The Port Arthur News from Port Arthur, Texas on October 30, 1977 · Page 13
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The Port Arthur News from Port Arthur, Texas · Page 13

Port Arthur, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 30, 1977
Page 13
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Dimensions Features /weddings /club news Sunday, October 30,1977 THE NEWS, Port Arthur, Texas-IB Halloween characters tell tales ,*. Pinocchio (the pumpkin) talks back to Raggedy nZSfJtXL ^i! Ra .? ged -y, Ann -J^sureyou-ve or hallowed evening." was named fnr R A - WPH t,k. ,,,,,« ,,,,,=,,,,, ,,,..,,.,, OO */ By LINDA WORDEN Dimensions Staff Writer It's Oct. 30. Halloween is only one day away. But did you ever wonder how it all began? Who would know better than the pumpkin... R.A.: Hey! Hey you over there! P: Who, me? You talking to me? R.A.: Yea, you. You with the candle in your nose. What's your name? P: My name's Pinocchio - why? R.A.: Ha! Pinocchio? That's a stupid name for a pumpkin. Where'd you ge't a name like that? P: I beg your pardon, Sweetie. I am not merely a pumpkin. I am a jack-o- lantern. And I got my name from that kid over there-Michael-the one with his finger in his nose. He carved me after his favorite story book character 1 guess you might say I'm his hero. R.A.: Oh, you mean the story about the kid whose nose grew because he lied (Ha-Ha!) P: Yea! Yea, that's the one. What about it? Who died and made you the Great Pumpkin anyway! R.A.: Oh, don't lose your juice! My name is Raggedy Ann. I'm sure you've beard the story. I hang around with this kid named Andy who P: Yea. yea-I've heard the story. So what? I bet people think you're a"real doll,huh? 'Ha-ha:; R.A.: Boy. are you a grouch You tnust've gotten up on the wrong side of the patch. P: I guess you're right. I'm sorry. It's just that I've been sitting in this window so long my rind is beginning to spoil. Yesterday Michael and his little sister were trying on their Halloween costumes I thought I -as going to poo my seeds. They looked so ridiculous. R.A.: It used to not be so ndjculous. you know It used to be quite serious In fact, if it weren't for all those ··ridiculous" customs begun years ago. you and I probably wouldn't be here today P: Well right now I wouldn't regret that too much. This kid carves pumpkins like we're turkeys or something. And look at this rotten carrot he stuck in my DOSC. How did all of this foolishness begin, anyway? R.A : Well, if you really i* ant to know. the word "Halloween," meaning "holy or hallowed evening." was named for the day before All Hallows or All Saints' Day--on Nov. i. The earliest Halloween celebrations were held by the Druids in honor of Samhain. Lord of the Dead, whose festival fell on Nov. l. It was of Druidic belief that on the eve of this festival. Samhain called together the wicked souls (spirits) that within the past 12 months had been condemned to inhabit the bodies of animals. It was a pagan belief that on one night of the year the souls of the dead returned to their original homes. If food and shelter were not provided, these spirits, it was believed, would cast spells and cause havoc toward those failing to fulfil their requests. It was the night for the universal walking about of all sorts of spirits and ghosts--all of whom were free to do as they wished. Literal sacrifices were offered on this night to the spirits of the dead when, so the belief went, they visited their earthly haunts and their friends. P: But I still don't understand what all these spirits running around and sacrifices have to do with the way Halloween is celebrated today R.A.: Well take those nuts out of your rind and listen to what I'm saying. There was a prevailing belief among all nations that at death the souls of good men were taken possession of by good spirits and carried to paradise, but the souls of wicked men were left to wander in the space between the earth and moon, or entrusted to the unseen world. To exercise these ghosts, that is. to free yourself from their supposed evil way, you would have to set out food--give the demons a treat--and provide shelter for them during the night. If they were satisfied with your offerings, it was believed they would leave you in peace. If not, they would "trick" you by casting an evil spell on you. P: Oh. 1 get it now. Today when kids wear those ghost costumes and funny faces--they're really following some very ancient customes R.A.: There you go. Round Head I knew you'd pick up on it sooner or later P: But wait. There's something 1 still don't understand. How did we get involved with all these ancient customes? What do pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns have to do with Halloween? R.A.: Don't you