Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 3, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 3, 1895
Page 8
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The Assignee Sale Of the Schmitt & Heffley Golden Rule Dry Goods House Is Now In Full Blast. The Rooms are Crowded Daily with Men, Women and Young People who are As U we'll known to the people of this section, the G-oldea Ru'e carried oue of the most se'ect stocks in the county, all of wh ch is goiug at from Half Price Down. It is a K s? of time to enumerate bargain^; everything goes at a bargain, acd'itli who have been in large Dry Goods Houses know what is offered at thin sale, which is by , ., Order of the Cass Circuit Court. . . If you haven't the ready -.-.ash, it will handsomely pay you to borrow.it, -even though you may pj a hi^h rate of interest. DON'T DELAY! Strike While The Iron Is Hot. W. D. PRATT. Trustee. YODR SAME IS FRIST. of a Pfr«onil Character Con- Ci-rnluK JL.OJJ lusport.T* null Tliolr Friction. In the city yesterday: * 0 W. Johnson i f Peru. »V. H. Sadder of Onward. Mrs. G. R. Sainnerof lieatland. FOOLESONG BROS, . Undertakers .and Embalmers and Ket.iil Dcalcr'iu'nlMviiids o Furniture and Upftolstering 424 BROflDWflY. ' J.G BRIDGE. I A N O s o G A N S 'BEST STANDARD MAKES. P ICES LOW. TERMS EASY. Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. A. New Hack Line. I have started a Haok and Parcel Delivery and in the future T oan •>5»e found at the corner of 4th street and Brond way. wherel will be prepared *-oui 9 o'oloflk In the uiorniufc to 9 iu tbo evening to deliver parcels or isarry passen6 ers *° fta< i from any part of.the city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I will endeavor to give che best services possible for the money. If " you havo ft parcel to deliver or a passenger to deliver, or any lii;ht work •abac oan be done with a street hack, I will be glad to do it. What could •you do that a customers would appreciate more than calling the hack fof vkion? Special rates will be given yon. Leavejorders at 12ch screet Livery Stable or Greo. Harrison's 6l7Broad <wr*v. i'onra Truly. Wm Lynas. DAII Y JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. KE». 3. McKeon's stenra laundry—n-ood iork To Mr. and Mrs. Hdnry Eller of Sinoiid sireet, a son. A bi? dress go-ida sale will open to, morrow ai tho 8^0 Hive. John !''. Getty of this city has been granted a reissue of pen- io L. A' H j >urnpd rnoeting of Typographical Uuioo at 2 o'clock ibis altori oon. Tno nowcuv directory publi-hed by Longwi-11 & CumuuD^s, was issued yesterday. The Uirripon Telepbono company hiiS orf.'H.nlZrtd » r d incorporated at Ft \Vit\ae, A 'ith ^100 000 capital. Our-priog line of emTroldarles are now.on display, the handsomest line we have evor shown—TSe Bte Hive. A little money will go farther at the Golden Rale dry goods store now than, at any tlmt in the history iif the cuy. A large number of young people were coasting on Market street between Tenth and Twelfth streets last evening"Our Club" will give their crand ball on the evening of Feb. 22, at K/euzberger's hall A swell affair in expccied. Rheumatism is primarily caused by aciaity of th« blood Hood's Sarsa- puriHa purifies the blood, and thus cures the disease. The extra fire pressure burst a pipe in tne Keystone building yesterday afternoon and flooded the second floor with waier. 1 Waat faith is and how to get it" will be the subject of aa address at ihe R R Y M. C. A. room this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mr. M VV Miller, tbe Pan Hindle notiducior, bas rented EJ. Leonard's brluk cottage No. 12S Osage etreet and will movd into ihe same at once. Tno Goeiz charity song recital that was announced for February GtQ, at he Broadway Presbvterlan church, us be^n poiipined iudeonliely. The Colombian Straw Paper Company has reorganized under the title ef the Northern Trust. The Souih Side mill is still owned by tbe company. Rev. P 0 Duncan of Franklta who hr.s accepted a call to tbe pastorale of the Biptlst church of this ci y will no; come here until some lima in thu spring- Tne Golden Rule dry goods store will only ba k>=pt open a. fe» daya longer, and if you wish to avail yourself