The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1934
Page 5
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PAGE SIX re* BI-YTHEV1LLJ3. (ARK,,} COTJRIEU WEWVS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS rax OOURUEK NKW8 00, PUBLMHBUI O. R. BABCOOK, Mltor H. w, 6ol« N«tlon»l Arkansas Oalllps, Inn., N*» Vor» Cetrcit, BV l.oiili, DaJUi. sow, Citi Published Every Altprr,,>m KY.-H;I Bunoay Entered ELS second i''»»>s matter M tlie post office HI Biytheyllle, Arkansas, undei act ol centre**, IK.- toter 8, 1817. £*rvprt, nr m* iiniira SUnBCIurTION HATT* By carrier in me city 01 Hlvilirvute !(»• (w» seek or tll.&u per year lu idvuicc 9V mail wmrtn s r»*us D1 10 rallr» i'liiii (•-> >c»r, II, GU iur us monttis, 8J* for tint uicuilu by mail In postal tones two to els. incluitve, »6.M per year. In nones ECVHI snc clg)il. llun" per yenr, paynljle In iilvauc*. Co'.lon Control Yoslenlfiy the Courier News iinli- lislicd in fiill n plan for Hie pcnniiiiGiil control of coll on production in tlio • Uiiitcd Suit's, prcgmrccl by C. C. Smith • for submission to llio stocnnif com. miltoc of the Governors 1 ' Sotillnvido ; Conference nt Memphis tomorrow. ; Tim plan is one of tunny that .will \>u (li.seiis.svil before' Ihuil iigrecmenl is ; reached on a prugi-iirn to take I lie place , of emergency measures now in effect. ; It seems to us to Imvc ccrtitin very ; decided advantage's over other plans • that have been made public. There is . no doubt, ;i!.so, Ijtit that it falls sliort of perfection. Our point here is that control of cotton production is a problem that ; ought to luivc the most serious iind • thoughtful Attention of all cotton pro- : duccr*. It seettis clear that the ninjor- • ily of southern farmers, while by no ( means iinilcd in their approval of the ; Baiikheatl law, recoginV.E the need for some form of production control. , If they can reach agreement, on a prac- "ticiil plan of control they will have no trouble in getting it. It is Die announced policy of the administration .to give the producers what they want. If they can't agree (hey mu.wgcl anything or nothing. . The Courier News is very strongly of the opinion thai no control phin will solve the cotton fanner's difficulties unless it is accompanied by .•such modification of our tariff laws aa will permit a revival . of our foreigri- irade in cotton. But nt the snnie' time we believe that intelh'gent. control of production may profitably accompany lurid' revision. We need broader markets most of all, but under no circumstances is there any sense in producing more cotton than the available markets will absorb ,-it a fair return to the producers. In this connection ; one great virtue of Mr. Smith's plan is. thai its declared purpose is stabilization' of the price of cotton at a level not so high as to constitute a harrier to foreign sales. That may seem (o ' close the door to any possibility of . fat profits for cotton producers, but it ; is essential to survival of the cotton in• (lustry. The Courier News would welcome, as would Mr. Smith, criticism of his plan and .suggestions for its improvement. OUT OUR WAY No Sale Jvy W. Crawford, representative- elecl from Mississippi county in Ihc Arkansas gcjieral assembly, called yes- (erdny to register a Rood nalured protest against the implication, which he thought he saw in this column Monday, that in accepting the hospitality of I 'resident V .C. Kn.v.s of Arkansas State college, Jciiieslioro, on ;i trip to (lie Army-Illinois football \>umv la-l week, he was selling out (he I'.winiun schools, M is said by cynics Hint, every until has his price, \V (; won't argue ibid i|Uestion. lint we are sincerely sorry if we gave anyone the 1 impression that we thought Major Crawford could | ( e bought for. an automobile ride and an opportunity (o see two football teams scramble about in ihe rain jiud jniid. As a matter of fact we regard .Major Crawford's integrity and sincerity of purpose as above reproach or (|ii<-st»)it. The idea we were attempting to get across in our bungling fashion was that Mr. Kays was not carrying ii iloxen members-elect of the Arkansas general assembly to Champaign because of his lovu for them but because of the power they will have over the purse strings of the state treasury, upon which his school is largely -dependent. There is nothing particularly reprehensible about that but at least it ought to he uniler- siond. Labor War Averted Tlio (.'