The Miami News from Miami, Florida on September 28, 1965 · 12
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 12

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1965
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rW ' I . ;.,V . n o JET FUEL BURNS fiercely in a 80-foot crater Rouged in the earth where an Air Force F-4C Phantom fighter plane crashed near a Lakeland elementary school. Capt. Alhert M. Woodson, 33, and 1st Lt. Lloyd Poulter, 21, of the 4th Tac-tical Fighter Squadron at Tampa'a MacDill Air Force Base died in the crash. Girl Seen Near Auto Wasn't Judith, Police Say The girl seen beside Judith Carol Hyams' abandoned car in Atlanta apparently was not the missing Coral Gables divorcee, police reported today. Coral Gables Syt. Harry Purcell said a young woman and a male companion had been found in Atlanta who had admitted they looked over the car before police found it. They said they were an Atlanta couple who had heard a local broadcast about the missing car and were checking Its tag number. Nancy Rogers, who lives on the street where the car was left, lord police she saw a woman near the car who looked like Judy's picture in the company of a man. She thought the man was the same one she saw leave the car there several days previously. Purcell said the newly located couple would be viewed by Miss Rogers to determine if I su - JUDITH IIYAMS they were the ones she saw beside the car. Metro crime laboratory technicians meanwhile were going over Judy's rental car, returned here by police order, and had found one stain Identified as human blood. About a dozen other stains were bring analyzed. His feeling, Purcell said, is that Judy never made it out of Miami when she vanished Sept, 14. Rut he emphasized the bloodstain possibly could be unimpor tunt because it was a rental car end a number of persons and parties used it before Miss Hyams did. By the same token, Purcell said, some 50 latent fingerprints taken from the car could possibly belong to a wide variety of persons or one or two persons who touched the car frequently. A slow job of Isolating and Identifying the prints was under way. The only print positively Identified and rejected was that of Uie man who drove the car back to Miami. "So many people handled the car in Atlanta," Purcell said, "and beside that, there is 'the problem of it being a rental car." The single blood smear was found on the top part of the back seat "but anyone who had used the car could have cut a finger." Purcell said. Advierte El MIRR Contra Rumores KEASLEU Continued from Page 1A greatest talents for flouncing away down a sidewalk that I have yet to see, (She wasn't bad approaching, either.) And all these loves, the ones between the time you hated all that love stuff and the time you started putting Rose Hair Oil on your cow-lick, I will always remember. How many loves do you suppose Clara had? Who could count them all? Who was yours? Por TONY SOLAR Rrditrlnr d The Miami Newt "El andamiaje clandestino dentro de Cuba se perfila firme, bien estructurado e Irreductible y las relaciones con los buenos hermanos de Latinoamerica se van acercando a considerables mejorias." 1 Esas son las palabras del Dr. Orlando Bosch, Coordinador del MIRR, al regresar de una jira de contacto en la America Latina. Estima el inquieto lider anti-comunista. cuya organizacion posee el aval de varias acciones demolodoras contra el regimen que oprime al pueblo de Cuba, que prevalece en el exilio en este momento un amhiente de peligroso optimismo basado en una esperanza de regreso "por la accion rendentora de los cu-banos de dentro, sin el aporte de esfucrzos exteriores." "Asl se habra indiscrimina-damente de atentados persona-les a figuras comunistas dentro -de Cuba, de grandes sabotajes y preparativos para una insu-rreccion popular interna." Admite el Dr. Bosch que son reales y positivos los hechos que se estan escalonando dentro de Cuba, pero considcra negativas a la causa las acostumbradas mentiras que clrculan en el exterior prcsentando un cuadro in-cierto que solo contrihuye a la inactividad que conduce al cu-bano a la espera infructuosa. Desde que abandono la carcel de Orlando en junio el MIRR ha recorrido tierras foraneas ges-tionando lo necesario para la obtencion de la libertad de Cuba. Otros hombres del MIRR han , continuado dentro de la Patria y en los mares que la rodean f afrontando mayores pdigros en 1 silencio, ! "Y si alguna vez fueron pro-metedoras las posibilidades de liberacion, el momento actual es ESPAfiOL el referido" dice Bosch "pero no es el momento de sen-tarse a esperar." "Se ha dicho que los grupos cubanos han cesado en sus afa-nes belicos, pero nosotros alza-mos nuestra voz para rcfutar tal afirmacion. La insurreccion popular vendra y en los actuates minutos el MIRR esta labo-rando a esos fines." "Pero hay que distinguir y esto ha sido bien planteado en Cuba que no ha de ser insurreccion de un pueblo indefen- so que solo sirva de espectaculo macabro a algunos interesados en tan funesta gestion. Sera la unificacion de diversos hechos y posiciones que habran de to- marse el tiempo necesario para su vertebracion mas logica y efectiva." El exilio debe darse a la ta rea de incorporate y preparar-se. sigue diciendo Bosch "ex-hortando a todos los cubanos de buena voluntad a cerrar filas junto al MIRR. Los cimientos de una verdadera guerra de liberacion estan siendo echados por nuestro Movimiento y es inmi-nente la ayuda del exilio para que estos planes de hoy no co-nan la suerte que ayer corrie-ron nuestros combatientes en las gloriosas lomas del Escam-tray." Y termina diciendo: "Con el cese del optimismo negativo de-be renaccr en el destierro la accion Incesante, en estrecha coordinacion con los hermanos que no han abandonado el es-cenario heroico de la Patria." DonH Coddle Addicts, Says Narcotics Boss By JEFF REYNOLDS Reporter of Tito Miami Newt The U. S. Commissioner of Narcotics warned today against appeasement in the war on drug users and pushers. "Appeasement is no more applicable to the war on narcotics than it is to international politics," said Henry L. Giordano, speaking