Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 6
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ST, virus * Nervous Disease Characterized Involuntary and Purposeless Spasms. • TAKES ISSUE. Hon, Wharton Barker Beplies to Whitney's Letter. Declares His Statements on Financial Question Are Misleading- Mis Reasons. STORY OF A PILE OF ROCKS. :<1 Occurs Most often in, Girls; is Often Hereditary, but Articular Rheumatism and Scarlet Fever Predispose to it. From the C/irrmictti, C/iicafro, 111. alitics of till! class tlmt there wns no longer ony hope to lit: held out us it wns u malady which in this instance at least was incurable. It was theroliirv! with « feeling of niter despair tlint Mr.-., (.'oilier tirst begun to aiiiniiiistei tlie Thik Pills. :?!ie says :i perceptible change came over the little one before even tin-sect,nd IHUE luul b'vn er.iptied and bow utter having used six boxes lier health is entirely restored. In tlie curly part of her illness iicr intellect was , , . . verv iiiueli I'luiiileil. .She had become e.t- vanous blessings that Jiave : ,, v ,; u , iy dull of comprehension hurtlly renl- notwithstanding tlie poor nre nlwuys with ji, Tliiiiiksyiviiijj is mini 1 the loss u day of "a^incing. iluny clmritioa havo been dis- ;naitscd uiu'l through nunu'rnus iastrtina-ut- the ni'iiosMitios anil siilli'rin^ of ninny hy person luivc been relieved. Absent rs of househoUl.s reunite at the okl tciul mid gathered iirnuml the fuslal recount the incidents tlmt h.ave taken Jtn«l the £>xa voiii'lisallil the.'M.siuce ihey assembled nt | JXIHJJ tlie meaning oi woiils when mMi-essc-il, •i!* Iu-,t annual meet in',' liy tlie«imc liresuie. ' Swa lo-i!ay in the cheerful home of the Co!- IKfa.th,,, for nil!m0 rV umirorj,,.. An,un S | fSr ( X°.«h ^^^ ff^ afcc countkss lanii'ies of Chica.q-o tiieiv w | tin-ly Jisi'.ppeaix'ti, JILT intei'lfct is bright, tperlsaps. not one to-tlay that feels a deeper | keen mid aelive. her sirenmh has relurned <B»ue of u-raiiimla to the Giver of all j-oou '' !L1 ' 11 the ruses in l>.cr clicks iiiiest to die eom- , . T i it i M tu- , ! 1'lele recovery ot her boihiy IH.M!:!:. sard p.-tlect irifts tlian Mr. mill Mr.,. Al!r«l ,<, , , s ,, ow ri ,. uiy Io rmmKU j, or „,„.,- j •IIXM Armour Avenue.. i[r. Collier, who is the electrician at the 'TTfeiea^'O- 3ml Kock Isluiul Railroad shops in 'this i.-ity etiriio hero from ITuniiiton, Canada, _»•• Tilde more than nine years n.i,"i tieconi- ijoniwl by his wife 3taly child Kttn, then iHjvd four. Little Kti *jrw a- bright mill beautiful girl, but not u '!£Ery robust one. j'or die last few years slip Imcl been some-, Thai, ailing, but lier condition was not sucli •&s(3 create any uneasiness in the. auiida (if -.ntr parents "'ho almost idolized her. Ii the uail as soon us tlie schools open ullur holiiinys siie will iijjiiia u.kc up the Mrs. Collier, Mrs. Lewis, who was present, u.n" ui-euiu- : at the interview emphatically eonlii-nied nil .'milliter, their: thill Mrs Collier _hns suit! re^ardiiij; tlie nast and present eondiiion ot' little Ettn. inkling that a famous physician in Oamiltoa iji- varinbly recommends Dr. Williams' Pink Pill? in such eaves :i.s this anJ many others. Mrs. Collier herself has Cor n mtir.'ncr of yours been u constant suiTerer from n Icnndc complaint wl-.ich .so far has liallleil the skill . She school she wits regarded us one of the • of tlie doctors, und during n period of Jess scholars of her class Hud WHS the ' than six months her husband has expended of ier elass-inates, Althnn^li Inn a ovur two hundred dollars in fees lor incdi- Shie over-twelve yenrs af ugu, her intelleet '«»5 phenomenal, i'lie w-as possessed, bo\v- , xvf a very nervous temperament wbieli eines. She hay now begun the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills r.nd while it