The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 8
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FA(HE EIGHT BLYTTTEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS EDJO5SOAT, MAT 14, t THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THB COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HA!NE», PuMWltr BA»RY A. HA1NES. AftsLstanl JMWiihw A. A. FREDRICKSON, Bdltor FAOL, D. HUMAN. AdvertWnc Man»rw 8ol« National Advertising Rcpresfnt«tlr«: Waliac« Wilmcr Co, New York, Chicago, DetroH, AtlonU. Memphis. Entered as tecond class matter at the poit- cfHce at Blytheville, Arkansas, under »ct of Oon- rrets, October ». 1917. Member of The Associated Pres« SUDSCRTPTJON RATES: By airrtrr in the fliy of Bljlhevlllt or »nj suburban town where carrier service is mam> talned, 25c pot week. Bj mall, vithin a rnrtlii! of SO miles. l!>.00 per ;enr, J2.50 !or six months, )1.25 for three months: by mail outride 50 mile zone, $12.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations Behold, I nm according lo thy ivish In Gnd'i fctead: I also am formed out of clay.—Job 3,1:6. f * • Man IF the ctownMig of'history and Uie rea Mi- ration of poetry, the free anri living bond «'hlr,h unites alt nature to that God who created it (or Himself.—Godet. Barbs A man drew a five-year sentence for robbing a fraternity house m the East. That's really stiff initiation! * * * Tfie grouch lmsn*l much lo I rink [uiunrtt to. He froze all winter—;inrl h^'ll roast all summer! * * * An Indiana girl knocked d(wn '>'i!h her umbrella after he flirted with her. Business of falling before and affer! A My lays altonl nfl»,OftO,(M>0 ef£S, Come summer, and we'll bet you think they all hatched! * * * A Missouri town voted $500 to be nsrd tn rlpjui up the streets, Put thai down n,s n tidy siuu! Kiwanis to Bring Our Teachers Overdue Thanks Beginning Krirlay, Rlythnville school teachers will receive public recognition •—always due hul solrlom rcooivrd—in the form of a Tenchers Appreciation Week sponsored hy ihe Kiwanis Ghih. This is something np\v in Hl.vtheville and the Kiwnnjs Oluh i.s lo lie commended for In 11 ncltin>! .such » move In give credit where credit is largely overdue. Purpose of this "week" i.s refreshingly different from thai of most other • "weeks" that are proclaimed throughout the year. No one is trying to sell, recruit, influence or promote anyone or anything. It's 'mure of a thanksgiving proposition. Teaching rank? with the ministry as the nation's lowest-paid professions, and it is often a matter of wonderment thai so many able nieiu and women can tie fuunrl in-this field. The pay heing what il is. it is obvious that, the work must be in large part a "labor of love." We are often inclined to take teacher? for granted \Ve clothe and feed our children a nri pnck them off in school, somehow assuming that once they are within the school building stmip magical but vague process will render thorn rdn- cated after a given number nf years. Too, we frequently grumble that our educational processes and insliunions and personnel airu't all I bat we'd like, them to be, all the \vliilp forgpttitig Ihnt: teachers are propl<-. ion, \\\\n no special talent for concocting silk purses out of SOW.