The Miami News from Miami, Florida on February 13, 1968 · 8
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 8

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1968
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8-A 'nib MIAMI ftfcWS Tuesday, eb. 13. 186S n CTY) 14 10 N.I. Avenue 371-4170 ')'.:'.) 3 U North Miami Avenue 377-S34I :::) S Cacoanut Raw, Palm leach 633-3471 D 1111 trUktil Avenve 377-011 1 : ::) lOl North Cy Causeway 731-6692 ; r::i :t:5nrHv 377-iui (.::) 44 Ccnut Raw, Palm Beach I33-9A4S -.::) 4tS HAV. 19tth ttrtt 621-1301 Today 4(00 O Saorat Staring Q Dlatlncfor Dollars (to 5i45)5 O Whltslara Lands and tut B Outrageous Opinions 4i30 Q Pat Boom (to8i53)a O MlksDourJii to6)g Q Laavi It to Biavar 4:85 Q Nawig 8)00 O Timo for School Q ILovaLuey CD Nawt,Wthr,c EB Flinitonit 8)20 CD Sportt"Nu(intg 8)30 Q Dlscovary Q Makt Room tor Daddy 03 Niwi-Yount'c CD Naws-latajc GB Munstars 8i4S Q Datolino (t6i30)cl 8i5S O Wnthir-WiiYira This Evening 6(00 O Friandty Dlant O Ranlck Raportg Q GilligaiTi lilandg O Niwi-Firlug CD Movia(toTi30)SI "Rage of the Buccaneers" Ricardo Montal-ban, Vincent Price. Cos-tume. CD Mlka DougUs (to Ti30)C B MyFavorila Martian 6i 1 5 Q Dick Davis-Stocks 0 Nm-Whitcombc 6:30 O Brother Bun O Naw$"Rionarc B Hunllay-Brlnklayc O Twilight Zona . ffi McHala'sNavy Ii40 O Wthr., Spt.c 7i00 O Boston Symphony Irving Fine's "Serious Song," Haydn's "Sym-' phony No. 101 in D M a j o r," Schumann's "Symphony No. 2 in C Major" and Strausse's "New Wien Waltzes." Q Rod Skalton Hour (to 8) Herschel Bernardi, star of "Fiddler on the Roof," and Diane Link-letter, daughter of Art, are featured guests. Q Tha MotbarS'In Law O Truth or Const-quanets, Newig Q Huntlty-Brinkltyc ffi Movlo (to 8:30(cl "Guns of the Black Witch" Don McGowan, Silvana Pampanini. Costume. Vi 7:30 Q Movie, Hy Gardner "In Which We Serve Noel Coward, John Mills. War story, xxx QQ I Dream of Jeannieg Please don't feed the Astronauts. (DO Garrison's fiorll- las (to 8:30) c "War and Crime" (Part 1) The Gorillas make their first trip home to New York to seek an escaped convict. Rich ard Kiley guest stars. 8:00 O Movia "T h e Fly" Vincent h SPY ZSA ZSA ON LAST LAP IN PLOT 'Jerry Lewis Show' 8 p.m., Chs. 5, 7 8:30 9:00 9:20 9:30 10:00 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:30 Price, Patricia Owens. Science Fiction. OO Jorry Lewis Show (to 9)13 Zsa Zsa Gabor and Pe ter Lawford play Adam! and Eve. O William F. Bueklay CD CO It Tikes a Thief (to I0)gj Mundy steals a da Vinci painting as part or a plan to plant a bugging device in the home of an exiled American dicta tor. Fernando Lamas is guest star. CS Hazel GO Movie (to M) "Pressure Point" Bobby Darin, Sidney Poitier. Conflict CS Roller DarbyS Q Woman's View O Man to Man Q CBS Playhouse c "My Father and My Mother" starring Ralph Bellamy, Jane Wyatt, Inga Swenson and Gene Hackman. A : man is overwhelmed by the complexities of modern life and attempts to retreat to an earlier period. 3 Cheyenne CD N.Y.P.D.g A merchant seaman is accused of being a child molester by angry parents. CD Opening Nighty Highlights of opening night at the Royal Poin-ciana Playhouse. CD CD Olympics Scheduled are women s special slalom skiing, luge, women's 5 kilo meter cross country skiing, and hockey, U.S.S.R. vs Sweden and Czechoslovakia vs. Ca nada. O Great Decisions Q Honaker, Nawsjc QDivorce Courtg O Robinson Report QO News, Wthr., (DCD News, Wthr., EE Movia "The Moon Is Down" Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Lee J. Cobb. War story. xxx'2 O Perry Mason (to 12:30) "Case of the Cautious Coquette" has Mason investigating a hit-run getting murder 11:45 12:30 1:00 1:30 8:45 6:15 6:20 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 