know anything about your roots? That kid must've carved a little too deep on you Haven't you heard the legend about the man who tricked the Devil" P: What does that have to do with us? R.A.: L'gh! The tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns is traced to an ancient legend about an Irishman, named Jack, who supposedly lured the Devil into climbing an apple tree--then carved the symbol of the cross into the tree trunk to prevent him from coming down. Jack held the Devil captive until the Devil promised never to come after Jack's soul Certain of his salvation. Jack slipped into dishonorable ways. When he died. Jack was turned away from Heaven for his wayward ways. And because the Devil had promosed never to take his soul--Jack was turned away when he tried to enter Hell. As Jack was leaving, the Devil threw a fiery coal at him. Jack put the burning coal inside a turnip and used the makeshift "jack-o-iantern" to light his way as he searched for a place to rest his soul. P: So that's how kids like Michael over there got started carving on poor pumpkins like me and you. R.A.: That's right. No one can say we pumpkins haven't been around. In China _. -- .,, -- , ^ u ,, i--"*f "-"u "acu i uccii rfiuuiiu. in ^nina TOU TMes have a lot of time to kill between Nov. 1, Oct. the pumpkin is Emperor of the Garden, symbol of fruitfulness. health and gam And. according to Kachin i Burma i mythology, after the pumpkin had been created, each of the nats added something to it until, in the end. they created man. Not to mention ' the festival in Illinois. P: What festival in Illinois 0 R-A.: The p u m p k i n festival Sycamore, Illinois! It ail began about years ago when a man displayed four decorated pumpkins on his front lawn Since then, the idea of decorating pumpkins around Halloween has grown into a festival that attracts over 30 000 people annually. P: Wow! I didn't realize we were important fruits. R.A.: You got it. Jack! As long as there's Halloween, there'll be pumpkins P: Hey-look; They've got on those funny-looking costumes again And they're coming over here R.A.: Yea. I guess it's time for us to go. Well. I would say it's been nice talking to you. Jack, but 1 wouldn't want nose to look like yours (Ha. 1 See you 'round.. By GERALD GAULDING Consumer Editor ; Tomorrow is Halloween \\e .ill kimu uii.H -:i,n means. Ghosties and ghouhes and long-legged bastie.s have their once-a-year shot at glory. \ ampires. monster and witches, never thought of during the rest of the -, ear suddenly become respectable. · The sight of a gnarled figure on a broomstick silhouetted against the full moon, a sight for concern at am other time, is commonplace Oct 31. i You don't think so"" Well where have you been ?) ! What does a Halloween witch do with herself from Nov f to Oct. 30? That's a lot of time to try and k i l l ' pardon ine expression). ! As part of our never-ending search for the Truth The rjews sought out an actual Halloween witch in an attempt to find out just how she spends her time between Halloweens. ; "A Halloween witch should not be confused with am other kind of witch." said our source, who preferred 10 remain anonymous. We will identify her simply as ".Samantha" in this article. J According to Samantha. Halloween witches are holdovers from the witch trials in colonial America Modern "white" witches, who practice an ancien! pagan religion, are "interlopers just Irving to cash in on our reputation," she said, the wart on her nose twitching angrily. . "Nothing burns me up more than the thought of those white witches running around ruining our image " snorted Sam i"ln those days (during the Salem witch trials), we K; Ghosts i conjure -· protests reaily nad a hell ol a time." she recalled. "Flying around worshiping the devil, casting spells on folks' W e'l! never see those day s again " W hy not. she u as asked "People don't belieie in us any more." was the quick reply, "Before a speii can succeed, the person on whom it is cast must believe Jha! the spell will work " But isn't ine Devil powerful enough to make a spell Heaven, no He's just an angel, and a fallen one at that " Halloween night is. of course. Samantha's favorite occasion for public activity "I don't get reported to the police when I'm seen on Halloween " She gathers w i t h other witches lor a diabolical (estiva! These gatherings take place uhereever there are witches i which is just about every where · and ine De\ ti is expected to appear at every one "11 keeps him pretty busy." Sam remarked. Asked if Satan ever sent a surrogate lo the revels, she replied. "That's a forbidden thought. If a witch makes that suggestion, she gets turned m to the appropriate authorities." rbe local police, for example? "No." she said "We'll make sure she goes to. say HailL and let some brave priest know there's a witch in the neighborhood He usually takes care of the situation." While such behavior might seem a little heartless as Sam says. "What does a w itch know about mercy"" Samantha doesjiot live in Port Arthur, but "she drew the city as her 19,. assignment. "People are less inclined to take evil serioush on Halloween They're more easih tempted to do bad." While we thought that might explain recent incidents m which poison and other harmful substances have been put in Halloween candy. Samantha disagreed "That's been going on for years. It ma be easy for us to tempt the sickies on Halloween, but we've been tempting them to do it for a long time You reporters ha\ e set us back at least 25 years w ith all your publicity and safety campaigns. We've been racking our brain's trying to come up with a new kink in Halloween mischief "people aren't prepared for." Samantha would not comment further, even to say whether or not a "new kink" has been devised During the other 3W days of the year. Samantha said she mostly just flies around on her broomstick, searching for possible evil she can spur along "When the Texas Legislature is in session. I stick pretty close to Austin You wouldn't believe the devilment those legislate-^ -re willing to get into." Attending covens, or witches' meetings, occupy much of her time. She to these on her tru-m broomstick, which, contrary to popular belief, is ridden brush-end forward. "It doesn't have anything to do w , t h aerodynamics." Sam explained lestilv "ThatX where the power is" ' ' Witches are not invisible when thex fly. according to Samantha. they are just not recognized by obsem-rV at any t,me except Halloween "People have m.Maken us for weather balloons, space ships, swamp gas. ou name By DONNA ROBINSON Dimensions Staff Writer Contract negotiations between the Brotherhood of Oppressed Observers iBOO) and Malevolent Association of Nations (MAX are due to be settled by sundown Monday. Oct. 31 Two major issues are yet to be settled. BOO representatives have proposed a five night work week for the ghosts. They claim that humans have taken advantage of their conjuring power and have summoned them as early as dawn on Sunday. The ghosts are also asking for no forced overtime which will include conjures on weekends Also on the agenda to be included in the new contract is better working conditions BOO representatives are askine toT mi isioie loud scre.mimt: when ihe speak in their usual whistling lone. And that humans provide them with a nice warm room instead of the cold. damp, spooky houses they insist on using. BOO officials included that their ghosts are catching colds due to these conditions If settlement is not made by the deadline. Ms M. Visible, a spokesman it. we ve been reported at it "An aw ful lot of people are running around believing in space ships when it s just us witches out for a late-night broomstick ride " Knowing that the things the legislature does are diabolically -inspired may e\en be a "relief to many people, since that's better than belie\ ing the legislature'^ a typical example of human nature, but what else do witches do throughout the year? "We spend a lot of time making our plans for Halloween." said Sam. "Like I said, we had to come up with some new evil for this year, since loo much publicity knocked the bottom out of !he poisoned cand\ racket "Besides." she continued, "there:, a logistical problem Witches tend !o stick together. MI we have to decide which witch is going to what under-represented area " Port Arthur isn't really under-represented, but Samantha is here to supervise a couple of rookie witches who w i l l be experiencing their first Halloween "Ifs a real headache, trying to keep up with these young ones Almost makes me feel sorry for parents. Whenever I nave rookies to look out for. I know w h a t those people are going through " Samantha is keeping close-mouthed about the new plans for Halloween · We w i l l be trying again with the nasty candy. There's always someone who isn't careful " Bu! as for what new developments we mortals can expect, she would only say. "It depends on the weather If it s dry. you can breathe easily But if it rams Mondav night, the witches are going to have some fun " for BOO. stated that visible action wiM be taken. While visiting Port Arthur Saturday Ms. Visible granted an exclusive interview to The News. "Accusations against the ghosts have been outrageous the past few Halloweens-and they're just not true." Ms Visible said. "MAN has accused new ghosts of reappearing from human form only hours after his death. This is not true"' We always wait the complete nine i . \ as our current, nmtuii-t siipui.i;,- noted