>" Cf'U\i. Many i,- |he jmvui who hasn't tIIR i'oggiest nation of who i? educating his children w bow «>r um\t>r \\-Ji,-it ootuli- do a fine job of bringing (ho>e t u n group- toother, but thf-re remain many pa vents who let thi? opportunity slip iiy them. ducting lobbies and h\)c'npvs have lum criticized for organi7inv: 11111011 = , Porhnp.= this Appr* i i'i;tTion \VYnk will cnu^o i,^ tn re-call thai ?< linoN ;) iv nur rrspttn?iliilny and lhal if ur assiunni il prnj>rrlv ihcrr would he no npcd for thr ti\Kiirt\: and school official? to rise up to ihrir own defense As Kiwani= Cluii offifi;i| ? p\^i.iin«-'d il, the pm-pi^c nf tin? \\rek is "to show teacher? of Blythrvillp thai u-p appvn- ciste their tirrlesp work ... to show onr apprrcijiiion for a inl. well dnn«-. W c'f! like to lake Una opportunity of savin;* "thunk^" to our teachers. And we urge that yon take ndvanlagp of Tenoher Appreciation Week to do likewise. , Kefauver's Latest Gains Strengthen His Position If there wan any doubt that Senator Kefanver wa* a force lo he reckoned with in the choice of the 1052 Democratic, preside))tin] nominee. Ihe resulls of the Florida and Ohio primaries have dispelled if. The Florida affair was Kefauver's stiffeM test. He iac.kled Sen, Richard Russell of Georsria, another avowed candidate, under circumstances and in territory anything hut favorable to the Tennesseean. Russell had the governor, senators and the entire Florida delegation in flip .House in his camp. K'efauvor hail only Claude I'epper, ex-senalor, nil ally of dubious value in some sectors of the slate. Thus, to poll some 270.000 vote? and around 'IS per cent of the total vote cast fairly may he classed as a moral triumph for Kefauver. Russell's margin over him, in the neighborhood of GO,0(10, was not sla^srerir":. This outcome denionstrates that. Kefauver can nel votes under siihslanlial handicaps, lhal his appeal is no) sectional, despite the fact lhal traditional southern politicians do not look upon him as one of Uiem. Coupled with Ilia surres? in biting off a jrood chunk of Ohio's Democratic delegate strength (also under adverse conditions), the Florida showing of Kefauver puts a heavy burden upon his rivals. liussell is an unproved fjuanfity in northern industrial stales. \V. Averell Harriman,! Security Administrator, has yet lo establish his pulling jiower will) volers anywhere. Senator Kerr was licked by Kefauver in his only oiilinjr in Nebraska, Kefauver has now participated in in primaries, and he has lost only Ihe Florida contest. To he' sure, he was unopposed in the great majority of these. Rut in any event he was out testing himself with the electorate while others were doing litlle or nothing. If big city Democratic leaders in Ihe northern sections maginc I hey are going lo block Kefauver, they hart hetler get. themselves H candidate. So far Ihey do not havp one — nor any sign of one. While I hey are searching. Kefanver ia building himself a strong position. >le. now has wealhercd the worst of his primary storms, lie should win handily in Oregon, where both his competitors. Governor Stevenson of Illinois and Supreme Court .lust icp William Douglas, have asked voters not to vote for them. Kefauver's succession of victories has brought him some competent professional help and some strong allies. He has become a real rallying point. Kefauver can no longer be dismissed hy the professionals as a nuisance to contend with, Views of Others Mirage of Subsidy .Senator !