accident and involved with a suspect. QQ Tonight Show (DCD Olympics (BCD Joey Bishop O Bold Journey O Joey Bishop Q Naws En Espanol CD Alfred Hitchcock CD News, Weather c O U. of Fla. (to 6:45) Wednesday 9:18 9:30 10:00 10:25 10:30 11:00 11:25 11:30 Today's Movies 6 p.m. CD "Rage of the Buccaneers" Ricardo Montalban, Vincent Price. This was also released as "The Black Pirate" which should tell you enough about it. 7 p.m. ffl "Guns of the Black Witch" Don McGowan, Silvana Pampanini. Two boys escape oppression in Spain and join pirates, x'i 7:30 p.m. Q "In Which We Serve" Noel Coward, John Mills. One of the greatest of the films about. World War II. Coward originally wrote, produced and starred in the film as a morale booster during some dark days in Britain. It served its purpose and won many awards besides. 8 p.m. Q "The Fly" Vincent Price, Patricia Owens. You can feel sorry for the poor guy in this horror film. He's a scientist, makes a mistake and before you can say "Quick, Henry, the Flit" he has the heads and arms of a fly. Above average. 1 1 p.m. ffi "The Moon Is Down" Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Lee J. Cobb. Another good war film with some excellent performances. It is based on John Steinbeck's novel about the Nazi occupation of Norway. 9 a.m. O "The Great Ziegfeld" Part 1 William Powell, Myrna Loy, Luise Rainer. Ziggy would have been proud of this production of the story of his life. It's done in the grand manner and all the performers are tops, xxxx 12:00 12:30 12:45 12:55 1:00 1:25 1:30 2:00 S. Viets Rob Filipino Medics MANILA (AP) While 15 Filipino medics were treating South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians during the recent hard fighting with the Viet Cong, other Saigon soldiers 'were looting the medics' quarters, the Daily Mirror reported today. Mirror correspondent Max Soliven in a dispatch from My Tho, a provincial capital in the Mekong Delta, said two villas housing the Filipinos were robbed and the medics "lost all their possessions." The dispatch said the medics "worked around the clock to attend to more than 150 civilians and soldiers brought in as a result of heavy fighting" after a Vict Cong assault Jan. 31. Israel Nabs 74 Saboteurs TEL AVIV (AP) Military sources reported that 74 Arabs suspected of being members of the El Fatah ring of saboteurs and terrorists were rounded up in a massive raid on the casbah at Nablus, on the west bank of the Jordan River. The raiders discovered two caches of arms. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and the army chief of staff, Maj. Gen Haim Bar-Lev, toured the area during the raid yesterday. Surveyor 7 Back In Pielurc PASADENA, Calif. (AP) Surveyor 7 was turning out pictures on the moon today after remaining inactive for three weeks. The picture taking resumed yesterday but carefully. Jet Propulsion Laboratory controllers were fearful the spacecraft would overheat as the lunar day took over. The three-legged craft landed Jan. 9 near the crater Tycho and sent to earth 21,274 photographs of rugged landscape. Thai Government Warns Newsmen tat- "" 2:30 2:55 3:00 3:25 3:30 G Sunrise Semester CD Give Us This Day CD News CD Target for Safety G News En Espanol Q Sunshine Almanac CD Cartoons G Popeya PI. (to 8) QO Today (to 9) CD Rick Shaw Show CD Anderson Show G Kangaroo (to 9)3 CD Millionaira CD Gypsy Ross Lee G Griffin (to I0;30) 0 Ed Allen Show Q Movie (to 10:25) "The Great Ziegfeld' William Powell, Myrna Loy, Luise Rainer. (Part 1) Biography, xxxx CD Banjo Billy CD Sunshine Almanac Q Dobia Gillis CD Dennis The Menace CD Jack LaLanne EB Ed Allen Showjc Q Snap Judgments CD Treasure Isle CD Dating Game QD Stock