ;o 9. .The teachers eked out a slim vlcWVyof 20 to 18 over Hie P.-T. A. in ;(i' women's gmnfi. Kf!Klrlclf.s:'\i'«Vhlgli point man »'lth 10 points' and Schnedyl of Civics second wJUi (J. Mauley and Watson did most of the tallying the Rotat-Iaiis, tossing 4 niul :) PAGE THRKK. , respectively. TJie women's game wns close for tlie entire game, being lied most of the second half. The wlnnliiT goal Wps tin-own in the final scronds Topic of Club Speaker t(r, C. Bowen. V. Nichols, rtml M.I Bnlloue all lied for second place I wlUi '0 points each. I The P.-T. A. lineup consisted of' " Milktll 8 A Living in Our Town" vns 1|C sllb J c| :l. ° r l'ic lalk made Jontnn at l!i<? lnoKs tmd pro- i, . , . s u- Women's club Monday lone, Packard, Dallu.s, slim- c«im>- ' e " l " a> !lolel NoUe - otll( "' bell, Wicker and Kendrlrk I speakers on llils program, which was lor, n. smim, M:' Ni e imis"u,Hi"u ; anY N r n wiiii' >0 T ke on " Unay '" leff an,SS; ^: is* ?;-fn£SrS .. . Anderson, R, Driver, slater, B orl- . ver, West, Slevctis. Owens and ' y MIss Dorothy Polk. For the teachers, sherrlck ' ' nccl " 1 X of l> le i, V. Nichols, R. Nichols Uul- : '«-™ a »'>l EEPAIC AND son and Packard. Coach Alilf and Melvhi were referees. Aciiiul tleam Is not visible. vi A REAL BUY . ONLY S285.00 1935 Plymouth Couch Color—Uwty (iimmelal wilii lilnek Fenders. A clcfiii f-araiid'priced riifht. Only SJ18.00 (town and §20.00 per month. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5lh & Walnut Phone 810 Mousing OueMion Box Mis. E. R licit presided over th program. Miss Jordan sntd In purl: "All of us are Interested In ranking a. living. Wo wnnl money lo buy me things we need. We like lo feel lliat we are completely inclepen- i dPiil. We have Dccn brought up to | believe in ourselves and n«r own I ability, lo gel n job nnd make u living. We have prided ourselves in our independence . . . " • • . I3:il siipjwse your firm's l«i-k account dwindles, then what? Yon are likely lo yoi lr Jobs and yon mav lj:ivi> trouble in finding sonic oilier way or making a living. "... Perhaps we arc n llule more dependent, limn we thought on (lie actions nnd fortunes of others ... We live in a world O f specialization and do specialized jabs, therefore dejiciidlng on thousands of other specialized workers IF FIST IRE lanclsome Home Has Many Modern Features Bui True To Style Friends of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. W. Aflllck. who have visited ihelr new home since Us completion, nre enthusiastic in Ihelr praise of one of the largest, most expensive, and residences of 'this section. Is Doing varnished? i A. 'Jhe iMnnrrntiirc of « room i „, wlll( .|, W00llwork is i,,,,,, , nfslml should not lie iiilrnv."! to 1IW for ™., ,, H" n """' n '" i^ri, «.. i > B nou|1 "" " ;i1 "" deck which is over a porch? A. Uiwns Is a good nmlrrlnl for tills piii'iKK,.. UK,,,.,. ,ip,,iy| nB , hl , rnnras, ,wi n i i|, P lv0 (xl deck wltn ti no ie gootl coat o[ pure llnsewl oil uiul drop Ix-low f>0 draroes K white l«ui. Apply the canvas be- JL __ rore ti,| s j ms | ml , „ e))m)ci) ,„ (|ry _ Q , niK l)t|)|U (H| m |1(1(|1||lfll . s |s «lv , i l ' SW< ! & ? wl111 lwo craits 0| i mu ' kll 'e- lf»w can Oils IK; rqmlml? k<xxi deck imint. nllowlng tho first I A. When paint on radiators cracks coal to dry thcronuhly before up- j and (irrts. it !.•> » von' slr<>n« liull- plyhiB the second. ! cnu.m llml. II. Ims'lwn upplle,! over an old com of tiron/c or Q. How ran 1 give n elcar-stlass window the effect or trosted ijlii-a but not si, in, oir u le n g | 1( ? A. Clean Urn panes lliormiglilv of nil dirt or crease, mid ml pieces , of tissue paper to fit exactly; liohl The Mount Vernon style colonial, „. ».„.„„- |IU|I , T lo m exactly non house of brick, painted white, v,'|>,h | them agnlnst the glass and'cover a weathered grey Wllllnnuburi; them ivllh a good spar varnish The shingled roof nnd bellied nut and Tenth streets. The house. j[j faces Tenth street with n. side en- niiaiV trance on Walnut street. q The house has a lovely s«en varnish will waterproof Ihe paper isnre privacy and still permit iwle- M Y CAR'S ALW AYS O.K,.. WHY? Because 1 let Leo Motor Sales keep it in A-l condition." They 'have modern Miuipnicnl In do tho job right. Their Prices are riglil. loo. for the food we eat. the clothes we I amW large '™ I)Ie trees ftnrt " le kitchen i . I wear nnd Ihe houses «e live in. "Tlie money we earn has passed through many hands before It comes I lo us. H is the circulation and the constant exchange of goods and services which make our prosperity and guarantee us our income. To i grounds I landscaped the front wilh yard been ,.