The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, ERIUJARY 5, 1937 Brief ". . . llic Watprs of llio Flood Woir Uj)on llu; Earth BLYTHBVITJiB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS isaster Brought Only Set-Back to West Virginia City. By LYI.E C. Wlf;SON T •nited Press Stuff C'orrisnondml X>pyriirhl 1937, by United Press) WHEELING, W. Va., Ftb. 5 (UP) •This city is sending advice, as- stance and a heartening message f hope to ncod-bsleaguered cities own (lie Ohio valley. Wheeling took the floods in ils ride. The city is hettcr off today mn one year ago before the "big ood" waters swept ihe town, over- owed its central business district recked part of its residential «rea nd swallowed acres of industry. In fact Wheeling has done such good job with its own rermblli- Uion problem that downstrcan ommunities are telephoning for *i) and advice on their own prolj- Xis. Evansville, Ind., was on the tlephonc when I was In the office Wheeling city Manager Harrj Humphrey. "I guess they're in retty bad shape,"' Humphrey said They want an engineer for clean- p work." Louisville. Ky.. has had telephon: conferences with the Wheeling hamber of Commerce which look % part in flooo reliabllilalioi ere. Those requests for advice and Tssistance and the conditions ex Iling today in this city spotligh • lefacl that a larse indiistria •mimlmity can survive nnnclieva lie flood bulletins; if conditions are Ight. Wheeling lias done it. I "Flood Brings Prosperity" I Similarity between Wlieelin» and liHsbiirgh nood experiences are oh- tous. Both got their big duckings list March. It was only last week •hat Wheeling experienced whal pey are calling now "the little d." It was flood enough. 45 feet . compared with the 5H.5 feet It water which poured down here |i March of last year, this Jann- Iry flood was a small matter. Last Harcii Wheeling was paralyzed for 1 week. The nood losses were $5,1)0,0)10 or more. At the flood crest In March 19. Wheeling's future Jiokeil gloomy. But business men Irgaiiized relief. The Red Cross lime in. There were CCC and WPA lorkers ample for clean-up. The • :ndcrs of the community decided I) make the best of a pretty tou«h largoin. Ten days after passage /the March nood crest Ihe wheel •i News-Register banner-lined a 4>iy under this lieading: "Rood Brings Wave of Prosper- I "Dislricti-prepa'ik? • fnr greatest ]ui!din» boom- -in*" 10. years," . the eadline continued. "$3.500,000 to spent here.'Mills workin* and teady employment in prospect for tradesmen." Icily Manager Humphrey an lounced the city was far from lick I "Wheeling Is coming back," lie •lid. "Its industries are booming I venture to say that business is, •r will be, better than it has been |)r 10 years. I have visited several • idustrial plants and I am con- Inced that Wheeling now is realiz- lig that the flood is bringing somc- •ling beside hardship and suller- |ig." Now, in the light of his ex- igence, City Manager Humphrey •tld me: "I think this Hood will • •eate a lot of business as well as • sslructlon downstream nt cities Ike Portsmouth, Cincinnati. Louis Ille, Paducah and Evansvilla." I'ropcrty Values Up Wheeling's courageous attack on Is flood problems does not mean •rat ils civic leaders prescribe •sods or disaster of any kind to fom business. Floods are costly. |hey involve tremendous coinmiin- ly and individual liardslilp. But •ic experience of Wheeling and •ittsburgh >ip stream prove that Ten disastrous noods need not slop I robust American community one" '- waters have receded and the t shock is absorbed. The nota- Tning about Wheeling is that r :fflc;s is better today than be_ ™ either of its recent Hoods • statistics just compiled by the •hamber of Commerce demonstrate ^iat Wheeling's hope for better J'Slness has been realized. The |»d caught the cily on a' tide of r^*™ -^ ~tay db- FACE THRBB