Market O News-Dickerson Q Community Report G Beverly Hillbillies QQ Concentration CD CD Donna Reed Q Andy ol Mayberry QQ Personality (DCD Temptations (DCD NewsS G Dick Van Dyke QQ Hollywood SquaresS ODCD How's Your Mother-in-Law G News at NoonS QQ JeopardyS CD CD Bewitched Q Search for Tomorrows Q EyaGuessS Q News'-WhitcombS CD News-'HarnishS CD Treasure IsleS O Guiding Lights Q News-NewmanS O Love ot Life c Q Seahunt Q Match GameS CD CD Fugitive (to 2) O NewsS Q News-WhitcombS O As the World TurnsS Q Let's Make a DealS Q Girl TalkS O Love Is a Many Splendored ThingS QQ Days of Our LivesS (DCD Newlywed GameS Q House PartyS QQ The Doctors (DCD Baby GameS (DCD Children's Dr-S Q To Tell the TruthS QQ Another WorldS CD CD General Hospitals G News-EdwardsS O Edge of NightS QQ You Don't Say c CD Jumpin Jack Sh3wS CD DarkShadowsS BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) The Thai government, smarting under recent criticism of its policies by visiting newsmen, has decided to take "strict measures" against foreign correspondents, a spokesman announced after a cabinet meeting yesterday. The measures were not spelled out, but they are believed to include tougher visa regulations and expulsion of foreign newsmen who write articles which the government of Premier Thanom Kittikachorn considers offensive. N. Dade TV Studio Seeks To Go Live By DICK HOLLAND Miiml Nwi Riportir The operators of TV Channel 23 will go before the Metro Commission on March 7, seeking a zoning change to allow live broadcasts from their studio in North Dade. Metro's Zoning Appeals Board recommended approval of the zoning change by a 5-1 vote yesterday, over protests by more than 30 homeowners in the vicinity of the studio. The zoning change, from agricultural to business, would affect only a one-acre plot in the middle of 40 acres of undeveloped land located roughly at NW 7th Avenue and Honey Hill Drive (199th Street). But the homeowners said the action would open the door to business zoning of the entire 40 acres, smack in the middle of their residential area. A huge transmitting tower, and the building which is to house the studio, already stand on the property, which is owned by Storer Broadcasting Co., operators of Radio Station WGBS in Miami and a string of radio and TV stations across the country. Storer has leased the facilities to Coastal Broadcasting, operator of WAJA-TV Channel 23. In an attempt to ease the homeowners' misgivings, Metro zoning and planning officials said the business zoning was the only route whereby the existing building can be used as a "studio." That is, for live broadcasts. Sy Chadroff, attorney for Coastal, said stock market programs are being broadcast live from the building already. The homeowners asked what would happen if, once the business zoning were obtained, Channel 23 were to "go broke?" The zoning would allow a gas station, for example. Storer Vice President A. A. Church said neither his company nor Coastal has any intention of "going broke." Storer put up the building and the tower more than 10 years ago, before the homes in the vicinity were built. It was sold to the "old Channel 10," and then repurchased by Storer when the first operators of that channel went out of business. The affirmative vote by the appeals board came after Chadroff and Church volunteered to impose a restrictive covenant upon the property. r"" l4nyone YOU KH0W J may have appeared in the Miami News recently. You can i have one or more of these top J quality 8x10 glossy photos by a MIAMI NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER i at very little cost. Phone today. 