of the bargains offered jou had' better call early. St. Matthews Commandry, Kolghte of S; John have rented the old Logan. Gray aru/ory aad suo-reated is to the following orders: Erin Council C. B. L., C. K. of A.. Y. P. T. A. and Columbian Cadet*. J. T. Allen has gone to Galvoston to locate. Frauk Lytle returned from Indianapolis yeoterday. Prosecutor Cha3. E Hale was at Frat'kwn, Ind., yesterday. Mrs Ben Mait'.n-and coildren go to Indianap. a; today to visit Irlenas. Mloo Viola Carrier is making a visit wiiL frlenda in Royal Ceoier. Ed B McCoanell was at Anderson i esterday looking after business m it- tera. Kukomo Tribuoe: H. C. Wille? of LogansKJrt, was in the city today on business. Mlos Maud Castle is at Lbfayoits to spend Sunday witn an aunt, Mrs. J B. Wright C. L McDonald has returned from a burUuesB trip ol a week through Illnois and Missouri. Miss Minnie Weeks of Frankfort, Ind , is t*iu guesi of 'Mr. and Mrs. Isttiah VurnOn. MlrS K.tue Kessler of Buffalo, N. Y., is visiting Mits Lena Brookmeyer of East High btreet. Carroll County Citizen: Mrs. M 3Ktr 8 returned after a pleasunt vioit R A Brown, clerk of ihe Indiana Souse of Representatives is spending Sunday iu Logaosport. Fred Jox of Chicago returned home yesterday after a sbort visit with his brother, Homy Jox. Mrs. Minnie Goodhart and three children of Indianapolis are the guosis of Mr. Harry I. Tucker. Miss A.ta Medaris is at 'Lafayette, where she titkos cdargo of a cluss in kindergarten instruction. Mrs Fred Co^n^lius has. returned 0 her home «,t RocDenter, lod , after L visit wltb Mr. and Mrs. D. A Hiuk. The Rev. S T. Smith of Gts City, who tias been conducting meetings at bo Royal Ceaier Baptise cburun, is ere today. Lufayutte Call: Miss Anna Crockett !s viciting friends at Logensport.. .. Viuioi'E Suitor of Logausport, is in iht city today. Rocrtenter Republican: Mr. :ind Mrs Chus. Klory will reside near Logansport, and iho bestwisbes of tbo frieodo of the newly wedded pair attend trjfcin. Peru Journal: J'erry Sullivan has ret-itjoed the agency of ,J. 0 Cole iu Log.uisporl and Alex Apple will go! down to succeed bim. I Carl Miller of Ft Wayne, wbo wns j nigh, clerk at tbe Murdoek some tiico I ago but hud to leave on account of lt]fl-ttnm>itory rheuma ism has returned his position. Peru Journal: Mrs. Fred Cornelius of RocOQster, who has for the past few ddya vUited Mrs Charles Lsebriuk, went to L igansport Tuesdny, to visit Mrs. Dlo Hauk. Lafajoue Journal: Miss Alta Meoarls, of Lognnsport will deliver tr,e first of a series of Eve lectures on kicder^rai ten work in the pan'ora of tbo second Presbyterian cburob tbis a'ternoon at 2 o clock. Miss Bled >rls was formerly a teacber'in the public schools here and is a talented lady. Peru Chronicle: Mrs. William WiU son went to Louansport last evening to vitit a few days.. . .Emtlie Nagles and wiferetu ned borne to Logansport this morning... .Joe Townsend went to Logaospurt this moroiag.. .. Martin. Bligb. of Logansport was in the city today. R'>yal Center Record: Albert Shirly of Losaosport, WHS working extra as nigbt operator of Booae this week.. .. Mrs. Jordan is at Logansport visiting her daue-bter, Mrs. Otto Fuliz... .Cyrus B Carlton of Lucerne, and well- kcown to Royal C«oter people, will be married Feiruary 2(Kh, to 1 Mies Carrie V. Martin of LI We Are Crowing! Over the Great Success of our Annual Clearance Sale now going on. 1-4 Off on all Suits aad Overcoats. $20 S'lic and O'ercnat now $15. $15 3uic and Overcoac now $11.25. $10 Suit aud Overcoit now $7.50 $5 Suit and Overcuiit uow $3.75 THE PROGRESS. Cor. Market and Fourth Street. Logansport, - - Indiana. SUITSTQ ORDER S20CASH .Extraordinary ValiK-s, Equal to What Otlicr Tailon) Chai-fie J.4O.OO t'»r. W.- are Turning «'U~ <>ro;it QuvmtUse.s of Work, ami our Customer.-, are {-"crt'ccuy- Sat.i.-t'u-d. * Prices:are Very Low. Carl W. Keller, Failor & Draper. 