Republic and Gulf States Steel Firms to Merge NEW YORK. 1'Vb. 5 iUl>) — Hlrcdois of Clulf Slftlts Siwl I'omiKtiiy today approved a nro- CO.MI! r.f Rpjiiililii; Kiwi t'oi'pora- llon (o nljsorli llieir comp tlircwli an cxclit'.nvn of -;.toek. tin- United i'ivss learned. I'Vjrinnlilic.s of (ho <|i>ftl were itc- Inycd iicndliiK collaborutlon of counsrl of ilu. (wo cominuili's In drawing vi)i an avivcmcnt lor .sub- iHlsdlon 10 ssot'liliolrti'rs at later meetings. CCC Member Injured Martin lUibcrllng. «10 17th Av Kunoshu, Wis, is at thi: Dlyiiu'villp hosjiital bccaine of "n injured un- kle. lk> Is a member o! the 0<;c Unit which arrived yesterday lor flood ivili'f duty. The accident occurred nt Patr- bnnks. Mo., cnroute here, when a truck .struck a board which Hew into the air and hit youns lleljpr- lings .inklr Tlie magic of a book instantly carried these children from the trasedies of a flood refugees camp near Memphis, Tcnn, lo an enthralling, diverting one, a vast Imagination's reach distant. It Is an old, old story that never loses ils fascination which Hazel Phillips, 13. rends to her playmates from the 'only book In Ihe camp. : I'lrc Sels Own Alarm PUEBLO, Culo. (UP)—Jerry Williams, policeman, who lives alone is alive today because a piece of fulling plaster wakened him In lime lo escape from his burning IIOIIEC. The fire was started when the basement furnace became overheated and set fire to the room atove. Read Courier News Want Ads Its Size More'n Papa Could Bear Illinois Woman, 85, ! Gets "Second Eyesight" SPRINGFIELD. 111. (UP)—Mrs. Anna Billington, 85, claims she has "second eyesight" nftcr using spectacles for more than 40 years. Mrs. Billington, a widow, .said she noticed the improvement in here eyes' Iwo. years ago when she picked up n paper and discovered she could rend without the glasses, although she occasionally wears them to rest her eyes. Mrs. Uillington attended the same church Here with Abraham Uncoln. pew behind family having the Lincoln:. Her father. Reuben Coon, made Lincoln's boots both before ami after he bucume President. BLACK-DRAUGHT, A GoodLaxat/ve \ Rebels Beaten Back from Malaga Attack GIBRALTAR. Feb. 5 (UP) — Wounded rebels In great numbers poured inlo hospitals at UT Linen today, casualties of Ihe attack on Malaga- by laud, sea and nlr. Beaten back in their first major offensive yesterday, largely foe- riuipe cif surprising loyalist airplane strength, Ihe insurgents today wore biisy strengthening their fortifications. WE HAVE SECllltBD THE SKKV1CKS OF AN E.VI'KRIKNCKD RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to rcpali your radio to Crst clnss condition. A Coniplcle I.lnp of Tillies and Parts - - Bust Trices .Hubhiinl Tire & Hat. Co. Phone 476 dcr. Givci more (loxil)lo, rnoro lively rc- tponio to thollirolllo. Delivers more miles per gallon lhan you ovor Ihoughl posiible Tho colder [So woollier, Itio higher trie loll of Phillips 66 Poly Gat-whlch Kvayi IOOS cuttom-lalloicd lo you Don't woil unlit you atlually Imvo ilarl- ing liaublo. Do somolfilng abaul it... now. • Get a t.inl lankful of Phillip! 66 Poly Gas and find OUT how Ilils oulilanciing xvinlor gaioiiuc cndi, ot once and for all, Ihe niiiiancc and tfamago of slow, hurd ilarling. ctimalo, Yot ft costs no moro lhan ordJ' t»uiuiu, i (ji n iuk[> no irioro inun onir Bctauso II ii higher lolt, II Wtks cold not/ low losl motor fuoll bocauio nolou into inslant acllon. Cult down PMIIips ii ilia WORID'5 lARGrst p«o- Iho need for raonoy-wasllng use of ihe. DUCIR Of NATURAL HIGH Hit OASOKNE choke. Wa,m> you, engine Up f o ,|. toofe for )ho Q'^^ m{] 0(ot|( ^ Becau I o!lii enriched wilhcxlracnergy SlilelJ. Whin you see ft, drive In...fill up unils'by Ike palentbd POLYmerkatlon ...pull our...and itcp on ill You will protest, it pvtsexlro|jop inlo every cylin- terlainly fee/ thai tHltttenco IS- •jJsfaIn...PHILLIPS POir FOLLIES...ColumbU Metwotli...