.\culleiH survicofi which fiti ol'- lioial orgam/.Mtion |j|<c> the National l.almr Uehtlions Board ciiti rwidcr arc I'.xcrtiplilictl in the handling ol' the dif- licultics between the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., and its Cleveland em- ployes. A labor dispute in Cleveland caused the company, to close its stores there completely. It announced that il was withdrawing from Cleveland for good; one immediate result was the disem- ploymeiit of some 2,000 workers. The labor board got busy promptly. A peace plan under which neither side sacrifices any material point has been snbmiUled, the talk of a light to the finish has died down and what might very easily have : <levctopcd into a serious iniUon-wide labor ivar has been averted. It has been a line example of wise and efficient action under difficult, conditions. Tile time has conic witen there cimiwt li» a mice with crime nor even u pause In UIR pursuit of criminals. -Scott M. Lollin, president American Bur AsxouiiUlon. * * V * Unless the public hiis Imd ex|H>rlom-e In spending Inrge sums :if money (in u wiiywunl son, it mljjln ,|i,t i,,. , lbl |. ,„ nppivclnlc Ilic Ii'cliUBs of i\ brol;i>n->ii'uri«l Tnllicr. —Thomns II. JioWnson. Sr, rutliiT of Stall klcliuip siisprcl. > * * TIic dcpre.wlon would be over for the whole country very soon if American liidnstrlnlis'.s would just forget Hie alphabet schemes nwl tnkc hold of their Induslrit'.s anil run tltein ivllli tood, sound Amrrlcnn business sense. —Henw- Fonl. Bv William I SAY, Slip ME TH' BALL ONCET. T GAIN PIVE YARDS THRU HIS PANTS LEG, BEFORE THEY - EVEN KNOW I'M AT. GLANCES By G«orge Gark - »'./dk M&^^^^'Sl "Then I had the little dei\ for John. idea uf lin-niiif- (his .space inln » THIS CURIOUS WORLD ¥Z William Ferguson THE SUB WAV IN INDIA, TELEGRAPH POLES ARE MADE OF IKON, SO THAT WHITE ANTS CANNOT EAT THEM. FLY MOSTLY IN THE DAV TIME, AND ARE NOT RELATED TO HAWKS. OKCAKCMANS . ARE CALLED BECAUSE PIOMEER SETTLERS OF THAT STATE FREQUENTLY WON TKEII2 RACES TO HOMESTEAD SITES BY HIDING INSIDE THE BORDER, THUS ACRMNG SOONER. TKAM THOSE. WHO STARTED FROM BACK OF THE LINH The Whlppnorwill, a rehilive of the ni 8 l,ll, ; ,wk. i s ,„„<..), ,„„,-, of : , illhlblnl. mid t.-.K-r, to ,h, „!,- („ the evening ; ,f,,,,. the nlgh.liawk Nl!XT: linn- iliil Hi, nami-.s nf (lie musii-al ,it lls origin;,|, Diseases Wiped Out Most Effectively by Prevenlion »V !)[(. MOKKIS KfSHIlKIX , Editor, Journal of Itio Ami'rion I Mrdmil As.vofiation, ami (if 'l.vgchi, (In- Health iM.igarim- The reason you nre nssmwl ,1 considerable degree of safety from many infections diseases 'is tin- is por- realijjition that prevention haps the most important factor out such diseases. Today, scientific medicin- (lie spread of serious prevents ed. Persons having malari., kept where they cnnmu be (bitten by the niosqultos, uiul this prevents (lie possibility of tin spread of (he infectious agent from them to other persons.' In some of our southern communities tVicre Is still a goncl deal of malaria, but people ivnnl off the disease by taking quinine. Besides the stnlc.s arc working on control of the mosquito which nscd todcsti^ I un, ^ ? , "; ""f"""° r w ™-» ^al thousands of lives and ,(,Vs ' • - - ay " )! " mal: "' ll> wi " great notions. One of the b«t ways to prevent Infections disease is to keep auay nn infected person isn't the .....^ fnctor in spread of disease. Ills sputum nnrt. other excretions of ib? body may carry the germs, and im- be stamped out of tlic- United States exactly JVEDN'ESDAY, NOVRMRRR 7p Clew of the III Ill'.lilX ll/.'lti: TODAl ui'i tin Tlit* lllfiih-. i» 'lituuj U.I Itl.S III.KI-.KMl. i.ufilUI,,, ,,,!,,,. SIMM-:) Cllll-'l'. I:,,,,,,,,, f utl.ilr. in l.