350-2549 Li RADIO n i ' W9AM (540 f - WPAI (WO) A WIOD-NBC ( 1 19) WVCS (1080 i WGBVA1C 17101 WMII 111401 i M WFUN 7) " WOAK fT320J " WINZ W0 WAM6 12W1 WKAT-CiS mtoi Will 11430) WOCN (14S) WM8M (1401 ' whiz van WKAT i?3U iWOOS fttJl WAEI (M.l , WGES (H.i) WKJD W.3) WEOit m.n WWPB 1101.51 wroe n.u Today's Larry King (9 p.m. WIOD) Guests are Zev Buffman of the Coconut Grove Playhouse, Dr. Nathan Wollomir of the Federal Employes Union, Dr. Gilbert Holloway, expert on ESP, and Bud Dietrich of Westing-house. Alan Courtney (10 p.m. WINZ) Special St Valentine singalong with Vic at the organ and the Moncur Twins as guests. Listings Spotlight on Stereo (7:05 p.m. WAEZ-FM) Sound tracks from "Two for the Road" and "Genghis Khan." Two In Review (6:30 p.m. WGBS) Eddy Arnold and Billy Vaughn are featured artists. Tommy Roberts (10:30 p.m. WGBS) Artist Fay Moore is guest A delightful nosegay vase " of fresh-cut flowers with a carnation 10 "Your 'Phone Is Your Charge Account" Buning of the Boulevards 373-4631 Miami 1752 Biscayne 525-2871 fi,ywood'a 1 M E. Us Olas 941-8200 KS 3200 Atlantic Immediate FTD Service . . . Anywhere Good Paying Jobs Are Plentiful for Miami Academy Trained Graduates "This Is National Beauty Salon Week and it is only fitting that Miami Academy of Beauty Culture should salute all beauty salons and urge all women to visit their favorite beautician," says Mr. Murray, director of Miami Academy. This Is the school that Is noted for placing many outstanding graduates in local beauty salons each year. "Investigate before you Invest" Is good advice In any endeavor, but it is especially true in selecting a beauty school. Most important Is to select a school that give you the best chance for success. This la the reputation of Miami Academy of Beauty Culture, 223 E. Flagler St All phasea of training are aimed at this one goal success. The reason for investigation is to see the difference for yourself. But don't be rushed into enrolling at any school before you see several. A transfer later can be costly in time and money. Miami Academy of Beauty Culture has been teaching the secrets of beauty for over 30 years . . the past 17 under the same ownership and management of Mr. and Mrs. Murray. They believe that the business of education should be taken seriously by teacher and student alike. This is one of the reasons they insist on a personal interview with each applicant before enrollment. Upon acceptance, each student Is on a trial basis for a period of time to be sure the student and teachers can work together. Again success comes into the picture. If student and teacher cannot reach an understanding, the chance for success is diminished. Graduates of Miami Academy of Baauty Culture are assured fine incomes and good positions because beauty shop owners and managers know they are trained properly. "This is because there is a difference in training," Mr. Murray said. "The salon owners know that Miami Academy graduates have been taught by dedicated and especially trained teachers. They know our students are trained in the world famous Comer & Doran of Hollywood, Calif., method of hair styling and cosmetology which only best schools are authorized to teach. This is the only nationally accredited school within 200 miles." Murray, former education director of Helene Curtis, announced that new classes start each month. In business for over 30 years and under the personal Smc 1928 JAMES I. TURNERS STORAGE WAREHOUSE CO. AND INTERNATIONAL BONDED WAREHOUSE CORP. U. S. Customs Bonded Mobility (nsuronct ADt Pio'M'ion AUTOS - BOATS FURNITURE - MERCHANDISE (ocfl' i Cnport Crating & Snipping MEMBER OF A.W.A. S.W.M.A. FR 4-1208 FR 4-8532 601 S.W. 8th Street (ermtrly Burdine'l Worhoun en fh. Trail ;sw:;:;!ii:i:!!fTOiis If J "'mm. CUSTOM MADE Foundation Garments control large abdonieni and improve posture Made in Miami Since 1936 IUCILE STEPHENSON LeCile' (orsel Studios B67 S.W. ht St. Ph: FR 4-3485 i ' ,p 'if J v. 