^ef > TtiesJa»E>enliie n- EVEN AT 50* BELOW FAEEZINQ... tills scientific jno\or ell EOCB lolvvbrlt ;n)(an/;y,lic<;Dirtc It rcnialna retf«t]y HuEU. t>rotccl yburcpUniolorwlOi tlili iniun] . , PHILLIPS £0 MOTOR OIL' Praclically an orphan, (hough it has a half ton cf parents, this Buffalo Park Zoo waif drowns ils sorrow in rnilk. corn syrup. and lime water after Papa Bear, apparently huffed at his offspring's size, had dropped him out In the cold. Mrs. Alec Mc- Lerie, zoo bearliecper's wife, feeds the ball of fur, one ot twins. did not long continue before a vigorous American community got back to productive work. Industrial recovery," general thru the nation, \vns the' fulcrum of Wheeling rehabilitation. The steel business is booming and when Hint is true this part of the Ohio valley is likely to be happy. It 'is comparatively happy now — despite floods. 'rt 38 •'36 " Ot - imder fiftccn cham- th the $8,500,000; postal receipts car lading, , river commerce ,»,vcr ••"sumption, automobile sales L^ Imumplion. street car rMe r ? Me lione users-all showed an In lease for the year. Most now e Ii5 tlic record on building permits 1 1 Increase from $591.000 fn 193, 7 a 1,266.000 in I93S. Some of picture, of course. Is no* J° f^'-J- H. Thomas In the If Dollar Trust and Savings bank 'd me nood damage to homes compelled banks to carry ma, y S f to in lllsr y <««l deman-ded repairs either °*» W ™S 'umlu, or , ob!t iatlons with the e l f S i trcmclldo "s. But li. nclor <•' ">H It was It Vcacily and that the paralysis PERFECT CONTROL '• x£-' f,r BUSY SECRETARY. Attractive Joictjii Lilly says: 'Camels put more fun into eating ant! smoking too." ¥/ "Skiing Takes Good Digestion," says Skiing Wizard"AND A HEALTHY set of nerves too," continues' Sig Biicbmityr, shown executing a jump turn (left), and enjoying Camels during a hearty meal (right). "I smoke Camels a lot. I know they don't get on my nerves. And they help my digestion. Camels set me right!" • ' Vigorous people count on healthy nerves and proper nutrition to see them through.'When you smoke Camels, the flow of digestive fluids—alkaline digestive fluids—speeds up. And you have n sense of digestive well-being. Camels arc milder—better for steady smoking. :> A A AS A SEA-GOING CHIEF ENGINEER, Gtorgc liticking- x Oegree Will Represent ! 110,000 Miles of Driving', EEDALIA, Mo. (UP)—Preston T. Sunnier, 32, worts nights a I the telephone company here and drives 144 miles a clay lo and from Columbia, where he is studying electrical engineering at the University of Missouri. •Stunner said he had driven 82,500 miles since 1931 and has 27,500 miles to go before lie gel. 1 ; his degree in 1938. 666 Licniid, Tablets, Headache, Salve, Nose Drops minutes checks COLDS anil FEVER first day Try "Kill) - My-Tls m"— Worl d's. Best Liniment Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 24 Hour Service Tires Repaired - Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone 633 digest says:"Camels keep my tion on an even keel. IOSE DAVIS (left), champion :owgirl, often riJes n bucking ironc twice a day. She says; The jolting puts a strain on nj digestion. That's why I fmokc Camels with my meals md after. Camels arc so mild." VETERAN TEST DRIVER, Clyde freeman {right}, absorbs hours of ptinislimcnt in a test car. lie says: "'For digestion's sake—smoke Camels'is agood idea. Camels set me right." RADIO'S NEW SMASH HIT! "Jack Oakie's College" FunanJcxcatcnii-'al every minute with irrepressible Jack OaVic 11 hij but. • Also Benny GooJmin's "Swiog" Bind, George Slol\'s Concert Orches- tra.ItolIjTTOOiJcomDdiinjandjmginK ' stars — and— spccfil college jil- cot. Every Tucjday m«ht-9:30 pm E.S.T., 8:30 p m CS.T., 7:30 pm ^r.S.T., 6:30 pm P.S.T., over WABC- Columbia Network.

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