-IIAMi if "'(•">!'. I'lUV. •••r.-ilUi, nuil pnuul,,,.,,, ,.ll,,,,lr,r il,,. rirri-M ,,| „„ I,,,.,„,. •;r i-l-ilnum- u> In- <-|iilui r 111,1 m .. ol j rr»«- »[.:ir<Ni<T»i ni .ii.ii'i: i,nin'n.\ ttln, Ituv rr|ki>rl--il lljr ill»ii|'|j,-jir- IHII'I. ol IIIT *<iiiiinti:il<-. F.STHril <.« lirt. Crlll mill 111,-.-I.-, un l.i [I n|i:n mil-til iilL',1 h\ KMNM'.T CIMIM:, rHi-mi .it .liirf* AII» Is 1IMTC- Crlll [4 lit Illi'i-l;.-! .1 u tr.i: Jill xaw i::i i>\ HITII run STIIIII CII'NKV (illlKK euinraei) from ibc "- ro-.v of leli>]ilionc> Imnlhs iiinl W.-lJJI'll llJIpalllMltly 111)111 UlFfbCT c::li!e frinn :iu ailjnlillii^ Ijfjnlli "Have yon foilliii mil anvlliliit;';" Sc asHeil. lilC'<'!;r-i iMHliN'il, Ills fure f/riiulv -Kai Inc." lie tiilil. "(lit- ile'.'.'tlivt.. lias lti:-:il:'il lilt- MilU;i!0 svoinnu — that is. WP tliinli il's i In- .Miiliiiic \VUIIILUI. ;illJ:<>ii'^.ll file's not yotllt; nniler rlirit name ri'^tit :it ino.^ent:, Sli«s Iwalr-il at 'J-'2 Kafi t'.lm siren anil is p.oini; unilnr llif- nijuie of lilitl.'fjie .S'lauiva)'. Kri'lenily ft;K:lne fniinil nut :il;nul tier oarllc-r in Lite tiny ;iuij kept Jiis 5nfonri;iiii)n iiiifler cover, hecause he wont to the I'al- ace lioiet anil wailn;i there for ir» niiiinie.'i. At the eml or that lime n vviiiiian joinci' liiin. From the doRCL-ifilinn, 1 ^allier that il's -Mrs. l-'raul; It. Cutliay, To^ntliRr. (hoy \vfiit lo call mi Rtai'.ehe SLanu-ay. 'I'liey're ."(ill llicrc." Sidney flrifr frinvneil modlta lively. "We'll i;o llicr» first," he said. Is not n crooh. 1 say (hut he was a counterfeit crook. "lie eavo n very fair Imitation or Cathay's signature at the police slailun. He gave a fairly accurate linliatlnn ot Calhay'a slennune ivhen he registered m tf|e hotel." "Ho might have been a forger." Uh'(?l;er jiolined out. "ThoEe tlilngf." Grlfl said, "luke jiroctlce. j)ni uiarh you. here Is the must slgnllkant tiling at nil. llo cashes .1 chock ai ihe )miel n-)iere lie Is rcRlsierei) mnler Utr nanio ol I t-'rank [j. Cathay, and dim therli jiasspil ilirniiBli the hank at flivcr |side. Moin.ivc-r. he went lo th'.- (liuK'l in keen an :i|j|inliiimetit with ; Harry l-'anchcr. an Ini'oiitnr. That | "Tlien-fuiv, this liticliei-jiirklns i wap no casual lifting of a purse. It , was :i [i.-iri ol a carefully planned jsi'iK'iiie, a sclioine which would Have j worker) in /jeiVerllou ff die cnriri i hadfi't [alien a cimiile ol dl Inks, illc was si(i|i|jcd for a minor irallic I violation. 'I'lie ollii:c-i sinelkd lh|uor (on his iireatli and fnnncl ihai liis |ilc£cii]iilon dii'i'hed wlih Uiai. nf a man who had he<?n hnlding u|i sorv- • 'f. MaUons. The dllieoi innk him to hlic siatlrni fur csiinlliiatliiii, [ "Hiiv.-f.ver. ive'n: vvap.ilni; vainahlc ilimii lalkliiK over clews wliile idiere's work io l« done. s « lei's : riOt 10 WOI'U." "l!ul Jook hi'ie." Itlet-kcr de- I inaiiileil, "you don't have any dimhi dim Kcnneili Unnne ami liic K irl. lietwpeu them, were Hie ones win. killed Morilou, do you?" "As to that, firiff F aid. -v.-e are j Koing to make some Inn-res!ini; .111.1 jl ihlnlc «oine rather stjnlliiB i!is cnverir-s. Come, let's sei; If \ve caif JK<:t to 92li Knsi Kirn su-er-i imfore the- conference lireaks :ip. n nl.ny i lie a conference thai Is worthy 'of ion.- i-ar^ul alteiiiion." hitch-liiUer. N'atnrally, she's Ifn- jjorianl. hut she's not an important as the iMalont: woman." "Just who." nskpil Sleeker, "do yon figure this Malone woman IsT "That," Oriff iohj him, "is sonic- tiling that remains to tic determined. So far, I am wurklnf, In (his case on a theory and only on a theory." "Hut you think it's going to check out?" "It is checking out," Griff said. "What's tlio theory?" "In every case." Cirift tolil him, "there's some key clew—Eomclhiug that dominates all ot the other clews—something that points directly to the motive for tha crime and the manner ot its execution, as well as identily of its perpetrator. Tho key clew In tins case