-_ ,..v..»i,i ,n ,/u|g!ll£. WI1UL. CIU1 WC appropriately do about It? Some of (liese bulges hedge around nre at ,,„, Jolnls .,„,, S0]nc nro , lol . ' COMPLETELY MODERN .AUTO REPAIR SHOP FOR ' Your Every Automobile Need LEE MOTOR SALES, INC. Oldsmobile & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers Sales arid ! Service T. " j;,., , . PHONE 320 Upon entering the one Is (greeted by the circular stairway In the ball which It one of the many beautiful things about the house. llle double garage, wilh Us brick To the south Is the living room floor «n«l storage closet, and the "••- 1 lo the north Is the clinlii "'"" •"'" room, both of which are' reached revive prosperity we- must means to get the circulation going again. "We have left, behind the age of Independence and individual inilia- live and have entered upon the new age of interdependence and social responsibility." Two visitors. Miss Inez Kincatd and Mrs. \V. H. Conway, of Osceola, were present at the meeting when plans were made for observing in- lernalional nMit PebrnnnV «A <>i ... , ^ "" j j *-<i >u> 4i-,iuiu5 iu tnf sun uorcn 'me which time Mrs. Franklin Roose- Ihree front rooms of Ihe first floor veil, member of the club, will deliver are carpeted in blue and Ihe walls •• radio speech. . . . . Icnnls court. Brick walks nnd "*? 'r ' n ", BC ' TllC m ° st drives add much lo Ihe charm of ^ lULs ' llclof V unswcr lo your proh- ihe seltlmf. !pm ls Io remove Ihc linoleum nnd j by large paneled doors. - v s.^nst m,u n The 10 by 2C foot formal living trance ol Ihe house, room has a fireplace, with a Colonial marble mantel, on Ihe bnrad Re.irl Courier News Want Ads, Raw Throat? Here's Quick Action! Kill Urn ro!<l scrnis llm'attack your throat uni) tfuts 1 ;)nJ=era1>ly«>Ul.s. At the Ant shni of "nw" ilLntwi.ifargly vviili XxmLu:. /oniio Is 0.3 Umcs more active, by stand* aril laboratory icsw, than any other popular iioiHWlsorous anita>ptU-_ Kills all UmJs of rolil Korius— ut cun.'uK/ AnJ Zoulie sootl^a your iliroal. (iclZoiutcatonra. Gargtf-lnxmwltaipiy-- 1 Ifjjijioon 7x)tiiro to hair glass water. Kill Ltjm KLTHW titforc ihey sprt-uxt UP Into B!- iiusesorDOWN Intnbronrhlal UihiS. Von'll f"H relief attrr tlii»1r?( (,'ar 0 'lo tsf(h XoiiUc. e AM ' Venetian 1,000 Tobacco Farmers Bank on His Judgment is finished In canvassing over plast have a decorative panel Ihe upper walls. These rooms have Winds nt the windows „.. trimmed curtains and heavy jlrn- peries. which add more color lo the setting- for the new preiod- stylc furniture. The light fixtures and hardware iu these rooms, as throughout the house, are in keeping with the architectural design. Tlie library, which is separated from the living room by a saiall hall, has walls of gum paneling wilh.matched veneers on Uie walls. One or the sides of. the room has kitllt-ln drawers and cabinets for the first iwo feet and the remainder shelves. John L. Pinnix—Independent Ware houseman—is one of many tobacco experts ivho prefer Litckies.,. TN THE warehouses Mr. Pjnnix has managed in •«• Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, 46,000,000poiinds of tobacco havebeensoid.Farmers travclmany miles t6 bring their crops to Mr. Pinnix's warehouse for sale. Reason is that they respect his tobacco experience.and business integrity. So surely Mr. Pinnix's views are worth jw/r respect, too. "At every market I've ever attended," says Mn Pinnix, "Lucky Strike has bought the ripest^ mellowest tobacco offered. That's why I've smoked Luckics ever since I first became a warehouseman 20 years ago." Mr. Pinnix's statement is borne out by sworn records which show that, among independent tobacco experts —auctioneers, buyers, and ware- housemen—Luckies have over twice as many exclusive smok ers as have all the other cigarettes combined HAVI YOU HIAUD "THE CHANT Of THl ,' tOIACCO AUCTIONIH" ON THE RADIO? \ Whtn you do, rimimbtr thai Luckiti ul« th» fin»il lebacco. And aha that fh« "Toatting" proctll rimov«t certain hanh Irritants found in glj tofcatc«, So Lgctclii or* kind lo your Ihroot. WITH MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO BEST-IT'S LUCKIES 2 TO) wilh lace r0 oni, breakfast of 'the wall is book A nearby lavatory, which has a (lie floor and a color scheme of lemon aijd • royal blue, also opens Into the. hall, as does the breakfast room nnd several utility closets. A curved liay window and n built-in cabinet, with arched . tops and paneled iloors. gives nn • unusual e/fect lo Ihe breakfast room. Hleached maple furniture ts used in the room. Everything needed in a kitchen was put into thi.s room which lids i 1 . 