311 Market St. "A ChaffUK Dish Party.7 A new form of entertainment, a cbufing dish parly, was given Friday evening by Mrs. John W. Barnes, of Tenth street, to a party of lady friends. Toe tabl-? and dining roota were trimmed in white and green, and many of ihe dishes were cooked at the table In uhating dishes. Music was furnished by the Elite madolia club. The party was given in honor of the hostess' guests, Mrs. F. E Francisco, and Mrs. B E Buckiogcam. of Chicago, and Mrs,Al D. Miller, of Cincin- DftVi. Ae*ln Untied. Mrs Artie Irvine Das rejoined her husband, Teddie Irvine, at .LoulsvUe, where the latter has "catea" on the Courier Journal Mr. and Mrs. Irvine have been twice divorced. S vciiti-cii -V \r .11. mli X'K. Seventeen new mi-.mbciv Qavo ln?pn added to tbo Young Americn N<r-f light church einco tho openingof iho religious revival borne limn ago. F. C. IvcgU-.v Sued. Chas. D. Cn-itCTcr. u 1C ilcomo ron.1 est't',8 agect, his brought eu'.t agatnit F. C !v°gley i:i the C«.ss circuit court for $125 which bo claims is duo him as commission for celling real ostme Klstlc.r & KJsiler are the plalntifT'e attorneys. Do you ask for a test of SOZO- DONT'S power, Just to talk to a lady for hair an hour; If her breath is sweet, If her teeth are white. If her gums ii.ro clean, if her gums are bright, If her mouth is pure and her teeth are clean. She uses tbe SOZODONT, then, wo ween. Miss Emma Corn well entertained a company at cards Tnursday evening. All reported a good time. The guests -.vere Gertie Blassingh-itc, Mamo Fox, Jesse Markley, Migffie Pelton, Nellie Demosa and WiilS*igart. To tbe Ladies'ol' Jjogaii-.port. you write in ativertiseraent? We waat your idt-a on t-hoes. To the lady composing ihe best advertisement on shoes, either in poetry or prose, I will present an elegant piir of haad-tuade slippers. Tae advertisaini?nc co be lefc • t uiy store oa or before Ft- b , 1-tth. IS '5 The be-t composed advertisement to be decided by three competent judges. to have the privilege of using any or all compositions for advertising. The composicioa must not exceed 250 word*. Must be written on one Side of che paper ouly. W. PILLISG-. 412 Broadway. r FEET. We have seen a great many essays on feet; bat the best tbio^ we hav« ever seea on them were Filling's shoes. A gentleman or lady .may be known by ttm shoes they wear; and •wben one see a fine appearing, durable shoe there is reason to believe that it came from the et,ter- prisia* shoo hoaee of Piliing's 412 Broadway. .\i»ni rio.v/it. i ru.tis. The Caihollc-i observed Candlemas day yesturday. Wantrtd—A girl 10 do housework. C^ll at C«impOall'n Uundry wita refer- eoce. K. L 1-i.vtle, a farmer living north* wes'. of the city if, reported very eick whh t_\ phold fc-vor. 'J'ne Methodldt Episcopal congregation at Swr City is planning to re- rao lei their church building. Get join 35-cetjt plaido for 10 cents, and woolen? 15 cents at tbo Trado Palaoe Com« before too late. Joseph Saywortb, the barber of the Eist Ejd, is preparing- to go on tho road for a patent medicine fi'm. ^ Lewis Debolt. Jr., of Royal Center, * had an arra broken one oay recently while scuffling- with a companion. Tbis week will b3 a hummer at tbo Trade Palace on n»w good*-. Don't rules it. See th:'ne* muolins and new wash goods. Don't buy old goods when tbo Trade Palace can sell you new ones at 50 per ccat. !ese. Nothing like it. See them!—Trade Paiaco. The Journul hai a few birdsey views of Logansjort left. They can oe had in paateboird tubes for mailing Or preservation for fifty cents. Mrs. Herbert Bro«n gave a lea Toursday as a farewell entertainment for Airs. Ruth Forrest, wno left yesterday for a tour to Europe end the Holy Land. Robert Bruce McCain demands $150 of Julia and I'd odora Jlmaeman alleging that amount IB due him oa a note NolsoQ & Myers filed tils complaint in the County Cierk's office yesterday. Kewanna Herald:.A party of Lo- gsorpori iportsojin and nujters came up to Grass Greet Monday to begin a hunt for the ferocious wild cat which Das been terrorizing the InhaoitaoW 0* that community for a long time past Wnat tu ;c*sa they met with we have been unable to learn. K-c'ptlon. ol a jo ri C. Vernon and Mits Eseie A. Martin occurred Friday February lut, at tDe home of the brtce's pareuts in tbU city. A. wedding- reception was given in honor of ine happy p&lr at 5 o'clock.at which a large cumoer of the relative! and friends were gathered to offer belt wlobee aad partake of the good cheer that abounded.

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