Ms \isible MAN officials are currently looking :n to several reported cases of"ghosts failing to appear when conjured by humans Ms. Visible says the reports are true She adds. "Would you appear to someone who is sitting cross-legged and spitting three times to the eaVt south and west?" "And another thing, we members of BOO refuse to be treated like human women--we demand the right to speak not only when spoken to. but when we ' The Encylopedia of Superstition? lists the following: "The Teton Indians say that when a quiet and well behaved person dies, his ghost is apt to be restless and cause trouble. but the ghost of a bad person w h o dies a natural death, is never feared The ghost of a murdered person is always dangerous " BOO consists of every known type of ghost known to man Ms Visible is the ghost of a murdered woman. She has been reported on occasion--dressed and dangerous Chosls .irv hel.v\i'«i ·,, -, t ,.,.,,. nialicuus i j u i u m ;he :u! J ·.· ···,, ·..,,,-·, Tfci- uiulc! lu\e .i (Jinv ··:;··: ,,;, ·[. J'«ri;.iiii!"g uuiirnilJecs 'iut · i ·:;, ; . Following many delays of talks bet- , tontr.ii-; m; H.iuou«-en Ms Visible is not at all optimistic on the signing of the new contract and - as oierheard say ine. "Humans w i l l sec us out Halloween. We will be warning of their death " "There will be paths newly-made :n the morning ihmusiii the CU-AI^ ur.i«- w h K h won't show aziv footprint "Our apprentice ghosts will lea^e the graveyards and gather all house ghosts which are usually harmless and well- meaning creatures " "Those humans shouting, whistling or carrying mutton, will see what the ha\ c never seen before--us'" A Port Arthur spokesman for MAN" explains what people should do if a contract is not signed · 1 ) Boil prickly pear roots in -tumn water Then sprinkle the water o\er the entire iawn '2) Draw a circle wjth chalk on *rr front door i3i Sprinkle sand before the .i-o- a! nightfall '41 Rise at midnight, stanc haro fo.i 1 and snap fingers "If a ghost is sighted, call the po : :c- department-! will be out-of-to.-o d MAN spokesman added Feline fable takes Capt. Kit from Cat Canaveral to world of Black Force By EDITH HUBER Dimensions Editor Cap! Kil has jusi reported an lo OJ Onj\ ens! · I had a lillle problem when a person croxserf im path, bu? everlhmg" .VOK now I ju.J don i helirvo ihr J»nng bad luck." he Mn^sed Kil s capsule has moved mlo ihe luiure He p.iSMxl Bra\e New World a lew eons jgo. ihen hj7*ed t«eon! 3W1 Kn1ennj Black Force. Kn rrto\oi Rl,u-K "cats, haven'! always had it so good "It's been long enough cctimchcrr 1 c.m I tell \ouihe AilSainl's Kvcs I sat on Imrs mine to imprme tin mi age. About Iheonix ihmg 11 col me was some «ox1 experience." Kit said, slammmc rfou « hi*. p.i» "ttalwncontrol. sJalMnicontrol, we :re«il.nui M Jour Jecl in Jhe middle «l HU k Kom- the *-.ti 11 jnlerrupJcd Oj»l hrt peered Unoufili Hie *ie» iinlt-i J$,,K yelled "There aren't any mice in sigh! Humans were sighted, with inexplicable features Be carrtul." Co-Cap! Feline purred I \eheardil you gaze deeply inapersonscieyoucanseewhal s happening in ibe.spirit wwld " Keoorrtsshov lhal humans col thai repulalion because ol their health, independence, luminous eyes and nocturnal hle4\lc Wjlcheis are said lo like Ihem. par and proclaimed HIK small lor cat kind .i' .me «iani humans where I h.i-1 wldMihed j nice relations. ,u ,;- j People on Black Force iel 'ha! Mak-meni cn t» » Hnoui fer^tS'nJ "££! T " ^ KSt TM l ° f a flulilan '' *' lining a whisker According ,,, ni « oncai doTunienisTi ud^ m h,- ^ i UI J'hermort-. » 1 had to p ul ;*,, ^e^lel lhal people )x»ses ;^ h» p,, rt ei M- \., *. ,· ' f (1i "* next da '^'^ »^ n« am '-·"laMarasaiwieni"- ' mun ""'"'" eu'ii In lietore Cap' Ki! unlotked the capsule Iwli he issued nxei,ilonk-i. ' V»ei K u - K . O ' n l Ihem li u i l j u \ e \«u rheumatism II ou m lo drown one. Ihe dexil will get ou Hememher lads people have nine lives llou!ake oneotthem. iheolhereietii will slay Jo haunt \ou* Whenihe«Tew emereeri Iron ihe'ircapsule" Jhe^ lound '"'- vpr.-ail all «nei KlacK Force much lo then aj.i Kit dr«'.e h lenre i»osi mlo the ground suppnsedh .ail ll «· i u M « n t - M e p i M i v ' ( i " - powrix in ihv nitim- 'h,.: *», .'he;, Cats reluse n. k«-p people .1- pcN m H ,n k Fnrc · I he ideaol il makes ine hair sldii^ UP inihe:r h.ikv Or Tom TaMn did rtM-auh .m ,,· f,, v pnAel.s .mi) · · j n ; ' t .' · \ , . - . tX!h Spe«kinelrfim h i s « r ; * n-itf ..·, - - ,- r - ,. ' ,^,-. added ^n i;,1ervir t ^"^i-, i-- ,· \ ^ ·*· it, .. ' ' ' · ,1 A r ' i , ^ ' )" ; i.,.i -11 wf.c-i.i Mht K,: t.,~ I- ;··' % .'j i · ·'· '; "k's ' 1 1 i * - ' . ( f - . * ' , * . ,. on s content 11 - cnnneclson H d x e fun

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