>>i]cla<, a Mannrh champion of federal ecnnmy, displayeri pohtirnl couraec the oilier day when hr tnlri a croup n[ proniinrnt bu>i!ie;^ men ihal busmes*. had hrcn manifestmc a 'hMy horror" of «uh=irJtre n,-tnlr c^ttinc m^ny [or it-rlf. The samp observation cm.ild have been made in a pmup of farmer*, vetfvans or any otl\crs who rs- rpivp frrterfll henrfits. And at thr ,=amr fhnr thrr* 1 arc Irrritic prr>- s^re.t: for all forms nf frrirral ,-prnclinc hv in* numrrahlr lirnrfin.inrs. horh dircrt and ir\rlirer(, Tr» rnmphr-jiie tlir prohlrm further, every 5iihsidy meeker conrenrl* ih,U h;«; spiMidinc prolrc! L? essential, nnnrt^trnnhlr and clo=clv rein ted tn de- f^ii'e. No inaltfr lum specious the aiciunenf JIVTV b r . it ci\'Ps n«e 'n 'IIP apprehpiv:i'">n that (.ilr-p economy m.\v h<- in prnsprrl. A? siib'triirr- hT^rnr moie stcnci^L crlip! d i- drn f , \\ 11ft in h^;nimns onr of Ihp P!?M whn rr-- rrncs some nT.r-fif from covprnment, The ul'i- m^fp result it tiiit t n p siirtsidips tend tn nullifv rvne—hut all hear thf burden of an $W hilhnn federal burcM Then the idea nf smnethm? I'toni cn\rinnirui [or nnthina hcromes only a nii- rac r in thr rl^.^n t .'I nnt inn a I in;-crunt v. It all i« i rn-riv rontp hack 10 *hr old sound prirciplr that ppnntp are .=upposed In sup^iorf eov- prnment. not eo'-nrmnent the people. —F"or1 \Vott.h <Tcx.' S'ar-Trlrct-am ISO THEY SAY The Great Uncovering, or His One Redeeming Act Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD (NBA! — Exclusively yours: There'll alwsyt be » Cinderella in Hollywood. Roberta Haynes. a brown-eyed beauty who played a bit role In "High Noon" with Gary Cooper, •vlll be Gary's leading lady In Ai- PMI Productions' "Return to Paradise." Search for an arl.rev whf> co'ilrt handle the difficult role of the Samoan girl. Maeva. in HIP Jamw who first registered the title of Oi\- *ndar Crlrl," Gajstef obwrvlns (he thre* Andn-wj Sli(«rs nuhlr-s out o* movi* tat desljnrr Al Tel!«t- A bitim'i >«k>n In new mil* e»at«l ^ "Ah, the Mink Spots." Visitors to Roy Rogers' home do 3 double lake at a pair of bronzed booties on the den mantle. They're '"South Pacific") Michoner story j Roy's first pair of cowboy bootil ha* been zolng on for months, with himdrrri? of aspirant* t^Tpri. Roberta camp tn Hollywrwd after Conine "The Madwoman of Chailot" on Broadvay. Don't bf snrpriMrt if Robert Tay- and blonde Diana CUrrel within wcelss. Their romance h»s Rita Hayworth's screamine. umbiB wfints her to star in Peter JEdson's Washington Column Truman Has Invoked Taft-Hartley Act m 9 Labor Disputes to Date WASHINOTON — *N'EA» — Re-i •rnr pressure nn President Truman J o use thr Toft-Hartley Labor- • i-Tfinacpm.:nt Rotation,'; act to FPirlp; bp steel dispute makes timely a \ •pviflw nf other labor disputes han- | lied mirier this law. j It \vpnt into effect in August. I I r» I 7 . White.; House records in- j dicaTe thnt, i denl Truman VIH * ] Invoked this law i nine times. This hns been tn appoint boards nf. inquiry to repor', on di^iinres diir- In? 80-tiay rool- In Hir sprni-.d hi? Tad-Hart]pyi named when the CIO Telephone rase, involvinc pnckine hniiF=e vvork- j workers demanded a 30-cent-an- ws. a prnjiflential bwrd wn.