is fis yet too early to announce u euro in her case slid irVqutMitly t'he case with childmi of iier j feels so much unproved us to express tlie be•' nitell:,cene.t'. Kiirly m tlie month lief that her physical troubles will shortly nfi Junt; lust, o«in™ to a sudden fright, she i MTX5 turtiwiY into violent spasms, to recover •Htaytobe afflicted with St. Vims' dance in ^aht worst form. The consternation ot' her 3KrenL< may well be imagined. •Of ootuiic the best phyMcians were stiin- aained "nfonoe but tJieir ell'orts to restore her 1& her normal' condition were devoid of re- <xcJtK. . She continued to grow worse, her .ipp*rtte wholly failed nnd conimein.-ia^ with •Sttrripht arm her whole rii'lil side and lower Srob- became limp, numb, nnd useless, nnd E little, nourishment she wns able to take be of the past. These lire some of the reti- sons why the Collier family return thanks on this our national day of praise and li-.-tiv-iy. The above i.i a correct slatonient of facts eoaccrniiio my little daughter and myself. MK.S. A. COLI.IKR, Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2ad day of December, 1S95. DAN GREENE, A'otani Public. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills tor Pale People have an enormous sule. An analysis of SiaMo. be administered by others. To add their proptrties shows tlmt they contain, in an vhf srriousnesa of-the rase shu wns uuublu i a condenscj Conn, all the elements necessary •<SeWiUiin.iiny sleep wlmtever. to jjive new life and richness to the blooil Ir i«« while in this deplorable eondi'.ion i iiuu restore slmttered nerves. They arc an Severing between life nnil <l>;iitli with ull j unfiiiling specific for such diseases as looo- iShc- prospects of ft prcmntiiro grnvc bettm motor f.tnKiii, pnrtiul pm-nlysis, St. Vitiis' Jti^r, tlmt one day on returning home from dance, seiaticu, neuralgiu, rlieumatism, y#rv- "ii'tluties Mr. Collier found nwaijing him u ous hcartiichc, the utter effect of la grippe, oaiKspapfr, which an old acquaintance in > palpitation of the heart, pale nnd sallow .'Sbmlton, hi.i former place of residence, litiJ ; complexions, that tired fcelinp resulting •sort to himby niuil. i from nervous prostration; nM diseases rein the locnl columns bo read of the case ! suiting from vitiated humors in the blood, at a certain person lie Imd known years he-! such us .scrofula, chronic erysipclns, etc. ltd-having been permanently cured of the i They arc also a specific lor troubles peculiar •^mphint of which his own (l:iuslncr was ! to females, such M suppressions, irregulari- ,yi*r Mitl'crinz, by the use of Dr. Williams' ties and all forms of weakness. They build JSifc Pills for P.ile People. He Imd often i up the blood, nnd restore the glow of liciilth tjoid and read before marvellous accounts ! to pule and sallow cheeks. fn men they of «he eflieaey of this remedy but us no wh'ieh he wo.s personally familiar , he not only doubted hut positively TCd the stntements. lint here before iti eyes., wns apparent evidence from one he Sftsw, He therefore lost no time in nia!;- Srip assurance doubly sure nnd as soon us he Jtatratfd that the story was alKohi^'lv true, ?jr Iflst no time in procuring the Pink Pills Jbriiis sufl'ering diuightcr. This was on the ,3BU» of Septenilier. Prior to this date and "iaSer consulting doctors of different schools •yf medicine, he had taken her to the Ilomc- opethio Dispensary where her case was dis- .^asscd by all the members of the faculty ;«fco nnunimously Ucclnred in the prtsence ctfcct a radical cure in all cases arising from incut; 1 .! worry, overwork or excesses of whatever nature. There arc no ill effects following the use of this wonderful medicine, and it can be given to children with perfect safety. These pills nre manufactured by the. Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, ScJicnccludy, N. Y,, and are sold only in boxes bearing the tirm's trade mark aud wrapper, nt 50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, nnd arc never sold in bulk. They nmy he h;i(l ol all druggists or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company. The price nt which these pills nre sold makes a course of treatment inexpensive as compared with other remedies. FOR TERRESTRIAL BLISS . . . READ LIFE OUT EVERY TUESDAY New York, June 24.—Whnrton Barker 1ms written n reply to the statement of ITon. "V. C. Whitney, which was published on Monday morning. Mr. Barker says; "Air, Whitney's statements are so mM- leadlng and fnllncl^l that they really should not (TO unchallenged. It Is fortunate that he represents so few of the mi'mber* of tlie democratic party who entertain the belief to which he frlves expression, The people have been misled uml deceived too lonff. They have bell«vod, hoped ami ciotibted, tlielr condition gradually pr««'lni,- from bad to worse, until the unalterable conviction has settled upon them that they havo been used by such men as Mr, "VS'hlt- liey, not In the advancement of the Interests of Ilia people nt large, but imTdy a* u part of a R-rent piece of tmiehlnery to further their own selllsh cads. Ills appeal will be of no avail. Cleveland ecuJd no! J'tem the ttdo, wit): all thu power of o.'llec at Ills command; Whitney cannot Oo it. C-ven llioiib'li backed by the combined M-eiilth nt Kr.gland. "Mr. Whitney ck'dares tl'.n.t wo must remain subservient to CJrcni rrltaln; tlint T\-e jnuNt jjot thl;:h oj'i'e.^torl.'i^ 1 bImetallJfHji) until tbu Jjrltish ^-ovcrnrii'-Ml, conLrolled l v y the creditor classes, expresses willingness to cooperate v.-kh us to that end. No steps must be taken to res!r iv blnu'talllsn) until we have the consent nnd approval o< thc-so wlio, prompu-d l)j- -.i-Hi.s!i motives and liy the tiopu oi' cni-l, Im.ent tvnd soli'- a;TKriLi'.di«enieiu at thu e:. j/i. :ise of the pro- d.nclii£ classes, hu\"e ad-.'ueated the jrolii SLandard with the n\ovvi.-d purpose of doubling the burden ol nil debts." IVo niu.sc Not Wult.. "The creditor cla^-t'.-s o; 1 Great nrltaln will never advocate bimetallism until they Jiave suucucdi.'d In eo.'illseutli;^ Die jiroDurty of all tboir deb:urs. Theii,»aH owners ol' pri'perty, their Interests will be In restoring bimetallism, and raisins prices, but nut hei'iir-'j. It' ive u-.-iit 1 upon Great Jjrlt^ln we will wait until the property of our !n- fl'.ibtrial elass'.'S lias hetiii cor,il.se.atctl by i'rirclgn iiioncy lenders: until our producing elasyes ii:i\-e become !.mn/;ru:jt and reduc-':d in poverty, misery and despair, nr.d un'.ll the t'ureli; 1 !! bondlsoldtrs wl-.o lay trli.ur.L- iipon them have tfivun place to fore.'sn landlords ready to lay tribute upon us In u r.ew role. "Vet Mr. Whitney tells us that any movu on our part to lift the yoke ot" vassalage to Great Lrituln and free our produein;; classes from the owners' tribute that now rests UDOn them must end Ir. rjls.'i.tter: that :'.iiy attempt on our part 10 do away with the'-OO-cent dollar that is sapping our vitality niUHt end In disaster. JIow to Avert DlHii.stor. "The truth Is, disaster can only bi-averted Ly doing away with this L'00-eont. dollar. The a!',i:rnailve that confronts us Is not M0';nd rnonuy or disaster, b-.it free colna^-i- or UalllvrL-'ptcy, Unless we open our tnlui.v tc. silver, check the appreeiatlon of yolu and tree our producing classes from the owners' tribute to the creditor classes of Great Britain which the appreciating KOld standard lays upon them bankruptcy Is Inevitable. "\Vo pay the Interest on our forelRii debt to our British creditors by exports of com- lucidities sold In England. The higher the prices we get the Hunter will be the burdens of