'northern exposure. Combined with ils efficiency is an unusual color arrangement of Ian nnd Ivo- iy which makes the built-in work and olher features even more nt- iractive. The iloor Is covered with Inlaid linoleum nnd the wnlls nre in linowall. On the second floor are four bedrooms and Ihree baths. The circular stairway lakes you to the upstairs sitting room, which overlooks the columns of the front porch. On the south is the master bedroom wilh Its adjoining dressing und bath rooms. Built- in drawers and wardrobes from the floor to the cei!in<* and n built-in make-up table fill Ihe dressing room. Tlie bath room, with its white fixtures, has a separate shower comportment. All of the upstairs bath rooms have lino- wall on the walls and inlaid linoleum on the doors and all have built-in closets. " The daughter's bedroom also adjoins the silling room. A Mount Vernon bed. with a. canopy, built- in drawers of the closet nnd n large mirrored dressing table arc features of this room. A large bath room, with a combination tub and shower, arc between this room and the guest chamber. An oft-white color scheme was used to blend with the colonial wall paper of Miss ArTlick's room. Tlie guest room, which has tivin beds and a low dressing table al«> lias a closet with" built-in features. A door in this room like in every olher bedroom, Is mirrored . The son's room, which Is on the southwest. Is emblematic of a boy's rooio, with tan and red colors used in the bath room, which has a shower compartment A 'back" upstairs hall has a sewing closet, a linen closet and two storage closets, and a stairway leading lo the altlc floor. This floor is finished In pine walls, which have been stained, and the dormers were converted into tour storage closets. j Tlie basement, which is lo be a second recreation room, will not be completed until later In the spring, {fere, accotile will be used on the floors of the large room, which is to be paneled, and which' will adjoin a workshop, laundry, room and heating plant room where a modem conditioned air healing system Ls Installed. I The steps leading to the basement, are nearby those leading to the rear of Hie house, adjoining- Q. f l1u> inlaid linoleum In our what can we rclay n good linoleum aluminum. 'Hie jialnl should be removed completely mid the'radla- lor thoroughly, cleaned. H should then be primed with n isncxl metal primer or (ail('k-dryln;i red lend primer before applying the nnl.ili cent. This nmy be either lint, pnlnl or u Hooil prepared enamel, i.ljjln lints show a tendency lo darken under hr-at. .so that care should br iiikeii In mixing (lie paint if it. is desired lo match some decorative scheme. Jeweler Will Occupy Store Room At Main ami Second lo complelo. Mr, O'Bryant announced that he 1ms signed n five year leaso" wllti Mr. Simon for his building and Ihe littler has undertaken considerable repairs nnd remodeling work. When completed the building will present mi attractive appearance, with remodeled windows suitable'for HIP display of jewelry, walches 'nnd similar merchandise. ' 'Hie. dale Ihe store will move has not been determined, but it is ey- pectwl the work on the new location will bo completed within ihc next ten days. Q. What would be a satisfactory fillci' for cracks in Ihe floor? A. Various plasllc malcrlnls may be used, such as plastic wood, (jluc nnd sawdust, putty, and various patented compounds, which can be obtained at practically any piilnl store, If Ihe cracks are wide, It may lie necessary lo hvslall strips of wood. I'at o'llryaui will movr his Je-wel- ry slow and watch rejMlriiiK business lo a new location In about ten days, ho announced today. Tho bus-1 Iness will occupy the p. Simon I building on the corner of Main nnd I •Second streets, recently vacated by Klrby's Main Cut HnU> Drug .Store. Vw the past in ycarti the Jewelry fitorc oix'ialed by O'lli-yaiH has oc- «'c'm Ml !!' c J ; ''; ? )for<1 )) ""'"" K " ' •-. nciosj, lie s reel from, Ihe ull/. or olher finish should be used .-on llontcr, toil 10. move wns the cedar, and Hie door l o the ate, due to Ilio fact that owners closet should be kept closed, prc*. of the AUoru building pi nn (0 ,to fcmbly weathcrstrlpped cxlenshf repairing and remodel- ' Uiss. work that will reiiutro .several Head Courier News Want Ads Cedar Closet For Winter Clothes A cedar closet In the iilllc will provide storage space for Winter clothing and keep bedroom clos-, els, which are In dally use. .tree from croivdlnif. No paint,, varnish, adjoining servants room. Lurne brass ship liuitcnu altord lights on Hie garage and nt tlie side RU- Hearn Street Residence " CW "° me ' Mr. and Mrs. J. T.'phlllips. The house, which has furnace heal, lias n living room, (lining , room, Ihrce bedrooms mid a bath and was completely rcdecoralcd when Ihe I'hil- llps purchased H less than Iwo years ngo.'TIie Campbells are mnk- i(ig minor Improvement.'