was the counterfeit crool;." "Tho counterfeit crook?" nicekcr asked. "Who do' you mean?" "Tho man who nosed as the pickpocket, who had Cattiay'a wallet, driving licenses and credentials." "Why do you say ho couldn't have been a crook?" Blacker asked. "QHSBRVH carefully," Gr him. "I do not say th iff told ay the maa the criniinoloKlst io n taMcah. "lieinemlier." ha said. v:l)cn the cnh was swaying throuc!i tlie SIIT.CIS. making sneed toward the destination where the detective and the widow of the Klverview financier had licen locatei], "tbat I'm niniiiii" a newspaper. I'm a man of actfon. I don't go tn for a lot of refined theories: I go in for action. Tlio faster the action, the teller [ like IL I'm inclined to KO ahead and do ivhat I wa'nt to first am! check up on the mistakes afterwards. I find that I can get to destination mucker by moving around and doing things than I can by silting down and waiting for things to happen. Morden was a newspaper man. 1I D was a good one. lie had a knowledge, of crime and ot criminals which he had obtained by first-hand observation, lie was murdered. I 'wantfto prosecute those murderers. YQ'II'VC got the newspaper standing squarely behind you." They rede for a minute or two iu silence and then drift said sadly, "It will be one of my greatest ro- EretB that ID solving this case there- is one thing which we shall probably nm-cr discover." ".What Is that?" Blceker Inquired. "Tlmt la whether Monlen m(r . e i. Mundervd upon [he discovery wini'h led to his ilealh. or -rhether IIP ns . ured tt out by a jirorfss ol reas ou . Ing that was nt least brllllam •• "Ha was not a brilllani man - Illeeker salil. • • » QUIFF closed his eyea. Slowly lifj shook his head from slilt IQ side. "I am not certain." he said. "At times I feel thai ho must have been brilliant. It Is. perhaps, fomoihlng we sliall never discover." "What are yon referring io?" JMcekcr askml. -riie twai'lon of Hsilier Ordivay?" "A'M thai." (; r |fr S3 (,t. "00 yon think (hat he knew she wcs (.'nihoy's (laiiglner?" "As lo thai, we cannot pay. lint 1 am Inclined u Ibluk ho illii ;i« " (Irlff raid. "How." asked mocker, "did you know that she was Cathay's danph- ter?" "I didn't know," rn-iff said "I watchei] her llpa when she si.oke. I knew iiiai she was nervous and Dial she was lying. | knew, nlao her ll«s were 1101 Dip swilt esicmporaneoiis llcsot one who nas been iiiii>x|Hw lc ,j)y con , erc ,, lm , mat they h.-ui i, con anctnnY rfr hearsed. They were lies winch , were not Impregnable, but they had jbcriii given lo her to use fo'r ilia jliiniiope of delaying luveslluniion mull a cortain lliln» ronld t,c- ac- jcbiniillsliPil." "And i hat certain thlnp;?" '^ked Rlreher. Crlff shrugged Ills shoulders, "It may alrr-ady have been accom- lilishnd." ho said. "Who can ull?" "Don't yon think you're all wet on I hat business?" meeker ln?l=lcd. "Alordno wasn't such a brainy i,,;. n . lie was resourreful. He ihoui;hi nt trying to irace Cathay throngli tils car. He found the garage. In some way, from the garage, he goi tt lead to the nnartniem house and somenjie In ihe apartment Itoiise gave him the Information ilui lie wanted. He, therefore, thought this young woman was ineicly a, woman in the care, a person wlio'so name mlfihi be linked with thai of Gil hay. "He went to seo her; she war out. lie rode around, investigaiinj other clews for an hour or so. ami then returned. She was in. He talked w-)th her. Kenneth licone came In. Hoone has a jealous disposition. Ue is hot-headed anil impulsive. Wo know he carries a weapon. Probably he tried to throw Moiden out. Morden would havo taken a great deal oi throwing out. There was n struggle. Boone lost his head and hit Morden over ilia head with tho gun. That's all there was to it." Griff did not argue the point. "Perhaps^' t'o said _ioLa:!p_ne that was almost dreamy, "hut. let's not make Ihe mistake oE reconstructing our crime until n-e have at) of tin facts. Here's 522 Bast Blm street, We're goins to get something here." (To lie Continued) Grift nnd nlceker Inyade n i-un- «reoce in tbe next InKtalluienE— ijd fuce •» mnssj n^Bia*. excretions at infreqiiera intervnls Once it, is found that a uerson j is carrying- and discharging lyphotn" germs, lie should be kept tinder control until he can be pronouticccl safe to circulnle in the community. Today the prevention of the spread of infections disease depends on a complete knowledge ot th2 • nature of disease. Its cause- and (he various ways by which it is spread. It may be transmitted by direct contmiiinalion from cue person to another, by intermediation of human carrier. 