our Indebtedness and the opening oi our mints to silver will enable our producers to set hlghur prices. How? Simply because the increased demand for sliver caused by the opening- of our mints to silver anil the decreased demand for sold due to the throwing upon silver equally •with gold the burden of effecting our exchanges and supporting- our credit fabric would cause the gold price of silver to rise 'e.ntil the parity between gold and silver at tho old ratio was restored. And just as silver rose the cost to all gold-using pco- plu's buying In stiver-using countries and paying -with silver would rise witltthe gold pi-Ice in silver or silver exchange which they have to buy and send In settlement for purchases made In such countries. So, just as silver rose, the British traders would tui\i to us to make the purchases of c-otton and wheat ancl other produce ho has bought In ever-enlarging volume since the demonetization of silver from countries in which gold is ut a premium as- measured In their currencies. Consequently the price our producers could demand for their products would increase, and Just a.-; the prices received for our exports rose the burden of our Indebtedness would be lightened." CuiuUilutu for Lhe rreniUi-'ney. I'hiJailelphiu, Jtuie. ~-i.—Xhe Oooui of Whtu-tou Ijukcr, the 1'hiladelphia banker and. editor of the American, was started Tuesday aftet-uoou by Judge J. 51. Waskuurii, oi Colorado, a iirouiiiicnt member of the IJciivcr bar, and one of the leaders of the silver forces in the west, ,'Iurlg'e \Vashluiin is stopping in the city. He cuuic rust a fuw ihiys tigo to open a sliver president in 1 cuuijiaiyu and intends to fight side by side with Mr. Barker until the latter is uiade a presidential candidate. Cyclist's Necessity. f UTLL CURE CUTS, BL"RNS, BHU1SES, WOUNDS, SPKAINS,- SUNBURN*, CHAFIXGS, IK- SJ2CT,BITES, ALL PAIN, AND INFLAMMATIONS, USED INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. GKNUINE IS OUR 3OTTLE3 ONLY, BIT3TF 'WRAl'P-ERS, SEE OUIi 3AME, POND'S EXTRACT TO., NEW YORK, 3C FIFTH AVENUE. EXTRACT CAMPOS-BORRERO DUEL OFP. Generals' SccondH Consider Thufc Uovrrn- jiiclit .-Vc'ttun Knds tliu APTnlr. Madrid, Juno 24.— All thodiiily piipei's publish the. 1 letter to Ct;n. Cuinpos from his seconds, Muvquis Mii'iiudn de Kbro :ind ifnvquis Ciibrinar.a, quoting; the one addressed by them to Cien. Uorrero's Keconds, in which they state that in view of the measures adopted by the government, conformably with the military mid civil law and imniy other cii 1 - cumstanees, deeininy tho lioror and vnTov of Marshal Campos fully sustained, they consider liny further prolongation of the situation indefensible by the lutvs of honor. Therefore they withdraw Irojn-thc mission intrusted to theiu by Geu. Campos. This puts an end to the affair, much to the satisfaction of e Fatul Imprudent" of u Vo:in^ Aruiy Oincur Ili<:xj>cr)onced In Indlitii 1 iKhUuj;. "Tliei'C is a pik 1 of rocks pi'obably 50 fec-t in lengvh about, ninu mill's from Fort Lui'iiiriii*, in \Vyomiiig.which marks tho lu*t J'u.st.iiif* pJjiL-o of a ileiu-chiilCDt uf cavalry," said a. rotiroil army oflicer the Other iltiy. "In p:i*»iinjj it. many tinies f Iiavc ,-ihvays TOpoi'ii'uced ;L peculiar se'iisiitiijn, for the poor fellows v,-ho lie buriiMl Micrecamotot'lii-'irdeuth throug-h the ovrrxfjiloii.