to the International Narcotics Officers Association at the Fontainebleau Hotel. Giordano flailed at the "false propaganda" that the best way to treat narcotics addicts it to give them drugs before they become desperate enough to turn to crime to finance their habit. "Studies have established beyond doubt that 75 per cent of the addicts in this country have prior criminal records before their addiction ... it is generally the criminal who turns to addiction rather than the addict wtio turns to crime," Giordano said. He challenged the agents to provide the public with facts contradicting the argument that all society has to do is provide free drugs to the addicts and the problem is licked. "How can they be expected to live useful, productive lives on narcotics when their lives were enmeshed in crime before they became addicted?" Giordano said It Isn't "the pusher" who spreads addiction, but the addict himself. There Is only one basic triggering cause for drug addiction, and that is the association of the addict with the non-addict. As of last December, he said, the U. S. had more than 55,000 active addicts. The "British System" of leni ency to addicts is a sham, Giordano said. (Under the British system, narcotic addicts are registered, and can obtain prescriptions for drugs from their physicians.) "The number of non-medical addicts in England increased 100 per cent in four years; its per capital consumption of drugs is twice that of the U. S. and in Parliament some members are clamoring for tighetr controls over the medical profession, he said. In the last seven years some 200 top Mafiosi have been imprisoned for narcotics violations and the heroin supply has been so drastically reduced the average addict can no longer find sufficient drugs to feed his habit. He said that is the result of tough law enforcement and not sociological experiments. He said he has great hopes for medical research on drug addiction but feared that too many scientists are announcing, with accompanying headlines and fanfare, unjustified, and premature solutions. If You Hoar Sounds But Don't Always Understand Words... Actor Zachary Scott Reported 4Very I1T AUSTIN, Tex. 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Woman Nearly Itches To Death " nevrlj itched to death S" 7,yers.Tbenltods fjL mew uondetcr erne Jou I'm happy," urilet Mn. f. Ramsey of LA. Calif. Here a bleaacd relief from aorrarca of iml tub, lecul itch, cfaafinil. raita and eczema wit as aminni new anew. tifiC formula called LANACA.NE. Ihn fut.Ktirit; medicated crane diecka haxa fui bacteria growth while it aoothea raw. irritated and mil aired tutne. Stops scratching an apreda bealina. Don i fieri Cat LANACANE at diuggiita. tlnnD EE ED BD DD E Dip 0 ED lt 13 ttfUmjf v, .nUnCDfr. "38 rears of Oependabf Srvic" mm SANATORIUM & NEUROLOGY INSTITUTE For Nervous and Mental Disorders, Alcoholism and Drug Habituation SS private reams SS private baths Member American Hospital Association Member florida Hosoifaf Attociatien Member U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Ha. Chamber r wommarn, miomi wnamocr or commerce -79th ST. at MIAMI COURT - Ph. PL 7-1824 or PL 4-5354 BILL BAGGS Continued from Page 1A Sen. Fulbright has been a public servant willing to speak as a critic when the mood of the country washed high against his views. The Prince de Ligne complained: "The Congress nev-er runs. It waltzes." Today, with a persuasive President, our Congress is running. And a critic with courage and sense is needed to examine t h e legislation-in-a-hurry. Thank goodness William Fulbright is there. ' J ir''.'- .'-V MRS. THERESA FANCY IPS A FANCY BILL FOR PARKING BOSTON (AP) -irs. Theresa Fancy got her stolen car back today and she didn't have to pay the Massachusetts Parking Authority for it. The car was stolen from the Somerville housewife and it turned up in the Boston Common garage where it was held for a $200 parking bill. Mrs. Fancy refused to pay the bill and her story made the newspapers. The parking authority was condemned in editorials, lawyers offered to aid Mrs. Fancy and several members of the State Legislature filed bills to help Mrs. Fancy. But the authority bowed to the court order and Mrs. Fancy drove her car home. Lawyers said that if the authority still wants to collect, it will have to sue Mrs. Fancy. Cong And Viets Locked In Battle THE MIAMI NEWS, Tuwday. Srpt. 23. 1965 DA SAIGON (AP) - Hundreds of Vietnamese rangers and Viet Cong fighters were battling late today in the Phu Cu pass area, a U.S. military spokesman. reported. The Viet Cong suffered htavy losses last week in the area, which is 295 miles northeast of Saigon and 45 miles northwest of Qui Nhon. A Vietnamese army ranger unit reported that it was engaged with a large Viet Cong element, possibly one or two battalions. About 600 men are in a government . ranger battalion and 500 to 600 in a Viet Cong battalion. A U.S. spokesman reported the death of three Americans in the crash of a chartered plane yesterday about 25 miles west of Saigon. He said seven Vietnamese policemen guarding the wreckage were killed during the night by Viet Cong small arms fire. It was believed the plane was shot down as it was coming in for a landing at Bau Trai, in Hau Ngai province. It crashed about 200 yards short of the airstrip. Killed in the crash were the pilot and co-pilot of the Air America plane and Jack Wells of College Park, Ga., an official of the U. S. operations mission's Public Safety Department. The mission charters planes from Air America, a private airline. , JUST VERY S G ; SMOOTH smooth ; HaMD SCOTCH WHItlU,8M POOOF. IMPORTED BY MKADA DRY CORPORATIOI, IE YOt..! iyjlruIUjJlg J. virUu. Uv!JlJluU September 29. Mia A Big Beautiful ULTRA MODERN Located in the IB mm Plan now to visit this new A&P and share in the many exciting events that will be taking place during the Grand Opening of this brand new A&P store. Shop Early! FREE BREAD FREE BALLOONS FREE OFFERS FREE PARKING BARGAINS GALORE BIRD RD l a" " 1 BIRD yZSfip 't K MILLER DR. K p sunset dr. r

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