> ap-jhnnr raise in May, VP^fl. But, there pointed to invrstientc. hut no in- i wa? no Ln.jiinrnon and no strike. junction was apkeci fnr and no: Trip ca?p «.vas senlcri June 4 with NI.RB elnrtinn M'as held. j no increase. Latoi that yrar A. T. API, unions settled early for a A' T. granted an B-in-12-ceiu in- rearhed Hie > frr serious stag*. The Wallace Reid. Jrs., — hr.'t the son of Ihe jMlcnl mnviu Irirl and Dorothy Davenport—are ex- pectin? The "sTork In October, Avd Gardner Is lellm? pal* Mie'* aoinp to sif in nn Fran'* Sinatra'* future press imerviP 11 *'?. What interviews? Dean Martin ana Jerry Lewis are editing all the kinescope* ot thfir TV show* for the G.I. circuit tn Korea. ... If Donald O'Connor make;, that Palace Then!*! 1 date. hi5 *-ife, Guenn, will team up with him. Joan Crawford's ex - husband. Philip Terry, will be one of Gloria Swanson's leading men in her TV films to b-e phot in Mexico City. The John Archers, who separated and reconciled a few month back, have now decided to write finis to their 10-year marriaee. Fven Ihoiich Shelley Winter-; i< on suspension, her home stndin, Ul. Is .ill ago* al b>r weight. Mrs. Gassman ^ill be orrifrrd to t»kr ii off when the stisprnslnn k llflrd. Vera-EUen's agent- i* movin? mountains to land the life story of Gilda Gray as a starring vehicle for her. . . . l/»ok what Marilyn Monroe started. Three independent producers are quarreling ovrr make of "Gilda" a5 * wetern, Rit* no likee. , . . Lou Coslello and Bud Abbott in a fiUn version of Shake- .speared "A Miris\immer Nighb't Dream." The Idea if Charle* Laughton's. who wantfi to produce. Dorothy Lainour's highly publicized "Iron .la 1 *-" eirl routine in "TilP. Greatest Show on Earth" landed on the cut tin z room flonr. but, if. wasn't bPcansR Dorothy conldn'i, ma.sLfr the. circus stunt.. "T jus) roiilrtn't b* pholoaraph- frt," she'.* pypUlnlng. '1 was )«s< » hlnr. It could havr bee* «ny»n§ Tip there." Frank Veloz's descrip'.ion o? i certain actor: "He's always at his wife's peck and call. — * * " *„ Palm Springs Is stiU talkin* about it. — Jane Wymans impromptu warbling, with Matt Dennis at the piano, for hours and hour* a*. Howard Manor. Jane and Mall, ma}- train up a? a result,, The verdict, from the ists called in by army of Howard Hughe? and experts from the. Mayo clinic is Mi at Mala Power? does not have infections tnononneleosls. But her red bloort cells, damacfld by an- tibiotir,-;. must be built up a?in. It was touch and co. I can reveal, lor Mala for a few day?. Alan Wilsnn ^ ing ihe Ga'oor .-; theyre no-r call- Sifters — Anaheim, and Azuzaza. i ninr-cent-an-honr increase, split- crease. tine th<> union ranks. CIO Pack- Maritime union strike? of inphon.-.R Workers rirmnnrieri 2fl j invnlvf-d both lonashorrmen crntf. nn hour and struck Armour, j spam en p s unions on alt watprfronts. Sv.if< .inri CnriRhy nlanls frnmjhcHh API nnd CIO. In R lon^ sum- Mni-ph 17 tn May 21. 