-! kk'y.s of a youiifr West 1'oint. olTicor, inexperienceil in Iiulian fight ing. Von know it wns only tin. 1 ot.ln'r [Jay t-)iat.,-i young of!i<;or in western Colorado came in conflict with sonu; ganif waixk'n.s while i;n- ijafred in running l-he rintn.li lit ex b;ick 10 their rcservat.ion in l.'tah. Caution comrs wilh age as much in t.lic iirm.y a-" in civil life. ".If was in ISEo that, old Fort Ijir<nnic held a. garrison of two companies—c;i- tireiy too smail for the jxxst in those liiely days, when the .Cheyennt-s nnd Arapahnes, Sioux ::n<l Pau-mvs were roving around the country at w.:ir among themselves and occasionally pitching into t.he whites who were crossing the plains. Tt. was t.he year when Ilrighii.m Young with his band oC Mcrmons ^v:',s (ravelins- out. Io Salt Lake from Xauvoo, (II. They camped one night about njm: miles from Korr Laramie. near where a band of Indians hail rstalilishcd their vilia-gy during tin. 1 hurting .season. The nt-xt, day ihf*y inarchiHl into the fort i:tid reported that tiic Indians bad killed one of 1 heir cows. Thu commaiida.nt at, the post prom]iily s-ent a youug liciifvnant. out for an in- Kficc-tion, giving him 30cavalrymen. "It was the licutciinnl.'.s lirst commission for active duly, and he felt the great, importance of the mission. He deiermined to discover who killed ihat cuw i.)i- porish i:i t.he a.tteniiir.. Jvntoriii.ar the Indian village, he rode ot the head of his deiae'!:nio:it up to the- chief's tepee and began his invest ig.itinn. Turkey i-'eaiher, the chief, declared that no c'v.v lii'd l;con kilie«l. The lieutenant insisr-.'d that 1 , tbe Mormons v.vre one cow short, a:id demanded '-ha! the guilty Indian be brought onl. Si-vrr::! sub- oliiei'..; were eallid np. and i-hey likexvise disclaimed any knowledge of the eo^v. "'."he young lieutenant insisted upon havir.g a seajiegoat delivered over to liin 1 ;, antl, pulling out'his wateh, !:c dn'.mntieally anniouueed ( o Turkey Feather that he would give him just five minutes i:i \\-liieh to deliver up the guilty Indian, a.t the expiration of which time he would fire upon the village. This made Turkey Kea.rher ir.dirr- nar.l, ::rrl he retiree 1 - to bis tent in dis- gui-'t. V.'ithout thinking of the com e- (|ueneeii. t.he young lientenr.nt, having given his wo-n.1, felt himself bound to I;:;ITV it. out, and. accordingly, when the five minutes wci'o up. he gave t,!i'> order to fir:'. The Tndinr.s greatly nur- i.umbered the little detachment, and i;i their auger it was the work of a few mi nates to Iny low every man 'in t.hnr small band, including- the young lieutenant. "During the night succeeding this inaswicro one surviving wounded soldier picked himself up arid mnmi.ged tn make his way to the camp, nine miles distant 1 , where the story was told. The commandant at the post at. first was inclined to flee from the country with his limited force, Ix-lievingtbatthelndkins would surround t.he garrison in the morning to obtain revenge. While the commandant was planning a way of escape an Irishman named McGrath approached the captain and roundly swore that he had never run from an Indian in his life, and he did not propose to do it at this time. His display of grit had such an effect on the 1 captain that he decided to stay and give the Indians a warm reception should they approach the post. The entire frarrison went on picket duty that night, the women taking .arruJS also and going out to the picket Jine. About noon the next day, the Indians not appearing, the captnin sent a trooper toward the scene of the massacre to learn what the Indians were doing. The trooper cautiously made his way to the scene, only to discover that tlie .Indfa.ns, frightened at what tJn?y had done, had packed up and disappeared over the plains. The victims of this unfortunate ma.ssnc.rc were buried where they fell, and that mound of rocks, visible to this day, was erected ever their common graves."