'k-ihS I t. I I .- 'I MR. AND MRS. MURRAY, owners and directors of Miami Academy of Beauty Culture, are well qualified to plan and teach a complete program in the highly technical field of beauty culture. services to the public at nominal charges. Work by students is always under the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Murray and their expert staff. A new law allows one to take a Specialist Course covering only manicuring, pedicuring, shampoo, rinse and facials and make-up. This is a condensed 500-hour course that can be completed In only 14 weeks. Miami Academy also has a new, 20-hour wig styling course for hairdressers only. This new course is to be held on Mondays only and will cover cleaning, fitting, cutting, styling and coloring. Beautiful, modern, spacious, air-conditioned Miami Academy of Beauty Culture is conveniently located at 223 E. Flagler St., downtown Miami. The telephone number is 377-2331. GET A LIFr with a new hair style this week. direction of Mr. and Mrs. Murray since 1951, Miami Academy of Beauty Culture has graduated more than 6,-000 successful beauticians. "Ours is the only baauty school in Dade County tha has been under the same for the past 17 years," emphasized Murray. State approved and national accredited Miami Academy, a member of Miami-Dade County Chamber of Commerce, also is qualified for Veterans' rehabilitation schooling and training of foreign students. In addition, a free employment service is available to graduates at all times. Refresher courses are always available. The school offers beauty NOW From the RUST CURE filkj - FREE - (lie if Preftttienit Spraytr-12 (, of concentrate (One Ballon whin iiei' with water) treat S-U room house -S1.IS. Aik for Rid. A lug at your HnV faint or Groctry Stor or til UST CURt Of flA., f .0. Ran 046 ihtnondooh Sla., Miami fkoMt 445-1473 IX LEARN If HAIR STYLING U Advanced mtlhodi taht I by manor iloll. Ovor 4,000 I Ef tuccoltlul grodvotit. J I JOBS "APUNTIFUL" I Now Clout, MytMy KEEP TRIM WITH e Etotrie Cyclx Muiaf t Tkl e ltoiin( Sth Hmojor o MoT Mituf m luflh Water FOR MFORMTIM Com In, Sal or Writa BICYCIE EXERCISERS William Dunn 319 N.E. 167th St. RVtk Miami SmI Pkana MS-COS I yNmT I i INiUKANCt: I nunur V I I rnunt Ml F5l 1 rK 4-2075 I B A II E Y I r WOULD YOU BELIEVE? uMNmo toucan DISSOLVE RUST vT AND KUIT STAINI IN MINUTIS RUST 5Bf?J& EVI r RUST CURE OF FLORIDA HRSH AC,DS .. MX 4 Shooonooafc . Yo will o.litvt wkoo yoo try Phono 445-3473 RUST KILLER NEW XP-25 SPORTSMAN'S XP-25 FOR CUNS. REELS KEEPS WATER OUT XP-25 PREVENTS RUST, DISPLACES WAIfcR, LUBRICAItb XP-25 FOR GOLF CLUBS REMOVES RUST PREVENTS RUST XP-25 FOR WORKSHOP FREES "FROZEN" BOLTS ECONOMICAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! AT GUN SHOPS, SPORTING GOODS STORES. HARDWARE STORES OR UNITED STATES RUST CONTROL CORPORATION 1455 N W. 23St., Miami Phone 634-6S64 if Ami n iTrn if TUi1l KAItU NUMBER ONE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER BY LEADING CONSUMER RESEARCH TEST REPORT! m mw m 3 YORK APOLLO rata 1 in over-all quality, tntinecrint, convenience ... by nationally recognized consumer testing organization. PLUS- NEW! OPTIONAL! 5-Year Extended Warranty on Parts and Labor! . . . in additon to York'o atandard factory warranty. Hare's added coverage from ui that protect! you from coitly breakdown at defined in the warranty certificate. HILL YORK ...iSiS-SS S150N.W. 37th Ave. MIAMI Phone 635-3241 212S S.AndrewiAve. FORTLAUOERDALI Phone MS-2971

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