1MB. Wilson [ mer o f involved disputes/ therR was struck till .Innr TV AH were ' ' fclrr National L^bor nrlaHon? Rnnrd records show that It has been rnllrd on in only five of those rase* to rmiriuct employe elrrtionj; nn nr- rpptanrf or rejfci-ion of an employer's last offer. An ItiternMina sidelich! here is In nrnrly every one of tied af. a ninp-rents-an-honr in- prnafie, the employers' first offer. .JOHN L .LEWIS' United Mine Workers ha<.T tangled, with the Ta tt-MartlfV law three Mnifs. The fir^t casn in March, 1048. \vas over pen si RU >. There was n presidential bourd inquiry and an injunction against a strike. In The second cn^l ca'e. in .Junr. l!)4f>, a board of inquiry was named but no injunction \va5 sonaht. There v-as nn strike and the ease was spttled brfore the old contract ex- were two presidential boards I one reason for their victory. 19ifl I ^tr. Brown dutifully opened the andinine of club? from the West hand. When this helci The irick, he continued, and South ruffed. Declarer ted The king of hearts, and Mrs. Brown iook (he ace of and reporting. There was a series of injunctions. hearl.= and went back L to clubs in order to make declarer ruff again. The Tart-Hartley machinery w<1 51 South next leu a second round of In crinri 'o iis uHimate oh- j jectives of emploe elections to accept, or rejeet the employers' last offer. WpsL roast, longshoremen, cooks, firemen atid other union? simply boy nut ed the elections. On Kvelyn Keyes and map phoiocra- pher Bob Capa are an item in Paris. . . . Mary Pick ford's shedding 20 pounds for her movie comeback in "The Library" . . . James. Carney's bark in town from his Martha's Vineyard farm. His next film will be "A Lion Is in Lhe, Streets." Basil R.athbnnp i* planninc *v movie comcbark \ r ia a new a?ent. He's been clicking on TV but hasn't made a hie;-screen movie in years. . . . Lucille Knoch, the blonde in Rod skclton's TV life, will play the i ol° nf Gilbert Roland's ?irl friend in MOM';; 'Tribute to a Bad Man." elerllnns. thn'omployw; ovrrwhrlrn-1 P' rfrt fnr raise. •d the employe offers, and settlement wr\s marie on n different, basis. • » » Tin; KIHST rasr in which PrrrO- rl^ni Trunmn Invoked MIP Ta f' Hartley bu nu-olved rhr -Viiirrirnn Ferlerntinn of T,abnr's O;U: Rjdre. Tel in.. CnimrM of Atnmir Kneniv Cnmrnission einploves wnrkhiff nn - drr the Union Carbide and Cliein- irnl Co. coiitvnrt, in March, ]$\R. In this elei-iion, only 2f> Pinnloyrp voted to accept the rmplover's 1r*pt nffer of n 10-rrnt-an-hour it\r-rfn.= o and "711 vfMrd to reject i1. A .^irike \va^ piTveriled hv inlniT. tinn frnrn March tfl. Iftlfl. to .TUMP II. But fnitr days atfer thr Injunr- imn \vas lifrpri. the uninn sertlrd .fnr a 1 V-. -rrni -nn->innr inrrra:-". When this contrnrt expired .Tune ,'.?(), 1J14P, fheve was an eisht months' \ strike in the coal industry. Matters i v rre fill owed To dnie alone till ! Foh R. 1050. \vhpii a prcMdcntinl b*>nrd wns named. I An inimirMon to s^op thp .strike : -rns crnnter! a MTe.k inter. But •ivhrn tbr- miners did not- return *o i M'nrk ftir covermenf moved to have ,the uninn ciicd for mni rnipl. Tliis j (lie rmirl refused to do, which was I a virtorv for Lewis. ! Trumps and entered, dummy with ilie kuic ot spHrios in order to Ei- nessf the Cjiieen of diamonds. • Mr Brown made the, key play ol! A ' q LONG AS jive music IE com- the band by dropping the four ofll^rtl. rbe folks who listen to juke diamond* instead of Vinnins with^ 1 *"^ lvon ' T be,—Fort Myers (Fla.l the Gulf and East coasts, the nn-' f ne kine. What's more, he marie thp, ; ions re.iecred ibe otfer overwhelm- Pl^y u "J'h ^'i" R lf ^ at nonchalance, as ihouch be ha.d never heard of n king n [ d i a m on d s. Let me recommend this type of' play to your very careful attention.! When declarer takes a finesse that ; he ttill purely have to repeat, don't ; | borher to win ihe first trick. Let [ I him reepat the finesse, and maybe t | he'll find a way to tie himself in News -Press. ingly in iocai votes. THEN. AFTER the Taft-Hartley procednre had run it? ronrse. the various maritime unions settled for ODD made woman after man and she's been aflpr him ever since. — . But In! WR.J?C increases of $n to -S35 a month with a reduction of overtime,-on- I overtime demands. ' Since t>ie Korean war began, ( hc Taft-Harrle.v law ha? been invoked [ Tn rhis rasp Si wap vrry easy tor by President Truman only oncf. j Pouth ro so 'vrong. He went to This was in the. nonfprrous metalp | dummy with The ace of • spades to industry smkns during ibe fall of; repent, the diamond finesse. Thi? ID.Tl. j limp Mr. Brown took lhe kins of diamonds And no'-v he could s third j round of spades, to make South < ruff a. Tnirr! time. Tbis ruff set up I.Jin nine of hearts as the settine trick for a well-earned lop !=core. Smith would have made his contract, very easily, fn course, if Wnst. had taken (he first diamond trick There wa? a board of inquiry and f an injunction from Sept. 5 to Nov. filed suil fnr! 2 ' V Thp kn >' Kcnnccot Copper case indcr the i vvnj: settled before the injunction ' tonk effect, others while il was in effect and still others sfTer It cnd- dninncrs Hnrt^v low provision. me tlip miners a 70-c.ent?-H- [ po - misr plus ^ ^O-cenf-s-n-(on [ Waae Blahili^^ition Roard Imd to re iMvincnt. piijl wan dropped.; be called Inlo this trouble to civp • * » \ final approval to a 15-cent-an-hour rVPT-H.urn.FY bo^rd u-fls 1 incrfase last Decpmber. \the Doctor Says- B< FDUIN p. .(ont).VN M !) \Vrlllrn fnr XF.A Service The prn=fa!r \- * ^lliaU ^^N cl;inri . ^•hic h sim ri fl\e S'-rnnnl flnirl. Thr openincp STI*O iv ^re njirrnu- r-n : that if nin^r': p» n-iv'iruhiriv jtinl pl;u-p fnr v-rmi- 1r> cr^w. Infr-rimi^; nf thij: churl ni'f n.-unlly niv iried ' trim ac-iire ^nri rhrnni^ vnrietir^. .•\fin> prrx<.tn*ni> i " often, Ivii h\ nn mr.TTT: always. r;ius«ri hv a cf rm rull^H fh r sronrv-n-nr- \\ hi' li ~ -- - - O r brr> ilir <n h-it pr>: rrj;t.aTiri<s often prodnfr.t' y;nptoni?. R-'me patipnl^j ^ =mn!l .imnnnt nf pus. urinary symptoms sim- I .sp of liip nrure vnr:et.y i severe Lxic^l ,si*nit nf ; fect inn mav he absent : hm ihe infer i ion may : ninec rlse^vherp in (hfi a-, neurlMs. •JACOBY ON BRIDGE Here's a Play to Keep fn Your Mind Rv OSWALD JACOPT Written for XKA Service Lnnc weekends may tempt most. peoplr fo cet nnt into the fresh air where the ant? can ce( at them, but, brtdvre expert,-; ran look for the nearest weekrnd totirnamenT. Dur- Inc thp Decoration Day weekend. for r\ruvjpin. .crorcs ot bfiricr piny- wiib Ihp kine. Declarer could win any return, draw the last (rump, and run I he coort diamonds. Common Couples Old Joe Parks is 3 great fish- crmnn and hunter and predict! he's going to have a lot of com- 7>nny soon. Thp way Joe figures, if under present taxes s man has to work for the government 9 bis part of his lime, he might as well do something he can enjoy on that time. <$ NCA Answer to Previous PiRzl* When •><• hvr rni Ihr nrro^ary force wr rpn if'l ilicni 'ill*- Kus->inn:* rh"V mii't rRrry nut our term* and TMthrlr^w frnnj the Imn Cm'talr, '>-•*(- rllaei rnnnii ir: That will lesrt In the rlO'vvnfMl nt thp Ru.