—;Y. Y. Sun. SCORES A DEFEAT. Conservative Government of Canada Beaten by Liberals. Four Cabinet Ministers Lose Their Seals — Laurier to Form a Cabinet. Toronto, Out., June 24. — The re- Bult-s of Tui'.sdny's olcctiou show y nia» jofity of not k'.sa th;n> JO fiyyin.st til* yovoriiiiient ami a straight liberal majority over all of about 30. In addition to the three cabinet jninistora a|j - i;:ijy mentioned us having been defeutrcl, lion. A. J!. Angers, president of. the council, sti(IVfed defeat, Making- in all four cabinet ministers who lest i.lioir sents. Practically every section of the country floci'ared against- the government. The most remarkable feature of the election wns the wrenching from the f, r overnincnt of n iiuinlur of rcpiv- KeMtntives oi'-the cities of the dominion. Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Hamilton, .King-stun, llalj/iix. Vancouver and St. Joiin, one after another, contributed to the ranks of. the "overninenl's opponents. It, is expected Sir diaries T'.ippcr will promptly lender liis resignation, lib::. Mr. Laurier. will be called upon to form a jroverninoiii, anil he and hiseol- leagues will again present Ihemsi-Ives to their constituents for reelection. The peculiar feature about the election is lliat Catholic Quebec, in which THE TRIUMPH Or LOV2 is HAPPY, Every *tln:i \Vlio Vro^M Grand Truthi, the I'i;:::i Xew DlMCOVf'i-Ii'ri cf r.lL-<" a* Applied 10 ?.::irr;c,l \VonliI Atone for l'n*z IZi-l-o:'., ;:::<) Avoli! I'ii:nr<; riiliill.w, s.j-.oiil.! Sot-sir? tile _ Wom-In-fii! Lilt!;.. ::ou:t O:ukJ '* C'omsk'lo ?Zun!iood, n.n<: IIu\v 10 .'.:lain Jl." *' Heri' nt l,-:;t i-< i:;form.ilf/vn frerri a H--h jiK-rlionl source lliat must work wjm>r» wi;!i tbis£eiienu:on of men,' 1 The hunk f u !ly<] use ribes ft metlioil liy which to attain full vigor ami nmiily power. A nictho'l by wliicli to end all unniturai •*ralDso;j t be t . HON. WILFRED L.AUKIEP-. province public opinion lias been so greatly aroused on the Manitoba school ijnesvion, has g-iven a tremendous majority against "remedial legislation," us the measure 1o restore Catholic schools in Manitoba is termed. Manitoba, however, which is overwhelmingly Protestant, returns a majority iu fa- \or of the grovernment. To cure nervousness, lack mt Self-control, -lc- f:pn:i(Je]u y, firr. 'rocXeJiMime a. Sa'lO'l n.n-1 v:n. - n nnt-jr; 1 f-.r o::c-cl! -jrifrlnuesR, buoyancy nn jl . ]r:v.. :. To cure lorevcr eil'ccts ci''c"f*,-s:.es,c\" r-.v.-.rX v.-nrry, &c. To rivcMlstrcn^Oi, <1ev2lopnj?nt .irJ !:.r.a to every ponlpn nuil urcao of the Ij.vlv, Afte no harrier. Fa i Jure i:i::iaiii. l )J<>. Tivo ihniiMitu] i-L-rereiiccs. The book is-jjurclymcilirr.! nn'l 'c:cn:ir<-. l: i- '.-!c^s 10 curiosity seeker:;, i;.v:;;-.;.;l.;.- :.i :r.<_.i v^ly \vlio noed it. A df^^airinfj raa.2, vrho Ji.T.l ::7,;.;:^ i i to "", ct.on nf:er wrote: •'\Ve:i. I lell you that, first <liv i^ cno I'll never :';:rsi-t. i just bubblal vi.'.i io;-. i \;—.: 'IT! ID b'.itj cvevyborij-aml i.-ll th-.-jirar *'. 1 • (•!!' had died, yesterday, r-.il ; - v a'.--v ticil! \..i~ b.-:rn to-day. WJjy ,lu:n'i. }\. : .: i, 1 : ir.o \vb -11 I Urst ivroio lliat 1 \vuui.i ^srt it O:.s nvjy>" And nnotlicrtlnis: "Jf you duujvie'l a cart load cf r'- • i ' ',-? feclit uouhl H"t brinp: such cla..::;ir.. ;.:,n>jiy li:e us your method has done." \.'rr.e:otlie KKII2 JliiDICAT, COJIPAXV, :;_r:V.:o, X. V., ami a^k for the iiitic book c.-.!l,.-'l -COMPLETE MANHOOD." livftrto ;?iitf tipper, nad the company prQinisoslo tc^d cb; i;ook, Ja fic.-tlcrf enveJcpe, v.-iihoi.'t any r "r!;w,8"ul entirely free, uuul it is v.-tli i:i::-o- The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE -I— {— — BAD FREIGHT WRECK. Thirty Cur* DoniollKhed nn<l l$urnc<l on Milwaukee Kunil. Chicag-o, June 24. — Two freight trains on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway collided Tuesday night between Monroe Center and Davis Junction. One man was killed and two injured. The dead: Thonui.s M.nran, fireman. Tin' injured: • !>aluy, badly crushed anil scalded, will die; Baer, seriously hurt. Thirty-four cars were demolished and burned. Tlie wreck was caused by the breaking in two of the west-bound freight, and when the two sections met aji'nin several ears were thrown on the ea.