1 ;, or by intermediary action of Insect ami animal carriers. Tin- disease is controlled by Isolating the person with it and preventing contact with the currier, or, when possible, by controlling (he carrier. U. S. Anglers Carried Off Fishing Honors TORONTO, out. (UP) —United Slates anglers landed most of the fishing honors in Ontario's annual Chalet-bungalow camp fishing trophy competitions Iliis season, it is announced. The competitions are conducted ill the French River. Nipigoii and Devil's Oap chalct-b u n g al o w camps and at tract fishermen from many parts of Canada and tin 1 United States, This year, all first prizes went to United States anglers, including one woman, Mrs. A.M.Cramp- ton, of Moline, III., who landed a seven pound, two ounce speckled trout, nnd won the Niptgoti River camp competition. Other princ-wlnnrcs were A. P. Kwis, of Cleveland, o., who captured Die French River bungalow camp competition with a innsca- lunge 31 pounds in weight, 50!>''inches in length, and 20V. inches Jin girth, ami G. E. Sontwick. of |St. Louis, Mo., who won the Devil's Gap chalet-bungalow camp prize for the third seccussivt year by landing a four pound, two ounce bass. GALUFOL1S, O. <UP»—A White crow, rare anywhere, was shot and killed by Samuel Hickinan here. Hlckman was shooting at. a Hock of black crow. 1 ; when the white one fell. OUR BOAKDDNG HOUSE LAST plugne. s wore yellow fever by less proper means lor cic.4im-jt,.. the germs in excretion and servo- lions arc dcvetoiJcrl. disease's :nv spread by this method. The Roman Empire, il i s said fell because of mabria Malir-' was so-called in rarly days ij-raiiw It was believed Ihc disrax' rainc from bad air. Today we know n Is transmitted by mosqiiiios. The food for Home came Yellow fev?r nlso is spread •J the tiKKqiilto. tun rumination of c I cases of the disease and (he sm.-- cc.ssfui mottimio campaign Imv ended it in Ihis country. is spread b.v 'rats. i n the country districts liom aromul u districts were ideal lor t] lc breeding of the malaria mosquito To save their lives the fiunicr-i around Home nocked into (he city Rome was no longer independent' but had lo secure ils food from other countries, and that was the first step In its breakdown. Today malaria Is not seen In Ihc northern parts of the United Slates, because the swamps are drained and tile mosqullos dc- China and In India il is still a frequent disease and kills thousands of iicoplo. II has. however, been barred from this country. When ships conic from China and India, they arc not allowed to ti,> up until all rats on them have been destroyed. Om- of the diseases wlilcli we have not been noli- lo slump out comulclcly is typhoid fever. This malady is spread by contaminated food and watr-r' which have come into contact with the excretions, of a person who has had disease. Uoctors try to control " such spreading of disease by refusing to discharge typhoid fever patients until all their excretions are free from the germs. Yet It Is found thai, patients may occasionally keep the germs in 'ihclr gallbladders and discharge them with tnclr bv Alien? fv\V HORSE/— IT CAME TO rV\E , HOW DOES STRIKE YOU?-HA KAVF-K/XTF- t "BET TOMORROW" SPA'Rt WAFFLE Yoi_it> HOOPLt', I HKD TWO SWELL NAMtS "FOp, VAlrA "RURKY. rAA\\l ALWAYS LEF AT TH' POST —AN',"WIVES TOWER / ON TH' HOME t ^^ tl .| r WNKAC J STRETCH, AN* - ISCWSJCHEDj HATES TO LEAVE ) ^H/'^~]

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