^ian Irartrr.v-British Ocn. Sir Qin.nt OUT st^ir: Tvp-ni-nnent s,p*>m?. (o cor.sid.rr '.hat Animran rif^ne ran only b* protected by pay- ire r»ii>om 01 )!ii.nkina economic sanction. 1 !. — Editor Ale.vai'ripr Jones. frTiiirnf <"i*-r:n" CTU iiu "•> • i"pro-Mtr Tlnii;: thr in-in.-:y ri i-f- . \\ a vp. rr ran nr r.irrird r!i<rr h; the bii-.oiH «f r»'i!Ti. The •*vm;'MniT!> nf amte :i>fr ' \<-*\\ n 1 the t 1 t' n -' !1 ' r i'i*V ' np nii ' fi nr I : r* ei e Tlv n:"-' mnnn^n ^pr- -i* j r)>r iir^innin^; ,ITP rJi-f Urbanrr.-- "t ! nrmnMon. ?nrh a.< nurmns. 't^n-^n- . ] rv. anrt drihhhnc. Tain nr ^ :><-!s n* {ulln^? rn-ay or mnv n-^t h^ Tsrn 1 . Hi;: ;t'c thr ilnnkinc fluids freely al.?n m.iy lie 'I Tn thr pa*» IhU -^ ~! ,^11 I \rlvrb rou'd be ri-mr at dr.-*. h'lt • ii'^ incdirmr.-. like Hi? ^M*'- md . nhV^ ill ti::=ny rfl.-rs. ; rhi riiiir inll.imnnfirin r.{ i he no*. t-; ,in rxircmci\ , % n:nino!T «or.riit:-Mi .iTid ll'rcr t.lie arutP v>rir-\ . '.- ,-iMiie'im,rs, but by nn ;il',' ^ vt, r;iii^eri hv t he cnn r cOiv;:.> rnni" li«-^; cominntl In Ml- 3 fu f :il r- nf jt otfrn fnllo i .vs flcutp ln'pfi inn, •-vhlrh ran nn\v be trrr»'rr* ^.Th bet* ' ter chances of complete cure. i - • , vv ol>!,n;ird ->nd px^rmne rt :r ,,,-^,. Pl> . ni * rrrvrnp( e,_ This will re*• " 1 '}~,r n .•> ' • ' \ f n f r h f t r 01 ;b le P nri h r i: :r:in- nt" vr;p-T\-i.hle. ; A >^ : .;^.i]n = rhi,>nir prn^iatiti^i ; = curf '.•*::' 'n f.w. Trrn ^nrnt. ITI'-!!:''•-- -'H'h n^Mi^fj* ?-" promctmz pr <>• * ^ 1 1 r m heat (rf-nrmrnt with dmc? t v^a'nienl 15 foHowed, M ni^v fnlcr a Inn^ time rh^rn-r p:r-;.vitu^ uo! tn pxjirrt a np:ri mre. ] 5 /n WEST NORTH * A K 7 4 » 1«A * K 64 EAST H * Q in s.i » .1 ss v n * .T » K1 t * 9 R 2 So«th 1 V 2 » 3 » Pass ^> AS » 82 * A Q J 5OLTH (D) * 62 ¥ KQJ 101 « A Q J 10 5 4.-1 Korth-Swith v-u Wod North Pass 1 A Pass 2 T P3SS 4 V Pass 1075 E»M 2* Pass Pass • Opening lead—* 5 HORIZONTAL. VERTTCA1, 1 and I and fall <"he.epe 2 Sour * ^nd 3 Quality of female being R Authoritative lukewarm order I Engine 12 • ^nd snow S State 13 snd fi Kyeglas? p^rl$ unner 7 At!P !4 Therpfor* fi Pretend I.S Drink s!o"-fv J> 11 Curves •II Sgtl •^ Among «3Short-billst! bird 34 H-iliancif 2S N'^iilcr (s and 2fi \VooHy pi Ifi Holding faM IP Malarial fev-er r> OiU from lBRen-£r<: n Throw tichtly v.-bak r^i 20 Girl 1 ? nsTig 1~ Ancient 28 N>'w-pr^ JA p r i-j 21 Duna heetle British stone 29 Roman dale « Seth?son 52 Ireland pile? 31 Oldest 7o £ x 24 Hindu coin 10 Taille^ M Perfume ^7 Spoken 26 tTsTin 8 ^ s amphihian ' ™ Rpsion ftf >« Hirl'-s name ?7 Three (prefix* " lper .10 Planting de\ncc 32 Trapped . 34 Scuffle 33 Tended i fr^= will dfpcrnrl on Nf\v Yorte to{ . )nrclf ace.- and kines for a (PTT • * hnnd.-ome silver mpv I can't very j ay it's silly, because I'll prob- D" Th«'ic niypelf. 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