^t-bound track just as tr.e eastbound train came alon"*. TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOmtnit Perfection yet attained In Boat Construction-- Luzuiiout Equipment, Artlitlc FurnliblnK, DccoraUoo and EMlctint Service. insuring the highest degree of COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PCS WECK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit $ Mackinac PETOSKF.Y, : 'THE soo," MARQUETTE. AND OULUTH. . LOW RATE5 to Plcturewjue Mackinac aod Return. Including Heal* and Berth«. From . Cleveland, $18; from Toled», (15; from Detroit, MORE ARMENIANS KILLED. COMPOSITION OF SEA WATER. Four llnmlrcd Lo*c Their Lives in Out- brc'iik ut Van, Anlu. Constantinople, June 24.—Advices received liere from Van, Asia Minor, say that in the outbreak which occurred tlu're on Monday, '100 Armenians were killed and that the trouble was renewed Tuesday. A large number of persons have, taken refuge in the British consulate. The massacre is ascribed TO agrents of the porte, who were paid Io provoke a demonstration on the part ot the Armenians which jnurht serve as a jirctext fora general slaughter of Christians. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Trains for nil points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for nil points North aod Northwest. Sunday Tr!p» Junt, July, *ujuit«nd Septimbtr Onlf. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Fut-in-Bay / Toledo Send for Illustrated Fampblet. Address A. A. BCHANTZ. •. r. ... parHOlT, MICH* Tde Detroit and Cleveland Steam lay. Co. THE MARKETS. USE POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR PILES. Sent by mail on receipt of GO cts. .K"t> BEDBUGS * MOTHS*ANTS+ETQ» ,,*- t! l CTS J BEWARE OF IMITATIONS* ALL DEALERS?'TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE* rlre ut Mlniioiipollrt. Minneapolis, J[inn., June 2-1. — Shortly before midnight Tuesday night fire broke out in the furniture and carpet store of T. Jeff try &.Co., of this city. The flroexlended to all four floors of the building. Total loss on buildiug-.and stock will amount to about $30,QOO, Insurance on building- $20,000 and on contents $3r>,000. The building wus owned by Klias Fitterling. The same block was 1 badly damaged by fire on March' 23 of this 3'enr. .Shoots Jlor I'urnmuur. Belvidere, X. J., June 2J-. — Jiebec'ja Button, housekeeper at llirt's hotel, at Hampton, a few miliu; distanl from 1 this pLiuc, (if tcr a quarrel Wednesday morning shot nnd Idlled Slartin Reed, her paramour. She then shot herself and JS e.vpt'c-fed io die, Mrs. Sutton is 50 years of age, while I he. man was 27. Jealousy was- the cause..- It Holds All Soluble Subtftaiicoit 1'ounU on the Earth. It is stated by chemists that seaivater holds in solution every soluble substance found on the earth. It is easy to see why this should be so, and also why common salt should form the most considerable element. In the course of countless ages, the ruins falling- on. Unearth, dissolving and carrying 1 clown Ui the sea whatever is soluble in water, the mysterious chemistry of water, nl- ways at work, separating fr^m each other elements not soluble, in water alone, hare impregnated the ocean water with scores of different substances. The conspicuoiiKuess of salt is readily explained by its abunda.u>;e in nature, being everywhere present, and aJso by the fact that there are beneath the ocean bod, as on laud, extensive deposits of the substance, together with salt springs, which add their portion, to the amount broug-ht down by the rivers. Though seldom thought of in this way, the saltness of the ocean is a marvelous provision of nature, for the per.petuation of the human race on tho earth. No putrefaction can oecur in sea water, and were it not for this fact tho waters of tlie ocean would, in a few hundred years, become a solid mass of decaying animal aud vegetable matter and. human life on the earth, would be impossible.