!, Leaky Roof Can Be Preserved for Many Years A- roof Hint leaks fill over can bo Given a coaling of heavy asphalt and asbestos compound, which will fill up cracks and nail holes and preserve the roof for .several years. However, before tills coaling is applied all curled and broken shingles should be replaced or repaired. If'the leak Is centered. It cnti be located by looking at the underside during a rainstorm. H i.s very likely lo be. at Ihe junction of two surfaces—a valley or the joint between a chimney and the roof, or where a dormer Is cut through. In (Ills case, the fault Is probably In Ihe flashing, bill if It Is in the middle lot a large roof area, II Is likely lo ,'be from a curled or loosened shingle. Courier News wnnl Arts. Begin Work On Lynch- Reidman Store Building Work has started on rebuilding Hie business building, owned by 11. A. Lynch and Henry Keldman, which was practically destroyed by fire two weeks ago, The two store rooms will be conslruclcd along Ihe same plan as before except that n more modern front will be added to Mr. l.ynch's side of ihc bulldlnu. which WHS formerly occupied by Ihc Burke Hardware company. Mr, liurke will not occupy Ihls building utter Its completion, Mr. Lynch announced today. The Liberty Cash grocery, tenant Iu the Hcldirmn store room, will move Inlo Ils building ns soon us it is finished, which will be In about 30 days, It is estimated. Women Inspect 3 ..;; , Features of Home A recent survey by n'licwspn'per publisher In the midwest disclosed that the throe Ihlligs lliat women most'when a new home Is being considered are the kitchen, the closets, nnd the bathroom, Men show nn Interest, he found, In (he heating plant, the garage, and tlie size of the grounds. ' Technical Bullcfin No. n, published by the Federal Housing Administration, containing information on the engineering fen lures of a home, may be obtained without charge from local Insuring offices. To Trolfct Floors To prevent chairs from making unsightly marks on hardwood Iloor, gliiB circles of leather, cut to' fit. to the ends of the chair legs. HOW TO OWN YOUR HOME at $25 to $40 per month... How to Choose Your Home Site,. How to Obtain Quality Construction.,. These and many other questions arc answered in Ihe special edition of "SMAU, HOMKS" published by NATIONAL SMAI.l. HOMES BUREAU of Washjn K ton, I). C. We have secured a few extra copies of thi.s special number for free distribution, while Ihcy List. Call, phone or mail thi.s coupon: Please "semi mo a special copy of "SMALL HOMES." Name Street City State Phone 100 E. G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. IT'S TIME TO THINK ABOUT With sprittfft i mo j, lK ( Hroiind the corner now is llio ideal (irnt- (o (hink about huildfiiR. .Financing is now easier than cvt'r to obtain and the. terms more liberal. Don't delay any longer. Discuss vtnir ideas with us. "Phone 40 THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. "But I haven't the money to pay for it" No longer is this an objection to repairing and modernizing your home. Read this copy of a letter we have just received INDUSTRIAL BANK ami Trust Company St. Louis, Mo. February 7, 19l!3. R. C. Robinson Lumber Co., niythcvillc, Ark. '•• ' Gentlemen: Title One, Repair and Modernization Loan Plan of the National Housing Act, has just been revived by Congress. It had been allowed to' expire in April, 1037. Once more you may sol^it business under this easy payment plan . . . the most liberal method ever devised to finance home improvement. Once more the old objection "But I haven't the money to pay for it" is no longer an objection, for this plan requires no money down, and allows payment out of income over a long period of years. Call on us for blank credit statements and rate cards as you need them. Other''informa- tion on request. Don't delay. Very truly yours, J. G. BUTLER, Vice President If yonr home needs repairs this spring or if yon wnnl lo remodel or modernize it consul! vis. We'll help yon.obtain the loan antl plan Ihc work. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO Wo DC The Rest y • LUMBER IOO AOtA HSA5

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