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. JJoiuentlc Repartee* "After a man has reached, the age ot 43," said Mrs. Disbra'w, "he thinks every good-looking woman he sees is in love with him." "I am sure, my dear, retorted Mr. D , "I have never accused you."—D«v- troit Free Press. Grain, rrov!«!pn». Etc. Chi'oago, June 24. W>1 EAT—Moderately active and easier. June, CoTAifpoGiic: July, Wi^ToC^e; September, STVifST-'Iic. ' CORN—Kasy. No. 2. 27 : ;i«K>T',;c: Xo, 2 Yellow, 27%(9i27»io; July, 27v,(ffi7^c; September. 2S'-i((i.2S : )lc, and 2S"i&23c: JVcem- ber, 2!>-?;c,- May, 3i:tff31.5ic. OATS—Weaker and lower. No. 2 cash. IliVic; July, JCMi'S'li'Vic: September, 1C-;;® IT^c; May, 19'iigWic. Samples ',ic lower. No. 3. 17-V0!lS : /.c: Xo. 3 White, Isy-CM^c; No, li. 17c; -No. 2 White, 19ffi20c. RYE—Was dulT, but steady. No. 2, to'go to store, 32c: sample lots, 32(3"i32^c; September delivery, 33',ie. BARI-KY—Not much Barley offered; de- mund light and feeling easy. Thin, 22@L'-lc: fair weight, but off color, 230>27c; good color, fair to good weight, 2C@20c; choice to fancy, 3C£f33c. MESS PORK—OtTerlngs only moderate and demand light. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at $?.05{ji7.10 for cash; ?7.0M> MO for June; S7.00tp7.15 for July, and J7.2-3 iJT7,.'{2Vir for September. IjARD—Demand moderate and offerings free. Prices steady. -Quotations ranged at W.02'.i(5M.03 for cash; J-t.Oi'^fiM.Ori for June; ? 1 '.OSf;/-i.D7 1/ i. tor July, and M.t^&.—'A for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, r.-ither U.n-.e. Creameries, lO@l-i!4c: Dairies, 05?12c. UVE POULTRV— Only moderate do- niand. Turkeys. "g-Oc; Chickens, 7VJ&Sc; Spring Ducks, 13@14c per pound; Geese,-per dozen, J3.0G®U.OO. New York, June 24. FLOUR—Dull, easy, unchanged. WHEAT — Steady, very dull. July, 62 U-lli©li3c; September, C3%S'(i3Kc. CORN—No. 2 dull, steady. No. 1!. 3-I©3iio; July, 3-ic; September, 3Cc. OATS—No. 2 dull, nominal. Slate, 2-1® 27c; Western, 22&J7C: July, 21',-ic; August, 20 : ;io: September, 21&C. Uvo stock. Chicago, June 24. CAT1XE—Market steady. Fair to best Beeves, SS.Mig-i.JO: stockers and feeders, I2.ax5v.85: mlxed_ Cows and Bulls, SJ.SO.Jfl.CU: Texas, $~5*j@-2.'i5. HOGS—Market strong for 'light: weak for heavy. Light, $3.36®3.50; rougli pack- ng. $2.Siii3 i 3.00; mixed and bulchers', $3.10 3>:i.40: heavy packing and J.30; Pigs, $2.75©3.iii. ONE-HALF SIZE OF COX. POZZONF5 'COMPLEXION POWDER; } hiis bftou the standard for Ibrly ronrs aod' , Is more popular KKia- tliuo ever bcforo. POZZOM-S I Is tbe Idonlcomplexion powder—bcaudfyt, HJfrcsLliiK, clCnnly, hWltllful nnd harnilcsi. . | A d»!!en.te, Invlsllile protoctlnn to Uic face. I With vvprr IIHIX nH>OZ7.«»> I'S a mnr- i 1 nlltvont Nrnvilfn HOLD PCFF * BOX in given free of charge. 1 AT DRUGGISTS A.VD FAXCY STORES. ' Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enloy all of its delights If you lake oho of tuo • LAKH MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Suitings between Chicago and Mackinac Island (our timn every week. The new steel sicatnslilp "Manlton" is a 'losiviiiB palace. Travels 'iwlxc Chicago, ::>;.rli:voix, Harbor Springs, Pctoskey, '.-.cklnac Island, etc, WrliM for our readable reading mnttcr, tree, or ask your nearest; agent. • Address Jos. Berolzliolm, ra'SrSSW G - P-A. '~- LAKE MICH. AND LAKE . 1 SUPEKIOJt THAWS. CO. •- » ; ;]IUrt»ndN,W«terSt.. Chictga JJic for , dfr chunr««. or nny ;c./famma: C(0n, irriuiiioa or clccr* tion of in 11 c a u H mom-- by oxpr il.OO, ur Circular 0uut uu . pr«tvnt<1, for - '•

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